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Femme - OysterShipping (MistyxDawn) (NC-17)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by DryBones, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    *Chapter 2 & 3 Now Available for Reading in separate posts* Topic title finally changed thanks to Chelc <3

    Ship: OysterShipping (Misty x Dawn)
    Rating: NC-17 for use of explicit words and very strong sexual description.

    It's set currently set in future Sinnoh, when the characters are a little bit older then they are portrayed in the anime.

    Misty x Dawn -Couple - Claimed by me, DryBones. Fan Banner by me (want one similar? PM me and I'd be happy to make one)

    Note to Mods: Although I have clearly stated that this includes mature content, if there's a problem with some of my wording (i've tried to keep it as professional as possible) please let me know and I will try to re-word.

    The Beginning

    The wind was blowing, quietly, softly, through the emerald trees of Eterna Forest. The faint cries of wild Pokémon could be heard in the distance, like calls for help that will never be answered. Suddenly, the silence was cut short;

    “Hey, Ash…” Dawn said quietly.

    Ash, tired out from the journey was slumped up against a tree, his hat tilted down, covering his face like a mask of secrecy. He twitched, and sheepishly raised his head to look at Dawn.

    “What is it?” Ash replied cautiously.

    Dawn smiled at him; he began to turn red and hastily turned away,

    “Look I’m tired, I don’t have time for you bothering me, I just want to get some sleep” he snapped.

    Dawn flinched, taken aback by his aggressive reply.

    “Well… I was just wondering, if, you wanted to come sleep in my tent tonight” she said quietly.

    Ash stirred. He turned his head to look at her properly, her flowing hair was falling down, in symmetry either side of her neck down on to her petite-

    “Oh for crying out loud you two, get a ****ing room” shouted a voice from the long grass.

    It was Misty, she had returned from the nearby stream with water.

    “How long have you been listening Misty?” Dawn asked spitefully.

    “Since you woke Ash up with your stupid question, can’t you see that he’s trying to get some rest?” Misty shouted back.

    Ash quickly jumped to his feet as if shocked by Pikachu. He was wide awake now, his black hair, unkempt, poking out from under his hat. Anger was written across his face. He looked at Dawn, and then at Misty, both glaring at each other with bitter hatred.

    “I’m not gonna get any damn sleep with you two arguing all night. Misty, go get some firewood and Dawn, go make yourself useful and see if there are any rangers patrolling the area” Ash said sternly.

    By the looks on their faces, they both wanted to argue back but new better not to, now wasn’t the time for a disagreement.

    “Fine, I’ll go get some firewood, but I don’t plan on speaking to you for the rest of tonight!” Misty sobbed.

    She looked at Ash, tears running down her face.

    “Uh Misty look I’m sorry” Ash replied, trying to comfort her.

    “Oh **** off Ash!” Misty shouted, turned and ran off down the dirt path.

    Ash turned to Dawn.

    “Are you just going to stand there and stare at me all night, or do as I asked you to?” Ash said menacingly.

    “I’ll do whatever you want me to, you know I’d never say no to your command” Dawn said, winking at him.

    She raised her right index finger to her and licked the tip of it slowly. Ash turned red with frustration, he knew how he felt about her but now wasn’t the time or the place.

    “Stop it, just stop it, just go and try and find a ranger” Ash said.

    “Whatever…” Dawn replied.

    She turned and began to walk through the tall grass. She was a few metres away and then

    “Oh, yeah, Dawn..?” Ash shouted after her.

    “Yeah Ashyboy?” she shouted back with a smirk across her face, hoping he’d take her up on her offer of a bit of fun.

    “Try not to seduce the wild Pokémon, or the ranger if you find one, for that matter” He replied with a hearty laugh.

    There was no reply from Dawn, she had already gone. Ash smiled to himself and went and sat against a tree.


    Meanwhile, Misty had progressed in her journey to a deeper area of the forest. This was the perfect spot to collect some firewood she thought to herself. Now was her chance to impress Ash. If Misty hadn’t been fantasising over Ash at that very moment, she might have noticed the presence of someone that was moving ever closer to where she was standing. Misty continued to scan the area, bending down occasionally to pick up some suitable wood. After about fifteen minutes of gathering wood she thought she better start heading back as it was getting late.

