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Final Destination


Has anybody seen it yet? I've heard that it sucked, but what do you guys think about it? Personally, it looks way to gory. Reminds me of some sort of non-slasher version of Friday the Thirteenth.


Well,I kinda liked it but my saying would be 'Not Bad'.
But I definitely would not pursue it.I don't think I'm watching it anymore


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You mean the Movie about Kids escaping Death so now death is out for them? I saw some of it as well as the sequels. They are cool movies to watch when there is nothing else to do. Not the best horror movie series ever though. Probably give that to Friday the 13th or Halloween. Still need to see all of those.


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The Final Destination series is awesome. If you are talking about The Final Destination that is coming out in August or September.

And no it is nothing like Friday the 13th (The original and remake).

I enjoyed the Final Destination series better. But I have only gotten to the 5th Friday the 13th movie. So it could go wither way.


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They are really creative and cool. Can't wait till the 4th one comes out in August~ :)


The first one was really good, the second was ok, the third was kind of blah, and I won't go see the last one, I'll wait for it to come on dvd or something. I really think they got carried away, kind of like Saw, but with less movies. At least for now. =(


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^The next one's going be in 3-D too, just to make things better....

They're an okay horror franchise though, the unrealistic yet there's a .01% chance these things can happen (not the chain, but individual events/deaths) keeps the appeal level up. They are original enough and I will most likely see this one as well.


I really like the movies. The ways they die are pretty interesting as well but at this point it feels like they're just milking the franchise. I'll wait until the last movie, The Final Destination, is out on DVD to watch it.
they are quite creative and i don't find them gory the sunbed sequence was the best. just because i hate women like that.

although i hate the plane bit at the start of the first one eeee-no. i'm paranoid enough with planes thanks.


this movie is going to be an epic Fail
I haven't seen it, but it sounds like a good concept. However, they're kind of doing what they do to saw, milking it for all of its money worth, even if the quality is declining


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I've seen all three of the Final Destination movies I didn't care for them to well.


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i have seen only 2nd part of the series and i found it good and would like to see 1st and 3rd part


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Has anyone actually seen it yet? I saw it yesterday, I'm not gonna lie, you'll all be suprised - the opening diszster is by far the best directed clash of death in all five films, easily rivalling that of the second film and quite honestly, surpassing it, the effects are amazing and the 3D aspect actually enhances it all instead of making it look gimicky. The plot has a nice, fresh feel to it, with two major twists, one that we saw coming, one that I don't think any of us will have guessed. Ever. And it's right at the end, and when people say that your mouth was hanging "agape", for the first time mine actually was, but I won't spoil it for you. It's a homage to the originals in that it focuses less on the gore (though there is still some) and more on the tension and suspense and creativity, which is what made the first ones successful.

If you think you'll be disappointed...you're going to be very pleasantly surprised ;)

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I do not want to watch this...


While I'm growing tired of this series, I still enjoy the opening scenes, and that's mostly why I still bother to see them. I mean, the plot is limited, there's only so much you can do. That said, I do find them fun, in a morbid sense. I mean, there's just some underlying feel of joy when you know the person on the screen is about to meet their end by a little room cleaning robot that has now set off a chain of events in the manner of the old game, Mouse Trap.