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Fighting Ire With Fire! (631)

This was a great episode. Monferno learning to control blaze by evolving was pure epic. Both Barry and Paul were great in this episode, though Paul seemed slightly ooc IMO. All these Paul and Chimchar plot episodes just continue to impress me.
Much better than whatever the heck "Chim-Charred" was supposed to be: it was okay in my eyes. Not bad, but not good. Paul was less of a d*ck than usual, which was nice, and Barry was good for once (normally, this guy made me want to smash my face in, too), Ash was nothing special/okay, Brock was bad and useless here (that is how he is in most DP eps, though, so I'm not surprised), TRio were bad as always here, and Dawn was also just okay this episode.

Rating: 70/100
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I actually felt pretty bad for Barry here; Paul snubbed him hard. Team Rocket's rocker disguises made me shriek in a good way and it was cool that Dawn learned the location of the Grand Festival. TR trapping Ash and friends in bubbles made me cackle, but Monferno's Blaze drama and eventual evolution made me yawn; I wasn't here for his antics at all.
I find it funny that Paul just watches Ash and the rest of the group deal with Team Rocket and not do anything until after they blast off by helping them save their Pokemon while Monferno was still on the rampage before it evolved and found a way to sort of control its blaze at that moment.


How on earth did Barry even beat Volkner, with all the empoleon spam he's been doing?

I kinda forgot how badass Paul sounded in the anime, Id hate to be the person meeting him in a dark alley after a loss :D

Considering monferno is a fighting type and empoleon is steel type, I wonder why they bothered bringing up monferno's disadvantage?

Barry's fining gag sucks, plain and simple, and remember when recharge moves needed to recharge, pepperidge farm remembers.

Great scene with monferno and Ash, I kinda regret saying DP Ash lacks personality...

Paul sure takes taking his time helping out Ash lol.

Great episode, infernape is pure badass in a bottle.


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I felt kind of sad for Barry when Paul got grouchy with him, tho Barry having all eight badges already was impressive. Monferno's evolution scene was amazing and I was glad that Paul got to see that. ^^
Paul's lack of involvement against Team Rocket seemed really cold of him + Monferno's evolution felt like it should've been saved for a better episode.


Jun meeting his hero Shinji was a nice moment, but I always knew that Shinji wouldn't like Jun much since Jun was hyperactive and peppy. Satoshi's Goukazaru's debut at the climax was fantastic however. It made up for the episode's slow pacing.


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I liked this episode and I'm glad Ash's Monferno evolved into Infernape.
Oh lookie here, Monferno evolved into Infernape in this episode and showed his hax power. And Paul helped out a little bit, too. Now that Ash has another powerful Pokemon on his DP team, things will get very interesting. ;)


Paul's declaration at the end of the episode came off as epic. This episode was very well written, well acted, and I never got the issue with BGM. It's always been fine by me.


So we once again saw Paul and I can't help saying that I admire that guy more and more. He's got so many features which I would have as well if I were a trainer. The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm also reaching the conclusion that Paul as a character is at least as good as Ash. Anyway, with Infernape on his side, Ash finally has a Pokemon that certainly belongs to my all-time favorites. :)
So we once again saw Paul and I can't help saying that I admire that guy more and more. He's got so many features which I would have as well if I were a trainer.
Eh, he was kind of an *** here with the way that he still looked down on Monferno up until his evolution sequence, though.


Given that this episode gave us the debut of Satoshi's Goukazaru, I do kind of wonder why Ohba didn't show up since his own Goukazaru could've been the catalyst for the evolution, instead of us getting another lukewarm Rocket-dan induced evolution.


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How ironic that Paul called the Sunyshore Gym Leader the weakest in Sinnoh. Kinda disappointed that we only got to see Paul's Electabuzz. Would've been nice to see all three final forms of the Sinnoh starters together for a change.


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For the first time ever since I had witnessed Blaze I thought Monferno looked really scary and even though he evolved isn't it sad that Paul still didn't respect him?