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Fire Emblem: Ascension (Signups - Rated PG-16)


"Orange" Magical Girl
~A Fire Emblem Role-Play~

Rated PG-16 for some foul language and violence

Prologue to Ascension

A huge continent full of life and nature named Vinream stands separate from the other continents around it. Created by Pythes, the dragon god of abundance, Vinream was a landmass that evolved throughout time thanks to the efforts made by those that thrived on Pythes’s creation. Eventually, three kingdoms were created that stood on top of Vinream: Rostiffe, Ji’Torian, and Malevfal, named after their respective kings. Rostiffe was built south of Vinream and usually had an arsenal of powerfully trained soldiers while having lush green grass around the capital. Malevfal was built upon the north in the hot climate and was full of hardworking citizens and soldiers like Rostiffe. Finally, there was Ji’Torian who stood between Rostiffe and Malevfal on a secluded island where the ocean was a beautiful sight to look at as well as the kingdom being full of cheer. Pythes had blessed each kingdom a weapon or two created by himself. Rostiffe was blessed with the almighty sword Arundil, Malevfal was gifted with a fiery tome named Blazefury, and Ji’Torian was granted a divine lance and sword both named Stormlyte (the lance) and Stormdawn (the sword).

These three would often trade goods, assist other kingdoms in need, and make sure each of them were on equal grounds. Over time however, the kingdom of Malevfal began to get greedy for more land and goods and so they started to collaborate with the other two kingdoms to try and gain more of what they desired. Unfortunately for them, Malevfal was denied more territory and resources as the kings of Rostiffe and Ji’Torian wanted equality to be ensured. That said, should any sign of war break out, the king of Ji’Torian did not want to be involved in a potential conflict and thus declared themselves a neutral kingdom altogether. Rostiffe on the other hand made sure to keep an eye out on Malevfal should any attacking from them occur.

One day, the king of Malevfal grew tired of not having any more land and having his deals with the other two kingdoms shut down. He immediately ordered the soldiers of his capital to prepare for an unexpected journey towards one of the kingdoms. Knowing that Rostiffe was on their tail, the king ordered a surprise siege toward Ji’Torian during the night in which most people slept. Because of Malevfal’s king’s clever plan, his army easily penetrated the walls of Ji’Torian and their kingdom began to fall quickly. Realizing that it was the end of Ji’Torian, the king prayed to Pythes to make sure both Stormlyte and Stormdawn did not fall into Malevfal’s hands. Hearing the king’s words, Pythes turned both weapons into mere rubble so that Malevfal’s king would not have access to both. Pythes stated to the king of Ji’Torian that only those who truly are devoted into ending all conflict will be able to wield Stormlyte and Stormdawn once more. Afterwards, Malevfal took control of the island and left Ji’Torian in ruin.

After hearing the dreadful news of Malevfal’s surprise victory against the fallen Ji’Torian kingdom, Rostiffe prepared their soldiers to fight against Malevfal to protect their kingdom from being conquered as well. Thus, the war between Rostiffe and Malevfal began, with the former hoping to avenge Ji’Torian while the latter wanting all of Vinream to themselves now. It was a long-fought war with many casualties and damage to both kingdoms respectively. It wasn’t until both kings from Rostiffe and Malevfal battled each other in an attempt to end the war. Blazefury proved to be a powerful tome that nearly took out Rostiffe’s king, but in the end, Anduril managed to overpower Blazefury and thus their evil king was killed. Because of Rostiffe’s victory, the king ordered Malevfal to stay away from any temptation of war ever again. Malevfal, in its loss, gave up the Ji’Torian Island to be neutral territory like the kingdom that used to stand on it did. Afterwards, a border was created to divide both sides and the new king of Maleval conceded to no more war.

In the present time, a year before the current events, a new king and queen named Abel and Amelia watched over Malevfal. King Abel was the calm and collected one between the two whereas Amelia desired to achieve what the first king of Malevfal could not do and thus scolded Abel for not going with her dream. Due to her thirsty desire of wanting all of Vinream, one day Amelia offered a drink to Abel as an apology for all of her terrible wishes. Abel accepted the drink and drank the wine until the glass was empty, but little did he know that Amelia actually put a lethal poison in the drink and thus killed her own husband. Afterwards, Amelia quickly hid her true intention by claiming that Abel was struck with a terrible poison while practicing outside and with that, Amelia became the new ruler of Malevfal and the new wielder of the divine tome, Blazefury. Her first order was that she wanted the troops to be trained vigorously until they were deemed fit for battle. Any soldier who did not comply would either have themselves or their families killed for opposing Amelia.

Six months after Abel’s death, Amelia ordered her soldiers to head towards Rostiffe and attack the capital. King Marcus, the new ruler of Rostiffe, had trained for this day to come and thus ordered his own troops to defend against Amelia and her soldiers. Marcus’ two children in training, Martin and Maria, were also forced to fight alongside their father in the battles both sides had. Eventually, neither side was gaining the upper hand. Tired by the stagnation, Amelia planned a crafty way to take out King Marcus. One day, a letter was sent to Rostiffe, requesting that King Marcus meet with Queen Amelia for a “peace conference”. Martin and Maria had both warned their father about a possible trick from Amelia. King Marcus then told his children that he would be prepared of any issues that may arrive and brought a few elite soldiers with him and the divine sword Arundil along the journey to Malevfal.

Upon arrival, the capital seemed normal, but King Marcus and his men kept their guard up - until a few arrows, covered with the same poison used to kill Abel, fired at Marcus’ soldiers. With Marcus all alone, many more arrows quickly shot at King Marcus to where he could barely hold Arundil on the ground. Amelia then came up to King Marcus, telling him how weak he was, and burned his entire body with Blazefury. Afterwards, she took Arundil from King Marcus’s burned corpse and then had the thought of having both Blazefury and Arundil’s powers combined in one weapon. Back at her tower, she harnessed the power from Blazefury and implemented its power upon Arundil, giving it the new name Smiteflare. When Martin and Maria heard the unfortunate news, they as well as the kingdom were deeply saddened by the loss of their king. Along with their mother, Queen Maryam, it was Martin and Maria’s job to ensure Rostiffe was in good hands. Like in the past where Rostiffe wanted to avenge the fallen Ji’Torian kingdom, these two wanted to avenge their father’s death and end Amelia’s evil plans and cruelty. Martin and Maria weren’t going to be able to do it alone. With strong and supportive allies, Martin and Maria agreed that they could end Amelia finally and bring peace once again to Vinream.


Below is the entire explanation of the continent of Vinream with its various towns, capitals, and other places. I have put them in separate spoiler tags to make it easier to follow.

The Continent of Vinream



The capital Rostiffe stands south from Malevfal. Rostiffe is brimming with life at every corner and is home to several markets, theatres, and other shops. North of Rostiffe is the castle where Martin and Maria, the prince and princess of Rostiffe, reside as well as their mother, Maryam, who is also the queen of Rostiffe. At the castle, many soldiers train hard every day to ensure they’re not only at their best but to prepare for anything that may attack their beloved capital.


Unlike Rostiffe, Malevfal resides northwest most from Rostiffe and unlike the green grass usually seen there, Malevfal is surrounded by dreadful wastelands and a mountain range behind them, making crop life nonexistent. While life isn’t as exciting nor abundant as Rostiffe, Malevfal is still home to several soldiers ready to do damage to either the capital of Rostiffe or anywhere else on the continent of Vinream. Dark magic is practiced here as well as other evil ways of fighting others.

Tower of Pythes

Named after the dragon god of Vinream, this tower watches over Malevfal and one can see a vast portion of Vinream at its peak. Only the strongest soldiers of Malevfal reside in this tower and Amelia lives at the top of it, always thinking of what her next evil plan of action will be. To get to here, one will have to venture through the dangerous Nellgra Mountains where Malevfal soldiers also reside.

Rasdam Town

West of Rostiffe, Rasdam is a town bustling with people just like the capital east of it. There’s some schools located here specifically for mastering swords, axes, and lances. In addition to that, there’s also a prestigious magic school where they teach students the art of casting spells from tomes as well as a training ground for upcoming archers. A couple of blacksmiths and a few mess halls are here in addition to the schools and houses scattered across Rasdam.

Ghondig Town & Ghondig Hall

Where Rostiffe and Rasdam are a hive for activity, Ghondig Town prefers a quieter and calming atmosphere. This town is home to various priests and clerics as well as other kinds of people. The Ghondig Hall is located here too, in which people pray to the gods watching over the continent. It’s said that whoever enters the Ghondig Hall will have their mind soothed of any frustration.

Emblem Lake

Not much is known about this lake other than that its shape resembles that of the Fire Emblem itself. The waters in the Emblem Lake are always clear no matter what pollution may come to it. Rumor has it that what the Emblem Lake contains is a far bigger secret, but whether this rumor is true or not remains to be seen.

Divragus Town

Near the Seigefrid Mountains, Divragus Town stands in front of the mountain range housing people who prefer colder and harsher environments. While always cold, sometimes snow will drop down here and there too. The armor created here is usually popular at Divragus due to the material used coming from the area around it as well as resources being abundant in the mountains behind it. In addition to armor, sometimes the people of Divragus Town will trade weapons they have forged to Rasdam and Rostiffe in exchange for other goods.

Seigefrid Mountains & Ice Manakete Ruins

Behind Divargus contains a large mountain range known as the Seigefrid Mountains. A variety of resources are mined here but with the usual cold and snowy environment, this task can prove to be a challenge. There was once a thriving community of Ice Manaketes here, but due to them being hunted down and poached, their own commute has since been nothing but rubble. They say there areone or two left, but no one has seen an Ice Manakete in a long time.

Oceanbound Village

Located on the west and near the ocean, the Oceanbound Village is a small hub of simpler life. The villagers who live here are usually friendly and they put in a lot of effort to get what they want done. From growing crops to fishing and other things related to that, Oceanbound is a nice place that separates itself from the other areas in Vinream due to its more relaxing atmosphere. The pier to the west has boats that allow one to travel across to Ji’Torian Island where some ruins are located.

Border Watchtower

This is the area where the border between Rostiffe and Malevfal is at. Surrounded by hills, this place is heavily guarded and only those that are deemed safe may pass between both sides at free will. That said, less people from Malevfal have been able to leave recently…

Howlingmoon Forest

West of the border lies a forest home to the Wolfskin, a group of shapeshifting humanoid creatures. In this forest, the Wolfskin protect their homeland with great pride and are skilled fighters. Many have tried to poach them for their fur but little have survived this daunting task. It’s especially dangerous to walk in the forest at night when the Wolfskin are most active.

