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Feral Pokemon Circus

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, for a fun change of pace, let’s play circus… as pokemon!

    Pokemon are smarter than regular animals and have extraordinary powers, so it’s no surprise that a band of abandon and released pokemon would come together and form something they’d seen in the human world, a circus!

    Imagine, high overhead an agile Mienshao walks a tightrope spun by Caterpie and Wurmple without a net, while below the charismatic duo of Bellossom and Maractus perform a death defying fire twirling act, aided by Cyndaquil. Marill hangs out behind the scenes close by, incase something goes wrong. Meanwhile Aipom, Jynx, and Mr. Mime wander through the crowd performing zany antics and collecting donations.

    Why? Well, there’s a couple of reasons:
    First, entertained people tend to donate food and other items to feral pokemon that entertain them. Second, a lot of feral pokemon are distrustful of humans and/or no longer fit in with their wild cousins. The circus gives them a family of sorts. Those that distrust humans can continue to view them as nothing more than a meal ticket, and those that no longer fit in with wild pokemon have a more successful way to feed themselves and their circus buddies.

    So really, it’s a good solution… until the Poke Catchers show up! That’s right, these brave men and women are on a mission to round up all the feral pokemon and send them to adoption centers or relocate them to reserves. They don’t care about the entertainment provided by the circus, but rather view it more as a mass gathering of feral pokemon which they need to round up. And since they get paid by the catch… they could mean the end of our circus, and the end of our freedom!

    That’s why the circus can never stay in any town for more than one night, because usually by the end of the night we’ll be running from the Poke Catchers. Repeat performances also tend to dull a crowd’s reactions, so moving on also ensures the circus will continue to get fresh donations.

    Our story starts with the formation of the circus however. In a park on the outskirts of town (let’s say Striaton), where abandon and released pokemon often come to try and beg or scam scraps from picnickers, several pokemon are destine to meet. Each one has been living day by day (for however long) on what humans have thrown out, or they have managed to beg for… but being here all together sparks an idea! Maybe together we can find a way to gather more food? Perhaps the same humans that have given us scraps for stupid solo tricks would give us more if we preformed together?

    There are a lot of different roles you can take in such a circus; clowns, jugglers, acrobats, tightrope walkers, strongmen, daredevils, assistants, etc. (Your act will be more impressive if you’re at a type disadvantage, for example if you’re a non fire type who performs a fire breathing or fire twirling act.) Each players’ unique characters will ultimately form our circus’ act.

    So, do you want to join us?

    Approved and Pending Players
    1. (VampirateMace) Julie the Joltik, Daredevil
    2. (InnerFlame) Rock ’n Roll the Doduo, Juggler(s)
    3. (MugoUrth) Crash the Loudred, Luxray 'trainer'
    4. (Stereotypical Nerd) Chewy the Munchlax, Knife thrower
    5. (Zalck) Roark the Zoroark, Ringmaster
    6. (Skillfullness) Cheese the Eevee, Acrobat/Dancer
    --- & Cream the Purrlion, Acrobat/Dancer
    7. (Grassmaster411) Pith the Slaking, Strongmon
    8. (Keldminrachi91) Luna the Espeon: Magician
    9. (Billy Mays) Boris the Emboar, Stagehand
    --- & Drako the Dragonite, Stagehand
    10. (Samantha Sparks) *reserved, clown*

    (Please note, as usual, that I will judge you harder if you try to sign-up as a legendary.)

    What you’re called

    What kind of pokemon are you? I will allow non-canon pokemon if they are reasonable and properly described.

    Male, Female, Unknown

    Use Serebii’s B/W DEX to check that your ability options.

    Up to six moves your species can learn. Please use Serebii’s B/W DEX to check that your moves really can be learned.

    Circus Role:
    The sort of stuff you plan to do as performances or to aid in other’s performances; antics, stunts, juggling, tightrope walking, feats of strength, etc…

    Anything that stands out about your appearance; unique markings, scars, alt colors, eye color, clothing/hold item, height, weight, try for 6+ sentences

    How you think and act, +6 sentences

    Your past, +6 sentences


    Name: Julie

    Species: Joltik

    Gender: Female

    Compoundeyes - raises accuracy.

