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Final frontier: Hoenn Style! (advanceshipping PG)


What's the matter?
Hello I'm new here at serebii and i was wondering to post my new fan fic here. anyway i hope you guys will like this fic.

Also to people that read this fic. would you mind reviewing? i want to know what you think about this fic.

Final frontier: Hoenn style!​

Chapter one:
The new battle frontier

It was just another day in a small town of Pallet. A young pokemon trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum was resting with his furry electric mouse companion by the name of Pikachu. Both friends were lying on the soft lush grass while looking at the clear blue sky watching clouds surpassing them by overhead. It has been a year since Ash had travel with Pikachu or any of his friends. A midday breeze blew into their faces while made the weather cool while the sun still made it warm rays on the planet. Ash had just finish the Sinnoh championships last year but sadly lost against his new rival Paul. Paul was a experience trainer who had all so been though Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Ash could still recall the hard core battle. The young boy could feel guilty and disappointment run though his veins.

“If I didn’t make that mistake I could of won” the disappointed trainer said ending with a sigh.

Pikachu who had been sleeping for the last hour or two heard this statement and quickly woke up. The little electric mouse yawned and stretched before jumping on top of it’s trainer’s chest who was looking at the clear blue sky but was easily told that he was disappointed.

“Pika pi?” The electric mouse asked with consideration.
“This is nothing Pikachu” Ash told his furry companion as he turned onto his side which made Pikachu jump off and was now facing his owner’s back. “I wound what they will say” Ash told his furry companion without facing him.

This made the little yellow mouse confused. What did he mean by they? The little mouse pokemon walked to it’s owner and patted it’s back to tell that what ever was in his owners head that everything was going to be okay. The pokemon trainer turned to face his best friend.

“Thanks Pikachu” Ash told his pokemon as he patted his head.

Then suddenly Pikachu’s long yellow ears went up quickly. Ash sat up as Pikachu did this.

“What is it Pikachu?” Ash asked his pokemon.
“Ash” A voice called out to the young pokemon trainer. “Lunch is ready!”

Ash knew that it was his mother. His mother Delia was the only parent he knew. She raised him since he could remember. Ash got up from the hill covered by grass and ran to the house. he could remember the first day he was going to his journey. He was ten back then and now five years later his was fifteen. Ash even remember how worried his mother was when he left. He always asked him how was life by your self while your son was gone on his journey. When Ash got to the back door he put his hand on the doorknob and pulled it down and dragged the door towards him and enter himself in with his fury companion on his shoulder. When Ash got into the kitchen he was greeted with a surprise visitor.

“Scott?” The pokemon trainer asked in confusion.
“Long time no see Ash” the owner of the battle frontier greeted the trainer. “How’s it been?”
“Nothing really” Ash replied as he got a seat next to Scott. “Why are you here?”
“I’m here to invite you to my new battle frontier in Hoenn” Scott said as he gave Ash a pamphlet of the new battle frontier in the region Hoenn.
“Wait you made another one?” Ash asked in a surprise tone of voice.
“Aren’t you interested?” Scott asked Ash.
“Of course I am” Ash said as he got up in determination.
“Well that’s nice to know” Scott said ending with a smile.
“So where’s he first frontier brain?” The determined pokemon trained asked.
“In Petalburg” Scott replied.
“Petalburg?” The pokemon trainer replied in surprise. “That’s where May and Max’s lives” Ash thought to himself

Suddenly the cooking of Ash’s mother distracted Ash’s concentration. Soon Ash sat down again drooling over his mothers cooking.

“Mmm, Apple pie”


“So there is a new battle frontier here?” A young brunette asked her younger brother.
“Yeah and her name is Keito” The young brunette’s brother replied.
“Give me that!” The young brunette asked as she stretched for the pamphlet her younger brother had in his hands.
“No way May!” May’s younger brother refused as he got off the sofa and ran away from his sister.
“Come on Max!” May’s called out as she also got off the sofa and chased after her brother.

After a few minutes of playing cat and mouse May finally got her younger brother. She picked him up to her face height and took the pamphlet out of his hands and dropped his to the floor.

“Bully” Max mumbled.
“I heard that Max” May said behind his back. “Now lets see what this is about”


“Keito is the Petalburg battle frontier” Scott explained. “She uses any pokemon she likes but the one she uses the most are her Gliscor, Raichu and Donphan. So far only a few trainers had bet her”
“She sounds like a challenge” Ash replied
“And she is” Scott added. “So when are you going to Petalburg?” Scott asked the young pokemon trainer.
“Tomorrow” Ash replied. The young 15 year old trainer look at his fellow companion. “You ready Pikachu?”
“Pikachu” The yellow electric pokemon replied with sparks ready to be released from it’s red cheeks showing it’s determination to battle.


“So her name is Keito hey?” May told herself while ignoring her little brother who was jumping to try to get the pamphlet out of her older sister’s hands. “And her favourite pokemon are a Gliscor, Raichu and a Donphan” May read aloud as he put he finger under her chin. “I have no doubt that Ash is going to compete in the Hoenn battle frontier. What do you think Max?” May asked her little brother.
“I think you should give me that pamphlet” Max suggested.

Instead of following her younger brother’s suggestion she gave her younger brother a no mercy hit on the head. Which caused the young ten year old a lump on the head.

“I hate you” Max told his older sister.

May just smiled at her little brother and started walked away.

“Well I have no doubt that Ash is coming here” May told her brother. “We better get ready for his arrival”

End of chapter one
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What's the matter?
Chapter two:
A unexpected wake up call

It was just another morning in Pallet. Ash was in his room sleeping on his stomach with Pikachu on top of his back. The blanket was already on the floor and the pillow Ash was sleeping on was on the edge of the mattress. Soon the alarm clock started to ring and was vibrating on the end table. The sound was making Ash waking him up. Without opening his eyes he felt the end table, looking for the alarm clock. When Ash found it he turned it off before going back to sleep. A few minutes later his mother came into his room and found his son still asleep with his starter Pokemon doing the same thing.

“Ash Ketchum!” His mother yelled.
“Just five more minutes” Ash complained as he turned onto his side which made Pikachu fall onto the floor and made Pikachu wake up.
“Ash the boat to Hoenn is leaving in ten minutes!” His mother called out to her sleepy son.
“What!” Ash replied as he finally woke up.
“Hurry up and get dressed” His mother told him. “I will be waiting for you downstairs”
“Okay mom” Ash replied as he got off the bed and rush to his drawer.

Delia left the room as she closed the door behind her. Meanwhile Ash was throwing his clothes on the floor. He was looking for the clothes that actually fitted him. Then he finally found it. His old Sinnoh clothes. First he found his black vest with a yellow “V” shape designed on it. Ash got any white t shirt and rushed to put any pants he could find. Ash slipped his shoes onto his feet without untying the laces. Lastly Ash put on his red cap with a half blue poke ball as the centre piece of his cap. After this Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder and the two rushed out of the room hoping there is time to spare.

When the young Pokemon trainer got downstairs he found his mother waiting for him with the tickets in one hand and his old Sinnoh bag in the other. Ash walked to his mother and gratefully accepted and waved to his mother as he ran out the door rushing to the port.


In Petalburg May was doing what Ash was doing earlier. Sleeping in. May was sleeping with her mouth open and was drooling a little. The blanket was only covering her lower body and her pillow was already off the bed. May was having a great time sleeping until something bright get into her eyes. When the young sleepy brunette woke up she found that it was the sun’s rays peeking though the red curtains in her room that woke her up.

“Good morning dear” A happy mother greeted.
“Hi mom” May greeted back as she rubbed her eyes. “What time is it?”
“It’s around noon” Caroline told her daughter as she tied the curtains with a pink ribbon. “Anyway Ash is coming”
“What time?” May asked as she got up from her bed.
“In less than a hour”
“What!” the surprised brunette said. “Why so fast?”
“His mother called me about a hour ago. Telling me that Ash was going to compete in the Hoenn battle frontier” Caroline explained to her daughter.
“I…I better get ready” May said as she rushed to her drawer.