    “I better go, Ash will be wondering where I am.” Misty said quietly to herself.

    There was a sudden crunch of twigs and leaves behind her, she quickly turned to see what made the noise.

    “Who’s there!” she asked, her voice trembling slightly the with fear that was lodged at the back of her throat.

    There was no response. Misty repeated the question, this time asking it a little louder than before. Yet again, no reply. She stood there, frozen on the spot, focusing on the darkness in front of her. Then, there was an assertive and loud response from behind a tree.

    “It’s only me you silly girl, calm down, you looked like you were about to cry” said a voice behind her.

    Misty jumped slightly, in shock, and turned around to see Dawn standing there grinning at her. There was a strange glint in her eyes which Misty couldn’t help staring at.

    “Wha.. What do you want, have you been following me all this way?!” Misty shouted.

    Dawn stood there, still smiling at her, like she knew something that Misty didn’t.

    “Following you? Don’t be stupid, how can someone follow their fate?” Dawn said calmly.

    “Fate? What the **** are you talking about, fate? I want to know why you’ve just been stalking me when Ash told you to go find a ranger!” Misty screamed back.

    Dawn advanced towards her slowly, with one hand she pushed back the hair covering her left eye. She stood and looked Misty in the eyes.

    “Answer my question, what do you mean by ‘following their fate’ ?” Misty shouted impatiently.

    She was about to cry, strange emotions were swelling up inside her, she knew she should be back at the campsite with Ash, but something in Dawn’s eyes was stopping her from leaving.

    “You and I. Your fate. My fate. Our fate.” Dawn whispered as she moved towards her a little bit more.

    “Wait.. Are you saying that..” before Misty could finish her sentence, Dawn quickly moved closer, pressing herself up against Misty’s body and kissed her, softly on her scarlet lips. Misty recoiled and stumbled backwards, she tripped and fell onto the ground which was littered with red leaves and dirt.

    “What do you think you’re doing!? Get.. Get away from me” Misty screeched.

    Misty began to cry, tears running down her face, dripping onto her shirt. Dawn didn’t reply, she walked over to where Misty had fallen and leant down next to her and said softly:

    “Don’t run away from something that you know is true. Something you know you want. Something you know is fate”.

    Misty sat up and looked up into Dawn’s blue eyes. They were like gleaming crystals shining in evening light. Misty didn’t know what to say, the surge of emotions were coming back again, swelling up, trying to escape. She tried to say something but couldn’t, words couldn’t describe how she was feeling.

    “I know you want this, so do I, you don’t have to say anything, I can see it in your eyes.” Dawn whispered quietly as she ran her hand through Misty’s hair.

    “But.. You, like Ash, I know you love him, I’ve seen how you flirt with him!” Misty sobbed, still crying.

    “Ash.. And me? Together? I don’t think so. Sure he’s a cute guy but you’re the only one I want” Dawn answered.

    Misty was still transfixed by Dawn’s eyes, but now, she was beginning to see her beauty as well. Her dark blue hair, her body.

    “This.. Is wrong, girls aren’t meant to do this together. Friends aren’t supposed to do this!” Misty said.

    “Friends? We’ll be more than that after this.” Dawn leant in and kissed Misty again, this time holding it and moving her tongue into Misty‘s mouth, holding the moment, holding the passion. She move her left hand down onto Misty’s stomach, rubbing it slightly. Misty trembled a little bit, still confused my what was going on. Dawn moved back slightly, their lips parting from each other, a thin string of saliva connecting them both broke away and fell onto Dawn’s skirt.

    Misty couldn’t contain her feelings anymore, she didn’t understand why she was enjoying this. Maybe it was fate? Dawn continued rubbing Misty’s toned stomach, slowly moving her hand up her yellow shirt towards her breasts. Misty whimpered a little but and moved a hand onto Dawn’s right thigh. Dawn shivered a little but, Misty’s cold hands came as surprise. Dawn crawled over across the ground and moved her left leg around so she was now straddling Misty’s body; her short pink skirt now covered in scuff marks and soil. Dawn quickly moved her right hand underneath and up Misty’s shirt and quickly unclasped her bra. Misty squirmed as the tension around her breasts was released a little bit. Dawn moved her hand back around the front and with both hands in unison, began to caress Misty’s perky breasts, running her fingers over her tiny nipples. Misty shuddered again, and moaned a little bit as she began to pull her own shirt off. Dawn helped get it off over her neck and threw it over her shoulder.

