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Fight For The Meteorite (330)



It was a good episode. There was some action, and the humor was good. Also, it was great to see May and Max holding each other for support. :) I found it unrealistic that Ash would actually try to climb the rope, but hey, he's him.

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I liked this episode, like I do most episode's involving Team Magma and/or Aqua

The two Magma administrators are Tabitha & Courtney. I always thought that they were both girls, because Tabitha didn't look too much like a guy or a girl to me, but was named Tabitha, clearly a female name. They name the male Aqua admin. Matt and the male Magma admin. Tabitha? At leat now I know there's a male Magma Administrator, instead of two females (By the way, I just beat Tabitha a few hours ago in Ruby, now that I know he's a guy, he looks more like one to me)

Sean Schemmel (Goku from DBZ) voiced three people in this episode (Cozmo, and one Team Aqua and Team Magma grunt) Whatever happened with him and FUNimation? He's been doing quite a lot for 4kids (Ryu from Shaman King, Robert from Pokemon [Win, Loss, Drew], and the aforementioned)


At least Teams Aqua and Magma both considered the mission successful in the sense that they both foiled the other's plot
Quite a good episode. Professor Cozmo was cool, which was unexpected. "Tabitha" looks(and sounds) like a girl in the game, but in the anime he is %100 Male. Weird. I prefer the names "Harland" and "Isabelle", but oh well.

Overall rating:
9.2 out of 10!!!
Awesome episode. Hoenn's been doing really good lately!!!!

SC~ out


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I loved this episode! Great action, great drama, and a Team Rocket-positive episode to boot (they didn't even technically get blasted off, just blasted down). That makes for a winning episode in my book. :D My favorite part had to be Meowth refusing to eat the sandwiches out of pride, but then Jessie and James take their share anyway. LOL

Unfortunately, due to Chicago's screwed-up Pokemon-on-Sunday schedule, they had the time change too and I didn't get to see "Game Winning Assist". :( I have no idea when the first show is on yet. Why can't we have Pokemon on Saturday mornings like the rest of the nation?!?!

EDIT: I found out it's now on Sundays at 8:00 AM and 10 AM. Grr, that means now I have to watch my tapes for first shows. I don't get up that early!
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This was kinda good. Team Magma and Team Aqua were good as characters.

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can't wait to see this ep tommorow! after ages of calling Aidan a walrus on his birthday and ep with WALREIN will make him laugh


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The battle between Team Aqua and Team Magma could have been better, other than that it's great episode - I wish we could see them more often.

Even though I'm a fan of Team Rocket - I must admit, in comparison to Team Aqua and Magma, they were pretty much useless in this episode.

The only other bad thing was that my tape ran out three minutes from the end *curses".


I must say, this was quite an impressive episode. Although Prof. Cozmo seemed to have an extraordinary long nose o_o. Anyway, good stuff in this episode. Although there is the fact that it was really only Ash and Cozmo on the good side... I'd say this episode deserves 90% out of 100%.


Great filler episode. I enjoyed ever minute of it. I was wondering though, when Brock asked if Jessie and James had a Cell Phone, was that in the original version, because it seems to american..

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In this episode Team Magma uses Golbat and Mightyena in battle.If Team Aqua uses only water types(their specialty) such as Walrein,Carvanha,and Crawdaunt and Team Magma uses their specialty(fire types and possibly ground), then why did Team Magma use Mightyena and Golbat? They aren't fire types!
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Its because their enemies pokemon are water,that they chose non fire types for that fight.Or something to that effect..


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Yeah, the two admins names are changed.....

Harland-> Tabitha (a girl name?!)


Personally, I like Harland and Isabelle better than Tabitha (for a boy) and Shelly.... Though Shelly makes more sense for an Aqua member but Harland makes more sense for a Magma member...... but seriously, TABITHA for a BOY? Whoever heard a dat..... :mad: I like Harland better......
Pretty good episode, some parts were funny, especially that rope part =D

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I loved this episode. Harlan (I'm still gonna call him that) is really cool, and I'm happy hit team got a lot closer to winning that Shelly's. Yep, I like most episodes with either team, and this episode was a great episode, also the only time besides the final two-parter that Team Magma had failed, at least as far as I can recall.


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-My biggest concern: Did... did they change the Commander's names? I heard Shelly for Team Aqua and what sounded like Tabitha for Team Magma. Anyone with "A Three Team Scheme" handy, could you check what was originally used for their Titles? I swear I remember it as "Harland" for our Magma Male.
EDIT: Cyber got to it first!

I coulda sworn the same thing O_O

Not the best episode... it was great that Magma & Aqua fought each other, but it wasn't so great how everyone but Ash were stuck in the skyline ride.

Fairly tame and somewhat boring, I'd have to say =\