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Final frontier: Hoenn Style! (advanceshipping PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Undead_soul, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Amelia isn't stronger then Ash. if your talking about the pokeball with "AK" on it. it's Ash's pokeball not Amelia's.

    And the Sacul thing. yeah i knew somebody would get it. *sigh*

    And remember it had been a year since they all seen each other and the first time they saw each other was back at Petalburg where Max and Ash had a battle. while Ash was at the Sinnoh championship Max caught a ralts and trained it into Gardevoir.
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  2. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    I was talking about how she has a Dragonite (The Dragonite belonged to her, right?) and her pokemon are all evolved while Ash's aren't.

    Wow. Max trains fast. In the anime, it usually takes LONG LONG time to evolve pokemon. Even after the journey, some pokemon still remain unevolved or in the middle stage instead of the final stage.
  3. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Well Amelia trains different. she trains one pokemon at a time until she thinks they are strong enough then she trains another pokemon of hers.

    In the story you will see that Amelia will use her Dragonite a few times

    Well May's and Max's father is a gym leader. training with a gym leader helps the pokemon to train and evole much faster than usual.
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  4. sharkun0

    sharkun0 Dragon Master

    Great Story

    I love your story. Just read it and can you tell me when the next chapter is going to be posted?
  5. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Well i have finished it already but will post it later on in the week.

    Here is the title of the story

    The ultimate battle of two trainers
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  6. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Chapter nine
    The ultimate battle of two trainers

    It was the next day in the cit of Mauville. Everyone was still asleep except Ash who was training his pokemon in a nearby town park not to far from the poke centre he and his friends were staying at.

    “That’s it Sceptile!” Ash called out to his grass type pokemon. “Keep it up”

    All of Ash’s pokemon were training to fight Daria. The battle frontier brain of Mauville city. Ash didn’t notice that there was a man in a dark black coat that nearly touched the ground. Blue jeans and a hat to cover his face. It was Sacul. He watched as Ash trained his pokemon. Sacul slowly walked over to Ash.

    “Are you Ash Ketchum from Pallet town?” asked Sacul in a low deep voice.

    Ash turned his head around and found it was a man that was nearly covered in black. By the looks and the height Ash could tell that he wasn’t that old.

    “Yeah.” Ash replied as he put his hands on his hips. “That’s me.”
    “I would like to have a one on one pokemon battle with you.” Sacul replied as he got a poke ball into his hands and started to throw it up and down.
    “Well my pokemon do need the training.” Ash replied. “Fine. I would be glad to have a pokemon battle with you.” Ash replied as he looked at his Sceptile. “Ready to battle Sceptile?” Ash asked his pokemon.
    “Sceptile.” the grass pokemon nodded.
    “Very well.” Sacul said. “Let’s go Garchomp!”

    Sacul threw his poke ball unto the field and out came out Garchomp. A half dragon and ground type pokemon. Ash got out his pokedex to scan the pokemon into the pokedex.

    “Garchomp the mach pokemon. When it folds up it’s body and extend it wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed and never lets it’s prey escape”

    “Sounds like a strong pokemon.” Ash told himself. “This is going to be a challenge. Sceptile use leaf blade!” Ash called out.
    “Garchomp dodge it using dig!” Sacul commanded.

    Garchomp used dig before Sceptile could even use it’s move. Sceptile stood where Garchomp had just used dig. Sceptile shifted it’s eyes left and right to see if Garchomp was around.

    “Now Garchomp!” Sacul called out.

    Garchomp showed himself behind Sceptile. Sceptile quickly turned around.

    “Now use flamethrower!” Sacul commanded.

    Garchomp obeyed and quickly release a hot scorching flamethrower attack right in front of Sceptile.

    “Sceptile!” Ash called out.

    Sceptile was pushed a few centimetres back from Garchomp. There were a few burnt marks on Sceptile but it didn’t seem to bother Sceptile at all.

    “Garchomp go up close and let’s use slash!” Sacul called out.
    “Sceptile dodge it now!” Ash called out to his pokemon.

    As Garchomp was running towards to it’s enemy Sceptile dodge it by jumping into mid air.

    “Now use dragon claw!” Ash commanded.
    “What?” Sacul gasped. “But how?”

    Sceptile’s claws glowed a bright white colour and Sceptile aimed right at Garchomp. Soon Garchomp was hit with a powerful dragon claw attack and made Garchomp pushed back nearly going back to his master’s feet.

    “You didn’t expect did you?” Ash said to his opponent.
    “You surprise me all right but we are far from finish Ash. Garchomp use dig once again!”

    Garchomp quickly use the ground move and was under the earth once again. Soon it was only Sceptile left on the field. The more Garchomp stayed underground the more cautious Sceptile grew.

    “Now Garchomp!” Sacul commanded.

    This time Garchomp showed himself not behind Sceptile but under him. Sceptile went flying into mid air with Garchomp.

    “Use poison gab Garchomp!”
    “Sceptile use dragon claw now!”

    As the two pokemon kept falling towards the ground both pokemon got both of their moves ready. Garchomp made his claw to glow bright white and Sceptile made one of his claw glow bright white. When both moves were ready they attacked. Sceptile and Garchomp both moves hit each other before falling towards the ground. When the two fell smoke emerged from the ground and covered the whole field. Both trainers waited until the smoke subsided. When it did both trainers were surprised to find both their pokemon still standing up.

    “Amazing” Sacul thoughts said. “After flamethrower and poison gab Sceptile can still stand up like nothing happened. Looks like Ash has improved”
    “Why does his battle style remind me of someone?” Ash asked himself. “But his Garchomp is strong. I don’t know how much longer Sceptile can keep up with this”

    Both trainers watched as both their pokemon puffing with battle marks on them.

    “Garchomp flamethrower!” Sacul commanded his dragon and ground type pokemon.
    “Sceptile dodge it and then use bullet seed!” Ash commanded to his Sceptile.

    Garchomp’s flamethrower attack missed completely as Sceptile dodge it and use bullet seed in mid air right at Garchomp.

    “You do know that grass type moves have not much of a effect on dragon type pokemon” Sacul told Ash. “let finish this Garchomp. Use flamethrower”

    Garchomp release a burning flamethrower attack right at Sceptile and hit Sceptile directly and made Sceptile burn in the heat of the attack. Soon Sceptile fell to the ground. Sceptile tried to get up but didn’t have the strength in him and fainted.

