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Final Destination 5 (PG-15)


Cheese XD
The old thread went away, and I've revamped the first chapter anyway, so yeah. Enjoy ^^

The Yasmin Bridge stood, tall and proud, a monument to the modern age. It was a long and impressive looking concrete structure, with arches of concrete and stone running the length, with strong cords of wire holding them in place with the main body. It had begun construction in 2009, and now, 6 years later, it had been finally finished. It was seen by many as a celebration to the end of one of the worst recessions in more than a hundred years.

Darren Atkins found himself on his tiptoes, peering over the constantly shifting heads of the crowd. He sipped his coke noisily, before making his way back to the bench. He, his friends, his dad and his brother had all attended the event, and he’d been some of the lucky few to have caught a bench to it on, before the major crowds had flooded in. He plonked himself down next to his girlfriend, Sarah Fencing. She was about four inches shorter than he was which suited him perfectly. She had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, and a slim figure. She was wearing a red tank top and denim jeans, sitting on her jacket so she didn’t fry in the boiling sun.

He looked around the table, his eyes resting on the next person along: Tiffany Albatross. Tiffany was Sarah’s best friend, and Darren’s best friend’s girlfriend. She was a tall, slim 19 year old girl, an attractive body, a nice personality, and long blonde-brown hair – but not like the cheap bleach-blonde extensions you could see on the *****y plastic wannabes you just wanted to bludgeon; no, she was quite kind and talented. Next to her was Darren’s best friend, Adam White.

He was tall, had spiky brown hair, and green eyes. His muscular body was visible through his purposefully tight top, which he wore with tracksuit bottoms. He was biting a chunk out of a sandwich and saw Darren looking at him, so he quickly looked away.

Opposite him was his brother, Kyle. He had unruly black hair, was a similar height to Darren, but ever so slightly taller. He wasn’t as muscular as him, but he was a bit cleverer. And just that little bit arrogant. When he was smaller, he’d been in a car crash, and now had a lifetime scar along his arm.

Finally, sat next to his eldest son, was Kyle and Darren’s father, Horace. He was shorter than Darren, and quite chubby, but he hadn’t been when he was younger; he’d been an Olympic-level Diver. Of course, he’d never been in an Olympic event, but it was his level of skill and used the term as often as he could. He had receeding brown hair, which was beginning to turn grey. He had a red shirt on, which showed abstract surfboard images printed repeatedly in patterns, and grey shorts. He had an anger management problem, but when he didn’t go over the top and nearly kill you with his rock-hard fists, he was pleasant enough. Kyle was usually there to calm him down, so he hardly ever went overboard.

“Adam, this is kinda boring,” Tiffany complained in a hushed voice so that Horace could not here. Kyle, being slightly closer, smirked at the comment, whilst Horace looked blissfully into the distance, under the illusion that his offspring and their friends were enjoying themselves. Pretty soon, their day out would take a violent turn for the worse.

Adam laughed. “I suppose. Hey, d’you wanna go catch a film at the cinema? How about one in 3D?” he asked, taking another bite out of his sandwich. She smiled, and gave him a hug.

“Thanks, dude,” she said, particularly to playfully annoy him with that last word, to which they both laughed.

“So what’re you gonna do when we get there?” Sarah asked Tiffany, leaning across the table. Adam leaned back to let the two girls chat about French accessories. He looked at Darren, who gave a sympathetic shrug. The two boys laughed, and Darren suggested they simply move seats. Adam got up and moved to the seat next to Darren, which had promptly been vacated by Sarah without having been asked.

“So,” Adam said as he sat down. “What’re you gonna do?” He laughed as Darren mimicked gossiping about nails and handbags from France.

“But seriously? I’m not entirely sure. Sunbathe in beaches? Eat ice-cream, and waffles! Chocolate waffles, oh they’re amazing, you gotta try one,” he prompted, clapping his hand on Adam’s shoulder. He smiled.

“I’m sure I will,” he answered, and the two got themselves into a deep conversation. Meanwhile, Kyle and Horace sat in an awkward silence, both pretending to be deep in thought.

Fireworks exploded into the sky, sending a cascade of colours raining down through the sky. Night had settled in, and after a long, loud party to celebrate the opening of the bridge, many people had settled down on picnic blankets on a giant field. A lucky few cars got to travel across before any others, and for free too. Since Darren and his friends were amongst those first 100 or so, they had packed their bags and prepared for a 2 week trip to Southern France.

