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Fighting For Your Heart To Live (BrawlyxMorty) rated R

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Hey all, this is my Brawly and Morty angsty love fic called "Fighting For Your Heart To Live". It's very much about two very much GAY guys falling in love. If that's not your thang, then you are truly missing out. Anyways, this is the first chapter. Hope it doesn't suck too badly. :)



Morty sat motionless on a stool in his guest quarters on the S.S. LAZARUS, staring out the porthole with a blank, emotionless face. Perhaps he had sat that way for hours, he wasn't sure. And quite frankly, turning his head to face the clock was the furthest thing from his mind. In fact, the only tangible thing that was catching Morty's interest was the ocean waves, in that even if they didn't bring comfort, they did slightly destract him from the steady shock he has been in for three days now.

I knew it could always be a possibility ever since he told me he had to leave...that he couldn't stay at my gym...because he knew Suicune was somehow entangled into his future. I knew it was a possibility because he was ALWAYS so damned thick-headed, and ALWAYS so quick-to-act! And I always knew it was a possibility because of his eternally sour attitude...an attitude nobody but myself could love, even if I rarely understood it.

Morty swallows as his eyes gloss over, his eyes stay focused on the waves as tears begin falling softly.

Every morning I'd wake up and the possibility would always be in the back of my mind. Our last good-bye to each other always comes after, and I'm reminded of his promise to return to me...as soon as he captured Suicune. That kiss...unceremoniously long yet all-too-short as his enthusiasm after seeing Suicune had him away from me at record timing.

And that was almost two years ago. Of course he called me on my birthdays, sent me presents from the brand new places he traveled to...which of course ended up all the way across the damned ocean. And then, of course, there were the letters. The presents and phone calls really were chicken feed when compared to the letters he would send me. His soul would open up, and with every fleeting thought I knew exactly why I swore my heart to him all those years ago, when we were trainers trying to find our place in this confusing world. He would write about the people he met, why they annoyed him...he would place in specific jokes for me...mostly because he knew what state of mind I'm usually in when reading his letters. And yet somehow, even in my hightened revelry, the possibility was always there...in the back of my mind.

I've received what appeared to be forboding calls before...and received what would have most certainly been "the letter" in the past, and every single time that happened it was at the FRONT of my mind.

How is it, Eusine, that when I received the letter telling me that you've been mortally wounded, I had to be thinking about anything BUT your possible death?

For the first time in hours, Morty lowered his head. His eyes closed, and in his mind his tears were dropping from the ocean that lingered inside his mind.


Morty had, during his younger years, dreamed of going to Hoenn...long before most people even knew squat about the place or it's Pokemon. Of course, once he became a Gym Leader he knew the liklehood of him taking a vacation long enough to explore the region at it's fullest became very unlikely. Besides, he had been saving up for a Ho-Oh and Suicune museum to be placed near his Gym...a present for Eusine when he finally realized he needed to settle down.

Now that he was in Hoenn, being flown by helecopter, he felt too lifeless to look at the ground below him. What joy was there to be felt when the fate of his true love was completely unknown to him.

But yet, Morty held on to his hopes. If there was one person to still be optimistic for, it was Eusine.

And when I bring you back to the Gym, you're simply never leaving again. You'll probably fight it, but I'll be just as stubborn as you. Amazing...you're the only one I could be stubborn for.


Morty stared into the hospital receptionist's eyes with an urgency the Gym Leader has never before felt in his entire life. He couldn't believe the nonchalant way the woman typed in Eusine's name...as if his frantic facial expressions couldn't be read by this woman but by every other person who crossed his path that entire day.

The receptionist, who's nametag reads "Laura", looks up from the computer screen with the information he seeked, "Oh, here he is. He's not here. He was transported to the morgue two days ago."

Morty's eyes rolled backwards and, at that precise moment, he found himself thinking about three distinct things. One, Eusine was dead. The "prettiest and snottiest" trainer he had loved since their training days is now dead. Two, he couldn't believe how cavalier the receptionist had been in telling him this. Could she have *really* thought he was a co-worker or friend? Three, he won't be able to take him back to the Gym and keep him there for good. There will be no life ahead of him, it's all gone.

I was even going to buy him a new cape, since I was so sure his would be raggy by now.

Laura gasped slightly as Morty fell backwards, passed out from sheer shock.


Brawly awakens inside the bedroom of his formal Dewford Gym the way he normally does every morning; naked, his head pounding from the previous night of partying, and a group of random surfers (some friends, some not, some vacationers), in various degrees of clothing, dotted the room and bed. Of course, the previous night's activities were mostly a blur, as usual, but he was pretty sure he had fun, also as usual.

He stood, wiping his wild hair out of his eyes. He staggered to a window, and groaned loudly when the bright light of the morning sun came crashing into his face. He then sighed loudly, and looked around the mass of bodies for either his swimming trunks or his body suit. Neither were jumping out to him. He smiled, shrugged, and casually walked out of his bedroom, closing the door softly as to not rudely awaken the sleepers.

He walked into the kitchen, and instinctively began brewing up some green tea.

The totally best way to start the morning!

Brawly's eyes widen at the sound of footsteps. He was sure it would be one of his buddies so he grinned widely and spun around, arms stretched out as he yelled boisterously, "Hey Dude..."


Brawly's eyes widened as he saw Shauna immediately tense up, her eyes darting about his naked body while her cheeks redden instantly. Within seconds the box of green tea was covering his genetalia, or at least trying to. "Uh...hey Shauna..."

Shauna still had problems moving, and clutched her beach towel as tight as she possibly could.

Brawly looked around the room a moment, his face reflecting just the slightest bit of annoyance as he finally looked back at Shauna again. "Hey, uh...do you mind?"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Shauna quickly turned around, her heart racing at breakneck speeds and her body temperature through the roof. But somehow, in between deep breaths, she manages to speak. "You never seemed all that modest, Brawly. I had no idea!"

Brawly sees that Shauna is intent on standing there, not moving, so he returns to making his green tea with a small smile. "I'm sooo not modest. I just don't think it's appropriate to...be naked around my assistant."

Poor Shauna. The little Dudette wants to bone me so bad...I almost wish I could just to make her happy...well, almost.

"But if I'm good enough to be your assistant, and I'm good enough to surf with you...*why* can't I ever join in your supposedly "killer parties" the guys all talk about.

Brawly grins as he pours the tea into a blue coffee mug, "You'd be wicked bored, Shauna. It's just a bunch of surfers rocking the gonge till we munchie up all the food, then we drink till we barf it all back up."

Well, that's all mostly a lie. If Shauna had any idea what I was up to with the guys nightly, she'd probably have Dewford branding me a total deviant and have my Gyms closed in no time. Ever since I heard her make that homophobic remark about that spunky trainer Ash, I knew where she stood on my true orientation. And of course her father is the mayor. And he has to hate me already because his daughter wants to emulate me. Dammit I hate lying, it's bad for the soul...just gotta keep it up till she loses interest in me...whenever that will be.

"Oh come on Brawly," Shauna said with a playful tone in her voice, "if I'm ever going to be one of the guys, I'm going to have to learn to live life to the extreme just like you!"

Brawly shook his head as he sipped his green tea, "Believe me, when it comes to being a guy, there's some things you just can't do." As soon as he said it, he regretted his choice of words. He could see a wince of pain out of the corner of Shauna's eye he could see. She began walking towards the entrance of the Gym, keeping her hands clutched to the towel.

"Perhaps you're right...guys really can't be a girlfriend, can they?" And with that, Shauna was out the door. Brawly watched her grab her surfboard, and head for the water. He grinned, She's a totally awesome chicklet, she's going to find a killer hot boyfriend one of these days. Too bad all the ones I've met lately have been coming to bed with me. But the first one that doesn't...I'll totally have to send her way.


Brawly and most of his friends were awake and out the door by ten. The sunny beach welcomed them like the old friend it had become. They all grabbed their surfboards and with boisterous shouts of joy they lept into the ocean.

Now, any slight trouble he may have felt earlier was completely washed away. It seemed like some searched their entire lives for the one thing that made them happy, and Brawly was aware of this, and it made him all the more content that he had managed to...despite the odds...find himself EXACTLY where he belonged.