    1. String Shot
    2. Electroweb
    3. Sucker Punch
    4. Wild Charge
    5. Bounce
    6. Cut

    Circus Role:
    Daredevil! Julie likes to perform wild and dangerous stunts. She’ll Bounce up in the air, swing from her own electrically charged web, Cut it, and then Wild Charge down at her target. She is however, willing to do set up as well, making tightropes and securing what little equipment the team has.

    Julie is about average height and weight for a Joltik, which really isn’t very big at all. Her coat is of normal yellow color, but her eyes are closer to teal than blue. Her toes are still the standard blue of a common Joltik. She has a few small scars and fresh scrapes, but nothing that really stands out. Her small body’s low terminal velocity prevents her from experiencing too much harm when one of her aerial stunts goes wrong.

    Around her neck she wears a black ribbon tied in a bow, with a little skull decoration in the center of the bow. This was given to her original (and only) trainer. She doesn’t currently own any items other than the ribbon, but it has great sentimental value.

    Julie is fairly intelligent, but her intelligence tends to be overshadowed by her hyper enthusiasm. She is after all, a daredevil, excited to chase the next big adrenaline rush. Often, she is the first to jump into danger.

    She’s not confrontational however, and tends to climb or jump out of reach rather than face a fight. Battling is something she’s still not comfortable doing without her trainer. She didn’t win a lot with her trainer, and she’s not sure she could win at all without her.

    Generally she is an optimist, and though her current condition is a bit of a test for that outlook, separated from her beloved trainer and unwilling to accept another. She’s trying to stay positive about the whole thing and believe it will all turn out alright. Julie is a little shy when it comes to personal subjects and doesn’t much talk about herself, or her former trainer.

    Julie was a gift to the only daughter of a businessman in Striaton city, Cindy. She was a bit of Goth and asked her father for a either a Gastly or a Joltik for her birthday. Her father presented her with the latter, and Cindy named her Julie, because it was a pun on Joule and it described the Joltik’s unique jewel-like eyes.

    Cindy disappointed to learn that Julie didn’t have Unnerve as her ability, but loved her anyways and decided to make up for the lack of a cool ability by teaching Julie some unusual moves for a Joltik, namely things like Bounce and Cut. Julie liked Bounce by the way, up in the air without any web, then falling back down for the attack!

    Julie and Cindy went everywhere together, battling every trainer they met. They didn’t win all that often, since she was Cindy’s only pokemon and not very experienced, but they had fun. It wasn’t just battling either, they went shopping, to the movies, and even to circus once!

    Then came the day Cindy’s father was transferred. The job was far away and Cindy was told she wouldn’t be able take her precious pokemon with her. She cried all night holding Julie close to her, but in the morning obeyed her father’s demands to release the pokemon. She walked out into the nearby woods with him and released Julie.

    Julie was terrified. She’d been raised in a nursery, and had no idea how to survive in the woods. She made her way back towards town, but by the time she got to her old home, everyone was gone.

    Later that day a boy tried to catch her, but she ran away. She decided then that she didn’t want another trainer. If she couldn’t be with Cindy, she didn’t want to be with any human. After a couple weeks of scraping by on the outskirts of town, mostly begging in parks and at schoolyards, Julie ran into some other abandon pokemon… maybe they could survive better together?
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2013
  2. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Name: Rock ‘n Roll
    Species: Doduo
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Run Away- can easily escape from battles with some exceptions.

    1. Peck
    2. Quick Attack
    3. Rage
    4. Fury Attack
    5. Pursuit
    6. Uproar

    Circus Role: Juggling and a little bit of tight-roping; they quickly found that humans are amazed that a limpless pokemon can juggle. They just knock up small thing with their beaks or quickly grab it in their mouth and hurl it high if the item is larger. The two head can juggle separately or juggle together which adds an interesting visual. As they may juggle in two separate circles, one large circle or cross in a figure-eight motions. They also found that if they balance or try walking while doing it, it’s even more interesting. As of yet they have not added an element of danger, such as fire, to their juggling but that is something that they’re willing to try. They are also willing to help with others things if someone else needs it.

    Appearance: Rock n’ Roll is short for their species being nearly a foot shorter than average height. They retain their short fluffy feathers though they don’t look the prettiness like a well taken care of bird pokemon. They are much heavier than they should be, almost a hundred pounds which is really bad considering their height. The Doduo looks bulky in his mid-section but it shows nowhere else. The biggest eye-catching feature for him is a large scar in the middle of their chest. It’s circular and has five points that stretches out from it similar to a star. It’s an old scar that healed but feathers refuse to grow back in that spot. There is a Metronome dangling around the right head’s neck and on the pokemon’s left leg, there is a there is a pale blue anklet.

