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Finals I: Torrent (1218)


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From the sound of it, Satoshi is the only one of them that has access to more than one gimmick. Dande was going on about how he was going to give it his all this battle, so he wanted Satoshi to come at him with everything he had as well instead of letting some boring rules make the battle less fun.

That sucks, though I hope Leon still uses multiple Gigantamaxes.


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Going to stay out of this thread until I can watch the episode but you definitely got me excited for this match so I hope it's as good as you say it is.
It’s pretty damn good. They really gave Cinderace and Inteleon the respect they deserved battle-wise. I wasn’t expecting much out of Mr. Rime but even it went pretty crazy ngl.


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Didn’t like the hair style of Leon in this battle
Could have used some trimming and self care
Ash looked more bulkier which was nice
Diantha was elegant and beautiful as always


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Journeys is the strangest anime ever. I mean why have dawn there but not iris? Like she was literally there a few episodes ago and makes more sense that she would be there...
I guess it would’ve been really silly narratively to have Iris watch Ash first match, leave in his match against Cynthia which makes way more sense for her to actually spectate, and then come back again for the finale.

Which kinda means they simply should’ve just let her stay, but now she’s been effectively replaced with Dawn just because

I know a lot of us want it but I severely do not think we’re getting that “everyone in the crowd” moment, Chloe and Dawn might actually just be it lol


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I hope people at least now stop complaining about Leon having the other 2 Galar starters because Goh has them.
Both of Leon's Starters were far more interesting to see in Battle in this 1 episode compared to every battle we've seen from Goh throughout his career as a trainer.

Intelleon was a total beast. Double sniping, being able to negate moves, counter shield etc.


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It’s pretty damn good. They really gave Cinderace and Inteleon the respect they deserved battle-wise. I wasn’t expecting much out of Mr. Rime but even it went pretty crazy ngl.
Thata good to hear. Still kind of underwhelming that Leon has all 3 Galar starters but at least they got to shine. Especially excited for Mr Rime.
Hopefully it's strong for the entire match unlike Ash vs Cynthia.


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Inteleon looked great in defeat yeah. Losing when your opponent G-Maxes and you don't barely even counts as a defeat anyway.

I would hope Leon G-Maxes his Rillaboom and Charizard, then Mega-Evolves him afterwards, but the prospect of a fair battle are looking desperate tbh.

Honestly if the end of episode 3 cliffhanger is Leon wiping out everyone but Pikachu with Gigantazard, then Leon revealing his Mega Stone, I'd be super hyped. It would be a bit of a repetition of the Cynthia battle, but way more impactful.
Unfortunately, this means an Ash victory will always be attached to a qualifying statement.

"I'm the best, but only if the actual best gimps himself."
On the other hand, it is a fact that the original rule limiting Ash from using all his power while not limiting Leon. That rule should have never existed.


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Really breaking some patterns this episode. Cynthia and Diantha actually staying as vips was a good surprise. Project Mew finale happening simultaneously? Ok for me.

Ash actually having vocal fans at the bleachers? Now, that's the first!

Nice first round. We know Leon's character enough by now, so he being both chipper and insufferably pompous is expected, but I wasn't expecting he pulled a Paul/Fantina and copy counter shield, and a fancy one.

Glad gengar won after the terrible performance against spiritomb. And Mr. Rhyme...see, as a Chaplin fan, I'd prefer if Ash got this instead "his" regular Mimey.

Nice start!


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A great start. I'm thrilled Ash gets to use all his gimmicks, and I hope Leon only G-Maxes Charizard.

Despite being a fall guy, Inteleon got a strong showing. It got to show off its counter shield variant and double finger guns, and required a dedicated gimmick to defeat it. It really emphasizes Leon's strength beyond pure power.
yep, it was exactly what happened during cynthia battle, she used mega togekiss instead garchomp mainly to nerf herself.
Garchomp was already at low health due to Sirfetch'd so she won't get much benefit from using mega evolution. Dynamaxing Garchomp might not be an option as her Garchomp never trained for dynamax battle.

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i kind of agree we need some clarification on the gimmick usage thing, Leon must be overconfident if he wants Ash to use them all.

I do not get though why people are so surprised about cursed body, that is sadly Gengar's ability at the current time since they took away Levitate from it for some reason.

to be honest i'm surprised at how slow of a start this is, only 1 knock out each? this is gonna be a long match.


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I really enjoyed this first episode! I hope they maintain this level of quality for the entirety of the battle. Ash actually drawing first blood was refreshing. I can't remember the last time he got the first KO and they did it in a way that made Inteleon still look badass (going down to a G-Max Pokemon without any gimmicks pretty cool). The little bit we saw of Mr. Rime was pretty great too

I think that we will clearly see cameos throughout the course of this battle. My personal guess is they will save a lot of Ash's companions for whenever the final part with Pikachu is

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Now that is an amazing start to the final. The animation was clean. Leon's Pokemon are on whole another level tbh.

Though I didn't really expect Leon to allow using all the gimmicks in this battle. But since Ash already used Gmax gengar, and will use Mega Lucario in the next episode Pikachu's Z move vs G max Charizard is the only possible match up now.

And I'm hoping for more past characters to make a cameo in the next couple episodes.

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Why is iris not here and is watching from far away.
Yea kinda defeats the purpose of her, Alain, Steven and Lance leaving like they had something important to do if they were just gonna sit around watching the match onnTV/stream anyway.


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I don't think it's that much of a copium, not doing a victory party would be the weirder possibility
I’d take that, Ash, Dawn and Chloe flying to Kanto, where they are met by Oak, and Delia. Then taken back to pallet town for a party where all his friends are gathered.
Then a late arrival is Goh and Gary who arrive to inform him of the news of Project Mew.
It would be nice to see.