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Fic ideas V.2

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Janovy, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. SkiesBuizel

    SkiesBuizel Traveler Trainer

    That's right! I completely forget about the Battle Frontiers. Yes! It can work for me to spilt into five stories.

    Giving my time to play time seem to be limit because I have other thing to do to focus on.

    At the very least, I am more familiar with Hoenn, Sinnoh and Kalos. I decide to go with that. Yes, I already have a plan to have a deveopment later in Sinnoh. I would expand between Sinnoh and Frontiers.

    As my OC's age, she would be 10 for the head start before she get older. I would say it more but I didn't want spoiler here. Curious thing~ And yes, there will be disaster but it like take a steady step before reach a critical hit later on. At first thought, I would put her family came from the place in Kanto or Johto when the disaster hit but I decide I want my OC who does not know any about Pokemon, include her family. So I would say they came from other world where Pokemon does not exist there.

    I will be writing notes and getting a head start for making a story. Thank you for point out my struggle. I like how you point it out. I want to keep your quote as reminder! Thank you so much!
  2. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    straydelta gave a pretty good critique of this idea, which I hope you go through with. My main piece of advice that I can offer is to not get too in-over-your-head. A huge saga is a nice idea, but as you mentioned not having a lot of time to play through all the games, writing is going to take up even more of your time. Don't focus too hard on a huge, five-fic saga storyline. Make sure that the initial first story is good and has a clear focus.

    With fic writing especially, a lot of critiques on ideas and your writing is going to come from people reviewing, and that may change your course of action when approaching things you intended to write. Of course, stay true to yourself and what you want to do to keep the story's integrity, but make sure to not think too big before getting something out. I've seen many writers here dream too big and not get to finish before they grow up and real life gets in the way.
  3. srebak

    srebak Beginning Trainer

    I really need to get this out and so I hope that at least someone will take notice of this and reply—

    In the midst of planning ahead for a future part of my American Dragon fan made sequel series, I have once again reached an impasse in a very important plot point; for you see, at some point in the future of this particular story arc, I was going to have Jake Long be placed within the confines of a machine that actually places him on the inside of dream world of sorts, which shows him a whole world where everyone in his life is living their lives without him and are apparently glad that he is gone from their lives, even lamenting about how disappointing and sad a character he was to them and everything. Now the point of this particular part of the story was to give Jake’s enemies a means to remove him from the equation in order to grant them the freedom to attack Lao-Shi, Fu-Dog and all of the rest of them, since they all viewed Jake as the only real threat to their initial plans.

    However, I’ve encountered at least two problems with this scenario, which is one that I can’t go back on now, by the by, and here they are;

    1. The point of Jake’s little dream sequence was to crush his spirit and to strip him of his will to fight and to go on by showing the heartbreakingly negative views about who he is as a person coming from just about every single person he knows and loves. To cause him to feel hurt and betrayed by all of them through no fault of his own. However, my ever-on-the-move mind keeps trying to turn this into a ‘Ghost of Christmas yet to come’ type of moment where Jake is shown things that reflect on the kind of person that he needs to stop being if that makes sense. And that is not my intention

    2. Then there is also the matter of just how Jake will respond to all of this, I mean sure; having him lose complete and total faith in everyone around him is a gimme, but, i have also come up several other different possibilities for what should happened as a result of that—

    A. Jake becomes so angry and vicious that he becomes violent and is ready to attack anyone at any given moment

    B. Jake just decides to angrily lash out everyone

    C. Jake just decides to stop interacting with people in general and just sits there, without talking to anyone, showing no signs of the cheerful type of person that he used to be

    D. Jake is still left in the hands of the enemy and is locked up tight on the inside of some prison of some sort

    E. Jake is taken away far-far away from New York City by the enemy and is left somewhere all by himself

    F. Jake simply runs away all by himself trying to find out where he belongs

    Now the problem with these ideas are as followed—

    A-B. Jake would have to apologize for his aggressive and incredibly violent behavior

