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Fire and Ice



Isn't it strange how dreams work? This story began one night after I had sprained my ankle. I was lying in bed and tossing and turning because of the pain shooting through my entire leg. However, after about an hour sleep finally came and took me. In the dream I saw the story that I am going to try and portray. It kind of reminded me of a poem that Robert Frost had written, so I titled this fic in honor of that poem. It will be rated PG-13 for violence. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story.

Here is the PM list for "Fire and Ice" so far.

Sike Saner
Black Emerald
Lady Myuu

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire.
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-Robert Frost

Chapter One

It was dusk. The sun had just fallen beneath the horizon, letting the world fall into a state of darkness. It was as if life had been taken from the earth as every creature succumbed to the shadows. Slowly a cool breeze blew past the trees on an island that was many miles from any land whatsoever. As the sun left the island, the sounds of the native creatures began to subside as they went to sleep. However, this was no ordinary night.

The silence was suddenly broken by the panting of a small doglike pokemon who shot through the woods as fast as his little legs would carry him. This black dog was about a foot tall with a look of utter terror on its face. Some of the creatures in the trees looked down at the passing spectacle and wondered what could have frightened the beast to the point of madness. Foam was collecting at the pokemon’s mouth because of the intensity of its panting, and the dog looked truly insane.

The small canine was a Poochyena, a pokemon from the element of darkness. Energy was coming to him from the shadows, and that was the only thing that kept him running from his unseen foe, and he never looked back. Poochyena had seen something that was impossible, and yet what he had seen was pursuing him at this very moment. The dog began to taste blood in his mouth. He had been running at full speed for ten minutes straight, and his lungs were beginning to give out. Yet the black dog continued on diligently, for he would rather suffer death of exhaustion than the death that the beast pursuing him would bring.

As Poochyena sprinted down a forest path he began to feel the muscles in his leg start to give out. The dog slowed down to a trot so as to not exert too much energy. Even though he had to reach his destination as quickly as possible, he would not reach it at all if he overexerted himself and died. There was one small thought that kept the Poochyena moving:

I must tell the Master of the island.

I must tell the Master of the island.

Suddenly, the Poochyena tripped over the root of a large tree. Because he was running at a fairly fast rate, Poochyena fell head over heels before coming to a stop in a pile of weeds. The pokemon groaned in pain, feeling an aching stab in one of his front legs. Slowly he looked down and observed his leg bending at an odd angle and knew it was broken.

The Poochyena tried his hardest to limp onto his good feet, but almost all of his energy had been spent. After managing to get halfway up onto his feet he collapsed on the ground again. The small dog felt like giving up, so he lifted his head to look behind him. Out of the darkness of the woods began to glow a small flicker of orange, coming towards him at an incredible rate. Poochyena closed his eyes and once again tried to get to his feet, but it was too late.

Fire erupted all around the small canine in a spectacular burst of light. Every tree that surrounded Poochyena caught flame and started to emit immense heat. The small pokemon shielded his face from the heat with his unbroken paw. After what seemed like an eternity he forced his eyes open to face his enemy.

There it was, standing just beyond the tree line. It was a tall creature, silhouetted by the fire that surrounded it. The beast stood on two legs and had two arms which were outstretched. But the most horrifying thing about this creature was that its entire body was on fire. Shadows flickered everywhere, causing fear to be instilled in the small pokemon’s heart. The creature began to take small steps toward the Poochyena, its flaming body looking like a fiery demon from a nightmare. Although the small dog could not see it, there was a wicked smile on its face.

The creature raised its glowing hands above its head and gathered all the fire from around the forest into them. An enormous fireball formed in the beast’s hands and heat began to radiate immensely from it. There the creature stood over the small dog, about to deliver the most painful and ultimate destruction. Death by Fire.

Poochyena realized then that if he did not get the message to the Master of the island, there would be no hope for any of the pokemon in the entire world. Acting instinctively, Poochyena used his good legs to push him off the ground and towards his enemy. With all of his might the small dog bit his attacker on the leg. The creature screamed and the fire in its hands disappeared. By the time the fiery demon looked down at its leg, it realized that its prey had escaped.