Caroline just smiled at her teenaged daughter as she tied up the another pair of the curtain with the last pink ribbon. After this she left her only daughter to dress up. Back in her room May was having a hard time choosing what to wear. The more she looked the more higher the pile of her clothes became. Soon she found what she was looking for. May put on her orange dress and put on her black shorts. Then May looked around in her many show boxes to find a pair of shoes. It didn’t take long to find the pair she was looking for. She put on her orange shoes with a white strip across her toes. Then May got her green bandana and tied it onto her head. Then the young teenager looked herself in the mirror. She even twirled around. After looking at her self one last time she ran out of the room.

When May got out she saw Max was watching TV. He looked like he hadn’t had any sleep and was lazy as his pokemon Slaking.

“Max what are you doing?” May called out to her younger brother.
“Watching TV?” Max replied.
“Don’t” May commanded.
“We have to get ready” May told Max. “Ash is coming in less than a hour”
“What?” replied a shocked pokemon trainer. “Ash is coming in less than a hour?”
“Yes Max” May replied as she walked over to her brother. “Now do you want to come with me to greet him?”
“Sure” Max replied as he got of the sofa. “It will be nice to see Ash again”


“Hey Pikachu do you see what I see?” Ash asked his starter pokemon
“Pika pi” Pikachu replied with a nod.

What the two best friends saw was the region Hoenn. The region where the new battle frontier was. Soon the island became bigger and bigger as they went closer to the island. Soon the boat made it’s final stop and when it did all the passengers got off ready to greet their friends and family. Ash got off with Pikachu on his shoulder. Ash looked around and couldn’t find May until something landed on top of Ash’s head. Ash looked up and saw it was May’s Beautifly.

“Ash over here!” May called out while she was waving her hands in the air.
“May!” Ash greeted as he waved his hand in the air as well.

Ash ran up to May and was surprise to see Max was with her. He saw that Max had grown a few centimetres

“Hey Max“ Ash greeted. “Looks like you have grown a few centimetres”
“Not funny Ash”
“So you’re here for the Hoenn battle frontier?” May asked.
“Yep” Ash replied with a smile.
“But before that you going to battle me” Max said.
“Battle you?” Ash asked in confusion.
“Don’t you remember the time when you told me that when I become a pokemon trainer you would fight me”
“Oh yeah” Ash replied as he scratched his head with a smile on his face.
“So when is the battle?” Max asked.
“When we get to your place” Ash told Max. “And just because you just became a pokemon trainer doesn’t mean I will go easy on you”
“Just give me what you got”

End of chapter


Latias Fanatic!!!
Hmmm, I don't generally read Advanceshipping fics, but I figured since you were nice enough to reply in my Altoshipping thread, I'd do the same for you.

I think you captured the personality of May and Max pretty well. I chuckled a little bit at their sibling rivalry because it seemed so genuine. I also liked how Pikachu interacted with Ash and seemed concerned about his sadness. It's funny how you can pretty much track Ash to the biggest Pokemon event going on in whatever region it's going on in. You know he'll be there. =P

I thought it was cute that May's Beautifly landed on Ash's head. May wanted to make sure that she saw Ash for sure so she had Beautifly on the lookout. Sort of foreshadows that she really cares about him. She could have just showed up and if she didn't happen to run into him, thought "oh well, no biggie."

I'm curious to see how you decide to present the relationship into your story. It seems like May has a bit of a thing for Ash so far, but isn't ready to admit it to herself.

Your writing is pretty good, though you seem to struggle a little bit with grammar. Ever thought about asking a friend to proofread or beta-read your chapters before you post them? Just a thought. It's still easily readable without that. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :)


What's the matter?
wayc said:
Your writing is pretty good, though you seem to struggle a little bit with grammar. Ever thought about asking a friend to proofread or beta-read your chapters before you post them? Just a thought. It's still easily readable without that. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Grammer. i hate grammer. you should of seen my grammer a few weeks ago. it was horrible.

wayc said:
I thought it was cute that May's Beautifly landed on Ash's head. May wanted to make sure that she saw Ash for sure so she had Beautifly on the lookout. Sort of foreshadows that she really cares about him. She could have just showed up and if she didn't happen to run into him, thought "oh well, no biggie."
Well i got that idea from the episode when May came back to visit in Sinnoh.

Anyway thanks for reviewing. your my first one. thanks and i will thank what you said in the next chapter. ^_^


This Modern Love
I like the story so far. I've always liked Advanceshipping :)

the writing is pretty good and the plot seems like it could develop into a nice piece of literature

it's just that sometimes the sentences don't seem to flow so well...
but it's nothing that a good proofreading won't fix ^.^

anyway, nice job, keep it up!


What's the matter?
Chapter three:
First thing is a Pokemon battle

“It’s great to be back at this place” Ash said with a stretch.
“So do you want to do the battle now?” asked a very unanticipated trainer.
“Yeah lets do it” Ash said as the two ran into the gym.
“Hey wait for me!” May called out to the boys as she chased after them.

When May came in she saw that he two unanticipated boys were already at each end of the battle field. May quickly ran across the battle field and took a seat. Next to May was her Skitty.

“Nah!” the kitten pokemon yawned after it’s nap.
“Hello Skitty” May greeted with a smile. “your just in time for Ash and Max’s pokemon battle”
“Remember Ash this is a one on one battle” Max told Ash.
“Let’s stop talking and battle” Ash said.
“I couldn’t agree less” Max said “Now come out Slaking!” Max said as he threw Slaking’s poke ball onto the battle field.
“Pikachu let’s go!” Ash told Pikachu as he got onto the battle field as well.

Slaking came out of it’s poke ball as Pikachu got into position for the battle.

“Pikachu use volt tackle now!”
“Slaking use aerial ace now!”

Pikachu was running towards Slaking as for Slaking was sitting there yawning. Then when Slaking saw what was happening it quickly got up and used aerial ace and had a direct impact on Pikachu and made Pikachu fly back to it’s starting position.

“Whoa” Ash said in surprise.
“Surprised aren’t you Ash? I have learnt a lot” Max said.
“Yes that is true Max but the battle has only begun” Ash said back at the young pokemon trainer. “Pikachu use thunder now!”

The small electric mouse pokemon summoned a power electrifying thunder attack right at Slaking. Slaking electrified in the thunder and turned all black right after.

“Slaking!” Max called out to his pokemon.
“Okay Pikachu lets use volt tackle one more time!” Ash called out to Pikachu.

Pikachu started to run to Slaking. Everything was looking fine until Max pulled out a unexpected move.

“Slaking use focus punch!”

Slaking got up and it’s fist started to glow brightly and when Pikachu was near Slaking, Slaking delivered a mighty focus punch at Pikachu and made the yellow electric pokemon flying back to it’s spot.

“Pikachu!” Ash called out.
“Now Slaking use…” Max said but was stopped when he saw his pokemon lazing around which made Max sweat drop.
“Pikachu get up please!” Ash begged his starter pokemon.

Pikachu was struggling to get up. The focus punch did major damage to Pikachu. Finally Pikachu got up but was puffing showing that it could take another powerful move like focus punch.

“That’s the way Pikachu!” Ash told out in happiness. “Now let’s us thunderbolt to the max!”
“Pi…ka…chu!” Pikachu said as it released a power electric attack.
“Slaking use hyper beam!” Max told Slaking.

Slaking opened it’s mouth and released a power hyper beam while Pikachu’s thunderbolt ran right into it. Both powerful moves made a huge explosion which also made a huge sound which both May’s and Max’s parents heard and ran right into the gym. Soon the smoke subsided and both trainers were eager to know who had won. When the smoke was fully gone both trainers were shocked to see the results. May got up from the bench with Skitty in her arms.

“Pikachu and Slaking are both unable to battle” May declared.