    “Feeling better?” Dawn asked Misty as she moved her face closer towards Misty’s chest.

    “Yes, now.. I understand” Misty said as she began to pull Dawn’s pink skirt downwards.

    Dawn ran her tongue over Misty’s breasts, a combination of fast and slow movements, saliva running down in between the two of them.

    Misty had pulled Dawn’s skirt down to her lower thighs, revealing that Dawn was wearing black lacy underwear.

    “Unghh” Misty groaned and closed her eyes as Dawn began to slowly nibble at her breasts slowly pressing down on her nipples with her teeth. Misty moved forwards a little bit so her stomach was now directly between Dawn’s legs. Misty raised her right hand and moved it up Dawn’s left thigh as Dawn’s breathing became faster and heavier. With her index finger she quickly pulled down Dawn’s panties so they become askew and continued to move her hand up towards Dawn’s shaven vagina. Without hesitation, Misty quickly pushed in her middle finger into Dawn’s vagina, noticing she was already wet with excitement.

    “Yes, do it, that’s what I want.” Dawn demanded in a lustful way.

    Misty inserted her index finger as well and began to move both fingers in and out slowly as Dawn had moved her right hand down to unbutton Misty’s denim shorts. Misty continued to play with Dawns vagina, changing the speed and the position of her fingers every few seconds as Dawn’s juices began to flow down her legs.

    Dawn bucked and squirmed as she finally unbuttoned Misty’s shorts and pulled them down to her knees.

    “Good choice” Dawn said appraisingly as she admired Misty’s satin blue thong.

    “They were meant for Ash…” Misty said quietly.

    Dawn didn’t want to dwell on the subject the same subject so without haste, pulled down Misty’s thong and began to push Misty’s legs apart.

    “You’re going to love this” Dawn said and moved her head in between Misty’s thighs and slowly began to lick away. Misty arched her back in ecstasy, loving every second of it, it was something she’d never experienced before. Dawn continued to lick Misty’s clitoris, occasionally using a finger to aid her. Misty withdrew her fingers from Dawn and with both hands began to pulled Dawn’s shirt up and over her head, Dawns breasts bounced a little bit as her shirt got caught on lacy black bra. With one hand, Misty threw dawns shirt over into a tree and with the other she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

    Dawn was still licking away between Misty’s legs as Misty admired Dawn’s breasts. They were slightly bigger than hers but that didn’t bother her. Misty began to rub Dawn’s breasts with both hands; caressing them slowly as Dawn moaned some more.

    “Unhh yes, keep doing it” she screamed as Misty started to pinch at her hard nipples.

    They both continued enjoying each other for a few minutes, until Misty said “I want to return the favour that you’re giving me” as she sat up.

    “You’re definitely a bit more enthusiastic than you were before Misty” Dawn said, laughing.

    “Shut up and don’t talk” Misty replied and she pushed Dawn onto the floor and began to turn around so they were both laying head-to-toe on top of each other.

    Dawn kicked off her skirt and underwear and spread her legs a little bit as Misty lowered her head. Dawn could smell the scent of Misty’s body as lay there looking at Misty’s vagina which was a few inches from her face. As if to the sound of a whistle, the two of them started to lick between the other ones thighs, simultaneously.

    “Your so wet, you dirty girl” Dawn said as she felt Misty’s hot juices flow into her mouth and down onto her chest.

    “So are you, hypocrite” Misty replied, jokingly as she lapped up Dawn’s liquid and let it run down her throat.

    They kept at it for a few minutes, no talking at the only sounds were the odd moans and whimpers and the sound of tongue on flesh and their bodies rubbing against each other.

    “Misty!! I think I’m about to come” Dawn screamed as her body started to shake.

    “So.. So am I Dawn, don’t stop.” screamed Misty as she began to shake as well.

    A few seconds later, in unison they both shouted:

    “I'm coming!”

