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Fire Emblem: Ascension (RP Thread - Rated PG-16)


"Orange" Magical Girl
Fire Emblem: Ascension (The Role-Play)

SU Thread
Discussion Thread

Chapter 1: Market Mayhem

Martin and Maria
Lord/Lord – Steel Lance/Steel Sword

Six months have passed after King Marcus’s death by Queen Amelia of Malevfal. The war between the two capitals has not stopped, nor does any sign of conclusion look like it is coming. Soldiers across both kingdoms are still giving their lives to fight for their homeland and to further help their respective side succeed.

For almost a month, everything seems to have settled down. While there is still engagement between Rostiffe and Malevfal, the results from those confrontations are not as deadly as they have been compared to when the war began. The prince and princess, Martin, and Maria, wonder why the fighting had slowly began ceasing. Martin assumes it is because Malevfal had loss so many soldiers while Maria believes it might be because Queen Amelia is waiting to do something deadlier and does not want to lose too much of her army before it happens.

Maria was standing out on the balcony of the capitol during a warm, sunny day. The wind blew nicely with her hair waving from it. Martin walked to the balcony and stood next to Maria to give her the daily report.

“Hey Maria! We received reports from Rasdam that only a band of Malevfal soldiers were seen in sight today. With news like this coming each day, it makes me feel a little safer knowing that the war might be ending soon!” Martin happily said to Maria.

“I’d still take all this weird, low activity from Malevfal with a grain of salt, Martin. I mean their queen murdered our father by luring him to her kingdom for a supposed peace conference. Surely Amelia might have other plans. Someone like her could not possibly just kill our father and just let the war slowly die afterwards.” Maria replied to Martin in a worried manner.

“I am aware of Amelia’s devious schemes Maria, but our soldiers have not slept well for so long. We should be alert of any danger but let us relax too! Now let us enjoy this warm day!” Martin calmly said to Maria.

As both Martin and Maria talked to one another about Malevfal’s activity, their mother, Queen Maryam, came over to them.

“You both never change I see! Martin, you’re always quick to assume things without fear but you must consider other factors before heading into battle. And as for you Maria, it is good that you think things through but constantly worrying about danger is unhealthy. Build more confidence in yourself and everything will go swimmingly!”

“Heh, you never seize to make me feel at ease, mother! I know confidence is needed to get through things in life but I don’t want to ignore the consequences too.” Maria respectively said to her mother.

“And I like jumping into saving lives as fast as I can! I can’t let anyone down! I’m willing to take any injuries if it means helping those in needs! Although I don’t want to lose my head too.” Martin boldly responded to his mother’s words.

Queen Maryam smiled at both for what they said. She was ready to reply when suddenly a loud noise was heard from a distance from where the three were. The sound was as if something large had blown up around the area. Smoke then started to rise from where one of the market areas were in Rostiffe.

Hesitant as always, Martin quickly ran back into the capitol to grab his lance for battle only for Queen Maryam to tell him to not do anything too reckless to which Martin replied saying that he would try to keep her words in his mind. Like Martin, Maria rushed to grab her sword as well and both headed out to see what or who caused the explosion in the market area.

With Martin and Maria equipped with their weapons, they rushed down south to the site of where the smoke was. When they arrived, both saw several injured people along with market stands that were destroyed too. Maria yelled out who was responsible with no one answering. Suddenly, someone came out of the smoke and that person was a Barbarian who was smiling in an evil manner.

“If it isn’t the children of the fallen king, Marcus. You’re too late however. We’re already in the process of stealing whatever goods we can find here.” exclaimed the Barbarian.

Maria asked how such an explosion happened and thus a Dark Mage came out of the smoke too. Martin assumed it was her who caused the destruction as he saw no one else who could have done such a thing.

“The name is Johnathan and we’re here to take what we can back to Rasdam. If you both leave, we won’t hurt you…or any civilians, hehe,” said Johnathan as he threatened both.

“No thieves will escape Rostiffe. As prince of this kingdom, prepare for battle!” Martin proudly yelled at Johnathan.

“Do we really need to engage now, brother?” asked Maria.

Johnathan agreed to the battle and promised he would have their weapons at the end of all this. He ordered his henchman to come out and attack them. Out came two Myrmidons, three more Barbarians and two Thieves. Johnathan ordered one of the Thieves to attack them both but Martin charged with his lance, dodged the Myrmidon’s sword swing, and struck him on the Myrmidon’s legs where he became immobilized.

“Heh, is that all you got? That swordsman was just practice,” Martin said as he bragged about his victory.

Johnathan did not seem fazed and gave a signal to the right. With the signal received, a man with a bow shot an arrow at Martin. As the arrow came, Maria pushed Martin away and deflected the arrow with her sword.

“Damn you, princess. No matter though as you both are outnumbered!” Johnathan said as he laughed at Martin and Maria.

“While it’s true that you have more people on your side, we are the prince and princess of Rostiffe and it’s our duty to protect our kingdom. You won’t get away with this no matter how huge your band of thieves are,” Martin replied with full confidence.

“Anyone else who’s willing to fight against these crooks may join us. Rostiffe will not tolerate troublemakers like these people and you would be doing a good service for your kingdom,” Maria proudly said as well.

Johnathan then scolded at both again and told his henchman to start going after them.



⋆Johnathan: Barbarian – Iron Axe (Boss)
Barbarian x3 – Bronze Axe
Thief x2 – Bronze Sword
Dark Mage – Flux
Myrmidon – Bronze Sword
Archer – Bronze Yumi
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Troubadour - Mend Staff
Rostiffe - Market Area

Tim was looking foward to spending a quiet day in the market. Riding his white horse, Celestia, through the streets, he was looking for ingredients to prepare dinner for that night. The Rostiffe market had a bunch of vendors, which means lots of non meat options to pick from. Then the peacefulness of the day was ruined by a loud explosion, causing Celestia to rear back and whinny out of fright. Tim had to gently stroke her mane, and whisper to her that everything was alright, but he wasn't sure how true that statement was. Now several market stands were destroyed, and innocent civilians were injured, causing Tim to bite his bottom lip nervously. He knew this was going to lead to something bad, and he wanted to gallop away, and not get involved in any of this fighting, but he couldn't just leave the people injured. It was his job to at least try to heal them.

This got the royal siblings involved. The Princess asked who was responsible for this, causing a man, who appeared to be a barbarian, to step out of the smoke, and declare his intentions. The man, who called himself Jonathan, and the people he bought with him were going to steal the goods they had. A fight then broke out between the man, and the siblings. Tim just sighed, and shook his head. Why did people have to resort to violence to solve all of their problems? Now things were only going to get worse.

Anyone else who’s willing to fight against these crooks may join us. Rostiffe will not tolerate troublemakers like these people and you would be doing a good service for your kingdom,” The Princess declared.

"I'm a healer, not a fighter..." Tim quietly muttered as he galloped off to heal some of the people that were hurt in the explosion. He started with the old woman who had been selling freshly grown fruits and vegetables from her garden only moments prior. Tim had just bought some of her wares too. He raised his arm, with the Mend Staff in hand. The injured woman was showered in bright light for a moment, and then she was healed. Then, Tim got off of Celestia to help her up.

"Oh, thank you good sir!" The old lady exclaimed as she stood up. Tim simply nodded politely, then got back on Celestia, and galloped off to heal somebody else. There were lots of injured people, and as far as he knew, he was the only healer present.
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What do I do now?
Diviner - Arcthunder
Rostiffe - Market Area

"And what would you like today?" the middle aged woman behind the stall of fruits and vegetables grinned with her hands on her hips. "You're a growing girl! You need to make sure you have all the good food you can get!"

Siri smiled as her eyes scanned over the produce. She was actually surprised that the woman recognized her right away as a girl. Perhaps growing out her hair a little had helped after all. She looked back up to the woman in the midst of her perusing.

"Hmm, I'll take about four of those apples there, if you don't mind," she pointed to the section ripe with succulent red fruit.

"Yes ma'am! Right away!" the woman prepared the fruit for purchase and Siri handed over the allotted money. A thought slipped into her head like a snake. She could have just as easily stolen this. She mentally shook her head. No, those days were over. She doesn't have to steal anymore-

A sizable shock wave rocked the market place and sent the wares of the vendors down onto the ground. Siri braced before looking up and seeing smoke coming from more towards the square. Something didn't feel quite right, yet familiar. Was that...dark magic? A shudder raced up her spine. Had they found her? Were they still that upset?

Just as Siri heard screams, she broke into a sprint towards the smoke. She had to stop letting the past get to her. All that matters is here and now. Hard laughter could be heard just as Siri rounded the corner, her boots landing hard on the stone street. There was a man proclaiming himself to be Jonathan and, boy, did he look rough. As did the rest of his gang that marched in behind him. The Dark Mage caught Siri's eye as she held the Flux tome, ready to strike any bystanders.

Jonathan mocked the two fighters that stood before him. They looked like...Lords...royals, even. Jonathan continued his threats to the town before launching an attack, to which the two Lords parried with skill and finesse. Suddenly, the girl looked around before calling to the people, “Anyone else who’s willing to fight against these crooks may join us. Rostiffe will not tolerate troublemakers like these people and you would be doing a good service for your kingdom."

Just then, Siri saw a young man riding by on a majestic white mare to some nearby civilians before waving a staff. He helped the woman onto her feet, his dark hair contrasting his unblemished garments. A healer!

Her mind made up, Siri turned around and faced the oncoming attackers, the Dark Mage being the first within sight waving her hand through the air before casting a spell.

"Flux!" a dark shadow emerged and launched from her hand.

Siri yanked her tome out from her cloak and cast a spell of her own, "Arcthunder!"

Streaks of lightning burst forth from her palm and struck shadow, mixing and creating another explosion, knocking her back a little. She looked around, hopeful that this latest explosion didn't hurt anyone else before preparing to attack anyone who emerged from this latest haze of smoke.