    Personality: The two heads that make-up the Doduo, Rock n’ Roll, and very in-sync with one another. Even without communicating with each other, they tend to know what the other one’s thinking. It’s rare to see them argue among themselves; as they are always working together as a team. And when they share the same thoughts they typically speak together. Despite that, both heads have personality of their own and they balance each other out. They both share the same desire of not wanting to go to a pokemon reserve, or having another trainer. The Doduo also dislikes when things become too stagnant and boring. When it comes to fights; they always flee no second thoughts about it.

    The right head referred to as Rock, is very calm and calculating. He is actually the smarter one of the two. Since they are not the strongest or fastest of their species, this head thinks of ways to get out of bad situation and he can often find good solutions. He is actually quite the optimist, and always trying to find the bright side of things. If they were to evolved Rock would probably be the jolly head because he really quite happy and with the exception of humans, he is willing to help others if they need it.

    The other head called Roll is the really sassy one. He has the attitude, a temper and if it was up to him they would probably never survive, due to being very rash in his choices. His attitude is an act; he know he’s not tough, but he thinks if he barks loud enough he can intimidate potential threats. The pessimistic one, it’s impossible for him to ever think that something good might comes their way. No matter how much he disagrees with Rock; he tends to go along with him after inputting his opinions. He feels that since they’re stuck together until they die, might as well get along.

    History: Rock n’ Roll has already been in a pokemon reserved called the Safari Zone; they were actually born there. They found many peaceful days there though not everything was great there. Daily, they had to deal with humans that baited you in with some food and then hit you in the head with a rock, what the heck? After awhile they found the same scenery and scenario in their fenced home rather boring, so they turned it into a game. In which they would eat human’s food and flee. If they did anything else expect throw food they would flee immediately; either way they got to see the frustrated look on the humans’ face. It really had a negative effect as they would do it all day even if they weren’t even hungry just out of boredom; which why they became so fat for their species. And when the humans left, they wondered what was beyond the fences that blocked them in, but they were way too afraid to even attempt to escape.

    After spending a good portion of their life in the Safari Zone, they were finally captured. But then they spend good amount of that time in ‘what’s his name’ trainer’s PC box before he finally let them join his party. After a couple battles in which they lost badly, they were critically hit by a fire blast; they were heartlessly abandoned in some unfamiliar forest. It took a short moment to realize that the wilderness outside of their safe little Safari Zone was brutal and Rock n’ Roll had no real battling or survival skills. The only place they could find safe was a human settlement as they didn’t want another trainer or return to the boredom of the Safari Zone.

    Even then it was hard because Rock n’ Roll looked so… well-fed most humans wouldn’t give them food. For a little while they resorted to thievery but realize it was inconvenient as humans would chase them out. They found if they did little tricks for them, they would feed them. Thus this became their livelihood in which they could survive in such a harsh world they were never prepared to enter.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (InnerFlame) Rock ’n Roll the Doduo: Accepted
  4. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    This is an anthro RP, right? As in you play as the Pokemon, not a trainer? If so, count me in. ...Unless this RP is dead.
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yes, you play as pokemon, no trainers. I'll add you to the list as reserved. We have another player coming soon-ish, so we should have enough players soon.
  6. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Name: Crash

    Species: Loudred

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Soundproof

    Moveset: Howl, Stomp, Taunt, Double Team, Swagger, Retaliate

    Circus Role: Crash's job at the circus is as a Luxray Tamer. It is one of the only jobs the circus has that fuels his desire for danger while keeping in mind that Loudred aren't designed for balance. Crash does the usual trikes, sticking his head in Luxray mouths, and making the Luxray jump through hoops. Sometimes Crash makes the Luxray jump through hoops lit on fire, and other cool things. Of coarse, not all of Crash's acts go well. Crash has to gain the Luxray's trust and calm them before they'll do anything he says, and they often don't do what Crash wants them to do. Even his "Shinx in a hat" trick won't go as planed if Crash doesn't gain a Shinx proper trust.

