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Fic ideas

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Dragonfree, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me Staff Member Moderator

    Post your ideas for fics here, basically... have other people look at them and tell you if your idea is interesting. This way the Author's Café won't be flooded with ideas, and people can reply to many ideas at the same time.

    Yeah, post.
  2. Nike

    Nike Guest

    Ok, I'm invisioning a trainer fic, with 3 trainers, called Charlie, Amy, and Will. They journey, meet new people, all in the Kanto region. But Charlie begins to build a crush on Amy, and *insert near fianl city here* Reveals his feelings. She doesn't know how to take things, so she hides away.She gets in trouble with Team Rocket(not Jessie and James), and Charlie finds her, and saves her. They all reunite, and take the Kanto finals, with ? winning.

    Good idea?
  3. Senator Kiwi

    Senator Kiwi Guest

    I have an idea for a fic:

    Isadora starts out her journey in the region of Johto. It has been many years since Hoenn was discovered and many common Hoenn Pokemon have been found in Johto. Isadora is the daughter of the son of Prof. Elm, Professor Hickory. He gave Dory her first Pokemon, a Swablu. She names it Bluesy and travels thru Johto. In Cherrygrove she meets Martin, and elderly man who has a Noctowl and an Altaria and helps her on her travels. She also meets Martin's grandson Connor, who she later travels with when Martin has to go away for a while.

    So ya like?
  4. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    I'm thinking about starting a fic that borrows a concept from Digimon Frontier and inserts it into the Pokemon universe: What if the heroes of the Pokemon universe (Ash, Misty, Brock, and two new characters I'd create exclusively for the story) were fused with the spirits of Pokemon, allowing them to transform into superheroes and fight Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua that way?
  5. Nike

    Nike Guest

    Kiwi, your Idea is good, and Ruby, I'm not as keen on your idea, as it sems to me a tiny bit corny :p

    Does anyone like my idea.
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thanks for the feedback...I may go ahead and give it a shot, if you'd like a preview...
  7. Nike

    Nike Guest

    I'd read it. It just the concept that might put me off.
  8. Senator Kiwi

    Senator Kiwi Guest

    Thanks for the comment Kingdragon.

    @ Kingdragon: Your idea is pretty good, I like it.

    @ FlamingRuby: Creative idea, I'm not the biggest fan of crossovers, but its still creative. I say go for it!
  9. Togemon

    Togemon Guest

    KingDragon ~ Yeah, its a good idea, I know I would read it

    Senator Kiwi ~ Another good idea

    FlamingRuby ~ A uniqe idea, not too many idea's like that, but its a good idea, I would readit.

    Ok, well here is my FanFic Idea:
    500 years ago, a creature named Missingno was created by Negative feelings. Missingno then went on a rampage, destroying anything & everything in its path. Pokemon trainers tried to stop it, but were killed. Mew finally stepped up to battle the beast, but Mew wasn't doing to good in a battle against it.Mewwas able to use it powers to divide Missingno into 17 stones, one of each type. Mew also gave each Stone a Pokemon Gaurdian, because if the stones are brought together, Missingno will be revived.

    500 years later, Team Rocket is trying to get the stones, and it's up to 6(Or 5, I can't decide yet) heroes to retrive the stones and destroy them, so Missingno can't be revived.

    ~~ So want to you think of my idea?
  10. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    My other idea is a fic based on Pokemon Stadium (NOT Coliseum!), where a girl is offered a chance at competing in the ultimate challenge for cash, trophies and prizes!
  11. My idea? I don't know how to say this, since I tend to go directly to characters and storyline, rather than giving out its rough idea (I'm more comfortable with this method). But anyway...

    Fanfic idea (this is taken from the character's profile:
    Behind the face of a 13-years-old boy is a powerful legendary creature known to us as Lugia. In the fanfic I'm going to write, this young Lugia (need a name for this) is the only child of a Lugia couple, Fung (Wind) and Wan (Cloud). He is separated from his parents (and orphaned) during the height of a bloody battle between the couple and a group of Pokemon mercenaries. Now left alone, young Lugia has no other choice but to learn to live in the outside world, together with human and Pokemon alike. Eventually he starts to learn the truth of the battle and vows to unlock secrets kept away from him for too long.
    Other notes worth mentioning: since he is a Pokemon taking the form of a 13-years-old kid, Lugia has to ensure his identity is kept secret from everybody else. It is about to change, however, when he meets a young woman...

