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Fellow Aussies! I have our release date!


Vive la Revolution!


Nintendo of Australia has officially released the release date as the 21ST OF JUNE. This is now the official discussion thread for the release date.


Well, I went into the EB Games just about 1 hour ago, and I saw the D/P empty "pre-order" boxes in the shop. So I asked the guy if he had the release date and he looked it up on his computer. After about 30 seconds he said,"Yes, It seems we have a solid release date for 1 JUNE 07."


PS: Very Sorry if this is old new, I don't think it is but if it is, just tell me and I will delete the topic.

EDIT: I'd just like to add that today is the SECOND of April in Australia, i.e. NOT april fools day.
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*waits for the nice folks that update the Nintendo of Australia website to confirm this*


christian 4ever
why are alot of new things being released or confirm today its not like this is the most trustworthy place but if htis is true im glad for them people ouside usa and japn should be avle to get close elease dates as us
Stop making these stupid threads!

Nintendo Australia have not set a date so don't believe EB.

This is the third thread made by people gullible enough to belive a shop over Nintendo Australia.
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<<<I got it!!!!!!!!!
Hey i heard the exact same thing from eb games today!
u should make a poll to c if other australians have heard the same thing