    Appearance: Crash is no different anatomically from other Loudred, although he harbors his own outfit. He prefers to use the simple hat and tuxedo look that magicians use. As well, he also carries a whip to use on the job. Both his hat and tuxedo are black, but he also wears a bright purple ascot inside his tuxedo. Sometimes he goes on stage with a BIG hat, to use when he wants to preform a "Shinx in a hat" trick.

    Personality: Crash has very little sense of fear, and even less humility. Sometimes an act goes out of hand, and Crash will refuse help from others, and will often cause a stink about it. He basically lives for his job as a Luxray tamer, because he gets a boost from dangerous situations. When he's off the job he's mostly pleasant. He's pretty friendly, tries to be considerate (Outside allowing help) and has a decent sense of humor. He tend to laugh a lot when he speaks though. He also gets angry as well when he's provoked, often after provoking someone else unintentionally.

    History: Crash is the kind of character only a few could like, including his trainer, Edgar. Edgar was a traveling performer who uses his Pokemon to do stunts and other things. Crash was given the task of a tap-dancer, doing a lot of his tap-dancing on random objects to create random noises. However, Crash was particularly embarrassed by this task, and disliked doing it.

    Every day, Crash traveled with Edgar and everyday would notice Pokemon battles being taken place. Crash envied these fights and started to get a craving for battle. Every day, Crash would try to tell Edgar what he wanted by showing him pictures of battle, and often trying to turn on the TV and show him the battle channels, but no matter what, Edgar never got the message, and he continued to be a tapdancer.

    ...Until eventually, Crash got serious. He started to disobey Edgar by throwing stuff around and refusing to tap dance, all because he wanted more from life. Unfortunately, he was eventually kicked off the troupe and released into the wild. Crash still wanted a thrill, and continued to search for it. He wound up in a city where he noticed other abandoned Pokemon. He was hoping he could find something worth fighting among them, but only if they wanted to fight.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  7. Stereotypical Nerd

    Stereotypical Nerd Well-Known Member

    My first RPG sign up and RPG at all... So here we go~!

    Name: Chewy

    Species: Munchlax

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Thick Fat

    Move set:
    Body Slam
    After You
    Fire Punch

    Circus Role: Chewy does a bit of everything. He can resist fire, even when a Pokemon uses Flamethrower. He can also resist any Pokemon that will try to hit him in the stomach, even a Hariyama! He also can lift up to 500 lbs. He also dabbles in knife throwing, liking to throw knives at other people while blindfolded.

    Appearance: He looks like the average Munchlax, except he has a gold earring (like a pirate) on his left ear. Also, he always wears an Everstone necklace. He usually doesn't have a costume unless he is doing a knife-throwing act. When he does, he wears a black blindfold (obviously), and a suit with a dark purple cummerbund. He always has bags under his eyes because he does not like to sleep.

    Personality: First of all, he fears sleep, suffering from hypnophobia. He is deathly afraid of Hypnos as well. Other than that, he is a scammer that takes joy at other's pain and suffering. Also, Chewy finds excuses to stay away from crowds of people unless it's for the circus. He also does not make friends easily, but the few friends he does have are always nice to him and love him. Usually, his friends are also in the circus with him. He makes sure to never to be so mean to his coworkers, respecting them and their current situation. He sees humans as threats, especially the Poke Catchers that they have run away from so many times. If he messes up during the circus, he won't speak to anyone for a week. In his free time, he will most likely be alone and listening to music or practicing. Sometimes, he might be with his friends doing who knows what.

    History: He was once wild, however, he got caught by a relatively nice trainer, Jordan. He got along with his fellow Pokemon and loved them. After being trained by him, he started to evolve. He did not want to become a Snorlax so his trainer have him an Everstone. However, after a journey in Sinnoh he got kicked to the curb. Chewy grew distrust with trainers and humans alike. Ever since, he wore his Everstone necklace to help him remember why he can't trust humans again. After he found a safehaven to express his talents and be with other Pokemon such as him and those with the same stories like his. He honed in on his skills he approached the Pokemon of the circus and they quickly accepted him. One Pokemon (a Honchkrow who left the circus to pursue Pokemon Musicals) had been is best friend. Honchkrow, or Kraven as others called him, helped him practice and had been the one to approach him about his accuracy and being a knife thrower. He also introduced him to his well-suited... suit.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (MugoUrth) Crash the Loudred: Pending
    * As a ‘Luxray Tamer’ try imagine more you’re working with the Luxray (and Shinx) rather than controlling it, because since you’re both pokemon the two of you should be more of equals, than trainer and beast. The humans watching will imagine you’re doing more controlling than you actually are.
    * Can you give some more personality, you met the sentence limit, but the sentences are short and lack detail. Elaborate a bit, give an example maybe.

