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Final Choice(One-shot)


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;330; This is my first ever one shot, but I’m putting all I know into it. Well, here it is, Final Choice.

I climbed higher up the tower. The silence was unnerving, but I had chose to do this, and I wasn’t going to back down from the challenge. I had done everything I could think of to prepare, even met what awaited me at the top. But in honesty, I knew it meant nothing. My brown hair shook with every stop, and I often found myself collapsing from the strain of the sheer amount of climbing. But still I continued.

The Pokemon left me alone, their eyes, glowing red from the shadows, followed me with every step. It was as if they knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop me, but resented the fact. I finally saw some light. I sighed a deep sigh of relief. The top was near, and the battle was immanent. What was I in for was a question I had asked myself every step. I finally came to the top of the stairs.

I brushed the dust from my black tracksuit top and bottoms. If anyone had seen me, they would have been shocked at how calm I appeared. But you can’t judge the book by it’s cover, and you certainly couldn’t have told what I was feeling by looking at me. Inside, my stomach was doing back flips, every voice in my head telling me to go back. But my heart told me to continue. I looked over the edge of the tower.

Even though from as high up as I was she appeared as a tiny speck, I knew she was down there, waiting. Her hair tied back into an eruption-like pony tail, a tight T-shirt with a fire symbol on it, and equally tight jeans, to some she would appear trashy, but to me she was perfect. She had supported me since my gym battle with her, and she still stood by me, even though I was facing the ultimate opponent.

I turned back to face the creature I was about to battle. It’s black form was curled up, and it was in a blissful sleep. It seemed a shame to wake it up at the time, but I knew that it had to be done, or more I thought that it had to be done, because I could have turned back, and left the sacred creature to it’s rest. But I didn’t. I drew out a black ball with a yellow “u” on top. It opened, and in a flash of light, my newest Pokemon appeared. It howled, raising it’s orange muzzle. It then growled, revealing row upon row of sharp white teeth. The dragon stirred at the howl, and opened it’s deep black and yellow eyes. The drowsy expression on it’s face instantly changed to a battle ready glare.

I let out a swift command, and thus the battle commenced! My Houndoom raised his demon like tail, opened his orange muzzle and released a stream of flames. The dragon smirked. It didn’t even bother to move, it simply let the attack hit, and then brushed itself arrogantly. It then attacked, opening it’s red-lined mouth and unleashed an almost identical attack, except nearly four times the size of my Houndoom’s flamethrower. Houndoom just managed to dodge it, but found itself hanging on to the edge with it’s small black paws. It let out a whine, and I returned him. I was stupid to have used him first. I had only just finished training him up, and was nowhere near the strength of my more experienced allies. I knew what I had to do.

I decided to save time, and switched to my first Pokemon. It had been with me since the beginning, and it was going to be with me at the end. I pulled out a small, worn out red poke ball, and it opened almost instantaneously, revealing my best friend, and brother in battle. A sandstorm began as my friend shook his light green wings. With another beat, he was in the air, his small black eyes staring into the black dragon’s yellow eyes from behind the orange capsules that protected them. His light green and blue banded tail hung out behind him, waving as he prepared to attack. Without even me saying a word, he raised his small green hand, and it burst into flames, before he swiped at the black dragon’s face with the three, now flaming, claws on each of his fingers. It was so fast that the dragon couldn’t avoid it, and it clutched the red marks on it’s face. It was now mad, an it did exactly as I had foreseen. It’s body glowed with a fiery red aura, and it’s pupil’s narrowed. The infamous Outrage attack. The black dragon charged at my Flygon, teeth and claws bared.

My Flygon darted around, almost having his light blue antennae ripped of his head by the attack. The black dragon turned around, and charged once more. This time, both myself and Flygon were in perfect synchrony. I commanded, and he obeyed, and a blue energy sphere formed in his mouth, as he prepared to counter the strongest dragon attack with the strongest Pokemon attack. Flygon continued to avoid the charges, by inches each time, as he charged the ball. On the fifth charge, he unleashed an immense orange beam from his small fanged mouth, and it struck the black dragon in the spot where the three red claw marks still glowed. The dragon was knocked back, and it collapsed. Flygon smiled, as I pulled out a purple poke ball with a white “m” on the front, and two purple hemispheres on the top. I threw it at the dragon. The creature was sucked up in a starry red light, and I knew it was over. Flygon landed beside me, as my heart beat went faster and faster, the pressure rising with each shake of the Master ball. It finally let out a ping, and I sighed with relief.

