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Fire Emblem: Ascension Discussion Thread (Rated PG-16)


Summer Time for Husband & Wife
*nervously takes a deep breath*

Ugh... Okay, there's a part of me that really doesn't want to do this, but I really do need to do this...

Sorry guys, but I wanna drop out of this RP. I was really excited for it when the SU thread opened and then a spot for me, but that had been a few weeks ago (forgot how many) and lots of things happened in the mean time, one of which is the decision to focus on my real life more now. I'm also gonna drop out of the others I'm in for this reason.

So I hope you guys understand. Uh...just don't kill off Amadeus. Maybe make it that he does accept but he gets news that most of his siblings are in Rostiffe...and his youngest sister has been badly injured so he doesn't want to go. or you can make him a special npc and ill provide some more background about him if so

It's been fun, despite how short it was for me.