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Finals I: Torrent (1218)


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Finals I: Torrent​

It is time for the Masters Tournament finals. Ash has been eager to have an official match with Leon since he first entered the Galar region and is really enthused about it. However, as the battle gets ready, Leon makes a proposal to Ash. With Ash's former companions, rivals and his other Pokémon watching, the finals will commence. Will Ash be able to defeat the undefeated champion?

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Weirdly not quite as hyped for this as vs. Cynthia, probably because I don't care as much about the result. I don't need Ash to win this, particularly, though I'm hoping for it.

That said, I'm still pretty excited and hoping for a battle to at least match the terrific Ash/Cynthia. I'm not sure if they will present Leon with the intelligence and strategy shown by Cynthia - which is what I liked most about that fight, particularly in the early stages - as it seems he's more likely to simply overpower his opponents, but we'll see. Maybe Ash will push him into some more interesting tactics.


Episode will start by the time I am on work but will check it post airing so please, spoil away in this thread, please:p


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So hyped for this episode I could barely sleep. Eternally blessed I’m going into this spoiler-free and my fiancé is at her parents’, meaning I can squeal like a little kid as much as I want :p

Will edit this post if this episode lives up to the hype.

Edit: Damn this was well worth losing sleep over.
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Pikachu looking worn down from the jump. Yikes lol
He didn’t even get hit
Serena still could show up. Why isn’t Delia at the stadium she’s his freaking mom


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
As of now seems like it, although the space next to Chloe is suspicious
I still think that will be filled by Goh, I find it biazzare from a story perspective that he’s not there