Shirunek Village

A village located north near Malevfal, this place is home to the ninjas, a unique group of people who train in the shadows. Entering the village isn’t simple as it’s scattered with various traps like spiked ground and even illusions created by the ninjas themselves. Sometimes even the village itself is disguised to capture unwanted strangers. The ninjas train hard every day to protect their liege with just one meal a day. If the ninjas don’t see a traveler as a threat, then they will expose themselves and allow them to freely roam their village during their visit.

Ji’Torian Island and Ji’Torian Ruins

West from Oceanbound, the Jitorian Island stands above the ocean away from the bigger continent of Vinream. There was once a third capital that stood here which took a neutral stance unlike Rostiffe and Malevfal, but the latter raided the area and thus destroyed the capital of Ji’Torian. It was said that the reason for Malevfal’s invasion was because of greed and to search for two legendary treasures that were housed there, but such items were never found during the conflict. Nowadays it’s usually a place for tourists to come and take a gander at the area, wondering about the story of the two legendary treasures that were thought to exist.

Nellgra Mountains

Standing between the capital of Malevfal and the Tower of Pythes, the Nellgra Mountains is a treacherous mountain range where even Malevfal soldiers reside. With little access to food, the soldiers who reside here have a hard life but are forced to guard the area by Amelia in case any Rostiffian soldiers manages to come their way to the Nellgra Mountains.


In Vinream, every soldier wields a weapon that they use to battle against others. There are eight types of weapons altogether plus staves in this roleplay. Most weapons like Swords have a counterpart to them like Katanas. They have the same functionality but are just different kinds of the same weapon is all. Usually the “first weapon” will be mentioned more often (Swords, Bows, Tomes, Shurikens, etc) but definitely make note of what was stated previously. With that said, here they are:

1) Sword/Katana: Weapon that has power weaker to axes and lances but are very accurate.
2) Axe/Club: Weapon that has power greater then swords and lances but are less accurate
3) Lances/Naginata: Weapons that have the perfect balance between power and accuracy.
4) Bow/Yumi: Weapons that shoot from a distance. Their power is stronger than tomes/scrolls and shurikens/daggers but they do not work up close against enemies.
5) Tome/Scroll: Magical weapons that strike from a distance and up close. Usually effect against armored units and those in the Fighter/Barbarian classes.
6) Staves: Items that help heal an opponent in battle. Leaves the user vulnerable to attacks however.
7) Shurikens/Daggers: Weapons that can strike from a distance and up close. Their power is weaker than bows/yumi and tomes/scrolls but they can leave an enemy more vulnerable to damage after being used.
8) Dragon Breath: An attack that deals magical damage. Power is weaker than Claws but can hit opponents faster.
9) Claws: An attack using the user’s own claws to deal great damage. Power is stronger than Dragon Breath but can be slow to use.

Before I delve into the list of classes and the kinds of weapons, I’ll explain two things I will implement from the Fire Emblem games into this roleplay: The weapon triangle and promotion. The weapon triangle will follow that from Fire Emblem: Fates. An “->” indicates that the weapon is strong against another weapon Breath and Claw attacks deals neutral damage to other weapons and vice-versa. With that said here’s how it goes:

Sword/Katana & Tome/Scroll -> Axe/Club & Bow/Yumi
Axe/Club & Bow/Yumi -> Lance/Naginata & Shuriken/Dagger
Lance Naginata & Shuriken/Dagger -> Sword/Katana & Tome/Scroll

The second thing to know is Promotion. Basic Classes may only promote to a Promoted Class if their Base Class follows the guidelines shown in the list of classes below. You won’t be able to promote now if your character starts in a Basic Class but eventually he or she will in the future!

Here is the grand list of all classes that can be chosen for your character. While not mentioned, classes like Note that the Lord/Great Lord class is exclusive to Martin and Maria but other than that, feel free to choose which class your character would like to be. Your character may be in a basic or promoted class. It’s up to you!

Classes that can use Swords/Katanas:

Basic Classes
S1) Lord (Promotes to Great Lord (S8). Has access to Lances too)
S2) Myrmidon (Promotes to Swordmaster (S9) OR Assassin (S10))
S3) Samurai (Promotes to Swordmaster (S9) OR Master of Arms (S14))
S4) Thief (Promotes to Assassin (S10) OR Trickster (S13))
S5) Cavalier (Promotes to Paladin (S11) OR Great Knight (S15). Has access to Lances too)
S6) Mercenary (Promotes to Hero (S12))
S7) Dancer

Promoted Classes
S8) Great Lord (Keeps access to Lances)
S9) Swordmaster
S10) Assassin (Gains access to Bows)
S11) Paladin (Keeps access to Lances)
S12) Hero (Gains access to Axes)
S13) Trickster (Gains access to Staves)
S14) Master of Arms (Gains access to Axes and Lances)
S15) Great Knight (Keeps access to Lances and gains access to use Axes)
S16) Bow Knights (Gains access to Bows. Archers do not have Swords prior to promotion)
S17) Dark Knights Gains access to Tomes. Mages do not have Swords prior to promotion)
S18) Blacksmith (Gains access to Axes. Oni Savages do not have Swords prior to promotion)
S19) Master Ninja (Gains access to Shurikens. Ninjas do not have Swords prior to promotion)

Classes that can use Axes/Clubs:

Basic Classes
A1) Fighter (Promotes to Warrior (A5))
A2) Barbarian (Promotes to Berzerker (A6))
A3) Oni Savage (Promotes to Oni Chieftain (A7) OR Blacksmith (S18))
A4) Wyvern Rider (Promote to Wyvern Lord (A8) OR Malig Knight (A9))

Promoted Classes
A5) Warrior (Gains access to Bows)
A6) Berzerker
A7) Oni Chieftain (Gains access to Tomes)
A8) Wyvern Lord (Gains access to Lances)
A9) Malig Knight (Gains access to Tomes)
A10) General (Gains access to Lances. Knights do not have Axes prior to promotion)
A11) War Monk/War Cleric (Gains access to Staves. Clerics/Monks do not have Axes prior to promotion)
S15) Great Knight (Gains access to Swords and Lances. Must be a Cavalier to gain axes)
S18) Blacksmith (Gains access to Swords)

Classes that can use Lances/Naginata:

Basic Classes
L1) Villager (Promotes to Merchant (L5) OR Master of Arms (S14))
L2) Knight (Promote to General (A11))
L3) Spear Fighter (Promotes to Spear Master (L6) OR Basara (L7))
L4) Pegasus/Sky Knight (Promotes to Falcon Knight (L9) OR Kinshi Knight (L10))
S5) Cavalier (Promotes to Paladin (S11) OR Great Knight (S15). Has access to Swords too)

Promoted Classes
L5) Merchant (Gains access to Bows)
L6) Spear Master
L7) Basara (Gains access to Tomes)
L8) Great Master (Gains access to Lances. Monks do not have Lances prior to promotion)
L9) Falcon Knight (Gains access to Staves)
L10) Kinshi Knight (Gains access to Bows)
S8) Great Lord (Gains access to Swords. Lords do not have Lances prior to promotion)
S14) Master of Arms (Gains access to Swords and Axes)
S12) Paladin (Keeps access to Swords)
S15) Great Knight (Gains access to Swords and Axes)
A8) Wyvern Lord (Gains access to Axes. Wyvern Riders do not have Lances prior to promotion)
A11) General (Gains access to Axes)

Classes that can use Bows/Yumi:

Basic Classes
B1) Archer (Promotes to Sniper (B3) OR Bow Knight (S16))
B2) Outlaw (Promotes to Adventurer (B4))

Promoted Classes
B3) Sniper
B4) Adventurer (Gains access to Staves)
B5) Priestess (Gains access to staves. Priestess’ do not have Bows prior to promotion)
B6) Mechanist (Gains access to Shurikens. Mechanists do not have Shurikens prior to promotion)
S16) Bow Knight (Gains access to Swords)
A5) Warrior (Gains access to Axes. Fighters do not have Bows prior to promotion)
A10) Assassin (Gains access to Swords. Thieves do not have Bows prior to promotion)
L5) Merchant (Gains access to Lances. Merchants do not have Bows prior to promotion)
L10) Kinshi Knight (Gains access to Lances. Kinshi Knights do not have Bows prior to promotion)

Classes that can use Tomes/Scrolls:

Basic Classes
T1) Mage (Promotes to Sage (T4) OR Dark Knight (S17))
T2) Dark Mage (Promotes to Sorcerer (T5))
T3) Diviner (Promotes to Onmyoji (T6) OR Basara (L6))

Promoted Classes
T4) Sage (Gains access to Staves)
T5) Sorcerer
T6) Onmyoji (Gains access to Staves)
T7) Strategists/Valkyrie (Gains access to Staves. Troubadours do not have Tomes prior to promotion)
S17) Dark Night (Gains access to Swords. Dark Mages do not have Swords prior to promotion)
A7) Oni Chieftain (Gains access to Axes. Oni Savages do not have Tomes prior to promotion)
A9) Malig Knight (Gains access to Axes)
L7) Basara (Gains access to Lances)

Classes that can use Staves:

Basic Classes
V1) Cleric (Promotes to War Cleric (A11) OR Priestess (B5))
V2) Monk (Promotes to War Monk (A11) OR Great Master (L8))
V3) Troubadour (Promotes to Strategist/Valkyrie (T7) OR Maid/Butler (V4))

Promoted Classes
V4) Maid/Butler (Gains access to Shurikens)
S13) Trickster (Gains access to Swords. Thieves do not have Staves prior to promotion)
A11) War Monk/War Cleric (Gains access to Axes)
L8) Great Master (Gains access to Lances)
L9) Falcon Knight (Gains access to Lances. Pegasus/Sky Knights do not have Staves prior to promotion)
B4) Adventurer (Gains access to Bows. Outlaws do not have Staves prior to promotion)
B5) Priestess (Gains access to Bows)
T7) Strategist/Valkyrie (Gains access to Tomes)

Classes that have Shurikens/Daggers:

Basic Classes
H1) Ninja (Promotes to Master Ninja (H2) OR Mechanist (B6))

Promoted Classes
H2) Master Ninja
B6) Mechanist (Gains access to Bows)
V4) Maid/Butler (Gains access to Staves. Troubadours do not have Shurikens prior to promotion)

Classes that have Dragonstones:

Basic Classes
DS1) Flame Manakete – Fire Dragonstone
DS2) Ice Manakete – Ice Dragonstone
DS3) Thunder Manakete – Thunder Dragonstone

Classes that have Beaststones:

Basic Class
BS1) Wolfskin – Beaststone (promotes to Wolfssegner (BS2))

Promoted Classes
BS2) Wolfssegner (Upgrades from Claws to Sharp Claws)

And here’s the master list of all weapons that are in their respective weapon types:


Bronze Sword/Katana – Weakest of all swords/Katana available. Perfect for beginners.
Iron Sword/Katana – Stronger than the Bronze Sword/Katana but still weak in power.
Steel Sword/Katana – A sturdier and more powerful sword/katana than its predecessors.
Silver Sword/Katana – A superior sword/katana compared to the others with great power.
Brave Sword/Katana – This sword/katana allows the user to strike twice although it’s weaker than the Silver Sword/Katana.
Killing Edge – A sword with a deadly blade. Strong as the Steel Sword but great for powerful last minute blows.
Levin Sword – Unlike the other swords/katanas, this sword strikes with magical power, allowing one to hit targets from afar. Lacks power in melee combat however.
Wo Dao – A sword whose blade stretches the longest out of any other weapon. Only slightly stronger than the Steel Sword but has fantastic accuracy due to its length.
Armorslayer – This sword is the perfect weapon for taking out armored units with ease due to its ability to deal extra damage to them.
Wyrmslayer – Like the Armorslayer’s niche, this weapon allows one to deal extra damage to manaketes and wyvern fliers.
Kodachi – A sword that can be used for melee and ranged uses. It’s far from the strongest sword but unlike the Levin Sword, its power remains the same in both situations mentioned.