Max returned Slaking back into it’s poke ball while Ash went over to Pikachu and carried the electric pokemon in his arms. Soon both trainers walked over to each other.

“That was a great battle Max” Ash said to Max.
“Thanks Ash” Max smiled. “You did great as well”
“Well if you too were going to blow up the place you should of told me” May said as she walked over to the boys.
“Sorry about that” Ash said as he scratched the back of his head.
“What happened here?” Norman said as he entered the battle field.
“Ash and Max nearly blew up the battle field using their pokemon” May told her father.
“Sorry about that dad” Max smiled.
“That’s okay” Norman replied. “Just make sure you tell me when your using the gym. You made me and your mother quite worried”
“Okay dad” Max replied.

Then Caroline came running into the gym and stood next to her husband. Norman explained what had happened. Caroline took a sigh of relief. Soon she notice that Ash was at the scene as well.

“Ash” Caroline greeted. “How nice of you to come”
“It was about time someone notice me” Ash said in his thoughts. “Nice to see you too Mrs. Maple” Ash greeted.
“So are you here for the new battle frontier?” Norman asked the young pokemon trainer.
“Yes I am” Ash replied. “Do you know where it is?” Ash replied at the same time his stomach growled showing that Ash was hungry.
“But before that I think we should all eat” Caroline suggested.
“Yeah” Ash replied as she scratched the back of his head.


After lunch Ash, May and Max all went to the first battle frontier. It wasn’t far from town. Soon they reached the first battle frontier. The battle frontier arena looked more like a concert hall.

“You sure this is the place?” Ash asked Max.
“I’m pretty sure”
“But it looks like more of a concert hall than a battle frontier” May said.
“That is true”

The three friends looked back and saw that it was Scott that was behind them.

“Scott?” Ash asked. “What are you doing here?”
“To see you battle of course” Scott said. “Like you did back at Kanto” Scott added.
“Well let’s go so you can see me battle!” Ash said with determination.

Ash ran right to the front door first with the rest of his friends including Scott. When the rest got there they saw Ash looking disappointed.

“What is the matter Ash?” May asked.
“Look” Ash replied as he pointed at the door.

Everyone looked at the sign that was inside the door.

Closed for the day

“Don’t worry Ash” Max said in concern. “There is always tomorrow”
“Yeah your right” Ash sighed.
“Come on let’s head back” May suggested.
“Well see you tomorrow then” Scott said as he got into his red car.

Soon Scott drove off in his red car while the rest of the group walked back to May and Max’s home. Hoping that tomorrow Ash’ will finally verse Keito. The first battle frontier brain in the Hoenn region.

End of chapter

Authors notes

Well I'm glad this chapter is out of the way.

Waterpokes: Thanks for the review.

rowly: Thanks and i will proof read more often to fix the mistakes. ^_^
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What's the matter?
Chapter four
Let the battle begin!

“Finally!” called out a impatient pokemon trainer. “This place is open!”
“Finally we can stop hearing your voice” Max said ending with a relief sigh.
“Well let’s go in” May suggested.
“Yeah” Ash nodded.

So all their friends raced into the building. When they got in they saw they were inside a concert hall. There was a stage with long silk curtains the was touching the floor board. Beside them were red seats where the audience were to be seated. Suddenly the curtains opened and two spotlights moved around the stage until they stopped and focus in the middle of the stage. Soon they heard footsteps coming from the stage and was coming towards them. Soon a girl appeared in the middle of the spotlight. She had a red coat with a matching red pants. She had knee high purple socks and black long high boots. She had short violet hair with red and black shades.

“Who are you?” Ash asked.
“What?” the shocked woman said as she took off her shades quite quickly. “You don’t know me?”
“If he did then he wouldn’t ask you would he?” May said to back up her friend.
“Well I’m quite disappointed but never mind” the mysterious woman said. “My name is Keito. Battle frontier of the battle stage!” Keito announced.
“What you?!” everyone said in shock except Scott.
“Well where is the battle field?” Ash asked with determination.
“Right here” Keito said as the whole stage lit up and showed a battle field ready to be battled on.
“Now this is what I am talking about” Ash said.

Soon Keito and Ash were on either end of the field. As the friends watched they saw more and more people filling in the seats of the battle stage.

“Wow Keito must be popular” May said as she looked left and right as more people came into the room.
“Yes Keito is very popular” Scott replied. “Sometimes she likes to be call Stage Madonna Keito” Scott added.
“Now this will be a two on two battle” the referee announced.
“Now take the stage my dear” Keito said as she threw her poke ball onto the ground.
“Let’s go Swellow!” Ash said as he threw Swellow’s poke ball onto the ground.

As for Keito the pokemon that she wanted to battle was her Donphan.

“Now let this battle begin!” the referee declared.
“Rollout Donphan!” Keito told her ground type pokemon.
“Quick attack Swellow!” Ash told his flying type pokemon.

Swellow followed his master’s order and used quick attack at Donphan but when Swellow ran into it Swellow was easily knocked away from Donphan fast rampaging roll out attack.

“Now take down attack Donphan!” Keito commanded.

Now Donphan used takedown and looked like it was already over. Swellow was about to get up until it was attacked again and flew right in front of Ash’s feet.

“Swellow please get up” Ash begged.
“There is no use talking to that bird of yours. This battle is already won”
“Ke-I-to! Ke-I-to!” The crowd cheered for the battle frontier brain.

Just when both trainers thought it was over Swellow got up on it’s two feet. Ash could tell in his eyes that this battle was far from over.

“That’s the sprit Swellow!” Ash said. “Now it’s our turn. Swellow use fly!”
“But how?. Rollout and take down should take Swellow down easy” The battle frontier brain asked herself. “Looks like I’m unto a challenge”
“Now attack Swellow!”

Swellow was flying straight towards Donphan with a break neck pace. It was so fast that it hit Keito’s Donphan before Keito could pull out a move from her sleeve. The ground pokemon slid a few centimetres backwards.

“That’s it Swellow!” Ash told his pokemon. “Now use aerial ace with quick attack!”

Swellow flew up and when it got up to a good height it flew back at Donphan with another break neck speed. When everything looked clear and bright it suddenly went dull and black.

“Donphan use Hyper beam!”

And without thinking twice Keito’s Donphan unleased a power full red and orange beam right straight to Swellow. It hit Swellow face first and soon when the move was over Swellow dropped to the ground. Swellow’s eyes where now black swirls.

“Swellow is unable to battle” The referee declared as he raise red flag towards Keito side which was showing that she had won the first half of the battle.
“Go Keito!” Keito’s fans cheered.
“Go Ash!” Max cheered.
“You can do it Ash!” May cheered for her best friend. “Don’t give up!”

With so many fans cheering for Keito. Ash heard his best friend saying not to give up. This gave Ash a confidence boost. Telling himself that this battle isn’t over.

“Thank you, thank you” Keito replied as she did a flying kiss to one of her fans. “Remember the challenger still has one more pokemon left” Keito reminded her fans.

Ash was still on the other end of the pokemon battle field. He was thinking what pokemon he can use. Soon the pokemon trainer made his move and threw his poke ball on the floor. What came out was Gailie. Ash’s only ice pokemon.

“Well this is going to get interesting” Keito told Ash.
“It sure is” Ash told the battle frontier brain. “Because I was just warming up. Let’s go Gailie!”
“Looks like I have some competition” Keito told herself. “Well if it a battle he wants well it’s a battle he will get” “Donphan let’s go. Let show his what a battle frontier brain can really do!”

End of chapter
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Never Alone
cool story so far =) update soon


What's the matter?
Chapter four
Let the second battle begin!

“Gailie use Ice beam on Donphan!” Ash command his Ice type pokemon.
“Donphan use scary face on Gailie!”

Donphan used scary face on Gailie. It’s eyes glowed yellow while it put up a anger face. It stopped Gailie before using it’s ice beam attack.

“Now use slam!” Keito commanded.

Donphan ran right into Gailie and made Gailie go back a few steps back.

