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Fight For The Meteorite (330)


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Fight For The Meteorite!

Out at Mt. Chimney, Ash meets up with Professor Cozmo to find that Teams Magma & Aqua are at the Mountain searching for Groudon...and to make matters worse they stole a Meteorite. Will Ash get it back?

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Serebii said:
Once More, Team Aqua VS Team Magma! Mt. Chimney Battle!

Out at Mt. Chimney, Ash meets up with Professor Cozmo to find that Teams Magma & Aqua are at the Mountain searching for Groudon...and to make matters worse they stole a Meteorite. Will Ash get it back?

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Yes I think ash will get it back because for as long as I known him he always did it right


NOOOO!! the metorite fell into the lava D:

plus I think they messed up the names of the Aqua and Magma commanders... I think...


Yeah, ok!
Did the two commanders get name changes? The guy is suppost to be called Harlen, what was his name in this ep? Shelly was a different name for her as well.

Overall good episode, but a bit anticlimatic. Also we got a Walerin debut!

It was nice to see Magma members actually trying to do some fighting themselves, I'm glad they don't just let their pokemon fight.

I also liked the space stuff, was this a semi-preview to the 7th movie? Especially the way they explained the meteorites.

V Faction

I have to say, for a Non-Filler Episode, this eppy was pretty tame.

-My biggest concern: Did... did they change the Commander's names? I heard Shelly for Team Aqua and what sounded like Tabitha for Team Magma. Anyone with "A Three Team Scheme" handy, could you check what was originally used for their Titles? I swear I remember it as "Harland" for our Magma Male.
EDIT: Cyber got to it first!

-That whole talk about Meteors and Asteroids.. I don't know too much, but I'm pretty sure they aren't the same. The way the dialogue went, it sounded as if Cosmo was explicitly saying that Meteorites are from burned up Asteroids. I wonder how much research was done.

-Near the end, Cosmo says "Follow this bumpy path..." Err, that's the Jagged Pass guys, let's just say it.

-Glad to see Air Cutter.

-Walrein's got an average voice. Sealeo's is more comical and appealing.


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I thought I noticed them messing up the names too. Anyway, I thought this was a very good episode. The plot was exciting and very original. I liked how Ash had to stop Team Magma by himself while the others were trapped in the cable car. Truly suspenseful stuff. TR's tour guide routine was really funny too.

Jessie: And if you look over here you'll see.... a helicopter painted red.
Max: I didn't need a tour guide to figure that out.
Jessie: rotten kid... Now lets take a look at these rocks over here!


if I remember correctly, in "A three Team Scheme" they were named "Harland" and "Isabelle" while in this episode, they were named "Tabatha" (isn't that a girl's name?) and Shelly



Soooo this episode was obviously based on the happenings at Mt. Chimney in the games and it brought the much needed return of some REAL villians! Magma stole the show despite Aqua also being there.

The story was abit changed though since in the games ya visit Meteor Falls before this but that's okay. Prof. Cosmo was much cool and not a nerd like other professors. He had a great little speech about outer space, tackled the Magma team leader, and pushed the machine into the lava. Much cool.

Also it was cute how Ash was curious about the meteorite and space to. Usually he just has POKéMON on his mind so this was a refreshing difference.

A downside would have to be May & the others getting the shaft. Missing out on the adventure stuck in the gondola bites. :(

An upside is that for once Team Idiot didn't interfere with A & M.

4 / 5

Good stuff!

Tamer Zack

SPP forgotten member
Harland is the Team Magma field commander name not Tabitha. As for Shelly her name is Isabel don't know why they mess up there names.


actually, if I also remember correctly, he was called "Tabatha" in the games as well... even though I still think it doesn't suit him...


Yeah, ok!
In "A three team scheme" their names were Harlen and Isabel. Maybe in this episode they used nicknames, as only the commanders called each other by name?

V Faction

Alright, thanks. Simple solution? Combine them! "Field Commander Tabitha Harland" and "Tactical Officer Isabel Shelly"!


I've always like the episodes that actually show stuff that happens in the game. I've always kinda had a problem that Team Magma dosen't use fire pokemon as often as they should but it's understandable when your enemys use water pokemon. Ash is alot more likable when he acutally has a good idea like in this episode good stuff.


I think Tabitha might be a pet name...

Personally I think Shelly works better than Isabelle...but they are screwing up the names. Did you even SEE the Hoenn rap before the ep? They called Solrock "Solrocks" and Anorith "Anoth"!


I'm glad we got an all-Ash adventure. Once in a blue moon, those are pretty nice to have. But had they not cut back to the comic relief, I'd have been unimpressed.

My God, Jessie was impressed at Ash's rope-climbing skills! Is it just me, or do the dubbers like to sneak in shippy hints like they used to? This episode wasn't the only slightly shippy one...

I liked Cozmo. He was brave, not a trait we see very often in a professor, no? The look on his face when he dropped that mechanism into the lava was just perfect.

I laughed at the "rotten kid" comment made by Jessie. I'm really starting to get comfortable with the chemistry on the show now, to the point where I'm almost happy they got rid of Misty.

If they keep this up, they've got one happy viewer!

8/10 for this nicely comedic, yet kinda screwy episode.

Kyo Sohma

I liked this episode.It was funny.I also liked it when Meowth said "Do you have any bad guy pride." and Team Rocket said "No,not a thread."I lalso liked Team Magma and Team Aqua.I lik that there real villains.Oh, and is it just me or does Commmander Shelly sound like the new Mai voice?Anyways,I give it a 8/10.


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
Good Episode I liked it a lot Walrein was good but the Air Cutter got them down and we got to see Mightyena and Crawdaunt again It was funny too I liked meeting that Cosmo guy or whatever his name was I liked this episode a lot very good!

Jessie,James and Mewoth looking at sandwiches Brock brought
Max:I guess we could share?"
Mewoth:whaa we are the bad guys we don't need your food Hey Jessie James don't you have any bad guy pride
Jessie and James:Nope not a shred *eats*

That was very funny but I mainly forgot what they said something like that is all I know..

Darn Dragonite got to it first ^^


Lurker Lady
Great episode. Having just Ash in Mount Chimney was nice, and always cutting back over to the comic relief in the cable car was ok... as for the names, Tabitha and Shelly are actually the game names for Harland and Isabel, so I guess they were correcting that. The 'rotten kid' line was funny... That's all I have to say right now. 9/10.


I think you guys might be interested to know that Tabitha cannot be a boy's name. I looked it up, and there is no boy name in existence that is Tabitha. It is a girl's name, yes, but not a boy's.

I'll go what I said before; it might be a pet name, but can anyone get us clarification on this?


I really liked how each Team Magma and Team Aqua have their own theme music scores :D


I liked this episode. Team Aqua and Team Magma were cool, but weren't Shelly and the Magma commander's name different from in the episode A Three Team Scheme?