Bronze Axe/Club - Weakest of all Axes/Clubs available. Perfect for beginners.
Iron Axe/Club - Stronger than the Bronze Axe/Club but still weak in power.
Steel Axe/Club - A sturdier and more powerful axe/club than its predecessors.
Silver Axe/Club - A superior axe/club compared to the others with great power.
Brave Axe/Club - This axe/club allows the user to strike twice, although it’s weaker than the Silver Axe/Club.
Killer Axe – An axe with deadly edges. Strong as the Steel Axe/Club but great for powerful last minute blows.
Bolt Axe - Unlike the other axes/clubs, this axe strikes with magical power, allowing one to hit targets from afar. Lacks power in melee combat however.
Venge Club: While not the most accurate Axe/Club, it’s main niche is being able to deal extra damage when counterattacking.
Volant Axe – An axe that’s almost as powerful as the Steel Sword as it can be used in ranged and melee combat while dealing extra damage to flying units.
Hammer – This weapon is great for taking out armored units with ease due to the extra damage it deals against them.
Tomahawk – Unlike the Volant Axe, this weapon doesn’t have anything that allows it to deal extra damage to certain units but it makes up for that with its superior power.


Bronze Lance/Naginata - Weakest of all Lances/Naginata available. Perfect for beginners.
Iron Lance/Naginata - Stronger than the Bronze Lance/Naginata but still weak in power.
Steel Lance/Naginata - A sturdier and more powerful lance/naginata than its predecessors.
Silver Lance/Naginata - A superior lance/naginata compared to the others with great power.
Brave Lance/Naginata - This lance/naginata allows the user to strike twice, although it’s weaker than the Silver Lance/Naginata.
Killer Lance – A lance with a deadly end. Strong as the Steel Lance/Naginata but great for powerful last minute blows.
Bolt Naginata - Unlike the other lances/naginatas, this lance/naginata strikes with magical power, allowing one to hit targets from afar. Lacks power in melee combat however
Blessed Lance – A strange lance that has the same strength as a Steel Lance/Naginata but can help reduce the damage done by arrows better.
Beast Killer – This lance specializes in taking out cavalry and beast units as it deals extra damage to them.
Spear – A lance that can be used to hits opponents near and far although it doesn’t do magic damage unlike the Bolt Naginata.
Hexlock Spear – This lance is perfect for battling against wielders of magic as it allows the user to take magical hits better at the cost of an average base power.


Brass Bow/Yumi - Weakest of all Bows/Yumi available. Perfect for beginners.
Iron Bow/Yumi - Stronger than the Bronze Bow/Yumi but still weak in power.
Steel Bow/Yumi - A sturdier and more powerful bow/yumi than its predecessors.
Silver Bow/Yumi - A superior bow/yumi compared to the others with great power.
Brave Bow/Crescent Bow – This bow/tumi allows the user to strike twice, although it’s weaker than the Silver Bow/Yumi.
Killer Bow - A bow with a deadly end. Strong as the Steel Bow/Yumi but great for powerful last minute blows.
Hunter’s Bow – A unique bow in that instead of dealing extra damage to flying units, it deals bonus damage to both cavalry and beast units.
Shining Bow – This bow uses magic power and allows one to deal damage even in melee range, typically a weak area for bows.
Blessed Bow – A strange bow that allows the user to stand against magic better due to its unique power within. Strength is the same as a Steel Bow/Yumi.
Longbow – A tall bow, this allows the user to strike from an even farther distance while being slightly weaker than Steel Bow/Yumi.
Surefire Yumi – This Yumi has the best accuracy of any bow/yumi with good power but at a cost of having themselves be exposed by counterattacks more easily.


Fire – Basic fire magic.
Elfire – A stronger version of the Fire tome.
Arcfire – Flaming tome that is superior to Elfire and Fire.
Bolganone – Devastating fire magic. Powerful but less accurate then its counterparts.
Thunder – Basic lightning magic.
Elthunder – A stronger version of the Thunder Tome.
Arcthunder – Lightning tome that is superior to Elthunder and Thunder.
Thoron – Devastating lightning magic. Power isn’t the greatest but the accuracy is the best compared to its counterparts.
Wind – Basic wind magic.
Elwind – A stronger version of the Wind tome.
Arcwind – Windy tome that is superior to Elwind and Arcwind.
Rexcalibur – Devastating wind magic. Balanced in both power and accuracy.
Flux – Basic dark magic.
Nosferatu – A stronger version of the Flux tome.
Ruin – Slightly stronger than the Nosferatu tome and can give a last-minute push in power in battle.
Waste – Powerful dark magic. Can strike twice but gets weaker with consecutive use.
Rat Spirit: The weakest of all scrolls available. Perfect for beginners.
Ox Spirit: A stronger version of the Rat Scroll.
Tiger Spirit: A scroll that is superior to the Rat and Ox Scrolls.
Snake Spirit: A scroll that allows the user to strike twice but gets weaker after each consecutive use.


Heal – A basic healing staff. Perfect for beginners.
Mend – Staff that heals a unit better than the Heal staff.
Recover – A healing staff that greatly restores health to a unit better than the Heal and Mend staves.
Physic – Healing staff with a wider range whose healing power is slightly stronger then Mend’s.
Fortify – A healing staff with the healing power that of Heal but restores health to all units.
Balmwood Staff = A variant of the Mend staff that also allows the user to heal their own HP in moderate level.
Warp – A different kind of staff which can bring a unit from afar next to the staff wielder.
Catharsis – A staff whose recovery power exceeds that of Recover’s healing prowess.
Ward – A staff that helps a nearby unit withstand magic attacks better temporarily.
Freeze – A staff that slows down the movement of an enemy greatly.


Brass Shuriken/Dagger - Weakest of all shurikens/daggers available. Perfect for beginners.
Iron Shuriken/Dagger - Stronger than the Bronze Shuriken/Dagger but still weak in power.
Steel Shuriken/Dagger - A sturdier and more powerful shuriken/dagger than its predecessors.
Silver Shuriken/Dagger - A superior shuriken/dagger compared to the others with great power.
Barb Shuriken - A shuriken with deadly blades. Strong as the Steel Shuriken/Dagger but great for powerful last minute blows.
Spy’s Shuriken – A Shuriken with greater range then that of the other shurikens with a cost of low power.
Flame Shuriken – A magical weapon, the Flame Shuriken’s power is slightly stronger than the Steel Shuriken/Dagger.
Sting Shuriken – A special shuriken that’s great against armored units due to dealing extra damage to them.
Hunter’s Knife – A dagger which deals extra damage to cavalry units and beasts units.
Dual Shuriken – Inverts weapon triangle by dealing extra damage to axe/club and bow/yumi wielding units while being weak to sword/katana and tome users while neutral against lances/naginata.

Dragon Breath

Fire Breath – Powerful breath attack that can counter even when ranged. Powerful but less accurate compared to its counterparts.
Ice Breath – Powerful breath attack that can counter even when ranged. Balanced in both power and accuracy.
Lightning Breath – Powerful breath attack that can counter even when ranged. Accurate but less powerful compared than its counterparts.


Claws – Physical attack where the unit attacks with claws at moderate power.
Sharp Claws – Physical attack where the unit attacks with devastating power with his or her claws.

Here's a list of notable NPCs in the RP:

Queen Maryam: Queen of Rostiffe and the mother to Martin and Maria. Kindhearted and welcoming, she is able to figure out who has a pure

Queen Amelia: Ruler of Malevfal. Murdered Prince Marcus after tricking him into coming over to her capital. Ambitious and cunning.

Rai: A cruel electric manakete who’s flirtatious in a harmful way. Sided with Amelia in hopes to expand his race’s territory and to hopefully pick up a mate.

Nathan: Known as the “Merciless Mercenary”, Nathan slays his targets in exchange for a high price. Very few have crossed blades with him and lived.

Maximus: Captain of the Divragus Order of Knights and a friend to Martin. He was born in a faraway continent but has lived in Divragus for a long time and is devoted to protecting Divragus. Dreams of revisiting his original motherland one day. Wields the mysterious lance Ranstuer.

Jasmine: An exceptional archer who envies Maria greatly. She joins Amelia’s army as a bounty hunter in hopes of achieving her goal of killing Maria. Very strict but yearns for company

Up next are a couple things to note for this Role-Play regarding Fire Emblem:

1) You do not need to know a lot of Fire Emblem information to participate nor do you need to know the past Fire Emblem games too! As Vinream is a standalone continent, no references to the other continents and games from the franchise will be mentioned!
2) This ties in to #1: More complex mechanics like stats, inventory, Pair Up, skills, etc. will not be in this Role-Play. I don’t intend this RP to be deep at any means so do not worry about this! It’s just your character, his/her class, and his/her weapon of choice!

1. No god-modding/Mary Sues. We’re in a war and you’re obviously going to get hurt at some point in time. Not every battle will have your character be at an advantage.

2. No powerplaying (bunnying) without my permission at all costs. Unless the RPer states that you may use his/her character, do not try and control anyone’s characters. There may be exceptions in time but for now, please avoid this.

3. If you do any of these two things, I will remind you calmly at first but the more you do it, the angrier I might get. I have the right to kick you out of the RP if things are getting out of control on your end.

4. Character interaction is encouraged in this RP. One of the defining aspects of Fire Emblem is the conversations the characters have so I would like this to be reflected on the Role-Play!