Steel-Clad Wonder
Manakete - Dragonstone
Rostiffe - Market Area​

"Hmm.. No, no. No. This won't do." Nichol said and sighed. He had just bought himself an apple, and was sitting on a bench at the middle of the Rostiffe's marketplace. He had no idea what he would be doing there, but after the destruction of his home, the only logical steps eemed to be coming to Rostiffe. He had wandered about for a good while now, and wanted to try and settle down. He did, however, have no clue as of how to do that. The marketplace was full of people ranging from the casual Mr. Everyday to stand-owners and merchants doing their trade. He had chosen to come here mostly because it would offer him some protection in case any bandits figured they'd try and go for his Dragonskin again. It was a fairly sunny day, and the atmosphere was overall good. Despite that, Nichol kept his guard up. You'd never know when some dumb bandit would pop out.

Right in the middle of a random thought regarding cushions, a loud explosion could be heard, and felt. IT was close enough for him to feel the earth shaking, and he was showered with debris. He quickly bounced to his feet, and tried to orientate himself. He was dizzy, and a loud ringing noice was slowly fading out as his vision restored. Several marketstands were destroyed, and a fire caused chaos in the earlier quiet and serene marketplace. After he got to his senses, he could see that, wouldn't you have it, bandits had made their entrance. Some big burly guy claiming to be the gangs leader was taunting two well-dressed people nearby. The rest of the bandits were looting the area. Of course they were. Nichol stashed away his satchel under his cape and put his hood back on, before swiftly turning around to leave.

"Not so fast there, prettyboy!" said a cocky voice behind him as he turned. Nichol froze into place. He hated being noticed, and especially by bandits. "You mage fella's are always packed with goods, hand'em over!". Turning around, he saw a pretty classic Thief, holding a bronze sword out, hinting to give him his satchel. He did mistake Nichol for being a mage though, which was understandable as his attire was very similar to how Ice Mages dressed in the older days. Nichol thought fast. He could easily fight this guy off, but changing into a dragon would likely only get the attention of the other bandits. He quickly formulated a heroic plan of action, and took a quick leap.. backwards. Into the smoke. Turned tails, and ran. "Hey, get back here you coward!" Souted the thief. "Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. sh*tsh*tsh*tsh*tsh*tsh*tsh*tsh*t" yelled Nichol as he ran down the streets of Rostiffe, passing a large variety of people ranging from a very busy Troubador, a Dark Mage heading towards the action etc, with a thief qickly closing in on him. He took a turn into an alley and.. immediatly wished he hadn't. As luck would have it, he had run right into a dead end in the alley. He turned around, but the thief had caught up to him. "Heh, i hate it when they run." he mumbled to himself. It was clear that he was done talking, as he closed in with his sword raised. Nichol knew he only had one option.

"Stay back, miscreant!" Nichol said in a loud, confident voice as he pulled out his Dragonstone and held it into the air. "You now stand before the last of the proud Manakete from Fokrahdiin. Depart now and I shall consider sparing your unworthy life!". He kept a stern face and locked eyes with the thief. The thief turned wide-eyed, and grinned eerielly. "H.. hey, stop it! I mean it! I will smite you into oblivion if you come any closer!" Nichol yeled. "No you won't. in such a narrow space, you'd only end up adding to the destruction of the city.". He then began mumbeling like a madman about how valuable a Manakete would be on the black market. He continued to step forward. "Surrender quietly, and I'll end you quick, little dragon." he mockingly said. Nichols bravado faded and was replaced by worry, which then was rapidly replaced with panic. Almost without thinking, he activated the Dragonstone.

"Y.. You asked for it", he yelled as the blizzard surrounded him. As the blizzard subside, the thief was now facing an enormous pale white Dragon. A Dragon of ferocious power. A Dragon panicking and attacking its assaulter in a very narrow spac. The thief tailturned and ran, with Nichol following him. Nichol was now determined to end the mans life, in order to end the threat on his own life. This made sense to him. The thief had been right though, as Nichol advanced, he knocked down stalls, signposts and doors. Luckily, the residents had evacuated, so no casualties were suffered. The thief was on his way back to the main square, and Nichol let out a ferocious roar as he readied his Ice Breath attack. The thief died quickly, and without pain. Probably. Quite frankly, Nichol did not know how it was to freeze to death in an instant, but that is what happened. The Ice Breath froze the man in his place, as well as froze the road ahead of him towards a burning market stall, which extinguished.

Once he managed to calm down a bit, Nichol reverted back to human form. His assailant had been dealt with. He breathed a sigh of relief, but was knocked in the back of the head by another one of the bandits. He fell to the ground, disoriented. He noticed he had lost his Dragonstone, and searched franatically on the ground for it. He heard the assailant behind him as he searched, laughing eerielly.


Well-Known Member
Wolfskin - Beaststone
Rostiffe - Market

Luka's dark tail swished in boredom from behind the shop stall. It had been a slow day at the market, and he was tired of cutting prices just to make a sale. His sole employee, Faya, was busy butchering the meats she had caught out of sight of the passersby, in a small tent closed off by a cloth veil. Luka hoped a new variety of meat cuts would appeal more to the townsfolk. "Fresh rabbit meat, right here!" He called cheerfully to some people passing by, who ignored him in favor of the farmer on the other side of the market. Luka's ears drooped, though they were concealed by a blue cloak. No need possibly intimidating a potential customer who didn't know of him, after all. As harmless as he was, the Wolfskin still had a bad reputation.

A dark flash and a loud explosion echoed just to the right, destroying the small farmer's stall. Smoke billowed out and a rush of air blew through the area. Faya quickly poked her head out of the tent, and Luka just barely saw the dark mage redirect her attack in time. "Get down!" Luka barked, tackling Faya out of the way as another dark magic surge destroyed his stand as well. Luka stared at the wooden shards, his mouth slightly agape. He could hear the voice of the princess from somewhere: “Anyone else who’s willing to fight against these crooks may join us. Rostiffe will not tolerate troublemakers like these people and you would be doing a good service for your kingdom!"

Luka pulled the blue cloak off himself, revealing a mix of red and black fur coupled with two wolfskin ears. He brushed it down with one hand, a force of habit to make sure he didn't look unkempt. "C'mon, I am not just standing by to watch these idiots tear this place apart. You in?"

Faya shook her head in panic. "I don't have my bow with me," she exclaimed. "Look, I'll just try to clean up and help anyone in danger. You have your beaststone, right?"

Luka reached into his pocket and gripped it with one hand. "I don't go anywhere without it." An odd statement maybe, considering he never used it anymore, but it was a part of himself. And maybe now, he could be of use.

He noted a healer on a white horse helping some of the salespeople hurt in the explosion. Another ray of dark energy flew at him, and he leapt out of the way. A bolt of lightning flashed back in retaliation, and he noted a tome wielder had joined the fray. He panted, glancing frantically around. Then he froze as he saw something he never thought he ever would - an brilliant white dragon was powerfully hunting down a thief, and with one breath of ice, the man's life was cut short. Luka was distracted for a moment, as his mouth twitched into a grin. That was incredible! The dragon disappeared, but Luka had caught his scent. He smelled not of humans, but of fresh, cool mountain air. He caught up with the blue-haired boy, but somebody else had found him first - an axe-wielding barbarian raised his weapon -

"Hey, watch it!" Luka called to the manakete, but he was too late. The assailant whacked the boy with the hilt of the axe, intending to disorient him to land a more fatal and accurate blow. He landed and Luka watched a circular stone quite similar to his own beaststone roll out of the boy's grasp. The barbarian laughed creepily, and Luka scampered between them, letting out an animalistic growl. "Back the hell off, unless you wanna play fetch with that little stick of yours," Luka grinned toothily, eying the axe. Predictably, the barbarian began running full force toward him, axe held high above his head. Luka squeezed his beaststone, and for the first time in a long time, was replaced with a beast twice his own size, with black and red fur and the same piercing yellow eyes. They traded blows, but the barbarian, taken aback by the wolfskin form, didn't get a good shot in. Luka swiped at him with oversized claws, knocking him back against a stole building where he lay - unconscious or dead, he wasn't exactly sure. He took the axe and broke it in half for good measure, tossing the sharp end far away. He inspected his left arm, which had been grazed by the axe, but the cut was barely deep enough to be considered an injury.

He reverted to human form and hastily went back to the manakete. "You okay?" He asked, helping him up. "You're a manakete, aren't you? Never thought I'd see one of those here in Rostiffe." He smiled good naturedly. As if he was one to talk. "My name's Luka. C'mon, get your stone and let's go. Filthy lowlifes are all over the marketplace."
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Wyvern Rider - Killer Axe
Rostiffe - Market

"Fuck yeah!" Sylvia thrust her axe up in the air as she stood victorious over her fallen Fire Manakete opponent. Blood stained her face and her exposed skin, yet she wasn't bothered by it. She pushed back her long, midnight blue bangs away from her face and wiped some of the sweat on her forehead before turning to face the crowd, a careless, proud smirk on her face. "Now whaddya think about betting on a Manakete now, huh?!" The blue-haired young woman taunted as she heard a few "boos", mostly from some very well-dressed folks up in front. She wasn't wrong. Manaketes were among the top betting choices in most of Rostiffe's fighting coliseums in general, and generally safe choices too, for those who wanted their money back. Today, however, the solitary Wyvern Rider made quite a number of people lose their money, and said people weren't exactly pleased at the development. Already, she heard whispering from the front row closest to her side of the arena amidst some applause.

