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Finals IV: Partner (1221)


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Finals IV: Partner​

Ash is down to just his last Pokémon while Leon has two remaining, but before they can wrap up the match, Eternatus appears and starts causing mayhem. However, soon after, the battle continues and the battle comes to a head with Ash's Pikachu against Leon's Charizard. Will Ash manage to get victory against the undefeated Champion, and be the new monarch of the World Coronation Series?

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Y'all imagine if/when Ash wins they play the original pokemon music! But was the original song not the OG American one (Pokemon, gotta catch them all song)?

Either way I cannot wait for my favorite Pikachu homie to slay. Pikachu has taken down Tapu Koko, Regice, Latios (although a tie but still), Mega Metagross, Zoroark, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Silvally - just to name a few lol
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Call me Robert guys
So this airs in about 15 minutes right??


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Let's go.
I won't be furious if he loses here, this isn't like the regional leagues which they dangled in front of us for decades. But the time is definitely right for Ash to become the best in the world.


Wake up nearly and will sneak in to watch it as soon as CoroCoro puts it up.

Hoping for an upcoming episodes trailer as well though I wouldn't be surprised if they are saving it for either the day Coco airs or after Goh's arc