As he rode a wave, he looked out onto the beach. He could see several Dewford denizens making their way to the beach. He could see Shauna laying on a beach blanket, obviously taking a break. Finally, he could see someone else...someone standing near the rocks...shaded from the light. And even though this didn't alert Brawly too much...there was *something* about the man that piqued Brawly's senses. Something that didn't even register to the surfer as he happily continued his sport.


Even though it's been two days since he watched Eusine's coffin being lowered into the ground, Morty hasn't been able to form any coherant thoughts. He never did check into the hotel he had reserved. He never did eat, like he said he would the entire boat trip over. He never did change his clothing, or wash himself, or do anything that could be considered 'rational' with the exception of taking a few small drinks of water from the ocean.

And truly, the waves were relaxing to Morty. He didn't really like them at this moment in time...he didn't particularly like *anything* at this moment...but he did find himself on Dewford's most famous beach, not taking in the splendor but getting lost in the endless waves.

But most importantly, his thoughts have been anywhere but the beach he was on, or the waves he watched crash onto the shore.

Why did you have to go and die on me? I told you...I told you death is natural...it's not something to take for granted...death haunts us our entire life like a predator. I don't fear death, never have. I understand it, and even take comfort in it. How is it that I could never really make you understand that, no matter how hard I tried?

Did you think death was a game? That you could just phase back like Gengar?

I don't even remember everything the mortician told me, but I'll never forget the image I envisioned of you rock climbing. In fact, I think I laughed when he told me that, even though it was in the context of you falling.

And I know you would have hated your funeral...a small graveside service where I was the only attendant. Of course, I was the only one there because...oh Eusine...there was nobody left on this planet that loved you...your family died when you were a child and you drove away all our friends long ago. But you deserved so much more. So much more.

Morty clenched his fists with rage as he watched a rather forceful wave crash inches from his feet.

Skrew it. I know a thing or two about fate, and how can I deny what's so obviously clear.

His eyes spot a cliff, high up above him. His eyes dart from it to the rocks below it, the swirling water surrounding it bubbling with life.


Later in the day, Brawly smiled with total relaxment as he stretched out on a beach blanket, allowing the sun to do it's magic on his golden tan. His arms back behind his head, allowing his head to be propped up enough to check out the male tail that dotted the beach.

And best of all, no ones challenged me to a Gym Battle.

Brawly watched with casual interest as two hot surfers exchanged phone numbers before departing the beach. He sighed, I was hoping they'd be down for my nightly party.

However, none of the surfers were exactly catching his eye today...not since he saw that *incredibly* striking fellow near the rocks earlier that day. He certainly didn't get it...the guy was not his usual type from what he could see from the water. But then, as Brawly got older he realized he was becoming more attracted to guys that *weren't* clueless little buff surfers.

Maybe it was that shirt...or that hair...something about him is totally worth scoping a second time...if I can find the dude.

Brawly stands, and streatches his arms out as he silently yawns. He smiles as he looks around the beach, now with a mini-mission. Using simple logic, he walks towards the rocks where he saw the fellow earlier. He comes across one of his oldest buddies and occasional boy toy, Connor, and greets him warmly. "Connor, dude! What's up, bro!"

Connor, who is sharing a beer with some beyond-cute buff surfer, stands and clasps hands with his bud. "Dude! I'm up! Before six, can you believe it?"

"You comin' to my party tonight, it'll be killer as always!"

"Naw man, can't. Andy and I are taking a midnight cruise tonight...I sorta promised."

Brawly nods, understanding. "It's cool. You should totally take time out to really stop and experience life...I hope you have fun, man. Say...you, uh, haven't seen a strange dude around here, have you?"

Connor tilts his head to the side, "How do you mean, man?"

"Blue and yellow shirt, headband, longish blonde hair, steely gaze, I *think* he's kinda cute but I didn't get the greatest look at him..."

Connor grins, which causes Brawly to smirk...already knowing what Connor's thinking, "Well, you know me and the cuties bro..."

Connor nods and sits back next to Andy, "I saw him. And yes, he's pretty darn attractive. Andy and I both were scoping him. He went climbing up to the top of the bluffs. He totally couldn't have gotten that far, man."

Brawley nods and smiles, "Thanks Connor. Have fun tonight, you two." And with that, he's off for the bluffs.


Morty looks down at the rocks below him, jutting out from the ocean like daggers that have been piercing his heart for two days now.

I just want to go to sleep at night and have you next to me, Eusine.

When I'm tired, I want to be able to rest knowing your safe and next to me.

I want to sit by the fire, watching the embers, and know that your thinking of me back.

But...you're not. You broke our vow to each other, that first night we became one. It was sweaty and confusing and arousing and exhausting and thrilling and EVERYTHING I knew it would be. And I never was so content. Even watching the ocean couldn't dream of coming close to the sheer serenity I felt when we were together.

I simmered the fire inside you...you brought me to life.

And that's the thing. With you dead...there is nobody *to* bring me to life anymore. And nobody to keep me grounded, my love.

And with that, Morty free-falls off the presibice.

An end to pain, that's all I ask.


Brawly lived a relatively simple and happy life, that's the way he liked it. And seeking out a guy who may or may not have been cool with him seeking him out was *not* simple and he wasn't sure how he felt about it. It's been over a year since the last time he actively seeked out a cutie, and in typical Brawly fasion, the guy he had feelings for turned out to be straight. Very straight. Four chicks at a time straight. But, he did have wicked killer herb.

Seeing a man commit suicide, on the other hand, was not part of Brawly's daily regimend. And hense, it didn't register with him right away. The idea of suicide was always kind of a funny thing to him. In his mind, every day was a gift and he was grateful he had a healthy body which kept him virile and strong. His friends are exactly the same; they fight to stay going...to stay alive. Even when life throws you a punch, you fight to get up then you fight to keep going.

Brawly watched the man plummit into the water...missing the rocks, at least mainly. Within moments, Brawly is in the water and swimming with total precision. He reaches the rocks, and goes to the area he last saw the man; the waves causing total comotion around him. "Dude! Can you hear me?"

He goes underwater, and miraculously he feels a warm body that has gone limp. He quickly drags him up, and swims with all his might to get back to the shore. When he does, he calls out loudly for help, then lays the man down gently. He places his mouth to his, breathes in, and a gush of water rushes out of the man's mouth. He's alive!

Several surfers arrive, and see a very shocked Brawly cradling a torn up, bleeding man who has balled up into the fetal position as he bawls into the surfer's lap, "Why am I still here?!? WHY AM I ALIVE?!?"

Brawly places a hand gently onto the crying man's back, and looks down at him with a sadness he has truly never felt before. A sadness he has never had to empathize with. But he did now.


Sunrises are so beautiful...maybe even more beautiful than sunsets...who knew?

Brawly sat on the beach, holding his morning cup of green tea, watching the sun rise with an interest the Gym Leader rarely felt.

It's been five days now since Brawly met Morty, the circumstances of which still echo in Brawly's mind. The suicide attempt, the crying...the complete loss of purpose...he still remembers it all like it was happoning again right now.

The first few days were uncomfortable for Brawly. He didn't really know this guy, but he offered him a place to stay...free of charge...and he accepted it. Then, Brawly decided it would be in poor taste to throw his nightly parties while Morty was there, so for the first time in over a decade, Brawley has gone five days without any heavy partying or sex. Just surfing during the day to relieve any tension.

And it's really not enough.

And as an unexpected result, Brawly found himself going to bed early and (gasp) getting up early as well.

Mostly, Morty has resided in the guest bedroom for the duration of the time, only emerging for small intervals. In fact, Brawly has only learned three important things. His name is Morty. He lost his estranged boyfriend to some freak accident. And he's from across the ocean.

I used to sit here for hours, wondering what would await me if I could surf all the way across the ocean. Now I know what I've been missing. Wicked killer hottie and I love his body! Ugh, the dude just lost his boyfriend, be respectful man. But still he's in my gym right now sleeping, that beautiful body soooo needs to be curled up next to mine.

