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Final frontier: Hoenn Style! (advanceshipping PG)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Undead_soul, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    I knew someone would say that. hehe. sorry to say but it's not Charizard. ^_^

    It's something complety new.
  2. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    Issit Dragonair/Dragonite? A previous chapter said something about Amelia and Ash both having Dratinis and evolving, etc.
  3. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    great story so far! some of the grammar is a bit rough tho. at the moment i'm too lazy to go back and find examples... one thing you tend to do is say 'his' where you should say 'he's'. there's a bunch of other stuff i noticed but it's mostly just technical problems. maybe later i'll actually do an edit of a chapter or two, but for now i just wanted to say good work :)
  4. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Well it has been awhile hasn't it? well im back and here is chapter 14!

    PS. thanks for all the reviews. ^_^


    Chapter fourteen
    Determine to battle

    “Yes!” Ash cheered. “About time we got here!”
    “Finally.” Amelia said as she did a relief sigh. “My feet are killing me.”
    “Well I guess we can go to the poke centre now?” Max asked.
    “You guys can come but I’m going shopping!” May cheered. “Who wants to come?”
    “I will.” Amelia replied. “I can still do a little shopping even though my feet hurt.”
    “Well let’s go!” May said.

    Soon both brunettes walked to the shopping centre of Lilycove.

    “I will never understand about why girls like to shop.” Ash said.
    “Same.” Max added.
    “Well I’m going to get some supply’s for the journey.” Brock said. “I’ll meet you guys later.” Brock waved as he headed to the market leaving Max and Ash alone.
    “Hey Max.” Ash said. “Let’s go the poke centre. Our pokemon need some rest.”

    Soon both boys went to the poke centre. When they got there they saw a TV begin crowed by lots of people. Both boys went to the wall TV and saw it was Ash’s old friend Dawn. She was in the Kanto grand festival. She was against her rival Kenny.

    “Who’s that?” Max asked.
    “That’s Dawn.” Ash said as he kept looking at his friend battle her rival. “She is a friend of mine when I went in the Sinnoh region.” Ash replied as he went to look at Max’s direction. “She was the one that helped me when I got separated with Pikachu.” Ash said. “Isn’t that right buddy?” Ash said as he looked at Pikachu who was on his shoulder.
    “Pika pi!” Pikachu replied with a smile.
    “She’s good.” Max said. “Too bad I didn’t get to meet her.”
    “Don’t worry you will.” Ash said. “Now let’s go and rest our pokemon to nurse joy.”

    Both trainers walked to nurse Joy and rested their pokemon to nurse joy.


    “Hey what about this?” Amelia asked as she walked out of the dressing room.

    Amelia was wearing a red sleeveless top with tight jeans with white sneakers with her white hat with a red half poke ball in the middle with her yellow bag that had the belt from her shoulder to her waist.

    “You look nice.” May replied.
    “Thanks.” Amelia smiled.
    “Now it’s my turn to try these on.” May said as she entered the dressing room.


    “Hey I’m back.” Brock replied. “Hey isn’t May or Amelia back yet?”
    “Nope.” Max said as he was playing fetch with his Mightyena. “That’s why Ash went to get them. He really wants to battle the battle frontier brain here.”
    “Well that’s Ash. Impatient when it comes to battles.” Brock replied.


    “What about this?” May asked as she swirled around to show Amelia.

    May was wearing a light blue silk dress with a black jacket with black high heel with black silk ribbons in each of her piggy tails.

    “That really matches you.” Amelia said.
    “Thanks.” May said as she bowed at Amelia lifting her dress a little.
    “Hey you guys ready…” Ash said as he went to join to the girls but was discontinued when he saw May in her dress.
    “What do you thing big bro?” Amelia asked as she went to her older brother.
    “Well umm…” Ash said with a slight blush on his face. “She looks nice?”
    “Nice?” Amelia asked. “She looks like a princess.” Amelia added.
    “Well Ash saying that I look nice in this dress is good enough for me.” May smiled as she join Ash and Amelia. “Sad thing is that I can’t afford something like this.”
    “Well at least you tried it out right bro?”
    “Umm yeah.” Ash replied. “Can we go now?”
    “Let me change first.” May said. “Just wait for me.”

    May went to back to the dressing room. Soon she came out in her normal clothes with her green bandana, her orange dress that went up to her waist, her black shorts and her matching shoes and black socks.

    “I think I prefer this one much better.” May said.
    “I think so too.” Ash added. “Now let’s go.”

    Soon the three ran out of the shopping center and ran back to the poke centre where Max and Brock were waiting.

    “About time.” Max said. “What took you guys so long?”
    “They wouldn’t want to stop shopping.” Ash replied.
    “You should of soon Ash face when he saw May in that pretty silk dress. He blushed.” Amelia said.

    Ash just hit his sister on the head and made Amelia fall onto the tiled floor of the poke centre.

    “I have to thank May for that move.” Ash said.
    “Now I know how Max’s feels.” Amelia said as her eyes were swirls with torchics going around he head.


    “Have this.” Ash said as he handed over a poke ball to Amelia.
    “What this?” Amelia asked as she accepted the poke ball that Ash had.
    “Look after him for me.” Ash replied.
    “What?” Amelia asked. “Your going to abandon him after all the work you did?”
    “Mom said I have to live a life without bringing any memories from here.” Ash told his sister.
    “Will you ever get him back?” Amelia asked.
    “I don’t know.” Ash replied. “It’s because of our father that we are getting separated and he was the one that gave me that pokemon in your hands. I don’t know if I’m ever going to forgive him.”
    “What about Lucas?” Amelia asked.
    “Maybe, maybe not.” Ash said.
    “Ash let’s go!” Delia called out to Ash. “The boat is going to leave in les than 15 mins!”
    “Coming!” Ash called out. Soon Ash looked back at his sister. “Until next time Amelia!” Ash said as he waved to his sister and pushed the black gates and greeted his mother.
    “Until next time Ash!” Amelia called out as she waved her hands in the air.

    Ash was looking at the poke ball with “AK” initialled on the top of the poke ball. Night had fallen over the big city of Lilycove. Ash was outside the poke centre looking at the poke ball.

    “Should I use you in my next battle?” Ash asked himself. “Can I really face my past once again?”

    Ash looked at the entrance and saw it was May.

    “What’s that matter?” she asked.
    “Nothing.” Ash lied.
    “What are you holding?” May asked as she walked over to Ash.
    “This?” Ash asked as he showed the poke ball to May. “Just a poke ball.”
    “It looks quite old. It had scratches al over it. Is anything in there?” May asked.
    “Yeah there is.” Ash replied.
    “Can you show me?” May asked.
    “You guys can see tomorrow.” Ash replied.
    “Okay then.” May said as she entered into the poke centre.