“Gailie use Ice beam again”

Soon a blue light started to appear between Gailie’s horns. Then a freezing cold ice beam attack made a direct hit on Donphan. Soon Donphan was solid cold.

“Finish off with head butt!”

Gailie ran right into the frozen ground type pokemon and when the two collided the Ice shattered into tiny ice crystal pieces. When Donphan was out it fainted straight away.

“Donphan is unable to battle” The referee declared. “Ash’s Gailie has won this battle!”
“Yes we won!” Ash cheered as he hugged his only Ice type pokemon. “Good job Gailie!”
“Only a few has beaten my Donphan but only had beaten my killer pokemon” Keito thought to herself. “He won’t stand a chance against me now” “Let’s go Raichu!”

Keito threw her poke ball to the battle field. Out came the evolution of Pikachu. It had a big huge brown body. Big feet and paws. It had yellow electrifying cheeks ready to burst out massive powerful electric attacks. Its tail had a thunderbolt symbol. It eyes just glared at Gailie showing this match won’t be as easy as the last one.

“Okay Gailie promise you will do your best okay?” Ash told his pokemon.
“Gailie” The head pokemon nodded.
“Good let’s use blizzard!” Ash told his pokemon.
“Thunder wave Raichu!” Keito told her electric type pokemon.

But what came out first was Raichu’s thunder wave. It shot a weak thunder bolt attack to paralyse Ash’s Gailie. When Gail tried to attack her couldn’t. he was paralyse to Raichu’s thunder wave attack.

“Gailie!” Ash called out to his pokemon.
“Now Thunderbolt Raichu!” Keito commanded.

Then Keito’s Raichu shocked the whole area sending a powerful electric attack to Ash’s Gailie. Ash watched as he saw his own Gailie getting shocked by Raichu’s attack.

“Gailie use Ice beam!”

This time Gailie felt his body was now free to use his own body at his own command. Gailie started up his Ice beam attack and within moments Gailie unleased a powerful ice attack at Raichu. Raichu didn’t see this coming at all the was frozen at the spot when he got hit by Gailie’s ice beam attack.

“Gailie head butt Raichu now!” Ash said with determination.

Gail ran into Raichu and Raichu was thawed out by Gailie’s head butt attack. Raichu was send flying back to his master’s feet.

“Get up Raichu” Keito commanded. “We have a battle to win”
“Rai…chu…” replied Raichu with it’s left eye closed and was already puffing.
“Use thunder Raichu!”

Sparks was starting to appear from Raichu’s cheeks. Ash knew if this hit Gailie it would be already over.

“I have no choice” Ash thoughts said as they ran though his mind. “Gailie use explosion!”
“Gail?” asked Gailie.
“Trust me Gailie on this one” Ash said to his pokemon.
“Gailie” Gailie nodded and turned away from Ash.

Gailie concentrated his body to explode. His body started to glow bright white. Meanwhile back at the stands May knew what Ash was doing.

“What is Ash trying to do!” May yelled as she got up from her seat. “That is his last pokemon!”
“And Raichu is also Keito’s last pokemon” Scott added.
“But what if Keito’s Raichu survive the attack?” Max asked.
“It’s a risk I’m sure Ash is willing to take” Scott said.
“Ash what are you doing?” May asked herself.

Soon Gailie’s explosion was ready. Beams of light was coming out of Gailie. Soon Keito’s Raichu thunder was ready as well. The most powerful electric attack hit Gailie and then Gailie’s explosion exploded. The huge area was covered by layers of thick smoke. Nothing could been seen. Soon the smoke subsided and was left was one fainted Gailie and one fainted Raichu. Both at their owners feet. Keito was shocked to find her Raichu was unable to battle.

“Both Raichu and Gailie are unable to battle. This match has ended as a draw” The referee declared as he lifted both flags.
“Wait!” Keito called out to the referee.
“What is it Keito?”
“I want to give something to this trainer”
“Me?” Ash said as he pointed at himself.

Keito reached down to her pocket and pulled out a sliver badge. Ash had a surprise look on his face.

“Take this” Keito told Ash.
“But why?” the young pokemon trainer asked. “I didn’t win”
“You did a great battle out there and you showed how a real battle is done” Keito replied.
“Thank you so much” Ash said as he took the sliver badge from Keito’s hands.
“What is you name boy?” Keito asked.
“My name is Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum from Pallet town” Ash replied.
“Ash Ketchum?” Keito told herself in her thoughts.“Wait that means that his…”

But before Keito could finish that sentence she heard the whole crowd cheering and clapping at both of the trainers achievement. The two just waved at their fans. Then the two faced each other again.

“I must go now” Ash told Keito.
“Go then” Keito told Ash.

Ash returned Gailie back into his poke ball and ran out of the stage to greet his friends who were blended with the cheering fans of both trainers.

“I knew I saw that battle strategy before” Keito told herself. “They are both alike”


“That was a great battle Ash” Scott told Ash. “I never saw that coming”
“Me either” Ash said as he scratched the back of his head. “Anyway where’s the next battle frontier brain?” Ash asked with determination.
“Roulette Goddess Daria is in Mauville” Scott told Ash.
“Mauville got ya”
“Isn’t that where Wattson is?” May asked.
“Well we should say hi to him when we get there” Brock suggested.
“Well see you there” Scott said as he got into his red car.
“See you there Scott” Everyone said as they waved at Scott as he drove away.
“Well guys lets go” Ash said as he started to ran ahead of the group.
“Hey wait for me Ash!” Brock called out.
“Don’t you dare forget about us Ash!” The two siblings called out as they both chased after Ash.

When the group was gone a girl who was hiding behind a tree heard their conversation. She has long brown hair with a teal sleeveless top. Short red shirt. A white hat with a half red poke ball in the middle. Saggy teal socks and red and white shoes. She also had a shoulder bag that had a belt that went across her left shoulder to her right hip and on her right hip was her bag. She watched as Ash and his friends ran off behind the hills.

“His back” She mumbled under her breath.

End of chapter
Author's notes

Sorry for the delay peoplez! too busy sleeping in. xD

DeM0NaRUt0= Thanks for liking it! ^_^
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lol who is the person who said "He's back" is it a surprise???

DeM0NaRUt0= Thanks for liking it! ^_^
No prob. I like stories w/ advanceshipping but not all fluffy stuff i like action too


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Well here it is! chapter five! enjoy!


Chapter five
On the road again

“What!” Ash said in a shocked tone of voice. “Your coming with me?!”
“Why not?” asked a very not pleased brunette. “Is it bad to come with you?”
“It’s not that” Ash said as he scratched the back of his head. “I’m just surprised that’s all”
“Well the more the merrier” Brock added. “You coming as well Max?”
“Of course!” Max replied. “I have to keep a eye on my sister and Ash” Max teased.

Without thinking twice May hit her younger brother on his head and made Max fall onto the ground with torchics running around his head.

“Oops” May said sarcastically. “My bad”
“Sometimes I wonder why you were my sister” Max mumbled.
“Well we better go” Ash said. “I really want to get to Mauville already!”
“Calm down” May said. “We will get there in time”

Then both May and Max’s parents Caroline and Norman came out with lunch for both their children.

“Now have a safe trip okay?” Caroline told her children as she both kissed them on the forehead.
“Okay mom” Both replied at the same time.
“Let’s go” Ash said.
“Okay” May nodded. “Wanna race to Rustboro?”
“Your on” Ash replied with determination.
“Okay” May said. “Ready….set…” May said as she ran ahead of Ash. “Go!” May declared as she started to run down the gravelled path.
“Come back here cheater!” Ash yelled at the brunette who was much ahead of him.
“Looks like I have to get use to this again” Max sighed as he and Brock chased after the two.

As the four ran away from Petalburg and to Rustboro there was a man on a green hill. He had a black suit with a red “C” on his sweatshirt. He was also looking at Ash and his friends by a pair of binoculars. Then he got out his walkie talkie from his pocket. He put the object near his mouth and began to speak.

