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February 3rd: SM107 - Run, Kaki! Surpass Yourself!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    If Kaiwe decides to make Charizard a battling Pokemon then I would say that could by a major thing that would power him up. Even though giving him a mega would be the best choose
  2. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    Even though we have the spirits of dead coming up in future episodes, I’m surprised we aren’t going to see kiawe’s grandpa! I know we saw him in a flashback but maybe they will end up making him look different and chalk it up to kiawe being too young to remember properly what he looked like lol.

    In all honestly though I’m surprised if kiawe doesn’t think about it unless he just isn’t included in the part when they hear about Tapu Fini bringing spirits back so he doesn’t know.
  3. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.

    To me, it’s kind of the opposite. Kiawe battling Tapu Lele, Kiawe’s Poke Ride Charizard being thrown into a wall, the liquid in the hourglass watch-like thing falling and Kiawe desperately running near what seems to be Wela Volcano seems pretty intense to me.

    Also, the hourglass watch-like thing and the disc that Sofu is holding look pretty cool. I assume Tthe guardian deity created them. If so, it’s cool that the guardian deities can create things like that. And after seeing the Pokenchi preview, there is a mist around where Kiawe and Tapu Lele are. It’s interesting that there is a mist there and where Ash and the Pokemon are trapped.
  4. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    I think the wrong thread was closed by accident.
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  5. Rock Captain 99

    Rock Captain 99 Following the dreams!!

    Why is this thread still open? And the one that airs next week is closed!
  6. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

  7. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 You can make a change

    let's just use this as the sm108 thread until the other one is unlocked

    The animation looks pretty great there, and torracat meeting stoutland again melts my heart. Also, didn't expect hapu to fight fini
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
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  8. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    Everyone who wasn't Kiawe and Ash seemed rather pointless in this episode, seriously what were they doing in this episode I only saw the screenshots? It looked like pointless filler for an otherwise decent episode to me.

    Anyways, now it's on to one of the few things the anime does that the games rarely do, make an entire episode (or in the games' case, segment) all about how certain Pokedex entries. Seriously, it was such a waste when they didn't implement Fini's fog into the game at all. I know the player character's a blank slate for the player and that's fine they don't have to be affected but it would've given us so much insight into different characters like maybe a hint on why Red vanished or Zossie's character.
  9. Ignition

    Ignition “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

    Sophocles, Mallow, and Lillie were eating food/talking with Hapu and Lana was practicing blowing bubbles with Brionne
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  10. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    So they contributed nothing?
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  11. Ignition

    Ignition “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

    To this episode nope
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  12. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    What makes this funny is that this isn't the first time Serebii slipped up like this.
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