    (Stereotypical Nerd) Chewy the Munchlax: Pending
    * You’ve got some typos, it’s supposed to be a gold earring right? But it’s not too big an issue.
    * Can you provide another sentence or two in both the personality and history? You met the sentence limit, but since some of your sentences are short, it’s not really as long or as detailed as I’d like… I should probably have made the sentence limit 7, not 6.
    * Also your back-story doesn’t really warrant owning a suit, but you don’t need to worry about providing for your character dressing up, you are a feral pokemon after all.
  9. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Ah, that's a good suggestion. Alright, changed.
  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (MugoUrth) Crash the Loudred: Accepted
  11. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    I will be signing up today.

    We still need a Ringmaster, right?
  12. Stereotypical Nerd

    Stereotypical Nerd Well-Known Member

    Fixed a few things. Tried to find all the typos. So yeah.
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Zalck: Yep, that position is open… I'd suggest trying to pick a pokemon that’s Psychic or can talk (or can find some other way to communicate with humans), because the ringmaster will be the one communicating with the audience.

    (Stereotypical Nerd) Chewy the Munchlax: Accepted
    Looking better, but since the RPG starts with the formation of the circus, the last 4 sentence of your history don’t really work. So, I’m accepting you on the condition that you forget them…
  14. Stereotypical Nerd

    Stereotypical Nerd Well-Known Member

    Yeah... Gotcha lol.
  15. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Name: Roark
    Species: Zoroar
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Illusion

    Foul Play
    Night Daze
    Psych Up

    Circus Role:
    Ringmaster! He keeps the crowd excited and announces all the acts of their circus. At first, the audience thinks he is just another human, because of his illusion ability, but the finale is when he breaks the illusion, and amazes the crowd that the whole circus really is just feral Pokemon. He also uses his illusion ability to sometimes make the circus appear more amazing (i.e. adding fire beneath the tight rope, appearing as though a wind and swept up and is making the act harder to perform) or using it to cover up a bad performance (i.e. making pretend fireworks to distract the crowd to a different act from the one that is failing).
    His illusion ability also helps in the case of Pokemon Catchers, as he can pretend to be a human to dispel them. They’ll catch on pretty fast, though.

    Roark is a shiny Zoroark, and has all the attributes as such. His demeanor is much different from most Zoroarks. Instead of seeming persnickety, or being a trickster, he stands at his full height, very respectably. He walks with confidence and acts with respectability. His fur his always very well kept, not one to let a single hair get out of line. The spikes on his hair are smoothed down, so they do not show as much, and his hair is not banded together, so it all flows down to about his knees.

    His human alter-ego, sharing the name Roark, is a tall gentleman who looks to be in his middle age. He has long, wavy brown-blonde hair, and remarkable blue eyes that seem to sparkle when he smiles. Speaking of smiles, his teeth are perfect, just like his hair. In fact, his whole person seems to be absolutely perfect, not a single fault to be found. There seems to be a characteristic in the way he walks, the way he talks, and the way he acts that captivates and brings happiness to people. Of course, it’s all a part of the illusion.

    On the outside, Roark is quite the gentleman. He is respectable to everyone and everything, even if they are rude or disrespectful to him. He seems to have quite the optimistic view on the world, and he likes to be inspiring to others. He is generally liked by people and feral pokemon (wild pokemon see him as a total tool), who see him as someone to trust and someone who is very helpful.
    On the inside, Roark dislikes humans very much, and likes to take advantage of them. Not that he really wants to for himself, but for the other Pokemon who can’t figure out how terrible humans are, and can’t survive without them. He believes all people are terrible, and that is what separates them from Pokemon; the evil in their hearts. Roark didn’t always think like this, but his past and his natural instincts from his dark typing have twisted his inner-self to believe this is true.