Brawly stands, trying to clear the arousing thoughts in his head with a brisk morning swim.


As soon as Morty opened his eyes, he immediately remembered his promise to himself...the one made directly before he went to sleep the night before.

Okay Morty, it's light out and the new day has begun. I've now spent a week in mourning, and if this Brawly is right, I need to find a way to wake up and want to live.

Morty stands up, streatching his arms out as he lets out a yawn. He moves over to a large mirror. A week with little food digestion has left him skinnier than normal, but overall the only noticably 'off' thing about him are the dark circles under his eyes.

Looking out the window, he sees Brawly and his Haryama watching the ocean. Morty watches with interest for a moment, then...even unbeknownst to him...Morty lets a small smile slip past his lips.

He may be slightly simple-minded, but he has such a sweet soul, so passionate. I've never met anybody like him...Eusine was passionate. Of course, he was always more passionate about Suicune than me, if I feel like admitting the truth to myself. Or how he would always come back, frustrated about his latest Suicune loss, and start slapping the crap ou....stop it, Morty. Thinking about those things only dishonors the goodness that Eusine brought me. He wasn't perfect, but he never stopped loving me. I know it.


Brawly smiled as he watched his Haryama began surfing, "That's great! Keep it up!"

Without hearing a sound, he looks to his left and sees Morty sitting inches away from him, smiling, which causes the Gyn Leader to jump several centimeters into the air.

Morty looks at him in surprise, "Hey, sorry! I thought you heard me!" He quietly hands Brawly a mug of green tea, holding one in his other.

Brawly cocks his head to the side as he looks at Morty with his left eye half-closed, "Dude, you are like the quietist guy I've ever met. I've hardly noticed you around." He then looks back at his surfing Pokemon while he continues talking, "I never thought I'd see you out here like this."

Morty pauses a moment, looking at the ocean as a light breeze rushes by them, causing their hair to whip ever so lightly.

"I've been thinking a lot about these past few days. Yes, I did try to kill myself. And yes, it was very stupid."

Brawly looks at the contemplative Gym Leader, "You lost your soul mate."

Morty stands, keeping his eyes on the ocean and moving a few steps towards it, "You don't understand. We weren't!" Morty spins his head around, seeing the surfer's shocked reaction.

"But I thought you told me..."

"That's what I've been dwelling with..." and with that, Morty falls to his knees, never keeping his eyes of the ocean...but all the strength in his body found itself draining rapidly. Within moments, Brawly knelt next to him, and wrapped his arm around his sholder for support, asking him if he was alright.

Morty shook his head, the tears in his eyes flowing, "No, what I'm trying to say, is that Eusine wasn't my soul-mate! I was deluding myself before, and it took his death for me to realize it."

Brawly lowered his head a little, moving his hand a little on Morty's sholder to relax him, "Oh..."

Morty sighed deeply, "I'm sorry, like I said it's...almost the realization that what I thought I had wasn't really there...is troubling me now more than his death, and that makes me feel like a wretched person..."

"Dude, you gotta be true to your heart. If your not, what's the point of living in the first place?"

Morty, who had stopped crying, looked over at Brawly with an understanding he had never connected before, "You know, you're right! I spent all of my youth trying so hard to please Eusine, and then to have him become constantly estranged and abusive to me...I was the fool."

Brawly nods in agreement, then several seconds later something dinged in his head and he looked at Morty again with shock, "Did you say...abusive?"

Morty's eyes widen, Dammit did I really let that out?

"You let this guy beat on you?" Brawly says with a softer voice, as he sees Morty's face react to his words.

"Eusine was...complicated. Nobody understood him. He had a very bad childhood, and all his hopes and dreams were absorbed into capturing Suicune. The fact that Suicune seemed to decidedly never allow Eusine near it should have been an indication he wasn't chosen, but he took that frustration out on me."

"You're defending him?"

"Not anymore. Like I said, I'm no longer going to live my life in denial. I was the perfect boyfriend. Dutiful, loving, and I would do anything to make my man happy. I was so taken advantage of...I see that now."

Brawly moves his arm from around Morty's sholders to around Morty's back, and his hand rests firmly on his waste. Morty looks at Brawly and blushes momentarily before speaking, "You know, when I first opened my eyes after...you know...and I saw you, I was really surprised."

"I remember, dude."

"No," Morty says, staring into his eyes, "I was surprised because I don't believe in Heaven or Hell...and when I first saw you, I thought you were a beautiful angel."

Now it's Brawly's turn to blush slightly, as he closes his eyes and scratches the back of his neck. "Well...I wouldn't exactly call myself..."

Before Brawly can finish his sentence, Morty swiftly moves up to Brawly and plants his lips onto the surfer's, forcibly knocking them both over into the sand. Brawly is as shocked as hell at first, but that quickly melts away as his hands begin rubbing up and down Morty's back underneath his shirt and their tongues are exploring each other's mouths most vigorously. After about thirty seconds of this, Morty raises his head up and grins at Brawly, "I'm going to be true to my heart from now on...and if I were to have left here, I'd be making a big mistake"

Now perhaps it had been five days without sex, or five days of seeing Morty's beautiful body but not being able to touch it, but Brawly found himself more turned on this very instant than he has ever felt his entire life. Every touch from Morty sent shockwaves through his body.

Morty strattled himself over Brawly, and slowly raised his shirt over his head much to the surfer's delight, who had laid watching the mini-strip show with his hands behind his neck.

"So, uh...is it too late for me to ask you out on a proper date?"

Morty grinned and then bent down and pressed himself onto Brawly, "Of course not. I'd love to! Now...about these swimming shorts..."

Unbeknownst to either of them, someone was watching far in the background. Shauna, looking quite pale in the face as she sees the hunk of her dreams playing with the butt of that freaky man who showed up out of nowhere. What the hell is this?

Enraged, Shauna throws her surfboard forcibly to the ground, then storms away. Well, we'll just have to tell Daddy about this. So long, buttmunchers.


Nearly fourty-five minutes later, Brawly and Morty spooned on the damp beach blanket, the smell of saltiness filling both of their heads as they smile contently with their eyes closed, Barlwy's forearm tightly around Morty's chest and their legs entangled.

"That was amazing," Morty says as he turns his head slightly to nuzzle Brawly's nose, making the Gym Leader laugh stupidly.

"Dude, that was like...the best killer sex I've eeeeever had. You like...don't quit."

Morty shrugs, "You were keeping up pretty well." He then closes his eyes and begins kissing Brawly again, which of course leads to more forceful kissing, which of course leads to both Gym Leaders being turned on *again*. Morty grins as he reaches behind and grabs Brawly's firm behind, "Wanna do it again?"

Brawly flashes his teeth and closes his eyes, "Dude, the beach will be totally filled with people in less than an hour, we have to get inside soon..." Brawly then looks around, "Funny...Shawna's usually around about this time...guess she slept in."

Morty sighed as he unglued himself from Brawly's tight body, and turns to face him, "What's on our plate for today?"

Brawly lifts both of his arms behind his neck as he streatches, "Well, I think I'm going to blow off gym duties today, take you into town and spend a whole bunch of money."

Morty laughs as the two dress, "That...sounds like a great idea. Then...more rimming!"

Brawly laughs and winks at Morty with a nod, "That was, like, the best part!" He moves over to Morty again, swept up in sudden emotion. The two shirtless stallions grabs each other's waistes, and begin kissing again, legs rubbing each other with affection.

Morty begins laughing, "Come on, let's take a quick dip with Haryama and get the day started. If we keep this up we're never going to make it on that first date...and I think if it's on the same day we just had hot steamy monkey sex, it doesn't de-value the worth."

Brawly grins, "That was, like, soooo deep."

Morty smiles, gives Brawly a quick kiss and ***-grab, then grabs the green tea mugs and scoots back towards the gym, "You can handle the towel, stud."


Brawly stood in his small wash room, looking at his reflection in the giant mirror hung on his wall. After the romantic swim, he and Morty both left for seperate washrooms to clean up. And Brawly did just that, scrubbing himself in the shower and washing and conditioning his hair twice...just to make sure he looked and smelled his best. The results were noticable, at least to the surfer...who went rather often without proper showering thanks to the ocean.