    Ash waited until May was in until he released the pokemon inside the poke ball. Soon Ash’s pokemon was released and when he was out he let out a roar.

    “Keep it quiet.” Ash whispered. “You might wake up the others.”

    Ash’s pokemon just nodded that he understand his trainer’s command.

    “Sorry if I kept you waiting. Anyway shall we fly?” Ash asked.

    Ash’s pokemon let out another roar but not as loud as the last one. Showing that he wanted to fly. Ash hoped onto it’s back and it’s orange wings started to flap. Soon Ash and his pokemon where flying in the night where the moon glowed in the midnight sky.

    “You have been dreaming to fly since you were little huh?” Ash asked.

    Ash’s pokemon just nodded.

    “I have been dreaming about this for a long time as well. I never knew that Amelia trained you for me. I should really thank her.”

    Ash’s pokemon replied with a roar.

    “Oh yeah.” I trained you until you got to you final stage.” Ash replied. “So are you ready for tomorrow’s battle?” Ash asked his pokemon.

    Ash’s pokemon released a huge roar that seem to echo in the night. Ash knew that the roar his pokemon released showed it was a yes and was determined as ever.

    “All right!” Ash called out. “I can’t wait till tomorrow.”

    End of chapter fourteen
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2008
  5. lotr297

    lotr297 wahaha

    You've given the game away now, but i'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

    I lurve da shippyness :D

    will there ever be a chapter without some form of violence?

    And thats it for today, looking forward to the next chapter
  6. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    ^_^ cant help it. when i write the scene with Ash and Amelia fighting it reminds me of me and my younger brother.

    I have? xD anyway i had to slowly write what was Ash's childhood pokemon sooner or later.
  7. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    UPdate now!!...plz??
  8. sharkun0

    sharkun0 Dragon Master

    Need update...*twitches*
    Need Update...*twitches
    NEED UPDATE!*Goes ballistic and starts smashing things*
    Still need update...
  9. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    jeez guys relax. they'll be an update when it's ready. rushing the author only causes trouble.

    ...great chapter as always :) i lol'd when ash saw may in a pretty dress. and the older sibling beatings. keep up the good work!
  10. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Wow. lots of people want me to update this. well here it is. hope you guys can calm down now. i won't forget to update this. i worked hard on this fic. ^_^


    Chapter fifteenth
    Battles can wait

    It was the next morning in the city of Lilycove. Ash and his pokemon were getting warmed up for the battle he was going to have. Soon all his friends came out of the building and found Ash training already.

    “Ash when did you wake up?” May asked as a yawn soon followed.
    “Early.” Ash replied. “Anyway you guys ready?”
    “Since we are already here might as well.” Amelia sighed.
    “Okay let’s go!” Ash cheered.
    “Wait Ash!” Brock called out.
    “What?” the eager pokemon trained asked.
    “Did you know that this battle frontier brain is a tag team battle?”
    “Tag team?” Ash asked. “You mean as having another trainer as my team mate?”
    “Yes.” Brock nodded. “Who are you going to pick?”
    “Well.” Ash said as he thought to himself. “What about you Amelia?” Ash asked. “I haven’t had a tag team battle yet with you.”
    “Sure.” Amelia replied.

    After Ash choosing a partner for the Ash’s next battle they all ran to the battle frontier. When they got to their destination they saw that the building was a huge castle with a moat surrounding the huge building. Soon the main entrance of the castle opened up. When the huge door was down there was standing two people.

    The man had rich black jacket with a white shirt tucked in. he also had violet pants. He had black polished shoes. He had white gloves on both of his hands with purple glasses with black hair. The women next to him had a white jacket with a light pink dress that only reached to her knees. She had golden hair with white clips in her hair with white high heels.

    “Welcome to the battle castle.” The man in a rich suit greeted. “I am Cochran. The battle frontier brain.”
    “And I am Cattleya .” Cattleya greeted in a soft voice. “I’m also the battle frontier brain here.”
    “Well I’m Ash Ketchum.” Ash greeted. “And I’m here to challenge you.”

    But before the battle frontier brains could reply they saw Brock flirting with Cattleya .

    “I am so glad that I have found you dear princess. I am here to save you from this dreaded castle and this man.” Brock said as he knelt down at Cattleya ’s feet holding both her hands.
    “Come here Prince charming.” Max said as he pulled Brock’s ear dragging him away from Cattleya .
    “Sorry about that.” May replied. “He is always like that when it comes to women.”
    “So shall we get the battle started?” Ash asked.
    “Oh that can wait.” Cochran replied. “We invite all of our people a nice evening with a huge feast and ending with a dance.”
    “Then we can battle.” Cattleya added.
    “So that battle will be on tomorrow?.” Amelia asked.
    “Yes.” Cochran replied. “Battles can wait.”
    “Well not for me.” Ash mumbled.


    Darkness soon covered the battle frontier. It was time to have the evening feast. May and Amelia were choosing what to wear and the boys were doing the same. Amelia was having a hard time choosing since she like all the clothes she was looking at.

    “Too many to pick!” Amelia complained. “They are so all pretty.”
    “Well I have already picked mine.” May said as she walked out of the dressing room.
    “Wow.” Amelia gasped. “You look so pretty. Maybe Ash would blush again when he sees you like that.” Amelia giggled.
    “When it comes to girls Ash is as dense as a rock.” May replied. “It’s even worst when it comes to love.”
    “I couldn’t agree less with you May.” Amelia replied.

    Meanwhile in the boy’s room. Max and Brock were already dressed. Brock was wearing a white suit with a red rose in his right pocket in his jacket. Max was wearing a light grey suit with a “V” neck shape in his jacket showing his white shirt. Ash was still in the dressing room. Brock and Max were trying to convinced Ash to get out.

    “Come on Ash.” Brock called out as he knocked on the dressing room door that Ash was inside. “You don’t look that bad.”
    “Yeah.” Max added in.
    “I really don’t like wearing suits.” Ash complained. “Why can’t we just battle already?”
    “We have no choice Ash.” Brock replied. “Come on it’s only one night.”
    “Fine.” Ash replied as he opened the door of the dressing room.

    Ash was wearing a black suit with matching pants. He had grey polished shoes. He had a white collar showing that he had white long sleeves inside his jacket. All of them were surprise that Ash actually dressed in something decent not like in the previously journeys. Even Pikachu as impressed.