“It’s him” He told to the walkie talkie.
“Are you sure?” a voice replied over the speakers. “We have done this to about 30 trainers and he is still not the one we are looking for. How do you know it’s him?”
“He has his friends and that Pikachu with him” the mysterious person replied.

There was a minute silence over the two. Then a voice replied back.

“Very well. When do we attack?”
“Now” the man replied back.

Meanwhile Max and Brock were still running after Ash and May who were no where to be seen. The two kept on running until they saw the two puffing and breathing for air. Even Max and Brock were puffing after chasing the two.

“How can you guys…run that fast?” Max asked as he tried to get some air in.
“Practice…” the two replied. “You should travel…more Max” May replied to her younger brother.
“I think I should get cooking” Brock said. “Who wants lunch?” Brock asked
“Me!” Ash and May said at the same time.


The whole group decided to have lunch. After their delightful lunch the four went on their journey once again. Everything went fine. It was a peaceful afternoon. Nothing seem to go wrong.

That was until something tragic happened.

Smoke was emerging from the gravelled path and smoke was spread everywhere. Everyone was coughing and covering their mouths. When the smoke subsided the four of them saw a man in black with a red “C” marked in the middle of his black suit and he had two men by his side. His had black shades to cover his eyes.

“Are you Ash Ketchum from Pallet town?” the man asked.
“Yes I am and how did you know my name?”
“Is this team rocket because if it is I didn’t know they got even more uglier” May added.
“I don’t belong to that worthless criminal organisation” the man replied as he crossed him arms. “And I’m not ugly”
“So who are you?” Brock asked.
“That is me to know and you to find out” the man in the shades replied. “Anyway Ash do you know anyone by the name of Lucas?”

Ash froze when the word Lucas enter his mind. Normally Ash would say something back but Ash just stood there frozen without saying a word.

“I knew you would act like that” the man said ending with a laugh. “Anyway have you seen him? He is in a lot of trouble with me”
“Look I don’t know him!” Ash yelled back after getting his old self back.

Then the man got a smoke ball into his hand and threw it to the ground. The ball exploded into smoke.

“We will meet again Ash” the man said as his voice echoed in the smoke. “Say hi to Lucas when you see him okay?” the man said as the smoke disappeared within minutes.

When the smoke was fully gone the four saw that the man in black was gone and so was his two men by his side. May went around to look at Ash and Ash wasn’t the cheerful Ash. He looked like a scared and terrified.

“Are you okay?” May asked as she put her hand on his shoulder.
“I’m fine” Ash replied with a smile.
“Anyway who were does people?” Max asked in confusion.
“Team cyclone” Ash replied to Max.
“But how do you know?” May asked.
“You really don’t need to know” Ash said as he put his hands into his pockets. “Now lets keep going before it gets dark okay guys?”
“Yeah lets go” May replied.

So the four started to travel on the road again. Ash didn’t seem to mention a word after the clash with team cyclone.


“We will meet again Ash” the man said as his voice echoed in the smoke. “Say hi to Lucas when you see him okay?” the man said as the smoke disappeared within minutes. were the words that ran though Ash’s mind. The young pokemon trainer was thinking deeply as these words ran though his head.


Then suddenly Ash stopped thinking and fell backwards for he was sitting on a fallen tree in the Petalburg woods where bug pokemon walked freely.

“Ouch” Ash said as he rubbed the back of his head. “that hurt”
“Not my fault if you daydream and fall backwards” May said.
“If you didn’t show up I wouldn’t hurt myself” Ash replied as he got up from his fall.
“So what were you thinking about?” May asked.
“Nothing” Ash lied.
“Well you had to be thinking of something” May replied.
“Well I was thinking about how I should beat the next battle frontier in Mauville”
“Already?” May asked in shock. “You really taking this battle frontier seriously”
“Of course” Ash smiled. “Battling is in my blood May”

Soon the two reached Max and Brock. Max was trying to fix the poke nav which was getting no signal. Brock was packing their stuff after sleeping in the woods for the night.

“You guys ready?” Brock asked.
“Yeah let’s go” Ash replied.

All of them got their bags and started to walk out of the forest. It was a long walk but they manage to get out. As they got out they finally got to see and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays. They saw a huge lake in front of Rustboro they shown like a diamond when the sun’s ray hit the lake. Next to the lake was a flower shop. When May saw this she quickly ran to the flower shop. The three boys followed the young brunette into the shop.

When they enter they saw May all over the place sniffing each flower she came across.

“I’m not going to get her” Max said with his arms crossed. “she is embarrassing me”
“I will stay here with Max” Brock said before Ash could say anything.
“Fine” the trainer sighed. “I’ll get her” Ash said as he walked over to May. “May let’s go” Ash said to May as he grabbed her hand.
“Aww come on Ash” May said as she was getting dragged by behind. “Take some time to sniff these flowers” May said as she stopped Ash and showed him the flowers.
“I’m not interested” Ash replied. “I just want to get to Mauville as fast as we can”
“Are you going to by her some flowers?” Asked a florist. “Is she your girlfriend?”

The two blushed bright red. They had never had any one say that May was Ash’s girlfriend.

“NO” the two called out.
“But your holding hands” the florist replied.
“I’m holding her hand because she is embarrassing her younger brother” Ash replied as he started to take a few more steps towards the door.
“Come back anytime!” The florist called out as she waved goodbye at the two.

Soon the two were outside the shop. Ash was still holding May’s hand while in her other hand was still a bunch of flowers.

“That what happens when you stick to Drew too much” Max told her sister.
“Tell me about it” Ash sighed. “Because of her the florist accused us two as boyfriend and girlfriend”
“Can’t blame them” Max said.
“Why?” May asked.
“Your still holding hands”

The two look at their hands and they indeed still holding hands. Soon the broke the holding hands with a slight blush on both faces.

“Let’s just get to Rustboro guys” Brock suggested.
“Good idea” May replied.

The three all started to walk to the city except Ash. There was a shocked look on his face. Behind a tree was a girl. A girl with long brown hair. Sleeveless teal top with a short red shirt. A white hat with half a red poke ball in the at the front. May looked back and saw Ash wasn’t moving a step closer to the city. May walked back and looked at what Ash was looking but what May saw was nothing, the girl had disappeared. May looked back at Ash and saw him say just a few words.


End of chapter five
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Chapter six
Born into a world of criminals

“Who is?” May asked.
“You mean you didn’t see her?” Ash asked.
“Well never mind” Ash replied. “Let’s just get to Rustboro okay?”
“Sure thing Ash” May replied.

The two best friends headed to the city. As they went in they saw the huge tall buildings reaching towards the sky. Busy cars driving past and pokemon everywhere. The four where walking to the poke centre when they heard a explosion near the Devon corporation. They ran to the building and when they got there they saw the building gulped by red hot flames. Smoke was starting to come out of the building. As the three friends got out their water pokemon to save the building Ash saw something near the building. It was a black van with a huge red “C” marked on both sides of the van. Ash rushed to the scene to stop what was happening. As Ash was running to the black van the van made its move and started to drive away from the young pokemon trainer.

Just when all hope was gone a unexpected Ice beam attack froze the van still. As the smoke subsided there was a girl in the sky sitting on a flying type pokemon. Ash knew who it was. It was that same girl he saw earlier. Soon the ice started to make a cracking sound. Soon the van was thawed out and started to drive off. As the girl followed the van with her flying type pokemon. Her pokemon’s ice beams attack kept missing as the van speed was increasing by the minute.

“Dragonite use earthquake!” the young girl commanded he Dragonite.

Dragonite came flying towards the ground at break neck speed. When it was about to hit the ground it landed using his feet. Then the ground shook and so did the van. When the drivers in the van was shocked she and her Dragonite flew to the van and stood in it’s path.

“Give them back” She demanded. “Or else” The young brunette added as she pointed to her Dragonite.
“Fine we will!” The criminals said as they put their hands to surrender.