    “Sceptile” Ash muttered in disappointment. “You did great” Ash said before returning Sceptile back into it poke ball.

    Sacul did the same and returned Garchomp into it’s poke ball.

    “You did great but still not up to my standard.” Sacul replied as he turned his back on Ash and started to walk away from Ash. “Until next time Ash” Sacul replied as he walked away from the trainer.

    Ash just stared as he saw a mysterious trainer walk away from him.

    “Wait!” Ash called out. “What is your name?!”

    Sacul turned his head around to face Ash.

    “The name is Sacul.” Sacul replied before turning his back at Ash and made his way away from Ash.
    “Until next time Sacul.” Ash told himself. “And when the time comes I will win”

    End of chapter nine
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2008
  7. CyberBlaziken

    CyberBlaziken A Greater Evil

    I'm the first person to review!
    Great chapter!I loved it.Cant wait for the next one!
  8. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    Sacul=Lucas lol very cleva. Idk if u made Sceptile learn dragon claw or if it can happen lol. Anyway nice chapter, I would have liked the battle to continue a little longer but oh weel. Keep up the good work, I cant wait for the next chapter
  9. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Thanks. ^_^

    Yeah. Sacul=Lucas. looks like everyone got that. maybe if i make a new fic i will try more harder to hide the name.

    Sceptile can learn dragon claw. my younger bro taught to his Sceptile in his ruby.

    And about the battle i would like it to go longer but i was getting tried and i was running out of ideas.

    And for the next chapter im writting it right now. ^_^
  10. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Chapter ten
    Let them burn

    After the battle with Sacul. Ash quickly returned to the poke centre to heal his pokemon. Especially Sceptile. The battle with Garchomp had really put damage on Sceptile. He had never had a battle like that for a long time. May who had just finish eating breakfast with Amelia saw Ash running to nurse joy. May and Amelia looked at each other and then quickly chased after Ash. Nurse joy took Ash’s poke balls and went to heal them. Soon May and Amelia caught up with Ash.

    “Ash what happened here?” Amelia asked.
    “I just had a battle with Sacul.” Ash replied.
    “Sacul?” both girls asked in surprise. “Who’s Sacul?”
    “He is a very strong pokemon trainer. I hate to admit but he is much stronger than me. He bet Sceptile easy.”
    “So that’s were you went.” May said. “I was wondering where you went.”
    “But is Sceptile okay?” Amelia asked.
    “I’m sure he is fine.” Ash replied. “I know Sceptile. He wouldn’t give up easy. He showed that to me with the battle I had with Sacul.”
    “Well I better get Max” May said as she left Amelia and Ash alone.

    Amelia went to her bag and pulled out a poke ball with the initials of “AK” and showed it to Ash.

    “Ash I thought you might want this” Amelia said as she offered the poke ball to Ash.
    “How many times do I have to tell you I’m not accepting anything from him. Is that why you decided to show up again?”
    “Please Ash.” Amelia begged. “Lower your pride and accept this. You and I both know how important this pokemon is to you.”
    “I’m not reviving the past Amelia” Ash replied with his arms crossed.
    “I know that dad wasn’t the best but…” Amelia replied.
    “Enough Amelia” Ash said with a slightly higher tone voice. “I don’t want to hear anymore” Ash said as he got his poke balls and walked away from his younger sister.

    Amelia looked at the poke ball in her hands. Amelia sighed and returned the poke ball back into her bag and walked after Ash.


    “About time you guys got here.” Scott replied as Ash and his friends entered the battle frontier building.
    “Well at least we are here.” Ash replied.
    “Well shall we start?” Daria said as she entered the conversation.
    “Yeah” Ash replied.

    Both Daria and Ash walked into a room with Ash’s friends tagging along. It was all pitch dark until the lights filled the room. To Ash’s surprise it was a battle field with flashing lights everywhere.

    “Shall we begin?” Daria asked.
    “Yes let’s begin” Ash replied.

    Both trainers got to both ends of the battle field.

    “Let’s go Dusknoir!” Daria called out as she threw her poke ball to the field.
    “Come out Torkoal!” Ash called out as he threw his poke ball to the field as well.

    Both pokemon got out of their poke balls. When both pokemon were out both showed that they were ready for a fight.

    “This will be a one on one pokemon battle.” the referee declared.
    “Okay let’s get this started!” Ash called out. “Torkoal use body slam now!”

    Torkoal ran towards Dusknoir and jumped into the air and landed on Dusknoir but Torkoal just went thought Dusknoir.

    “Ash you should know that normal and fighting type moves have no effect on ghost type pokemon.” Daria reminded Ash. “Now it’s our turn. Shadow punch Dusknoir!”

    The ghost type pokemon used shadow punch on Torkoal and did damage on Torkoal.

    “Tork…” Torkoal said after been punch by Dusknoir.
    “Great work Dusknoir.” Daria complimented her pokemon. “Now let’s use will-o-wisp.”

    Dusknoir opened it’s mouth and released a powerful hot burning blue fire attack. The attack hit Torkoal directly and when the attack was done Torkoal was covered with burn marks. Ash could tell that Torkoal was starting to weaken.

    “Blue fire?” May asked. “Is that what will-o-wisp does?”
    “It’s blue because it is much hotter than normal fire that we see that is red or orange. It is so hot that it makes a instant burn on the pokemon.” Scott explained.
    “That means…” Max said.
    “It means that Torkoal will slowly get weaker and weaker” Brock said.
    “This is bad.” Amelia said. “Really bad.”
    “Torkoal!” Ash called out to his pokemon. “Use Flamethrower now!”

    Torkoal opened his mouth and released a powerful flamethrower attack right and Dusknoir.

    “That’s it Torkoal!” Ash called out to his pokemon. “Earthquake!”
    “Since when did Torkoal learned earthquake?” Max asked in surprise.
    “Remember this is Ash we are talking about. Always expect the unexpected.” May reminded her younger brother.
    “You do got a point there” Max replied to his sister.

    Torkoal lifted it’s feet and dropped it with power to make the ground shake. Dusknoir started to shake with the ground.

    “Now Flamethrower Torkoal!”

    With the combination of both earthquake and flamethrower it did lots of damage to Dusknoir. After Torkoal’s powerful fire attack Ash could see that Torkoal was getting weaker and weaker. The burn that Dusknoir used on Torkoal was really now putting damage on Torkoal.

