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Fight For The Meteorite (330)


Good team Magma episode.

I loved how Ash saved the Meteorite, it was cool.

And how they got the funicular.



Hmm, Prof. Cozmo reminded me of Prof. Elm from Johto for some reason so it was nostalgic.

I didn't like it much. Only Ash and the evil teams seemed to get any attention. Anyway I loved Team Magma and Team Aqua, but I expected a fierce fight like in the games.

A disappointment without the action, 6/10

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I liked this episode, it was nice to see Team Magma/Aqua. Jessie really hates heights lol and you think they would have realized using their Pokemon on a cable would cause it to fall.


Shiny Flygon
The best part in this episode is that Cozmo has throwed the machine of TM.
Team Aqua wasn't so important in this episode, acually I think they didn't appear right?


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I didn't really care too much for this one, the only parts I enjoyed were the ones with Brock, May, Max, and TR stuck in the cable car.

OK episode.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Team Magma and Team Aqua again. It was great to have the Meteorite plot in the Anime. It was odd how the Meteorite eventually fell into the lava for the Anime. It was great to see a Walrein for the 1st time. The Meteorite and Asteroid references were definitely an odd part of the episode. Cozmo is definitely an odd name.



The Team Aqua and Team Magma interaction in this episode was pretty weak. They had one battle, which we didn't even get to see, and then that's all for that. I enjoyed seeing how the rope magically got long enough for Ash to climb down safely. It was a really "meh" episode looking back at it.


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I enjoy seeing Team Magma and Team Aqua both in the same episode and I really was intrigued by the suspense in this episode. They did a lot of stuff right in order to make it really interesting and mysterious with the meteorite and that made this episode quite favorable for me.
This episode was kinda forgettable for me. I liked seeing Walrein, but that's it. I liked the cable car part, but that's it. Meowth's disguise was pretty damn awesome. I don't have much to say here, this episode just felt kinda "meh" to me. 4/10.


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"Fight For The Meteorite!"

This was an OK episode, but not that good. Team Aqua and Team Magma's interactions were'nt that good in this episode. They fought only once in this episode, but sadly we don't get to see the battle. It was good to see up the meteorite plot from the R/S/E games in this episode, I like it when the anime tries to bring events from the games. It's about time 4kids decided to change the two commanders Harland and Isabelle to their game names.... Tabitha and Shelly, but the name "Tabitha" dosen't sounds like a boy's name to me. It's weird how Game Freak choose the name "Tabitha" for the male Magma commander's name, they should've came up with a better name.

Even though Team Aqua and Team Magma appeared in this episode, I didn't enjoy it. It seemed that there's something lacking in this episode.....maybe more intense battles could have made it more interesting.
Glad the writers, with this episode, have the names of the two team commanders names changed to what they are in the games.

Jessie: rotten kid!
Made me chuckle! :)


I got so giddy when Ash and friends took the cable car up to Mt. Chimney's summit like in the games. Seeing Meowth dressed up as a granny was funny and I loved how Team Magma arrived and ambushed Professor Cozmo. Team Magma and Team Aqua's skirmish was so anti-climactic though, especially since they all sort of gave up easily and left at the end.


Call of Fate
I was disappointed with the Magma vs Aqua battle.It was just too short and their Pokemon's moves weren't that interesting.At least neither team got to use the meteorite.

Mrs. Oreo

I liked seeing Meowth disguised as an old woman hee hee, plus Mt Chimney looked good. Team magma and Team aqua getting involved in the plot again was exciting and Cozmo looked stranger than I expected. ^^;


What a disappointment. I wanted more drama between TM and TA like in the games, but they barely even interacted. What a waste of a good setting...

Mrs. Oreo

What a disappointment. I wanted more drama between TM and TA like in the games, but they barely even interacted. What a waste of a good setting...

Even though Team Aqua and Team Magma's conflict here wasn't as dramatic as in the games, I still thought it was handled fine. I mean at least Mt Chimney wasn't skipped in the anime like Mt Pyre was. :D
My favorite scene was the cable car trip to the volcano's summit. Ash fighting Team Magma and Aqua was good, but I thought we should've seen Maxie and Archie.