    “Well?” Ash asked.
    “Impressive.” Brock replied with his arms crossed.
    “Pikachu.” Pikachu said like he was saying that he agreed with Brock’s answer.
    “Well let’s go.” Max said. “May and Amelia are waiting.”
    “Yeah let’s go.” Ash replied.

    The boys soon left the dressing room and went to the dining room. He saw Cochran and Cattleya sitting down.

    “Oh so you guys decided to arrive.” Cochran replied. “Please take a seat.”
    “Where’s are the girls?” Brock asked.
    “They will arrive shortly.” Cattleya replied.
    “We are here.” called out the girls.

    Soon May and Amelia came and joined the boys. Amelia was wearing a teal dress that went to her ankles. He had her hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon tied in her ponytail. She had red high heels with a pearl necklace. May on the other hand was wearing a white silk dress that went pass her knees. She was wearing black high heels. She had piggy tales in her hair with black ribbons holding them in place. Then she had a necklace with a small white heart in the necklace.

    “Sorry we are late.” May apologize.
    “That is alright.” Cattleya replied in her normal sweet voice.

    Meanwhile Ash couldn’t help but to look at both girls. When he looked at May he slightly blushed. May also blushed to see Ash in a suit. Soon both girls went to take a seat. Everyone eat around the round table.

    “So Ash.” Cochran began. “Who is your partner going to be for your battle tomorrow?”
    “My partner is going to be Amelia.” Ash replied.
    “Well we all know who mine is.” Cochran replied. “It’s going to be my fiancé Cattleya .”
    “Fiancé!?” Brock said in shock before falling off his chair.

    Amelia, Max, May and Ash both saw what happened to their friend.

    “Poor Brock.” Amelia said. “Heartbroken.”
    “I just don’t get it.” Ash said. “He acts like this to nearly every girl he sees so why is he acting like this?”
    “Maybe because this is the first time he flirted to a girl that belonged to somebody else.” May answered.
    “Anyway.” Cochran said. “Let’s continue our dinner.”

    The rest just nodded and went back to their seats. Even Brock.


    “Now we shall finish off with a dance.” Cattleya told the group.
    “Is this really important?” Ash asked. “Why can’t we just get on with the battle?”
    “Let us just enjoy the night Ash.” May asked. “And anyway when is the next time you get to be in a place like this?”
    “Actually” Ash replied. “I’ve been in a place like this before.” Ash replied.
    “Really?” May said in surprise. “Is that true Amelia?”
    “Yes.” She nodded in responds. “This isn’t new to me.”
    “Well let us all enjoy the night and tomorrow we can battle.”
    “Fine.” Ash sighed.
    “Don’t be disappointed.” May smiled. “Let’s just have fun.”

    So the whole group went to the dance floor. Everyone was dancing except Ash who was sitting on the tables. Amelia was dancing with Max while May was dancing with Brock and the two battle frontiers were dancing together in each other’s arms. Soon May stopped dancing with Brock as Brock decided to dance with Cattleya which she accepted. May went up to Ash.

    “Hey Ash.” May greeted. “Why aren’t you dancing?” She asked.
    “I don’t want to and I think this is a waste of time.” Ash replied.
    “Oh stop begin a party pooper.” May replied as she dragged Ash out of his seat by his hand. “Let me help you enjoy this night.” She smiled.

    Soon the two best friends were on the dance floor. As they danced the night away the music soon turned into a soft slow romantic song. Everyone looked at the two battle frontier brains dance slowly. The two best friends copy what they saw. Ash put his one of his hand on top of May’s shoulder and the other one around her waist. May just laid her arms on Ash’s shoulder. Brock, Max, Amelia and Pikachu went outside to take some fresh air. The two battle frontier brains were still dancing.

    As the best friends danced both blushed red. Seeing that they dancing in the positions they were in was something they both found uncomfortable. They both tried to avoid each other’s eyes. As they did violins played softly while joined by the piano as the notes begin played softy filled the room with the violins playing their bit.

    Soon both trainer’s eyes met. When they did they didn’t seem to part. They both closed their eyes as their faces started to come closer. Soon their lips join. Soon when they parted they both opened their eyes and both realized what they had both done. Both let go of each other and May ran out of the dancing room. Ash stand their shocked of what he done. As Amelia, Max, Brock were heading back they saw May ran out the building.

    “Why was May running outside?” Amelia asked.
    “I don’t know but we better find out.” Brock suggested.

    Then the four ran into the dance floor. Soon Ash ran the opposite way they were going and chased after May. The four were now even more confused and ran to Cochran and Cattleya .

    “What happened here?” Max asked.
    “Something happened between the two.” Cochran replied.
    “It’s something I think both don’t want to tell.” Cattleya added.

    Outside May was looking at the night sky with her hands on her heart. Looking like she was holding it. Ash soon followed and saw May looking at the sky.

    “Go away Ash.” May said as her voice dropped nearly sounding like a whisper. “I’m feeling confused.”
    “But May…”
    “Please.” May begged in a soft voice as she turned towards Ash’s direction. “I need time to think.”
    “Okay then…” Ash replied as he walked back into the building.

    When May was alone she shed a tear from her eyes.

    “What is this feeling I feel for Ash right now?” May questioned herself. “Is this feeling true?”


    Soon the dance was over and everyone was in their room. Everyone had their own room. Ash was with his Pikachu. Pikachu was sleeping next to him. Ash was still awake and was laying on his side. Thinking about his second kiss with May. Ash got out of his bed and walked over to the window.

    “Why did I kiss her?” Ash asked himself. “Why?”

    Ash pulled out a half pink contest ribbon out of his pocket he won with May back in Kanto.

    “Why am I feeling weird emotions to you?” Ash asked himself.

    Ash just sighed and returned the ribbon back into his pocket and then look at the night sky covered in a blanket of stars.

    “Well I better get some sleep.” Ash told himself. “I have a battle tomorrow.”

    Ash walked away from the window and went to his bed and went to sleep.


    “Is everything ready Sacul?” Asked the head of team cyclone to Lucas.
    “Everything is in place.” Lucas replied.
    “Perfect.” he replied as he threw the cigarette into his ash tray. “Everything is going into plan. Soon I will have Lucas in my hands.”
    “What have I done?” Lucas thought said. “I’m involving this May and Ash into this.” “Sir?” Lucas asked.
    “What would you do with the Ash and May?”
    “Well.” he said as he scratched his chin. “maybe I would kill them. Ash knows Lucas very well.”
    “Then why do we have to involve the girl into this?” Lucas asked.
    “Well.” He replied. “I first met here in the Rustuff tunnel. I just want her for my own fun.” the boss replied with a evil grin. “I will let her boyfriend suffer this time. She won’t be able to save her this time. I will make sure of it.”
    “Well I better get everyone ready.” Lucas told his boss.
    “Very well. You may go.”