    “Ash has to end this now!” May yelled. “If he doesn’t he would surely lose.”
    “I’m sure Ash knows that May.” Scott told May. “That is why Ash is trying to rush this battle as fast as he can. Remember this is a one on one pokemon battle so when Torkoal is gone it’s all over.”

    After a hot burning flamethrower attack that Torkoal released to make a direct hit of Dusknoir both trainers notice that Dusknoir had a few burn marks on it’s chest and arms.

    “Looks like they both have a burn on them.” Brock said.
    “Now this is really getting interesting.” Amelia added.
    “Psychic Dusknoir!” Daria commanded her ghost type pokemon.
    “Dodge it Torkoal!” Ash called out.

    Dusknoir’s eyes glowed a high lighter blue and soon a high light blue colour psychic attack came out of Dusknoir’s eyes and aimed for Torkoal but Torkoal just missed the powerful psychic attack by jumping into mid air to dodge the attack.

    “Now flamethrower Torkoal!” Ash called out once again.

    As Torkoal was still in mid air and was above his opponent Torkoal didn’t waste any time to release another powerful fire attack right on top of Dusknoir.

    “Dusknoir use Psychic one more time while Torkoal is still in the air!” Daria commanded.

    Dusknoir dodge the fire attack and quickly responded with a powerful psychic attack and hit Torkoal who was still falling to the ground and was about to landed until Torkoal got hit by Dusknoir’s psychic attack. Torkoal came falling to the ground. When Torkoal hit the ground smoke covered the field.

    “Torkoal!” Ash called out.

    When the smoke subsided Ash couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw his Torkoal inside his shell. He knew that he must of used iron defence to break the fall.

    “That is a smart Torkoal you have there. Using Iron defence to break the fall. I’m impressed. but sadly I have to end this battle. Dusknoir use Psychic one last time!” Daria called out to her pokemon.
    “Give it all you got Torkoal. Flamethrower now!” Ash called out to his fire type pokemon.

    Both moves collided and the damage from both moves hit both pokemon. They both went flying to their owner’s feet. Both pokemon got up. They both started to shake to show that the move they just got damage and the burn they both got from each other’s moves had and is still putting damage on them. Both pokemon looked each other in the eye. Soon Dusknoir fainted and fell to the ground. Torkoal stood on it’s feet for at least a minute after Dusknoir and fainted right after.

    “Daria’s Dusknoir has fainted. Ash’s Torkoal is the winner.” The referee declared.

    Ash returned Torkoal back into his poke ball. Soon Ash couldn’t hold it anymore and jumped in happiness. He finally won. He looked at his friends and waved at them. Ash’s friends couldn’t help but to join Ash at smiling and waving. After a long hot battle Ash had finally won. Daria walked over to Ash and put her hand in her pocket and soon took out a sliver badge from her pocket.

    “Great battle Ash. Here you are. You really showed that you deserved this badge.” Daria said as she handed over Ash the badge.
    “Thanks.” Ash replied as he showed his friends the badge he had just won.

    Soon all his friends went to greet the happy pokemon trainer.

    “Well done Ash.” May greeted. “Great work out there.”
    “Well I couldn’t do it without you and everyone’s help here.”
    “That was amazing!” Amelia and Max said at the same time.
    “Well where is the next battle frontier brain Scott?” Ash asked sounding ready for another battle.
    “The next battle frontier brain is at Lilycove. The name of the battle frontier is Cochran. Castle Butler Cochran in full.”
    “Lilycove is pretty far” May added. “Does that mean we have to go though Fortree City?”
    “Yeah.” Ash nodded. “Well we better get going now. Se you later Scott and Daria!” Ash waved goodbye as he and his friends walked out the entrance.

    As Ash and his friends ran out the entrance Daria and Scott just watched the leave.

    “What do you think if he was here right now and saw that battle?” Daria asked the owner of the battle frontier.
    “I really don’t know Daria.” Scott replied. “They might have the same looks and style in battling but they both have a different style of personality.”
    “True” Daria replied. “Let’s just hope for the best that Ash doesn’t end like Lucas.”

    End of chapter ten
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2008
  11. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    Fire pokemon can get burns?
    *shock again*
    Is my knowledge of pokemon that lousy?
    *checks game mechanics section of serebii.net*
    Lol I overeact.

    Anyway great chapter~
    And for the previous chapter~
    Bullet Seed on Dragon = Not effective
    Bullet Seed on Ground = Super effective
    Bullet Seed on Garchomp = Normal effect~
    Well, wouldn't have made a difference anyway cos Flamethrower pulverises Bullet Seed~
  12. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Wow. i didn't know that. really i didn't. ^_^

    Yeah. i didn't really think about that. well thanks for telling me that. ^_^

    And for the next chapter. im feeling lazy to put it up right now so maybe ill put it on the weekends.

    I'm quiet a lazy person. ^_^
  13. lotr297

    lotr297 wahaha

    Hot damn! i leave for a couple of days and theres 3 NEW CHAPTERS! Seriously how fast do you write? Anyways:

    Of course you are ;)

    Oooh a pokeball for Ash with his dads pokemon inside, what could it be?

    Ash isn't that stupid, is he?

    Ah a long journey with lots of Advanceshipping, good times good times.

    i know as soon as i post this you'll post another chapter ;)
  14. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Enough battles and times for some advanceshippness. don't worry the battles will come soon.

    anyway am i updateing too fast? if so then i will slow down. ^_^



    Chapter eleven
    Rain on my parade

    It was a new morning for Ash and his friends. Ash had both got his badges from the battle dome and the battle roulette. They were now heading to the battle castle which was past Fortree and to Lilycove. Everyone had just woken up and finish eating breakfast. After packing up their equipment they all started to head to Fortree. Everything was fine until they all got lost.