He picked up his two favorite shirts, looking each over to see which would look best on him. As he held his "lucky orange" shirt up to his chest, he realized his hands are shaking. He looks at them and wrinkles his eyebrows.

Whoa. I'm...picking out clothes to wear on my...first date with my...first real boyfriend. Why am I getting nervous now? We already did practically everything sexual two hotties can do to each other on the beach...but...this is different. I...have to make sure he has a perfect time...but how? The Dewford Festival!

The small smile across Brawly's lips fades away as he continues looking into the mirror.

Wait...we hardly know anything about each other. What...what if this is all just us getting carried away and he doesn't really plan on sticking around long? What if he thinks I'm too dim...he is pretty intelligent. No, that can't be it. Remember how he spoke to me? His whole demeaner is...like...honest. Like me. I know I can trust him. Still...there's that wicked 'mysterious' nature about him that's so...hehehe, yeah hot.

Brawly grins as he goes with his "lucky orange" shirt.


Morty, too, was looking in the mirror in his little guest washroom. His shower was spent thinking about how funny life can be, how fate can take something away then throw something back in your face almost at the exact same time. However, he had worn a smile on his face the entire time.

He places his blue headband on, then begins combing his wet, entagled blonde hair into even rows. He then sighs as he looks down.

I wonder if Brawly is even interested in a long-term relationship. He asked me out on a date...there's every chance he'll think I'm boring or...lame...and that will be it. But at least I'll know, because the last thing I need is to be sitting back home with Gengar obsessing over Brawly the way I used to obsess over Eusine. No thank you. Oh wow, I can't believe we just skrewed so royally. He's definately the best lay of my life, it's sad I can say that with such certainty. Hmmmm.

Morty reached into his backpack and withdrew his favorite cologne, the last gift Eusine had given to him, and sprayed some onto his neck.

I guess I'll have to be careful too. I don't even know exactly how to behave on a first date...my only real first date was with Eusine and that was years ago and neither of us even *knew* it was our first date at the time. This is insanely different. I guess being myself would be a good thing...he does seem to like me for me...even when I was a basket case. But...does he want me to be real affectionate, or more manly and keep the open kissing at a minimum. Oh, I just can't mess this up.


Brawly sat near the entrance of his Gym, placing on his rarely-worn hiking boots. He smiled and squirmed a little...*really* liking the sensation of being *really clean and nice smelling*. He finished tying up his left boot, then sat back up and sees Morty sitting next to him, smiling, which once again causes the surfer to jump in shock.

Morty cocks his head to the side and slightly grins, "You're really jumpy today."

Brawly looks over his new boyfriend, and is instantly turned on. "You...uh...look very nice, er, hot."

Morty closes his eyes, beaming, "You look great also. So kissable." He then moves in for a kiss, inhaling the sweet scent of Brawly as he does so. Brawly moves his hand to Morty's sholder as he closes his eyes and accepts the kiss, getting intoxicated from the cologne. The tender kiss lasts a healthy fifteen seconds before they break away smiling.

Brawly stands, and holds his arm out to Morty, "Well dude, let's get going."

Morty sees Brawly's hand is shaking, and he smiles at the surfer as he takes it gently, "You're shaking."

Brawly pauses a moment, then blushes. "Sorry...don't be offended, dude. I'm...just..."

Morty stands and, with his free hand, gently massages the muscles on Brawly's right arm, "It's okay...me too."

"Yeah?" Brawly asks with an air of relief.

Morty nods, which causes the other to smile and together the two leave the Gym.


The Dewford Festival is a massive, annual event that brings in not only residents from nearby cities, but vacationers from all over. And on this particular day, with the warm sunny weather, the festival is packed with both People and Pokemon.

Amongst the hoardes of mothers with children, young hetero couples, and elderly couples was Brawly and Morty, walking side by side and taking in the pleasant atmousphere.

Morty looks around the festival with awe, "Wow! This is incredible!"

"You've never been to a festival before?"

Morty, his smile never leaving his face, simply shakes his head. "Eusine was never really into this type of stuff. Even when we were kids...the only thing he ever wanted to do with me was go see movies. Sometimes eat out."

Brawly nudges Morty's thigh with his hand, then motions over to a string of "skill booths", where one can win a prize for completing a task correctly.

"What are those?"

"Come on," Brawly says with a wink, leading a slightly confused Morty to follow.

The booth Brawly had his eye on was the one that had a sign which read TOUGH MAN -TEST YOUR MEDAL AND MUSCLE. One of those 'strength testers' which has a pole which reads (from bottom to top) WIMPY WIPPING BOY ~ GOING THROUGH PUBERTY ~ ADEQUATELY STRONG ~ WORKS OUT WEEKLY ~ THIS HERE IS A MAN.

The carnie at the booth, a gentlemen in his fourties and missing all but three of his teeth, sees Brawly approach and looks the stallion over, and grins, "Ahh, I see we have a new contendor approaching, but I wonder...*will* he be man enough to make it?"

Brawly smiles widely and on instinch raises his arm and flexes it out, impressing the carnie as he throws two dollars onto the stand, "Enough talking, dude. Hammer me."

The carnie hands Brawly a giant hammer. Brawly gets positioned, turns to Morty and sees him watching with interest, which causes a surge of energy to go through Brawly's body and he slams the hammer onto the post with an insane amount of strength. The ball, sure enough, rises up to THIS HERE IS A MAN, and dings the bell at the top.

The carnie is shocked to see this, but not more shocked than Brawly, who simply stands looking at his victory with suprise. "Whoa, I did it!"

Morty approaches Brawly with a smile on his face, "That was great, Brawly!"

The surfer nods pleasantly at his boyfriend, giving both of his arms a little flex to show off. He then looks over the plethora of stuffed Pokemon, "Well, tell the man what you'd like."

The carnie suddenly looks at Morty with suprise, Ooooh, they're fags. Should have seen it.

Morty looks over the stuffed animals, and his eyes stop on a stuffed Ho-Oh! He raises his arms and points to the Ho-Oh animal, and while the carnie goes to retrieve it, Morty grips Brawly's thigh and kisses him. The two stare lovingly at each other until the carnie interrupts their moment with a waving Ho-Oh doll in their faces, "Here, take the damn thing."

Morty's smile slightly fades at the rude behavior of the carnie, but he takes his new possession with care and smiles at it affectionately as the two continue walking.

After a minute of walking, Brawly stops and motions for Morty to walk with him to the nearest rollarcoaster, a huge one titled of all things THE BEAST. Morty is hesitant at first, but seeing Brawly's face light up gives him the courage to take on "The Beast."

When they are locked in, and begin their journey up to the first big drop-off, Morty nervously grabs Brawly's hand, and clenches his Ho-Oh in the other. Brawly tightens his grip of Morty's, and laughs loudly...trying to ease Morty's anxiety. It works a little.

When they are at the highest part, and the cart slows down before the first drop, Morty looks down and begins flashing back to his suicide attempt. And as the cart begins to descend rapidly, Morty sees himself falling for the rocks and he begins screaming with all the intensity and horror of his worst nightmares (and with a mind as dark and complex as Morty's, that's a truly frightful notion). And just before he hits the rocks, he soars back up and while the rollarcoaster did it's dizzying spin of loops and bumbs, Morty's mind was now racing at a hundred miles and hour, his thoughts in jagged shards but each a very real experience. Eusine punching him over various parts of his face and body at different times, the time he fell off a tree as a child and broke his arm, Eusine giving those sudden "steely death glares" that only came about when Suicune's honor was insulted, the time he was attacked by a frightened Stantler. And he was unable to disassociate these images with the experience he was having now.


As they leave THE BEAST, Brawly's fists are clenched as he raises them in the air, shouting loudly, "YEEEAH! That was, like, the most radical rollarcoaster I've *ever* been on!" He then slaps Morty's back playfully.

Morty, looking conteplative, and a little nautious, simply musters a smile and nods, "Yeah, that was interesting."

Brawly sees Morty looks a few shades whiter than normal, and silently guesses rollarcoasters are not Morty's thing. He looks around, and sees a ferris wheel. He moves himself up next to Morty and places his arm around his back, grabbing his thigh. "Come on, let's try out the ferris wheel."