“Aha, okay guys, I think it’s time we got some cars on that road, whadd’ya think?” the host of the “party” said, with a dazzling smile. The crowd roared, and he attempted to continue over the noise.

“Right, c’mon kids, let’s get in the car,” Horace announced, putting down a magazine he’d been reading on their picnic blanket. On the back advertisement page, Darren could see an advert for some new chocolate bar. Astro, from Galaxy – it’s to DIE for! He bitter cold wind swept around him, and he rubbed his bare arms with his hands. He rolled up the blanket and put in in their picnic basket. As they walked towards the car in a chilled silence, he watched as a mother chased a small child with a sparkler. She grabbed it from him and stamped it on the ground, before pulling the child away.

“Come on, you silly boy. You’ll have someone’s eye out!” the mother complained as she walked away. Darren shivered, imagining a long, bony finger running the length of his spine, spreading a metaphorical frost through his bones. He turned around, but saw nothing but other families heading towards cars, grass dancing in the cold wind. Somewhere, he could hear a party. “This Wheel’s On Fire,” by Julie Driscoll was playing, loud enough to hear from where he was.

“Did you feel that?” he asked Sarah. She turned to him and walked backwards, cocking her head to one side.

“Feel what?” she asked. He shrugged it off.

“Nothing, sorry; must just be the cold,” he replied. She nodded.

“Yeah, it’s a bit chilly,” she noted. Darren smiled and walked up to her, wrapping his arms around her. They walked together, Sarah laughing as she stood on his feet, Darren doing the walking for both of them.

Inside the car, Horace sat in the driving seat, with Kyle sat next to him. Sarah and Darren sat in the middle, whilst Adam and Tiffany squeezed into the back two seats.

“Ah, that’s better,” said Horace as he clunked his seating belt into place. “Let’s have a little music, shall we?” He pushed the volume button which turned on the radio. The orange letters flashed up: Station: 1.79 Aero News.

“...or not,” he said, and hastily changed channels. Station: 1.80 Retro Music. David Bowie’s “Slow Burn” spread throughout the car. Kyle, annoyed, jabbed the power button and the radio powered down. Horace frowned, but put the key into ignition. “Ah well, never mind. Always did like a bit of David Bowie, me,” he said, reminiscing his “era”. Kyle smirked.

Horace pulled in close to the bridge and, ever the polite veteran, allowed at least 7 cars to go ahead in front of him.

“Dad! You could’ve gone in just there!” Kyle complained. Horace shot him a ‘look’.

“Don’t question me,” he responded, and pretended to focus his attention on the road. Through the window, Darren saw an old man wind down his window and throw out a can. Behind them, a young girl stood up through the sunroof and started waving her arms, whooping wildly. Soon many people – including Sarah – were doing the same.

The water below the bridge began to get restless, and the waves rose high, crashing against the Bridge’s supporting stone pillars. Neon lights ran the length of the road, and their wires ran down to several power boxes, located at several points along the bridge. A ferocious wind picked up, and one particularly weak power box lost its lid. The waves rose high, and within no time, had splashed quite ferociously into the power sockets. Along the bridge, the lights began to spark out.

They were rolling onto the bridge now, and Sarah got back into the car, laughing as the sunroof shut behind her. “Hey, Kyle, pass me a drink, would you?” Tiffany asked.

“And me,” Adam chipped in. Kyle reached down into a carrier bag at his feet, and pulled out two cans of Strongbow.

“S’all we got, I’m afraid,” he said, passing them backwards. Tiffany grinned.

“No complaints from me!” Adam laughed, and opened his can, a fizz escaping the gap. Out of no-where, a light at the side of the road sparked, making Darren jump. Four more did the same, until they calmed down.

Ahead of them, another light exploded, this time sending shards from the light’s glass casing into a car’s wheel. It’s air pressure began to slowly go down.
“Woo!” Adam cheered, from the back of the car. Tiffany laughed, telling him not to be so loud. Ahead, the slowly deflating tyre suddenly burst, causing the car to swerve. It skidded, so it was travelling sideways, before it flipped over and over. Sarah gasped.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. The car crashed into one of the concrete pillars and exploded, the force making cracks in the beige-coloured stone. People gasped all around, but they soon turned into screams. Almost all at once, every single light began to explode, this time in small balls of fire. The cracked pillar crumbled, and began to collapse. Cars swerved to stop, but the cracks had spread far up the stone column, and as it fell it broke into chunks. Cars ahead of them were squished, at least two exploding into flames. Screams were heard, but they soon died out. Horace screeched to a halt, unclipping his seatbelt.