    As both girls saw flashed of white in their minds and the feeling of pleasure hit the level of climax. Dawn collapsed and fell down, now laying next to Misty. She turned to her head to gaze at Dawn’s green eyes. Neither of them knew what to say. They had both just experienced the most amazing they had ever done and felt things they didn’t think were possible.

    For five minutes both girls laid there side by side, their minds escaping into each other’s eyes. Finally, Misty broken the cold and awkward silence.

    “I love you.”
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2009
  2. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Interesting use of the character there, Dave. Other than the standard "OMG YOu needz to use proper indentationz" and that stuff, it's a pretty nice read.

    And a nice day to you, too.

    EDIT: Finally got the Mineral Badge. Jasmine looks so neat under my username. <3
  3. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    Whoa interesting. Dawn as the seme in this fic, very nice twist. I liked reading it. ^^

    Though, FateShipping is Harrison, Sneasel & Blaziken & OysterShipping is Misty & Dawn
  4. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Thanks for your comments guys ^_^ . If needs be, I can try and reformat it at a later date once I get a bit more feedback. I've always been a fan of Misty and Dawn is pretty cute, in an illustrative sense so I thought I might as well see if I can blossom some kind of hidden relationship between the two of them.

    If people like this, then, I might write another part to it or something, who knows.

    I cant really make it any more clear that it has strong content in it lol and if there was something higher than 'NC-17' I guess it would be in there. So to my knowledge, the content is breaking no rules as Ive kept the detail as 'pro' as possible without ruining the sexual tension.

    Also in reply to Koneko's comment: I didnt realise there was another ship called FateShipping, my bad xD. If there is a disruption about it, then I can easily re-do the art and topic title.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  5. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    It's not a disruption, per se. It's simply correct labeling: any Misty/Dawn fans won't be searching 'fateshipping', meaning you won't get hits from outside search engines. It's not a bad skim-- (the only think I say you have absolute problems with is proper quoting.

    "Hello," said Dawn.

    "Hello." Misty turned the page in her book.

    "Do you have this CD?" asked Dawn.

    "Totally!" piped Misty.

    Comma when a quote generally ends with a period, and only then. Period when there's no follow-up to the sentence.)

    --so a few Googlers might regret missing out. They'll be searching Oystershipping, not Fateshipping.
  6. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Thanks for your constructive criticism; I plan to do another chapter to this at some point so I'll keep your advice in mind about the punctuation etc.
  7. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Chapter Two is now available for reading. The first post is updated.
  8. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Heh. Ash's lines still make me chuckle a bit, just seeing him with a large background character role is nice to see.

    But, like others said, I'd op with the change to set it with the more given shipping name, Oystershipping. Still look forward for the third part.
  9. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector


    Blehh, I'd like to change it to OysterShipping but it wont let me change the topic title -_-;

    I'm not too fussed about getting hits via search engines or 3rd party forums and websites, it's only a fun story that I enjoy adding chapters to.

    So yeah, for now, I'll keep it as FateShipping.

    btw, Chapter 3 will should be finished quite soon, I'm just adding the final touches.
  10. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Similar thing happens to me on "Like a Line Drive!" fic. For some bothersome reason, I can't edit the first post at all, leaving it look shoddy, and also the fact that I can't the rating to T, so... Meh. Errors going around the board.
  11. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Chapter 3

    Ah right ok, so you're having issues too eh?

    Chapter 3, entitled "Lust Before Daybreak" is now available for reading in the 1st post.

    Chapter 3 does involve another graphic and adult love scene. Younger readers, you have been warned :)
  12. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    I did spy a few typos in the 3rd chapter (Noted that Misty was named May for a few paragraphs), but it's interesting to see that Ash's signature flyer seems to be Staraptor instead of any of his other birds.

    Keep up the good work, mah friend.
  13. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Thanks again for your praising response, Will. I just re-read the 3rd chapter and found a few typo's, as you pointed out (thanks~)

    Dunno why I accidentally called named Misty as May, i think i should get some sleep myself xD

    I plan to start Chapter 4 tomorrow =)

    I'll make sure to rate and comment on your fanfic as well, when I get the time.
  14. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Hey Drybones.
    As a lover of Oystershipping or fateshipping you call it. I'm thrilled to see a fic like this. And I do enjoy well structured NC-17 fics. Nice banner BTW.

