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Fic ideas V.2

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Janovy, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Shinsen-Eevee

    Shinsen-Eevee Member

    Been awhile since I last posted here. And I'm got some ideas that need polishing.

    An idea I presented awhile back was an Eevee who made a wish on a star and ended being turned human. The story would follow his adventures as a Pokemon in a human body. However, I keep hitting bumps on the idea because

    A) I need a Pokemon capable for turning a Pokemon human. There should be, since humans apparently turn into Pokemon all the time. I was originally thinking Jirachi, since, ya know, wish granter and everything, but the little guy only comes out once every thousand years and isn't native to Uneva, the story's setting.

    B) I kinda think it would be funny if Eevee made a wish, originally to never evolve, but the wish granting Pokemon misheard it and turned him into a human instead. However, how can you mishear, "I don't want to evolve?" and think it's, "I want to be human."? This idea is more optional, though, so I'm thinking of canning it if it doesn't work out.

    C) If it wasn't be mishearing things, then why did Eevee turn into a human? I know I should be coming up with this, but I'm sorta drawing a blank since I'm relying on B to work. To teach Eevee a divine lesson? Because it was Eevee's true desire? Maybe in a fit of desperation, he hating being an Eevee and wished he were something else, even human? (Personally, this is my plan B if B (you can think of it as Plan A, even though it's question B) doesn't work.)

    D) Pokemon companions. I had some discussion on this before, but I'm still working on who would tag along with Eevee. I'm thinking a Purrloin, being a human "savvy" character, a Zorua (from the event), who is also knowledgeable on human behavior, and a Victini (since he actually lives nearby on an island) who might be the one who will help Eevee attempt to turn back into human. Obviously, using a Legendary can be a bad idea, but I thought, if it's a Legendary who turned Eevee human, then it's a Legendary who can turn him back. But since Victini can't, he'll guide Eevee to a Pokemon who can.

    Obviously this is a boatload that I'm asking for help with. This is a sorta anti-thesis to the Mystery Dungeon fics (not that I dislike them), since I've always wanted to see how a Pokemon would react to being human instead of vice versa. So I really want this idea to work smoothly.
  2. Rediamond

    Rediamond Middle of nowhere

    Hello. Fics like this occasionally happen, but I can't think of many that involve a non-legend that isn't Ash's Pikachu in a bizarre humor or shipping fic.

    As for ideas, well, humans don't evolve in the same sense that Pokemon do. That is a granted wish, just not at all in the sense that the Pokemon was expecting. If you subscribe to the "legendary Pokemon are physical gods" philosophy, probably any could do it. Otherwise, the classically powerful ones (Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, the creation trio, Arceus, Reshiram/Zekrom) are probably your best bets except Jirachi. Tying it into the "ideals" side of the Unova dichotomy could work to great effect if you set it there. The M3 Interpretation of Unown could also theoretically do something like a transformation, if you wanted to go a non-legend route. Even Deoxys could work from a mutation standpoint. Pick whatever you want, really. You can make it work.

    I have few ideas for the rest that you couldn't get yourself and that would get too close to writing your fic for you for my tastes. I wish you luck on the endeavor, though. It seems interesting.
  3. Shinsen-Eevee

    Shinsen-Eevee Member

    Well, at least selecting the Legendary is easier for me.

    I think I'll definitely be using Reshiram/Zekrom as the wish granter. Since these two are a part of Uneva mythos, it would be more fitting. I'm keeping only to BW/BW2 verse.
  4. Adrexus

    Adrexus Do it the bird way!

    For those of us who have played the X and Y games, you've probably noticed that Yveltal is noted in the pokedex as the destruction pokemon. I've recently considered doing a one shot dealing with the process of dying. Or more specifically, what types of things one would see while dying. The main character would go through a progression of experiences, or dreams. I had Dante's 9 circles of hell in mind when I thought of this idea. Each would get progressively more bizarre and terrifying, culminating in a confrontation with Yveltal.

    However, this is where i'm having some difficulty: I've also thought about including as a subplot a family drama between the living relatives of the main character. Do you think a subplot of this nature would detract too much from the main story or would it add a layer of depth?
  5. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    I'm sorry if I'm not helpful but I'm not an expert on anything that's not PMD as that's what I prefer to write... Plus, I'm still In-Training. Xd But I find the idea rather interesting. The subplot thing, I don't really know of it's a good idea or not. I'm not even sure if subplots are okay in the first place. But in my opinion, if it adds to the main plot, I think it'll help. But you can completely disregard my thoughts if they are completely wrong.

