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Fic Reviewers 3

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by MondoTR, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Oh no, not another trilogy! ;-;

    The previous one was rather old and outdated so I received permission from Dragonfree to give this nice idea another new start.

    Here's how this works: You'll post with your fic preferences and someone will PM you if they have a fic they'd like you to read.

    A few rules/suggestions to help make the thread run smoother:
    1. PM whoever you'd like to review your fic - This thread is for the reviewers to post, not the writers.
    2. Update your posts - If you don't want to review any more fics you'll still get requests if you don't edit saying you're not accepting anymore.
    3. State your preferences - There are many genres/types/styles/etcs of fic so try to be specific otherwise you'll get requests from everything.
    4. Mention your reviewing style - It's varies as much as fics do and it'll help someone decide if they want you as a reviewer or not.
    5. Be patient (for writer, not reviewers) - Just because someone is reading your fic doesn't mean it'll be right away. Many people have busy lives and they'll review when they have time. Reading a chapter of a fic is more time consuming then checking a few threads so don't bug someone if they've been on here but not to your story.

    I think that suffices for now. If anyone thinks of more rules/suggestions, feel free to mention it.
  2. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Math fic? Heh, that'd be odd but awesome. <3

    duncan - Might want to specify if you're doing Pokemon only or any fics.

    Actually, I think itd almost be better to have two threads, one for Pokemon fics and the other for any non-Pokemon stories.

    Anyways, I didn't do this earlier since I wanted the first post to be just the explanation of the thread. So it's time for my review criteria:

    Random Review
    I'm not too specific but I do have a few guidelines.
    1. I'll read almost anything (Pokemon or not). Just PM the link and if it catches my interest I'll review.
    2. I'd prefer fics that aren't too long at the time I start to review. Five chapters max, may vary according to chapter size.
    3. Not a requirement but if you review my fic then I'll most likely review yours.

    Fics I'm currently (re)reading:

    Aftershock by .:pyroken Serafoculus:
    Gate - It Begins by masterwannabe
    Starbolts Chronicles by Ledian_X
    Starbolts: New Beginnings by Ledian_X

    Note: I am currently not accepting anymore fics. I want to catch up with the above fics first. Once I'm caught up I'll most likely reopen requests.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2007
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    FlamingRuby, Fic Reviewer

    What I will read:

    Adventure/Fantasy, especially if there's a quest involved.
    Trainer fics if done well.
    Comedy; but keep it clean (I'm okay with a little innuendo, though)

    What I won't read:

    Romance/Shipping-This just isn't my type of story.
    Lots of blood/gore-This makes me uncomfortable. Same goes for horror fics/dark fics

    I will also read non-Pokemon/original work, provided they fit within the above guidelines (and I am familiar with the universe you use

    How a review works:

    I will give my review based on my impressions of your first chapter, listing what I liked and didn't like. Once that's done, I will rate you based on the Pikachu family:

    ;172; This guy by himself means you have a lot of work to do. If he's with some Pikachus, he counts as half a point.
    ;025; Pikachus are points. The more there are, the better the story to me.
    ;026; A perfect five star story! You'll have to impress me to get a Raichu.

    I will review a later chapter if you ask nice (particularly if your first chapter got a bad review)

    Although not required, it will be appriciated if you read some of my work in return.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2007
  4. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    It's funny because I pretty much created the style that posts should be last time. Shame I'm not the first to post again this time. Either way, my post will mostly remain the same.

    The sorts fics I will review:
    ...Well, pretty much anything. I’m open to reading all kinds of fics, no matter the theme, the rating, or even the characters involved. If you've put the time and effort into it, I'll read it.

    I will read just about anything you throw at me, but here is what I don’t read either because it bores me or I can't be bothered with it:
    -Fics staring the main canon characters (from the Animé such as Ash, Misty, Dawn, Jessie and James and so on)
    -A lot of canon Shipping, especially if it’s something nonsensical such as AshxChikorita or PikachuxMew where the ship is just extremely random or stupid
    -Fics where the canon characters used are extremely OOC or are just acting outrageously (unless for humour purposes, but even then my dislike for them still stands)
    -While I will read crossovers, I will not read those where I don’t know what the second fandom is (please tell me what you are crossing with before asking me to read it)
    -When a younger writer includes sex, violence, rape or suicide but it's done poorly; they have no idea what they’re doing, they are not familliar with it, they’re immature, their writing is horrible, etc.
    -Fics that are more than three chapters in, especially if the chapters are each very long as well as if chapters are updated quickly

    My reviews:
    I can be pretty tough, and I am known for my harshness and brutal honesty - and I WILL kick you off a high-horse if it'll wake you up. If you blatantly ignore the Rules or if you're just...bad, I will say so - it's my job, after all. If your fic sucks, I will tell you so; I do not sugarcoat my words so they won’t sound harsh or beat around the bush to sound nicer. If you post your fic here, not to mention ask for a review from me, it means you are ready to accept anything you are told and you are willing to improve. If you don’t like the review you asked me to give you, it’s your own problem.

    My reviews focus mainly on description - of actions, emotions and especially of describing the scenery and both human and Pokémon characters. I also focus a lot on grammar, so you better run your fic through a spellchecker and actually proofread it more than once. Those are my main focuses merely because of personal preferences, though.
    I’m big on character work - making sure characters have personality and aren’t just flat pieces of cardboard that don’t develop at all during the story. And Pokémon who are just mindless drones make baby Phanpy cry. Psychic doesn't like seeing baby Phanpy cry.
    However, I don’t usually put a huge emphasis on the plot - only if it’s mildly interesting and original. I can’t stand biased people who rate a fic based solely if they like the plot, so I tend to focus less on it. But believe me; I know when a plot is bland and overdone and cliché. -.-

    Also, for a full detailed description of what my reviews tend to look like please see this post. At least they have the potential to look like that, or something similar to a lesser/greater degree, depending fic quality.