    Roark was actually hatched by people, being born a shiny Zorua to a very wealthy human family. He was a gift to an older girl, one who often visited the Musical and Pokestar Studios. She trained the Zorua to fight its natural instincts, and taught it to be respectable instead of despicable and tricky. However, to the rest of the family, the Zorua being shiny made it a center-piece pokemon, one that was just for showing off to neighbors and other people. The girl, though, she thought there was more to the Zorua than that.
    Never one to battle, she trained the Zorua to talk and entertain. Talking wasn’t too hard, quite a few Zorua could do it. It just took some more manipulation of the illusion ability. The Zorua was also trained to be an actor-pokemon at the studio, as well as a musical star. Before long, the girl lost sight of her friendship with Zorua, and became obsessed with the fame Zorua was bringing her, starting to call herself the star instead of Zorua. This started the split between Zorua and people, and it made Zorua very sad and lonely. When Team Plasma came along, and started making people think twice about their relationships with pokemon, Zorua listened and understood. Zorua knew what they were talking about, and told his ‘trainer’ so. She understood, and revealed that she did lose sight of their friendship, and that she was a terrible person.
    Zorua told her not to worry, all humans were terrible. That’s what made Pokemon and People so different.
    That day, Zorua was released back into the wild. Being so different, shiny and its respectable nature, it was constantly the target of wild pokemon bullying. Even though it did not have much battling experience, Zorua managed to defeat most pokemon by abusing its illusion ability.
    Through time, Zorua evolved into Zoroark. It took the name Roark, and began acting as a guide for other feral Pokemon that were released into the wild. He helped the pokemon reintegrate, by telling them where specific species gathered and giving them food to help the transition. Unfortunately, not all pokemon released are able to go back with their wild brethren, for various reasons. Those, he stays in contact with, and helps them out in the food department. He’s made quite the gathering of friends, and that was all he needed to gather the Pokemon together he needed to pull off his biggest idea yet…

    Inb4 Pokecatchers is new crime team. They keep the Pokemon they capture
    Also Inb4 I try to put edginess into an RP that's supposed to be focused on fun
    Also also Inb4 it doesn't work

    This looks like it'll be a lot of fun! Don't mind me and my Zoroark with devious intentions, he'll mind his manners. just some ulterior motives for your dark type is all. :)
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2013
  16. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Back in business

    Color me intruiged. I'd like to sign-up but I gotta think of a circus role first if you can reserve me? Could I do a character pair of dancers/acrobats?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2013
  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Zalck) Roark the Zoroark: Accepted
    I’m fine with Roark being the one to bring up the idea of forming a circus.

    (Skillfullness) You are reserved. Normally, I prefer a single character unless it’s a multi-headed pokemon, BUT if you do a good job on your sign-ups, you can have 2 characters.

    I’m going to go put up the RPG thread!
  18. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Name: Pith

    Species: Slaking

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Truant

    Hyper Beam
    Mega Punch
    Rock Smash
    Giga Impact
    Sleep Talk
    Hammer Arm

    Circus Role: Muscle. Pith provides the muscle needed for many stunts, including feats of strength. He also helps to transport their equipment, although he complains about it. He easily breaks stone, wood, concrete, even weakened steel. He would rather sleep though.

    Appearance: Pith is big. While most slaking average 6 feet tall and 250 pounds, Pith is close to 8 feet tall, and tips the scales at 550 pounds. He's not very fat, his great size is mostly even, but he's definetly not slim, even compared to other Slaking. He often has bags under his eyes, due to tiredness and other things. Otherwise, he is identical to other slaking. His only other feature is an ultra-ball on a necklace that hangs around his neck. He almost always has it with him.

    Personality: Pith is mostly calm and lethargic. He dosen't like to move any more than he possible has to. He also like to complain when he has to work, even if its not that hard. Mostly though, he's just happy go lucky. He has 3 main moods. 90% of the time, he is one of the following

    Content: Lazy, happy, and all around good guy. Basically what was described above.

    Depressed: When in this mood, he will simply drop whatever he's doing and find a place to hide. Its very difficult to find him when hes like this. He moslty cries, and will ignore most approaches. He can be like this for several hourse.

    Rage: When he has been pushed past the point of no return, he gains a similarity to the Incredible Hulk. His ability goes inactive, and he rampartly destroys anything he can. He doens't discriminate, and won't hesitate to attack his friends if they get in his way. He has little control over his actions while llike this, and sometimes can't even remember it.

    History: Bought as part of a collection by a rich couple, Pith lived out most of his days in a preserve-like exhibit, only being allowed in the house every other week or so. He lived many years like this, until the rich couple had a son Their sons name was Jack, and he and Pith became fast friends.