    There's my two cents. Or, more appropriate for me, two centavos.
  6. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    I'm thinking of writing a Pokémon fanfic set in the PMD universe with some Solatorobo concepts. Basically, the protagonist is a Riolu called Blue (he evolves into a Lucario at some point in the story). The Reveal of this story is that
    he's an abandoned Pokémon/human hybrid experiment who can transform into a human but needs to learn how to control his transformation.
  7. That could work pretty well, except of course how a human would be treated in a world full of Pokemon. Would he still be able to communicate with the Pokemon? What about how he defends himself as a human? OR does he switch back worlds seamlessly like In Mystery Dungeon gates to infinity and their is some calamity occurring in both worlds he has to stop. It's a good idea with promise, but a little expansion would be lovely.

    Alright, so If you haven't seen my post in the other thread about creative liberties, essentially my idea is as follows.

    Six trainers who recently came of age begin their journies, each in a different main game region. They are each heroes in their own right throughout their journey, but when darkness begins to overtake the Pokemon world and legendaries begin stirring, it's time for them to come together and fight.
    -Each trainer has a team of six; with one Pokemon from each region
    -The regional trainer will also share a bond with each trainer's Pokemon native to their region
    -The legendaries will make many appearances
    -an evil team WILL be incorporated; alongside captured legendaries

    So tell me what you think, and thank you very much for your time!
  8. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Don't know if this is the right section for it or not, but I've written myself into a corner and I need a way out! Guy A challenged a gym leader and his friend Guy B wants to challenge the leader, but the leader can't do so for another month. Well, why not? I don't know what sort of emergency would require a gym leader to have to abandon her job for a month. Also, what would keep the two challengers in the gym's city (or the immediate area outside the city, but only a day's walk), for a whole month, as opposed to simply walking to the next gym town (in this case, from Eterna City to Oreburgh City)? Granted, the region is huge, but they can definitely walk or ride a bus there, if they were pressed for time. I want them both to be in the current gym town for the whole month so that they'll both win gym badges and I won't have to keep track on who has what. Suggestions?
  9. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    I imagine the kinds of things that would make a gym leader deny challenges for a month would be pretty similar to the kinds of things that would make people take a month off work in the real world: a severe illness or injury, a family crisis, or perhaps being called away on some kind of top-secret league business. Getting the challengers to stick around for a whole month is much more tricky and likely to depend on the characters themselves. The easiest way would probably be to have them find something pressing in the city that would be more important than the gym battle anyway, so they won't leave even though they could. For example, perhaps there's (time-sensitive) information they desperately need for [sidequest] that's only available from a local library/professor/etc., and it takes them a while to track it down and get what they need. Maybe one or both of them gets seriously injured/sick/whatever and laid up for the month. If you wanted to go extreme, perhaps one or more of them commits a crime (or falls victim to a horrible misunderstanding) and ends up getting arrested/otherwise in legal trouble, and that keeps them tied down for a month. There are more character-related reasons they might stick around, too: for example, maybe one of the trainers is feeling bummed out about the whole training thing, or is just really tired of journeying, and kind of wants to take a break--the gym leader being away would provide a perfect excuse for them to take some time to relax and clear their head. There's loads of possibilities.

    Although if your only concern is that they both get gym badges at the same time so you don't have to keep track of who has what... are you really sure that keeping that straight is going to be less work than whatever narrative contortions you'll need to do to keep your characters grounded the whole month?
  10. Rediamond

    Rediamond Middle of nowhere

    Why would it have to be a month? A few days or a week would objectively do the job just as well and not involve as much hand-waving to get through. If there's a specific point to it being a month due to a preset event at a specific future date it's a bit more justified, but otherwise a month in journey fic time ranges from a somewhat lengthy delay to a huge amount of time depending on the writer. Certainly a long time for just the convience of the writer. If you've already said the Leader will be out for a month... Retcon is always a thing.
  11. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    Good point. Maybe I could turn it into a fanfic-theory about why the PMDverse is the way it is?
  12. My idea for a small, self-contained Pokémon fanfiction that takes place sometime in Kanto's past.

    Gareth Devilbane is hired to help a coastal town’s guild of heroes investigate a series of murders. The victims are all high ranking public officials whose corpses contained trace amounts of Vaikish magic. Racial tensions between humans and Vaik are running high; sleazy elements in the town’s underworld are leaking weapons to individuals on both sides of the riots. Proxy turf wars threaten to destroy the Vaikish intercontinental transit system—a safe mode of transit that will allow swifter exchange of goods and services—even as the ever-present threat of pokemon loom just beyond the town’s walls. Gareth’s investigation into the town leads him to a horrifying truth.

    Amid the old docks and warehouses, Gareth confronts the murderer: a knight in shining armor. He learns that the knight—Kiku—was abducted by her mentor and taken to a child-factory. People from every social strata made use of them. The slaves’ handlers told them they were useless slags. No one cared for them. “Nothing ever changes,” was their handlers’ anthem. Kiku managed to escape by killing one of her clients—the armor she’s wearing was his armor. Now she’s out to murder the movers and shakers of society that used and abused her, and the others.