Morty looks up at the giant wheel in front of him, and gulps. He feels the grip on his thigh tighten, and he looks over to see Brawly grinning and winking, "Don't worry, I'll be there with you."

Morty looks down and blushes, smiling. "Yeah, okay."


Brawly watched Morty's soulful eyes open wide with excitement as they lifted up, and could feel his hand grip his in spurts, but it's obvious he feels relaxed.

"It feels so strange to be lifted off the ground like this."

"As far as natural highs go, I can't complain. Of course, having you here with me takes this ride to a whooooole new level..." Brawly is cut off by Morty, who plants his mouth over Brawly's in a full-blown kiss.

As the cart makes it's way around to the top on the second time, the carnie stops it to let people off, causing the lovebirds' cart to wobble, which causes Morty to tense up, "What's going on?"

Brawly gently places his hand onto Morty's cheak, carressing it tenderly, "Nothing to worry about, dude. We've just stopped for a bit...look, there's my Gym."

Morty looks out over the beautiful landscape, and indeed he can see Brawly's gym near the ocean, "It's...beautiful."

Brawly looks at it also, his hands now rubbing Morty's chest area as he smiles happily, "Yeah, that's my baby. I put my heart and soul into both of my gyms just as much as I do training my Pokemon and now...making you happy."

Morty looks over to Brawly, and sees the sincerity in his eyes, "I...want to stay by your side, I want to learn how to make you happy, since it seems you are already in your perfect element. It'll be a challenge, but I'm confident I'll learn how to make you even happier."

Brawly doesn't reply to this, he just silently looks at Morty with as much love as one man can possibly give unto another, the only movement coming from his hair which rustles ligthtly from the wind. Their eyes locked onto each other. Then...they close slowly as they draw in for another kiss. And...just as their lips meet, the ride starts back up again and both of them bump foreheads. Brawly laughs and rubs his while Morty simply holds his hand up to his, never letting the smile off his face.


The next stop is, upon Brawly's insistance, lunch. However, looking around the fair, both men are turned off by the greasy, fatty foods that seem to have a monopoly at the event. Brawly then recogmends his favorite resteraunt, which is only three blocks away and, as he put it, "totally worth the walk."

Tangina's is Dewford's oldest eatery, and the grandaughter of the original owner, Sally, smiles happily when she sees Brawly enter, "Well if it isn't my favorite little stoned surfer! How's tricks, Brawl?"

Brawly gives Sally a "one of the guys" handshakes, and happily plunks himself down at the table nearest the window, allowing for a beautiful view of the festival. Morty quietly sits across from him, and offers Sally a smile.

Sally looks Morty over and looks at Brawly with a wide smile, "So Brawly, where did *this* studly morsel come from? With those sweet cheeks you could have more than an afternoon's delight."

Within seconds, Morty is five shades of red, and looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Brawly wrinkles his node at Sally, "Hands off...this is Morty, and were on our first date."

Sally pauses a moment, then quickly grabs a chair from the next table and sits next to Brawly, looking overly estatic and gleeful. "Shut up! You *finally* found a guy you like enough to take out? I was beginning to think you'd become a monk. Er...a gay, s*utty monk anyways."

Brawly closes his eyes and scratches the back of his neck, "Sally..."

Sally holds up her hands and looks at Morty, laughing kind-heartedly, "I'm just playing, sugar. Well, not about the studly morsel part."

Morty stays silent, but the blushing hasn't subsided completely.

Sally sees this and decides to warm her shy little new customer up, "Well, my resteraunt serves only organic, vegetarian cuisines." She stands and begins walking, "I'll grab some menus."

Morty looks at Brawly with surprise, "You're a vegetarian? You like organic food too?"

Brawly nods, then realizes what Morty was saying a few seconds later, "Wait...you too?"

You could practically see the hearts fluttering between the two after this realization.


Sally brings out a double-cheese tofu burger for Brawly, and a large gazpacho with a salad for Morty. "Enjoy, you two hotties."

Brawly watches his friend go, and settles into his meal with Morty, "This looks deliscious."

Morty grins mischieviously, "Yeah, I've had the taste of Brawly in my mouth all day, glad to taste something else for once." He then giggles off of Brawly's looks and adds, "Just kidding. I like the taste of Brawly."

Brawly swallows his food and laughs loudly, then places his elbow on the table and rests his jaw against it, "This is totally insane. My head is, like, swimming! I've never met *anybody* like you before."

Morty nods in agreement, swallowing some of his icy soup. "I feel...kind of like I've known you my whole life...possibly in a former life."

Brawly didn't understand much about that, so he blankly nodded and tried to look like he understood. Morty could sense he was going over Brawly's head slightly, so he directed the conversation elsewhere, "Are you out to everybody?"

"No way," Brawly says all-too-quickly, "the people in Dewford are wicked strung up on their religious values."

"Religious values?" Morty asks with curiousity.

"Yeah, it's this backwards religion they all follow around here. Supposedly, the "allmighty" around these parts is some great Soodowoodo. And this "great" "divine" Pokemon told the villagers that men must marry women, or children will be robbed of being born, or some **** like that."

Morty looks at Brawly with one eye wider than the other, "Okay. And do these people have any sort of tangible evidence of this Soodowoodo's divinity? I own one, they aren't that bright."

Brawly grunts, "Oh no. Nobody can even prove that that particular Pokemon even visited this Island. You know how it goes, dude, people make stuff up to keep the masses in line."

Morty nods, "True, the weak-willed are generally more prone to taking on religion."

Brawly smiles, "It's sad really, because we have aaaaaaaall the spirituality we need right here," he taps his head, "and here," he pats his left arm muscles, "and here," he finally places his hand over his chest. "Mind, body, and heart."

Morty is intensly turned on by Brawly's words, and he slips off his shoe and lets his socked foot run up Brawl's pant leg and rest snugly in his crotch, which becomes engorged moments later from his toes playing.

Brawly begins breathing heavier, and he blushes. He takes a drink of his water, and comes up with a topic right away, "So.......what *do* you do back in Johto?"

Morty's face lights up, "I thought I told you! I'm the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City, I train ghost-type Pokemon and I am caretaker of the great Tin Tower, the living shrine to Ho-Oh!"

The surfer's jaw drops, "Dude, you really know how to suprise the hell out of me. You're a Gym Leader too! That's great!" Of course, the nagging realization that there may be a professional barrior between the two doesn't stop Brawly from placing his hand down onto Morty's foot, which is still rubbing his crotch, and begins massaging it sensually.

Sally watches the two hotties from the bar and sighs, "Oh to be young and in love."


The last stop Brawly insists on is the festival's Tunnel of Love. Morty is up for it, and after a short line the two are off into the dark tunnel, floating slowly to the sounds of harp music in the background, and tacky "hearts and cupid" crap strung all over the place.

Brawly and Morty look at each other in the dark, and their hands meet each other's. Brawly moves to Morty, and begins making out with him, their hands exploring each other's bodies with furvish determination. Brawly then works his way down, unzips Morty's trousers, and begins giving the highly aroused Gym Leader very good head.

Morty watches with affection, and his hand makes it's way into Brawly's jeans, and his hand grabs Brawly's firm butt, then his middle finger makes it's way to his favorite spot, causing Brawly to moan out in ecstacy. After a few minutes of this, Morty closes his eyes, breathes heavier, and pushes Brawly's head down hard as he shudders, forcing Brawly to swallow every last drop.

Brawly sits up, breathing heavy himself, "Whoa dude, you are intense. Love that."

Morty grins, and the two continue making out for the duration of the ride.


Hand in hand, Brawly and Morty happily walk on a stony path back towards the Gym.

"Brawly, this was the perfect first date. You've made me happier than I could have thought possible."

"Thanks, it wouldn't have been perfect without you of course."

Morty squeezes his grip on Brawly's hand, and clutches his Ho-Oh doll affectionately. He looks lovingly over to Brawly, but the look on Brawly's face causes his smile to fade. His eyes follow Brawly's path, and when he finds the target, his eyes widen and he gasps loudly.