    I have been around here for quite some time (obviously, since I kind of mod the place), so you can trust me to give a full, honest review. If you read it and follow what I said, you can improve greatly. I am not an amateur, and I know what I’m doing, so I won’t tell you to make the main character catch a Scyther, ship Gary and Misty or anything ridiculous like that. I respect the fact that it’s your fic, not mine. But I'm still here to help make it better, and pushing me away will only make things worse for you.

    Please note that I am a busy person who doesn’t spend her entire life online, and even online I don't have mounds of time to review. Not to mention that I procrastinate like hell - that is not an exageration. So if I don’t get to your review right away, I’m sorry. You are allowed to poke me.

    Consequently, I do prefer One-Shots to anything else, just because they’re fastest and easiest to review. If you’re impatient for a review then you are best off asking me to review a One-Shot, especially if you don't feel like waiting and want it quickly.

    Current status: temporarily closed
    How many more fics I will review atm: noooone

    Current List of People I Intend to Review:
    Gardevoir Girl

    Requested Reviews (priority):
    ...yeeeeaaaah, none right now. >>

    People I Will Attempt to Review Some Day:

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2008
  5. Pink Parka Girl

    Pink Parka Girl Solana! ^^

    Pink Parka Girl's Reviews​

    Status: Closed until I catch up. With luck, I'll be back shortly to accept new reviews! ^^

    What I'll Review: Pokémon fics only!
    High Priority Types (As in, I'd REALLY like to review these types!)
    *Pokémorph fics (of the anthropomorphic variety, NOT the shapeshifter one). No fics featuring Raichumorphs, however. They rankle at my nerves. The only chance of there being an exception to this rule is if I think your fic is good enough to transcend the choice of species (which is rare).
    *"Anywhere But Here" fics (where a character from our world travels to the Pokémon World)
    *"Realistic" Pokémon POVs (if anyone besides me actually writes them, that is). By this, I mean pokémon-centric fics that read more like Tarka the Otter, rather than Watership Down or Peter Rabbit.
    *Fics with unique premises. Are you like me and have your own Pokémon fic in a World War II setting? A fic where a character, human or pokémon, from Poké-Earth somehow ends up in our own? A story with cavemen, or cowboys, or spacefarers interacting with pokémon in their own respective times? Or one featuring higher mathematics, as DarkPersian479 is looking for? Whatever it is, if the premise is something so WOW, so out there, so DIFFERENT than what you normally see, bring it to my attention ASAP! ^___^​
    Other Types I'll Review
    *Journey Fics (where a character journeys for a purpose other than gaining badges and beating the Elite Four ala Trainer Fics). Length doesn't matter, but if I don't find it compelling, I probably won't read past Chapter One...
    *Pokémon POVs that read like Watership Down. I prefer one shots and short fics to long epics, though.
    *AU, to a limited extent. It can't be so AU that it doesn't even feature any pokémon in it, however.
    *Fics that explore the relationships between humans and pokémon on a master/pet level only! This last part is important!
    *Oneshots that explore the minds of NPCs or elements of game mechanics (that are not Pokémon POVs).​

    Things I'll read, but would rather not, as they're not favorites
    *One shot Trainer fics.​

    Things I will not read
    *Shipping Fics (in general. There are exceptions - namely, Krazyshipping fics, though as a yaoi pairing only. Fics that make me think are preferable to silly, empty fluff).
    *Trainer fics longer than a one-shot.
    *Non Pokémon fics.
    *Pokémon POV fics where pokémon are humanized to extremes. I perfer to read about pokémon who have at least SOME semblance of animal nature, and NOT about little humans in fur coats.
    *Fics featuring characters (Pokémorphs included) who can talk to Pokémon. This includes fics featuring pokémon speaking human language (Team Rocket's Meowth is the only exception, and only in certain kinds of fics).
    *Fics that involve romance between humans (and pokémorphs) and pokémon. It's my big fandom squick. No matter how clean it is, I don't like it.
    *Mary Sues
    *Fics that look like they were written by a monkey pounding on your keyboard.
    *Fics that require a lot of knowledge of the anime canon. I don't watch the anime (most of what I know of character personalities comes from fanfic), and would rather not have to try and figure out what's going on. ​

    Why did I lose your readership?
    I do reserve the right to stop reading your fic for any number of reasons. Generally, I will inform you if I stop reading. If I stop reading, however, that does not give you permission to flame me, harass me, spam me, or otherwise act like a raving jackass to me. Just smile, nod, and accept my decision. ^^ ​
    Am I obligated to review you back?
    I love love love to get reviews in return for the reviews I give. It would be appreciated, but you are certainly NOT obligated to do so. If you don't want to, don't feel like you need to :)
    How long do I have to wait to expect a review?
    It varies. Widely. Sometimes, I might get back to you that day (and sometimes, within minutes). Others, it may take several days, a week, several weeks...I also have a habit of forgetting, so, if it seems like it's been an awful long wait, feel free to send a PM to poke me with. ^^ I should review after a reminder, if I didn't previously.​

    How I review
    I can be harsh, but I try not to be. I point out what I like, what I don't, give suggestions, and mention grammar mistakes when I catch them. I also tend to write a paragraph that explains my "impressions," which can be a hodgepodge of all those things and more, at the end of the review. If your fic's cliched, or the characters feel cardboard or like Mary Sues, or whatever, I'll point that out too, though not in an obnoxious, flaming, manner, and I'll try to suggest what you can do to fix it. I may also try to guess what happens next, talk about parts I liked, or basically try to "engage." ^^ As mentioned before, I might also ask for a review in return, but again, don't feel obligated to give one.