5. You are limited to one character in your SU. The exception is me as I’m controlling the two Lords: Martin and Maria.

6. I am strongly encouraging diversity in this Role-Play so up to two people may share the same class for their characters. Any more will be asked to change their class for their character to something else.

7. Sign-ups are limited and will close after the RP begins. Make sure you are active in this Role-Play because it would be unfair to take a spot that someone else might had wanted only for you to hardly get involved.

8. Have fun!

Here’s the SU form below for you to fill out. Make sure to fill in each category well! Your character may be from any place except for the following locations: Ji’Torian Island, Ji’Torian Ruins, Emblem Lake, and the Tower of Pythes.

Age: (Optional):
Weapon of Choice (Choose 1):
Appearance: (at least 100 words)
Personality: (at least 100 words)
History: (at least 100 words)

Here are my SU’s for Martin and Maria:


Name: Martin
Gender: Male
Age: (Optional): 22
Class: Lord
Weapon of Choice (Choose 1): Steel Lance

Appearance: Martin is a tall and somewhat pale, white man whose physique is very muscular unlike her twin sister, Maria. He sports dark brown hair and eyebrows much like his family does and has blue eyes just like his mother. Martin wears a long sleeved green shirt with a dark blue vest over it as well as armor partially emblazoned with gold that protects his chest area. Perhaps Martin’s most defining feature is the dark green cape that he wears over his back while wearing a pair of red, armored shoulder pads created from Divragus Town. His brown pants are quite sturdy and sports buckles all around them. Martin wears small, dark brown boots to compliment the color of his pants as well.

Personality: Where Maria is a gentle, kind butterfly who takes things slowly, Martin is a reckless person who is eager to protect his loved ones and Rostiffe at any moment. He deeply loves his twin sister Maria and his mother a lot and will always come to aid her at any time should something terrible happen to her. That said, his decision-thinking skills are not always the best and will quickly suggest charging into battle without any hesitation. This can usually put Martin in danger because of how brash he is. Despite this, Martin has vowed to learn from his mistakes each time this happens. When Martin is not battling against Malevfal, he’s a glutton when it comes to food. He will always try to eat until his stomach fills up and believes that a lot of food in one’s body will grant that person better strength. Whenever the times are bad, Maria will cheer Martin up with a meal she cooked personally that helps brighten up Martin immediately. Martin may be a daredevil with a gluttonous side to him, but he values his status being Prince of Rostiffe a lot and proudly serves up to his title.

History: Born in the capital of Rostiffe with his twin sister Maria, Martin always loved to play in his room and hear stories of his father, Marcus, when he partook in battle told by Marcus himself. Martin however knew that eventually he would need to defend for his own capital soon enough. This lead him to being frightened of the idea of fighting. Sometimes he would even cry to Maryam, his mother, whenever he thought of the idea of himself fighting in a war.

When Martin was 14 years old, his father began to train his children for combat. King Marcus gave them both the choice of a sword, an axe, or a lance. Knowing that the first two had more blades to them, Martin chose the lance because it was the safest option to him. In his first few training sessions, he struggled with how to use his lance, often swinging it aimlessly and almost injuring his trainer by accident. It was not until King Marcus stepped in and calmed him. With some guidance from King Marcus, Martin could gradually master the lance, often winning in a lot of practice battles against other soldiers. The more he won, the better he could go into battle with full confidence to the point where he showed no fear facing against anyone anymore.

Six months after the war between Malevfal and Rostiffe began, King Marcus was given a letter by his messenger saying that Queen Amelia would like to meet with him to discuss a way to bring peace to both sides. This left both Martin and Maria worried about the possibility of Queen Amelia tricking King Marcus into something far worse. Unfortunately, the results of the supposed discussion for peace wasn’t all that great. Contrary to the premise of the meeting, Amelia had tricked Martin and Maria’s father into a trap that ended his life. Heartbroken by the news, Martin hardly could eat for two weeks due to being saddened by the loss of his father. It was not until Maria came and told him that his father would want him to stay strong and confident like how Martin always was when he was growing up. Because of Maria’s words, Martin was able to regain his confidence that was known for and swore to avenge his father much like his twin sister. During the war now, he protects Maria, their mother Queen Maryam, and Rostiffe to ensure the walls of the capital are not penetrated by the forces of Malevfal.


Name: Maria
Gender: Female
Age: (Optional): 22
Class: Lord
Weapon of Choice (Choose 1): Steel Sword

Appearance: Much like her twin brother Martin, Maria is a skinny, pale white woman but unlike Martin, Maria is a lightweight and thus she is less muscular than her twin brother. She shares the same hair color as her family as well, being dark brown as well as her eyebrows. Maria’s eyes are a light purple, which gets the attention of most male soldiers from all over Rostiffe. Her clothing consists of a yellow shirt with a breast plate on top that is covered by her bright red cape. She also wears a necklace with a charm given to her by her mother, Queen Maryam. Maria wears a red and pink skirt around her waist which allows her to move better in battle. She wears long, dark brown boots which extends almost to her knees.

Personality: Whereas Martin is quick to battle almost without thinking, Maria is a kindhearted person who rather takes her time before putting plans into action. She deeply cares about her twin brother and her mother and like Martin, has vowed to protect them no matter what the stakes are. Maria isn’t all too fond of battling like her brother Martin which, like Martin’s overconfidence, puts her at tight situations in battle. Most male soldiers of Rostiffe swoon over Maria for her beautiful appearance, especially her eyes. That said, none have able to win her heart unfortunately. When Maria is not battling against the soldiers of Malevfal, she likes to organize the weapons in the castle for fun, often trying out new ways to make them easily accessible to the soldiers of Rostiffe. During rough times, Martin will try to stuff a bunch of food in his mouth which makes Maria giggle all the time. Despite her kindness not making her all of a battling fanatic like her twin brother Martin, Maria still seeks for peace in Vinream and lives up to her title of princess proudly in front of everyone in Rostiffe.

History: Maria was born in the capital like her twin brother Martin and she would love to study about the history of Vinream a lot as a kid. Her father, King Marcus, told her that much like Martin, she will eventually fight in his army someday. Because of this, Maria vowed to study more but this time about the weapons and all their uses and lore. This made Maria eager to know what events would come when she would begin training for the Rostiffian army. She even wanted King Marcus to show her a weapon here and there in which he agreed to.

When Maria was 14, her first training sessions began and she did not disappoint at all in the beginning. The sword was her preferred choice of weaponry as she chose it due to being light and her father wielding Arundil. Because she studied a lot as a child, she would often do well in her training sessions with her trainer. Eventually it led to her practicing against other soldiers in the army. During these times, Maria began to take notice of how violent battling can be. While she could win her practice battles, at the same time, she did not like how people would get injured in battle. This made Maria less hesitant to battle until King Marcus and Queen Maryam told her that she needed to protect herself no matter what. While she still was not lovey-dovey like Martin, she took her parents word for it and regained the urge to battle again.

A new war between Malevfal and Rostiffe began that was started by Queen Amelia herself. Both Martin and Maria had fought in the war for six months along with their father with little to no progress being made by either side. It was not until Queen Amelia had requested King Marcus to come over to Malevfal for a peace conference. Maria and Martin warned their father on Amelia possibly deceiving him into something catastrophic but King Marcus took their word for it and headed off with a few elite soldiers. Unfortunately, there was not a peace conference as promised as King Marcus had been killed by Queen Amelia herself at Malevfal. Upon hearing the news, Maria was saddened like her brother Martin. Unlike Martin however, Maria quickly knew that her father was watching over and remained strong. Maria then tried to cheer up Martin as best as she could until she brought up that their father was watching them over the heavens, saying that they both must fight on. With both being happy once more, they knew they both had a job to do: To avenge their father’s death and end Queen Amelia once and for all.

RPer List/Reserves (Closed):
1. Dragalge – Martin/Maria (Lord – Steel Lance /Lord - Steel Sword)
2. Tangeh - Luka (Wolfskin - Beaststone)
3. Schade - Nichol (Ice Manakete - Ice Dragonstone)
4. Hydrangea - Natsume (Samurai - Brave Katana)
5. Monster Guy - Tim, Timmy (Troubadour - Mend Staff)
6. *Jean Grey* - Sylvia (Wyvern Rider - Killer Axe)
7. Liltwick - Nim (Kinshi Knight - Killer Bow)
8. Cometstarlight - Siri (Diviner - Arcthunder)
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*Jean Grey*

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Save me a Wyvern Rider...or a Wolfskin (damn my indecisive mind), I'll edit this post with a WIP. XD
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Staff member
Name: Natsume
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Class: Samurai
Weapon of Choice: Brave Katana


Natsume is a beautiful, mature looking woman. She has clear skin, free of any blemishes, and a beautiful heart shaped face that makes her look a little older than she actually is. She stands around 5'6", and weighs... well, she'd actually prefer if you didn't dwell on that fact too much. Her body type could be described as hourglass, having wide hips and a somewhat large bust with curvy hips. Her breasts are around a D cup, but she takes lengths to make them appear smaller for purposes in combat. Her eyes are large, keen, and ready to destroy anyone that gets in her way. They're a keen amber in colour, bright and reflective; almost like a sandy shore. They lack emotion, as she tends to hide how she's feeling and not really bring up feelings; she prefers to remain as distant as possible, as to not get attached to anyone. Her hair, long and brown in colour is always well kept, shiny, and extremely well cared for. The back in strung into a long ponytail, which is a little on the long side. She wears a yellow bandanna atop her head.

For clothing, Natsume wears a nice tunic which is red in colour, it gets slightly lighter the closer you get to her hands; becoming more of an orange colour. There is a spot were her cleavage peaks out, which is surrounded by a yellow trim; a similar trim is on her sleeve tips, as well as her belt. It provides some minor armor, and is parted below her breasts with a small belt. The belt, which is snug and black around her mid-section, is actually an overskirt which gives way to a couple hanging pieces of fabric. For pants, she wears red shorts with toe showing sandals. Upon her waist, she also wears a small belt that has a small bag full of medicine. She wears leg armor below her knees to cover a key swiping point for her enemies. Her sword, a lovely silver katana; rests in her dominant right hand.

Personality: Natsume isn't exactly what you'd expect from the proud samurai that her profession implies. She's somewhat of a cynic, only fighting because... well, she kind of wants to. She doesn't want to help anyone besides herself, opposing those who ask things of her and looking out exclusively for herself. However, she likes to hide her true feelings from people; to an extent. Towards nobility, and people of a higher social status, she's as sweet as can be, eager to please, smiling at all times and taking tasks as they come. However, she's not exactly the best actor, and most people see through her facade pretty quickly; causing her to return to her usual ideals. She begins to try far less, even going as far to act like a spoiled child. She's extremely introverted, to the point she shows very little emotion and tends to avoid talking about her problems, preferring to keep them to herself. She's horrible at comforting others, actually, she goes out of her way in an attempt to avoid people who are upset. Some believe that below her cold facade, she may have a heart of gold. But, no one has really been able to prove this, or prod her enough to get any of her feelings or beliefs out of her.