A group of villagers have surrounded Brawly's Gym and, apparently, have set the entire building on fire.
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<========Ball Squeez
XD, I think Phantom_Bugsy might enjoy this.

I love the beginning about Morty and Eusine's love, but poor Eusine is dead? I guess I could see that coming. Wow, Brawly is a real carouser. I really like the plotline. You could really do something great with it.

My one negative criticism is that the dialogue is a little predictable. That’s just my opinion, though.


articuno_trumps_all said:
XD, I think Phantom_Bugsy might enjoy this.

I love the beginning about Morty and Eusine's love, but poor Eusine is dead? I guess I could see that coming. Wow, Brawly is a real carouser. I really like the plotline. You could really do something great with it.

My one negative criticism is that the dialogue is a little predictable. That’s just my opinion, though.

Well, I love Eusine, but for angst purposes the guy was an abusive estranged boyfriend and now he's deader than a doornail. It ain't Hamlet, but poor Morty is just so sexy surrounded by tragedy, ya know?

And yes, Brawly is a mega****. He just screams "I'm sooo getting laid a few times tonight" in all of his episodes. :p

Phantom_Bugsy said:
...........you, you person you, are my hero. <333
Hey thanx! :) Seeing as how your the resident Brawly and Morty expert, (and one of two people who seem to actually like my story) any feedback on my handling of the two Gym studs is always welcome! I wanna make sure they are properly honored for the awesome characters they are.


So hot he's on fire.

Moremoremoremore. <3

Yew need like....a sex scene or something. <333 This is like...omghot.
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OMG!!!!!! THAT WAS PROBABLY 1 OF THE BEST FICS I'VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE!!!!! That was....omg...i'm just at a loss for words.... i loved it!!!!! LOVED IT I TELL YOU!!!!
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So you know, if I get banned I'll still be reading this. XD So no need to stop if all of a sudden my name has a line through it D:


Thanks Dimitri, I'll be posting Chapter Three soon. It'll be Morty and Brawly's first date! <3 Awwe! I'm still up in the air if there will be a town fair involved or not. *undecided*

P_B, gotcha. ;) I've figured out exactly where I'm going with this fic finally, so the chapters will come along much smoother.


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Oh My Gosh!!!! I Can't Wait Until Chapter 3!!!! I'm Soooo Excited !!!
/\ /\


Er...did you mean Chapter Four? I just posted Chapter Three. ;)


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yea i meant chapter 4 sorry.


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Awww, poor Touki-sama! ;o; He needs to kick some serious *** now. XD

WAT DI J00 DO 2 MAH GYM!>!>!1.?!!?!? *attack*

And then he and Matsu can like....do more stuff >3 And maybe kill Shauna because she's an annoying brat D:

Awww, veggieTouki. <3


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XD. I love the beginning of chapter 3. It makes me think that Morty maybe the person to tame Brawly. Maybe Steven and Wallace will have to bid goodbye to the tip of their pink triangle (but that would never happen, XD). They can share, LOL.

BTW, I think that some of the dialogue is getting better. The internal narration is effective. Plus the scenes between the two are just hot.

Since you asked me for some negative criticism, I’ll say that some of the details get a little cluttered. Like, we don’t need to see Brawly lacing up his boot. Stuff like that. It is great and I’m looking forward to the fourth chapter.


My fic's gettin BIG. XD I had to put it in a new post. *sizelengthteehee*


Shauna smiled with serene contentment as she watched the Dewford Gym erupt into a smoldering ball of fire. She's no longer wearing her normal bodysuit, instead favoring a white knee-length skirt with a frilly beige blouse. She watches her angry fellow denizens as they begin shouting out in cheer.

Too bad Brawly couldn't be here to see this...I was so hoping he'd get his *** handed to him by the mob...wait, wait a second...

Shauna leans to her left, and can now see Brawly *is* approaching from the back trail. Seeing the expression on his face, she knew the fighting surfer was entering completely unknown territory. Well, he's either really ripped up...or he's really p*ssed. Good. I hope he's BOTH.

Shauna looks around until she spots her father, Mayor Yory ****, "Hey dad, guess who's approaching!!!"

Mayor **** looks into Shauna's direction, and he immediately calls out, "Okay boys, the fairy's coming back."


Morty could hardly keep up with Brawly as he was running so quickly, the man could see tears forming in his love's eyes as he huffed along. That's right...his Pokemon were in there.

Brawly rushes through the clearing, his pace not slowing one iota from now running in the sand. He runs over a dune, and can now see clearly how many villagers have surrounded the Gym. Gasoline cans and pitchforks are everywhere.

"There he is," Mayor **** says with a booming voice, "grab him!"

Brawly easily strikes the first and second mindless zealots that try to grab him out completely, but then two grab him from behind, one holding each arm. Then, a third grabs him around his waiste from behind, trying to ground the struggling surfer.

"HARIYAMA! MACHOP!" Brawly yells at the top of his lungs, caring about nothing else at this point.

Shauna steps up to Brawly, her arms still folded, "You were stupid enough to leave your Pokemon in your Gym alone? You really are a stupid nothing queer, aren't you?"

Brawly looks from his Gym to Shauna, the realization slowly sinking in, "Shauna? Wha...why?"

Morty stops a ways away, not sure exactly how to proceed.

Mayor **** walks right up to Brawly, staring him eye-to-eye, "You, scum, are no longer welcome on this Island. I see it now. When you asked me to open the beach up for surfing, I should have known what element you were REALLY trying to bring here!" And with that he punches Brawly square across the face.

Morty screams out, "Brawly!"

Brawly narrows his eyes and spits a mouthful of blood onto the Mayor's face. He then forcibly elbows the two men behind him, causing them to bump into the third man and they all fall into the sand.

Before the Mayor can react, he's suddenly knocked to the ground and Brawly is unleashing a volley of poundage.

Several of the weaker vigilantes run away, knowing that if Brawly had already taken out three of their cronies not to mention the Mayor, they could very well be next.

"Brawly," Shauna yells with conviction, "get off my dad now, or I'll push this."

Brawly streatches his arm back, stops, and looks at Shauna. He sees that she is holding a remote in her hand. She checks her watch, and manages a weak smile.

"The TNT should be all set up...they should already be back by now..."

Brawly's eyes lock onto Shauna with a fiery blaze, which sends a chill up her back and she instinctively pushes the remote's button with no actual provocation.

A thunderous KA-BOOM can be heard in the distance, and everyone stops and looks off to see a cloud of smoke erupt from not too far away, near the ocean.

Brawly watches this, his eyes wide with shock. He lets go of the Mayor, allowing the bloody and unconscious older man to fall limply to the ground. He then stands, the energy seemingly drained from his body, but never letting his eyes off the new catastrophe. "My Pokemon, and both of my Gyms...I guess I really ****** you off, Shauna."

Shauna begins backing away slowly from Brawly, knowing that wherever the surfer is going inside that mind of his, it can't be good.

Several of the other vigilantes back away as well, seeing the surfer's fists tighten with rage.

Brawly suddenly moves quickly...to his burning Gym. Morty sees this, and realizes he's going to try going inside. "Brawly, no!"

Brawly makes it to the entrance, and sees boards and beams falling all over the place, and smoke everywhere. "HARIYAMA! MACHOP!"

The smoke fills his lungs, and he begins coughing violently. He tries calling out for Hariyama again, but it's of no use. He can't even breathe. He then feels arms around his waste again, but this time they are bulling him backwards, back out of the entrance.

The two lovers fall to the ground, moments before the gas line causes an explosion which would have surely killed them both.

Shauna sees this, sighs, and walks away.


She shakes her head as she walks through Dewford, "Well, at least I feel better now. Time to find a new stud."

She then trips over a hobo lying on a sidewalk, and she kicks him. "Watch it! I am way above you in Soodowoodo's great scheme of things. You are the shadows, Me and my kind are the sun. Got it?"

She then huffs as she crosses the street, midway through she looks to her left, crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "Oh I'm so sure!" she says before a cement truck plows over her.