    C. It makes no sense that he would continue to live somewhere that he didn’t feel like he was welcomed at or that he would continue to be around people who he felt did not want him

    D. It feels kind of depressing for Jake to spend a very long time in a prison cell with no one looking for him

    E. People would be asking him why he didn’t make any attempts to try and come back home

    F. People would be saying that he abandoned his role as a protector

    Please can someone help me out on these problems?
  4. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Why don't they attack Lao-Shi and Fu-Dog while he's in the machine? If he is trapped living in a dream/nightmare sequence where he is no longer in the lives of the people who he thought loved him, it sounds like he would be pretty distracted and busy trying to figure out a way out of that scenario. You could even through Rose in there and have her share the same sentiments as his family, because that would probably mess him up a lot. Once he is out of the dream/nightmare, those feelings of not being loved or wanted can still linger and lead to more character development or future plot ideas that keep him distracted or not as confident while his enemies attack- could have something along the lines of him not being able to turn into his dragon form because of it, which would be a huge advantage for his enemies.

    It sounds like you're overthinking it all a bit too much, but maybe I'm not understanding where you want this idea to go.
  5. srebak

    srebak Beginning Trainer

    1. The idea was originally that Jake wasn’t going to be in the machine for all that very long and so, the attacks with the more upped-anty if you will would have happened during his period of depression caused by the machine.

    2. That too was also going to be a part of the original idea, I was even planning on having Rose be put out of commission in the real world by having be placed under the influence of a magical charm necklace of some kind which causes her to fall instantly in love with whom ever was wearing its male based equivalent. That way when Jake actually saw this it would definitely be a heartbreaking experience for him

    3. Once again that was initially a part of the original plan. Because you see in the midst of Jake’s time of depression, he was supposed to have some sort of spiritual awakening of some kind. One that would eventually lead him to learn more about the true history of the dragon species. I just haven’t figured out just how that is supposed to strengthen his resolve just yet
  6. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Jake never seemed like the kind of character to ever be stuck in a depression so bad that he wouldn't fight back to save the people he loves/cares about. Plus, something really messed up would have to happen in the dream for it to affect him so badly- have you ever dreamt something about someone that in the dream feels like the world is ending or makes you feel incredibly depressed? If so, did those feeling remain once you realized it was just a dream? I don't think most people would go into a deeper depression after having a dream like that unless it just reaffirmed feelings that those people already have towards them.

    Having her fall in love normally would probably hurt just as much, probably more since her feelings would be legitimate and cause Jake to realize that she has moved on. A necklace seems a bit cliché.
  7. srebak

    srebak Beginning Trainer

    1. That particular plot hole did occur to me a few times and so, I decided that, in an attempt to try and make it all relevant in the real world that Jake would also struck at pivotal moments with memories of moments in his life where it seemed like such a lack of love and understanding of his feelings was painfully obvious. And, being in an irrational state of mind because of what he was seeing in the dream, Jake would be left with little reason to believe that any of it was truly false in the grand scheme of things

    2. But the thing of it is Jake and Rose have been through so much strife as it is that they really should be together indefinitely. However, losing Rose’ Love as well seemed like an excellent way to truly break Jake from the inside out, so having her be mind controlled into feeling false love for a little while before being released from it later did seem like a pretty good compromise. Also, not only is this show franchise known for using its fair share of the occasional cliche, but disguising the magic charm was that was meant to be used on Rose as a piece of jewelry does seem like one of the few ways that the story’s villains would actually be able to get it anywhere near her
  8. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Just trying to offer some suggestions. It sounds very cliché, and the ideas that you're holding on to seem to be pulling it down and away from moving this point that you're stuck on. His emotional response seems very forced and unrealistic, which in a world where dragons exist maybe that's not the only unrealistic thing to worry about but it does lead to an uninteresting main character and a plot that won't grab readers' attention.
  9. srebak

    srebak Beginning Trainer

    Honestly I have been holding back on this one for a little while now, because I wanted to see if any new ideas came from here, but, in another forum somewhere elsewhere, another poster that I spoke with helped me to come up with this little scenario;