    I've had its characters design ready, as well as its settings and storyline. The only thing I'm concerned of is how the story is going to be (a trainer chosen by the particular legendary Pokemon to save the world? A lone Pokemon getting lost in the outside world, trying to learn and live in it?) Comments, feedbacks and suggestions are really appreciated.

    *~Hikki Kokurabuji~*
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 24, 2004
  12. Well, my first chapter of my upcoming fic is in preview form, but here's the story in a rough form...

    Adventures of a Trainer
    Sam Blaine (son of Gym Leader) heads out. Kanto was united under the royal family of Westerm Kanto around 250 years ago from a rouge cult called "Rockets". A festival to cellebrate this is held in Viridian. When Sam gets there (with the necklace for a lot later in the story) from his mother, he learns about it. (he has a charmander bytheway and is accompanied by a girl called Claire who believes the Rocket's have kidnapped her father). In Pewter fossils are stolen, and Sam and Claire see by who - some people. They escape however, but Sam and claire tell brock about it. They head to Mount Moon, where they find them again. There nearly killed, but rescued by a tallented trainer called Nathan.

    There is a lot more, and a compelling story line concerning the three legendary birds, Luigia and Ho-oh. Oh yes, and that pendant is in fact something very special. Oh, and just to give you a little extra tibbit. When they get to Sam's fathers Gym, Blaine goes mental and becomes evil...

    Its one rollercoaster of a ride. And yes, there is a lot more concerning Oore, Hoenn, Johto and even the extra islands. I've probably just given away loads, but I think it is a really good story line that is worth reading.

  13. 2ra

    2ra Guest

    Well, since others seem to be talking about theirs, I might as well talk about a fic I've been planning on writing, but I'm not sure if it should be written so I guess this is the perfect place. Well, it's a bit vague since I don't want to reveal too much, but here's a small preview.

    This fan fiction would revolve around the fifteen year old Robert, obviously the protagonist if it revolves around him, who lives in Skyverge City in the Kanto region. Like many others his age he has managed to create and sustain bonds with Pokemon, but neglected to become a Pokemon trainer. One day whilst cleaning his families antiquities, Robert comes upon an intriguing grandfather clock which acts as a portal to an alternate universe. As he awakes, he finds himself in a vast, but seemingly primitive era where Pokemon do not exist and magic is a common practice. The city is called Atlantis.

    Once in Atlantis, Robert finds himself the general of a resistance army fighting against the government, mainly the ten sons of Poseidon, due to all the corruption taking place in the city, but once his true role in the past is revealed will it be too late for Atlantis?
  14. MachopGirl

    MachopGirl <== Wanna Hug Him?

    I may or may not write this, but this idea had been stuck with me for a while.

    Title: The Pokémon Parallax
    The Plot:
    It had been years since they ended their rivalry. Ash and Gary, both of them now 16 years old, were living a normal life with their Pokémon. One day, Ash received a message from his old friend Mewtwo who had just been captured by Team Rocket once again. The two former rivals ran in to help him, but during the rescue Mewtwo accidentally used his power to combine with one of Team Rocket's machines and created a portal, sucking him, Ash, Gary, and Pikachu into it.

    After being sucked in, the four companions found themselves in another dimension where Pokémorphs inhabited. The Pokémorphs were shocked to see Ash and Gary because humans were extinct in their world. Only Dr. Picolas Chu (a Pikachu morph) can help them get around as well as helping the former rivals understand their language.

