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Finals I: Torrent (1218)


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Alright this is off good to a good start, I wasn't expecting Ash to Gmax Gengar this early but good thing he did though and thanks to Gengar Ash got the first win.

Also it's cool to see that Cynthia and Diantha are still at the stadium watching the battle, plus it looks like Iris is getting some great reception at the top of that tree lol.

Props to Chole and Dawn for showing up in person to cheer Ash on in the battle.


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I'd like a translation on whether only Ash can use 3 gimmicks or both


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So far I like all the strategies used by Leon. The way Cinderace dodged pikachu’s thunderbolt, the way Inteleon applied a previously seen counter shield in its own way and Mr. Rime being able to overcome its disabled move by applying something else to counter attack. All good, hopefully the battle just gets better from here.


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I want to enjoy this, but the 3 gimmcks thing really bothers me...IF Satoshi wins, its going to come off as cheap since he used the 3 gimmicks, Leon only has one that we know, if they both used the 3 gimmicks it would be fine, otherwise its annoying to me at least. They hyped Pikachu vs Charizard G-Max in the opening constantly I though we would get that, I'm guessing its going to be Z-Move vs G-Max now, unless he G-Maxes the gorilla and has some kind of mega for Charizard, who would use the Z-move then?

As for the battling itself I did enjoy it.

I hope the other companions cameo in the next episodes.
If Ash defeated Leon normally it would be unbelievable anyway
It's interesting to see how triple gimmick was correctly speculated for quite a while, by the way..

Really interesting episode, while the animation wasn't that good for the reasons we know, the strategy game here was great and we had quite some interesting interactions like Psychic Terrain + Expanding Force, freeze, Cursed Body etc


Holy Cow!
Leon being a strategist, learning fast from the battles he sees and being quite dashing... And people keep saying that he is just brute force
Because not much strategy was shown by him until now.


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Ash taking the lead was a welcome surprise. Solid battle so far, disappointed at the lack of in-stadium cameos however that's a small issue and there are still 2/3 episodes left.

I would like to know if Leon can use 3 gimmicks, it would be more fair and is disappointing that we didn't get a G-MAX Inteleon debut but did not detract from how enjoyable Inteleon v Gengar was.


I lowkey hope Goh will make it in the last part to join the girls cheering on Ash thus giving him the final push


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The good stuff:
-You really could feel the energy of it being a final
-The music
-Dawn and Chloe and all the cameos.
-Mr Rime being an actual threat. Cinderace was great.
-Gengar has a win!

The meh/bad:
-Inteleon going down so quick, kinda odd to me.
-No Gigantamax Inteleon
-The colored backgrounds from OS-BW are back.

A 7/10