    Jake is captured by the enemy and is placed into their dream machine, where he remains for the period of three days (he was captured during a Friday evening and will be rescued during the following Sunday), and while he is trapped inside of it, the scientists that were responsible for managing the machine were actually recording what he was being put through, but not because they were sadistically enjoying it, per se. Rather they were already under orders from the show’s real big bad to make absolutely certain that the process was indeed successful, to make absolutely sure that the spirit of Jake Long was indeed broken, with the recording being made (along with the various backup copies of it) for the express purpose of preserving the entire method for use in the future (the big bad is kind of a thorough type of guy, you see). In his dream driven stasis, Jake is shown the world where nobody misses him and is frequently hit in tandem with them by memories of the past, which only serve to strengthen his belief that this was the way that his friends and family have always felt about him. Rose was also given her mystical love charm as a means to not only incapacitate her as well, but to also have live footage to record and to send to Jake via the machine hooked up to his brain, so as to add the pain of losing Rose to Jake’s long list of pain and misery. The whole point of this process (or at least part of it in any event) was to break Jake’s ties to his friends and family so as to remove him as a threat to their initial plans, and the best way to do that was to remove any reason that he might have had to ever want to get involved in their problems. However the recordings are all abruptly stopped at one point during the process, through means unknown, and because of that; Jake is free to have something of a mystical and mental experience of some sorts, while still appearing in complete stasis. The recordings would all survive all of this, however, of course, and once Jake is finally rescued from the villains, a copy is stolen for research purposes.

    Jake does not talk about his ordeal to anyone, but that’s mostly because of the fact that he still has his mind still set on that mystical experience of his. However it was only a matter of time before the recording is finally watched and that’s when the changes start to happen for everyone else.

    You see, Lao-Shi, Susan and Jonathan Long were all supposed to realize that they have been putting far too much pressure and expectations upon the boy and have been very unsympathetic and less understanding towards Jake’s own issues and feelings

    While Fu-Dog, Trixie and Spud were all supposed to realize that, while they truly did want to be there for Jake, they too were not as understanding or sympathetic to his plights, troubles and POV as they probably should have been.

    And finally, his little sister, Haley, was supposed to finally be made to realize that she had been going too far with her playful teasing and that she too should be more sympathetic and understanding of what Jake’s life has initially been like.
  10. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Scrapping my previous fanfic ideas in favor of HUGE project.

    Would anybody be interested in a big "Choose Your Own Adventure"-sort of story in my made-up Fakemon region? I'm nowhere near Ken Sugimori when it comes to the traditional Pokémon art style (so I might want someone to volunteer for imagery if need be).

    Potential readers can influence the story somewhat by picking certain options (like "Will the 'play through' one version of the duo, or the other?' "Which Starter should we begin our journey with?" and "Where should we go and what should we try to catch?" Stuff like that. It will be democratic, but I will totally be the tiebreaker if we need one.

    Seems incredibly ambitious, but I am 100% willing to convert the notes I have scattered in my head and on my computer into something GREAT (assuming enough people are interested).

    (sorry if I'm wording all this wrong, I have gotten no sleep so far tonight and it's 4am where I live)
  11. AceTrainerDevin

    AceTrainerDevin New Member

    Heres an Idea for a fanfic I have:

    With the Black and White anime being slammed by many fans and critics alike(Even though I did not personally hate it, although I do acknowledge it's problems), I came up with the idea of rebooting the Unova seasons and taking some of the critics that fans had towards the season overall and applying it to this rewrite.

    Theres a few things I need to establish before we begin:

    -Ash is not the main character of this fic, given that many of Unova's plot points and our heroes personality and interaction did not work simply because it was Ash and it did not look like he had advanced since the previous four series. Adding a new character would fix most of those issues, and provide more room for change without feeling repetitive. Ash will still be in the story, but won't be the focus.