Her morals are loose, they can be twisted an changed very easily to fit her situation. She's the textbook definition of manipulative. She knows she's cute and uses it to get exactly what she wants, however, she's not what one would exactly call a bad person per-say. She never wants to harm anyone with her manipulative nature, she usually just uses it to further herself and would feel absolutely awful if she brought harm to someone else just to further herself. She doesn't feel bad making people spend large sums of money on her however, as it doesn't technically harm them, just their wallets. She's intelligent, cunning, and sharp tongued. She knows exactly what to say in almost any situation and can often talk herself out of trouble if any ever comes her way.

History: Natsume was born in Shirunek Village, spending her time mostly, at home. Her parents, a seemingly normal duo of ninjas that would probably be considered upper middle class raised her well; growing up with lots of money and spoiled beyond most children's wildest dreams. However, there was a dark side to her parents that Natsume was unaware of and would only come to fruition later on. Her parents were informants for a powerful group of investors from Rostiffe, spying on people to make bank and using their sharp tongues to get themselves out of almost any situation. Natsume was raised to be as cunning as her parents, sharp tongued, well spoken, and a manipulator able to get anything and everything she could ever want.

However, Natsume didn't exactly like hurting people; unlike her parents, who were willing to do anything to make money. Sure Natsume liked money, but she didn't like hurting people to get it. Actually, she loved forcing people to give her things and do things for her but she never wanted to hurt anyone in the process. Making her different from her parents, but not in a way they were exactly fond of.
As such, she threatened to tell the other ninjas that her parents were informants for outsiders, something that was very much frowned upon within the village.
Her parents were unimpressed, knowing full well their daughter wasn't actually a threat with no training. They chased her out of the village, forcing their own daughter to cower in fear of her parents. Natsume knew if she didn't get far enough, they'd kill her, but she had no idea where to turn.

She kept running, until she fell on the steps of Ghondig Hall in Ghondig Town.
The young girl, only twelve at the time; was taken in by the kinda monks. They raised her properly, attempted to force some manners into the ill-mannered,
rude child that had stumbled into their arms. It was of no avail. Finally, the monks forced her to pray within the hall itself, which sparked something within Natsume. She felt a calmness wash over her body, all the anger and sorrow she felt at her parents was gone in an instant and for once she felt happy. She finally knew, with a clear mind and a happy heart that she was going to train hard in Rasdam Town, to become a samurai.

She thanked the monks, and for the next 7 years of her life, trained hard at one of the schools in Rasdam. She was a model student, and excelled in everything that was asked of her. However, she certainly held something against ninjas that her teacher never could figure out.

However... some less than great habits have stuck around after all this time.
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posting my WIP here now.

Name: Nichol. (Nicknamed Nick)
Gender: Male
Age: 159. (Appears as a 21 year young man)
Class: Manakete
Weapon of Choice (Choose 1): Ice Dragonstone

Appearance: Nichol is slightly taller than average, at 185 Cm and has a lean and muscular body, as he is very active. His skin is fair, and very pale, as is normal for people of his background. However, seeing as he is the last of his kind (as far as he knows), he often stand out in a crowd because if this. To add to his rather unique appearance, he has short, spiky Icy blue hair. What stands out about him the most are his pointy ears. Being a Manakete, he has pointy ears, which he often hides under his hood in crowded places. His eyes are meek and deep blue in color, always with a friendly, if not timid look to them.

For clothing, Nichol dresses rather light. This is because he is prone to heat, and gets really warm, really fast. To compensate for this, he is more or less always shirtless, wearing a blue sash to cover his underwear. His boots are comfortable and practical, and share the same blur color as the rest of his attire. He wears a hooded cape. He often wear his hood when out in public, as he tries to blend in as much as he can. The cape is layered, with the longer, lower part being pale white with a hint of sparkles making it look as if it was made from snow. The upper part, which is also connected to the hood, is deep blue in color like the rest of his attire. He also wears decorative blue leather wristbands.

Being a Manakete, Nichol is draconic of nature. He does, however, store a majority of his power within a Dragonstone, thus enabling him to take on human form. His true form is that of a rather large Dragon. His scales are white in color, with a shine to them which makes them resemble fresh snow which in turn gives him great camouflage in snowy terrain. His menacing head is governed by two large horns, as well as a row of spines going down his back before ending halfway down his tail. His tail is long and slim, and also has spikes at its tip. He has a long wingspan, being bat-like in appearance.

Personality: Nichol is very, very cowardly, timid and generally worried, since his status as being the lone survivor from his race of Manakete makes him scared that if he dies, his race will become extinct. His timid nature prompts him blend into society as best he can to avoid detection from poachers and the like, which to him are a very real threat. He is very careful, and almost always on the alert, be it towards other people, to himself or to his surroundings.

Despite being a worryheart, Nichol tries to remain true to the "Manakete Pride" his late grandfather always went on about. He is very proud of his lineage, and hides his cowardly nature by carrying himself with pride. He is a pretty good actor, and has little troubles with acting all high and mighty. However, when dangers arise, he quickly take it down a notch, and his timid nature is revealed. Despite that, when it comes down to it, Nichol is very brave, and is able to (reluctantly) push aside his fears and cowardice in order to defend himself, although he would rather not.

Even though he is very reluctant to any form of fighting, Nichol is very frightening when backed up against a corner. He always fights as if his life depends on it, and he never holds back. Despite that, he is never impulsive. He is a decently good tactician, and always strategize for the best course of action. This is mostly because he wants to use his Dragonstone as little as possible, as his dragon form is sure to bring unwanted attention. He is fierce in a battle and has no issue with taking lives to preserve his own.

Despite his fears, he is very loyal to the few people he can trust. Due to his circumstances, however, he is very slow to trust others. He also doesn't really like being around other people, for the same reasons. He would prefer to keep to himself, as he suspects that everyone is out to get him, and thus, distances himself from others to a certain degree whenever he deems it necessary. He gets along better with animals, due to his kinds ability to understand, and speak to them.

History: Nichol was born as the youngest sibling of 3 in the small ancient city of Manakete known as Fokrahdiin. His parents were centuries old, and his grandparents even older than that. It is like this because the Manaketes have prolonged lifespans, Nichol had been taught. Near the city laid the Temple of Fokrahdiin, where they could pray to the Divine Dragon, The settlement, as well as the temple, is located far north of Vineram, where the blizzards keep strangers or those with ill intent away The only other interractions humans had with the settlement would be when travellers heard loud, thundering roars from deep within the blizzards, giving birth to the term "Snow Eho". Due to that, the village is only spoken of in myth and textbooks to the outsideworld. The Manaketes here live in peace and harmony, away from the prying eyes of humanity, and the humans that would do them harm.

The city of Fokrahdiin used tobe larger, and expand over all the boarders of Siegfried Mountain and its surrounding snowy landscape. Their presence used to be known to all, also, and the city provided the rest of Vineram with scholars, culture, magic and more. However, several thousand years ago, the Manaketes would find themselves in a difficult position when economic decrease across the land sparked the rise of more and more brigands and thieves. Over the next few centuries, the city was forced to retreat further and further into the snowy mountains, to avoid capture and eventual extinction. They prayed to Naga at the Divine Dragons Temple, and she answered by sending an enchanted blizzard that never fades, to keep invaders out. At this point, only a small portion of the formerly large population remained, and more than half their original structure was laid waste. If one wentures deep enough into the snowy mountains, one can catch glimpses of the ruins of the city just before you succumb to the frostbite.

However, a small portion did survive, and they continued living in a secluded peace, and a strong disdain for outsiders. Every now and then the occasional wanderer or adventurer would manage to get through the blizzard, but as long as they didn't pose a threat, the villagers were warm and welcoming. To those few still remembering Fohkradiin for what it once was, it is now a reminder of lost knowledge and oppurtunities. They never ventured outside of thei city's borders, and they thrived in the absence of human interfering. After another several centuries of peace and modest prosperity, Nichol was born.

However, the peace and serenety that defined the once majestic city would soon come to a permanent end. The former king of the neighbouring kingdom of Malevfal had been oddly obsessed with finding Fokhradiin and revealing its secrets. He prepared for the journey by preparing his personal army of sorcerers, equipping them with the strongest Fire-based Magiv available. The tales of the blizzards were wery real although the hidden truth behind it was still shrouded in mystery. At least for the tie being. The king rallied his forces and marched.

It was not easy, and not without casualties, but the king and his personal army managed to breach through the blizzard. However, the skimpy city on the other side was not at all what he had hoped. the partiarch of the city greeted the king with open arms, but was beheaded in a fit of rage as the King realized the city was more or less a lost cause. This sparked what would forever be known as the "War of Fire and Ice". Although not really a war rather than a slaughter. In the early stages of the slaughter, Nichol tried to fight with the others, but was quickly wounded and had to retreat. His mother proceeded to hide him in a hollow space underneathone of the statues of Naga. There, he hid while the sounds of fire and death went on around him. The battle went on for a full day, until everything went quiet. Even then, Nichol stayed within the safety of his hidingspot, just in case.

Even more time later, he built up the courage to exit his hidingplace. Around him was the grousome aftermatch of the fight. Dead friends and relatives everywhere, entire city in ruins. He spent a good few hours rushing through, looking for other survivors, however he found none. When reality went up for him, he gathered whatever valuables the attackers had left, and exited past the city's boarders, en-route towards Divraugs Town.

From there, Nichol kept a low profile, darting off at the first sight of danger. He had heard the older tales about his people, and knew well what it meant that only he survived the slaughter. He didn't know what to do, and decided he would try and make it to Rostiffe, as he figured the big city would provide better protection towards potential bandit attacks than a smalltown would.

- Having lived in seclusion his entire life, he knows little of the "outside world".
- He is fairly decent with a forge.
- He has a habit of speaking to himself, as a result of his newfound loneliness.
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Aw, one character person, I wanted to use a pair of siblings!

No matter though. I will still reserve a spot! As for what class, um... I'll get back to you on that.

Save me a Wyvern Rider...or a Wolfskin (damn my indecisive mind), I'll edit this post with a WIP. XD

That I can do! I'll put you both as reserves now!