Slowly Poochyena stumbled up a small hill, trying to remember where the entrance to the Master’s chamber was. After scraping along the rock covered ground, it finally found the small tunnel right next to a particularly large boulder. So as not to hurt his injured leg any more, Poochyena carefully walked through the cavern.

The air began to get colder the more that Poochyena descended into the ground. With every step the dog began to shiver. The Master’s chamber was not a pleasant place for any other pokemon in the world to go into, except for the Master himself. It was a place of calmness and solitude, and was therefore was the perfect place for the Master to hide himself.

After a long while of limping down the tunnel, Poochyena saw a light glowing around the corner. It was strange to see light down so far in the earth, but it comforted the small dog in the darkness and the extreme cold. As the pokemon turned the corner, his eyes beheld the Master, standing in his usual place; the center of the room.

The Master was Regice, the ruler of the island. Poochyena observed the Master from a distance because Regice was cold enough to freeze anything that got near it into a solid block of ice. The Master was six feet tall, and its entire body seemed to have been carved from the purest ice crystals in the world. It had seven yellow eyes crossing what appeared to be its face, and they brightened and dimmed in unison.

Slowly, Regice turned towards the small dog pokemon. Its large yellow eyes came in contact with the yellow eyes of the Poochyena. The dog felt thoughts in his mind coming from the Master.

What has made you approach my very throne this day?

The words sounded so pure to the Poochyena because they were not tainted by the language of the world. They reached his very soul and he felt his mind become more connected with his Master’s. Yet, Poochyena realized why he had come and what he had to tell the Master. Even though it was very cold, Poochyena began to sweat. Slowly, it focused its mind to the Master and bore the terrible tidings.

Master! I have learned terrible news. Poochyena hesitated, realizing the immensity of what he had to say. After swallowing once, he delivered his horrific message.

The Humans are Evolving!
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The Compromise
This is pretty good! *applaudes* Good idea putting a poem in, it is a good enticer and one of the things that encouraged me to read this. Good grammer, no spelling errors I could see, and the plot seems very interesting. A little short, and there was not much description, but then again, not much was needed. Good job! :)
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Well-Known Member
Nice, very nice. I expected no less SD. Very deep as well. I kinda thought Rayquaza was going to be the master, but when it said Regice I remembered the title and it made more sense. Never had much respect for Regice, though this fic could change my mind. If what I am foreseeing from what I can read is going to happen.


Number 1
I really like this story so far. **smiles and starts to sing** Continue soon!
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Katiekitten: Thanks for replying. I don't think I have seen you reply to any of my other fics so it is nice to see some new readers. I hope I can up the description in the following chapters.

Nylf: So you changed your name! Fancy that! Anyway, its so nice to have you back. I don't know if I will make you respect Regice through this fic, but it just might happen.

YankeeFan2: Its nice to see you reading this as well, yet your post was very basic. I hope you continue to read however and I wish you luck on your fic writing adventures.

And to all that are out there, I hope that you reply. I know that this first chapter wasn't the best, so I would appreciate constructive critisism so that I can make it better. Thanks a bunch.

Hidden Mew

Fog Trainer
That was a really good opening chapter. I liked how detailed everything was. The inspiration for this story also was really neat. It is always great when dreams inspire people. I felt so bad for the poor Poochyena when it broke its leg. I wonder who is the fire master is. I can't wait to see the next chapter.

Shiny anything

great fic

Hey this sounds like a very intresting fic,sorry i havent replied in a while ive been so mixed up lately.


WOW! That was hott. I'm impressed actually because you had enough
detail to keep my mouth watering. I applaud you in your writing skills.

Keep me informed on this one.

As always, be kind to the mime.


Well-Known Member
Have I ever read one of your fics? :confused:

Ah well. If not, I'm glad I decided to take a gander at this one. *brownie points for using a Robert Frost poem*

Anyways, I liked the mood of the fic when it first started. It was slow, calming, smooth... then, smack, in your face comes Poochyena. I loved how there was a rush of energy and panic as Poochyena entered the picture and the intense heat and struggle to survive as he encounted the "creature".

Ah, the corruption of humans as they hunger for power...

Mmm, better review next chapter, I promise. =3

LaTeR dAyZ!


