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Fighting Fear with Fear (553)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension' started by Serebii, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Gligar! Wings of Friendship!!

    On their way to Hearthome City, Ash decides to train his Gligar so he can be as strong as they can be. While there, they meet up with Gary who is looking for Azelf at Lake Valor. Gary, still believing evolution is the key to a Pokémon's strength, gives Ash a Razor Fang to evolve Gligar with. Ash however is reluctant despite Gligar's wish to become stronger...

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  2. Durden

    Durden .


  3. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Hyper cast-off!!!

    "My hero" scene =P. Wow, it is really huge! Any pic of the glomping moment?
  4. Durden

    Durden .

    ^ from bmgf..

  5. Ragnarofl

    Ragnarofl Binkan Binkan Binkan

    Gligar was illegally cute like always.

    Huge hyper scorpionbat is huge. Paul's must be half as big.
  6. crystalphoenix88

    crystalphoenix88 Fan 5ever

    really? when Ash was standing next to Gliscor, it wasn't nearly as tall as him (the very tips of its ears come up as high as Ash's face...though Gliscor might just be slouching all the time) :p
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2008
  7. tee tee

    tee tee Illussions Shattered

    Glad Gliscor kept it's awesome personality from when it used to be a Gligar.

    I enjoyed watching this episode! :)
  8. tee tee

    tee tee Illussions Shattered

    Serebii lag

    Sorry for the double post in other words.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2008
  9. pokemaster95

    pokemaster95 King of pirates

    Did Gliscor learn any new attacks when he evolved.
  10. BirdStaraptor

    BirdStaraptor Sinnoh Master

    How Gliger got the Razer Fang, Did Ash give him or Did Gliger pick it up by accident.?
  11. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    I believe Ash threw it to him so he'd have enough strength to survive a fall
  12. crystalphoenix88

    crystalphoenix88 Fan 5ever

    Ash and Gligar were both free-falling...Ash was falling faster than Gligar and tossed the Razor Fang up to Gligar, who caught it in its claw and evolved mid-air...as soon as it became Gliscor, it caught Ash
  13. sacred

    sacred Dragon Tamer

    gligar is cute in this episode!!!!! n so cool after its evolution
  14. BirdStaraptor

    BirdStaraptor Sinnoh Master

    it was a good way to evolution.

    I see Gliscor so huge. he is not as big as Paul's Gliscor, right?
  15. mewtwos

    mewtwos Smell ya later!

    sweet now ash has a Gliscizor or however you spell it!
    I really can't wait for the usa showing of this episode!
  16. zen_master_dude

    zen_master_dude Just Zen.

    YAY! Gliscor is SO CUTE, even though it's big. Altho Gligar was cute to the limit, i mean definetely Ash's cutest pokemon, Gliscor is cool and cute!
  17. Misty Fanboi13

    Misty Fanboi13 Over Analyst

    Meowth's Boss Fantasy looks disturbing from the pictures I've seen over at Bulbagarden.
    Meowth imagines Giovanni not being able to sleep because of light coming through his window, so Gligar lays on his face to block out the light
    its really quite odd
  18. Ragnarofl

    Ragnarofl Binkan Binkan Binkan

    Gary and Ash talked briefly about Azlef btw
  19. soccerstar19

    soccerstar19 <--- Best Rival Ever

    so the first summary was right did gary do anything else besides give ash the fang and talk to him bout azelf or did he give him the fang and leave basically
  20. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised no one is talking about Gary. So they actually weren't at Lake Valor afterall? Was he in the episode a lot?

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