Ash just saw this girl stop these crooks with just one pokemon. Then she looked at him for one second. Her reaction of anger and threatening became a state of surprised and shock.

“Ash?” She muttered. “Is that really you?”

Then Ash heard his friends calling out his name. Ash just looked at her one last time before running to his friend’s voices. Then the girl stopped looking at Ash and looked back at the crooks. She saw then tip toeing away with the rare stones. All she did was looked away and pointed at the crooks. Her Dragonite knew what this meant. Dragonite quickly stood in their way. Soon the young girl came to join the crooks.

“So?” she asked. “Who’s first?”


Ash finally was able to join his friends who which now glad that they helped to save the building.

“Ash” May asked. “Where have you been?”
“Nowhere” Ash replied.
“You okay?” Max asked. “You looked a little shocked”
“I’m fine” Ash replied. “Anyway how is the building? Did anyone get hurt?”
“Nobody got hurt” Brock replied. “And the building and everything is fine. All the equipment inside need to be replaced and the building needs major repair inside and out”
“Okay I see” Ash said. “we should head to a poke centre to heal our pokemon” Ash suggested.
“Good idea” May replied.

So the four friends headed to the poke centre. When they got there they all gave their pokemon to the loving care of nurse joy and then straight went to their room. When they got there they saw their room. There was two bunks beds on each end of the wall with a window in the middle with a balcony. Max laid on his bed, Brock went to his notes on how to become a great pokemon breeder and May went on the top bunk and laid there as she took off her shoes and socks while she was up there while Ash made his way outside the poke centre.

When the young pokemon trainer was outside he was looking at a photo. There were five people in the photo. Including himself. He was looking at it carefully.


Ash took the photo away from his view and saw it was the same girl he saw earlier.

“What do you want?” Ash asked in a unpleased manner.
“Aren’t you glad to see me?” she asked.
“Should I?” Ash asked with his same tone of voice as he turned his back on the young brunette and started to walk back into the poke centre.
“Their after Lucas you know” she told Ash. “They won’t stop until they find him and if they do you know what is going to happen”
“It was his fault to begin with. Thanks to him you and I are involved to his problems” Ash said as he turned to face her direction. “So why are you still helping him. Just let team cyclone find him already. Stop protecting a criminal Amelia!” Ash yelled.
“How dare you call Lucas a criminal” Amelia said.
“But it’s true isn’t it Amelia?” Ash replied. “We are also criminals. We belong in a criminal origination” Ash said before entering the poke centre leaving Amelia alone.

Amelia just stood in front of the building holding her heart as she look towards the sky.

“Lucas….” she muttered. “What have you done?”


Ash got into his room and saw his friends lying down in their bed except May who was looking at her ribbons she won back in Hoenn when she first started. Ash decide to sit next to his best friend. Ash climbed up the ladder and sat next to May.

“Hey” Ash greeted.
“Hi Ash” May replied as she was too busy looking at her ribbons. Anyway what was that yelling outside?” May asked. “I heard you fighting”
“That was nothing” Ash lied.
“Didn’t sound like it” May replied as she returned her ribbons back into her ribbon case. “Sounded personal”
“What is it?”
“Can we not talk about the fight?” Ash asked.
“It’s…personal” Ash replied as he started to climb down the wooden ladder and into his bed.
“Sure thing Ash” May replied with a smile. “his hiding something” May thought. “I can tell and I will do whatever it takes to know what he is hiding”May thoughts said with determination before putting her head on her pillow for some sleep.

“Ha!” a young nine year old boy said. “I beat you again. I have beaten you three times Ash. Accepted it Ash. You can’t beat me”
“Yes I can!” called out a eight year old Ash. “I can beat you. Come on another rematch Lucas!”
“No way” Lucas replied as he returned his pokemon back into it poke ball. “Your just a waste of time Ash” Lucas replied as he walked away from Ash. “A complete waste of my time”

Soon Lucas left the young Ash still on the field holding his injured pokemon in his arms.

“Don’t worry” he said calmly. “We will beat him one day. We will”


“No!” Ash called out. “Don’t give up!”
“Beaten again” Lucas said. “You had this pokemon since you were seven and it’s still weak and even yet in it’s first stage. What kind of pokemon trainer are you Ash?”
“I’m a kind of pokemon trainer that will be never like you!” Ash yelled as he ran to he injured pokemon once again.
“You are so foolish Ash” Lucas said. “Evolve that weak pokemon of yours”
“I will let it evolve when it wants to Lucas. Remember this Lucas. I will never become you!”
“That means you will be good as me”
“Of course” Ash replied. “Because I will be better than you!” Ash yelled before running out of the field with his injured pokemon in his hands.


“Ash wake up!”
“What’s happening?” Ash asked as he finally woke up for his dream.
“Thank goodness your awake now” May replied. “We were worried about you”
“You mean you were worried about him” Max teased.

May just replied by hitting his younger brother on the head.

“My bad” May replied ending with a smile.
“I hate you” Max muttered.
“Well some morning greeting this came out to be” Ash replied.
“Hey you three” Brock greeted as he entered the room. “You guys ready to go?”
“Ready as ever” Ash replied as he quickly got out of his bed. “Time to get that new battle frontier symbol”

End of chapter six

Author's notes

Yes finally done! now i can work on WITW. anyway plz R&R!


Never Alone
...ash is a criminal!?!?!?!!?


What's the matter?
Okay i finished chapter seven early so here it is. hope you guys enjoy. ^_^


Chapter seven
Taking chances

As the four walked out of the poke centre they were greeted by a girl. It was Amelia. The same girl Ash had a fight with yesterday.

“What are you doing here?” Ash asked with his arms crossed.
“Can I come with you?” She asked.
“Wait who is this?” May asked.
“You mean he hasn’t talked about me?” Amelia asked. “Typical” Amelia sighed. “Well I will introduce myself to you. My name is Amelia. Ash’s younger sister”
“WHAT!” everyone said in surprised except Ash who still had his arms crossed.
“Why didn’t you tell us you had a younger sister Ash?” Max asked.
“You didn’t ask” Ash replied with his eyes closed as he still had his arms crossed.
“So can I big brother?” Amelia asked nicely.
“No” Ash replied as he opened his eyes to face his younger sister. “You will just cause me problems again and you can add Lucas to the list as well” Ash replied as he walked past his sister.

Then May, Max and Brock walked up to the young brunette.

“You can come” May smiled.
“But Ash said no” Amelia replied.
“I’m sure Ash is just in a bad mood” May replied.
“But May” Max interrupted. “I never seen Ash that mad before to anybody. I’m sure the way he is acting isn’t a bad mood”
“That’s true” Amelia added. “He always acted like that when he was near Lucas and I”
“Wait who is this Lucas?” Brock asked.
“Well he was…” Amelia started.
“Oi!” Ash called out. “Let’s go already!” Ash called out. “And Amelia!”
“You can come” Ash called back.
“Yay!” Amelia cheered.

Soon the four chased after Ash who was ahead of them all. Soon they all caught up with Ash and walked to Mauville together. As they were walking they were encounter by a tunnel. They looked onto the sign and they saw the name was Rustuff tunnel. They all entered the tunnel and saw it was pitch black.

“Well isn’t that convenient” Max said.
“Look this tunnel isn’t that long” Ash replied. “I’m pretty sure all we do is so straight”
“Yeah go straight and bump into something. Yeah nice plan Ash” Amelia told her older brother sarcastically.
“This is one of the many reasons why I don’t invite you to my journeys” Ash sighed. “You give me such a headache”

So the four all walked thought the tunnel until they saw a light at the end of tunnel. All of them knew what this meant and they all ran to the light and when they got out the found themselves in Verdanturf town. The breeze felt so light and relaxing. Ash looked around and found somebody missing.

“Hey were is May?” he asked.
“I think she is still inside the tunnel” May’s younger brother replied.
“Just wait for me at the poke centre” Ash told his friends. “I will just get her okay?”
“Sure thing” Amelia replied.