    Currently Reading
    Fable by Orange Flaaffy
    The Ancient One: Belle Douleur by HommeDor
    Blazing Dreams: Legends of Sinnoh by duncan

    Review Queue (Look at all the room I don't have now! :p )
    1. The Ancient One: Belle Douleur (Chapters Four and Five)
    2. Changes by diamondpearl876
    3. Blazing Dreams: Legends of Sinnoh (Chapter Ten)
    4. On the Outskirts of Nowhere by BryceBoy10
    5. Intertwining Eras by BryceBoy10

    Completed Reviews
    1. The Ancient One: Belle Douleur (Chapters One, Two, Three)
    2. Blazing Dreams: Legends of Sinnoh (Up to Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2007
  6. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Me, well OK, I can give it a try

    If you wish for me to review a story, you can PM me anytime. If I have the time to read your story, I shall try my best to give you a decent and fully detailed review as possible.

    I am very willing to review any kinds of fics.
    This includes
    * Pokemon x Human
    * Sexuially explicit
    * Gore/Horror
    * Drama
    * Epics
    * Poetry

    Also if you have reviewed one of fics, I would be very intersted to know your style of writing. If you do wish for me to review a fan fiction of yours, I would highly appreciate it if you send a link in the PM. If there is a high demand for reviews, it may take my a few days for me to review. Hopefully I'll be able to give you a proper review.

    Well does that make sense?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2007
  7. Divinity_123

    Divinity_123 shove 'er in! ;O

    Divinity_123's Reviews - Closed

    If ya want me to review your fic, PM me, but first, I have to introduce you to a few of my guidelines:

    Types of Fanfiction that I Like To Review
    -Original Trainer
    -One Shots
    -Drama =D

    Types of Fanfiction that I won't Read
    -Shipping Based (Romance)
    -Fics which include sexual intercourse
    -Fics which include animé characters (Ash, May, Dawn, Gary. . .etc.)
    -Fics which have more than ten chapters
    -Crossovers (you will die if you PM me asking to review these types of fics)

    Divy's FAQ:
    When will you review?
    I will review when I have time, I go to school, I do homework, I have my own fanfictions to worry about. If you pester me, I'll ignore you and will not review your lovely fanfiction.

    Why aren't you reviewing the rest of my fic?
    After I have done the requested review, I have the choice to continuing reading your story or to outright stop. If I stop, it's probably because I have probably lost interest.

    How I review:
    When reviewing, I'm not too critical on grammar and description, I will often be optimistic. I like to quote my favorite parts. My focus while reviewing are your characters; are they bland? are they unique? are they realistic? do they have emotion? Sometimes, I may comment on your flaws, and what you need to work on, etc.

    Currently Reading:
    +Pink+ - Aimi Hanako
    Destiny Journeys: Healing of Hearts - liveletlove_Mix
    The Corei Quest - Air Dragon
    Inverse Thinking - Act
    Pokemon Crusade: Rebirth of Terror - Pkmn Breeder Jack

    Requested Reviews (I'll do 4 at a time)
    1. The Diary of Pokemon Trainers (something along those lines XD) - Drmatic Melody

    Reviews Complete
    1. Pokemon Crusade: Rebirth of Terror - Pkmn Breeder Jack
    2. Inverse Thinking - Act
    3. The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum - bobandbill

    Divinity_123 ;196;
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  8. Saphira_Thorn

    Saphira_Thorn Banned

    Contacting me should be done through PMs.

    This is what I will review: - Pokémon fan-fiction ONLY
    - Pokémon journey ficcies. (HIGH PRIORITY)
    - Original Trainer ficcies. (HIGH PRIORITY)
    - Ficcies PG-13 or under.

    What I won't review:
    - Any other than Pokémon ficcies.
    - Anything R or above.
    - Legendary based ficcies. (WITH ONE EXCEPTION)

    Please be aware I'm fairly busy at times and I certainly don't spend my whole life online. (The longest I've ever been online is seven hours and forty-five minutes, but that's beside the point).

    Current status: CLOSED

    Number of ficcies I will review at the moment: 6.

    Currently Reading:
    1. Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa’s Ultimate Challenge – DarkPersian479
    2. +Pink+ - Aimi Hanako
    3. Shattered Pieces – Divinity_123
    4. Pokémon Origins Vol. III: The War of Armageddon - ~RaikouRider243~
    5. The Corei Quest - Air Dragon
    6. Deeds of Darkness – Haruka of Hoenn

    Requested Reviews (Other requests; I'll do 4 at a time):
    1. Dust to Deceit – Dilasc
    2. Pokémon Origins Vol. I: The Johto Saga - ~RaikouRider243~
    3. Pokémon Origins Vol. II: Return of the Beasts - ~RaikouRider243~

    Loyalty based Reviews
    1. Finding Courage - Saffire Persian

    Reviews Complete:
    1. Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa’s Ultimate Challenge – DarkPersian479
    2. +Pink+ - Aimi Hanako
    3. Shattered Pieces – Divinity_123
    4. Deeds of Darkness – Haruka of Hoenn
    5. The Corei Quest - Air Dragon
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2008
  9. Praxiteles

    Praxiteles Friendly POKéMON.

    Luphinid Silnaek and his Reviewing Daydreams

    My taste has always been indiscrminate. Most of the known genres, just about all styles of writing, nearly every kind of content, and more or less everything that doesn't fit into that classification, I can enjoy if the writer has put real soul into it and there isn't too much extra information that you have to know to understand the story--and for that, of course, Google is a few clicks away. (This includes genres that many people shy away from in this day and age.)

