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Few questions, about my grass mono


Demonic Warrior
Should I evolve my Oddish into Vileplume or Bellossom? And at what level for the best moves?

Should I use Sunkern in my party, and if so, what level should I evolve it to Sunflora at to get the best moves?

What level should I evolve Exeggcute at for the best moveset?

And what other grass pokes should I look for, I already got Bayleef, Bellsprout, Skiploom, Oddish, Exeggcute and Paras (maybe replace one of those with Sunkern/Flora)


Rising Trainer
Gloom Evolve after Lv. 35, so you can have Moonlight. Evolution depends on which move you want, Vileplume gets Petal Dance, and Bellosum gets Solarbeam. Gloom learns PD at level 44, and Solarbeam is a TM. your choice. Base stats are all the same, with Bell having a higher Special Defence


Razor Leaf
Stun Spore/Sleep Powder

Either can have the same movesets, since stats arent much different

Sunflora Evolve straight away, its moves are the same, but at level 10, it gets Rzor Leaf. Pretty standard sets

Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Stun Spore


Razor Leaf
Sludge Bomb

Exeggutor Evolve when ever you want. Nothing special unless you want the powder attacks

Sunny Day
Solar Beam

go with Exeggutor, Vileplume, Meganium, Parasect, Jumpluff & Victreebell. This is my ingame mono type team

if ypu more movesets, make a post in the RMT section