    “Hey Brock, haven’t we already been though here?” Ash asked.
    “I hate to admit it Ash but we are lost.” Brock replied and sighed right after.
    “What!?” Max, May and Amelia replied in shock.
    “I know!” May said as a light bulb appeared on top of her head showing that she had a idea. “Let’s use Max’s poke nav.”
    “Sorry to burst your bubble sis but the poke nav has run dried. I forget to charge it at Mauville.” Max said as he showed his sister the poke nav and tried to press the on button but the poke nav wouldn’t turn on.
    “No…”May said as she dropped on the ground. “I don’t want to live here in the rest of my life!” May complained.
    “May.” Ash said as he offered his hand to help May up. “You and I and the rest of us have been though these problems before. Remember the time we got lost and tried to look for Max and Brock?. We got out alive together so don’t let this bring you down.” Ash said ending with a smile. “We will get out of this forest together.”
    “Your right.” May said as she gladly accepted Ash’s help and Ash pulled her up to his body.
    “Aww love birds.” Amelia teased. “I wonder if you and…” Amelia said before being discontinued by her older brother who covered her mouth quickly.
    “If you want to get out of this forest alive I suggest you keep our mouth shut. Because if you don’t well let’s not get there. I’m sure you know what will happen.” Ash whispered.
    Amelia gulped. “Since when did you become so mean?” Amelia asked.
    “Well let’s keep going guys.” Brock suggested. “If we don’t we might actually be stuck here for the rest of our lives.”
    “Like we not lost enough.” Max mumbled with his arms crossed.

    So the five of them kept walking into the thick forest. Soon the sky above them started to get darker and darker by the minute. When the white clouds became dark and grey it started to pour down rain on their heads.

    “This is just great.” Amelia complained. “Like anything else can get worse.”

    Soon the temperature started to drop slightly and making all of them cold and thunder flashed across the grey sky. Soon more buckets of rain started to fall on them and made it hard to see each other.

    “Me and my big mouth.” Amelia sighed.
    “Guys.” Brock called out. “We should hold each other’s hands so we won’t get lost.”
    “Good idea.” Max replied.

    Amelia hold Max’s hand while Max hold Brocks. To the three surprise neither Amelia or Brock weren’t holding anybody’s else hands.

    “Hey.” Max said. “Where’s Ash and May?”
    “Oh no” Amelia gasped. “They must be behind us. We should go back and get them.”
    “If we do we might not be able to get to Fortree.” Brock added. “There is no doubt that this weather will worsen by the minute if we don’t reach the town now.”
    “But what about Ash and May?” Amelia added.
    “Pika pi!” Pikachu added showing concern to his master.
    “I know Ash will look after May and himself. I know Ash. He always has ways to get out of things.”


    Still the rain didn’t stop at Ash and May. The two had lost Brock and the other’s. the two were holding hands. Ash was dragging May to walk with him so they wouldn’t get even lost. Then out of nowhere thunder struck a tree behind May and made her jump in shock and hug Ash by his back with her arms wrapped around Ash’s chest. When May hugged him Ash blushed red and spread across his cheeks. Ash got his hands and put them on top of May’s and put one down and hold the other. Ash continued to hold hands with May as they walked into more into the forest. After a few minutes Ash’s slight blush faded away.

    As the weather was still wasn’t on their side Ash and May knew that it was getting dark.

    “Ash” May said to her best friend. “It’s getting dark and cold. What are we going to do?”
    “I guess we will have to sleep her for the night.” Ash replied. “We have no other choice.” Ash said as he looked around for dry shelter. “Let’s go over there.” Ash pointed to a huge tree that hade good enough shade to keep them both dry.

    The young brunette just nodded in response. Both walked over to the huge shady tree. It’s leaves where so long that they were touching the ground. Ash brushed the long leaves out of the way and enter him and May under the tree. The both sat on the dirt. Ash saw that May was rubbing her arms trying to keep herself warm.


    May looked up and saw Ash covering him and her with a blanket.

    “Sorry if this is all I have. Brock is normally the one that has all the other equipment.” Ash smiled.
    “It’s okay” May sadly smiled. “At least we both have something to keep us warm and dry.”

    The two watched the rain drops from the leaves fall down to the dirt as more rain kept falling from the sky. Thunder was still around and frighten them a few times. Soon May couldn’t help it anymore and few asleep on Ash’s shoulder. Soon Ash fell asleep also. Both friends were sleeping on each other as the rain and thunder continued.


    Back at the Fortree poke centre Amelia, Max and Brock were inside dry and warm. All of them couldn’t but help to worry about Ash and May. The weather still continued and it was getting colder since night had came.

    “I’m really worried about them.” Amelia said as she got up from the couch. “They should be here by now.”
    “Calm down Amelia.” Brock replied. “They are just fine.”
    “How do you know that?” Max asked as he laid his head on his arms on the table. “We don’t even know where they are.”

    Sacul was in the background and couldn’t help but hear the conversation. Sacul walked a little closer to hear more.

    “Let me remind you all that Ash and May are missing in the most worst weather we have all seen. We all know that Ash and May have survived in many situations but all of them can’t compare to this! Just look outside that window. Now tell me if they can survive though that. Maybe for now but not for long. They are both wet and cold and when your wet you feel more colder. Now add the coldness of the mornings into place. Now imagine how cold they are!” Amelia complained in a high tone of voice. “We have to find them before it’s too late.”

    Sacul couldn’t help it anymore but to stop hearing the conversation and walk out the poke centre doors into the wet cold rain.


    The rain had slightly got lighter and the thunder flashed only a few times but if was getting colder and Ash and May were still wet. They were still sleeping. They both hugged each other for warmth. At a few times both started to shake in coldness. Soon footsteps came closer to them. It was Sacul.

    “Found you.”

    Sacul got a poke ball from his belt and threw it on the floor. Soon out came a psychic pokemon. It was Alakazam. Sacul knelt down and slowly shake them both.

    “Hey.” Sacul greeted.

    Both Ash and May woke up.

    “Wait your Sacul.” Ash replied in surprise. “What are you doing here?”
    “You and your friends back at Fortree can’t help to worry about you two so I decided to look for you.”
    “But why?” May asked.

    There was silence in Sacul answer. Soon Sacul answered back.

    “I have been though what you guys have been though. The coldness, the wetness you feel, and how lonely you can feel.”
    “So that’s why you came to get us?” Ash asked.
    “Pretty much.” Sacul smiled. “Well let’s go.”

    Ash both got up and offered his hand to help May up from the dirt. Sacul couldn’t help but to look at how Ash helped his best friend up.

    “Hey I just notice this but you tow look nice together. Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”
    “NO!” the two quickly replied with a slight blush on their faces.
    “I see.” Sacul replied. “Let’s go.”
    “Don’t tell me we are going to walk in the wet again. I feel really weak and cold.” May complained.
    “Don’t worry about that.” Sacul replied. “We are just going to use Alakazam’s teleport here. He will teleport us back to the poke centre.”

    The three went close to Alakazam and Alakazam’s spoon’s started to glow light blue. Soon the three disappeared within a second.