I picked it up, my Flygon gazing over my shoulder. Then something happened. The skies turned black, and the earth shook. Torrents of rain fell, as beams of sunlight broke through. And then I realised the key factor of the balance of the titans that I had put to rest now slept inside my Master ball. The storm died down and the sun returned to normal, but I knew that every so often, they would return, and they may last less time and they may last a longer time. I also knew they would alter Hoenn forever. And I was left with one final choice. Keep the dragon, and become known as the greatest trainer of all time, but alter Hoenn, and possibly the entire world, forever. Or release him, and one day be reduced to a forgotten memory lost in an ancient archive. The subconscious fear of all humans, to be forgotten, kept telling me to keep the dragon imprisoned. But I walked once more to the edge of the tower and looked down to the girl I loved. I made my choice.

I pulled out a small red device with a poke ball style scanner, and pointed it towards my Master ball. With a small victory tune, I registered the Pokemon as having been captured by me, and then I did what needed to do. I opened the purple ball, and the dragon appeared in front of me, glaring at me with anger, clearly enraged over it’s capture. I merely showed it the Master ball, the placed it on the floor, as it’s glare changed to a look of confusion, then to a smile, as I crushed the ball under my foot. I nodded towards it smiling, as it nodded back, before turning around and flying off with a joyful roar. I turned to Flygon, who lowered himself so I could climb on top, and we flew to the base of the tower.

My love hugged me when I got off Flygon, and we shared a short kiss before we climbed back on Flygon. She questioned whether I had done it, and a pointed towards my belt. She patted me on the shoulder as she noticed the lack of a Master ball. I smiled, then showed her my pokedex. Her frown changed to a smile, as a robotic voice read out

“Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon. First registered capture: Today, 5 minutes ago. Current status, released, today, 2 minutes ago.”


Quite good.(He sent me a PM to read this fic)

It's ok, a few tiny grammar mistakes. After you get a few replies, you should inform a mod to move this to the completed fics section.


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;330; Thanks, and I wondered how you got a fic in there. How many replies do you recommend? I only have so many favours I can call on(Ie:Fics I have reviewed)This is my first completed fic ever, and the other three are set to last a very, very long time.


Eternally hating D/P
Hmm... what can I say?

Oh yes!

I liked the idea. The characters were well developped, the battle was well detailed and interesting, the ending was nice... in short, an excellent One-shot in my opinion.

Also, for once, when a trainer captures a Legendary Pokemon, there are effects on the environment.

I always wondered why in most fics, capturing the very incarnation of Ice, Fire, Water, Time, or Life had strictly no effect on the world when they're supposed to be an important part of the balance of the Pokemon world.

Anyway, I liked your story.


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;330; BOOYAH! Another rating. And I didn't have to ask. Sometimes, Life isn't a rip off.(Remembers r-l situation and goes back to being melancholy). Thanks Zerodius. Glad you liked it. And the affects on nature were more of an excuse to have a "Final Choice", hence the title. It took a while to work out how Rayquaza's capture would affect the world. It went, "Groudon, Droughts, Kyogre, Storms, Rayquaza ?" then I thought., who kept the balance between the two? Rayquaza! And thus, both Kyogre and Groudons effects worked even when they were asleep. I was tempted to borrow off of my other fic, and have Ho-oh and the rest of the Sacred four complain, but I decided not to. Anyway they wouldn't put so much choice behind it. I left it to a morale dilemma.


I like how it seemed that you were talking but you never even did exxcept the part when the pokedex talked. The description was well and i wasn't surprised that the a flygon was in it. BTW when do Flygon's have blue protectors over their eyes? Anyway it was well written and i loved it. Also why did he even go up there to catch it?

;157;-Distorted Flames


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;330; Sorry, he was a shiny and I made a mistake. I'll edit now.Edit: Done, and thanks for the review. It was a pressure thing. He was the greatest trainer. He had stopped Magma and Aqua, seen the black Rayquaza and beaten Steven, so everyone thought that he would be the one to finally climb Sky Pillar and capture Rayquaza. And it helped that his girlfriend believed he could.(No prizes for guessing who she is.) I'm really glad you liked it. I liked it myself, it was a real experience.