    Gareth tries to reason with Kiku—they’re the necessary evil that keep the smalltime hoods from flooding the city with drugs and other vices. Kiku shows Gareth that they’ve done their damage already. At this point they’re accosted by thugs from different gangs—united by a sign branded on their palms: the sigil of the Naga. Magical battle ensues; Gareth uses his sword, Kiku her spellshot, the Naga Slaves use needleguns loaded with Tentacruel toxins. Gareth is conflicted—he had slept with some of the sex slaves before. They treated him like a hero after hearing his accomplishments. Thus he decides that Kiku is the villain here, and turns on her. She manages to escape, leaving Gareth to the Naga Slaves. Gareth kills the Naga Slaves and returns to the heroes’ guild to deliver his report.

    The Naga want to stall the development of the Vaikish transit system. To that end, they provided their servants in the various gangs with weaponry. The gangs, in turn, leaked it to the hardcore racists among the humans and Vaik. Ultimately the Naga want to bring society back to a simpler time, and aim to do so by showing the world how unrelentingly grim the present is. Philosophical debate encourages moral relativism that is an anathema to the good people of the world. Simpler times for the Naga mean painting everything in shades of black and white. The Vaikish transit system would open the coastal regions to further enlightenment, growth and development. Thus it must be abolished.

    Kiku’s backstory is thus: her mother married her father out of a sense of duty to her family and fear of being branded a spinster witch. The marriage was loveless, though Kiku’s mother bore many children. It was up to Kiku to raise her younger siblings. Her father was wounded working as a ranger—protecting travelers from roaming pokemon—and her mother was having an affair with the town physician. The only child she ever really loved—Kiku—was conceived from that affair. Kiku learned about her mother’s infidelity through some townspeople at the bar. Kiku isn’t surprised. She didn’t really care for her father because of his insistence on reminiscing about his “glory days” as a ranger. He neglected his family to live in the past. A kindly old man offers to take Kiku into a knighthood. She agrees, and thus winds up in a “child factory”: a warehouse full of sex slaves, in the middle of a quite, rural and idyllic countryside by the sea.

    In the end, Kiku slays Gareth Pokemonbane, exposes the heroes’ guild and their role in the sex trade. This forces the Naga to unleash their sea pokemon on the coastal town. Amid the chaos, Kiku manages to rally enough support that they get the other slaves out of the town. Some are killed in the chaos. More die when they’re attacked by the pokemon lurking in the woods and hills beyond the town’s walls. Kiku decides that she can best help the survivors by finding all the spellshot that the heroes’ guild and police force owned.

    Thus she goes on a cathartic spree of revenge against the town’s more powerful figures, during which the slaves waiting outside the city are taken to safety by rangers or victim to the insatiable pokemon. Kiku uses blackmail to bring the heroes’ guild to her side. She hates them, but sees that they could be a useful tool for protecting the town. She wants to use their influence to put good, lawful people in the town’s various political offices.

    When it’s all done, the town is in smoking shambles. Kiku leaves her old armor and blade behind. She plans to head for the Vaikish mountains to have a new suit of armor made. One in black, red and orange; black for oil, red and orange for the flames, symbolic of a lantern. Her goal is to find the freed slaves, saving as many as she can. She hopes to train them to form a knighthood that will stand against rotten bureaucracy.

    Magic here refers to using something like technical machines without the need for pokemon. It's what the uneducated consider magic.
  13. Another fic idea I'm working on right now... So, we all know Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky is a story of friendship...but what if the player character was a young, timid, scared, abused child, and the partner an adult? The story could go from the powerful bond between two friends to the powerful love between a mother and her adopted child. ...Also, random crossover just for the hell of it.
  14. shatteredelysium

    shatteredelysium Slightly Nocturnal

    I have an idea for a fic which may or may not be terrible. Basically, I wanted to write a darker world with an emphasis on legendary pokémon.
    The story (working title is Child of the Beautiful Night) is narrated by two voices-Sammich Watts and Miyako Kuroki. Sammich always thought he was ordinary, and expected to be slaughtered the moment he stepped out into the world. Then he gets his starter, a Totodile named Marty, and realizes that Marty can talk. As can every other pokémon. And people think he's crazy-even N, who claims that Sammich couldn't possibly be any sort of chosen one. Sammich basically has no idea what's going on, but maybe Marty (who claims to be able to time travel), and the mysterious Fred could shed some light on the matter. Miyako is haunted by visions of a nightmarish past and an even more nightmarish future that is sure to happen unless she can do something about it. For years she has been tormented by the woman she knew only as "my demon", Darkrai-although she goes by Yin. Now they must join forces to defeat N before he can awaken Reshiram. And worst of all, she keeps having visions about a girl-the Angel-who Yin seems to have some connection to.