    “Where are they?” Amelia said as she paced from the table and the couch. “Now I’m really starting to worry.”
    “You have been worrying about them since they got lost Amelia.” Max replied as he was still on the table with his head lying on his arms. “Remember your not the only one worried about their older brother and sister.”
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu said sadly.
    “Everything will be fine.” Max said as he tried to change his tone of voice making it more cheerful to bring Pikachu’s sprit up again.

    Then suddenly the poke centre doors slide open and in came Ash and May with Sacul behind them. Pikachu’s ears went up and jumped off the table and ran to his master and jumped into his arms. As Pikachu rubbed his face against Ash’s he found that he was very cold. Soon everybody followed with a smile on their faces. Max ran to his older sister and greeted with a hug. He to find out that his sister felt very cold.

    “I’m so glad your okay.” Max smiled. “We were all getting worried. Even Pikachu.”
    “Well Ash and I are alright now so there isn’t to worry now.” May replied with a smile on her face.
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu said cheerfully.
    “I’m glad to see you as well Pikachu.” Ash replied with a smile.

    May shifted her eyes away from her brother and looked at Ash. He couldn’t help but to slightly smile at Ash as he smile at his Pikachu and he hugged Pikachu. She couldn’t believe that the Ash she was looking at helped her and himself to keep warm and that he was the one that covered her and himself with the only blanket he had.

    Then Amelia noticed that Sacul was starting to fade from the crowd by walking away. Amelia slowly walked away from the group and followed Sacul who was starting to walk out of the building. When Sacul was out of the building Amelia made her pace a little faster to catch up with Sacul. Soon Amelia was out of the building and saw Sacul in the distance.

    “Lucas!” Amelia called out.

    Sacul looked over his shoulder and saw it was Amelia. Ash’s younger sister.

    “I know it’s you Lucas.” Amelia called out again.
    “I’m not Lucas.” Sacul replied as he took a few more steps away from Amelia.
    “If your not Lucas and then why did you rescue Ash and May then?” Amelia asked.

    Sacul didn’t reply and slowly walked back to Amelia.

    “You caught me.” Lucas sighed.
    “What are you doing here?” Amelia said in a low tone. “If team cyclone sees you here you are going to get Ash and I in more trouble then we already. Ash hates you like hell itself and I can’t blame him. I mean you got us into this mess.”
    “It wasn’t my fault. I had to do it. I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Lucas replied.
    “I’m sure in that thick skull of yours that what you did was wrong and getting Ash and I involved was even more stupid.”
    “So you hate me as well?” Lucas asked.
    “No I don’t but I can’t blame Ash. Our whole life is ruined because of your actions. And thanks for adding more bad reputation to the family even more. Like we even needed more. And to add you showing up makes it even better doesn’t it?”
    “If you were in the same position like me I bet you would do it to.”
    “No I wouldn’t.” a voice came from the building.

    Both looked at the entrance of the poke centre and found it was Ash.

    “Ash?” Both asked in shock to find Ash overhearing their conversation. “What are you doing here?”
    “Aren’t I allowed to join?” Ash asked.
    “So you really hate me?” Lucas asked.
    “I always hated you since we were both little. Hating you know isn’t something new. Even talking to you is hard enough. Why don’t you just show yourself to team cyclone. Do that and I might be happy.”
    “Well good news to you I’m back at team cyclone.”
    “What!” Amelia said as he turned Lucas towards her direction. “How dumb can you get? You will get yourself killed!”
    “I have one more thing to do before…”
    “You die?” Ash added. “Why would you go near death itself Lucas?”
    “What I am doing is right.” Lucas replied as he faced Ash once again.
    “Like anyone is going to appreciate it. Who are you. A hero?” Ash asked.
    “Talking to you is a waste of time.”
    “Seeing you here right now is a waste of time!” Ash yelled.
    “Both of you stop it!” Amelia said as she got in the middle of the two with her hand blocking the two from getting any nearer. “This isn’t helping Lucas’s situation.”
    “Who said I was helping a criminal like him Amelia? Just let team cyclone kill him already.” Ash said as he started to walk away from the two.

    Soon it was Amelia and Lucas left outside.

    “I have to go Amelia.” Lucas reminded Amelia. “I don’t want you guys to get more involved then you guys are already.”
    “I understand.” Amelia sighed.

    Lucas got out his Alakazam and made Alakazam use Teleport and soon disappeared. Soon Amelia walked back into the building.


    A few minutes after Ash confrontation with Lucas May decided to join him. Ash in the main room of the poke centre.

    “Ash?” May asked in a concerning manner. “Are you okay?”
    “Not really.” Ash said without looking at May directly.
    “What happened outside with Amelia?” May asked as she took a seat next to Ash.
    “I saw Lucas.”
    “Lucas?” May asked. “Who is he?”
    “His just… a person I hate.”
    “Why do you hate him?” May asked.
    “It’s a long story May” Ash replied. “A story I really don’t want to get into.”
    “Oh.” May replied. “Well I’m here is say thanks and give you something.”
    “What is it?” Ash asked.
    “This.” May replied as she gave Ash a quick kiss on the cheek. “That’s for helping me in the forest in the rain.” May smiled.

    But Ash couldn’t reply back. He had just froze like a statue. May knew that she wasn’t going to get a reply from this boy. May just giggled at the sight.

    “The typical Ash.”

    End of chapter eleven
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    Chapter twelve
    Repayment the harsh way

    “Mom?” A young nine year old boy by the name of Ash asked. “Why are we moving to Pallet?”
    “It’s a long story Ash.” his mother replied as she got more clothes the closet and into Ash’s luggage.
    “But can’t I celebrate my tenth birthday here?” Ash asked his mother. “I’m nearly ready to become a official pokemon trainer and I want to start my journey here. Not in Pallet.”
    “I’m sorry but we have no choice.” Delia replied as she zipped the luggage and took it down from the bed.
    “Will we ever come back?” Ash asked.
    “I don’t know Ash.” Ash’s mother replied. “We are all not safe here anymore. Your sister is going to stay with your auntie and your father will stay here while you and I will go to Pallet.”
    “Can’t we at least bring Amelia with us?” Ash asked. “When we get there all I can do is wait for my tenth birthday. I really don’t want to go mom.”
    “We have no choice Ash. You like it or not you will have to forget your life here and pretend nothing happened.”
    “One day I have to come back here if I want to become a pokemon master mom.” Ash explained. “One day I will come back here and fix the mistakes this family has made.”
    “You do know that is going to be hard to do Ash. You going to make this family have a even worse family reputation. ”
    “This family reputation is already bad enough. Might as well die trying.”