    Lucas left the room and went to the supply room to get everything ready for the mission.

    End of chapter fifteenth
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2008
  11. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    YAY I'm the first one to post after the chapter! Anyway I liked this chapter a lot, it was very interesting. I hope that the chapters to come will be as interesting and exciting as the other chapters
  12. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    ooh more shipping! i think this could have been edited a bit more before you posted it. i found a lot of mistakes. for example: "“Why am I feeling weird emotions to you?” Ash asked himself."
    i think you mean feeling wierd emotions for you.

    "Amelia was wearing a teal dress that went to her ankles. SHe had her hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon tied in her ponytail. She had red high heels with a pearl necklace. May on the other hand was wearing a white silk dress that went past her knees. She was wearing black high heels. She had pigtails in her hair "

    i found a bunch of mistakes like that. don't get me wrong the story's great, it's just a little rough.
  13. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Chapter sixteen
    Secret revealed!

    Everyone was in the battle castle. The room was very rich indeed. The mats were spreader in a golden colour. The tiles were painted a dark teal colour.

    “Did you have a good night’s sleep?” Cochran called from the other side of the battle field.
    “Yes.” Ash lied. Ash couldn’t sleep not after his second kiss with May.
    “Let us get this started shall we?” Cochran called out. “Let’s go Empoleon!”
    “To battle Staraptor!” Cattleya called out as she threw the poke ball to the field.
    “Let’s go Dragonite!” Amelia called out as she released her pokemon. “Ash who are you using?” Amelia asked her older brother.
    “Watch.” Ash replied. “Time to battle!” Ash said as he threw his poke ball to the field.

    Out came a dragon type pokemon. It had huge red wings with a blue coloured skin all over. Under it’s tail was red and when the pokemon was released it had a intimidate roar that nearly frighten both pokemon.

    “Salamence!” Amelia called out.
    “Yep.” Ash replied.
    “Am I late?” Scott asked as he enter the stands of the battle castle.
    “Not really.” Brock replied.
    “Since when did Ash get a Salamence?” Max asked in shock. Finding out that Ash had such a rare pokemon.
    “Well I don’t remember really. Salamence’s first stage is a Bagon. Bagon’s are rare to find are only found in meteor falls. To my memory we never went though meteor falls not once.” Brock replied.
    “Well let’s stop worrying were Ash got his Salamence and see how this battle turns out.” Scott said.
    “Empoleon let’s use ice beam on Salamence now!” Cochran called out.
    “Dodge it and use earthquake Salamence!” Ash called out.

    Salamence’s quick speed dodge the cold ice beam attack and then landed on four feet to summon a powerful ground attack.

    “Blizzard Dragonite on Staraptor!” Amelia called out.
    “Staraptor use agility do dodge it!”

    Dragonite’s blizzard attack was a complete miss.

    “Now use Agility to speed up to use wing attack!” Nicole called out.

    With the speed of agility Dragonite had no time to dodge the attack. Staraptor used wing attack right on Dragonite.

    “Dragonite!” Amelia called out.
    “Now brave bird Staraptor!” Nicole called out.
    “Salamence use dragon breath at Staraptor now!”

    Salamence used a powerful dragon attack right at Staraptor so he wouldn’t attack Dragonite.

    “Now Empoleon!” Cochran called out to his pokemon. “Use Blizzard on both of them.”
    “Oh oh.” Max said from the stands. “This is bad.”
    “Yes it is.” Scott added. “They are both dragon and flying types. So ice type moves are going to put major damage on both pokemon.”

    The Ice attack both hit both dragon type pokemon and made them both back to their trainers feet.

    “Salamence!” Ash called out.
    “Dragonite!” Amelia called out.
    “Now one more Blizzard attack Empoleon!” Cochran commanded.
    “Dodge it!” Both siblings commanded.

    Both dragon pokemon obeyed their pokemon command and fly up to mid air to dodge the attack.

    “Dragonite thunder on Staraptor!” Amelia called out.

    Dragonite released a powerful electric attack right on Staraptor. The flying type pokemon electrified in the powerful attack from Dragonite.

    “Now go for it Salamence!” Ash called out. “Use crunch now!”

    Salamence speed quickly got after Staraptor who was still paralysed after Dragonite’s thunder attack. Salamence fly right into Staraptor and dig his teeth into Staraptor as the bird yelled in pain.

    “Staraptor!” Cattleya yelled.
    “Quick Empoleon!” Cochran yelled. “Use Hydro pump to push Salamence off Staraptor!”

    Empoleon used the powerful water attack and blew Salamence off Staraptor. Staraptor was puffing showing how weak he was. Soon the bird pokemon fainted.

    “Staraptor is unable to battle!” the referee declared.
    “All right!” Both Ash and Amelia said as they did high five each other in the air.
    “It’s not over yet.” Cochran replied. “Ice beam on Dragonite now!”
    “Dodge it now Dragonite!” Amelia yelled.

    The dragon type pokemon tried to dodge the ice cold attack by flying into mid air but Cochran’s Empoleon ice beam attack just got Dragonite by the wing. Dragonite went flying down towards the ground. Soon Amelia’s Dragonite fainted at the spot.

    “Dragonite is unable to battle!” the referee declared.

    Then suddenly the wall of the field blew up. Smoke covered the area. Then everybody heard a high pitch girl scream. When the smoke subsided they saw that everyone was there except one person.

    “May?” Ash called out. “Where are you?”

    Back at the stands everyone was there except May. There was a note where May was sitting in. Max picked up the note and read it. Then he ran down with the other’s followings as they ran down the stands to give the letter to Ash.

    “I think you should read this.” Max said as he handed over the note to Ash.

    Ash accepted the note and read it.

    You know who I am
    And I know who you are
    I took your little friend
    You want her back?
    Come and get me
    If you can…

    Signed: TC

    Ash couldn’t believe what he had just read. May had being kidnapped by Team cyclone. Ash scrunch the note in his hand with anger and threw it on the floor.

    “Why did you think they took May?” Amelia asked. “I mean what did she have to do with team cyclone?”
    “I don’t know.” Brock replied.

    Ash was still in shock. He still had his hand clenched. Everyone could see the tightness as Ash clenched his fist.

    “Lucas.” Ash said as he grinned his teeth. “Why May?”
    “Lucas?” Max asked. “Who is he really to you Ash?”