    They met one night when the rich couple was holding a party. Pith was on display at the party, and bored. Hearing cyring, he left while everyone was socializing to find its source. He found Jack lying in his crib. Gently picking up the tiny infant, Pith held the boy until he fell asleep. He stayed there all through the night, even when the rich couple thought he was on the loose and called in Pokemon catchers. They only found him the following morning, when they went to check on their son.

    Seeing how well they got along, the rich decieded to make Pith a permanent member of the household, and he loved it. Pith helped raise Jack, possibly more than his own parents, who still enjoyed lavish parties. This arangement stayed until Jack was 7 years old.

    The bank foreclosed on the rich couple. As it turn out, they had gone into debt, and all their collections, their huge house, their jewels, fancey cars, everything. Except Pith. Despite their dept, they couldn't bear to see their son seperated from his best friend.

    Moving to a small apartment in Unova, the couple tried to start again. Pith was labled as "too big" to live in the apartment, but the ignorant rich couple sneaked him in anyway, hoping he wouldn't be discovered. Pith had trouble living in what he thought of as a doll house, but he put up with anything to live with his best friend Jack.

    Until the day things went wrong. Pith was playing with Jack in the living room of the tiny apartment. The rich couple, having both gotten jobs, were gone and Pith was babysitting. Unfortunately, theres a reason such large pokemon are kept out of these apartments. The floor had began to creek and groan, cracking under Piths weight. Jack, frightened, lept onto Pith, but that only made it worse. At the last second, Pith realized what was going on and pushed his friend away from him. Just in time, as the floor collapsed and Pith fell through. Jack landed saftely on the other side of the room, but that was the least of their problems.

    Pith, all 500 pounds of him, had landed on their downstairs neighbor. The man didn't die, but both his legs became broken. The man sued the formerly rich family, and they would have been ruined. Luckily, the judge saw their predicament and gave them a way out. Get rid of Pith and the charges are dropped.

    The parents had the court handle Pith removal. Pith was released several miles away from the town. Once he realized what was going on, he went into a rage, destroying the helicopter he was in and stealing back his ultra ball.

    Knuckle-running as fast as he could, Pith ran miles, trying to get back home. After weeks of walking through towns, forests, and encountering every possible roadblock he could imagine, the old apartment was in sight. Running up the stairs and knocking down the door in his excitment, he happily looked for Jack. To his despair, his family was no where to be seen. A young couple had bought the aparment, and had been making out on the couch when he barged in.

    The man, calling 911, reported a giant slaking attacking them. Pith ran away, terrified and wondering what was going on. The pokecatchers almost got him that night, and while its a blur to him, Pith knew he put up an epic fight to get away.

    Getting as far away as he could. Pith started to forage for food around Striation city. That's where he has been hiding out, and reports are already coming in of giant ape-pokemon stealing food.
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    (Grassmaster411) Pith the Slaking: Accepted
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  20. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Back in business

    Name: Cheese

    Species: Eevee

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Run Away- can escape any battle

    Quick Attack
    Take Down

    Circus Role: Cheese is an acrobat and dancer for the circus. She does incredible stunts from the trampoline to tightrope to trapeze. With her strong and flexible tail she can perform feats that the average Pokémon couldn’t accomplish with her partner Cream. Along with fun high-flying antics, she can dance elegantly. Sometimes the music calls for fun and upbeat moves while other times her and Cream will give a majestic show for the audience.

    Appearance: Cheese is a little Eevee. She is both small, around 13 pounds and 10 inches, and young. Her coat is a fluffy one that almost feels as though it’s not fully grown in. It’s a rather long for an Eevee’s fur and it would be tangled from living in the wild, but she likes to keep it clean. So instead, the long hair looks wild and unkempt. Miraculously, her white mane remains almost silky and fine. Instead of the usual brown Eevee eyes, Cheese’s are bright and blue. Finally, her ears are probably the largest ears of an Eevee before her. They’re almost bigger than her tail, which is slightly small, so perhaps it was to make up for that. She can’t always hold them up either, which earns her cute points when begging for food.

    Personality: Cheese is about as innocent and childish as one can get. Yes she is still young, but still she has the mind of a kid. Often she’s oblivious to more complex issues and adult topics. More importantly, she doesn’t care to be involved in them. She tends to avoid negative problems and thoughts and would rather be happy and carefree. Rarely can a person or Pokémon bring Cheese down. Her joyful demeanor is both strong and contagious. Also taking into account her stubbornness, Cheese is a bit of a handful.