    Just some little tips for you
    * Each chapter is best in a different post, just makes it look more organized. =P. Edit button to the rescue? But Sppf servers can be quite glitchy, but if you check up on the shipping fic guideline I think it has it all there.

    * Try not to post all the chapters at once, I know it's exciting sharing your stuff but too much flooding will make it hard for us readers to catch up with you.

    So onto the story... lots of yuri sex, interesting indeed. Very enjoyable and I got good imagery of Dawn x Misty sex. This reminds me of the first fic I did for my OTP, of course yours is much better written, with readable grammar. I did enjoy the story line very much; PWPS are a guilty pleasure. I like your style of writing, too. It was simple and it had some nice flow and the mood of lust was defiantly there.

    As Katsu said, Dawn as a seme is quite different. So this fic has been a bit refreshing.

    Some nits, Ash seems to be quite angry, though if he gets miserable by age, that might be fine. I did spot a long run-on sentence and now I can't seem to find it. There's this rule about not having so many words that end in ly and I spotted quite a lot. I think some might find it distracting but I kinda think it did have a good rhythm.

    Characterization IMO was a bit odd but at the same time I can imagine Dawn being all kinky.

    So keep this coming, I got a feeling this could go somewhere with a great plot twist.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2009
  15. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    inb4Ash got owned by Paul in the Sinnoh League.
  16. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    I'm glad that you're enjoying it Chloe, I didnt think many users would approve of such a graphic and detailed story; I was expecting most to turn a blind eye and just ignore it. =)

    Thank you for your tips, it's good to read some comments by respected users such as yourself and Kimba along with the other two posters. So, tonight I'll make new posts for Chapters 2 and 3 and replace the ones in Post 1, for hyperlinks instead.

    I was planning on getting Chapter 4 finished asap, but after reading your post, I'm sure it wouldnt hurt to prolong it's release.
  17. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Chapter Two, moved into a new post for easier reading.

    The Return

    “Damnit, it’s nearly midnight and they still haven’t got back yet!” Ash muttered to himself.

    He was right, Misty and Dawn had departed on their separate ways many hours ago and neither had returned. Worry was beginning to set into his thought stream like wet concrete. Ash ran over to over his backpack and rummaged through it until he found what he was looking for. His Pokétch.

    He didn’t like wearing it around his wrist all the time, so kept it in his bag when he travelled. Without hesitation, he navigated through the onboard menu until he found Misty’s contact information and sent a transmission through. There was an awkward pause as the GPS system connected and Ash wiped a tear from his eye.


    “Come on Misty, you have to admit you loved every second of it,” Dawn said, pleased with herself.

    “No it’s not that I didn’t like it… It’s just; strange. It all happened so fast and we’ve been gone far too long, Ash must be worried sick!” Misty replied frantically.

    “Forget about Ash. You saw the way he dismissed us from the campsite. He’s a big boy, I’m sure he can handle himself” Dawn said as she reached for Misty’s right hand and linked it with hers.

    Misty reluctantly held her grasp with Dawn’s hand, her mind focused on Ash and nothing else. Both girls continued to walk through the dark forest, bundles of firewood under their arms.


    “What the f*ck do you mean ‘Connection is busy.’” Ash shouted, his voice shaking as he threw his Pokétch at the floor; hot tears running down his face.

    To say Ash was growing impatient of the two girl’s return, was an understatement. They’d been gone for just over two hours.

    “Maybe I was too rude to them? What if they hate me now and have just left me here on my own? “ Ash said to himself, with thoughts of despair as he paced around in circles.

    “How can I call myself their friend… When I acted the way I did. I’m no friend. I’m just a stubborn a**hole” Ash called out as he fell to his knees and looked up at the night sky.


    “Uhh, Dawn, you’ve got a bit of, stuff, in your hair,” Misty said as she noticed something in Dawn’s hair.

    “Eh? What do you mean ‘stuff’?” Dawn replied as she let go of Misty’s hand and began to run her own through her hair.

    “You know, girl’s… stuff. The liquid.” Misty said, blushing.

    Dawn continued to ruffle her hair until her came in contact with the small patch of glistening and transparent liquid that was congealed in her fringe.