    Ash just glared at him with a slight evil in his eyes. He wasn’t himself. Ash just walked out of the battle castle and went out.

    “What just happened?” Cattleya asked.
    “I don’t know.” Max replied. “That was the first time I ever saw Ash like that.”

    Amelia stayed silent. Soon she followed her brother outside.


    Ash was outside throwing rocks into the moat. When the rocks sunk the water splashed everywhere. Amelia was right behind her older brother.

    “This time. His gone too far.” Ash replied as he threw more rocks into the moat as he still didn’t look at his younger sister directly. “First making our family worst and now taking May. I’m not going to forgive him for this.”
    “Ash.” Amelia said. “How do you know it’s Lucas?”
    “Who else will it be Amelia?” Ash said as he turned around to Amelia quickly. “His gone too far. We have to stop this before he kills himself.”

    End of chapter sixteen
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    I hope you guys will enjoy this chapter. anyway cyaz!


    Chapter seventeen
    Big brother?!

    Meanwhile in a team cyclone base. Two men were holding a sack. Big enough to carry a human inside. The bag was moving inside showing signs of life. When the two men reached the cell they threw the item out of the bag and that was May. She had her hands tied in front her back and her legs her tied up as well. He mouth was covered by a handkerchief. May was thrown onto the cold cement floor. Soon a dark figure block the only entrance of the cell.

    “Well look who it is.” The man said in a deep voice. “It’s you I met in Rustuff tunnel.
    “You.” May said in disgrace as she took off the handkerchief off her mouth. “You horrible man!” May yelled at the top of her voice.

    The boss of team cyclone slightly laughed at the young brunette’s words.

    “Yes I am.” The man replied as he walked closer to May and knelt down to May who was sitting down on the cold cement. “I’m such a horrible man.” He grinned as he slowly traced his fingers up May’s leg. “Remember this?” He said as he started to kiss her neck and up to her cheek.

    May couldn’t take it anymore and kick the man in a place to man wouldn’t like to be kicked. The two men behind him softly laughed as their boss bent down in pain. Then he smiled evilly at May.

    “So you play hard to get huh?” He asked. “Fine by me. I like girls like you.”

    Then he left with the two men by his side. They closed the door behind them and it was pitch black. The only light shining though was the bar window. May chewed on the ropes tied around her hands and soon the rope fell to the ground. Then May untied the ropes that connected her feet together. When she was able to move she got out the ribbon from her pocket. Then she looked at it and then put it against her heart and started to cry.

    “Save me please.” May cried. “Ash…”


    Ash was outside camping with his friends. Cochran and Cattleya had gave him the battle castle badge. They said that Ash and Amelia could of won if the kidnapping of May didn’t happened. Ash was outside near a cliff where the water rolled over the rocks. Ash was sitting at the very edge. Ash was holding his other half of the ribbon he won with May. Next to his side was Pikachu and his Salamence. Pikachu and Salamence were introducing themselves to each other.

    Ash and his friends have been looking all day. Either on foot or sky. They were looking for her. Ash hadn’t been himself since the disappearance of May. He always seem to be by himself with his pokemon and nobody hardly saw him.

    “Found you.”

    Ash glanced at Amelia with just a look over the shoulder. Then he soon looked away.

    “Can I join?” She asked politely.

    Ash didn’t reply.

    “Well might as well.” Amelia said as she took a seat next to Ash. “I’m glad that you use Salamence in your battle today.”
    “Yeah.” Ash replied in a low voice.
    “Too bad the battle didn’t went any longer. I wanted to have a longer battle.”
    “Yeah.” Ash repeated with a sigh.

    Then Amelia noticed something in Ash’s palm. It was a half pink contest ribbon.

    “What’s that in you hand?” Amelia asked as she pointed to the object.
    “This?” Ash asked. “Just something that’s important to me.”
    “I see.” Amelia replied. Soon Amelia laid on the grass facing the night sky. “Hey Ash?”
    “Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn’t break up. You know where I didn’t have to live with Auntie and you and mom going to Pallet.”
    “Well.” Ash replied as she put his arms behind his back and was now leaning on them. “Probably I wouldn’t have to move and I could grow up at my real hometown.”
    “Do you ever wish to go back home?” Amelia asked.

    Ash stayed silent and soon laid down on the grass with his younger sister.

    “Yeah I do.” Ash replied. “Nothing beats home.”
    “Have you told them?”
    “Told them what?”
    “About your childhood past.” Amelia told her brother. “About Salamence and me as your younger sister.”
    “No.” Ash replied.
    “It’s nothing important. I mean why would they want to know my past? Tell them that my original home isn’t Pallet? No thanks. I’ve told everyone that I’m from Pallet town. It’s to keep my dream from dieing. If I told them where I was really born and raised then they would be shock at the results.”
    “I see.”


    It was the next morning at the team cyclone head quarters. Lucas was heading to the jail cell where May was held in ready to give her food. Lucas got to her cell. It had been a week since May was kidnapped. Lucas pushed the door with his shoulder wince he was holding a tray of food for May. When the door was opened he saw May sitting on her knees. Looking sad. Her hair was all in a mess and dirt covered different parts of her body. Her eyes were bloodshot from all they crying and the darkness of the cell covered her face. It really did match her feelings and her expression. Lucas dropped the tray near the door and was about to leave.

    “Wait.” May called out in a voice that was a nearly as quiet as a whisper. “Please stay.”
    “I have many things to do today.” Lucas replied. “I have no time to stay here with you.”
    “Please.” May called out again. Her voice was all cracking since she didn’t have much water to drink.
    “Very well.” Lucas said as he brought the tray of food near May. “I guess I can stay. It is quite early.”

    Lucas sat down and handed the tray of food to May. She slowly picked up the food with her trembling fingers. Soon she took her first bite in her rice bun.

    “Do you know Ash?” May asked as she swallowed her first bite from her rice bun.
    “Why should I tell you?” Lucas asked. “If I do know Ash or not that’s my problem.”
    May took a sip from her glass of water. “I just want to get out of here. I want to see all my friends again and Ash.” May said as she continued to stare down at her glass of water. “What have I done to be here right now?” May said as she shed a tear from her eyes and then quickly wiped it away.
    “Well to be honest I do know Ash.” Lucas replied. “I know him very well.”
    “How well?” May asked as her voice was still trembling.
    “Well…” Lucas said. “I’m his older brother.”


    It was a early morning in Hoenn and everyone was eating breakfast. Everyone was sitting around the campfire which died early in the cold morning. Everyone was eating except Ash. He still hadn’t touched his food.