    I'll point out the few exceptions, which are not really so much rules as things I might be slightly reluctant or not entirely at ease with. As canon goes, I know the first and the third generations (the games, I mean) with reasonable familiarity, couldn't explore the second much at all, and haven't played through Platinum in the fourth. I've played the second MD games and am familiar with those. The animé I am very shaky on, and though I've seen the movies up to Jirachi: Wish Maker, that was very long ago. I remember a good bit of the Pokémon Special Manga's first and second generations, though. Still, it's not that reviewing something based on canon I don't know is wholly out of the question, and I should be able to say something useful most of the time. Outside pokémon, I haven't gotten into any good canons recently, with a few exceptions (PM me, I couldn't list them).

    As genres go, I've read and enjoyed most of them. I've read and written more or less nothing of shipping, though, so I don't know how I'll fare in that. I probably shouldn't mind it. I might sneer a little.

    I might write virtually anything: speculation and calculation into the future or the more obscure parts of the story, a sort of extended diary of the humble reader's perspective and observations, a psychoanalysis of a particular character or characters, actual critique in case I manage to understand some aspect of the writing or plot with some detail, or even something very short and fragmented when I occasionally fail. Quality may be similarly variable. I'll try, of course, the best I can.

    I generally don't post very scathing reviews. Gruff ones, but not very negative. I don't know what to do about that; I like things too much.

    This is as much an aid for me to remember my reviews as it is a notification for everyone else. There might be stories in here that I started following by myself without request, but that too should give you an idea of my general level of busy-ness. If you're not in here and you should be, do notify.

    Pending like half (or all) of the story
    Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place - Griff4815
    Delta Species - Giratina! (from PC)
    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum - bobandbil
    Fire Eye - Synthetic
    Three: H/Rt 314 - Synthetic

    Following faithfully
    Lull - Breezy
    Exchange is Inevitable - Blitzy
    Plus - armaldo
    Communication - Sike Saner
    Obsession - Blackjack Gabbiani
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2010
  10. Arcanine Royale

    Arcanine Royale Well-Known Member

    Arcanine Royale: Student by Day, Reviewer by Night

    Reviews by Arcanine

    1. I am a high school student that has 4 years of experience in the fandom and more in writing, and is best at catching grammatical and spelling errors (I joke to friends that a red line goes under a mispelled word when I'm reading, as in Word), with a general understand of character and plot. I'd say that grammar, mechanics, and description are my strong suits.

    2. I will review Pokémon fanfiction, because this is a pokémon fanfiction board.

    3. Notes
    • The Review. The review is divided into parts, running through the piece in each part. They are 1) Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics, 2) Word Choice, 3) Characterization, 4) Setting, 5) Description, Mood, and Tone, and 6) Plot. Roughly in that order, though some things may overlap. Then I'll sum up the review in a paragraph or so.
    • Obligations. There are no obligations. Just because you requested a review from me, you may not get one. Don't harass me for not reviewing in a week, two weeks, or even a month (or even three months). I'm busy, and sometimes I don't want to review something... It's not like you paid me to review your fan fiction, in money or anything else. That said, you are also not required to read one of my fan fiction (which currently number zero), though it would be nice (and possibly motivational).

    4. Reviewing

    Currently my reviewing services are open, though it might take a while as I'm not exactly fast.

    ~Arcanine Royale​
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  11. Act

    Act Let's Go Rangers!


    My reviewing style:

    I do line-by-line reviews as I read. I critiqie grammar, believability, plot, syntax/diction, and anything else that pops into my head as I'm going through your fic. My reviews tend to be extremely long, usually a few pages in Word. Though, obviously, the better your fic the shorter my review will be.

    I WILL read...

    Anything Pokemon, although if I dislike your genre I'm prone to being harsher on it. I generally dislike any fic including canon characters.

    I will also read original fics.

    Regarding other fandoms...

    If you have a fic outside the pokemon fandom, please let me know in your PM. There are some fandoms I'm open to attempting, and some I know nothing about, so it's really at my discretion.


    Flames in return for reviews are welcome and encouraged. I'm not sure if the star-rating system is still in play, but feel free to get your revenge by rating my fics one star.

    On a more serious note, though, I am a very busy person and although I am extremely thorough in my reviews, I am also not very punctual. And in some cases, I get bored and just stop doing crits. Basically I'm saying there's no guarantee you'll actually get a review, but if I haven't done your review, please don't bombard me with PMs asking when I will, because then I'll just skip you.

    That seems about it. Thanks.

    Requests: Always open, never closed.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2009
  12. Falthor

    Falthor The Magma Incarnate

    Falthor's Reviewing Corner

    Falthor's Reviewing Corner

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Falthor's Reviewing Corner, home to the finest-quality reviews that money cannot buy. I am Falthor, obviously, a Fan Fiction author, critic, and aficionado. I am glad you've taken the time to read how I critique Fan Fiction here on the forums, and I hope that you'll consider me to critique your work; however, there are some guidelines, of which I'll explain.

    Falthor's Reviewing Corner: Guidelines

    • Do not aggravate me. I am only human, after all. Though I do have the time to critique millions of works a day and write my own, as well as managing the life I live, I only have roughly one hundred hours a week to dedicate to life, liberty, and the pursuit. Do keep in mind that I am a student, so I also have time to dedicate to my studies (and also keep in mind that I am a High School Junior: it is the hardest school year of your life).
    • I shall have a small "ticker" in my signature notifying Fan Fiction writers of my progress with anything critic-related: whose work I'm critiquing, who's next on line, how far I am with my critique, etc. If you have been skipped unintentionally, notify me via PM and I shall put you at the end of the list. But do not PM me in that annoying manner saying, "OMG!!! YOU SKIPPED ME!" Be mature about it.
    • When you receive a bad review, take it seriously. None of my reviews strive to condescend to you, nor to dissatisfy your desires; I am a constructive critic, basing my final grades on certain elements of fiction that I learned in my English and Creative Writing classes. So do not flame at me, call me an inconsiderate jerk, or anything. I'm honest. I'm not going to lie and say that your work is amazing when in fact it's just crap. I don't do that.
    • Don't be afraid to ask! If anything I said doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll explain. That's what I'm here for. Remember: I'm human. I make mistakes as well in my writing sometimes, plus I don't bite.

