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Finals I: Torrent (1218)

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
And there's are first KO of the battle.
So much better than Ash vs Cynthia
Mr Rime is cute
Yay Gengar!
More review later. happy with the animation


Holy Cow!
Surprised that Inteleon went down just like that. Also why did Leon suddenly decide to use his other pokemon against Ash? While always starting with Rillaboom in the other matches.

So far Leon is using different strategies, good. I don’t want to see a champion just blasting off things brute force like Lance.


I want to enjoy this, but the 3 gimmcks thing really bothers me...IF Satoshi wins, its going to come off as cheap since he used the 3 gimmicks, Leon only has one that we know, if they both used the 3 gimmicks it would be fine, otherwise its annoying to me at least. They hyped Pikachu vs Charizard G-Max in the opening constantly I though we would get that, I'm guessing its going to be Z-Move vs G-Max now, unless he G-Maxes the gorilla and has some kind of mega for Charizard, who would use the Z-move then?

As for the battling itself I did enjoy it.

I hope the other companions cameo in the next episodes.


Plus Ultra!
Solid start! At least, that's what I think. Animation-wise, we're kicking into a better gear, which I'm very happy to see. If this energy carries over into the next three episodes, I'm really excited for what's ahead.

Good on Ash for using Gengar at his utmost potential, G-Maxing and then having his ability wipe out Mr. Rime's Freeze Dry. Though unfortunately, it didn't help that Mr. Rime had a Psychic Terrain/Expanding Force combo waiting for him.

Leon's definitely got a team focused on both pure power and wide coverage, not to mention using other trainers' strategies to their advantage. Though it ultimately didn't help him here, it was cool to his Inteleon's Aqua Jet counter shield.

Like I said, solid start. Looking forward to what's up next!
Mega Lucario vs Dragapult? Why?
Pls don’t let Dragonite job
Lol Dracovish
Why no Inteleon GMAX