The shock waves from all the explosions caused the other pillars to crack and crumble. Screams were echoing far and wide, and it was soon clear that the bridge was falling apart.
“Quick, out!” Horace instructed. Darren and Sarah got out first, and then Adam, and then Tiffany. Horace’s door was jammed, and as he was banging it, a huge chunk of concrete slammed onto the car, crushing him. His blood splattered out through where the windshield had been, which now lay in a thousand pieces.

“Dad!” Kyle screamed, shocked. The section of the bridge in front of them collapsed, and the car began to slip down. Kyle tried to climb through the window, but more of it collapsed, and he fell to his imminent death.

“Dad! Kyle!” Darren shouted, running to the edge of the hole. There was nothing he could do, so he backed up, tears flowing from his eyes. “Come on,” he said to the others. Tiffany was clearly scared, and was clinging to Adam. Sarah grabbed Darren’s hand and the four of them ran. An explosion ruptured through the air, and a burning car fell to the ground where they were, missing Tiffany by inches. They jumped back in surprise, and ran around it. Concrete fell, chunk by chunk, behind them. Fire burned, and explosions flared. A Wire cord that connected the collapsing archways to the main body snapped. A terrified woman ran around, unsure of what to do or where to go. The wire lashed out and sliced her head clean off, as well as the upper section of her torso. Tiffany slipped on her blood.

“Ah!” she exclaimed, crying. Adam went over to help her, but was pulled out of the way by Sarah. At that moment, a flaming wreckage of a car came cart-wheeling out of nowhere, crushing and incinerating Tiffany completely, before exploding, Tiffany’s body flying outwards in pieces. Adam cried her name, but Darren forced him to come with them.

Mutilated bodies lay everywhere, and cars were still being crushed. The pavement cracked and fell away behind them, leaving other wreckages further down the bridge to freefall into the sea. A car flew out of no-where, the three of them narrowly dodging it. Its exhaust pipe stuck out at a dangerous angle. They began to run away, but Adam slipped on someone’s bloody intestines and fell backwards, impaling his head on the metal pipe jutting out from the underside of the car.

Darren gasped, putting his hand to his mouth, and Sarah began to pull him away, screaming over the noise that they needed to get away now.

Hand in hand, they both ran towards the edge of the bridge. Darren felt Sarah’s hand slip out of his grip, and he turned around; just in time to see a jagged, pointy edge of concrete sail down through the air towards her. He tackled her to the ground just before it could hit her, but he could see the the bridge was cracking. He clambered up, half dragging Sarah with him. But the floor gave way too soon, and Sarah slipped, hanging in the air. She held onto Darren’s hand, her fingers slipping away.

“DARREN, PLEASE DON’T LET GO!” she screamed, hastily grabbing the edges of the concrete. But on the other side, the disconnected concrete cracked away and slipped forward. It took out her lower section, ripping her clean in half, leaving her intestines and organs to drop out one by one, and fall into the ocean. As if by instinct, he suddenly let go of Sarah’s body and jumped in the air – narrowly avoiding a car bonnet, spinning on fire where his arms and feet had been not a second earlier. He ran towards the edge of the bridge and threw himself on solid ground. He turned around, and saw the bridge collapse totally, with a might metallic groan, and the bloody, mutilated remains of all those people slipped into the sea, the bridge falling and crumbling long into the distance. One of the tall archways began to fall towards him, and he pretty soon got the idea of what was happening. He scrambled to his feet, running for his life. He looked back; a large section of the arch had broken free, and was bouncing towards him. His feet tangled in the grass, and he tripped. Whipping around on his back, the chunk of stone bounced, aboce him, crushing his head—

He gasped, opening his eyes, jerking in his seat. He was sweating, and he felt hsi head for good measure – yes, still there. He looked around: he was still in the car. Looking outside, he saw an old man wind down his window and throw out a can. Sarah stood up through the open sunroof and started waving at the other girl. Darren gasped, hyperventilating. He leaned forward and almost broke the radio, hitting the power button so hard. It sprang into life, playing Slow Burn, the song having not finished since Horace turned it off last. He gasped, sitting back in his seat – it was happening. It was happening now!