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February Plot Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by e9310103838, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    SM volume 2 cover released.


    However Lillie almost did not have a scene in this volume... ;474;
  2. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

    SM Volume 2 is not covering Ichiban 12/21's chapter, right?
    So SM Volume 2 will probably only cover up to Dollar looking at the graves.
  3. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです3: スイレンの逆襲 Staff Member Moderator

    Gladion already took last volume's spot, so there wasn't much of an option.

    It's clearly supposed to parallel the previous cover.

    What is surprising, however, is the lack of Baht.
  4. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    It's really funny seeing all of them very serious and then Nebby being so happy xD
  5. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to see that Moon isn't going to get shafted in the covers like Y.
  6. pika09

    pika09 EEEEEHHHHH???


    The site updated. It seems there will be a calendar bunched with a future Corocoro issue?
  7. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです3: スイレンの逆襲 Staff Member Moderator

    That's a bit small.


    Gold, stop trying to pretend you're taller than Silver.

    It's nice this is arranged by height. And it has a good show of their personalities.

    Since the odds of them ever having a big meet-together is slim (read: nigh unlikely), pictures like this are nice.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  8. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Well-Known Member

    Emerald is the smallest
  9. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    It reminds me of that fanart where the artist arranged them by height as well, according to the databook xD

    Interesting to see that they used Blue's old design again but this time Crystal is also in her Emerald design
  10. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    And even if they did, there wouldn't be a lot of time for them to just chill together. I wish they'd make omakes with random holders interaction or something like that, though. It would be awesome.

    My favorite things in this image are Ruby pushing Black to the side to hang out with the ladies and whatever the heck Platinum is doing XD.

    By the way, trying to imagine what everyone is saying or thinking is hilarious:

    Green: Hmph.
    Red: Good times.
    Silver: Look at this fool.
    Gold: Take that, Silver! I'm taller.
    Blue: Hohohoho. Sure you are.

    White: Is anyone intestrested in perfoming in a Pokestar Studio movie?
    Sapphire: ...Studio?
    Crystal: Souns fun.
    Ruby: Did anyone say performance!?
    Black: I came out of the orb for this!?

    Platinum: Yaaaay!
    Pearl: Lady, your underwear is showing.
    Y: Yep.
    Lack-two: I wonder if someone here is a villain in disguise.

    X: And there's this girl that just keeps dragging me everywhere.
    Whi-Two: That's so relatable!
    Diamond: Do you guys wanna eat something?

    Yellow: Yeah, I'm actually seventeen.
    Moon: Really!?
    Sun: WHAT!?
    Emerald: At least you're taller than me.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  11. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    Kusaka said he was so busy throughout the year that he was uncomfortable a while until recently. (This seems to be why B2W2 wass suspended for serialization.)

    Yamamoto said because Blue's clothes were damaged during the battle in ORAS, so she put on the new dress which Silver bought it. Although this dress will remind her of the past, she was wearing it, since she had reunited with her parents to heal her soul.

    About Crys, Yamamoto said that she did not know whether to wear the clothes her mother gave her, since she hated Gold staring her lol

    And Yellow, Yamamoto said he did not know what kind of life she had now since she did not appear in a long time. (and he said he did not know how to draw Yellow as a girl XD) But she still wears straw hat sometime, so he drews this in the calendar.

    And it must send a magazine questionnaire to have this calendar, similar the SM New Year card (but as a prize draw), and every sender will receive this calendar. ;440;
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  12. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

  13. Moni_22

    Moni_22 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot!! It's cute seeing Chuchu finally with a female tail. I'd say my favourite part about this image is Yellow and seeing adult Blue in her original attire
  14. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです3: スイレンの逆襲 Staff Member Moderator

    Chapter's out now.

    Oh, looks like Moon's fighting Totem Lurantis.

    Lusamine's being very creepy...

    And she finally debuts!
  15. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    Wait is that Lillie's Z powered form in a flashback? Unless I missed something she didn't get those clothes until much later.
  16. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです3: スイレンの逆襲 Staff Member Moderator

    It's a reference to the line where Lillie states her Lusamine always picked out her clothes for her.

    I'm guessing they're skipping the clothes buying scene, but keeping it so she'll still have the clothes for when she changes.
  17. Zipper4242

    Zipper4242 Bewear is the most powerful being in the universe.

    Lana's face though... Can I please get a translation and have it in context?
  18. redchesus

    redchesus Jade Star Trainer

    Looks like he's incorporating USUM elements already, that Totem Lurantis has Kecleon and Comfey (alongside Trumbeak and Castform) as ally pokemon. And it seems like Necrozma will be integrated into this chapter's storyline. I just hope they don't go straight to Ultra Megalopolis and skip out on Ultra Beast Lusamine.

    If there's a USUM chapter I assume it'll be a very short one focused mostly on Rainbow Rocket?
  19. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです3: スイレンの逆襲 Staff Member Moderator

    They're portraying Lusamine as she is in SM, so I don't think Motherbeast will be removed.
  20. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Miracle Yang

    I wonder how they will tie in Mother Beast and Necrozma plots. I guess Necrozma might appear right after Mother Beast gets defeated and take over Solgaleo or Lunala which I think is currently the most likely scenario imo.
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