There the creature stood over the small dog, about to deliver the most painful and ultimate destruction

I can assure you that fire is way overrated as the most painful way to cause pain. If you know anything about the degrees of burns, it can be deduced that we will be looking at a third degree burn here, by which time nerve clusters below the epidermis would have been destroyed. Injury and death still beckon, but it is not that painful. Steam burns, for example, are known to be the most painful forms of burns, due to the higher latent heat.

Also, I wonder how a creature wreathed in fire can be bitten without the attacker suffering damage? I would have thought that the Poochyena would have suffered for biting that creature. By the way, reminds me a little of a Balrog, was that your inspiration?

Otherwise, you pretty much use the same formula here as in your other fic, which is the same compact manner of description, getting across your points without doig anything extra. This is a pretty good work, and if you improve, could be even better. Cheers.


This is awesome, SD! You're works are excellent!!! This is awesome, and my hawks' eye picked up no typos. *applaudes* Way to go!!! *gives cracker*

-I.S. ;212;


Thank you everyone for your reviews. I am glad you all liked it. In response to mindrippers question, my inspiration for the evolved human was just imagination. I realized that the evil human would have to be either fire or ice, so I chose fire and described him like I thought a fiery human would look like. Anyway, you have all been waiting for this, here it is, chapter 2.
Chapter Two

Even though his heart and soul was frozen to the core, Regice felt a shiver run through his body. The statement had been quick and overbearing, but the more time rushed by the greater it impacted Regice. The large ice pokemon slunk to the floor as if an enormous weight had just been placed on his shoulders. Regice let out a sigh of despair. He never thought he would live to see the prophecy fulfilled.

Poochyena watched as the Master of the Island sank to the floor in depression. Tears came to its own eyes as he saw a creature so powerful and magnificent lay down in misery. Yet as he watched this scene, the pain in his leg began to stab even harder than before. Poochyena turned to his leg again and began to lick it caringly. Its sensitive tongue could feel small fragments of his bone that had broken through the skin and could taste a faint trace of blood. As he continued to care for it he did not see that Regice had begun to sit up.

Regice observed his companion hunched over treating an injury. Once again linking its mind to the small dog, it asked, what happened to your limb?

Poochyena, not wanting to focus anymore with his mind to send messages, simply barked three times between licks. (I was running away from one of the evolved humans and I tripped and broke it) he said nonchalantly. Even though the pain was terrible, Poochyena did not want to lose his honor in front of the Master by crying out and weeping because of pain.

Regice looked again at the wound and noticed that the break was not a clean cut, but rather it had shattered. He thought words into Poochyena’s mind. That leg of yours is very badly injured. I am afraid that it will have to be removed to prevent you more pain and suffering.

The small dog stopped mid-lick and looked up at the Master. The small dog whimpered slightly then barked hoarsely. (No. This injury can be easily treated. My trainer could take me to the…) The Poochyena then realized a terrible truth that he had not before. His days with his trainer were over now, and with that life went the miraculous healing power that the humans had. Slowly the pokemon eyed its leg again and knew that Regice was right.

Poochyena, after a long time in thought, looked up to his new Master and said (Let me do it. It will be less painful.) He lied of course, but Poochyena felt it was an honorable thing to do.

Regice directed his thoughts towards his small companion. I can freeze it so that it will be less painful for you to endure. The black canine looked up towards his Master with teary eyes, and then nodded in consent.

(My only request is that you do it fast, so that it I don’t have to feel the cold.) And with that Regice rose back to its feet. Slowly, all of Regice’s eyes began to dim slowly, as if he were focusing immensely on the carefulness of the procedure that he had to perform. Poochyena closed its eyes tightly as a blue mist began to form around his leg without touching it. The dog could only feel its arm throbbing in pain for an instant and then it all disappeared.

Poochyena’s eyes opened quickly and he beheld his leg, frozen underneath an inch of solid ice. The ice extended but to his shoulder with a small space reserved for his mouth to bite. The dog knew what he had to do at the moment. Slowly it raised its mouth to its arm and brought all of its teeth on its shoulder, right at the joint. It slightly applied pressure to get a good grip. The taste of singed fur filled his mouth, and almost caused him to vomit. Once again Poochyena closed his eyes, and with all of his might he bit down.