    Among the sights and sounds, Ash and Gary had NEVER seen anything like their world; from hard working Snorlaxes, to singing Hitmons, to legendary Pokémon that were actually very common. Throughout the way, a few Pokémorphs resented the appearance of the two trainers, while at the same time trying to figure out how to get home.
  15. Yuugis Black Magician

    Yuugis Black Magician Well-Known Member

    Red & Green: A Trainers Passion
    Volume ?: Pokémon Detective, Jacob (Red)


    After his well deserved vacation after his loss in the Pokémon World Championship Tournament, Jacob gets a message from Lance, the Leader of the Elite Council, it seems that Norman, from the Hoenn region suggested to his old Collage mate, Lance that he allow Jacob to become an official Pokémon League Peace Keeper, after his daring victory against Team's Magma and Aqua when he was trapped in the Hoenn region. Taking Lance up on the offer, Jacob begins a new part of his Pokémon journey, as a detective, his first case, allow sadly given by Lance, is to sneak into Johto and destroy the barrier blocking the outside world form entering Johto, and keeping the residents form escaping. Jacob will be facing new, good, bad, and ugly rivals, but a few of them might be old "friends" from the past. This my firends, is the begging of a new time.
  16. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    For the longest time, people have believed that Pokemon came from space. Researchers spent decades trying to find evidence. Some claimed the moon stone was evidence of the extraterrestrial nature of Pokemon. However, they were all to be proven wrong.

    Deep in the Babylon mountain range, archeologists unearthed two massive objects. They were discovered to be starships. The scientific community was overjoyed. They began restoring the vessels to gain access to the databanks. However, when they brought the computers on line, they were in for a shock. The ships didn’t bring Pokemon to the planet; they brought HUMANS to the planet.

    Shock swept across the world. Humans were not native to the planet. All the research of more than a hundred years was completely wrong. However, to some, this was of little consequence. Giovanni, the leader of the evil Team Rocket, was more interested in the ships than what they told. He knew that if the two ships came from another solar system, they had to be able to travel faster than light.

    He knew Pokemon were unique to their planet. Here, he was at a dead lock. However, if he unleashed an army of Pokemon on another planet, they would be unstoppable. He had to have at least one of those ships and fill it with the most ferocious Pokemon and blood thirsty trainers he could find. To him, the planet he was sitting on was of little concern, the galaxy was now his apple and he intended to pluck it.
  17. ~Rogue Wolf~

    ~Rogue Wolf~ Guest

    Fic Idea

    Well a couple of days ago I was going throuhg some old fic I had written and came across one that is named The Suicune Legend, its plot is not of much importance right now but it deals with the Legendary Dogs and the Legendary Birds.

    Anyways, as I was re-reading it I came with and idea for a fic that could serve as a kind of prelude or stand as a fic with no conection to the last one; now here is the idea:

    Title: Growing Up (I'm not sure about the title)
    Main Characters: Celebi, Legendary Dogs, Mew and Legendary Birds.

    Plot:Entei, Raikou and Suicune are slibings (Entei and Raikou are males while Suicune is female); Enteir is the oldest (9 mths), Raikou is the middle (6 mths) and Suicune is the baby sister (3 mths) and their 'mother' is Celebi. The story would be basically about them growing up and finding about their powers along with all growing up implies.

    Also some appearances of their 'uncle' Mew (uncle is the term the Legendary Pups will use with Mew although he es not brother to Celebi) and their friends Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno.


    So what do you think? Should it be written? Anything you would change of the plot?

    Any comments are appreciated, if I get a comment or two I'll post a preview so you can judge better.


    ~Rogue Wolf~
  18. I'd really like to read the story, Wolf. ^_^ Well, no comments from me for now. ^_^;;

    *~Hikki Kokurabuji~*
  19. Orange_Flaaffy

    Orange_Flaaffy Jello Pokéballs

    I think it sounds cute, as well as a little deadly, since "baby" Legends with powers would kind of be like giving laser guns to five year olds. Also, if they are that young, think of how far back in the human history of the pokemon world this story would have to have taken place o_O! Humans might still be living in caves and discovering fire for all they know. Legends are after all, very old to start with, that's how they got the title of being rare and myth- like I would think..
  20. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    I've got some ideas to do when I complete Pocket Monsters Chronicles. However, I'm a bit reluctant to post them here. How can I trust no one will steal my ideas? How can I be sure no one will call ME a rip-off? Sure, these posts are here, and on a sticky thread no less, but this forum has deleted itself plenty of times in the past.
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