    “Guys.” Ash said as he walked to Brock and Max. “I need some stuff to tell you guys.”
    “Good.” Max replied. “Because I have about one hundred questions to ask you.”
    “Let’s start on who is this Lucas of yours.” Brock added. “Who is he really?”
    “His my…” Ash said as he clench his fist and tighten his grip. “His…my…”
    “His my what?” Max asked.
    “His my older brother.”


    “Older brother?” May asked after swallowing another bite from her rice bun. “Then why he hates you so much?”
    “I would tell you if you want.” Lucas replied.
    “Alright then.” May replied.
    “It all started when Ash, Amelia and I were very young.”

    “Look what I got!” Ash said as he ran to his older brother’s room.
    “Go away.” Lucas said as he was in his room listening to his MP3 player.
    “Don’t you want to have a look? Dad gave it to me. He gave me a Bagon!”
    “I said go away and I don’t really care about your Bagon. My Gible can beat your Bagon any day!”
    “Well let’s see then!” Ash yelled. “Let’s have a battle now!”
    “How dumb can you get?” Lucas yelled at his five year old brother. “You just got your pokemon. You don’t even know any moves let alone how to use him. Now go and stop wasting my time.”

    “I really hate him for that.” Ash told his friends. “He didn’t care about me when I was little. From that day my anger for him grew even more. More came when I started trainer school.”

    “So is this where you go big brother?” Ash asked.
    “Yes I do.” Lucas sighed. “Now go find your class or something. Just don’t annoy me.” Lucas said as he left his brother alone.

    Later on when it was time for a battle the new comers had a battle to test their knowledge on battling. Ash was using his Bagon against a Trapinch.

    “Use dig!” A female pokemon trainer called out.

    The red ground type pokemon dug underground. Leaving a hole in the ground. The young five year old new pokemon trainer Ash didn’t know what to do.

    “Now Trapinch!” The pokemon’s trainer called out.

    Trapinch came out of the ground and hit Bagon from underneath. Bagon went flying in mid air and then falling to the ground.

    “Bagon!” Ash called out.

    Meanwhile Lucas was watching his younger brother fight his first pokemon battle.

    “Use hydro pump Bagon!” Ash called out.

    Bagon opened it’s mouth and released a powerful water attack right on Trapinch. The ground pokemon was pushed back by the water attack.

    “Since when dragon type pokemon learn water type moves?” the female trainer asked in shock.
    “Good work Bagon!” Ash cheered.
    “It’s not over yet, Trapinch use rock tomb on Bagon!”

    Trapinch lifted it’s feet and stomped it down and soon rocks started to surround Bagon. They kept going up and up until they met. When they met Bagon was trapped inside a rock pyramid.

    “Bagon!” Bagon called out to Ash.
    “Hang in there Bagon!” Ash called out.
    “Now let’s use dig to meet with Bagon!” the female trained commanded.
    “Bagon use hydro pump to when the rocks to make them soft” Ash called out.

    Bagon use the water move on the pyramid and soon the rock pyramid started to soften. When the rocks was soft enough Bagon used his rock head to free himself. Trapinch got out of the ground a little too late. Bagon had already escape Trapinch’s rock type move.

    “Now Bagon!” Ash called out.

    Bagon opened it’s mouth and released a powerful water type attack right at the ground type pokemon. Trapinch was pushed back and flew Ash’s feet. Ash picked up Trapinch and saw that Trapinch had already fainted.

    “Look like I lost.” the young female trainer replied.
    “Don’t worry about that.” Ash smiled. “There’s always a next time.”
    “Yeah your right.” she younger replied with a smile. “But next time I will win.!”

    Ash just gave Trapinch to the girl and she waved and her way away from Ash. Then Ash looked at his Bagon. Bagon jumped into his trainer’s arms.

    “Bagon!” Bagon cheered.
    “You did great Bagon!” Ash complemented.
    “Ba!” Bagon cheered once again.

    Lucas who watched the battle from his position couldn’t help but to smile and congratulation his younger brother.

    “Well what did you know.” Lucas said. “He actually won. Maybe he does have the battling skills in his veins.”

    “To be honest I was happy that my younger brother won his first ever pokemon battle.” Lucas replied as May took a bunch of noddles with her chopsticks.
    “So Ash has a Bagon.” May replied. “Interesting. Please continue.”
    “Okay then.” Lucas replied. “I’ll tell you when I came back from my Kanto journey.”

    “Big brother!” Amelia called out as she ran to greet her older brother. “Hey everyone Lucas is home!”

    Amelia pulled the black huge gates towards her direction and let Lucas enter. Soon Ash and Delia went to greet Lucas. Delia went to greet her son by hugging him.

    “How was your journey?” Delia asked.
    “It was great mom.” Lucas replied as he start to get chock by his mother’s hug. “I won the Kanto championships.”
    “You have your father’s blood in you all right.” Delia replied as she cuddled her oldest son even more. “Anyway have you changed your underwear?”
    “Mom.” Lucas replied. “Don’t embarrass me in front of Ash and Amelia.” Lucas told his mother as Lucas blushed red in embarrassment.
    “Sorry dear.” Delia replied as she stopped hugging her son.
    “Anyway where is dad?” Lucas asked.
    “He is at work but don’t worry. He will be back time for dinner.”
    “Hey Lucas.” a young nine year old Ash called to his brother. “While you were away I trained my Bagon.”
    “Really?” Lucas yawned. “Is it still pathetic still like you?”

    Ash just grinned his teeth together and released his pokemon from it’s poke ball. To Lucas’s surprise he found it was not a Bagon but a Shelgon.

    “Wow.” Lucas said in surprise. “I’m impressed. You actually evolved your Bagon. But will you ever get it to a Salamence?” Lucas said with his arms crossed as he lifted a eyebrow.
    “Don’t worry Lucas.” Ash replied. “Next time we see each other you will see me with a Salamence and it will beat that Gabite of yours.”
    “I can’t wait until that day comes.” Lucas said as he looked at Amelia. “What about you?”
    “Still the same but I can feel that Dragonair will nearly evolve.”
    “That’s nice to hear.” Lucas smiled.

    Lucas went inside first with his mother bragging about how proud she is of him.

    “Why is big brother always nice to you?” Ash asked.
    “Maybe because I look cute!” Amelia teased.
    “You cute!” Ash replied in shock. “Please.” Ash said as he walked inside the house.
    “What was that suppose to mean?!” Amelia yelled from the gates. “Hey come back here!” Amelia called out as she chased after Ash who was now inside the house.