Morty somberly steps out of a small Petalburg produce market, carrying a brown bag half-filled with groceries with both of his arms wrapped tightly around it. His eyes stay glued to the sidewalk as he strodes slowly, not taking in the beautiful weather or splendid scenery around him.

Two days of hell, on top of what I was beginning to think of as 'the week of hell' before our date.. Brawly hasn't said a word to me other than continually asking if I thought he was a bad trainer. He looks so sad...it makes me feel like just dying to see him so depressed.

He looks up, and sees the small Motel the two are currently staying in. He stops momentarily, and bites his lower lip, He did seem a little bit better this morning, I don't know if all this traveling is helping or hindering. He lost his entire life in less than an hour. His ENTIRE life. Everything he worked hard for and appreciated, was stipped away from him. All he has left are the clothes on his back. And me.


Brawly lay shirtless on the queen-size bed in the small hotel room, staring up at the cealing with his arms behind his neck. He hears the door enter, and he knows it's Morty quietly entering, but he doesn't move a muscle. Then, he hears rustling from a bag, and within moments Morty is sitting on the bed, his arm hoisting him up as he stares into the lost surfer's eyes.

"I brought you some food," he says as he holds up a carrot over Brawly's face and wiggles it cutely. Brawly doesn't respond, save for the even motion of Brawly's chest as he breathes. "You need to eat, love."

The ex-Gym Leader closes his eyes slowly, and takes a deep breath before exhaling slowly. "Sometimes I wish the whole world was one big ocean so I could just surf anywhere and be all...ya know...whatever..."

Morty stares down at the broken man, and slowly withdraws his arm and sets the carrot on the night stand. He then positions himself so he's laying next to Brawly, looking over at him with his hand holding his head up. With his other hand, he gently carresses Brawly's face slowly.

As soon as Brawly feel the warm hand, his eyes close harder and can no longer hold back the tears as they begin forming at the corner's of his eyes and his bottom lip quivers.

Morty sees Brawly getting ready to release, so he scootches closer and whispers softly, "It's okay, I'm here Brawly." He then combs his fingers through Brawly's hair and lets them rest behind Brawly's ear. When he sees that his breathing is growing more uneven, he moves even closer and whispers even softer, "I love you."

Upon hearing those words, Brawly sniffs as the tears begin trailing down his cheak, and he finally turns his head to Morty and looks at him with sorrowful passion, "I...love you too."

Morty can't help it...even with the extremely depressing scene in front of him, he *has* to let the faintest smile escape his lips. He loves me!

Brawly watches his newfound love scootch even closer, now only centimeters away and he can now feel the heat from Morty's body, even as there's no physical contact. I'm soooo happy he's here, the surfer thought as he stares into the beautiful eyes of his beloved, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Morty cocks his head to the side and kisses Brawly sweetly on the lips, then he slowly moves to the side and carefully runs his tongue up the trail of tears, lapping them away but leaving a small trail of saliva in it's place. He then smiles as he rests his head on Brawly's pillow, the two staring at each other eye-to eye, their breathes hitting each other's faces. Brawly moves his hand to rest on Brawly's waiste, and Brawly mirrors the action.

The two stay like this for awhile, until Brawly finally speaks, "Thank you."

Morty is surprised to hear Brawly speak at all, he had assumed his love cascaded off into another stage of depression. He looks at Brawly with curiousity, "Is there *anything* I can do to make you feel better?"

Brawly doesn't reply at first, but Morty can see by the shifting in his eyes that he's definately thinking. Then, Brawly looks right into his eyes and blushes slightly, "I want you to f*ck me. Now. And hard."

Morty is at first shocked by the seemingly random request, but it didn't stop him from sitting right up and stripping his shirt off while Brawly simply shimmied his pants down.

Standing, Morty quickly removes his own pants, then moves to the end of the bed and takes off Brawly's pants from his ankles. He then grabs both of Brawly's legs, hoists them up, and motions himself down so his head is now right near the surfer's opening. Using his masterful tongue strokes, Brawly is lubed and ready within ten minutes, and Morty wastes no time driving it in hard, per his boyfriend's instructions.

Brawly closes his eyes from the initial pain, blushing profusely now as he grunts in a low voice. Morty sees this, and is turned on more than before, upping the already swift tempo to pounding. Morty leans down and kisses Brawly affectionately, then raises his head a bit and he and Brawly stare eye-to-eye as Morty continues his thrusting, sweat pouring off of his head and onto Brawly's face.

Morty then removes himself, and turns Brawly over onto his stomache, then tells him to get on his hands and knees. Brawly readily complies, and Morty enters hard again, pounding the surfer like there was no tomorrow as he smacked his tight ***.

Brawly now kept his eyes closed as he screamed loudly, "F*ck me Morty! Harder! Come on!"

The Gym Leader lays his chest onto the surfer's back, wraps his arms under his armpits and clenches onto his sholders, then drives it in as hard as he possibly can, making Brawly cry out in ectasy. Within moments, the two are both sharing an orgasm, shaking violently at the emotional release from the past two days.

Morty slows down, and without removing himself, simply makes them both roll to the side, in the perfect spooning position. He then lets his arm rest over Brawly's waiste, kisses the back of his neck, and the two allow their breathing to subside as they both fall asleep.


Later that night, Brawly is munching slowly on the carrot from before, still looking contemplative but definately in brighter spirits.

Morty exits from the bathroom, and smiles when he sees his love eating. He sits on the edge of the bed, and massages Brawly's feet as he begins speaking, "I think you'll like Johto. Hardly anybody is religious because we know about Ho-Oh and how that, even if it's a powerful and mysterious Pokemon, it isn't some divine being that's going to dictate our lives. We choose our own paths in life."

Brawly swallows his food, then nods. "Excellent. Then I choose to walk with you."

The two smile at each other at the same time, which hasn't happoned in over two days.


The S.S. GANYMEDE, on it's third day of travel from Hoenn, is now nearing it's destination of the Seafoam Islands.

Morty lies streatched out on a soft, cushioned lounge chair, shirtless and donning dark sunglasses. His shirt is folded neatly next to him, with one plush Ho-Oh doll sitting on top of it. As he yawns slowly, he smiles dreamily over to Brawly, who has spent the last two hours alternating between doing laps in the Ship's pool, and diving from the top board.

Wow, he sure is a skilled athlete. I wish I was coordinated enough not to trip over my own two feet, hmmmm. I do hope that it's helping him cope with the remaining afterthoughts of what happoned to him...I don't know if I could cope so quickly...hell, I'm a suicide survivor, that answers that. At least his sexual appetite has returned, that has to be a good sign. How many placed did we find to fool around on this ship? Well, unless the ocean simply makes him really horny, which could possibly be the case.

Morty suddenly hears an outburst of giggling, and he shifts his head ever-so-slightly. He sees a group of vacationing teenage girls have gathered near the edge of the pool, all incredibly attractive in their two-piece bathing suits. Sure enough, their attention is focused solely on Brawly, who is currently doing dives.

This causes the Ghost-type trainer to form a weak half-smile, and shake his head with good-natured humor. Of course they want him. He's such an Adonis. A David. And he chose to sixty-nine with *me* nightly, ladies, so have fun looking.


After Brawly makes another perfect dive into the pool, he immediately breaks into another string of laps. However, when he makes his way to the end of the first lap, he is destracted by a group of young ladies, who all seem to be trying to get his attention.

Out of interest, Brawly stops at the end of the pool and places his arm onto the deck for support, "Who you dudettes calling for me?"

One of the girls, a buxom blonde with perfect, flawless skin walks over to the ex-Gym Leader and kneels down right near him, purposly allowing her camel-toed crotch to be exposed out into his immediate eye-line, "Hey! Like, ohmygod, you are without a doubt the bestest swimmer I've ever seen!"

Brawly manages to look right into the girl's nether-reigons, and the smile on his face diminishes quickly and he blushes, "Whoa. Uh....that's coool."

The blonde looks over to her friends mischieviously, then streatches her legs out a little wider, nearing her womanhood even closer to his face, "Yeah, I was thinking maybe you could give me a few tips on my stroking techniques?"