Very good. (also sent me a PM to read fic)

I loved it. It was actually filled with description, but you could use a little more decsription in the Pokemon and attacks. For example, for Houndoom, instead of just saying he has an orange muzzle and teeth, you could say this:

I released one of my strongest Pokemon, Houndoom. The dark type Pokemon's legs shifted as it waited impatiently to start the battle. It was the very image of fire and dark mixed. As it howled at the dragon Pokemon, it showed its large rows of teeth, placed one after the other in a neat row. The bone-like growths on its back shifted according to Houndoom's movement, and its arrow-shaped tail waved in the breeze as its black skin reflected the sun's glow, making it become an orange color, reflected in the bone growths, and then finally showing the light to the form sitting on the pillar.

But that didn't matter too much. And in shiny Flygon's description could use a little more details, like such:

I sent out the Pokemon I had been friends with forever, right from the start. From the old red and white sphere called a Poke'Ball, I released him, and in the brilliant flash of white he gained his form. He opened his mouth and let out a roar, and his eyes, which were covered with red protectors, watched the dragon Pokemon furiosly. He beat the large wings with which he had been granted to fly along the desert, the blue outline on the diamond shape almost blinding anyone that happened to be nearby, as the sun reflected a bit more through his wings than through Houndoom's bones. He put his small green paws on the pillar's floor and his same-colored body vibrated as he breathed in through his small nostrils. The large blue antennae curved over his head as he smiled at the dragon, knowing there would be a fight between the two. He flapped his large wings and rose into the air, revealing a large blue-and-green banded tail with the same diamond shape on his tail, splitting into three, as had been seen on his wings. When he was fully into the air, his green banded legs could be seen, and small particles of sand started waving around in the air near the pillar, becoming a sandstorm.

But that's just me. If you like the way you wrote it, that's fine. I just like to get the decsription detailed and long. But the end was cute. That was Flannery, right? The one you were crushing on? *sing-song...SF's got a crush...*



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;330; I don't develop crushes on fictional characters. I maintain my sanity. Thanks for the compliment. But if you must know, my character in NL,NH is Rick.....(Work the rest out for yourself). Anyway, Flannery's one of my fave characters, 'cos Fire Types rule!(Still, Dragons rule more!) And you made a mistake in describing Flygon. He's shiny, so the red parts are orange and the dark green parts are blue.


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Wow, that was awesome! Loved the description and everything; it made me feel like I was climbing with him, like a little fan eager to see him battle the black Rayquaza :D. And I love how it was a Shiny Rayquaza, that was awesome! While I don't like the whole releasing part, I understand why he did it, and ultimately he made the right choice. This one-shot is great. Seeya Shiny Flygon.
<SCM> (also PMed xD)


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;330; Thanks, I myself loved it. And if you don't love your own work, how can you like anyone else's? I'm really glad everyone enjoyed this so much. It was my first ever one shot, and I'm overjoyed it did so well. And to clearify, everyone but Zerodius I PM'd. I was that desperate.

Felix Feral Fezirix

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Singapore Time: 4.03am. My mum is so going to kill me. Whatever. Get to it you no good Pikachu.

;025; Ayeaye Cap'n, blow me down. Okay, a little grammar pickys here 'n there but overall it's great. I liked how you descrobed Flannery. Wait, I forgot. Rinoa asked me to do this: S.F and Flannery sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Whack her if you want to, she's the mastermind, not me! Back to description. It's good, but the way you described Houndoom made it feel like a completely different pokemon. Work on that... And Master ball catches everything in one shot, but if you want to be more realistic go ahead and use it after you weaken the pokemon. Well it's up to you. Guess that's all for today. Goodbye for now.


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;384; I have two words for Rinoa, WHAT I DID TO JACK WILL NOW HAPPEN TO YOU!

;250; OMG! My brother can't count past two!

;384; What! Right, bring it on bird boy!

;250; Anytime!

Cheloly:Awesome! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Uniceera:Break it up you two, remeber the last time we fougt? The Seafoam area was never the same.

;330; Uniceera has a point you two, get back to Astra, now!

;384;,;250;,Cheloly and Uniceera:Yes Rick, we mean, S.F.

;330; *Glares* Hmph, anyone who makes another Flannery crack does get beaten up by Rayquaza, OK?! Thank you Felix for the compliments.