    -Contests will be in this fic, given that they're basically in almost every other region and it is not that unlikely that they were intergrated into Unova's region. Musicals will also play a part in some of the plot, as well.

    -Lastly, most of Unova's rivals are replaced with OC's and there will be Contest Rivals added. The filler will be cut down a bit and stand alone episodes will focus on character development, rival battles, and training. The Don George Battling Club will still be an aspect, as it allows for the characters and their rivals to meet often, and for me to not have to oversaturate Gym Battles and Contests.

    Of course, I'm also open to criticism, so if you find something that needs work, make sure to reply with your thoughts. I'll be posting the first episode sometime this week.
  12. straydelta

    straydelta Noodlebirb

    I have a few clarifying questions:

    Is this also an OC, or would it be a character within the series you wish it had focused on instead? (Admittedly I don't follow the anime at all, so I can't even hazard a guess.)

    If I understand this right, you want to replace the protagonist of the Unova series, Ash, with a different character - possibly an OC - and replace all of the rivals with OCs as well? I absolutely adore OCs, but at this point, it seems fair to summarize this as a rewrite of the show with OCs and more musicals, and less filler? That could definitely be interesting - especially for those who might be tired of Ash and, like you said, have a character who fits the overall story and mood better.

    On that note, it sounds like it might have some promise. Especially if the changes you make just with the characters will end up changing the show's story, too. Personally, I'd suggest feeling out how the story would go in more detail (if you haven't already, and this isn't just general, non-spoiler-y information) to see how the story would shape up, and if you might not have a new story as a result. All in all, this definitely sounds interesting!
  13. AceTrainerDevin

    AceTrainerDevin New Member

    First of all, thank you for responding!

    And yes, the central character will be an OC(Based on one of the playable characters), but without giving out too much, Iris and Cilan, and another OC(another playable character) will accompany this main character.

    I've been playing with the idea of having Ash in the Unova region, having him be a more experienced trainer for the main character to look up to, since he is not the focus, although I'm not sure. Regardless, he'd be introduced later.

    Again, thank you for your feedback
  14. straydelta

    straydelta Noodlebirb

    No problem! I think this could be an interesting blend of anime and OCs - especially if the OC is actually the playable character (Hilbert or Helga, I'm guessing?). And it would be fun to see Ash in a secondary role for a change, getting that outside view of what others might think of him.
    AceTrainerDevin likes this.
  15. The Walrein

    The Walrein Well-Known Member

    Okay, so this is probably a little late to reply, but if you're still willing to write this, I'd definitely read it. A few points to consider:

    1. You may want to look at A Leash of Foxes and 80 Days, two fics by Cutlerine on this forum with a similar CYOA-style concept. Granted, the latter was cancelled due to lack of reader participation, but I feel like the fanfiction forums have slightly increased in activity since then.

    2. It sounds like you might be planning on including illustrations with the text, which would be cool to see. I wouldn't worry about getting them to look like 'traditional' style too much - the large majority of Pokemon fan projects I've seen with visual elements don't use that style, and I've never seen anyone complaining that they don't before. It's fine if you do want to go with a Ken Sugimori-inspired aesthetic, though - it might actually be sort of unique, even. However, I should note that the fanfiction section rules only allow including pictures at the beginning or end of chapters, so you might want to check with a moderator first if you're going to be using a lot of images. I do know that at least one exception to that rule has been granted before in the case of Humans of Hoenn, so there's probably a pretty good chance you would get approval.