Brawly, despite his better judgement, looks back and sees what she has done, and his face turns red and he begins looking somewhat nausiated, "Uh.......gee.......I don't......"

"Hey Brawly," the surfer suddenly hears the voice of salvation call out to him and he spins around excitedly, "if your done playing with the kiddies, I think there's a little business back in our room that needs to be sorted."

Brawly never looks back, swimming over to Morty's side of the pool like his life depended on it. He exits the pool quickly, and plods over to his boyfriend, who has since grabbed his belongings and handed Brawly his towel, "Thanks dude, that was terrifying."

Morty sees the girls are still watching through his sunglasses, so he gives Brawly a big sloppy kiss and quick butt-grab, before the two of them walk back to their guest quarters.

"Um, did I have broccoli in my teeth?" The blonde watches for a few moments, confused, then looks over to her friends in surprise, "Oh my god! They were fags!"


Later that day, the boat stopped at the Seafoam Islands, and the two lovers decided it would be best to head to Johto via small aircraft. Luckily, Morty was able to secure a transport at the local Pokemon Center, his status as Gym Leader allowing them free travel, as neither had much money left.

The plane ride went rather smoothly, save for Brawly learning that his stomache doesn't hold over too well from air travel. Morty tried helping him take his mind off it...but there was only so much he could do with flight attendants everywhere.


Hours later, a very exhausted Morty and a slightly sick Brawly exited the plane in Ecruteak City's small airport. As neither had any possessions, they didn't have to wait for luggage and simply strolled out, neither seemingly all that energetic.

The Gym Leader, holding tightly to his Ho-Oh plushie, simply rests his tired head on Brawly's sholder as they walk together, their arms wrapped around each other's backs. "My Gym isn't very far...just over that hill and we'll see the Tin Tower."

Brawly nods, then looks around strangely. He lowers his left eye and cocks his head to the side, "Dude...what is that?"

Morty stops, and listens. Sure enough, he too can hear the sound. Ringing. And this was a sound Morty was all-too-familiar with. He looks at Brawly, his eyes widening. "The bells! Brawly, it's the Tin Tower! We have to go!"

And with that, Morty takes off in a swift run, leaving Brawly to follow pursuit.

Morty picked up his pace every few moments, as his mind began spinning. Could another tragedy have struck the tower so soon? Or...could it be Ho-Oh is actually returning?


When Morty exits the forest, he can see the Tin Tower, but the 'commotion' around it is what causes him to stop dead in his tracks, allowing his jaw to slowly drop as Brawly stops next to him, equally stunned by the sight which lay before him.

A light fog has surrounded the entire area, and misty white clouds are swirling everywhere, through the open now-broken glassed windows of the tower, particularly through the ninth floor, through the trees, and even all around the two stunned lovers now. The wind has picked up to a faint roar, causing leaves to skitter everywhere into the air.

"Whoa. ...What's going on, Morty?"

Morty never takes his eyes off the tower, and slowly takes several steps closer, "It's...It's the Tin Tower, Brawly! The bells are ringing! And..."

Suddenly, the wind picks up even heavier, and Morty is caught off guard by a strong gush of wind that sends him falling backwards. Brawly is next to him in an instant, helping him back up.

Suddenly, a luminous rainbow begins forming directly over the Tower, and soars outwards into two directions, forming completely over the entire city of Ecruteak, despite the darkened evening sky, which logically would make it impossible for a bright shimmering rainbow to appear in the first place.

And then, it's there.

Morty sees it immediately, and his breath is completely taken away. Brawly, when he sees the multi-colored Pokemon, instinctively wraps his arm around Morty's back, ready for whatever happons.

"Ho-Oh," Morty says softly, tears filling his eyes.

Ho-Oh flies near the ground...and stops near Entei, Raikou, and Suicune...who are standing idly near the tower, all of them looking at the young lovers.

Suddenly, all three legendary dogs begin howling loudly, causing both men to clamp their ears and close their eyes...the booming echoing through their heads.

When it's over, they open their eyes and lower their arms, and both look strangely at two new Legendary beasts that have appeared behind the three, both looking somewhat younger than the others. One has a thich mane of bluish-grey hair, the other bright splashes of orange and blue.

Both stare at the two for a moment, and walk slowly over to them. They stop at Brawly, and both nuzzle his hands with their noses. Brawly looks over to Morty with suprise, "Whoa dude, I think they like me!"

Morty, despite the fantastic display of the supernatural going on around him, not to mention the obvious revelation that had dawned upon him, is taken completely by suprise when he hears his boyfriend's somewhat brainless remark. "Uh...love? Ho-Oh...I think Ho-Oh has reincarnated...your Pokemon."

Brawly looks at Morty with disbelief, then slowly looks back to the Legendaries. When he sees the familiar look of affection in the Legendaries' eyes, his eyes go sad and his mouth simply gapes open, and his head shakes slowly as he falls to his knees.

Morty feels...something...possibly a presence...near his thoughts. He instictively spins to Ho-Oh, and their eyes lock onto each other. Ho-Oh spreads it's colorful wings, and Morty's eyes gloss over slightly, "So few Humans have a pure heart, but interest I have taken reguardless. Your love for these two is as eternal as any, and I care about this particular body's fate, as he cares about mine unlike most other's."

Brawly watches Morty speak elequently, and realizes all too quickly it's Ho-Oh speaking, and he looks at the Legendary Bird with tears in his eyes, "Thank you...I am...grateful." He continues petting his former Pokemon as Morty cocks his head to the side, "For what?"

Morty looks back to Ho-Oh, but it's gone. He looks into the sky, and cannot spot it anywhere. "What just happoned?"

The two new Legendaries each lick Brawly's hand, and join the older three. They all give the two one last glance, then sprint off in different directions at lightning speed. Then, the wind dies down, and the swirly white mist dissipates, and the roaring subsides. Everything is silent, and all that remains is the shimmering rainbow in the sky.

Morty walks over to Brawly, who is lightly sobbing on the ground. He kneels down and hugs him with a bittersweet smile.


Later, the two walk through the forest, bound for Morty's Gym. The rainbow is still bright and shimmering in the sky, illuminating the entire forest with various colors. They hold hands as they walk, smiling at each other every few moments.

"We're almost there," he says holding his Ho-Oh plushie to his chest with total warm feelings, "but there was one little suprise I wanted to show you."

Brawly winks at Morty, "What could suprise me after all that?"

Morty winks back, and leads Brawly to his garden, which is filled with tomatos, corn, rice, potatoes, beans, and various other greenery. Brawly smiles as he sees it, and nods, "Yeah, pretty self-sufficient. But...this isn't that suprising."

Morty grins and leads Morty further down, and points to an entire field of crop. Brawly shakes his head in confusion at first, then his eyes light up in complete enthusiasm as he spins to Morty and grabs his hand, "Oh my god, you are like...the best boyfriend EVER."

Morty sweetly kisses Brawly on the lips and rubs his knee onto Brawly's. "I was thinking our first night together here could be...extra special."

"That...is, like, the best idea yet. I am so stoked!" He is grinning widely, flashing his perfect teeth like a little kid looking at a candy store.


Morty unlocks the front entrance of his Gym, trying not to let Brawly's sudden enthusiasm get to him *too much*.

The two enter, and Morty turns on the main lights. The Gym lights up, and he immediately goes to his living area....Brawly in close pursuit, goosing his beloved as they go.

Morty laughingly turns on his livingroom's light, and stops in shock when he sees a masked man, not much younger than himself, is sitting on the couch with his leg crossed and his arms draped over the back. He smiles at Morty and stands, "Well hello Morty, long time no see, huh?"

Brawly looks at the man oddly, well...mostly the mask.

Morty takes a few step closer, and holds his Ho-Oh plushie up to his chest instictively, "...Will?"
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You are a genius, this is one of the best fics I have ever read with an awesome pairing to match.


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*is like a crack addict for this fic* XD
I swear, it's the circle of life. Your fanart (before I even knew it was you who drew it) is what originally inspired me to write this fic in the first place. <3
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You are a genius, this is one of the best fics I have ever read with an awesome pairing to match.
Thanx! It *is* a good pairing, isn't it? They wanna makes hotness!
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