    I think I clarified the guidelines. Please take this into consideration and respect my rules; I don't want to create a "Banned Author List for Critiquing." That's not my nature, but it will be done if necessary.

    Falthor's Reviewing Corner: Grading System

    My rating system is actually a grading system, most likely different than any critic's methodology of reviewing. You will be graded on your work on a range that I'll explicate in further detail later. You will be judged on several characteristics of your writing, with questions that I shall answer when critiquing your piece of fiction:

    • Plot and Structure: Is the main conflict of the story between sharply differentiated good and evil, or is it more subtle and complex? Does the plot have unity? Are all the episodes relevant to the total meaning or effect of the story? Does each incident grow logically out of the preceding incident and lead naturally to the next? Is the end fairly achieved (applicable only to those works which are completed)?
    • Characterization: Are the characters sufficiently dramatized? Are the characters consistent in their actions? Plausible? Does the author successfully avoid stock characters (characters that are stereotyped, better referred to as Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus)? Is each character fully enough developed to justify its role in the story? Are the main characters round (complex) or flat (summed up in two sentences)?
    • Theme: Does the story have a theme? What is it? Is it implicit or explicit? Does the theme reinforce or oppose popular notions of life? Does it furnish a new insight or refresh or deepen an old one?
    • Point-of-View: What point-of-view does the story use? Is it consistent in its use of this point-of-view? If shifts are made, are they justified? What advantages has the chosen point-of-view? If the point-of-view is that of one of the characters, does this character have any limitations that affect his or her interpretation of events or persons?
    • Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy: Does the story make use of symbols? If so, do the symbols carry or merely reinforce the meaning of the story? Does the story employ allegory? Is the use of allegory clear-cut or ambiguous? Does the story contain any elements of fantasy? Does the story operate logically with the fantastical elements?
    • General ideas: How significant is the story's purpose? What contribution to the story is made by its setting (description plays a part in this)? Is he particular setting essential, or could the story have happened anywhere? Do all the elements of the story work together to support a central purpose? Is any part irrelevant or inappropriate?

    It's a lot, I know, but some of these questions are yes-or-no questions, but I shall definitely answer all of these questions while critiquing your piece of fiction, so now I think you will understand why I need time when it comes to reviewing your work. That's why I don't want you all to rush me.

    Anyway, as I said before, I shall grade you on your performance. Here is how it is listed and what each grade signifies or means. By the way, I do not use minuses. I only use pluses. "D's" and "F's" do not have pluses.

    A-plus (95-100): An excellent piece of literature. If there are any problems, they are minor and can be fixed. You must be a skilled author and I shall definitely read your work again. Just remember that there is always room for improvement. Build upon your skills and you will be a master of writing.
    A (90-94): A very good piece of prose. You have developed the skills to becoming a good writer, but there is always this one element that stops you. Focus on bettering yourself in this element and you will definitely see a major improvement in your writing.
    B-plus: (85-89): I see a bright future ahead of you! You have a goal in mind and you have the skills, but you are lacking in one or more major areas of significance, e.g. plot, characterization. Take my advice and better it. If there are some grammatical errors, fix 'em up and see if that helps your writing. Read others' works to see whether or not their ideas can help you out.
    B (80-84): Well, it's good. But not great. You're missing that crucial part of writing; the plot, characterization, theme, what have you. Take this advice and use it well; you may see a great improvement in your writing. You have the tools of a writer, but you need to sharpen them and become more skilled. Writing takes practice, and with a little more, you can definitely be an "A" student.
    C-plus (75-79): Well, it's better than average, but only slightly. You have learned well, but you need to really try at writing. You need a passion, a niche of some sort to help inspire you to write. You have a creative mind, I can sense that, but that creativity is not emerging properly on paper. You need to hone your skills a lot more and I think that with time, patience, and a little more advice, you can do very well.
    C (70-74): Average work. At least it's something. You have learned the tools of the trade and wish to pursue a "career" in writing. Congratulations for that, but you have just started your journey to successful writing. It's a long road, but you can make it. With a lot more practice, some more inspiration, and guidance from writers and critics alike, I can see a powerful writer in the making. Good luck!
    D (65-69): Poor: you need to step your game up. You have learned the ways of the writer, but you cannot implement them properly. You have some sort of coherent plot and some type of developing character, but you need to definitely better yourself in authorship; you have the ability to write, but you are very rough around the edges. We shall fix that, and in time, you will be a great writer.
    F (Below 65): This writing is very poor. You have learned the skills of writing, but fail to implement them into your writing. You need to put some thought into developing your plot, theme, characters, and pretty much everything regarding fiction and literature in general. It will take a lot of work to better your writing, but I don't that it will improve greatly overnight. Take the time out to read others' works, whether they are Fan Fiction writers or actual writers whose works you enjoy reading. Start off with some base, and build it from there. Good luck.

    That is my grading system. It's quite detailed, yes, but this is indeed how I shall critique your works. I look forward to hearing from you guys with your review requests, but remember the rules and I hope you enjoy my critiques!

    -- Falthor
  13. Judai-and-sho

    Judai-and-sho The Best of the Best

    I guess I can give this a shot. I'm not a professional but I will give it a good story review.

    Status: Open

    Directions: PM me a request and I may decide to send a review. Link me to the story. I'd like it if it were here or on Fanfiction.net/Fictionpress.

    My style: I can overlook minor grammar mistakes. If they are frequent and very noticable though, it may lower your score. Same thing with spelling.

    I judge story, character development, overall flow of the story, how it holds my interest.