"I can smell a Malevfalian anywhere," a woman's voice not-so-subtly said. "A criminal too, I believe," another chimed in. Sylvia wasted no time looking over her shoulder and giving the finger to the offending parties, wealthy, well-dressed types with too much jewelry going on, using her left hand - the one with her prison tattoos - for good measure, not caring that there was an audience. She already hated them, and any more words meant that Sylvia would have chosen more than just the lewd gesture, of course. She did win, fair and square - wrestling with Erebus regularly had made her strong after all, and she wasn't about to tone herself down just to spare idiots their money. She felt a nervous tap on her armored shoulder and she turned around to see the owner of the coliseum, holding up a money bag filled with her winnings, a cautious look on his face. She accepted it proudly before striding towards Erebus, who was sitting in the middle of the arena, smoke coming out of his nostrils. The pitch-black dragon was never the patient sort for the five years that Sylvia owned him, much like his owner, and though most would've been vexed and tried to discipline a dragon like him into becoming more docile, Sylvia would never have chosen differently, given the chance.

"C'mon boy, let those fools be fools," she spoke loudly before shooting a piercing glare at the offenders once more as she climbed atop his bare back and pressed her hands on his rough yet warm ebony scales. The dragon then flapped his shredded wings and began to take flight. Saddles were a hassle at times, and to her, were unwarranted today given that she only intended to stop by the marketplace to grab some meat and at least a couple of good drinks anyway. And of course, the rumors, which she had to see for herself to believe. She turned her face skywards, savoring the wind on her face as they headed for the center of the marketplace.


"The hell...is today grass-eaters' day or something? The fuck did I just miss?!" Sylvia growled at the young, dainty-looking Cleric shopkeeper, shaking her head, cracking her knuckles and turning away from the stall she approached after she noticed the fresh greens and fruits laid out. It just so happened that just about every stall in the marketplace today wasn't selling just one simple thing she (and by extension Jurgen) was looking for...meat. Any meat in fact. Her patience was testing her...every good warrior needed a good meal and some good drink after a great battle after all. The next stall proved to be a bit better, a familiar one with some bottles of alcohol beckoning to her. She scooped out some coins from her bag of winnings and dropped them onto the counter. The Wyvern Rider did not wait for the dozing shopkeeper to wake up as she selected the strongest of the drinks.

With alcohol in hand, Sylvia made her way to the closest bench and sat down. She uncorked the bottle and took a long, hard swig. The burning in her throat was refreshing, and almost distracted her from her other reason for why she was here in the first place. Sighting two people whispering to each other just a short ways off, she capped her bottle once more and allowed herself to listen for anything. A few minutes passed, and the only things she heard were trivial matters, mostly from finely-dressed city people, about topics ranging from what color fabric to choose to what the blue-haired young woman presumed were weird, exotic luxury dishes. Sylvia leaned forward grunted before lifting her bottle to take another another swig...or she would've taken another swig...had a tall idiot with golden blonde curls, a pink silk dress and a ruffled parasol in her hands not run past her and knocked the bottle out of her hands.

"OI! Watch it, you damn cunt!" She cursed aloud, pulling herself up and thrusting her axe in the direction of the offender. Said young woman turned around coyly and held a delicate hand up as she gasped. Her fingers were heavy with diamond and precious metal rings, and her nails were finely manicured and painted a light golden color.

"I think I prefer 'Lady' - tsk, tsk, there's never a need to be crass," she giggled. Her voice was sugary sweet and haughtily superior at the same time. "And, that," the pink-clad woman continued as she pointed a diamond-ringed finger at the broken bottle, "isn't much of a loss, no? That stuff's cheap and for brutes. You should try Rose Wine instead...and you know, getting that blood off your face; it's not how it's done," Again, the tone of haughtiness, as if the woman thought that she was the most charming and beautiful on the continent.

"Lady my ass," Sylvia spat, sheating her axe before grabbing the blonde by the neckline of her silk dress. "And don't you dare tell me what to drink...rose wine is for children, pussies and wimps, like y'know...you." With that, she swiftly punched the woman squarely on the jaw with her free hand. A satisfying crack followed, and the blue-haired Wyvern Rider grinned. Sylvia then looked down at the ground and noticing it was muddy, she unceremoniously pushed the young woman towards a particularly big puddle. A high-pitched scream followed.

"My dress! You're paying for this, you brute...or have my father jail you!" The noblewoman cried out as she picked herself up from the ground, her pink silk dress muddy. Sylvia held up her left hand and grinned mischievously, flashing the numbers tattooed just under her fingernails. Unlike most people who made the effort to conceal their prison tattoos, Sylvia wore hers with pride.

"Bitch, if that was meant to be a threat...I already had a stint," she replied with a deadpan voice. She turned away and, seeing no point in sitting around now that she had no drink, decided to head back to the alcohol stall. On her way there, one stall that she hadn't noticed a while ago caught her eye...thanks to the various cuts of wild game on display. Her stomach growling, she took a detour and headed for the stall. Before she reached it, however, a sudden explosion blew up the stall right next to it. It was a farmer's stall, so Sylvia was initially not bothered by it. However, the owner of the meatshop, a redheaded young man cloaked and hooded in midnight blue, barked at a woman - who was presumably his assistant, girlfriend or hell, both - to get down. A dark flash struck the stall, and it blew up in the ensuing explosion.

“Anyone else who’s willing to fight against these crooks may join us. Rostiffe will not tolerate troublemakers like these people and you would be doing a good service for your kingdom!" Sylvia heard a familiar voice not too far away...the voice of someone who was either the princess or someone who sounded like her. So, all that talk was true after all? She thought, as she unsheathed her axe, noticing that the stall owner had lowered his hood to reveal his ears - Wolfskin ears, as he asked his female companion if she was going to fight off whoever it was as well, to which she declined. Sylvia turned around to see that the source of the explosion was a Dark Mage. Already, a considerable number had been hurt by the magic, though a young man on a white horse and with a staff in hand was riding around and beginning to heal some of them.

Oh, damn...Erebus. Sylvia immediately thought as she saw a bolt of lightning cut through the dark smoke. Knowing that it was inevitable that Erebus was going to get hurt if she didn't hurry, she quickly ran towards where she left the wyvern, which wasn't too far away. Her face relaxed with relief as she saw that Erebus was unscathed at the moment. The black wyvern thrashed, flapped his shredded wings and roared, apparently noticing the commotion as well. Sylvia approached him, unafraid. She was all too used to him, and they were of a similar temperament to begin with. Upon seeing his master, Erebus calmed down and breathed a puff of black smoke through his nostrils, his usual gesture of greeting towards her.

"I saw it too, man. I saw it too," she reassured as she climbed atop his bare back. She then pointed towards where the smoke billowed and Erebus grunted before taking off towards the source of the ruckus. Once they were in the thick of things, both dragon and rider flew lower as Sylvia scanned the crowd for the Dark Mage. A roar of pain coming from Erebus startled her and she looked down to see that an arrow had pierced her wyvern's scales. She gritted her teeth as she urged Erebus to fly higher for the moment. Archers, they were every Wyvern Rider's Achilles' heel, according to common wisdom, but she and Erebus had trained themselves to perform risky maneuvers that, while certainly not the norm among Wyvern Riders, could make Archers miss. Some of the smoke cleared, and she saw the Archer once more, his bowstring drawn taut as he began to fire. Sylvia nudged at Erebus to dive, and just as the arrow flew, the wyvern performed a sudden, quick dive-bomb towards the archer. Instead of hitting Erebus squarely on the chest, the arrow instead whizzed past, only grazing the top of Sylvia's ear. The faint metallic smell of blood wafted into the Wyvern Rider's nose, but she ignored it - the risk had paid off. Instead, she held up her axe as Erebus closed in...too close for the Archer's comfort.

Letting out a roar, she swung her axe towards her assailant's neck and torso, hacking at him with heavy strikes. The Archer hit back with his bow, but up close, Sylvia easily had the upper hand and soon enough she managed to get him down and hanging on to life by a thread. For good measure, she gave him a good, hard hack at the back of his skull with her axe, bringing him down completely.

Sylvia didn't spare herself a breath. Instead, she looked around, as if daring whoever was behind the attack to show their face.

"Is that all you got?!" She snarled. "Come out and fight me, whoever you are!"
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"Orange" Magical Girl
Martin and Maria
Lord/Lord - Steel Lance/Steel Sword
Rostiffe - Market

“Look Martin! A troubadour just came and is healing the citizens who got injured!” Maria mildly yelled in happiness!

“Wonderful!” replied Martin.

“Hey you! You’re doing a great job! You obviously know the way of a Rostiffian, good sir!” Martin said in a cheering voice.

Jonathan then asked them both if they were going to continue praising those from the sidelines. He called upon a Thief to assist him in the fight against Martin and Maria to which he swiftly came to Jonathan’s side.

“Alright I like this! A two-on-two sounds awesome to me! But we’re going to take you down hard.” Martin said with a lot of moxie.

“No Martin wait-never mind. He already took off as usual…” Maria said as she started to run after the Thief.

Jonathan stood there and watched Martin rush towards him while smiling with an evil grin. He thrusted his axe against Martin’s lance and pushed him back with full force. Never less, Martin swung his lance at Jonathan in which he dodged and managed to swing his axe and slightly cut Martin in the shoulder.

“Ouch that actually hurts” Martin said to Jonathan with his hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t you remember? Axes are strong against lances like yours” Maria explained to Jonathan.

“Of course, I knew that! I swear! But enough dumb moves from me! Let’s swap who we’re fighting, Maria!” Martin suggested to Maria.

“Now that is a better idea!” Maria happily said, agreeing to Martin’s idea.

As Martin and Maria started to brawl against Jonathan and the Thief once again, Maria took notice of the Dark Mage being fought by a young-looking girl. She wielded the Arcthunder tome and both traded magic towards each other, causing an explosion that pushed back the four that were fighting just a little bit.

“Well at least someone’s helping us take down that evil nasty witch.” Martin said. As all four exchanged blows, something felt chilly around them. Martin then took notice of a giant blue dragon standing tall on the ground.

“WOAH! WHAT THE HELL” Martin yelled in shock. Martin then took notice of a Thief being blasted by icy dragon breath. He could not believe his eyes as if the stories were false. An Ice Manakete appeared before him and Maria. And this Ice Manakete was helping them out with the group of bandits.