Brock, Max and Amelia and walked to the poke centre as Ash ran back into the pitch black tunnel.

“May!” Ash called out. “Where are you?”

Then Ash heard a scream. A high pitch scream of a girl. Ash quickly ran to the scene. When he got there he saw a dull light. There was a person holding a candle in his hands while near his feet was May all tied up and her mouth covered by a handkerchief.

“Ash we meet again” the man said as he took off his shades.
“Let go of May!” he yelled.
“Not until you tell me where Lucas is”
“Look I don’t know where he is!” Ash replied. “Now let May go!”
“Okay” he replied. “Under one condition”
“What is it?” Ash asked.
“A one on one pokemon battle” he replied. “If you lose you will tell this girlfriend of yours who you and your family really is and you won‘t have this girl of yours back”
“And what if you lose?” Ash asked.
“You get to have your girlfriend back” he replied.

Ash knew it was a risky move to take. But he had no choice. If he wanted to save his best friend he had to do it.

“Deal” he replied.
“You do know who risky this is” he replied.
“I take my chances” Ash replied as look on his shoulder where Pikachu was. “Ready buddy?”
“Pikachu!” Pikachu replied as sparks of electric was ready to burst out of it’s cheeks.
“Very well” he replied as he reached for his poke ball. “Let’s go Absol!”

The man threw his poke ball onto the field and out came the disaster pokemon Absol. As for Ash he just told his electric mouse pokemon to the field.

“Before we start” Ash said. “I want to get one thing cleared. May isn’t my girlfriend”
“That is not what I see in your eyes boy” The man replied. “Now lets get this battle started!”
“I couldn’t agree less. Pikachu use Volt tackle!” Ash commanded is pokemon.

Pikachu started to run towards the dark type pokemon. Absol just stand there until the last minute.

“Now Absol dodge and then use shadow ball!”

Absol jumped into the air as for Pikachu’s volt tackle was a complete miss. When Absol was at a good height Absol opened it’s mouth and a black and purple ball started to grow and when it was big enough it released the ghost type attack towards Pikachu and it was a direct hit. Pikachu went back flying towards it’s master feet.

“Pikachu!” Ash called out.
“Calling out your pokemon’s name isn’t going to help you win” the man replied. “Absol get ready to use razor wind”

Absol started to use the normal type move. Three small cyclones start to move around the dark type pokemon. As for Pikachu he was struggling to get up. Soon the small electric type pokemon got he saw the move going straight to him.

“Dodge it Pikachu!” Ash called out.

Pikachu jumped into the air to dodge the fast pace attack.

“Now use thunder!”

Pikachu’s red cheeks started to spark and soon released a powerful electric attack.

“Absol dodge it now!” the man called out to his pokemon.

But Pikachu’s thunder attack hit Absol and made the pokemon yell in pain. Soon Pikachu fell to the ground after striking Absol a thunder attack in mid air.

“Now let’s use Volt tackle one more time!”

Pikachu started to run towards Absol once again. Absol was still paralysed after Pikachu’s lighting attack. Absol just stood there as Pikachu ran towards Absol with a high voltage volt tackle. It was a direct hit and Absol was pushed back to his master’s feet.

“Good job Pikachu” Ash complimented his pokemon.
“It’s not over yet!” the man called out. “Absol get up!”
“Pikachu let’s end this!” Ash called out. “Use quick attack!”

Pikachu ran towards Absol once again. This time Absol could move his body in the way he wanted and got up. Absol just waited for Pikachu to come closer to him. When Pikachu was only a arm stretch away his master called out a attack.

“Now use slash!”

Absol stretch out it’s arms and gave a powerful slash right at Pikachu’s face and made Pikachu flying back to it’s starting position.

“Pikachu!” Ash called out.
“Now use Hyper beam Absol” Absol’s master commanded ending with a evil grin.

Absol opened it’s mouth and released a powerful beam right towards at Pikachu and before the small electric mouse could regain it’s balance it was hit with the powerful attack and went flying at Ash’s feet. Ash quickly got Pikachu in his arms.

“Looks like you lost Ash” the man said as he returned Absol back into it’s poke ball. “Now start talking boy”
“What about you keeping May?” Ash asked in a yelling tone of voice.
“I was lying about keeping this girl of yours” the man replied. “But I wasn’t lying about you talking about your family’s secret and horrible past”
“If you already know about my past why ask me to re-tell it again?”
“I just want your friend down here to hear who you really are”

Ash just glared at him with anger.

“Start talking boy or a might reconsider not taking your girl” the man threatened.
“He isn’t saying anything!” a voice called behind Ash.

Ash looked back and saw it was his little sister Amelia. She had her ninetales next to her.

“Well look who it is” the man said. “It’s Ash’s little sister”
“Yeah it me and do you got a problem with that?” Amelia said with her hands on her hips.
“Nothing really but your brother made a deal with me” he replied. “If he lost he would tell about your family’s past to this young pretty girl I might consider to take as mine own” He replied as he knelt down to May’s height and pinched her cheek. “Your lucky Ash to find a girl like her. To bad she might be mine at the end of the day” he replied as he traced his fingers down May’s arm to her legs. “Very nice” he said. “She is fresh. Just my type” the man replied as he shifted his eyes to Ash. “I didn’t knew you had a good taste in girls Ash”
“Leave May alone!” Ash yelled as he grind his teeth together. “Don’t you dare touch my best friend again!” Ash yelled once again.
“Looks like your boyfriend is getting angry” the man teased to May.

Ash couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t like the man treating May in such a bad manner and annoying him more.

“Pikachu use thunder!” Ash yelled.

Pikachu didn’t think twice to use the move at the man but before the move could attack he threw a smoke ball at the ground and smoke was spread in the cave.

“May!” Ash called out.

When the smoke subsided he saw that the man was gone but May was still there all tied up and her mouth covered by a handkerchief. Ash and Amelia ran to May and untied her and took the handkerchief away from her mouth. When May was untied she hugged Ash straight away with tears running down her face.

“Ash…” May cried. “I was so scared”
“I know” Ash replied. “I could tell”
“We better get out of her” Amelia suggested. “Before something else bad happens”
“Good idea” Ash replied as he helped May to stand up.

When May was standing on her feet she hold on Ash’s arm in fear. Ash could tell that his best friend was scared after what after she had been though. When the three got out of the cave they all went to the poke centre. When they got there they saw Max and Brock sitting near a table and waiting for them. When the two saw them they saw May holding on Ash’s arm. Her face looked like she had been something very terrifying. The two ran to the three.

“May?” Max asked. “Are you okay?”
“I’m…fine….” May replied in a low tone.
“You don’t look like it” Max replied.
“She nearly got kidnapped” Ash replied.
“What?” Brock asked. “But why?”
“He wanted to know where Lucas was” Ash replied.
“Didn’t you say that you don’t know where he is?” Max asked.
“He doesn’t believe me” Ash sighed.
“What is your connection with this Lucas?” May asked as she finally let go of Ash’s arm.
“I don’t want to talk about it May” Ash replied as he face towards May direction.
“You not talking about it nearly made me end up with man that could do bad stuff to me!” May yelled.
Then Ash put his hands on May’s shoulders. “Look May” Ash begun. “I swear that I wouldn’t let that happen to you or any of my friends” Ash said.

May didn’t reply back. She calmed down. Son tears filled her eyelids and soon tears fell down her cheeks.

“Thank you Ash” She cried. “I didn’t know what I could do if you didn’t save me back at Rustuff tunnel”
“If any my friend was in that same position as you were back then I would do the same as I did for you May”
“Thank you Ash” May repeated. “Thank you”

End of chapter seven


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thanx for tellin me u cleared the whole "ash is a criminal" thing . now i feel bad for may she was gonna have bad stuff happen to her


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That okay demonaruto. i was going to explain at the end but i ran out of time to type it then soon a forgot about it until you reminded me.