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Timothy
Nicknames: Tim, Timmy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Class: Troubadour
Weapon of Choice: Mend Staff
(Pretend there's a white horse there. :p)

Tim is noticeably short for a young man his age. It's not something he likes people bringing up. Despite seeming weak and fragile based on his personality, he is actually stronger than he looks. Even though you can't really tell underneath the clothes that he wears, he has an athletic build and is physically fit due to having lived in a small town all of his life, and spending a lot of time running around outside. He spends a good amount of time in the sun so his skin is lightly tanned as a result, not pale but not bronzed either. He has messy black hair on top of his head, and his bangs go to his eyebrows. He has big, expressive, brown eyes, a small nose, and a round "Babyface". All of these features give him a youthful appearance. His face is clean-shaven, and his upper body is free of any hair except the top of his head and eyebrows. A lot of people consider him cute, but Tim finds getting that kind of attention embarrassing.

Tim's clothes tend to vary, but he usually wears what is comfortable. He often wears white to signify he is a member of the Ghondig Hall, mixed in with shades of blue just because he likes the color blue. He wears a plain white long sleeved tunic with a white tabard over it. The tabard has light blue accents, and the symbol of Ghondig Hall in light blue on his chest. It does have some light armor built into it, which gives him some degree of protection. He also wears a light blue belt around his waist. On the lower half, he wears a pair of white breeches. On his feet he wears a pair of teal boots that are comfortable, and suited for riding. He also wears white pauldrons on his shoulders. A teal cape that fades into white flows down his back. He accessorizes with a white circlet around his head in the shape of several crescent moons, and has three light blue gems on it. His hands are covered by a pair of white gloves.

His horse, named Celestia, is pure white. Even her mane and tail are white. She is smaller than the standard horse, which is the reason Tim bonded with her in the first place. She has bright blue eyes. Tim rides her using a comfortable light blue saddle, and she wears a white saddle bag to carry the supplies in.

Personality: Tim is a shy and quiet individual by nature. He was always this way, and being bullied as a kid didn't help. He is very sensitive, and he fears being bullied. He usually speaks with a quiet voice, and occasionally a stutter when he's nervous. He also becomes very apologetic when someone shows any hint of being upset. He has a thing for animals, and he usually prefers being with animals than with people. Animals will listen without judgement, and only expect a little kindness in return. He is gentle and softspoken, which seems to be the reason why he has such an easy time with animals. He gets scared easily, his worst phobia being stage fright. He gets really nervous when there are a lot of people watching. He really wants to be the brave, but it's harder than it looks.

Despite being shy, he is by no means antisocial. If you talk to him, you'll find he's quite friendly, and polite. He can laugh and make jokes like any other kid. He is always happy to have to new friends, because his shyness makes it difficult to make them. He is very affectionate and loyal to those he likes. He hates it when people are angry around him, so he tries his best to keep the peace. In conversations, he is usually more of a listener than a talker, and he has no problems being a sounding board when someone wants to vent (As long as they don't hurt him.) Tim is very kind to others, often to a fault. He is very trusting of people, and is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Tim is usually very difficult to anger, and is very quick to forgive someone when he does get mad. He doesn't want to burden others with his problems, and he fears being made fun of, so he keeps them to himself. This causes him personal frustration, and he occasionally acts passive agressive towards those he disagrees with. When it gets to be too much, he'll lash out at the target, and let out his pent up rage. He dislikes bullying (towards himself or others,) as well as people being needlessly cruel to animals. Doing one of those things is the best way to get him upset.

Tim is very careful and calculating. He always thinks before he speaks, and prefers not to wrecklessly jump into danger. However, due to his insecurity he is often uncertain if the choices he makes are the right ones. He can easily be convinced to change his mind. This leaves him with some anger when the plan fails and he knew his original idea would have worked. He also doesn't like violence all that much, having been a victim of it most of his life. Although he doesn't look like it, Tim has a big appetite. He likes eating many different kinds of foods, and has the cooking skills to match. That being said, he is very strictly vegetarian. (He still eats dairy, eggs, and honey. Just no meat.)

History: Tim was born in Rasdam Town to a pair of mages. Tim's parents weren't rich, but they did all they could to give their son a good life, and give him every advantage. While they expressed having high hopes for their son's success, they tried not to put too much pressure on the boy. For the most part, his life was normal. Tim was often a target of bullying because of his shyness, tendency to get scared easily, and because he was clumsy. No matter what he did to get them to stop it, it always failed or they found something else to give him crap about. It gave him self-esteem issues, resulting in him becoming even more timid. As a result, he had very few friends growing up. He didn't tell anyone about the bullying, lest it become worse. He saw other kids get beaten up much worse after they snitched, and he didn't want that to happen. So he kept it all inside and let his resentment build.

From an early age, he always had a special talent for caring for animals. They seem to be fond of him due to his softspoken nature. He often finds sick, or injured animals and cares for, plays with, and feeds them when no one else will. Around animals, Tim felt much more like himself. He found relief from the stresses of life, and he's found they are the best friends he could ask for. He always knew he wanted to do something with animals when he gets older. He just wasn't sure what.

It was when Tim turned thirteen, his parents felt he was ready to learn magic, and follow in their footsteps. His first weapon being a basic wind tome. While he did alright with a tome, he realized quickly that he preferred using magic to help others rather than fighting with offensive magic. With his parents blessings, he went to the Ghondig Hall in Ghondig Town, where he became a follower of Pythes, and learned to use a staff. Tim did well with his studies and showed great potential. However, although the bullying had stopped by this point, he didn't really talk to any other students because of his experiences when he was younger.

While he studied to be a Monk, his love of animals led him to become a Troubadour, if only to have his own horse to ride. The hall had it's own stable, with plenty of pure white horses to choose from. The one he chose to ride was a Mare who was much smaller than the rest of the horses in the stable. She had a gentle nature, and Tim bonded with her easily. He chose to name her Celestia which means heavenly.

Tim is well aware of the war between Malevfal and Rostiffe, and initially wanted to stay out of it. He really dislikes violence, and the fact that their king was murdered only makes him nervous about this whole thing. He only joined the efforts of the two Lords because they were in need of a skilled healer, and it's not like he could turn down a request from the royal family.
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Night Triumphant
Name: Sylvia

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Class: Wyvern Rider

Weapon of Choice (Choose 1): Killer Axe

(pretend there's a big chest cutout in the middle that's partially seen under the cape...Sylvia has nice, big jugs)

Though rough around the edges and the furthest thing from elegant, it's hard to deny that Sylvia has striking looks. Perhaps not the kind of conventional, sweet summer beauty that most people prefer, but rather, the type that makes one look twice, to see if they missed something. She stands at 6'1" and has a lean yet muscular body type, with long legs, a toned torso, strong arms and very large breasts that she isn't shy about. Her skin is very light in tone, and her hair is a deep blue color, with long bangs that cover the left side of her face. She usually wears it twisted and clipped up, its ends fanning out into spikes that crown her head. However, during the rare occasions that she lets it down, one could see that it's longer than it looks - nearly until her waist. If one flips up the fanned-out hair, they could see that she secures her hair with a large black hairclip adorned with a black velvet ribbon, its ends hanging down to the top of her neck. Her striking icy blue eyes, surrounded by long, thick dark lashes, ringed underneath with faint black circles (due to lack of sleep...she hardly sleeps actually), and set on a rather angular face, look intimidating to most people, yet somehow also have the tendency to be expressive and at times even betray her emotions. Her eyebrows are of medium thickness with a strong arch and her nose aquiline and pierced on the right nostril with a dark metal hoop. She has more piercings in fact - one on her navel, and a whole line of them (about 5-6) going down each ear, in order to accommodate her unique earrings - black, dragon wing-shaped, and nestling on the whole curvature of the ear. She has tattoos as well, all of them done in black ink; an upward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line across it - the glyph of the element of air - on the base of her neck, a stylized dragon on her left hip, and a pair of skeletal dragon wings on her back. She also has a prisoner's tattoo (or rather prisoner's tattoos) and rather than hide them, she actually shows them off - they're a set of four numbers, one on each of the fingers (except the thumb) of her left hand, just below her fingernails. It's not rare to see Sylvia bruised and scratched on her face and body from fighting or brawling, and she doesn't bother hiding it when she does.

Sylvia favors the color black in just about everything, and her armor is no exception, being black itself and themed around the motif of a revenant dragon. Her breastplate is short, tight-fitting and black, with faint engravings of a ribcage down its middle. This is worn over a short black high-necked and long-sleeved yet backless bodysuit that exposes her legs and has a chest cutout. On her shoulders are pauldrons of black metal, shaped like skulls with sharp, black spikes crowning each of their heads. Her black armored boots have similar black metal spikes on their tops, reaching well up to her thighs. Said boots also have a single sharp spike coming out from each of their fronts. Her metal bracers are black as well, with a row of smaller, but still sharp, spikes running down their backs. On her hands are gloves that are black leather and fingerless, and on her hips is a dark metal armor piece fashioned to look like skeletal dragon's claws. Her cape is long, black and torn at the edges, and her headpiece features a central metal dragon skull and two sets of black dragon horns, smaller curved ones flanking larger, twisted ones.

Her wyvern, Erebus, is pure black with blood-red eyes. His large wings are shredded in some areas, his tail has mace-like spikes at its end, and his head has long, sharp horns, as well as a tall, sharp, spiny crest running from the top of his head down to the middle of his back. Sylvia doesn't always ride with a saddle on (Sylvia being Sylvia), but when she does (in cases of longer travel), she favors a black saddle with a matching side pack to store her supplies.

Personality: Sylvia is impulsive, brave, tempestuous and fearless, to the point of recklessness. Growing up in poverty as a Thief, and having had a stint in prison on top of that (she has the tattoo to show it, in fact, and isn't ashamed of it one bit), she already knew from a young age that life would never be easy and that she might as well face everything head on and muscle her way through instead of running away from her problems. Hence, she's hardly fazed by anything and never, ever backs down from a dare or a challenge, often claiming that she's "seen worse things" all the time. This can lead her to do very reckless things and go looking for trouble when she shouldn't be. She gravitates towards danger, to mixed results of course. A tomboy by nature, she's very rough around the edges and doesn't care for traditionally feminine ideals and pursuits, and prefers to settle things with her fists or a fight, rather than diplomacy...she's not much of a negotiator and doesn't care for those kinds of "smooth skills" anyway. Her manner is brash, crude and straightforward, being the type who swears a lot and when she does crack jokes, expect them to be either dark, inappropriate or both. She's quite the irreverent as well, with the tendency to break social norms and throw etiquette and bearing out the window, even if she's in the presence of someone much higher-ranked than herself. She's casual like that, without much care for using titles and instead prefers first names or hell, nicknames that she comes up with (which aren't always exactly the most flattering). This young woman is blunt and never minces her words, she speaks her mind and doesn't care much about the implications and the consequences when she criticizes someone or insults them. She also has more than a few problems with authority as well, and would much rather break rules than follow them, especially if said rules are unreasonable or stupid. If most Wyvern Riders fly a certain way and at a certain speed, just because that's "how it's done"? Oh, hell no, Sylvia flies as fast as she wants and as dangerously as she wants. She's daring like that, and prides in that trait...which does unfortunately make her judge those who are more cautious, calling them "wimps" and "pussies" very casually. It's easy to see that Sylvia is one who hates being controlled, manipulated or being under anyone's thumb for that matter. She often refers to herself as "nobody's bitch", and many consider her to be too stubborn and proud for her own good. Expectedly, she definitely has a fiery temper that is easily triggered and that she isn't afraid to show in many ways.