    “This is Pallet?” Ash asked with a shock reaction on his face. “And this is where we are both going to live?”
    “For now Ash. We will be back home soon.” Delia smiled.

    Ash just sighed.

    “I wish we never had to go to this mom.”
    “I know Ash but we can’t undo the past of your father’s mistakes.”


    “Hey Ash are you okay?” Dawn asked as Ash kept looking at a huge mansion in front of his eyes.
    “Ash?” Dawn asked but Ash was still ignoring the bluenette’s calls. “Ash Ketchum!” Dawn yelled into Ash’s ear.
    “Ouch.” Ash said as he rubbed his ear after the loud yell his friend gave to him. “What was that for?”
    “Well you were playing deaf at me so I had no choice but to yell in your ear.” Dawn replied. “Anyway why are you looking at this mansion? What is it that you like about it?”
    “It reminds me of home.” Ash replied.
    “Home?” Dawn asked. “Isn’t your home at Pallet in Kanto and not here in Hearthome in Sinnoh?”
    “Still.” Ash replied as he kept looking at the mansion. “It really does remind me of home.” Ash said as he stopped looking at the mansion and went to join Brock and the others. While Ash was walking a few words ran though his mind.

    “One day I will come back here and fix the mistakes this family has made.”


    “Oi Ash. Wake up!” Amelia called as she shake her brother. “His not waking up.” She sighed.
    “Pika pi.” Pikachu sighed.
    “Hey what is happening here?” May asked as she entered the tent Ash and Amelia were in.
    “Ash won’t wake up.” Amelia sighed once again.
    “Hey.” May said. “I got a idea.” May said as she shifted her eyes to Pikachu deviously. “Pikachu can you do a favour for me?”
    “Pikachu?” Pikachu asked confused.

    May knelt down to Pikachu’s height and whispered a few words into his ears. When May finished it’s ears went up.

    “Pikachu?” Pikachu asked in concern. Sounding like he didn’t like the idea.
    “Trust me on this on.” May winked.

    Pikachu just shrugged his shoulder and released a powerful electrifying thunderbolt right at Ash and made Ash shock and turn all black. Ash glared at his younger sister.

    “I swear I didn’t do this Ash.” Amelia said hoping that her older brother would believe her. “It was May’s idea.”

    Ash looked at May and saw her with a cheeky smile on her face. Ash didn’t like begin toasted by his own pokemon.

    “Hehe.” May smiled cheeky. “my bad.”


    Ash and his friends were walking their way to Lilycove. Ash wasn’t isn’t in his happy moods since his best friend told his Pikachu to use thunderbolt on his as a wake up call. He had Pikachu on his shoulder with his arms crossed showing that he wasn’t in a good mood.

    “What happened to Ash?” Max asked.
    “I just told his Pikachu to use thunder bolt on Ash so he would wake up.” May giggled as she remember seeing Ash getting shocked by Pikachu’s thunder bolt.
    “You did what?!” Max said in surprise.

    May just laughed in responds and walked a little ahead of Max. Amelia was next to Ash who was still unpleased.

    “Oh come on Ash.” Amelia smiled as she patted Ash’s shoulder. “It was only a joke.”
    “Yeah Ash.” May said as she entered the conversation. “Friends?”

    Ash just sighed.

    “Friends.” Ash replied. “Just don’t do that again okay?”
    “Just make sure you don’t sleep late.” May added.
    “Fine.” Ash smiled. “I won’t.”


    “Welcome to team cyclone Sacul.” The boss of team cyclone said as he offered Sacul a handshake.
    “I’m glad to be here sir.” Lucas replied as he accepted the handshake.
    “It’s good to know more people are coming here to team cyclone. We can finally start on our major plan.”
    “Major plan?” Lucas asked. “What is that?”
    “Well I don’t want to spoil anything but all I can say it’s from it’s from your nightmares.” the boss of team cyclone said and soon followed a evil laugh.
    “I have to know what this is.” Lucas thought said. “I need to stop this.”
    “Well I should show you your room here at team cyclone head quarters.” the boss of team cyclone told Lucas.

    Soon the boss of team cyclone showed Lucas his room. They walked a dark hallway until they reached a room. The boss of the place slowly twisted the doorknob and pushed the door and inside was a room. It was a decent room. It had a bed near a wall, had a window and a round table with only a few chairs.

    “This brings back memorises.” Lucas said in his head.
    “Well?” the boss asked Lucas.
    “It’s okay sir.” Lucas replied.
    “Well have some sleep Sacul.” the boss said as his hand on his shoulder. “We have big plans we want you to do.”
    “Yes sir.” Lucas nodded.

    Soon the head of team cyclone left Lucas in his room. Lucas laid on the bed and started at the ceiling.

    “I’m going to do what is right.” Lucas said. “I’m going to fix my mistakes and stop putting the people important to me away from my problems.”


    It was midday in Hoenn and everyone was having a great time. Brock was making stew for everyone, Max was training his pokemon and May was having a nap under a big shady oak tree. Ash was with his Pikachu as he and Pikachu where looking at the sky. He saw flying type pokemon flying in the sky. Then a memory of Ash’s past came back to him.

    “Hey look up there!” a young seven year old Ash pointed up to the sky with a pokemon in his arms. “Look at them fly. You know what? One day when I become a pokemon master I will catch as many pokemon I can. Even those flying type pokemon flying up there.”

    Then the pokemon in his arms started to stretch his arms towards the sky. Like it wanted to fly like the flying type pokemon in the sky.

    “You want to fly up there don’t you?” Ash asked his pokemon.

    The pokemon in his arms just nodded. Then it watched the flying type pokemon fly out of their sight. Soon the pokemon in Ash’s arms felt sad as the flying pokemon flew out of their sight.

    “Don’t worry.” Ash smiled. “Our dreams will come true one day. Just wait a little longer.”

    “Pikachu.” Pikachu repeated as he jumped onto his master’s belly and looked into Ash’s eyes. “Pika pi?” Pikachu asked like he was asking what he was thinking.
    “I was just thinking about something.” Ash replied as he patted Pikachu’s furry head.