Pain immediately shot through Poochyena’s entire body. An uncontrollable twitch also came to his face as he tasted his own flesh and bone. He had expected for some reason to bite through his leg at once, but he had just left a bloody mark. Again he bit down and started to crunch the bone harder. Poochyena could feel his arteries and veins along with his muscle being torn in his teeth, and the taste of his own blood was in his mouth. The cracking sound of his bone almost forced him to loose his mind as he ground it back and forth in his teeth in an attempt to break it off sooner.

As Poochyena dug deeper into his own flesh he became accustomed to the pain. It was the only thing his mind could focus on, and for some strange reason was the only thing that kept him gnawing away at his leg. He felt the bone getting weaker and weaker with every grind, yet mentally he was dead from the pain.

Then with a loud and unsettling snap the bone broke free from Poochyena’s body, and hung at an odd angle by the skin and veins that had not been sliced. It was only a matter of moments before the dog clipped them off with his now dulled teeth. The dog would grow new ones, but he did not care. Blood was spattering against the floor of the icy cavern. The dog’s instincts took over and it began to lick the bloody stub which had been its leg just minutes before.

After about ten minutes the bleeding had lessened in intensity. The dog was still twitching because of the pain, and instead of licking its paw it had wrapped it up in its fluffy tail. Regice had beheld the entire incident, and saw that his companion was truly worthy of being his servant.

Well done my friend, the Regice whispered to his friend through his thoughts. Now rest and save your energy, we have big things to do on the morrow. Regice extended his hands towards the small dog and expelled a soft snow-like powder. It flew through the air as if forced by a faint breeze, and then it rested on the Poochyena. The dog’s eyelids soon sunk down over its eyes and it gave a big yawn. Slowly he rested his head on his other front paw and quickly fell asleep.

If Regice could physically express emotions there would be a small smile of satisfaction on his face. Sleep well, my friend. he thought as he turned away from the sleeping figure.

The time has come for me to alert my brethren. Regice thought to himself as he placed his large crystal arms on the wall that he now faced. Instantly it melted away, as if it were ice to the flame, revealing an entrance into another cavern that was much larger than the one he was in at the moment.

Regice glanced at the items that surrounded the edges of the cave. Although the chamber was where he spent most of his time, this cave was his domain. There were many books, all made out of ice that was perfectly clear. They sat on shelves that were also forged from ice so clear that only Regice could detect its presence. A normal being would see the cavern to be empty other than a large pedestal in the center that seemed to have been created from a combination of rock and steel.

The tall crystal-like pokemon first walked to a large shelf of ice-books and removed one. It was very small and light, almost like a snowflake. He carefully brought it to the pedestal that was in the center of the room. The top was perfectly smooth, and patterned with rock and steel so that it looked like an ice crystal. Ingenious, Regice thought as all nine eyes settled on the symbol. The harmony between the elements was perfect, and it brought peace to Regice’s soul.

Carefully, Regice laid the small book upon the top of the pedestal. It then began to twitch and bounce back and forth very slightly. A green light began to glow from the pedestal and it began to envelop the book. The book, now glowing with a dim green light began to rise into the air. Slowly the pages fell open, and then stopped on a page entitled “The Prophecy.” The light began to lessen again from the book and it settled down on the pedestal again, open at the page of the Prophecy.

Regice then placed his icy hands on the pedestal on either side of the book. Brothers! The time has come! The Prophesy which was predicted is now beginning to come true! The callings of Regice reached across the earth to different caves where its brothers resided.

The brother of Steel resided far away in a mountain range that was almost impossible for a human to reach. He was a large creature that was forged out of a metal that was harder than any known substance, even a Ponyta’s hoof. Though hard, it was very flexible, though the only pokemon strong enough to move it was he. His name was Registeel.

The brother of Rock also lived in a distant land, in the middle of a thick jungle that not many had entered. Though he seemed to be very distorted and uneven, he took particular pride in his appearance, saying that he was perfect in being imperfect. He could animate any rock on the planet and force it to obey his will. His name was Regirock.