    What I will review:

    I'll review ALMOST any kind of story. I don't limit myself to much. Although I prefer original work, I will review regular fanfiction.

    What I prefer:
    Short stories under three chapters.(Fairly busy)
    Original stories(As stated above)

    I may review but prefer not to:

    Stories with characters from an anime/manga in them.(Pokemon themselves are an exemption)
    Moderately Sexually/violently explicit stories.(Such as R rated fics)

    What I won't review:

    Stories that are very long, such as over 5 chapters.
    Stories that are heavy with graphic sex and violence. In moderation, it's ok, but if it's overly used, I'll pass.(Anything NC-17 or above)
    Fics just about shipping. Sorry, if thats more than 50% of the plotline, I'll pass.
    Overall poorly written stories.

    Warning: I reserve the right to decline to review without explanation.

    When I am at the closed status, do not PM me or your PM will be deleted without me even looking at it. This will be closed when I get very busy or have more than 3 reviews going at once.

    Reviews of my own fics(Not on this forum at this time) will make me in a better mood so that I may return the favor. But it doesn't ensure that you will get a review. It just increases your chances.

    I hope that covers it all. If I think of anything else, I'll add it.

    Stories I am reviewing now:
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2007
  14. purple_drake

    purple_drake E/GL obsessed

    Oh, why not? I may as well jump on the bandwagon, for all those poor underrepresented supporting canon characters. :p

    Status: Closed

    Method of Contact: PM. Please provide the title, a short synopsis (such as what you might put at ff.net) and the link, as well as confirmation that your story fits my constraints.

    I will read:

    • Preferably (assumedly) Pokemon, but you can try your luck with a non-Pokemon story.
    • I will only accept fics with canon characters in them. Yes, that did need to be in italics and bolded, because the rest of the points that follow will depend upon this one. If your fic does not feature canon characters in main or major supporting roles, then chances are I won't review it, even if you PM me. I will especially read fics with minor canon characters in them.
    • Preferably one-shots or stories with less than five chapters. However, if you have a multi-chapter fic you should still give me a try; just don't get your hopes up.
    • Just about any genre, although I will probably take longer with romance and shipping fics, because I'm not as fond of them. Angst may take me a while too, depending on how heavy it is.
    • Any rating.

    I won't read:

    • Original stories.
    • Fics with primarily Sinnoh characters. I know nothing about Sinnoh (and I don't want to know), so I wouldn't be able to give you a fair review.
    • Fics with Orre, Colosseum and Pokemon Ranger characters. Again, I know nothing about the characters (but this time it's because I'm deprived, not in denial) so it wouldn't be fair.

    The review:

    I am a very in-depth reviewer; as such it may take me a while to get back to you, because I try to be thorough. My reviews will generally critique things in this order: characters, plot, fluency/pacing, language (including description, sentence/paragraph structure, etc), grammar/spelling.

    So you can probably guess what's most important to me. ;) I don't, however, just tell you what's wrong--I will offer advice on how to fix things as well.

    I should probably warn you that I do have a tendency to forget to point out the things that I like (but I do make an effort to remember), and a big tendency to be sarcastic (actually, the more sarcastic I am the more you can tell when something really annoyed me) but I won't flame or say that something's stupid just because I don't like it.

    Review sample

    Other notes:

    I will generally only review once, so if you want another review you'll have to PM me again. However, if you want to clarify or discuss anything addressed in my review, I will follow up on your response.

    I'm not a fast reviewer, but I can promise that I am thorough. If it's been a while I'll try to review at least the first couple of chapters, even if I'm not caught up, but still, don't expect me one or two days after you've PMed me.

    I lurk. A lot. So I don't necessarily only review stories with canon characters in them. I just don't accept requests about stories without canon characters in them. So you may see me around anyway.

    You don't have to review my work in return, but I would love it if you did. ;)

    Review queue:
    1. The Golden Dusk, and Silver Dawn, by . IC Ghost .
    2. Red, by Blackjack Gabbiani

    1. Everon, by poke poke
    2. Drop, by Blackjack Gabbiani
    #. Lost Hope; End of Days, by Yami Ryu
    3. Violence, by Blackjack Gabbiani
    4. Take, by Blackjack Gabbiani
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2009
  15. SnoringFrog

    SnoringFrog I kill my characters

    Will Review:
    I don't care if it's Pokémon or non-Pokémon, I'll be willing to read pretty much anything lengthwise. I'd perfer that it not be too far into the story when the review is requested ((i.e. I want to read something that's started more recently, not something that already has 20 chapters)) but I'll take the time to read longer ones, just know that it'll be a while before I get the review done.

    Contentwise, I'll pretty flexible. I prefer less language, and if I feel that there's too much, I may refuse to continue reviewing the story, but I doubt that'll happen. I won't read anything in with excessive sexual content either. Pretty much, if you're having to give your fic an "R" for anything other than violence or gore, there's a much higher chance I won't want to read it, but go ahead and ask nonetheless.

    What I Prefer:
    Genrewise, I like pretty much everything, but horror is probably at the top of my list. I enjoy fantasy, but only good fantasy, and I like basically everything else. I'm not a large fan of romance though. The authors I've enjoyed here at SPP have been those like Scrap/Kiyohime, purple drake, Ryano Ra/Serpent Syra/Malyntrix, Sike Saner, Burnt Flower, Psychic, mindripper, Pyroken Serofoculus, and a few others.

    Also, I have no knowledge of Diamond and Pearl, and thus I don't kow the majority of the pokemon from that generation. If your fic is heavy on them, I might refuse to read it solely because I don't want to have to be researching all night to figure out who the heck you're writing about.