Just before all four began to fight again, another surprise came. What laid before Martin and Maria was a Wolfskin in its beast form also helping out against this tyranny. After it took out a Barbarian with its claws, it reverted into his humanoid form, helping out against the Ice Manakete who lost his Dragonstone.

“Look when I said I asked if people wanted to join our cause, I did not wish for a somehow-alive Ice Manakete and a freaking Wolfskin. But I’m not complaining! This is awesome! You two keep it up!” Martin said, complimenting the humanoid duo.

Jonathan then said for both to stop talking and get back to the fighting. But as Maria was about to charge against Jonathan, another surprise besieged them. And this one came from the air.

From the air came a woman dressed in black riding a wyvern. Arrows were being shot at her but Maria then took notice of some maneuvers she did that allowed her to avoid the arrows coming her way. From there, Maria saw the wyvern rider slashing the archer mercilessly to the point where Maria almost became sick of what she saw. Martin on the other hand saw how fearless she was against that archer despite arrows being the bane of wyverns everywhere. Maria then saw the potential that these people that were helping have. As Maria talked, Jonathan ran towards Maria and almost swung his axe against her to which she dodged.

“I’m done watching you two looking at these weirdos. I will finish you!” Jonathan yelled. Maria swung her sword swiftly at Jonathan and managed to cut his shoulder.

“Ha! Now you have a shoulder injury!” said Martin.

“Not now, Martin.” Maria said to Martin in an annoyed way.

“Alright then. Come on you dirty bandit. Let’s fight!” Martin yelled at the thief with full confidence.

Martin and Maria then proceeded to continue fighting against the duo they were facing. The swinging of their weapons continued as the others kept fighting…or healing.
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What do I do now?
Diviner - Arcthunder
Rostiffe - Market Area

Siri watched as the Dark Mage’s hand emanated another purple-black glow and readied another spell to counter. Two more spells fired from the enemy’s hand to which Siri quickly tried to counter.

“Arcthunder!” She swept her hand in a line and met the first blast. “Arc-

The second blast quickly sliced through and sent sensations similar to that of burns on her right side from which she was casting. Siri cried out and backed up, holding her injured right arm with her tome now pinned between her ribs and her elbow.

“You think a little lightning magic is going to stop me?” A sultry voice rose through the chaos. “Oh, that’s precious.” The Dark Mage became visible again as the dust settled, a smug look worn both on her face and in her voice. “You should at least come somewhat prepared when you enter battle.” The woman flipped her raven hair behind one shoulder.

“Oh, great, pompous Dark Mages, why did I expect any different?” Siri growled through gritted teeth as she tried to regain ground. How was she going to fight here? Siri ran through a quick list of ideas while concealing her open tome in her cloak. Didn’t want to broadcast any of her movements, now did she? Let’s see, this Dark Mage was fast, confident, and-

“Aw, not gonna play anymore? Does it hurt too much for the little girl?” Her opponent mocked.

Cocky as all heck. Awesome.

“Tell you what. If you don’t wanna play,” she sneered while waving a hand, “I’m sure someone else will.” She said, firing off a blast toward some of the other citizens who had stepped in to help with the bandits before Siri had a chance to object.

Dark energy swirled and crashed into the square. A yelp escaped her before she had a chance to stifle it. She could only hope that those fighting weren’t hit, but for now…

She turned back to the Dark Mage. Firing another spell wouldn’t help, she’d just cast two more. Not fighting was out of the question, she’d just hurt more people. Giving up wasn’t an option either…right? Siri summoned the will to still her nerves. This was not the best plan, she could already tell.

“Still not enough?” The Dark caster bit again.

Siri looked up, tome closed in her left hand while the dark magic still gnawed on her other arm. She walked purposefully towards the woman who raised a brow in response.

“Giving up already?” Another smiled creased her lips. “I told you. A tome like that is nothing compared to mine, even after you cleaned the mothballs out of yours.”

A twinge of anger rose in Siri, but still she walked forward. The woman made remark after remark, but still Siri walked closer. So close that she could hear the dutiful steps that Siri made. Close enough that the little worn edges of the book became truly visible. She was practically standing in front of the woman.

“What’s a worn out thing like that going to do? Serve as a paper weight? I bet its pages wouldn’t even make pass as a suitable use in the latrine-

Siri swung the book’s spine hard into her temples, knocking her off balance and loosening her grasp on the Flux tome. Siri snatched the purple book from her hand and used it to slam the temples on the other side of her head before following up with the Arcthunder tome into her nose. The woman leaned forward, her hands holding her bloodied nose. Siri put the Arcthunder away and placed the Flux tome inches from the Dark Mage’s face.

“My tome wouldn’t be passable for toilet paper, you’re right, but I’m sure yours would do just fine. In fact, I’d be more than willing to shove it so far up there that you’d choke on it.”

Siri let the woman drop to a crumbled heap and turned around. She had the woman’s tome, she was no longer a threat. Siri shoved the purple tome underneath her cloak before feeling a searing pain again. That wound on her arm made her skin feel like it was peeling off. It'd been a while since she had suffered injuries from dark magic. She'd need to get it looked at. Soon.


Steel-Clad Wonder
Manakete - Dragonstone
Rostiffe - Market Area​

Once again, Nichol's vision was blurry. What just happened? Had he tripped and fallen or something? This was getting real bothersome. Mabe life int he big city wasn't so safe after all. He would have to make a clean cut from the battlefield once he got his act together again. If only he could find his Dragonstone though.. No. He couldn't use that anymore. He had likely caused quite the uproar by transforming, and the bandits would likely be on his scaly behind if he did it again. That is, if he could find the darn stone, that is. He was also certain he had heard someone call out to him right before everything went to blurr.

"Oaoaoa, uao!", said the same voice in what would likely be a threatening tone. He definitely heard some exclaimation marks in there. His hearing started to clear up very shortly after this, and someone was apparently fighting his assailant. That was good for him. Unfortunately though, his vision was still a mixture of blurrs, and dots of weird colors he would likely make a fortune on by branding as his own. The stone shouldn't be too hard to find either. Even in this blurry state, it would be a pale, icy blue with a slight aura amidst the brown-reddish pavement. Once the distractions started to fade, everything became more clear. His vision on the right eye was reddish and sticky though, and he felt very light-headed. He did however, catch a glimpse of his dragonstone. It hadn't bounced away too long, and he managed to grab a hold of it. He felt naked without his Dragonstone, and that says a lot considering his outfit. It was also his last resort in case anyone came after him again. Though he would feel bad about it later, he had no quarrels with freezing the entire city if it secured his safety.

Luckily though, it seemed it wouldn't come to that. "You okay?" someone asked. Looking up, Nichol saw a young man, looking down on him. He had a worried look on his face, and the fluffiest ears Nichol had ever seen. He was not certain what it was, wether it was the concerned look on the guys face, or the dim light cast on it by the burning civillians nearby, but something about the man made Nichol stare at him in awe. He held out his hand to help him up. It was warm. Like, very warm. Nichol was a generally cold person, temperature wise, which might explain a few things. "You're a manakete, aren't you? Never thought I'd see one of those here in Rostiffe.", the guy asked. He didn't seem to have any ill intent, and he did just save his sorry dragon hive just now. He concluded that he could trust in this new guy, for now. He didn't look like the normal humans he had been accustomed with in the town either. "Uhm.. Yeah. You don't seem very human yourself though.", Nichol answered. "Uhm.. Thank you for saving me." he then said, and did a quick, polite bow. "My name's Luka. C'mon, get your stone and let's go. Filthy lowlifes are all over the marketplace.", he then said. He knew about the dragonstone? Luka seemed knowledgeable. And he had fluffy ears. Nichol decided that he could trust the guy, and followed him, though he made sure to be a few steps behind him, in case any bandits decided to jump them. "I don't seem very human?" Luka said after a short while, and scratched one fluffy ear and his tail swished in amusement. "No kidding. Gee, you must've really hit your head hard." He gave a toothy grin. "I'm a wolfskin.". Wolfskin. Nichol had heard about that. Apparently, Manaketes were not the only shapeshifters around, although the mechanics surrounding their abilities were different. "Wolskin, eh? Then you should have a Beaststone of your own! Splendid! You can smite down our enemies before they even know what hit them. Hah!". It was risky laying it out like that, but he did not want to use his Dragonstone again, and if the tales of his home were true, The Wolfskin were fearsome warriors.

Luka looked a bit surprised at the his praise. "Haha, well..." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, though he clearly enjoyed the ego-boost. "I'll do my best!". He then turned to Nichol. "I don't think I caught your name?", he asked.

"I am Nichol. Son of Miraak and Aurelia. Scion of blizzards! I hail from the forgotten kingdom of Fohkradiin, deep within the endless snowfall. Beyond human perception!." he responded, in a tone of pure pride. "Now, Luka! That was your name right? Let us go and smite these filthy bandits into the freezing pits of the Desolate Cairn, together!". Hopefully, this pumped Luka up enough for him to tackle the next bandit alone. Nichol also took a step in behind Luka, in kind of a defensive position, as the duo marched forward.

Luka's amber eyes gleamed excitedly at Nichol's introduction. "Whoa, you sure have a long title! Uh, can I just call you Nic? That's kind of a mouthful to remember," he joked. "Alright then, let's go get 'em!" Luka led the two back to the market centre. Many stalls were in shambles, with precious few fighting to stop the onslaught. Luka's gaze was set on a magic fight smack in the middle of the area. "That bìtch blew up my livelihood," he growled. The opposing mage doubled over as the dark mage fired a spell at her. Luka turned to Nichol. "We have to help her - I can't get close enough without being hit. Damn ranged magic." His eyes lit up in anticipation. "Hey, I know! Turn into your dragon form and smite them with that breath attack! It would be easy for you." He smiled and patted him on the back. "Go get 'em!"