    3. If you're looking for interested readers for a project of this sort, you might consider looking at some forums with a focus on these sorts of CYOA-stories (called 'forum adventures' or 'quests' most places). Sufficient Velocity has a very active 'Quests' section, and has had a number of Pokemon-based quests before. Purely written quests are the norm on that site, but there are also illustrated quests there as well. In contrast, on Omega Update and Eagle Time, illustrated adventures are the norm, but there are still some text-only adventures. Also, SV has a lot more fanfiction quests, which are in the majority there, while Omega Update and Eagle Time tend to have mostly original content, the latter more so than the former, I think. Fanfiction based adventures are still accepted on both those sites, though.
  16. SaitohYatate

    SaitohYatate Well-Known Member

    After 5 years of soul searching, I realized that I do have what it takes to write something juicy (see my post on pg 56 to see what I'm talking about). Although I have been a little bit rusty because of my college workload, my flame has been reignited and I'm ready to enter the fray again. The thing is that while I complete the mystery fic that I had been writing for some years now, I wanted to come up with something more laid-back to ease my return to writing.

    And what will this one be about? Well, it focuses on the original RBY games. A 16 year-old Red just defeated Koga and is on his way to confront Sabrina, much to his chagrin (Red has a history with her in this one). After dedicating an entire month to power train his Pokemon, an exhausted Red arrives to Saffron only to discover that all of the Pokemon Centers' mainframes are down, and thus can't heal his team or withdraw from Bill's PC. Fortunately, Sabrina closed her Gym due to her participating in an expo coming up at the Silph building, featuring a mapping device that uses psychic Pokemon. Red reunites with Sabrina, and they have a conversation that turns into an unpleasant argument. Thus, Red goes to the top floor to vent off and consider apologizing to Sabrina for something that happened in the past. Just as Red was going down the stairs, he hears screams and cries from inside, and peeks in to see that team Rocket has taken the building hostage! Normally, Red would have just rushed and sent his entire team of six to fight the grunts, but since the Pokemon Center's system was down, his Pokemon haven't been healed yet, with only 1 Pikachu in good condition. Meanwhile, Giovanni relies on Aurochs, one of his top enforcers, to interrogate Sabrina about the Master Ball, and the mapping system she was going to talk about. While Red sneaks on the building incognito, he needs to find a way to get more Pokemon willing to give some extra muscle and prevent one manning with Pikachu, because otherwise his and Sabrina's lives are on the line.

    If the plot rings any bells, it's because it's no coincidence. I'll be doing a Die Hard parody set in the Pokemon universe.

    Why? Well, I have always wanted to write this since playing the game n the Gameboy while the first Die Hard was on. And one can't help but to see how similar the Silph co. break in was the the Nakatomi Plaza plot in the movie. Unoriginal? Yes. Substandard? Maybe. All in all I'm writing this merely for fun. The best thing about making fics based on the games is that the main character is a blank slate that the player (and in this case the writer) can interpret however they like; that creates a perfect opportunity to adjust the MC's backstory as well as his relationship to surrounding characters as the author sees fit.

    Anyway, while it's a Parody of a rather violent movie, there won't be any over-the-top violence, gore or death. Red *will* have quite an attitude and a dirty mouth to boot, though. I have recently finished the prologue and will post it tomorrow. I will update regularly, so please, if interested, stay tuned!
  17. JustinBailey88

    JustinBailey88 New Member

    Hey guys,

    can anyone tell me how time is defined in the Pokemon Universe?

    I'm trying to write a piece of fan fic that documents specific timeframes. For example, what year is it in Pokemon right now? Are there even years?
  18. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    I don't think the franchise has canonical year numbers, but there are established relative timeframes for events. For example, R/B/Y and R/S/E happen simultaneously, with G/S/C happening three years later. This Bulbapedia article pretty comprehensively summarizes what's known of the timeline, I believe.
  19. gwen-watson

    gwen-watson A Marvel Baby

    It's not really an idea, but I figured I'd ask here: would revisiting/rewriting an old fic (posted here years ago) years back be considered a bad thing? Or is it frowned upon?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  20. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Not at all. It's been done (is currently being done) with some that I know. If you believe it can be improved upon and you what to try it, go for it!

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