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Final Fantasy X... HD-fied

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by ssjtidus, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Crimsonlink

    Crimsonlink Crimson Champion

    They don't have to of course but it would be nice to have new features and what not. I don't want them to change the story or anything but more enemies and weapons is always a plus. Also changing the model for some of the shields and weapons besides the basic 5 would be nice.
  2. mario_fan

    mario_fan Kawaiibunkle

    I'm hoping for an extended sphere grid or at least one more aeon like a hidden one (crosses fingers for Alexander or something)
  3. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    Or add the International Version bonuses like the Dark Aeons. They could follow OoT 3D's example.
  4. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

    Just make it on 360 or iPhone/iPod Touch and then I'll care.
  5. ~Lati~

    ~Lati~ Or not :/

    How about both VII and X?
  6. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    Seems like the FF10 remake is Square Enix's test of putting something new into HD to see how it would look compared to the original.

    Of course, 10 never needed a graphics change. Why does Square Enix pick favorites when it comes to remakes?
  7. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    It's not out of favoritism. X is probably the easiest to convert to HD. It's out of pure laziness. Well, XII would be easier because its graphics are better, but no one cares about XI and beyond anyway.
  8. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    Actually this seems like a good idea. I just wouldn't want any changes, even slight ones, to the storyline or the battling system. Anything else is fine.
    I so want to see some example screenshots of the HD work.
  9. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    seriously. FF4 and 6 did it, and they're widely purported to be among the best entries in the series (at least by the fandom that didn't start out in the Nomura era). What do these people want? A job-change system (as much as I friggin' adore it)? Materia?
  10. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    I just remembered Blitzball. That will be amazing in HD. :eek:

    Also, anyone else ever thought that Kimahri may have been singing Suteki Da Ne in the Macalania Forest love scene? The Ronso are... quite talented?
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2011
  11. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    If you mean 3D as in 3D models, it already is. It you mean 3D as in jumping out of the screen kind-on-way...even that wouldn't make the damned mini-game more appealing.

    That singing assumption is creepy. Ronso do sing the Hymn of the Fayth, though.
  12. Crimsonlink

    Crimsonlink Crimson Champion

  13. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    Woops, I meant HD, not 3D lol. I love Blitzball.

    And yeah, it's fun to think of Kimahri having such a pretty voice. lol

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