The pat sent Nichol a few steps forward towards the magical fight with surprising strength, and his bravado immediatly faded. "Huh.. uhm. what? No. Nonononono I can't do that! I am.. Uh.. Fatigued! from my last transformation! Yes. That's it. Aiding the young maiden must befall to you!". This was bad. He really needed to work on his excuses. Or just learn to avoid these situations altogether.
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Rostiffe - Market

Luka's smile faded at Nic's immediate backtracking. Fatigued? Since when did transformations make anyone fatigued? He looked and sounded really frightened... Luka didn't have a chance to think of another plan however, as the dark mage waved her hand in the air. “Tell you what. If you don’t wanna play, I’m sure someone else will.” A blast of dark magic soared in their direction.

Luka didn't have time to hesitate - he resumed his beast form and wrapped his arms around Nichol, shielding him as best he could. The attack struck Luka's left shoulder, and spread down a portion of his chest. He grunted in pain, but his large form fortunately kept him and Nichol grounded. "Y-you okay, Nic?" Luka was quick to ask, his voice deeper as a true wolfskin. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have dragged you into this. It's just, you looked so awesome fighting as a dragon before... I thought it would be easy for you, you know? I shouldn't assume things like that." Another terrible game move, courtesy of Luka... 'I really shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for other people... God, my shoulder is killing me now.'

The young mage who was fighting the crazy dark magic witch, perhaps wishing to discourage her opponent from casting magic, or perhaps fatigued from her initial spell (if manaketes got fatigued, surely mages did as well?), stormed up to her opponent and thwacked her with her tome book. Luka couldn't help but laugh at the sight. Unconventional, yet highly effective.

Feeling safer now, Luka regressed back to his human form. He winced and gingerly touched his shoulder, which was stained an odd black colour from the magic. "I-I'm fine," he quickly assured Nichol. "Don't worry, just stick close to me. We'll get through this, okay?" He felt responsible for the young man now, realizing he'd forced him into a dangerous scenario. Not that Luka minded - he kind of liked being relied on like this. It helped that the boy was admittedly pretty adorable ('not to mention shirtless... I probably should not be having these thoughts right now.')

“Look when I said I asked if people wanted to join our cause, I did not wish for a somehow-alive Ice Manakete and a freaking Wolfskin. But I’m not complaining! This is awesome! You two keep it up!” Luka turned to see the Prince of Rostiffe flashing them a thumbs up before rushing off to tackle the leader of the gang, along with his sister Maria.

Luka jokingly gave a thumbs up back with his right hand, but something bugged him about the prince's words. 'Somehow still-alive'? Now wasn't the time to delve into deep questions. He focused his gaze on the mage who had saved their skins with her quick and unconventional thinking. "Come on, I think she's hurt," Luka said, gesturing for Nic to follow him across the field. Above them, a black wyvern dipped around in the sky, its rider absolutely massacring an opposing archer. The scent of blood was thick in the air now. He hoped Faya was alright...

Luka reached the mage. "Hey, thanks for the save back there," he said, poorly hiding a grimace as he clutched his left shoulder. "That was pretty badass, honestly. Totally saw you bìtch slap her with the book." He grinned genuinely, his tail wagging slowly as he recalled the scene. "My name's Luka, and this is..." He paused for a moment, looking at Nic. "Nichol, ...siren of blizzards? Did I say that right?" He shook his head. "Are you okay, though?" He frowned. She didn't look okay. "I know I saw a troubadour around here somewhere. Guy on a white horse with a stave." He sniffed the air, but the scent of horse was just about everywhere. He glanced around and finally spotted him. He whistled loudly using two fingers. "Hey, over here!" He waved at the troubadour with his right arm, hoping to catch his attention. "We need help!"

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"There, that should be the last one!" Tim said as he watched the man he had just healed run to rejoin his wife and young daughter. "Now, let's go find someplace to hide before one of these thugs decides to attack us..."

Tim had hoped to get away unnoticed by the criminals, but then the prince just had to open his mouth. “Hey you!" Signaling out the troubadour. "You’re doing a great job! You obviously know the way of a Rostiffian, good sir!” He cheered, prompting some of the civilians he had just healed to break out into applause, much to Tim's embarrassment.

The young troubadour's face turned a bright shade of red. "Oh gods, please stop staring..." He muttered as he galloped away as fast as he could. He hated having this much attention on him in general. It was even worse now in this situation. One of the criminals was surely going to attack him now. Thankfully, no one of did, or at least not yet. The remaining civilians evacuated the scene and the only criminals that he could see were fighting with other people.

Tim was ready to resume his search for a hiding place when heard the sound of a loud whistle. followed by someone shouting. "Hey, over here! We need help!" Tim looked towards the source of the voice, to see someone waving for his attention.

Tim galloped in their direction, and found four people. Two men, one young woman that looked to be his age and height too, and an unconscious Dark Mage. The same one who had caused the explosion that started this whole mess. "Um... excuse me. D-d-did some here get hurt...?" He stammered nervously. Then, Tim noticed that one of the men in the group had fluffy wolf ears, and his eyes widened with excitement immediately. "Oh my gods! A wolfskin!" Tim stepped off of Celestia, and got really close the redheaded wolfskin. "I've only read about your kind in books! I'd never thought I'd see one in person!" He noticed a black spot on his shoulder, one likely caused by dark magic, and Tim waved his Mend Staff. A bright light shone over the guy, and the wound faded "It must be so freeing to be part wolf! Can I touch your ears?" As soon as the last sentence left his mouth, he regretted it. Realizing how stupid that sounded. "Oh, um... actually... never mind... You don't have to answer that... Sorry."

Tim blushed again, and immediately looked for some way to change the subject from his blunder. It didn't take long to find one. The girl in the group looked injured. Probably from a fight with that Dark Mage. "Oh, let me help with that!" He waved his staff again, and some of her injuries faded away too. Injuries aside, Tim though the girl was actually pretty cute. "There, that should do it. It's so nice to meet somebody I can talk to on eye level for a change." Tim said with a smile, but then the smile quickly faded when he realized he said something stupid, again. "Ah! Um... I didn't mean... uh..." Tim immediately buried his blushing face in his hands, and took several breaths. "I'm sorry..."

Tim turned around to face his horse, and avoided looking at anybody. "Um... my name's Tim..." He muttered quietly while nervously shuffling his feet. Even though he had made an idiot out of himself in front of these people, he kind of wanted the protection being in a group brought. Not to mention getting to hang around a wolfskin, a cute girl, and was that third guy a Manakete? He couldn't say for certain, but pointed ears weren't exactly something you see on most people... He just wasn't sure how to ask for it with out making a fool of himself a third time.
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Sorcerer; Ruin
Marketplace, Rostiffe

Amadeus eyed the various stalls with keen interest. Today was market day so that meant all of the produce and such were fresh, or should be anyways. There were some sellers who sold not so fresh ones, hidden among those that genuinely are to make a some more gold. But Amadeus already knew which ones were those, mostly because he noticed they would be even more nervous than most shopkeepers over his obvious Sorcerer attire, no matter how hard they tried to hide it.

Today though, he wasn't just visiting the shops he went to frequently, he also wanted to try some of the more out of the way shops. There was one he had been curious about, something about a wolfskin manning a shop with meats and such. That was his other reason for visiting, other than wanting supplies for lunch. He hadn't met a wolfskin before, or at least one that hadn't tried to rip his throat out. He, unfortunately, passed by a few and the Sorcerer reputation had only made things worse.

But for one reason or another, he couldn't seem to find this particular shop before. Than again, Rostiffe was large, maybe even larger than Malevfal, and he didn't know the schedule the wolfskin opened shop. It was entirely possible he missed it because of that. That wouldn't deter him though. Besides, it was only a secondary goal anyways. First things first, as they say.

He smiled at the old merchant as he gave his coins. Then he put the fresh vegetables in his supplies satchel. After making sure it was secured, he started his way over to the man who sold fruits just a few paces down the street. He didn't make it that far. As soon as he took his third step, the world shook. Thankfully, his experience had honed his reflexes to have him duck behind one of the stalls for added protection.

When the sound of fire cackling came to his ears, he rose from his hiding spot. His eyes widened. Stalls everywhere were smashed, some completely burnt down, only a few were unscatched. The same couldn't be said for the people. Amadeus grit his teeth. There was only one group who would do this. His suspicions were proven right as the perpetrators declared their intentions. One word came to mind: idiots. But then again, anyone could guess why they attacked even if they hadn't told so.

Then came quite a surprise, the prince and princess of Rostiffe themselves appeared and were going to fight the bandits. The prince, Martin, rushed in, while his sister soon followed, though not without some exasperation. And then, as they fought the leader, they shouted to the bystanders on the streets.

They asked them to help them fight.

Amadeus grinned, his teeth showing to whoever might be looking his way. Thank the Dragon the rumors were true. He was more than happy to help.

First off, make sure the civilians can escape because it seemed a Troubadour was helping the injured. Amadeus dashed straight for the barbarian near the leader, his tome at the ready. His enemy's eyes widened, just as Amadeus thought they would. At this range, the man didn't even have a chance to dodge as he shouted,


In an instant, the bandit was sent flying at a destroyed stall and crashed. Amadeus, however, didn't let up. For the second time, he cast Ruin. He would've done it a third time hadn't the another barbarian swung his axe at him. Amadeus grit his teeth as the attack grazed his arm. But the bandit's attempts ended the same. The man was blasted away with another casting of Ruin. He idly noted a bunch of stuff happening around him as he fought, like the appearance of a dragon and the Rostiffe royal siblings shouting at all of those helping them.

These were, as far as he could tell, the aforementioned Troubadour, a young Diviner, a rather bold Wyvern Rider, a Manakete—an Ice one—and a Wolfskin—by the Dragon, he was so fluffy. But he couldn't confirm it though. He was busy fighting two Barbarians who apparently thought they could take on a Sorcerer. He mostly dodged them and in a minute or two, his plan was rewarded as he noticed them grtting tired.