Sylvia is a person of action. Sitting pretty, reading, and things along those lines bore her. Elaborate plans? She doesn't have patience for making them. Theories? She's only half-literate, so don't bother with them. She'd much rather be in the thick of things, and actually experience stuff rather than listen to stories. Nothing good happens when people just sit there and keep thinking and talking amongst themselves after all. She's a warrior, not a tactician, and actually making a move is what she prefers...she didn't become a Wyvern Rider just sitting around and dreaming about flying after all! Impatient to a fault, she fearlessly jumps into the fray and acts before thinking, consequences be damned; a real Leeroy Jenkins. And when this passionate, hot-blooded young woman sets her mind or body on doing something, she never, ever gives up until she manages to accomplish it. She's willing to try many things, as long as they sound exciting, dangerous or both. In fact, she extremely revels in fighting and showing people up. She's very strong and violent, and doesn't hesitate to show it...be it in an actual arena or in beating up someone during a pub brawl. If she threatens you with physical injury...chances are, she would follow through and more, being even more bite than bark at times. She's also not above flirting casually or having one-night stands...she does have a sexual, lascivious side and is confident in her body. However, she only partakes in such as long as it's her own idea, her own choice and that it won't get serious, of course. Nothing good comes out of romance after all. If anyone tries to coerce her or force her, though? She will make them regret thinking that she could be anyone's bitch.

Sylvia tends to be cynical when it comes to people and their motives, and is generally slow to trust others...especially those she deems as "too smooth" and "silver-tongued", as well as those she thinks just want her for her body. Thus, she could come across as hostile at first impression to most people. She is not at all shy or reserved, however. In fact, she makes a great fighting partner, drinking buddy or gambling mate, as long as people are willing to deal with a person with a lewd sense of humor, who's an arrogant winner and a sore, violent loser. Shallow, fleeting interactions such as those, she doesn't have much of an issue with, and she gladly initiates and joins in...what's difficult for her is really allowing herself to make deep connections to others, or to even allow herself to lean on someone for that matter. She refuses to give her full trust so quickly, having been betrayed one too many times in the past. Romance is an even bigger issue for her - she's disillusioned towards it, knowing most men are out to use others...and she also knows that heartbreak hurts. She isn't immune to attraction, but she actively pushes those thoughts away and denies said thoughts repeatedly. She knows that at least, being alone means nobody can hurt her or try to use her. Sylvia is also one who doesn't take betrayal well. She never, ever forgives or forgets, and holds grudges for very long periods of time, and doesn't let up. But when someone does earn her trust? They'd be proud to call Sylvia a friend. She still wouldn't mince her words and she still gets snarky, but she would never leave them behind. She would stand by and go through anything, no matter how dangerous or difficult, for someone who manages to gain her trust and friendship. Just don't expect her to play vulnerable around actual friends though, she's really not that type...she's more the type who looks after people in her own rough-handed, tough-love manner, which she thinks makes people learn to be stronger. Sylvia is not one who tolerates emotionality, especially when taken too far. She finds it difficult to accept idealistic and heart-based ways of thinking...she doesn't have much in the way of morals, and doesn't exactly understand why something as foolish as idealism exists in the first place. She thinks it doesn't really have a point but to make people have unrealistic expectations about everything...unrealistic expectations that can only disappoint in the end.

A streetwise, independent and tough young woman, Sylvia knows her way around things and doesn't like it when people offer to help her out, seeing it as a slight to her own capabilities. She is one who thinks that she can handle her issues and problems on her own, and deal with them in her own way...they're hers for a reason, and she's no damsel and no fragile flower. She especially dislikes it if self-righteous people try to impose that there's only "one right way" to deal with certain things. Her past experiences, as well as spending most of her formative years as a Thief, gave her a knack for sniffing out bullsit and lies. And she will call anyone out if she thinks they're trying to mess with her. Of course, with at least a black eye or a cracked jaw for good measure. That being said, Sylvia is a terrible liar, something that she is very aware of but hates admitting. This is partially due to her expressive face and eyes - try as she must, it's difficult for her to hold a straight face or a cold, even voice. Her temper and impatience also makes her an epic fail at being cold and calculating. You see, while emotionally-charged situations make her uncomfortable and test her patience, and while she would much rather die than spend an evening listening to people cry their hearts out, she is not emotionless. Very much the opposite in fact, if her tempestuous disposition and her expressive face are any indication. Her emotions run very deep, so deep, and she feels them very strongly. She may not be a crier, but she does have feelings...which she feels much stronger than most, and which she only shares to those she truly can trust. She does laugh from time to time after all. It's just that she scoffs at the idea of showing vulnerability and being vulnerable in particular, knowing that the only things that can come out of being so are being used and manipulated, betrayal, and helplessness, among other undesirable things.

While clever for the most part and most definitely not stupid, Sylvia lacks in book smarts and is the furthest thing from scholarly. Some have said that she could become a great Malig Knight, but Sylvia doesn't have the patience to sit down and focus on Tomes. Reading bores her, as mentioned earlier, and she finds it difficult to grasp more erudite subjects in general, in contrast to her own more practical, hands-on knowledge. The one readable book she has actually found interesting was...a Wind tome, of all things. She isn't bothered by it much, however. She is a warrior first and foremost after all.

Like any normal, sane person, Sylvia appreciates good food and drink, particularly meaty dishes and strong alcohol. She has a very high alcohol tolerance that could make many grown warrior men cry, in fact. When she does manage to drunk, though? She becomes extremely sensual, being prone to heavy flirting (even with inanimate objects), taking off her clothes, speaking in a lot more innuendo and the likes.

History: Always remember, my girl, you were meant to fly. And one day...you'll fly. These were the last words of Renate, four-year-old Sylvia's mother, before she died, succumbing to her injuries after a dangerous, failed heist. From her childhood to when she was eighteen, the only life Sylvia knew was that of an earthbound Thief. Born in the late autumn to a single mother, she never knew or even saw her father, the only thing she was sure about him was his deep blue hair...her own deep blue hair that the blonde Renate certainly did not possess. Raised in the slums of Malevfal by a band of Thieves, the girl was immediately thrust into a life of risk and danger. When she was five, Alberich, an Assassin and the particularly charismatic leader of the guild, thrust a small sword in her hands, and told her that the only Thieves who stayed alive were the ones who knew how to take care of themselves. At first, the young girl didn't understand why so much was expected of her, but then she was repeatedly reminded of her mother and her death. Did she want to die that way? Or did she want to survive and live? It was then that she "got" it, and began to push herself hard and take training seriously, be it in formal instruction or in play-fighting and experimenting with the other kids. She soon got a reputation for being fierce and gutsy, the type who charged head-on during a fight, and who just hated the notion of giving in to anyone (especially to a particularly annoying little boy named Alois, who was Alberich's son, one year older than she was and whom she totally didn't like). It helped that she had no qualms fighting dirty from that young age either, which was something that might've been forbidden and beaten out of her by the respected schools of battle, but always encouraged in Malevfal. She, however, also had a reputation for being too warlike and impulsive, lacking a certain measured calculatedness that many of the others developed more quickly. While she was a great fighter, and she proved herself clever enough, she didn't exactly have the lightest fingers or the patience to plan things. By the time she was ten, she was the strongest fighter among the kids in the Thieves' Guild, yet her tempestuous nature and lack of patience for formulating plans were glaring weaknesses. She was also one of the worst pickpockets in the guild, often succeeding by pure luck, or if she failed, managed to escape by the skin of her teeth. She was strong, but she was seemingly not a natural at being a Thief, something that were often pointed out by some of the more experienced thieves, who mockingly called her the "little warrior". Alberich, however, thought that perhaps, all Sylvia needed was to learn them in a different way...the harder way, if she was going to become a proper Thief.

Thus, when Sylvia was not quite twelve, Alberich and some of the other Thieves took her with them on a mission to Divragus Town. They had a score to settle with one of the local blacksmiths, they claimed, and they wanted Sylvia to know how things were done, now that she was almost an adult by their standards (which was fourteen...sure, she was not quite twelve, but her tall height and better-developed body allowed her to pass as a convincing fourteen-year-old). What she didn't count on was the fact that they were actually planning to leave her alone to deal with said blacksmith, and carry out their agenda on her own. And that's what they did, under the made-up excuse that they forgot to load up on arrows. This being the first time she went out for a job, Sylvia naively waited, until it was clear that the others weren't coming back anytime soon. Not wanting to come back empty-handed and prove herself ineffectual, however, she impulsively went for the first logical thing that came to mind. They were out to kill the blacksmith, weren't they? After all, they did make sure that she came armed. With that in mind, she kicked down the door of the forge and stormed inside. The blacksmith was taken by surprise, and ended up being Sylvia's first kill. A messy job, but still a kill. It didn't mean that she didn't escape unscathed, however, and she sustained a nick to the neck that, while not exactly serious on the surface, bled more than expected, leading her to collapse at the edge of the town and basically exposing herself out in the open to get arrested.

Turned out, she didn't get arrested after all. She woke up back in Divragus town, inside the house of an older Wyvern Lord named Jurgen, who had seen her shortly before he arrived home. Her neck wound had been patched up, and the older man wondered what a girl as young as her would be doing alone, in the middle of the night. Sylvia protested, claiming that she was fourteen, perfectly an adult by "their" standards. When Jurgen pressed on about who exactly "they" were, the girl refused to answer, claiming that it was none of his business. Jurgen didn't take offense, however. He did remark about her blue hair though, commenting that he'd seen hair like that once, on a visit to another continent, and that it wasn't everyday that one would come across it. Sylvia didn't understand what he meant by that (and never did, even at the present), but she did know that she felt better, and asked if she could leave. Jurgen insisted that she stay for the night, however, and proceeded to introduce her to his snow-white wyvern, Skadi. The creature immediately took a liking to the girl, and Sylvia wondered if this was, perhaps, what her mother meant by being "made to fly". In the morning, she almost regretted leaving, perhaps because it was the first time she saw a possibility, one that told her that she could be someone, someone who was, as she first realized, free.

