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Fifth Final Destination movie confirmed


Cheese XD
A fifth movie in the Final Destination franchise has been confirmed. Warner Bros. have announced that they will be governing the fifth installment, which will also be shot in 3D much like it's predecessor.


Werk, Werk, Werk
I thought we had the Final Destination already. Hm I wonder what they're gonna call it this time..


TCG Trainer
Didn't they learn from the 4th one that they're running out of steam? Seriously, this is just one franchise they're going to flog until it's 6 feet under.


I thought the fourth installment was going to be the last one. The title the fourth movie says it for me because it has the word "The" in the beginning.


3D? Sounds interesting at least. Not much of a fan of the newer Final Destination movies but the plot is interesting albeit gory sometimes which isn't my thing. It looks like they're really trying to milk this to the end though, I thought 3 (a trilogy) was the magic number when it come to most movies. Heard Lady GaGa is in talks to star in this one; that'll be interesting :S
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Forever now
The fourth was actually decent imo. Looking forward for any new installments if they really have a new cool idea.

Suicidal bomb anyone?
Seriously? I only liked 1-3 Final Destination.. the fourth one was blah... Well I hope this is the last one and its at least good..


Phat Philanthropist
Final Destination V
muny plz​

In all seriousness, the only thing we can do is hope it's good.

That, and mocking Warner Bros. for being a smart business. Seriously, unless you're an author, there should be no reason to stop a series that's making you money. Unless it's also making you...get lawsuits. Then drop that series like a baby.

But I digress.

Anyways, my thoughts. Didn't like the first three, cbf to watch the fourth, and now cbf to watch the fifth.


Go Super Sandslash!
I thought that they weren't going to make any more, that's what an interview with the director said. He said somehting like "I just don't want to do it anymore, THE Final Destination will be the last one"