    “I guess we had a bit too much fun then! If Ash notices any more of it, I‘ll just say I got attacked by a raunchy Silcoon.” Dawn chuckled as she began to wipe her hair with her scarf.

    “Oh your disgusting!” Misty said, laughing as she reached for Dawn’s hand.

    Misty and Dawn then walked, hand in hand, for the remainder of their journey to the campsite.


    Ash perked up as he heard something approaching; moving through the tall grass at speed. Quickly, he grabbed a Pokéball from his belt and prepared to release the monster inside and engage in battle with whatever was coming his way.

    “Come on out of the grass! I’m not scared of you. Ninjask, Lopunny or whatever you are, bring it on f*cker!” Ash shouted; a demonic grin appearing on his face.

    To his surprise, Ash could hear the faint noises of what sounded like.. Laughing?

    “You can’t surprise me, I know you’re there, so just f*cking-” Ash shouted; but stopped mid-sentence as Dawn and Misty came stumbling through the tall grass, dropping bits of wood here and there.

    Both girls were clearly finding something amusing, with grins plastered across their faces. Ash’s jaw dropped as the two girls proceeded to place the firewood down strategically, evidently building a campfire.

    “Oh so you’re ignoring me now are you? You’ve been gone for over three f*cking hours and both of your Pokétchs have been set to ‘Busy’. Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!?” Ash shouted, his face turning as red as the Pokéball in his hand.

    Dawn and Misty, still smiling, continued to prepare the campfire in silence, ignoring Ash‘s flurry of questions. Eventually, the silence became too much for Dawn as she burst out laughing, with Misty following in the same fashion soon after.

    “What’s so damn funny? Why are you laughing at me?” Ash demanded as he pointed a finger at Dawn.

    Dawn brought her laughter under control, turned to Ash and said “Ash. You’re pathetic, you really are. It’s funny how you shout at us and demand that we go and do as you say, and yet when we return, your as worried as a mother and you’ve clearly been crying”

    “I have not been crying and I am not pathetic!” Ash shouted, emphasisng each word by raising his voice.

    “That would explain why you’re trying to rub the last of the tears off your face,” Misty said, smirking.

    Ash didn’t know what to say, his expression of anger had been replaced by a look of shock and confusion as if he had just been Doubleslapped by a Chansey.

    “I’m sorry if I overreacted, I was just worried, that’s all. Anyway, what were you two so happy about? You were at each other‘s throats earlier” Ash said calmly.

    “Oh, we talked it over and made amends. We can't be enemies and expect to travel the Sinnoh region together now can we?” Misty said, smiling at Dawn.

    “Oh I wouldn’t say there was much talking.” Dawn added, chuckling as she lit the fire with her pink lighter.

    Ash had no idea what was so funny and hated being left out of jokes. He shrugged it off, bid his goodnight to both girls, and climbed into his tent.
  18. DryBones

    DryBones Event Collector

    Chapter Three, moved into a new post for easier reading.

    Chapter 3 - Lust Before Daybreak

    Hours later, and the strong winds that were blowing through Eterna Forest had calmed down. Ash slept peacefully in his tent, having vivid dreams about Misty and Dawn fulfilling his fantasies. Little did he know that such sexual tension was actually closer than he thought, in the tent opposite.

    “Dawn stop squealing so loud, you’re going to wake up Ash if you keep this up!” Misty whispered from inside Dawn’s tent.

    “Oh sorry, I should have known not to show any emotion when you’ve got you’re your freaking hand up my skirt and your tongue in my mouth” Dawn snapped back, sarcastically.

    Dawn writhed about in her sleeping bag as Misty, who happened to be sharing it with her, explored the area between her thighs with her index finger. The inside of the tent was humid, the smell was a mix of perfume, forest air and sexual engagement.

    “Uh, yes, right there, that’s the spot!” Dawn moaned as Misty thrust two fingers into Dawn’s moist clitoris.

    Dawn’s sleeping bag became dampened with bodily fluids from both girls as they experimented some more with each other’s bodies. Dawn wrapped her arms around Misty’s body, pulling her close, feeling her heartbeat race. Misty leant over and kissed Dawn, pushing her tongue into her mouth; Dawn doing the same in response.

