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Final Fantasy Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by darklord18, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Welcome to the Final Fantasy Club

    All final fantasy fan can come here to chat

    Final Fantasy series is a rpg game that has you take the role of a group who each has a past that drive them. You fight monster level up. each game differ in term of story in some shape or form, there 14 main games and tons of side game and squeal. here are some

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 2
    Final Fantasy 3
    Final Fantasy 4
    Final Fantasy 5
    Final Fantasy 6
    Final Fantasy 7
    Final Fantasy 8
    Final Fantasy 9
    Final Fantasy 10
    Final Fantasy 11
    Final Fantasy 12
    Final Fantasy 13
    Final Fantasy 14

    1 no spamming
    2 no bashing, trolling. flaming etc
    3 respect other
    4 don't ask to be mod i will pick mods
    5 no double triple posting
    6 when posting art/fan fic give credit
    7 use the sign up form to join

    sign up form


    what games you played

    what things you like Final Fantasy


    darklord18 (owner)
    Maya Fey
    Altaria Mist

    fan art

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011
  2. □□□□□

    □□□□□ Everyone's doing it!

    Id would like to join.
    Games Played:FF, FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF12, FF ring of fates, Chrono Trigger, FFT, FFTA, and FFTA2.
    What i like: EVERYTHING!!!(Especially Yuffie, My fav character.)
  3. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper


    my fave character are cloud, lighting, cecil, kain
  4. □□□□□

    □□□□□ Everyone's doing it!

    Cecil is cool.(this thread needs more posts and members)
  5. Pucca_ness

    Pucca_ness ^__^

    Quite frankly I expected a Final Fantasy club to be a lot busier than this!

    The best game series to date in my humble opinion. Although lately I feel the games have been seriously lacking. They do not feel like true Final Fantasys anymore.

    The last proper one in my opnion was X. XII was also good but it was too Tactics-esque for me to like it fully. Also do not get me started on the Zodiac Sphere or the Tournasol... grr.

    My favourite FF and favourite game ever would be FFVII. Loved it since the 90s so if you think i'm one of those pretend fans who think they like it after seeing AC you have another thing coming.

    After VII my next favourites would be VIII, X and IX however I am enjoying VI and have played IV on the DS. Almost completed 1 :p I do this with every FF. Get to the final dungeon and then never play it again... for a good while at least. I've only ever properly completed VII and X In terms of storyline and as for VIII and IX. Well in IX I'm at the final dungeon and from what I could remember I was grinding to try and beat the tough bosses there.

    In VIII I got to Adel and realised I had been relying on my GFs too much, which for that battle are useless because of Rinoa. So I restarted and got into the card game and then left it for a bit and haven't gotten back to it for a while now.

    XII I didn't get the Zodiak spear so I was aiming for the tournesol which means getting various loot items to make other loot items to get the weapon. One of the loot items is a very rare drop from an oversoul thing in the ruins of wherever and only 6 or so appear each time you go through it. I only need two!

    Played I, II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII and XIII along with Tactics Advance and Crystal Chronicles which was rubbish. Did not like it in the slightest. I've also seen Spirits Within and Advent Children. I waited for years for AC to come out. Found out about it ages before release when only a few screenshots of cloud VS Kadaj (but we didn't know his name at the time!) were around to make us drool.

    Also got about two minutes into II and gave up. Everywhere I went I got slaughtered.

    My favourite things about FF games are the storylines, graphics in later games, moogles and summons! The characters aswell are amazing. Cloud, Nanaki, Vincent, Aeris, Squall, Zell, Vivi, Reno to name but a few are admired by myself.

    The music as well is just amazing. Even in midi format it's enjoyable! One of my favourite is JENOVA from VII. I also love Liberi Fatali, Force Your Way and the Balamb Garden tune from VIII.

    My most precious possessions include a resin cast of vincent in his VII gear, cloud on his motorbike fenrir and a Cloud plushie my finace bought me =3 <3

    My favourite necklace is Sephiroth's wing that a friend bought me... after saying I liked Cloud more <.< He wanted to eb the only one with a Cloud necklace.

    Something I treasured more than any of them was a little walkthough booklet that came with a gaming magazine years ago and it had original artwork of cloud on the front. I have no idea where it is now. ;.;

    I think that's all I should say just now. I've got some fanart but it isn't on this computer so I cannot show. It's really just how well I can copy Nomura's Red XIII. Think i've got other characters somewhere.

    TL;DR I would like to join even if the club is doomed to the second page where I found it.
    Last edited: May 24, 2011
  6. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    I would like to join

    Name: 7_tyranitars
    games played: III, IV (nds version) and revenant wings also echoes of time one and tactics II
    what I like about it: i don 't know it just haves something special :eek:
  7. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    yeah from xii they loss their touch imo

    or the high power emeny that give poor exp

    i love 7 and imo their best moment and my 2 top game

    a reason i stop playing 4 after year grinding


    there a anime call ff unlimited, got 3 dvd so far

    ahh i can understand that, it why i stop playing xii

    all final boss music, vii, iv music was great like kain theme really suited the scripted fight, i could feel sorry for cecil.

    i saw cloud ac sword at a for 99 dollar i think, ever time i visited the shop i spend a few mims looking at it

    u both add welcome

    still waiting to get cecil dlc for dissida 12
  8. Maya Fey

    Maya Fey Member

    name: Maya Fey, aka samwin on bulbagarden forums

    what games you played, final fantasy 3, final fantasy crystal chronicles and ring of fates, and final fantasy 4

    what things you like Final Fantasy, the amazing storyline, how it can really evoke emotion in the player, fantastic characters each with different sides to their personality
    and breathtaking graphics, oh and good music to :D
  9. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper


    and i think for a 1st topic should be

    What was your best FF moment

    beating ff4 psp, first ffiv i ever beaten

    another was ffta when fighting Newt rita(human/veira girl)

    and final getting cloud ac outfit in dissida

    what yours?
  10. Altaria Mist

    Altaria Mist Illumise=PWNAGE!!!!!