The two brothers responded to their sibling’s call. Regice looked up into the air and saw circles appear in the air. They were the eyes of his brethren. There were seven that were red in a hexagonal shape with one eye in the center which was Registeel’s face, and there were seven brown eyes in the shape of an H, which was Regirock’s face. The thoughts came from Regirock first.
Can it possibly be true? he questioned Regice. There was an awkward silence as his thoughts faded. Regice looked upwards at his friend with a look of sadness that only his brothers could understand.
Yes, Regice said and he looked at the book that was resting on the pedestal in front of him. Then with slow and steady thoughts, he quoted it to his brothers, though they had heard it many times before.

The Prophecy Regarding the Future of Humanity, given through Celebi who has seen the future.

I have seen the world in the future where there will no longer be love between humans and pokemon. I have seen a time where people believe that pokemon have become obsolete to them. The humans will take upon themselves the elements so to eliminate pokemon from their lives.

Pokemon have been entrusted control over the elements from the beginning of time because of their kind spirits and their willingness to forgive. Yet as the humans evolve traits that will give them power they will keep with them their hatred and their will to dominate all. They shall turn against their former friends and shall attempt to destroy them from the face of the earth.

Yet the future is unclear past this point, but I can see shadows of what might happen. Either all pokemon will be purged from the face of the planet by the destruction of mankind or the pokemon will retaliate and eliminate humans from the world. I fear there can be no ground in between.

I wish that those in the future will choose the right decisions so that perhaps this prophesy might go on unfulfilled, yet my gut tells me there will be those who will suffer greatly because of this. I pray for those people in the future that they can be wise and do all that is good. Be strong and in time it will all work out, I hope.

Slowly the words sunk into the brothers. It was so deep and powerful that Regice began to shiver again. They all realized that it was now the time which Celebi had spoken of. Brothers, we must be strong Regice said to them, and they began to counsel with each other to determine on the action that must soon be taken.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Poochyena sat on his hind legs, extending his front paws in a playful begging position. His trainer smiled at him, then came over and patted him on the head. His trainer was about six feet tall, and was in his early twenties. Poochyena affectionately nuzzled his face in his trainer’s hand.

Yet something smelled different about his trainer. His hand felt hot and was a little sweaty. Poochyena thought he could smell something burning on his trainer’s hand, but the smell was so faint that he ignored it. Yet the stench of flesh on fire began to intensify and Poochyena began to be curious. However, his curiosity lasted but only a moment. He then playfully bit his trainer’s hand softly so that he would perhaps feed him.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Poochyena’s trainer used to play with him when he bit his hand, but today he looked down at the little dog with a look of intense anger. Poochyena quickly let go and cowered in front of its trainer, hiding its tail beneath its legs. His trainer’s eyes seemed to be on fire, and it scared him to the bone.

The trainer lifted up the arm which Poochyena had been playing with and held it high in the air. Poochyena looked up at it and began to whimper. As the arm shot towards him however, it erupted into flame. The small dog stared wide-eyed at the arm as it impacted with his body, scorching a small percentage of his hair and making the entire room smell awful.

Poochyena saw what a beast his trainer had become, something that he had never seen before. His skin had turned black and was covered in flame. The only feature Poochyena could still recognize were his eyes, except now they glowed with white fire. The small dog turned tail and bolted out of the building he had been in, pursued quickly by his former trainer. Fear clouded his senses as he ran faster and faster trying to keep himself alive.

Yet as he was running he felt a thought come to his head. He did not know where it came from, but he knew it wasn’t his original thought. Go to the Master of the Island. He will know what to do. With that in mind, most of the fear left him, and the thought carried him onwards.

Suddenly Poochyena woke up. He was panting hard. Because the air was cold, he could see his breath in the air. Slowly he looked down at his amputated limb. It had finally stopped bleeding, and instead of sharp pain there was a dull throb. Poochyena also felt stinging under the fur of his cheeks. He could not understand for a while what it was until he remembered his dream. Poochyena was crying for his trainer, and the tears were freezing to his face.

Poochyena felt alone.
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The Compromise
A very good next chapter, well done. :)

I enjoyed it greatly, it is a very good length, you added more description, and you are developing the plot well.

