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FIL's SHINY and EVENT collection

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Would you be interested in my SMR2011 Karrablast and Quirky Genesect to trade for your Worlds 2012 Pikachu?
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I have:

SMR2011 Shelmet
SMR2011 Karrablast
VGC Larvitar *Flawless*
and 5 natures of the event Genesect

Yes. SMR2011 if they have english names

hi i was wonding if you would trade your shiny ut shinx for my rash event genesect? i can provide more information if need be.
IDK where you saw a shiny shinx...

Would you be interested in my SMR2011 Karrablast and Quirky Genesect to trade for your Worlds 2012 Pikachu?
No thanks

EST2012 Pikachu
SMR2012 Pikachu (German)
WORLD12 Pikachu
US VGC12 Larvitar (June 30)
Plasma Genesect

PCNY Staryu, Pikachu, Cacturne
GCEA #5 Set (All)
GCEA #6 Set (All)
Korean Pika Cafe Electivire
Korean Pika Cafe Magmortar
Korean Pika Cafe Tangrowth
SMR2011 Shelmet (English)
SMR2011 Karrablast (English)
Greek Winter Darkrai (December 31 - 2011)
Korean Summer Carnival Pikachu
Nagashima Spa Land Fossil Pokémon (all 9)
Pokemon Day Pikachu VER2012
Pokemon Day Pikachu SMR2012 (English)
Sticker Promotional Kanto Starter Eggs (september)
GameStop Keldeo 08272
European, French, German, Spanish, Italian Keldeo 09112


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id like the lonely DW bulbasaur, Any chance youd be interested in Gamestop Suicune, entei, raikou, jirachi, win2011 celebi? also have a shiny groudon. the Suicune, entei, raikou, and jirachi are all untrained, the others i recieved trained


Guardian of Asgard
Hey Fil,

Interested in Colosseum Ho-Oh [OT:バトルやま] [10048] - Hardy

and can offer the fossil events or stamp egg Pokemon.

Please let me know if interested and I can get more info to you, just VM/PM me.


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hi, i'm afraid your shop is closed now but i really want a PKLATAM Jirachi. maybe your wants have changed so say me what you want for it ^^ greetz, elyria
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