He stopped in his tracks. The bandits thought this was their chance and swung together. Amadeus allowed a small smirk on his face as he held out his palm and said,


The result was two knocked out men on the ground. It was good to see his training sessions to control the power level of his blasts. Amadeus was about to go after the other melee focused combatants...when he heard the distinct sound of a sword being drawn. He snapped his head in the direction of the sound and indeed saw a Myrmidon, running towards his target. Quickly, he followed his intended path...and his eyes widened.

It was the Diviner from earlier. She was hurt, with the others around her, along with the Troubadour. In other words, they were vulnerable, too busy tending to themselves. His blood started to boil and he snarled.

The Myrmidon never saw it coming.

He charged at the bandit and punched him on the side of his head. Next, Amadeus grabbed him by his face and threw him across the damaged stall, hitting lots and lots of wood. Then he repeated smashed him against it. By now, the man was unconscious. But he wasn't done yet. With his eyes burning with his rage, they narrowed and he shouted with all his heart,


There was no scream. Only a badly mangled corpse and a panting Sorcerer. For a few moments, Amadeus stood there, catching his breath. Once he did, he turned around with a flourish and headed for the group with the injured Diviner. It seemed that Diviner had been healed by the Troubadour. Amadeus sighed with relief.

Now standing beside the group, he said, "You guys all right?"

Unfortunately, he had completely forgetten that his steps were rather quiet, especially amidst the fighting. It was surprising how a smart man like him could easily forget that he had experience in sneaking around, and thus often subconsciously does such.

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Wyvern Rider - Killer Axe
Rostiffe - Market

The fighting kept on going as Sylvia mounted Erebus once more and led him through the smoke towards where the others were gathering - the others who weren't the offenders, that was, including the Wolfskin shopkeeper with the red hair. So far, she didn't see any more intruders save for the ones that the royal twins were occupied with. Part of her was relieved that it was all over - but part of her was still itching for another fight. She observed as the Troubadour on the small white horse made his way to join the group of the redheaded Wolfskin, which included a young Diviner who looked injured.

The smoke cleared further and when the blue-haired woman saw more clearly, she sighted a Sorcerer, judging from the cloak he wore, heading straight for them. She immediately recalled the source of the smoke and the explosions. Hey, that one was a Dark Mage. Now, she didn't trust the people on the ground...she hardly trusted anyone in fact. However, fighting was serious business, and she knew for a fact that the redheaded Wolfskin wasn't the bad guy around here. She did see him selling meat minutes ago, after all, and his stall was ruined...he hadn't been the one to ruin it! The Dark Mage, however? It was better she handle things than be sorry, if no-one was about to step up to it.

With a nudge, Erebus dove down, and Sylvia prepared her axe. Up closer, the Sorcerer was a lot smaller than herself, and even the others in fact. She wasn't going to let that fact fool her though. The first Dark Mage wasn't the tallest person either, yet managed to blow up a good portion of the marketplace. The wind rushed past as she and her dragon descended. Once she was within striking distance, she swung her axe towards him.

"Hey, asshole! Think you're such a sneaky son of a bitch, huh? Well, EAT THIS, BASTARD!" She snarled. Unfortunately, Erebus flew a bit too quickly for her to hack at his shoulder with the blade of her axe. Instead, she managed to hit him hard on the face and knock him to the ground with the thick, tough handle of her axe. Erebus slowed down and circled the Sorcerer, smoke coming from his nostrils. The Sorcerer had a lucky break...but he wasn't going to be so lucky this time. Sylvia brandished her axe once more and swung it towards him...
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Rostiffe - Market Area

Siri tucked the Mire tome underneath her cloak and turned around. She saw a Troubadour around here earlier. Surely she could scan the crowd for a radiant white horse. Siri sucked air through her teeth as the dark burns pulsed in her arm. These kinds of burns weren’t something new, but she usually had vulneraries on hand for them.

“Hey, thanks for the save back there,” Siri looked up and saw a…what is that? The young man’s ears were…long and fluffy? Despite the confusion going on in her head, Siri had to stop herself. He looked like a wolf or, at the very least, a big puppy. She restrained her impulse rubbing his head and brought herself back to the conversation. Besides, he looked to be in pain and he had a companion that was equally as intriguing.

"That was pretty badass, honestly. Totally saw you bìtch slap her with the book." He grinned genuinely, his tail wagging slowly as he recalled the scene.
Siri’s face flushed with realization. Oh gods. People saw that.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” she rubbed her head, “Yeah, had to resort to some…unconventional methods there for a moment.” She paused briefly. “Oh, sorry, my name’s Siri! Looks like you guys have had your work cut out for you too.”

"My name's Luka, and this is..." He reached for a name. "Nichol, ...siren of blizzards? Did I say that right?" He shook his head.

Siren of blizzards? Siren, like, a Manakete? If not for the situation around them, she would’ve been beside herself in excitement. A wolf-like creature…not a Kitsune, so maybe a Wolfskin AND a Manakete?! This was astounding!

"Are you okay, though?" Luka frowned. Oh, right.

She was about to play it off when the burning intensified again. “Uh, no, actually,” she winced, seeing the injuries on the two shifters, “we could all use some help, now that you mention it.”

"I know I saw a troubadour around here somewhere. Guy on a white horse with a stave.” He sniffed the air, before looking around and finally spotting him. He whistled loudly using two fingers. "Hey, over here!" He waved at the troubadour with his right arm, hoping to catch his attention. "We need help!"
Siri could see the Troubadour off in the distance quickly ride into a gallop over their way. It was definitely him all right, white horse, rider with dark hair, looked young, but hey, she pretended to be a boy for a long while so looks could be deceiving.

"Um... excuse me. D-d-did some here get hurt...?" He stammered nervously. Then he stared at Luka, and his eyes widened with excitement immediately. "Oh my gods! A wolfskin!" Tim stepped off of Celestia, and got really close the redheaded wolfskin as Siri pulled an, I knew it in her head. "I've only read about your kind in books! I'd never thought I'd see one in person!" He noticed a black spot on his shoulder, one likely caused by dark magic, and waved his Mend Staff. A bright light shone over Luka, and the wound faded. Siri could visibly see the Wolfskin relax ever so slightly.

"It must be so freeing to be part wolf! Can I touch your ears?" As soon as the last sentence left his mouth, he regretted it. Realizing how stupid that sounded. "Oh, um... actually... never mind... You don't have to answer that... Sorry."

She almost responded in feeling the same way, but thought maybe that was best reserved for another time.

He turned to her and must’ve have seen the marks on her arm. "Oh, let me help with that!" He waved his staff again, and Siri sighed peacefully as the dark magic faded from her arm. "There, that should do it. It's so nice to meet somebody I can talk to on eye level for a change." Tim said with a smile, but then the smile quickly faded. "Ah! Um... I didn't mean... uh..." He immediately buried his blushing face in his hands, and took several breaths. "I'm sorry..." he then murmured, barely audibly, “Um…my name’s Tim…

She chuckled, “It’s fine, thanks, Tim.” She rubbed her now healed arm, “I really appreciate it. The name’s Siri, by the way.” Siri smiled and nodded her head.

Siri looked around, several of the offenders were dead, one was down with no weapon, but she could still hear metal clanging among the ongoing chaos. She never heard the Myrmidon running fast to assault them. What she DID hear however was a hard slam and the splintering of wood. By the time she turned around to see what the threat was she heard, “RUIN!”

A swirl of purple black met in the air like a malevolent cloud. In the split second it was visible, it felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the square before culminating in an explosion where the target laid. She felt the wind of the blast nearly blow her off balance and briefly feared that the entire block would be no more when the haze cleared. Imaginary though it seemed, only the one stall had been blown to smithereens with a considerable hole in the ground. Had Siri not been horrified, she would’ve been impressed by the level of control that this attack must’ve had. Then she realized, whoever did this is a well-practiced Sorceror. Not just a simple black hearted Mage. When the haze cleared even further, she recoiled in horror. The man was just a mangled remainder.

“Everyone-“ Siri tried to get into a stance to prepare for battle.

“You guys all right?” a short man suddenly was at their side.

Siri nearly jumped out of her skin when a string of curses whisked by and suddenly the man was no longer there. She turned and saw a woman on a black wyvern brandishing an axe and began to swing it at the downed man again. The man held a purple tome in his hand and was clad in some sort of cloak garb meshed with all sorts of darkened colors. A Sorceror?!

She pulled out her Arcthunder tome immediately and pointed her hand to the man on the ground. The Wyvern Rider was already in full swing and Siri didn’t want to mess this up. She waited for the moment the axe swung by the Sorceror before firing her tome.

“Arcthunder!” A ball of lightning with trailing tendrils fired off right where the Sorceror was, narrowly missing the Wyvern Rider.

Siri readied for another shot. Sorceror’s were resilient, that is, even if her attack hit her target. She stood in front of Tim, hoping to shield him from whatever attack may come their way. He was the only one without a weapon, after all.


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Rostiffe - Market Area

Petra was most certainly feisty today. The bird usually knew when something was wrong, and Nim could tell something was definitely wrong. It had been certainly a long time since he flew in this direction, bounty on his head and all. Yet the death of the King in the recent months made it so he had more free reign of where he could go. It was sad, yes, but it certainly didn't harm him in any other way. He only wanted to help out due to some loyalty to his homeland. Due to this, he had been sending some of his spoils to the royal proceeds. Of course, under the guise of anonymous donations, but it was still helping out none the less. He needed to restock on supplies, so he was making one of his very few trips into the city to get supplies.

Most of his men had bailed out and joined the army after the king's death. He didn't mind that at all, loyalty to should be to one's country in times of strife. It wasn't really out of the norm for him anyways. Men live and die too much around him to get particularly attached to anyone. Being a sky pirate had its benefits, and its risks. The only one he trusted was Petra. Damn bird refused to back down and they both were incredibly close from their originally hate forged bond.