    Other Crap:
    If it means anything to any of ya'll, I'm a writer myself. My forté is most definately poetry, but I also write short stories, essays, and am hopign to get some full-length books completed as well. My mind is a bedlam of various story ideas all floating around and breaking apart and comign together and whatnot, it's kinda crazy sometimes. When I review, since these are requested, I'll try to go all out and pick out every little thing in your fic, and I'll do my best to be brutally honest. One of my first reviews I ever received for my fic here was from Act, and he started his review saying how much he detested one of my chosen characters, and I loved it. I think a brutal review, as long as it's honest and well backed-up, is the best path to becoming a better writer, so that's exactly what I'll give you.

    If you go a while without receiving the requested review from me or getting a response to the PM you sent me, please send another one. There's a good chance something happened and I've forgotten about the email or have accidentally fallen into another SPP haitus. Now that I've finally switched my email address over, this shouldn't happen anymore though.
  16. Maze

    Maze I review too!

    I've been doing this UN-officially since I started posting here, but I guess I'll go ahead and put my page up.

    What I will review:

    Anything you enjoy writing. I'd prefer it to be pokemon-based, though. The length of the chapters doesn't matter so long as it's interesting to me. But if you've got a fic with 10, 11, 12, or 13 verrrrry lengthy chapters, I might not commit to posting a review for you. A lot of people here give the reason that they're really busy, but as of now...and for the next couple of MONTHS, I'm not really busy, but I have trouble getting started on epic tasks and will just become unmotivated. You should still PM me, though, because if it really is a very interesting story, in my opinion, I just might chug right along and surprise you in a week or two.

    What I won't review:

    Now I just said "anything you enjoy writing" as what I will review, so there isn't too much that I won't review as long as it's interesting.

    Okay, and the status section below, I will constantly update to reflect my progress on your fic. If you have no status comment in brackets, I either haven't started or haven't made any significant progress.


    Currently, I'm reading

    1. Never in the Wrong Place or Wrong Time [up-to-date]
    2. Sunset [up-to-date]
    3. Nothing, Everything [chapter 2 of 3 started]
    4. Blazing Dreams: Legends of Sinnoh [up-to-date/complete]
    5. Mastering a New Start
    6. Shattered Pieces [up-to-date]
    7. Lost Evolution

    Closed for now, sorry
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2007
  17. Dilasc

    Dilasc Boip!

    I'll probably pride myself on being the most different kind of reviewer here in some ways.

    Let's get to the basics: I enjoy reading in my free time, and writing and acting, even going to Theatrical College now and many things relating to dramatic entertainment. I am an entertainer, and thusly, I give you a gift beyond my review if you ask me to read. This 'gift' is a loose term though, as it is more of me highly reccomending my story for you to read and enjoy in whatever manner you wish.

    What I'll read:

    • Journey Pokemon Stories. There's nothing to get the blood flowing like an adventure sure to be filled with copious amounts of superfluous drama and sardonic people at every turn. Gotta love em! I do! Send me something and I will read your journey.
    • Unique Stories of their own brand. Seriously, I'm a smart guy who barely reads a newspaper, but I knows the world all too well. However, if you think your Pokemon story is interesting and something that's one out of six hundred, gimme a shot!
    • Stories of People who review me first. This one's simple. You have read a story of mine and reviewed it for no reason because some stroke of fate decided that you enjoyed it. Serendipity like that is worth a reward.
    • Just try me. I'm fairly open, though if it's of another fandom, I may decline if I don't know the fandom.
    • Long stories. I WILL read those stories that are many many chapters in. However, I may (fortunately for you) have to read it in sections. As such, I will take a random amount of chapters and review, then come back later. This precursor review is meant to show where I am up to that point, and provide my opinions, recaps, and thoughts. Don't be afraid, I myself know the burder of having over 20 chapters!

    Big No-nos
    • Canon characters don't really interest me. Pokemon's a big universe and its best aspect is that the people can be so unique. Be creative. Shipping is obviously out of the question. I like the thrill that romance can bring, as they existed long before Shakespear even was born. However, without anything else, they can be a bit dull.
    • As I decide. It's late and my brain is sleeping. That's right, I'm practically sleep typing, go figure! This list and the one before will grow!

    The Seeker's Inquisitive Eternity It's a mouthful of high class words that almost have some semblance of reason when put together.

    So, when I read, what do I look for? Well, grammatical precision is nice, but pointless if you're word perfect story is less exciting or intriguing plotwise than more than half of the movies released this year (they're not difficult to be better than, but it's all up to you!)

    In other words, you might as well not expect me to be the first person to jump to your story. Let someone with sharper eyes find those little squigles and dots out of order, and if they miss one or one is too blatant, I may reiterate!

    Besides plot, I'm looking for a purpose! Yes, what is your story trying to convey? What is its message if it has one? All good theater has a main message, and guess what, to a degree, fanfiction is theater printed on paper and envisioned with the mind!

    Let your descriptions soar above the billowy grey storm clouds to the glittery stars above and know that the sky is not the limit. I'll be looking for how much heart is in your words, and for their deeper meanings. Clever wordplay is one of the fast ways to my heart that isn't something edible, but if you simply write it unnaturally for the sake of appeasing the Dilasc gods, then the Dilasc gods will smite your heart; you're apparently not using it to help you write very well.

    I will also recap the plot the way I perceive it. I could be wrong, I might be right. Whatever it may be, if you as another reader of this story come upon a review I make, be prepared to be spoiled if you haven't read up to this point.

    I am currently not taking more requests until summer and that may be increased or decreased in duration at a moment's notice. What I've recieved thus far, I'll read

    Who's up for a Dilascan read?
    1. Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place -4815
    2. The Diaries of Four High School Students -Dramatic Melody
    3. Tread:Embodiment -Manyula
    4. Divine Intervention -Glajummy

    Analyzed Conquests
    1. Inverse Thinking -Act
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  18. BladedScizor

    BladedScizor Well-Known Member

    Y'know, I've been reviewing quite a few stories lately, might as well put myself up here, too.