    “You know I still want a explanation of what you meant back then.” Amelia said in a unpleased manner.
    “Please Amelia.” Ash said as he put his hand on his fore head. “Please tell me your not that dumb.”
    “Anyway continue Ash.” Max said.
    “Can’t.” Ash replied.
    “Why?” Max asked.
    “I just can’t.” Ash said as he got up and started to walk away from the group.

    As Ash walked to a cliff he released his Salamence from his poke ball. When Salamence was out Ash hoped on to it’s back. Salamence roared like it was asking what was happening.

    “Let’s just go and fly okay?” Ash asked. In a sad tone of voice.

    Salamence obeyed his trainer and started to flap his red huge wings and flew into the sky. As Salamence flew in the sky Ash could feel the wind going against his face and his hair flew all over his face. As a memory went flooding back into his mind.

    “Hey.” Ash greeted as he opened the door of his new home of Pallet.
    “Hey big bro.” Amelia greeted. “Anyway I have a surprise for you.”
    “What is it?” Ash asked.
    “Come out Salamence!” Amelia called out as she released Salamence out of it’s poke ball.
    “Salamence!” Ash greeted as he went up to greet his pokemon.

    Salamence was happy to see his old master and greeted with a friendly fireblast. Ash’s face went quickly black. Ash quickly fell to the floor.

    “Ouch.” Ash said.
    “Maybe I shouldn’t of taught him that move.” Amelia giggled. “Anyway big brother I have something to tell you.”
    “What is it?”

    Amelia handed a article from a recent newspaper. There was a huge picture on the front page. There was smoke surrounding a person in black with a bright red C on his top. Next to him was a Garchomp. His face resembled someone they both knew.

    “It’s Lucas Ash.” Amelia told her older brother. “There isn’t a single doubt.”
    “But…” Ash said dumbfounded. “Why did he join team cyclone?”
    “I wish i knew.” Amelia sighed.
    “How dumb can he get?!” Ash said with a higher tone of voice then before. “If he knows who he is from they will kill him.”
    “And when they get his personal information they will not kill him but all of us. The Ketchum family will no longer exist!” Amelia added.
    “There goes my dream of a pokemon master.” Ash sighed. “But if Lucas is at team cyclone that means he is going to involve the whole of us!” Ash said in a shocked tone.
    “Not only that Ash.” Amelia said. “Do you know what he has done?”
    “Go ahead. He has already ruined my life.”
    “He starting to act like our father.”

    “Why do these things happen to me?” Ash asked his dragon type pokemon. “First dad and now Lucas. What is even worse is when dad is gone I’m going to take his place.”

    Salamence glanced at his owner and let out a little roar. Like a pokemon to pokemon conversation but in this case. He was talking to a human. Ash looked at his pokemon.

    “I’m not taking place of a criminal Salamence.” Ash replied as he looked at the sky. “I will never be like them. Especially like dad.”

    End of chapter seventeen
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    It's a good fic, however Keito is the 'Battle Frontier'? Shouldn't it be 'Frontier Brain'.

    Meanwhile, you have quite bad grammar that needs to be fixed.
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    I can'e help it but i like Salamence as a pokemon and i thought to put it in. i was afraid that people thought it was a bad idea. guess not. ^_^

    And yes i said i won't be back until i get back put my bro has a computer with the internet so i thought to pop in and cheak the reviews. but there will be no chapter 18 until i get back. soory about that. ^_^
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    Chapter eighteen
    Put it aside just this once

    “So that what happened.” May said as she wiped her mouth with her black collar. “You’re the older brother of Ash and Amelia.”
    “Yeah I am.” Lucas replied.
    “Then would you be Lu…” May said before begin discontinued as Lucas covered her mouth.
    “The name is Lucas.” Lucas replied into May’s ear. “Don’t tell anyone else.”
    “Oh.” May said as she covered her mouth. “Okay then.”
    “I have to go.” Lucas said as he got off the cold cement. “The boss would be wondering where I am now.”

    May just nodded.

    “Thanks for spending some time to talk with me. I really appreciate it.”
    “That’s okay.” Lucas replied as he walked out of the cell.

    As Lucas closed the door behind him he saw his boss glaring at him. Lucas could tell in his eyes that he wasn’t very happy.

    “What were you doing in that cell?” the boss asked in a unpleased tone.
    “Talking.” Lucas replied.
    “You better not be lying boy.” The boss replied. “I’m the only one who can touch her.”
    “Excuse me?!” Lucas replied in shock.
    “You heard what you heard Sacul. She’s mine.” he replied as he made the word mine sound longer. Like a snake hissing out the word.
    “Well excuse me sir but I have work to do.” Lucas said as he walked right past his boss.
    “You sure have the attitude of that b*****d Lucas.” the boss replied as he turned around facing Luca’s back. “You are very similar.”

    Lucas didn’t reply and just walked off. Leaving the boss of team cyclone alone.

    “This is going too far. I have to stop this. But first I have to see someone.” Lucas said in his head as he ran out of team cyclone’s base.

    As the boss just watched Lucas storm off he mention a few words.

    “Very similar.”


    “Found her?” Ash asked.
    “Nothing.” Max replied as he got off his Arcanine.
    “Same over here.” Amelia replied as she got off her Dragonite.
    “Sorry Ash but I couldn’t find anything as well.” Brock replied.

    Ash just clenched his fist and ran away from the group. As Ash shed a tear as he ran away from the group.

    “Ash!” Amelia called out as she chased after her older brother.
    “Ash has really taken this deep hasn’t he?” Max asked. “I have never seen him act like this before. Running away like that.”
    “Maybe May has taken effect on him finally.” Brock replied as he folded his arms.
    “What do you mean?” Max asked as he looked up at Brock.
    “Well I’m not to sure but maybe.. Just maybe.” Brock said as he scratched his chin. “No it can’t be. It can never happen.”

    As Ash finally made a stop at the cliff where the water rolled over the rocks and the wind slowly blew around. Ash made a stop and collapsed to his knees. Amelia quickly went to his side.

    “It has been three days and we haven’t found May yet.” Ash asked. “I never act like this to anyone.” Ash muttered.
    “Maybe because you are starting to like her.” Amelia replied.
    “Me? Having feelings to May?” Ash asked as he faced his sister. “Your saying that I might have feelings for May?”
    “That could be the reason why your acting like that.” A voice said behind them. Both Ash and Amelia looked behind them.
    “Lucas!” Both siblings cried out in surprised.
    “That’s me.” Lucas replied as he took off his black leather coat from him.

    Lucas was wearing a red hat with a blue poke ball on the side with a black vest with a gray V shape across his chest. He had a red scarf with a yellow back pack. Lucas also had blue pants to match with red and gray shoes.