    Sammich is powerless to stop the final battle between Miyako and N, and Miyako is too hopelessly lost in her own ideals to change anyone's destiny, especially not her own. Basically, there's a lot of powerlessness.

    There might be romance if I feel like it, but it will NOT involve Miyako and Sammich. Despite what some of the characters' names might suggest I am being serious here. This would loosely follow the Black and White games, and would be written with anime-style battles (dodging and spontaneous commands) but with minimal anime logic (in CotBN ground type+water=/=SE electric pwnage).
  15. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    That sounds interesting. How would other characters react to Sammich being able to talk to Pokémon?
  16. shatteredelysium

    shatteredelysium Slightly Nocturnal

    Well, depends on the character. Miyako is shocked because talking to pokémon is supposed to be a chosen-by-a-legendary type thing, the other characters think that he's just being weird again.

    Also, some of the information I officially listed is now inaccurate:

    Yin the Darkrai's name has been changed to Mika because reasons.

    Title has been changed to Pokémon: Clashing Legends because as I said, Child of the Beautiful Night was a working title.
  17. Colton S

    Colton S Beware Bewear

    I kind of have an idea for a journey fic called The Kalosian Shift:
    It starts out by telling an alternate ending to the Kalos war, destroying lots of the world, and over time is rebuilt, but many different regions are formed, many islands drifting together, forming a new region filled with the past world's artifacts (Kalos and Sinnoh mainly). The main character journeys there after leaving his home in Hoenn. The whole island chain is filled with undiscovered Pokemon and the only people who have successfully established a settlement there are Pokemon Rangers.

    That was just my basic idea, but you know, all stories have to have framework! Criticism is appreciated! :)
  18. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Right now, after finishing the interpretation contest, my current idea is to make a small novelization of my entry as my attempt to make it straight to the point "simple with little detail" since I have shakespearean detail syndrome.

    In fact, the theme involves forbidden romances, trust, religious cults, and mass genocide. With a spice of plot from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World

    For the first time in my fanfic career, I am using an official human character called Team Plasma. Before, I hate using the official human characters of the pokemon franchise since the pokemon themselves are more believable to me. But now, I'm giving this fic a trial shot.

    Only problem is...

    Implying a sexual scene between a human and pokemon that team plasma despises. So how can I write what's supposed to be a detailed physical and emotional sexual scene to something rated T? You know, to tame it and not make my story get banned?
    Last edited: May 2, 2014
  19. Sunset Star

    Sunset Star The DS Gamer

    What does his ability to understand Pokémon lead to?

    EDIT: A while ago I started writing a PMD2 fanfic, but it never got anywhere. I'm thinking of reviving it. Even though that would cost an arm and a leg... wait, wrong fandom. #IRegretNothing
    It's called Human From the Future, and it's about how the protagonist (who will be female in this fanfic) met Grovyle, when he was a Treecko. Geartheif - as our as-of-yet-unnamed protagonist calls him - has known Dusknoir since he was a Duskull.
    Last edited: May 4, 2014
  20. Agni

    Agni Member

    Little bit of a bump, but I have this idea for a darkfic in my head. The framing device is that it's a book written about a character after she died:

    Medea Gehanna. The name strikes a mixture of fear, admiration, and disgust in all who hear it. Growing up she was a normal young trainer, albeit one with sociopathic tendencies. Then she abandoned her dreams of being a pokemon champion, abandoned all of her Pokemon except a Lucario, and entangled herself into the demented world of smuggling pokemon onto the black market. Her sociopathy paid well in this sadistic world, of stealing Pokemon from their trainers and selling them on the market for exorbitant prices. Riches came to her and her two male companions, Richard Smithson, and Tatsuya Hidotori, and soon they found themselves rolling in millions. For over a decade she would sow a path of utter suffering through stealing pokemon and selling them into misery. She bought 4 mansions, started a support group for trainers who had their pokemon stolen under a pseudonym (just to mock and laugh at them for being her victims), blew up a gym just to get back at its owner, and engaged in rampant spending on everything from expensive wines to sexual escapades. She would interact with every inch of the scum of pokemon society, from rich sadistic businessmen, depraved abusers of pokemon, human traffickers, and much more. Men wrote letters of love to her on the internet while trainers poured their hearts in anguish over the pokemon she stole. She seemed unstoppable--until it ended, in a shootout with Unova police, where she took her own life after murdering her Lucario to avoid arrest. Her last known words were "I don't fear hell or divine retribution. I deliver death. I am God."

    Just how did such a demented human exist in such a bright world? Many ask that question, but no one ever asks about the other scum as well. This is not merely an exposé on Medea, but on all of the scum which lie at the highest peaks and the lowest cesspits of the world of Pokemon.


    I just really want to write a darkfic on actual dark topics, not just gratuitous blood'n'violence everywhere. I also just really want to write a story on the biggest scumbag of a main character I possibly could.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2014

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