    EDIT: Looking back, I should have realized that putting this up was a dumb idea. I'll try to fulfill the review requests that have been sent to me thus far, but there's no guarantee on when I'll be able to do so.

    No longer accepting review requests.

    Last Update: 5/12/08​

    What I'll Review: My tastes in reading, same as all of my other tastes, are quite broad. I'll read just about any POV or genre you can throw at me.

    However, make sure your story is formatted decently. Yeah, I'll tolerate a few mistakes, but if it gets too bad, I'll give up trying to read it and leave you only with the 'helpful' advice that you type like a rabid monkey with ADD.

    Obviously, I'll review Pokemon stories, but I have a few other interests I'll read stories about:

    One Piece: Most of the stories on fanfiction sites seem to try to pair up Luffy and Zoro or Zoro and Sanji for some reason, so I'm usually up for a One Piece fic that actually makes sense(for the One Piece universe, anyway.)

    Naruto: As long is it does not involve Sakura, Sasuke, or Naruto himself. Some of my personal favorite characters are Rock Lee, Shino, and Shikamaru, so fics featuring them will usually grab my attention.

    Sonic the Hedgehog: Not the canon from the games, the canon from SatAM. If you don't know what that is, your Sonic fanfic won't interest me at all.

    There are a few other universes I might be persuaded to read fics about, but enough of that.

    Things I Don't Like: I'll still read fics with these kind of things in them, but I'll probably be harsher with my reviews.

    - Overblown, emo-ish drama, especially when it happens for no better reason than just to be there.
    - Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, Pokemon that are overpowered for no explained reason, etc.
    - Poorly done romance.
    - Violence, Gore, Sex, Homosexuality, etc added merely for shock value. If it fits into the story somehow, I'm okay with it.

    How I'll Review: I'm not going to go off of any organized rating or reviewing system; I'm not close enough to a professional for that. Instead, I'm going to go over a list of what I feel you should work on, how you can work on it, and how you can improve previous chapters. Be warned, I tend to be direct in my posts and I don't sugar-coat anything, so I may or may not come off as somewhat harsh. I'm going to go after pretty much everything, including plot, description, character development and interaction, flow, etc. I'm not going to bother going after individual spelling and grammar mistakes, but I will tell you if your story seriously needs a run through a word processor.

    Other: If I say I'm going to review your story, I fully intend to. Therefore, if I PM you saying that I will review your work, don't bother me about it again; I reserve the right to go back on that word if you ignore this.

    I don't require that you read or review my own story, but, as I am currently trying to get word about it to spread around some, I'd be more than pleased if you did.

    Stories Pending Review:
    Last edited: May 12, 2008
  19. PokemonHero

    PokemonHero I can see the future

    I've read a lot of fanfics around the web, so I guess I'll put myself here for reviewing stories.

    PokemonHero's Review Center
    Status: OPEN

    Sorry I haven't reviewed in a little while. I've been posting a lot in other threads that I forgot to update here.

    What I'll Read: I will read just about any Pokemon fanfic that is sent to me, whether it'd be shipping, one-shots, journies, canon characters, etc. Just send your requests and I'll decide if I'll review or not.

    How I Review: I will review on a scale of 1-5 for your story. I will basically look at the story and how the plot flows along and how well it is written. Grammer is not a big deal, but I will make notes about it if I see a lot of error. If it seems like I'm being mean in my reviews, it may be because I found some small things that are constantly popping up in the story that are driving me crazy. That or I am really tired and stressed-out. But don't worry, I will avoid doing this too much.

    Other: Please, when you send me a request for a review, put a link to your story there. I really don't want go searching around the forums to try and find your story. When you send me a request, I fully intend on reading and reviewing your story. Please, if I don't post a review within the first few days, do not PM me constantly. I may be busy with school things (ex. homework, musical, etc.) and not be able to get online for a time. I have been able to be online, but in a little bit, I will be working on projects for school so I may not be here as much as I hope.

    Although I will not require it, I would really appreciate it if you read my fanfics as well. Thank you very much.

    I will read five stories at a time and my waiting list will have ten slots.
    Stories Pending Review:

    Stories on Waiting List:
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  20. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Well, here goes. Again.

    Review Data

    Will review:
    -Any genre not listed in the "Will not review" section.
    -Any rating.
    -Primarily any subject/fandom - however, Pokemon not recommended ... for reasons.

    Will not review:
    -Something meant strictly as shipping for the sake of itself. If it has another purpose, I'll consider.
    -Something against the rules of SPPf.
    -Poorly-written or unoriginal fics.

    Subject to change.

    Review stylings:
    -I'm pissy about English. This is the language we're speakin' here, so try to speak it somewhat right.
    -Originality is also important - this is not to say that you should strictly use original characters or universes, but, please, try to come up with an original storyline. Be careful with original character use - depending on character geneaology or powers you may be docked points. If, say, you write an FMA fic wherein your lead, an original character, is the son of Edward Elric and possesses god powers, chances are I'll write your fic off as crap.
    -Length is important, but excessive length without purpose is annoying and will cause your reviews to slump.
    -I do not always spot typos, but, if they are many in numbers, your reviews will suck - I'm giving you fair warning. This goes along with the "use proper English" rule.

    Signing up for reviews:
    If you wish me to review your fic, PM me the link to the fic, the title (in its exact capitalization, punctuation, etc.), the rating, the fic category, its subject/fandom, and any content warnings placed on it.

    Caution: I reserve the right to, at any time, stop reviewing your fic for any reason!

    Reviewed Fics
    1. (AVAILABLE)
    2. (AVAILABLE)
    3. (AVAILABLE)
    4. (AVAILABLE)
    5. (AVAILABLE)

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