As he neared the market area, he saw smoke rising to the sky. Did some kid mess up practicing with fire magic, or was their another reason? As he got closer, he saw a group of brigands. The nerve of thieves. It was one thing to steal to survive or steal to help others. There was something else from attacking the weak for a quick profit, or terrorizing a nation ravaged by war. He saw a flash and saw the royal crest. Were the royals really here fighting too? It was certainly something that he didn't expect. Was the royal army in that bad of a condition that the crown prince and princess were here fighting as well? He heard Petra make an angry squawk, and he started to draw an arrow from his quiver. Eyeing a Wyvern Rider, he felt blind rage fuel his aim, but a small thought probed the back of his mind.

She doesn't look like the rest of those brigands.

Shifting his sight towards the ground, he saw the royals fighting off a duo of thieves. Should he butt in here? Would certainly be a good idea. Taking aim, he started aiming towards the brigands the duo were fighting.

"Hey prince and princess! Sorry if I graze you with these, it's hard to aim when Petra is in a frenzy like this!" Nim yelled toward the prince and princess before Petra dived straight towards the Wyvern Rider and her mount. She had just noticed them. Damn bird.

"PETRA!" He yelled at her, but perhaps this was too late.

"Hey! Heads up Dragon-Riding Trash. If you don't want your eyes gouged I suggest you duck. My Kinshi hates dragons more than I do," he yelled at the woman, pulling at the golden bird's reigns to try and slow her down.

This was going to be a long day.


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“Tell you what. If you don’t wanna play, I’m sure someone else will.”, a voice from a short distance away said, and Nichol could see a rapidly approaching dark magical blast, presumably from the Dark mage. Before the blast could hit them though, Luka activated his beatstone, and took on the full blast, while forming a protective wall in front of himself. It didn't seem like a too aweful of a blow, but Luka grunted in pain, instantly making Nichol feel bad about not having stepped up to the situation. "Y-you okay, Nic? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have dragged you into this. It's just, you looked so awesome fighting as a dragon before... I thought it would be easy for you, you know? I shouldn't assume things like that." Luka said in a surprisingly sad tone, despite his now deeper voice in best form. It was slightly intimidating to stand so close to a transformed wolfskin, as he could easily just decide to snap Nichol like a twig anytime he wanted, but he felt safe. He did just intercept a blow in his place, after all. In Nochols book, that makes a man trustworthy.

"N.. No you should't." Nichol said, trying to act strict and unafraid, though his voice cracked, making his little facade easy to see through. "As a matter of fact, please never do that again.". He sighed a sigh of relief. It would appear the other mage that was fighting the Dark Mage had managed to knock her out... somehow. Nichol did not see how that was achieved, but by Lukas laughter, it must have been something whacky.

luka then proceded to revert back to his human form, which made the damage from the dark mages attack even more visible. Nichol was about to say something, but Luka beat him to it. "I-I'm fine, Don't worry, just stick close to me. We'll get through this, okay?". This made Nichol feel even worse than before. All he could do was to nod in response, with a very worried look on hif face. That shoulder did not look very good. They would most certainly have to find a healer once things settled down.

“Look when I said I asked if people wanted to join our cause, I did not wish for a somehow-alive Ice Manakete and a freaking Wolfskin. But I’m not complaining! This is awesome! You two keep it up!” said some fancy-clad young man not too far from where Nichol and Luka stood. Wait, he knows about my people?, Nic thought, with a surprised look on his face. Luka responded to the man by giving a thumbs up, and Nichol made a mental note to ask the man out late, if he got the chance.

"Come on, I think she's hurt,", Luka said as he pointed towards the mage from earlier before gesturing Nichol to follow him over to where she was. She looked very tired, likely having been hit with the same magic as Luka had. It was in moments like this Nic hated how useless he was. Not that turning into a huge Dragon would make anything better at this point, but still. "Hey, thanks for the save back there, That was pretty badass, honestly. Totally saw you bìtch slap her with the book.", Luka said in a surprisingly cherful tone, even though Nic could easily see that he was hurt. The mage blushed after the mention of her unorthodocs way of incapacitating the dark mage. He scouted the area for any potential healers.

"My name's Luka, and this is..." Luka paused for a short moment, looking at Nic. "Nichol, ...siren of blizzards? Did I say that right?". "Uhm.. I'm Nichol.", Nic said in a low tone as he bowed to the mage. His tough guy act could wait. After this, Luka managed to get the attention of a Troubadour who was franatically running from person to person, trying to mend their injuries.

The Troubadour came over with his horse. He looked a lot like himself in the way he dressed, if not for his raven black hair as opposed to Nic's icy blue. Speaking of which. Now would likely be a good idea for Nic to put his hood on. The fewer people asking questions, the better. He quickly put on his hood, still sticking close to Luka. The Troubadour seemed to be even more timid than Nichol was, though it may just be situational for all he knew. More impoertantly, he could heal both the injuries on Luka and the mage. He then started expressing his awe towards the wolfskin. "It must be so freeing to be part wolf! Can I touch your ears?", he then asked, looking at Luka's fluffy ears almost as if in a trance. He then quickly came to his senses. "Oh, um... actually... never mind... You don't have to answer that... Sorry.", he said.

He then shifted his attention to the mage, and proceeded to heal her injuries. At this point, Nic was fascinated by the fluffy ears again. He could see that the mage was also fascinated by them. Here he'd been thinking it for a surprisingly long time, and the healer guy just went for it and asked. Without really thinking much, Nic slowly put his arm out and placed it on Luka's head. By the elders, that is fluffy!, he thought to himself as he slowly pet his head, with a goofy grin on his face.

"You guys all right?", a new voice said, seemingly out of nowhere. Nic flinched for a second by the sudden surprise. He quickly pulled his hand back as to not look goofy in front of the others. This was still a battlefield, after all. The newcomer looked like a sorcerer, and Nic immediately grew wary. Was this another of the bandits? Didn't seem like it, but one could never be too careful.

Then, again, seemingly out of nowhere, a black Wyvern mounted by a dark blue haired woman swept down. She seemed to be after the sorcerer. So he was a bandit after all? "Hey, *******! Think you're such a sneaky son of a *****, huh? Well, EAT THIS, BASTARD!", the woman yelled angrily. Yup.. Definitely after the sorcerer. The mage, who had introduced herself as Siri, was now also on the alert. She threw out an Archthunder towards the Sorcerer, narrowly missing the wyvern rider. To be completely honest, it was pretty difficult at this point to see who was the good guys and the bad guys here.

As if the circus was not enough, another player entered the field. This one was a scary looking, long haired young man riding what appeared to be a kinshi. Nic had read about kinshi riders before, but had not seen them in real life. Unfortunately, the kinshi knight seemed to have a bone to pick with the wyvern rider. Words were exchanged, although too far away for Nic to get the whole situation. He held his dragonstone in a firm grasp, ready to fang out in case the situation spiraled out of control again. At this point, it seemed most of the bandits had been disposed of, so using his dragonstone was not as scary now.

"Hey!" he yelled towards where the sorcerer was being assaulted. "Most, if not all of the bandits have now been disposed of. There is no need to further cause mayhem in this marketplace. Disperse the fighting at once!" he had his confident act on now, and he did feel the sorceror was not the enemy. He did reveal his presence just before, which did not seem like something an enemy brigand would do.
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"Arcthunder!" The young Diviner called out as she unleashed powerful lightning bolts towards the Sorcerer. One of the bolts whizzed past Sylvia's cheek, distracting her from swinging her axe. "Dude, what the-..." She growled as the weapon sliced thin air harmlessly. Before she could prepare her axe for another swing, however, an unfamiliar voice confronted her. She turned around, the winds whipping through her deep blue hair.

"Hey! Heads up Dragon-Riding Trash. If you don't want your eyes gouged I suggest you duck. My Kinshi hates dragons more than I do," The speaker was a Kinshi Knight with a long blond ponytail, riding atop a golden kite. Recognition struck Sylvia...not by face, but rather, by reputation. There had always been talk about a pirate who hated dragons with a burning passion, though not everyone knew his name. A pirate from a village that had been raided by some Wyvern Riders even before Sylvia managed to earn her own wyvern. What the hell is this guy's beef? As if I was even a Wyvern Rider what that happened, she thought. Many feared him and his reputation...but Sylvia wasn't one of them, and nor was she about to be like one of them anytime soon. Why would she be afraid of the man in front of her in the first place? She knew that she could beat the Kinshi Knight in a fistfight, and Erebus had a few tricks to deal with bows. Rather than duck, she shrugged, a careless and almost lascivious smirk making its way across her face.

"And? What else are you going to do, Rapunzel?" She prompted, Erebus simultaneously snorting smoke at the rider and his bird. If he wanted her to follow him, he picked the wrong person to deal with. "I've known worse things that eye gouging, blondie, so you better try damn harder! And if you think I'd bend over backwards and be your bitch...I'm no one's bitch!" She sneered, her voice gaining an edge as she went on, before turning back towards the Sorcerer and tugging at Erebus to do the same, the opposite of what the Kinshi Knight suggested, of course.

"Besides, all you fucking Sky Knights are the same lot. High-and-mighty, self-righteous cunts," she called out, quickly flipping him off before she and Erebus swiftly rose up in the air, higher and higher, before the wyvern made a quick dive towards the Sorcerer.
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Many blows continued to be exchanged and both sides did not seem to break a sweat. Outside of their fight, all of the other enemies had been defeated by a number of people ranging from an Ice Manakete, a Wyvern Rider, and a Kinshi Knight. Martin and Maria were grateful that they had gotten some unexpected help to take on the other bandits but they also had to worry about the final two ravagers on the destroyed market area.

“You all got guts I’ll give you that. Unfortunately, I’m going to be the one to take your weapons and other goodies at the end of this.” yelled Jonathan.

“That’s what you think. As the heirs of Rostiffe, me and my sister will prevail over you both.” Martin proudly said to both of the bandits.