    Misty’s body was surging with passion, her head flooded with emotions, hormones taking the high ground as Dawn crawled under the sleeping bag, the only thing still showing was her perfect bottom, raised in the air. Dawn slapped it firmly as she felt Misty pulling her underwear down with teeth. Misty giggled as she changed position and thrust Dawn’s thighs apart. Dawn gasped as she felt her underwear tighten around her knees.

    “You think you can handle this?” Misty asked, as she poked her head up from underneath the sleeping bag; her chin, resting between Dawn’s breasts.

    “Do your worst.” Dawn replied as she loosened Misty’s hair from a it’s hair tie and pushed her back down between her legs.

    Misty began to run her tongue up and down, around and in between Dawn’s soft and warm inner thighs. Dawn giggled and guided Misty’s head with one hand whilst playing with her breasts using the other. Misty then began to lick Dawn’s vagina, which was already wet, as she expected. She flicked her tongue rapidly, no pauses whatsoever as if she had done it a thousand times.

    Dawn couldn’t control her body, she began to shake uncontrollably, her eyes closed, her teeth clenched as she pushed at Misty’s head even harder, gripping her fiery orange hair. There was a sudden moment of silence and then…

    “Misty, I’m going to come; make me come Misty, f*cking do it” Dawn screamed, beginning to cry, her pulse becoming dangerously high

    At that very moment, all the emotions, excitement, passion and feelings of lust inside Dawn exploded physically and emotionally. Fluid came squirting out of her tender vagina, splashing into Misty’s face and running down her neck.
    Dawn collapsed, gasping, her breathing become heavy and her body still shaking. Misty reappeared from underneath the sleeping bag, her face and hair were soaking wet.

    “Hey girls, are you ok? I thought I heard someone screaming” said a male voice from outside the tent’s entrance

    “Sh*t, it’s Ash! Misty, what should I say?” Dawn whispered.

    “Oh it’s nothing Ash, don’t worry, I thought there was a Wurmple in our tent, and you know what I’m like about bug Pokémon” Misty said nervously turning her head towards the tent’s zip-up entrance.

    “Well as long as you’re both alright. Are you sure you don’t want me to come and keep you company?” Ash said, in a quizzical way.

    “No!” shouted Dawn and Misty in unison.

    Ash was taken by surprise at the sudden response and stumbled backwards into a bush. He thrashed about until he finally managed to crawl out, cursing under his breath. Dawn and Misty laughed at him from inside the tent as he stumbled back to his own.

    “Well, that was certainly enjoyable!” Dawn said as she pulled her underwear back up from around her knees.

    “You owe me for that, big time.” Misty replied, chuckling as she re-clasped Dawn’s bra for her.

    They continued to talk for a few minutes before both deciding it was time to get some well earned rest.

    “Sleep well, Dawn.” Misty said as she wrapped her arms around Dawn’s warm body.

    “You too, Misty” Dawn answered as she moved closer to Misty, embracing the feeling of her soft skin touching her own.

    Soon enough, they both drifted off to sleep, their bodies entwined like the stems of two roses.


    Morning had arrived and rays of warm sunlight had pierced the depths of Eterna Forest like golden arrows into a black heart. Wild Pokémon were scurrying about in search of food and the forest rangers were out doing their morning patrol.

    Ash, Dawn and Misty had awoken and had already finished packing away their things.

    “Have you double checked that you’ve got everything you brought with you?” Ash asked the girls.

    “Yeah, all my stuff is in here” Misty said, patting her bag

    “I’ve got everything too” Dawn added as she finishing putting out the embers of the campfire.

    “We’re good to go then! Let’s do this” Ash exclaimed loudly as he grabbed a Pokéball from his belt.

    “Staraptor, Go!“ Ash shouted as he threw the Pokéball in front of him.

    As it came into contact with the ground, the ball opened and a blinding flash of white light emitted which was soon distinguishable as the silhouette of Staraptor, Ash’s only flying Pokémon.

    “Come on, let’s go!” Ash said as he motioned for Dawn and Misty to take seating positions on Staraptor.

    Misty tightened her backpack and then continued to climb onto Staraptor’s feathered back. Dawn followed close behind. Ash eyed the surrounding area, before mounting himself onto Staraptor as well.

    “Staraptor, fly us to the Resort Area!”

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