    If she were really a child, then taking care of her would be a pain, but she’s not. She knows how to take care of herself and keep safe. While she mostly stays away from fights, she can stand up for herself when her values are directly challenged or she’s caught in a corner. She also fights most fiercely for her friends, which are few and far between. Cream has been one to teach her some sly ways to steal, but she prefers to earn her food the fair way.

    History: Cheese belonged to a studious Pokémon breeder who lived in Nacrene City. For a short time, she lived there in what she called her home, but wasn’t much more than a cage. She was hoped to be a shiny Eevee, as a result of a new experiment in breeding, but it had failed. Being one of the breeder’s last efforts with this experiment, he decided to release her into the wild. For Cheese, the wild was a rough and scary place most of the time. While she wandered around Nacrene City, people remarked on her rareness and a few trainers would try to catch her, but only for her to flee. She realized she wasn’t being fed as usual and so started begging for her food. Once the native population of feral Pokémon spotted her, they chased her out of town. Cheese found life in the wild far more terrifying as some wild Pokémon would attack her. At night she hid and during the day she scrounged for berries, afraid to return to a city where she would be chased out again.

    Then she met Cream. Cream found her by the outskirts of Striation City, having been dumped by her trainer, she was living on her own as well. She took a liking to the spunky little girl and decided to help her out, going as far to give her the nickname Cheese, as she was never given a name by the breeder. The two worked the town, or did the best they could, with innocent Cheese and crafty Cream. At one park, they met a few other wild Pokémon who thought banding together could prove more useful.


    Name: Cream

    Species: Purrloin

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Limber- cannot be paralyzed

    Fury Swipes
    Fake Out
    Night Slash
    Sucker Punch

    Circus Role: Cream preforms acrobatics and dances for the feral Pokémon circus. She has a refined taste for dance and uses her graceful figure to amaze the crowd. Though she prefers the fine and majestic, she’s not above being silly and goofing off to please the audience. Along with dancing she is an acrobat with Cheese. They swing from the trapezes and scurry across the tightrope. They dazzle the crowd with exciting flips and tumbles.

    Appearance: Cream has a coat of fur that’s a darker purple than an average Purrlion’s. She is little over a foot tall and weighs only about 17 pounds. Her green eyes are dark and give her a fierce glare when she needs it. Her darker fur is usually short and she keeps her long claws sharp at all times. What stands out the most on her is the short green scarf that matches her eyes. She nicked it off her trainer the day she was dumped.

    Personality: Cream is a girl who takes care of herself. She is smart and does what she needs to get by, and sometimes a little more. To call her crafty would be an understatement. She is naturally a thief, true to her Pokédex description. Along with that, she has a slightly haughty nature, probably rubbed off from her owner. She likes to think of herself as a lady and lifts her nose to a lot of foul mouth garbage behavior.

    Cream still has a wonderful heart. She might be tough and can stand up for herself, but she cares deeply for those close to her, though few exist. The only time she puts herself in harm’s way is to help a friend and she does so with full fervor. In fact, she can be blind when helping someone she cares for. Despite that, most of the time she is cool, calm, and ladylike. She might not be the friendliest at first, but she can warm up to just about anyone with a heart.

    History: Cream belonged to a rich family in the region of Sinnoh. The family loved going on tours and on a trip to Unnova, their older daughter’s husband caught Cream when she was very young as an anniversary gift. At first, she was cherished and treated with all the love the couple gave to each other, but Cream was wary. She had seen other Pokémon move in and out of the family so quick she was always ready to get kicked.

    And that day came. The daughter had lost interest in Cream as a new Pokémon was gifted to her and the husband decided to let her go. He had work in Unnova and being a man with a heart, he decided to release her in her home region. How kind. She was left in Nuvema Town to wander and work for her food. While she could easily swindle and charm her way to live, she wasn’t keen on staying in the small town so she moved north. On her way to Striation, she met an adorable young Eevee. She was fending for herself and Cream felt bad for her. Wanting the company, she helped the young Eevee and called her Cheese as a compliment to her own name. The two worked their way to Striation, made their living there for a while, and met a group of Pokémon that thought a good way to get more food would be to work together.

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