“Alright then let’s finish this. Go get him!” Jonathan said, commanding the thief to attack Martin.

The thief swiftly took off against Martin. The prince of Rostiffe managed to block his sword up to the point where the thief managed to tire out. This left Martin to finally pull off one last attack against him. He spun his lance and took charge against the thief and yelled “Here it comes!” at him. With one mighty thrust against the thief’s chest area, Martin managed to lay waste to the thief at last.

Shortly after Martin killed the thief, Jonathan came rushing towards Martin and almost managed to hit him again. Maria jumped in front of Martin and blocked his axe with her sword. Martin took this opportunity and swiftly cut Jonathan’s legs to where he fell on the ground in pain. With Jonathan weakened, Maria thrusted her sword against the middle of Jonathan’s chest and finally ended him once and for all.

“Phew. It’s over.” Maria said, sighing in relief.

“Quite so. I have you to thank for saving me from that bandit’s axe, sister!” thanked Martin as he smiled with joy. “And of course, I have you to all thank as well! You all fought bravely and protected our fair capital from further danger. I have a feeling you all could become great warriors in our side!” congratulated Martin as he announced his words to the people who took out the bandits.

“You know, I think a group of people like you all deserve an award from the royals of Rostiffe! Care to join us for a grand dinner to celebrate today’s victory? It’s the best we can do for you all protecting our people!” asked Maria in a kind manner.

“If so, come on with us! Even I am starving after an intense fight like this!” Martin said as he welcomed the people who fought today.

“Once we go into the capitol, the dining room is straight up north. From there, you may choose any seat you like! Even our mother will more than be happy to say a few words about your bravery!” smiled Maria.

After a bit of a walk, the twins reached the capitol and ordered the guards to allow the ones who defeated the bandits to enter the place and go straight to the dining hall. Of course, both royals of Rostiffe also told the guards to keep their defenses up in case anything goes wrong. Maria also said that anyone who was mounted could leave their mounts next to the caretaker to the right of the capitol. She explained that their caretaker can comfort any animal from a horse to a wyvern no matter how violent they may seem. The caretaker of mounts was a part of a number of other mount caretakers who look after the horses, wyverns, kinshi, and pegasi used by warriors of Rostiffe.

Chapter 1: Market Mayhem


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To Luka's relief, a mounted unit on a pure white steed galloped over at the sound of Luka's whistle. "Um... excuse me. D-d-did some here get hurt...?" The man nervously managed to stammer out.

"Yeah, we had a run-in with a dark mage and - "

"Oh my gods! A wolfskin!" The man jumped off his horse and excitedly went to Luka, who was taken aback by the attention. "I've only read about your kind in books! I'd never thought I'd see one in person!" Halfway through his rant, the guy waved his stave and Luka's shoulder instantly felt much better. He twisted it experimentally and grinned at the lack of pain. "It must be so freeing to be part wolf! Can I touch your ears?" The boy's smile fell as Luka's smile grew at the sudden question. "Oh, um... actually... never mind... You don't have to answer that... Sorry."

Luka flicked a bit of his spiky hair back, momentarily forgetting about the battle going on around them. "People pay thousands of dollars for fur like this. It's only natural you'd want to feel it for yourself," Luka proudly rationalized, before lowering his head in reach of the young troubadour. "You can touch the ears, just mind the hair. Perfection like this doesn't appreciate being messed up too much." Somebody began petting his head, but oddly it was coming from the opposite side of the troubadour. Luka glanced up to see Nichol, and he chuckled lightly. "You wanted some too, huh?" he teased, playfully arcing his head into Nic's outstretched hand. It felt really nice. He didn't usually get people asking to pet him - perhaps he should put the offer out more often...

Luka's ears twitched at the sound of a sword being drawn, and his mind quickly went back to the battlefield. The scent of an enemy - rapidly approaching footsteps - he turned and saw the Myrmidon far too late. Siri, preoccupied with Tim, didn't notice the enemy at her back at all - then a cloaked man rushed in and smacked the Myrmidon out of the way. Everything happened so fast that it took Luka a few moments to respond.



Luka braced himself against the blast, which reverberated frighteningly close to their group. The enemy was reduced to a mangled mess. Siri stared at the corpse, horrified, while Luka stared at the corpse, impressed. "That was close," he breathed.

“You guys all right?” A short man appeared next to them, garbed in a deep purple helmet and light blue cloak. Coupled with the tome he was holding, Luka quickly made the connection.

"Yeah - "


Luka braced himself again as a wyvern rider came out of nowhere and thwacked the small man upside the head. Luka winced and glanced up - he'd noticed that same wyvern rider attacking an enemy archer earlier, but now she was attacking the man who had just rescued the woman who had just rescued himself...?

“Arcthunder!” Luka's attention quickly diverted to Siri, unsure if she was aiming for the wyvern rider or the sorcerer. Regardless, why would she attack either of them? A kinshi rider appeared and began arguing with the wyvern rider. Luka hung back, uncertain of the situation and how to react to it.

"Hey!" Nic, who had similarly hesitated, spoke up, yelling toward the sorcerer. "Most, if not all of the bandits have now been disposed of. There is no need to further cause mayhem in this marketplace. Disperse the fighting at once!"

Luka agreed, but it didn't seem like anybody was listening to Nic. The scene was too chaotic for reason. He went to Siri first, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "Whoa, whoa, calm down. That sorcerer just saved your life," he said seriously, hoping he could get through to her long enough for everything to calm down. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice the Myrmidon until the last second." He gave a pointed look at the crumbled remains. "Bastard, only a coward attacks from behind..."

He noted the wyvern rider closing in on the sorcerer again, and, a bit more confident now, he rushed forward and activated his beast stone. He growled deeply and stood in front of the sorcerer protectively in beast form, hoping to divert the wyvern rider's attack - he didn't wish to attack her, nor did he wish to get a taste of that axe of hers. "Enough!" he commanded. "This battle is over. Look around." ...Well, at least the fight against the bandits was over. The kinshi rider who had just appeared didn't have much control over his bird, it seemed, but he didn't appear to be a threat to them.

“...And of course, I have you to all thank as well! You all fought bravely and protected our fair capital from further danger. I have a feeling you all could become great warriors in our side!” the prince announced. He and his sister invited the lot of them to dinner, and, feeling safer under the watch of royalty, reverted back to his human form. He glanced around and noted Faya cleaning up the remains of his shop. He certainly wasn't interested in helping, and dinner at the castle was more than a fantastic excuse.

"I'm in!" Luka agreed happily, his tail wagging in anticipation.


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Marketplace, Rostiffe

Well, this certainly wasn't what he was expecting to happen when he just asked if the group was okay. Then again, in hindsight, considering how many times he's been beat up all because of him being a Sorcerer, he should've known this would happen. But still, nobody would've expect a screaming and swearing Wyvern Rider to appear out of nowhere to try and behead him. It was only thanks to the wyvern going too fast and his own attempt at dodging did he get away alive.

His jaw still hurt like it was on fire, but at least he was still standing. It was a good thing too because an Arcthunder was heading his way. Clutching his jaw, he barely avoided it...only to see that the Wyvern Rider was back and about to hit him again. Amadeus quickly did what any sane person would, as far as he knew anyway.

He raised both of his hands, and, despite how painful it was to move his mouth, said, "Woah! I surrender! I'm not trying to hurt you guys!"

Thankfully, at that point, the rider was distracted so he didn't have to dodge her next strike. Unfortunately, it came in the form of a kinshi and its own rider who apparently hate wyverns. Recognition came to him and he couldn't stop himself from scowling a little bit. He'd heard of this Kinshi Knight, Nim the sky pirate, who absolutely hated wyverns. He wasn't so sure about dragons, also known as manaketes, though.

Either way, Amadeus didn't like this. Not because he didn't like wyverns, which did irritate him a little considering his mother was a Wyvern Lord and one of his younger brothers was a Wyvern Rider, but because he was endangering the others, all because of his grudge. He didn't blame him for that, he probably wouldn't like wyverns if he had a really bad experience with them, but all he was concerned for was the others not involved in this.

He was going to do something about the bird rider when suddenly the wolfskin turned into his true form. Amadeus was worried his appearance had made things worse, but when the wolf stood in front of him protectively and trying to stop the scuffle, he smiled. Or rather, he tried to smile as his mouth still hurt a lot.

It was at this point that a certain royal pair came along, thanking them. Amadeus's grin would've widened if it could. Then they offered them a dinner meal at the castle. He blinked...and stared for a moment while he cradled his jaw.


Of course he knew it was true, but he still couldn't help it. The wolfskin, after changing back to his mostly human form, agreed.

Amadeus said, as best as he could, "Sure. I'd love to." He started following them to the castle, alongside the others.

He was tempted to ask if he could, perhaps, see the kitchen in action. After all, since when would he ever get another opportunity like this? But after some thought, he decided against it. He didn't want to get punched in the face again today, even if he has been beaten up worse. Besides, they were guests. It would be rude.


Dining Hall, Rostiffe Castle

For a good part of the stay, Amadeus had stared in wonder at the castle and right now was no different. The table was massive, stretching several feet, easily filling up the equally large room. Chandeliers hung over head, their candles providing light for the room. The walls and floor were pristine and clean. The chairs, which lined the sides of the table, were gold and ornate. Yet, despite that, when Amadeus took a seat on one of them, they were very comfy.

This wasn't his first time in a castle. Once or twice, he had been in the castle of Malevfal as his mother had been a prominent soldier, commanding her own squad. But that still didn't dim the wonder of this one. The dining hall was mostly empty as he had decided to wait here ahead of everyone else. It wasn't like he had a mount or anything. His jaw was fine now as well and had placed his helmet on his lap, not wanting to bother any of the maids and stewards for finding a safe place for it.

He relaxed into his chair and let his eyes close, patiently waiting for dinner...or someone to talk to. He would certainly like to talk to the prince or princess. He had many questions for them.