    Ash shifted his eyes to the sleeping brunette who was sleeping under the oak tree. Then Ash remember what she did early this morning. Ash couldn’t resit but to get some repayment.

    “Pikachu would you be able to do a favour for me?”
    “Pikachu?” Pikachu asked in confusion.
    “I just want some repayment from a friend.” Ash replied back.


    “Lucas, Lucas, Lucas!” called out a young five year old brunette girl named Amelia. “Look what I got Lucas!” Amelia said as she hold a poke ball right in front of Lucas. “I got a dragonair!”
    “That’s nice to hear.” Lucas smiled. “When do you think you are going to evolve it?”
    “When it get’s strong of course!” Amelia giggled. Then the young brunette looked at her older brother Ash. “When are you going to evolve yours big brother?”
    “When it wants to.” Ash replied. “I don’t want to be forced to evolve if it doesn’t want to.”
    “Well you will never become a pokemon trainer like that.” Lucas told Ash. “Trainers need strong and evolved pokemon if they want to be strong and powerful.”
    “Any pokemon can be strong if you train them hard enough.” Ash replied as his voice was a slightly higher then before.
    “Stop it!” Amelia cried out. “Can’t we not fight this once?” Amelia begged. “Just his once?”
    “Well I have to go.” Lucas said. “I’m ten already not like you Ash who is still seven and still has a pokemon that could be really strong by now.” Lucas said as he left the Amelia and Ash and pushed opened the black huge gates that hold Ash and Amelia inside their property.

    Ash pulled out a poke ball with the initials of “AK” on top of the poke ball.

    “One day we will beat him.” Ash mumbled.

    Then suddenly Lucas’s eyes flicked open. He looked around his room and found he was still in team cyclone’s base and in his room. He sat up from his sleeping position and felt his heart beat fast and then slowly it went back to it’s normal heart beat. Lucas put his hand to his forehead.

    “I haven’t had dreams like does in ages.” Lucas told himself. “Why are they coming back to me now?”


    “ASH!” yelled a furious brunette. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”

    Ash swallowed hard. He looked at Pikachu.

    “Little help here?” Ash whispered to his furry companion.

    Pikachu just took a few steps back from Ash. Showing that he did what he had to do.


    “Ready?” Ash asked.
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu said as he lowered his ears showing that he really didn’t want to do this at May.
    “Come on Pikachu.” Ash said. “Just this once.”
    “Pikachu” Pikachu said as he shrugged his shoulders and soon released a powerful thunder bolt right on May.

    Soon May was as black like Ash this morning. When she saw it was Ash that woke her from her sleep instead of Max she still had the anger she would if it was Max that woke her up in a unexpecting way. Soon she had fire in her eyes and out of nowhere fire also surround her.

    “How dare you wake me up from a dream of rice buns and hot chicken noodles Ash!”
    “My bad” Ash smiled with a sweat drop on his head. Repeating May’s word’s earlier.
    “You will pay!” May yelled as she started to chase after Ash who didn’t think twice to run as fast as he can from the rampaging brunette.

    Ash was running away from May and past the camp site where Brock and Max were. When they saw Ash running away from May they quickly asked each other.

    “Why is Ash running away from May?” Brock asked May’s little brother Max.
    “Maybe Ash did something to her that she didn’t like.” Max replied as he went back fixing the poke nav.
    “May running like that reminds me of when Misty was around. Ash and Misty never seem to not stop fighting.”

    Soon Pikachu came following after Ash. Brock and Max saw Pikachu calling out like he was calling out Ash and May’s names.

    “We better go.” Brock told Max.
    “Good idea.” Max replied as he dropped the poke nav on the table and chased after Ash and May.

    Meanwhile Ash kept running until Ash took a break from running. Then he saw May right behind him. Ash turned around quickly and saw May right in front of him. Ash took a step back and tripped over. May also fell over since she was holding Ash’s shirt. So they both fell on the ground. When the two where on the floor May was on top of Ash and Ash was under May’s body. What both didn’t expect was that when they both fell they actually locked lips when they fell. They both stayed like that until Pikachu came running to them.

    “Pika pi!” Pikachu called out as he ran to Ash and May.

    When Pikachu went there he was surprise to find his own trainer kissing his best friend. Soon May quickly pushed here self of the young boy’s body with both having big red blush on both their faces. Ash also got up quickly with a blush not bigger or brighter than May’s.

    “Pikachu…” Pikachu said with a shock reaction it his face. “Pika pi chu pi?”
    “It was a accident!” Both trainers called out to Pikachu. “We swear!”
    “Please don’t tell anyone. If you do Max will tell my parents and they will never trust me again to ever go on a pokemon journey on my own.” May begged Ash’s Pikachu.
    “Pika pi.” Pikachu nodded.
    “Thanks buddy.” Ash said as he patted Pikachu’s furry head.
    “Hey what happened here?” Brock called out as he and Max join Ash, May and Pikachu.
    “Nothing happened here.” May said as she got off the ground.
    “Yeah nothing.” Ash said as he scratched the back of his head. “Nothing at all.”
    “Well let’s head back to camp.” Brock replied. “It’s getting dark.”
    “Yeah let’s go.” everyone replied.

    End of chapter twelve
    Author's notes

    Well wasn't that advanceshippy. but wait! there is more to come. ^_^

    And from this chapter on more flashbacks will happen. to understand them they are about Ash's childhood past.

    Until next time!

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    Actually, Pikachu shocks Ash to wake him up a lot and it doesn't hesitate and Ash doesn't get mad. Although May might be angry about it. Pikachu can't tell anyone cos it can't talk?
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    Okay i will put up chapter 13 since i will be gone for a week or less. don't worry. i wont dissapear for good. okay read and enjoy.


    Chapter thirteen
    Mix emotions

    Ash and his friends were still camping out. It was night and the full moon was up. Amelia was looking at the full moon with her Umbreon by her side. Ash soon decide to join her.

    “Amelia?” Ash asked.

    Amelia turned around and was surprised to find it was his older brother Ash.

    “What are you doing here Ash?” Amelia asked.
    “I was about to ask you something.” Ash replied as he took a seat next to Amelia.
    “What do you want to ask?”
    “You know that poke ball you want to give me.”
    “I was wondering if I could have it back.”
    “You want it back?” Amelia asked.
    “Why?” Ash asked. “I can’t have my own pokemon back?”
    “Of course Ash.” Amelia said as she went to her bag and got out Ash’s poke ball. “I have been training him a little. But he still likes his own old trainer.” She smiled.