    Please OH please can I join? Even though I only have a DS?

    Games Played: FF3, FF4 (<3 Rydia and Cecil), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, Final Fantasy Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates, Final Fantasy Chocobo Tales (FTL so gimmicky :p).
    What I like: EPIC storyline, versatility in each different game, awesome characters, JOB CLASSES, battle design, how it makes me cry and laugh, OMFG EVERYTHING INCLUDING DIFFICULTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pucca_ness

    Pucca_ness ^__^

    OH god I remember the anime, I had the first four eps on a disc... Disliked it immensly. As with Spirits Within I was dissapointed by the summons... as in they looked too blocky. SW had no summons, that was dissapointing.

    As for my best FF moment, easy finally beating Emerald Weapon in VII. I tried so many tactics on it and eventually figured the best way was with multple summons of KOR and Mime materia.

    Until I got to that conclusion I tried the Omnislash + mime method which failed because my strength was too low in the end even at lv99. I tried other things too but I forget now it was so long ago.

    In the attempt to get the Omnislash method to work I had to of course master loads of Mime materia which ment LOTS of fighting and levelling. I ended up with 8 mimes and a crapload of other mastered and twice/triple/quadruple mastered materia.

    Also in that time I exploited the W-Item glitch to end up with max Megalixers and everything else. Also I had only obtained one Ribbon via stroyline so I also morphed enough Tonberries to have a Ribbon on each character.

    So doing all that to use a method that didn't work in the end was rather soul destroying. However it ment I could use the other method and I eventually won! I could finally get that Master Summon materia and finally get Bahamut Zero because I missed it the first time around T^T

    That's in terms of gameplay. Storyline would be the weapon raid or the start sequence in VIII <3

    Also I have a gooey soft spot for the romantic moment Yuna and Tidus have at the lake and the entire beautiful cutscene that it takes place in. Plus Kimahri smiles :3
    Yuna summoning Valefor when she's falling in her wedding dress is also a wonderful scene.

    Having trouble remembering single moments in storyline outwith pretty cutscenes. There's sooo many!
  12. Sam2010

    Sam2010 Cheers

    I would like to join.
    Games Played:FF, FF2, FF7, FF8, FF10, FF10-2, FF12, FFTactics
    What i like:I like alot of things about Final Fantasy.
    Favorites: VIII, VII, and X
  13. Plight of Leon

    Plight of Leon custom avatar please

    I would love to join.

    Games ive played:
    FF1, FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF10, FFTA, FFTA2, FFT

    What I like: Bosses, Chaos, Dark and Arubboth Emperor, Kefka, Exdeath, Sephiroth etc.
    cloud, kain, shadow, vincent, cid(FF7), squall, firion, ricard:)) ), and tons others.....
  14. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    all accepted welcome

    i found the anime till they went to other way of doing the series
  15. satanicjesus

    satanicjesus Well-Known Member



    what games you played

    FF1 (PSP), FF3 (DS), FF4 (DS), FF5 (GBA), FF10 (PS2), FF12 (PS2)

    I'm currently playing FF7 and FF9 on my PSP and I own FF2 on the PSP and FF13 but haven't played those yet. I also have Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales.

    what things you like Final Fantasy

    There are different things I like about the FF games I've played. Like in FF5, I love the job system and the characters (Gilgamesh!), while in FF12, I liked the hunts and just running around killing monsters.
  16. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper


    one hadit i have in ff is buy all armor and weapeon lol

    what was your habits in ff?
  17. Pucca_ness

    Pucca_ness ^__^

    My habits... I like to have one of everything too until I need money :p although when you get so far through VII you have a ridicoulous amount of money anyway so you can just go buy it all again.

    Also in VII all my chocobos have to be the highest rank :p Not just for breeding but for fairness.

    In all games I like to do as much of the side quests and get as much of the items as possible before even attempting to beat the game. In VII i had to get all summons and all the Weapons beat before finishing Seph and Jenova off.
    In VIII I want to get all the summons.

    In X I wanted to complete each character's area of the sphere grid before end game.

    And in XII, like a lot of people I missed the Zodiac Sphere so I want the next best thing, the Tounesol before I beat the game, but that means hunting for all the loot needed to make it :/ Still trying to get the rare drop off the Oversouls Dx

    Getting to certain levels before certain areas in subsequent playthroughs is also a must, In the first playthrough It's all about the story for me.
  18. Plight of Leon

    Plight of Leon custom avatar please

    my habits if to face a really tough boss at a really low level, and see how hard i get destroyed.
    Or, to overtrain and watch as the other bosses pitifully try to beat me.
  19. Foxyvulpixie

    Foxyvulpixie thug life

    name - foxyvulpixie

    what games you played - ff12, ff10, and ff13.

    what things you like Final Fantasy - the characters and storyline :)
  20. Skoy

    Skoy Well-Known Member

    Name: Skoy
    Games: I've only played Dissidia 012 FF but I love it!
    What things you like about Final Fantasy: Like EVERYTHING it's so great the storyline is awesome and my favourite character. (Cloud Strife) :)

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