    “Missed me little brother?” Lucas asked as he raised a eyebrow.

    Ash’s emotions changed from mixed to one. A burning sensation of anger to his older brother. Ash quickly got up on his feet and faced his older brother.

    “The younger brother you are talking about is long gone dead and so is my older brother.” Ash replied.
    “Ouch.” Lucas replied. “Is that the way to greet me after a long time no see?”
    “I don’t need to greet a dead person like you. And why should I? not what after you did!”
    “Let’s not get into this again Ash.” Lucas said as he put his hand on his forehead. Showing that he was sick talking into something all over again. “I have come here to help you.”
    “You can help me by leaving!” Ash yelled as he started to storm off away from Amelia and Lucas.
    “Would you reconsider if I mention May?” Lucas asked.

    Ash was stopped in his tracks with does simply words.

    “I knew you would stop when I mention May.” Lucas said as he did a slight laugh. “You like her don’t you?”

    Ash just stayed silent for at least a minute.

    “I…umm…” Ash said with a blush on his face. “I…don’t know.” Ash replied as he faced his older brother once again. “Anyway what have you got in common with May?”
    “I know where she is.”

    End of chapter eighteen
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    Chapter nineteen
    Joined forces

    “Of course you know where she is!” Ash yelled. “You’re the one who took her.”
    “Calm down Ash!” Amelia begged as she tried to pull Ash away from Lucas who was very near.
    “Yes I took her.” Lucas replied. “But I change my mind.” Lucas replied. “I have come here to help you like I said before.”
    “Even you are the last person on earth I wouldn’t ask your help!” Ash yelled as he got free from his sister’s grasp.
    “If you want to see May again I suggest you put your anger aside and let us join forces.” Lucas suggested. “Well Ash?”
    “Fine.” Ash muttered. “For May.”

    Soon there was silence over the three.

    “Well I better introduce you to Ash’s friends.” Amelia said to cover the silence between the two. “Come with me Lucas.” Amelia said as she walked over to Lucas and grabbed his arm. “Coming Ash?” Amelia asked as she looked over her shoulder.
    “Yeah.” Ash said as he put his hands in his pockets. “Let’s go.”

    All three siblings walked together to camp to join Brock and Max. Brock and Max were packing up when they saw the three heading their way.

    “Ash?” Both boys asked. “Who is that person?” Max asked.
    “Lucas.” Ash and Amelia replied simultaneously.
    “Your Lucas?!” Max said in surprise. “The winner of the Kanto and Sinnoh championships?”
    “That’s me.” Lucas replied.
    “So why are you here?” Brock asked.
    “I’m here to help to find my younger brother’s girlfriend.” Lucas replied as he looked at his brother behind him who had a slight blush on his face.
    “May isn’t my girlfriend.” Ash told Lucas. “Even Amelia knows that.”
    “I do?” Amelia asked playing dumb. “I thought she was your girlfriend.” Amelia teased.

    Ash just sighed.

    “Let’s just go and find May already.” Ash replied.


    In the coldness and darkness of the cell which May was begin held in. May was in there with her Glaceon by her side. Team cyclone let her keep her pokemon with her. She could escape but she would get killed. Glaceon just watched her trainer depressed. May was leaning in the wall were the cobwebs were just above her.

    “When will we get out her Glaceon?” May asked. “If I try to escape I will get killed.” May said as she looked over to her pokemon. “Do you think Ash will come?”
    “Gla.” Glaceon nodded.
    “You know Glaceon. I realized something while I’m here.”
    “Gla?” Glaceon asked.
    “Well.” May said as she stopped leaning on the wall. “I’m in love with Ash.”
    “Glaceon?!” Glaceon replied in shock. Nearly falling down on it’s back.
    “Well I did had a crush on him back in Hoenn. But when we travelled though Kanto it started to faded away slightly as my feelings for Drew increased. Soon I had a crush on Drew while I was in Johto. Now I’m travelling with Ash again in Hoenn and I’m having a feeling that I know is more than a crush. Then I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was in love with Ash.” May told her pokemon a tear fell down her face. “I wounder if he feels the same for me as well.”
    “Glaceon.” Glaceon replied as she put a paw on her master’s leg. Trying to comfort her trainer.
    “Thanks Glaceon.” May replied. “Thanks.”


    “Mount Pyre?” Amelia asked. “Isn’t that where ghost type pokemon are?”
    “Yeah.” Lucas replied. “Why do you ask?”
    “Nnnn…nothing.” Amelia replied
    “Looks like we have someone scared of ghost type pokemon.” Ash and Lucas said at the same time.
    “I’m not scared I’m just…umm…nervous.”
    “Let’s see about that when we get there.” Ash replied.
    “Well let’s go.” Lucas said as he got off the grass. “Let’s fly to Mount Pyre.”
    “Yeah.” Everyone replied except Ash.
    “There he goes again.” Ash mumbled. “Telling what other people what to do again.” Ash sighed.

    Everyone got their bags and their items and were ready to go to Mount Pyre.

    “Go Garchomp!” Lucas called out as he released his pokemon from his poke ball.
    “Let’s go Dragonite!” Amelia called out as well.
    “Time to fly Salamence!” Ash called out as well.

    Soon the three dragon type pokemon were released from their poke balls. Lucas was surprised to find that the Bagon he once knew was know a Salamence.

    “Well I never.” Lucas said in astonishment. “You got it into it’s final stage.”
    “Yeah.” Ash replied. “And you said I could never do it.”
    “Well you proved me wrong for once Ash. Normally you always wrong all the time.” Lucas teased.
    “Hey!” Ash called out.
    “Let’s stop the fight and find a way to get to mount Pyre.” Amelia said as she got in between the two.
    “Well.” Max interfered. “Garchomp, Dragonite and Salamence can only carry one person on their backs. Carry more then one might slow them down and put weight on them including the items in the bags.”
    “So what are you trying to say Max?” Amelia asked.
    “I think you three should go and we will meet at the next battle frontier.”
    “Which is at?” Ash asked.
    “My poke nav says it’s at Mossdeep city. Where Tower Tycoon Palmer is.”
    “Well we better go now.” Lucas said. “May is waiting.” Lucas told his younger brother and sister as he got up onto his Garchomp.
    “See you guys at Mossdeep!” Ash waved as he got onto his Salamence.
    “Yeah see ya guys later!” Amelia waved as well as she got up to her Dragonite.

    Soon the three flew off and were soon in the sky. Heading to mount Pyre to rescue May. Hoping that they weren’t too late.

    End of chapter nineteen

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