    Ash got up and released the pokemon inside the poke ball. Ash was surprised to find it in the same way he left him.

    “You sure have been training him.” Ash replied as he walked a few steps to his pokemon. “How’s it been buddy?” Ash smiled.

    Ash’s pokemon was so happy that it used fire blast on Ash as a sign of greeting. Ash’s face turned all black.

    “Good old memorises.” Ash said as he fell to the ground.


    “You called me?” Lucas asked as he enter the boss of team cyclones room.
    “I want you to do something for me.” the boss replied as he turned he chair facing Lucas. “Sacul you are going to be the head of a mission I am going to hold.” he said as he showed him a photo of a young brunette girl. “I’m sure you have heard of her. Her name is May Maple. She has entered in the Hoenn, Kanto and Johto grand festivals. She is taking a break from contests for awhile and that is why she is with our main target.” he said as he showed Lucas another picture. This picture was a boy with black hair in a style of a raven. “His name is Ash Ketchum. very popular boy if you ask me. He has entered in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh championships and the Kanto battle frontier and right now he is doing the Hoenn battle frontier.”
    “What does May and Ash have in common and what is the mission?” Lucas asked.
    “They will both help us get Lucas.” He replied as he got out a cigarette from his drawer in his desk. “This Lucas has been annoying me for a long time. He has done so much that I want to kill him with my bare hands.” the boss of team cyclone said as he clenched his fist and hit the table hard. Lucas swallowed hard. “Thinking about the b*****d make me already angry. That b*****d should go to hell.” The boss replied as he threw the cigarette on the floor. “So will you do it?” he asked Lucas.
    “Yes sir I will.” Lucas nodded. “I shall do what you want me to do.”
    “You may go now.”
    “Yes sir.”

    Soon Lucas left the room and walked down the hallway to his own room. When Lucas got into his room his hit the wall with his fist in anger.

    “What have I done?” Lucas cried. “Now I know why Ash hates me so much.”

    “How dare you show up in front of me now Lucas?” Ash yelled. “After what you done you show up after all these years?”
    “Is it bad to come and see you Ash?”
    “What do you think?” Ash yelled. “Thanks to you my dream of becoming a pokemon master could be down the drain. If I get to a championships and they say out Ash Ketchum. The first thing they will say is that I’m in a family of criminals.”
    “Is doing the right thing a crime?” Lucas asked.
    “What you are doing is putting Amelia and I and the whole family in trouble. Mom and I moved to Pallet because of dad.” Ash yelled at Lucas. “You and I both know how much I hate you Lucas. Since we were both little we never agree on anything especially when it comes to pokemon.”
    “So you hate me then because of that?” Lucas asked.
    “Lucas.” Ash said. “For the first time when I got here in Pallet with mom I felt for the first time to live. A way that I can live. No fighting no yelling.”
    “We actually have something in common then.” Lucas replied. “Our war back at home has ended.”
    “But peace isn’t there yet.” Ash added. “Look Lucas I wish I never met you or even know your name. can’t you just leave me alone and Amelia?. We will be all better that way. I will pretend that you never existed in my life Lucas.”
    “Well since you were born you never existed in my life Ash.” Lucas added. “But I think what you said is right. Let’s live life like we never knew each other.”
    “Well this is goodbye then.” Ash added. “Goodbye Lucas.” Ash said as he closed the door.
    “Goodbye Ash.” Lucas added. “But one day we will meet again. With Amelia as well.”

    “I have been such a idiot. Idiot, idiot, idiot!” Lucas called out. “Now I have to do something that I really don’t want to.” Lucas said as he grabbed out the photos of Ash and May. “I’m bringing people that don’t need to be in my problems. They are going to suffer things that I should that they shouldn’t.” Lucas said as he put the photo’s back into pocket. “But if I do I will die and you guys will sure follow because I can tell that killing my isn’t enough.”


    May was near the campfire as the fire cracked in the darkness of the night as a midnight breeze blew around. May was sitting on the log thinking deep. She was thinking about the kiss she had with Ash the other day. She put her fingers on her lips and traced her lips slowly as she closed her eyes. Looking like she wanted to relive the moment. Then she opened her eyes.

    “Why I’m i acting like this?” May questioned herself. “It was just a accident kiss.”

    Meanwhile Ash was in his tent. Pikachu was already asleep in it’s curl up position. Ash was laying inside his sleeping bag as he laid on his arms which were under his head. He was looking at the roof of the tent. Thinking about the kiss he had with May.

    “Why can’t I forget that kiss?” Ash asked himself. “I mean it’s just a kiss. I don’t know what’s the big deal about it.” Ash said as he sat up from his last position. “Then why do I keep thinking about it?”

    Soon Ash went back to lay on his back.

    “I feel so confused.” Ash told himself before falling asleep.

    Meanwhile May was still outside near the warmth of the fire.

    “May I join you?”

    May looked up and saw it was Amelia.

    “Yeah sure.” May replied.
    “So what the matter?” Amelia asked as she took a seat next to May. “You look like your thinking something serious.”
    “Well…” May said as she wrapped her arms around her knees. “you could say that.”
    “Well what’s in your mind?” Amelia asked.
    “I’m having mix emotions.” May replied.
    “For who?”
    “For… Ash” May replied with a slight blush on her face.
    “Ash?” Amelia asked. “Wow.” Amelia said. “Your having mix emotions for my older brother. As in you like him?”
    “I don’t know.” May said as she buried her head behind her knees.
    “Well I think Ash might have the same feelings too.” Amelia winked.
    “What do you mean?”
    “He hasn’t been the same since the other day. The day when you got hypo and started to chase my brother.”
    “Yeah I remember.” May giggled.
    Amelia yawned. “Well goodnight May.” Amelia yawed once again. “ See you in the morning.”
    “Yeah see you then.” May replied.

    Amelia went into her own tent and went to sleep. Soon May followed and went to her own tent.

    End of chapter thirteen
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    Great chapter.I loved it.Cant wait for the next one!!
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    I'm back!

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    thanks for the review CyberBlaziken.
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    I'm still here, sorry i havent reviewed but ive been working on my oneshot for the Advanceshipping day contest lately. Anyways,

    Ooh Ash is a bad boy :)

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    Doing well, keep it up and for the record, you're not writing too fast, just faster than most other authors

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