The only spelling error I noticed was Prophecy. It has a 'c' instead of an 's'. Apart from that, I look forward to the next chapter. :)

Hidden Mew

Fog Trainer
That was a great chapter. I feel so bad for that dear little Poochyena. Not only did it bite its own leg off, but that dream with his trainer made me feel bad for it. I would have taken the poor thing to the pokemon center, but this is me. Anyway, the whole prophesy sounds really interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Yeah, even though it's just a story, I feel bad for him too. Poochyenas are like, my second favorite pokemon. The poor thing bit off his own leg just to stop pain.


Eternally hating D/P
I despise the premise of this story... and so far, no matter how good the grammar may be, I cannot bring myself not to hate this story.

Anyway... I hate the beginning... but maybe this will turn out different from those common, awful "Humans Vs Pokemon" fics.

Well, at least, I'll give you the credit for
1: not making humans into total monsters (Jirachi's explanation for the beginning of the war is incorrect ; how could a human who used to be a loving trainer go and try to kill his Pokemon like that? Sounds more like the sound of a corruption, evil side-effect of the mutation. In short, I say that the transformation causes insanity. The humans' natural thirst for power cannot cause such a quick change of mind inside of people not consumed by it originally)

2: not making Pokemon into virtuous knights in shining armors (although the Poochyena seems to be the story's hero (or at least, main character) and although Regice was definitely not evil-sounding, the prologue seems to point out that sometimes through the story, the Pokemon may also be struck by the same insanity that plagues humanity).

Anyway... maybe I just got it wrong or something... but well, although I hate the premise, the story still turned out having potential after all. Maybe this story will have an interesting plot twist and end up interesting, unlike most of the other stories using the "Humans Vs Pokemon" premise?


katiekitten: Thanks for the spellcheck. I fixed it the second that I read your review.

HiddenMew and Persian: I am glad you could feel the emotions and pain that Poochyena went through. I was aiming for the reader to understand just a small bit of what a pokemon might have to go through.

Zerodius: Thank you for your review. Just so you know, I don't plan on making the pokemon the "heros" of this story. They are going to be flawed like the humans in their emotions. The point of view will switch from pokemon to humans and visa versa as the story progresses. I plan on originality, not for a simple "I'm a pokemon and that means I'm righteous" type of story.

how could a human who used to be a loving trainer go and try to kill his Pokemon like that?

I hope that you read the next chapter because it explains it in detail. Plus, the humans aren't permanently evolved, but they do change forms, much like a Jekyl/Hyde relationship. Anyway, I'm not asking you to like my story, but I hope you will continue to read and review so that I can understand more about what I need to fix. Thanks
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Time to bring out my notepad (of DOOM!!!!!)

It's spelled 'prophecy'.

Sleep well my friend

It should be 'Sleep well, my friend.' You missed 2 punctuation marks.

The time has come for me to alert my brethren

Forgot a period.

in the middle of a thick jungle that not many had entered.

Hey! He moved. Dangit.

Ok, overall great story. Continue on and grow great!

-I.S. ;212;


As you asked, I have read. Now, Youl'l have to excuse me if I'm not the best at judging good fics with errors, but I am here.

Anyway, let's see. This thing looks pretty good. Honestly, I still think it's a bit too early to make any finalizing judgements about the plot, but I think it looks as though it can get interesting. Other than that, I didn't notice any grammar errors that were not already mentioned before.

Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!
Nice story. I'm neutral to the use of Poocheyena and the Regis n the fic, maybe because of my selective hate list and like list.

The plot is craptastic. I am beginning to like that Poochyena(might be just me, but I'm sadistic). And walking, talking, flaming humans that sorta have a Jekyll and Hyde relationship suits me. And when you ended Chapter 1 I nearly got a heart attack. Yes, heart attack of doom.

The description is great as usual. It flows seamlessly with the story and when under not very close scrutiny you don't even notice it. Of course under close scrutiny you notice the description, since you're looking out for it. lol.

The characters. Ahem. I like our honourable and noble Poochyena of course(sadism peaks), and the Regis don't really bother me, in fact they seem like the overlords, the commanders and generals. And as mentioned before, flaming humans with Jekyll/Hyde mood swings are great for me.

And if the next chapter takes real long(like mine) it is MY TURN to kill you.

Pika out.

;025; Out where?

*hits post button*