Im so glad at least one person is reading this fic. ^_^

Chapter eight is coming soon just to tell you guys. ^_^


I'm quite sure he isn't the only one reading this :)

Anyway this is a great fic Undead Soul, I'm really looking forward to chapter 8
Keep up the good work


What's the matter?
oh thanks. i know that im just say he is the only person that seems to review each chapter i put up. ^_^

okay here is chapter eight/ plz enjoy. ^_^

Chapter eight
It’s too late to change anything

Night had had already fallen over the small town of Verdanturf. Ash and his sister was outside the poke centre sitting on a bench.

“When do you think he will stop?” Amelia asked his older brother.
“I don’t know” Ash replied ending with a sigh.
“We both know he isn’t going to stop until he finds Lucas. Ever since I started my journey he hasn’t stopped me either asking me where is Lucas”
“Since I got here back into Hoenn he hadn’t stopped chasing me either Amelia” Ash replied. “I wish Lucas will just show up already”
“You know he can’t do that” Amelia added “If he does team cyclone won’t think twice to kill him”
“If I was team cyclone as well we wouldn’t think twice to do the same” Ash replied in a unpleased tone of voice.
“How could you say something like that?” Amelia said with a slight increase in her tone of voice. “Even he did that he should get a punishment of death”
“His just like our father Amelia” Ash replied as he looked into the night sky. “They are both alike and there is nothing we can do about it. It’s too late to change anything” Ash said as he looked at his sister.
“I wish there was at least one way” Amelia sighed.
“Well it’s getting late” Ash said as he got off the bench and started to walk off to the poke centre. “You better do the same.” Ash advice his sister.
“Yeah I will come soon” Amelia replied.

When her older brother went inside the building Amelia pulled out a poke ball. It looked like any ordinary poke ball that was half red and half white but this one was different. It was the initials of “AK” on it. The poke ball had a few scratches on the top of the poke ball. Amelia smiled a sad smile and sighed after.

“Should I give it to him?” Amelia asked herself. “would he accept it this time?”

“No!” Ash yelled at his sister.
“Please Ash accept it!” Amelia replied in a yelling tone.
“I am not accepting anything from him!” Ash yelled. “I won’t and never will!” Ash replied as he stormed off away from is sister with his bag over his shoulders and walked out of the room.

“Maybe not yet” Amelia said in a low tone nearly sounding nearly like a whisper. “Not yet”


“Finally!” Ash cheered in excitement. “We are here in Mauville!”
“Thank goodness!” May joined in. “I can sleep in a bed this time”
“Well what are we still standing here then? Let’s go!” Amelia said as she started to run to the town.
“Yeah” The whole group replied as they chased after Amelia who was already in the town.


Meanwhile at team cyclones base the criminal organization was hiring new men and women to join their group. There were many people sending in resumes. A woman who was at the desk looked at one’s resume. Until a man who had a black appearance all over gave his resume to the woman. The woman dropped the one she was looking at the read the man’s resume. The boy was wearing a long black leather coat with a black hat to cover his face while he had dark blue jeans with black running shoes.

“So your name is?” the woman asked as she find trouble reading the young boy name.
“The name is Sacul” the young boy replied.
“You seem to have a good record here” the woman replied. “You remind me of one of our best members here at team cyclone. Nearly everything is the same”
“What was his name if I may ask?” asked Sacul.
“I’m sorry but I can’t out his name. your not part of the team yet. If you do get chosen I might tell you” the woman winked.
“Very well” Sacul replied as he lower his hat to cover his face more. “I’ll will wait till then” Sacul replied as he walked out the door of team cyclone.

The young blond woman watch the young boy walk out team cyclone’s main base.

“Why does he seem so familiar?” she asked. “He reminds me of him”


“Now that was a great meal” Ash replied as he was still rubbing his stomach after a great meal.
“Yep” May added and soon burped after.

The two best friends just laughed. Amelia didn’t. she was with the two. Brock was flirting with the nurse joy and Max was battling another trainer with his pokemon.

“Burping is disgusting not to mention the bad smell they give right after” Amelia said as she pinched her nose hoping to block the smell entering her nose.
“But if we don’t burp it might come out the other way” Ash replied. “It might be worsen if it did” May added and soon the two best friends started to laugh again.
“If mom was here I wonder what she would say” Amelia sighed.
“Anyway do you guys want to go and see the battle frontier here?” Ash asked. “I’m dieing for a battle”
“Well it’s better then hearing you two burping” Amelia replied.

Soon the three made their way to the new battle frontier with Brock and Max saying that they would join shortly. When the three got there they saw that the Mauville battle frontier was a casino.

“Wow” the three said. “so this is where Roulette goddess Daria is” Amelia said.
“It is sure fancy” May added. “I wonder if we could go and play a few slots” May said as she shifted her eyes towards Ash in a begging manner.
“Oh no you don’t May” Ash replied with his head facing away from May with his arms crossed. “There is no way we are wasting money on the slots”
“But we might win something big” May added hoping to tempt Ash to saying yes.
“Sorry May but I’m not wasting money on what you want”
“Please” May begged with her puppy eyes on Ash.
“I’m here to battle Daria not waste money on slots”
“Fine” May sighed.

Soon Brock and Max arrived at the scene and saw Ash, May and Amelia already there.

“Sorry we took so long” Max said. “I had a long battle using Gardevoir. I nearly lost. So shall we enter?”
“Yeah let’s go” Ash replied.

Soon the five entered the casino. When they got there they saw many people in rich clothing gambling. They even saw Scoot watching a game of roulette.

“Hey Scott!” Ash waved. “Over here!”

Scott’s attention changed from the game to the young trainer and his friends. But to his surprise he found a new person to the group.

“Well well well” Scott greeted. “Nice to see you here. Anyway who is the girl you have invited?”
“His my younger sister” Ash replied.
“Let me guess you’re here to battle Daria?”
“Yeah” Ash replied. “Where is she?”
“She is over here” Scott pointed as she was playing a roulette game.

Everyone saw Daria playing the roulette game. She had long black hair with little yellow clips in her hair. She had a long sleeve yellow top with sliver bracelets on each of her wrists. She had navy blue jeans with bright yellow high heels. Then she shifted her eyes towards Scott. Then she saw him next to a trainer and a few other people beside him.

“Scott” she asked as she walked over to him. “Is this the trainer you have been talking about?”
“Yes” he replied. “He was the one who also competed the Kanto battle frontier a few years back”
“Wow” Daria replied as she clapped her hands together. “looks like he is a worthy completion”
“Yes he is” Scott replied. “He has already beaten Keito back in Petalburg”
“Keito?” Daria replied as she cover her mouth in a surprise manner. “I heard only a few trainers have beaten her. Anyway what is your name?” Daria asked.
“Ash Ketchum” Ash replied. And these are my friends Brock, May and Max”
“Hi” the others replied.
“Wait… Ash Ketchum?” Daria asked herself. “That’s means. No it can’t be”
“Something the matter?” May asked the battle frontier brain.
“No” Daria lied. “Nothing is the matter” She smiled.
“So when can I have my battle?” Ash asked with determination.
“Well definably not now” Daria replied. “I still have a game to play. What about tomorrow?” She asked.
“Perfect” Ash replied. “I promise you I will be ready then”
“That’s nice to hear” Daria smiled. “Now if you excuses me I have a game to win”

Soon Daria ran off back to the roulette to see if she had won anything. Meanwhile Ash and co walked out of the battle frontier building and into the poke centre. When the five of them left Daria walked up to Scott once again.

“He reminds me of him. Doesn’t he?” Daria asked.
“Yes he does” Scott replied. “I just hope Ash doesn’t end up like him” Scott sighed.

End of chapter eight
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Great storyline. Make Ash lose. XD
Like others have mentioned, you do need better grammar. And lol, is Amelia stronger than Ash? Max is overpowered, he needs to get his Ralts.

Sacul = Lucas spelled backwards