That fleeting thought remained just that, however, when she returned to the guild. She was reprimanded by Alberich for almost putting the guild's existence on the line, and told that she better shape up, unless she wanted to get herself caught and thrown into prison. Alberich's treatment of her continued, and he continued to use the same techniques to make her learn to "become a real Thief". With time, she improved at cleaning up her own messes and killing swiftly, though she still never planned ahead and hardly exercised caution, which almost got her into trouble more than a few times. On the one hand, she enjoyed living on the edge and the excitement of action, but on the other, she increasingly grew resentful of having to report to Alberich and the senior Thieves...Alberich, who mockingly called her "Princess Sylvia" whenever she didn't follow orders, and who constantly lied to her face that he only wanted the best for her (when he clearly wanted to be rid of her), and the senior Thieves who were never impressed with the way she handled things and began to relegate her to doing menial tasks such as pickpocketing (a thing for children of the guild) in between missions. There was one bright spot in the Thieves' Guild, however, and that was Alois, who grew up to be a clever, skilled and handsome young man. He had become her best friend after overcoming their initial rivalry and finding out their styles complemented each other. He was the planner and tactician, and she was the fighter, and though he tried his best to stay on his father's good side, he also took the time to be with Sylvia and together, they became a dangerous duo. They often carried out successful heists and assassinations together, and it was only a matter of time before they fell in love with each other. He was reason enough for her to stay. Yes, she had her desires and she still wanted so much to fly (Alois often noticed her looking up at the sky more than a few times...times when wyverns flew), but she had since lost all illusions. Where was she going to get herself a dragon without getting her hand cut off, and would anyone even take in a Thief like herself? So, she remained, resigned to the fact that at least there was Alois, whom she loved and cared for, and at least being a Thief still had an element of excitement. It wasn't as if she was forced into the life of say, a Cleric or a Mage. It could always be worse, couldn't it?

Unfortunately, "worse" came earlier than she thought, when yet another solo operation in Rasdam Town went awry. Nobody had told her that security was tighter at Rasdam, that the possibility of getting thrown into prison was very real. She was tasked to eliminate a man, one of the wealthiest in town, whom Alberich wanted eliminated for the longest time, and though it seemed simple on paper, it being an assassination and not a heist, she didn't count on how many possible witnesses were out and about in the middle of the night, and how laws were more strictly enforced in Rasdam than in the other places where she killed in the past. This time, Sylvia got herself arrested and taken to prison. Her knuckles were customarily tattooed, and she languished there. Perhaps it was a foolish thought, but a part of her thought that Alois or at least one of the guild's Thieves was going to pose as a relative to bail her out. She was right about only one thing - Alois did show up. Yet, she was terribly wrong about the rest. He didn't bail her out or even try to break her out. He just told her to "hang in there", and that he had to follow his father's wishes. This made Sylvia furious. Was Alois that spineless and cowardly to not be able to make his own decisions? She cursed at him, reminding him that he would regret being such a coward. All he did was bid her good luck before leaving.

Languishing in her cell, Sylvia felt her heart break. Did she really mean that little to him? Had she been played with all this time? For a while, she lost her will to live, and even suggested to the prison guards that they could just execute her, for all she cared. They had other thoughts about her, however, and not exactly clean ones. In the end, she eventually lived to see her own release, but it did not mean that she left unscathed. The prison guards were particularly depraved, and they had their way with her. She fought back violently most of the time, which seemed to entertain them rather than deter them. Many times, she even tried to take advantage of her position to try accessing their keys, but they soon caught up with her antics and were particularly vigilant around her. Soon, the only things that kept her going were revenge - revenge against the Thieves' Guild of Malevfal as well as against anyone who would try to use her in any way again, and strangely, the wish that she thought she had long abandoned years ago - the wish that came back to her after seeing wyverns fly while watching from her single cell window.

One day...you'll fly.

Three months into her incarceration, a familiar older man showed up at the door to Sylvia's cell and held out a hand to her as the doors were unlocked. It was Jurgen, and he had come to bail her out. Stunned by his gesture, Sylvia did not want to believe what she was seeing. Was it a trap? An illusion? Or was she perhaps, dead and dreaming? She knew she wasn't, however, when she felt one of the guards, one of her torturers, shove her outside roughly. Jurgen explained that one of his friends, who lived in Rasdam, mentioned in passing a "particularly stubborn prisoner with blue hair, who gave the guards hell", and he knew of only one particularly stubborn blue-haired girl. It was later that evening when she flew on a wyvern for the first time, and it just felt so natural and exhilarating at the same time. She then decided that this was what she wanted. Jurgen offered to take her in, but she declined, telling him that she had to make her own life and earn her own wyvern first. She promised to return, however. Jurgen also made her promise never to rejoin the Thieves' Guild in Malevfal. Better a solitary thief who was free than be part of a guild that saw her as a liability. Sylvia had a better idea, and told him that she was going to "take care of them" in her own way.

Now a wandering Thief, Sylvia returned to the streets, but this time in Rostiffe. She earned her way through by gambling and taking up private missions, and trained herself by fighting at arenas, immediately choosing to use heavier axes instead of lighter swords whenever she fought. She knew that she already had the ferocity and the guts that made her more warrior than thief. All she needed to do was master the axe, and of course, find herself a dragon. Now, mastering the axe was the easy part. Already adept at handling weapons in the first place, within nine months, she adjusted almost fully, and won much more often than she lost. There remained the question of the dragon, however, but Sylvia wasn't about to give up, even if it meant having to journey to the Nellgra Mountains herself to tame a wyvern (and even then, their existence in said mountain range was only the stuff of hearsay). She gambled, hustled and fought, until an opportunity presented itself a couple of months after, when she overheard that a particularly foolish man had drunkenly offered up his own dragon as a wager after losing all his money gambling. She took the opportunity to head for the gambling den where said man was. Not wanting to miss her chances, Sylvia took the risk and bet all the money she had. It wasn't everyday that one saw a wyvern, and the worst thing that could happen was, well, losing the money. Money which she could earn back anyway. She ended up winning after a tense game, putting down a royal flush to end it. The dragon's owner tried to go back on the deal, demanding that Sylvia pay up an obscene amount if she wanted to have it. The girl protested, stating that she did win whatever it was that was offered up on the table. After all, she had the royal flush. The argument escalated into a full-on bar brawl, the two of them hurling both pints of beer and punches at each other, and it only ended when the owner of the establishment stepped in and threatened to throw both of them out. The man began blubbering, trying to explain himself, and Sylvia took the opportunity to head out and look for the dragon. Sure enough, a large black dragon was right behind the establishment...and its demeanor was the furthest thing from "tame". It breathed smoke through its nostrils, it bore battle scars and its blood-red eyes hinted at its primal nature. Still, that did not deter the blue-haired girl, who immediately mounted the dragon and took the reins. The ride was wild and exhilarating, dangerous yet liberating. Sylvia never had experience riding a dragon alone, much less a rather disobedient one, but as she did so for the first time, she smiled, knowing that she was indeed, meant to fly. Her first stop? The Thieves' Guild in Malevfal. Sylvia never forgave or forgot Alberich and Alois, and she knew that she wanted to give them what they deserved. She stormed in without hesitation, brandishing her new axe for a stunned Alberich to see. The older man was calm, telling her yet again that all he did was for her own good. Did she not survive incarceration, standing here in front of him? Sylvia coldly replied that she was through having to be his bitch, or anyone's bitch for that matter, before subduing the aging Assassin quickly with pure strength - pure strength that he had looked down on, and killing him. Alois, hearing the commotion, went to check where it was coming from and saw Sylvia with blood on her face and clothes. She looked up at him slowly, remembering how he had abandoned her, remembering how cowardly and spineless he turned out to be. Before he could open his mouth to reason with her, she killed him as well, her broken heart numb.

She returned to Jurgen in Divragus Town a few days after, mostly because her new wyvern, whom she named Erebus for his black scales, was particularly disobedient and difficult to handle until she took care of him by herself on the second day by wrestling with him and keeping at it for a longer-than-expected time, enough to stun Erebus into respecting the former Thief. She had her wyvern, she knew how to use a better weapon and most importantly, she was ready to become a real Wyvern Rider. She was pushed hard, and she pushed herself even harder, over the next five years - her already great strength became particularly remarkable and she began to wield an axe more naturally. Everyday, she challenged herself, riding bareback on Erebus at times, strengthening herself further by regularly wrestling with Erebus, teaching herself and her dragon some riskier air maneuvers to use against arrows, among many things. Jurgen was proud of her progress. Though he knew how there were unspoken rules as to how a Wyvern Rider was supposed to be, he didn't subscribe to them.

Sylvia gained a notorious reputation among Wyvern Riders for her irreverent, wild and unrestrained nature. While most Wyvern Riders joined small units, Sylvia remained solitary, preferring not to live under useless, restricting rules. And remain a solitary flyer she did...until news from the capital spread like wildfire. News that came with an offer that she herself could not resist. After all, she was looking for just about any good reason to get into battle.
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Put me down for a wolfskin pls & thx

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Name: Luka
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Class: Wolfskin
Weapon of Choice (Choose 1): Beaststone

Luka is of average height and has an average build (by human standards), not being overly muscular or bulky in appearance. He has a medium skin tone naturally, but is a bit darker than a normal wolfskin as he does not live in the forest. Being a wolfskin, he has a number of wolf-like attributes. His head, back of his arms (*ignore reference image), and a portion of his back are covered in extremely soft, smooth fur. For the most part, his fur is a rusty red, with several streaks of black in it* including a large, obvious black blaze of hair just above his forehead. The hair on his head grows much longer than the hair in other areas of his body, similar to a human. The hair on his head spikes upward. Oddly, he doesn't grow facial hair well, nor does he have an unusual amount of leg hair. Luka also sports wolf ears and a wolf tail, which are both predominantly black with a bit of red mixed in*. The inside of his ears have white fur*. His ears are highly expressive, and are an easy indicator of his current emotional state - they perk up when he's excited, droop when sad, and pin back when angry. His tail similarly will wag if he gets excited enough, but he finds this aspect of himself embarrassing.

His eyes are a piercing bright amber, and reflect light the same way a dog's would. His vision in humanoid form isn't any different from a normal human's, however. He has a round face shape and very pointy teeth, though they aren't larger than a normal human's. His canine teeth are particularly prominent, and stick out of his mouth if he smiles a certain way. Despite having an excellent sense of smell, he has a rather small nose. He relies on his nose more than his eyes for many things, and will usually recognize a person by scent before sight.

For clothing, he typically goes for items that have a good combination of comfort and durability, though he refuses to wear anything that clashes with his red fur. He owns rather expensive heavy-duty brown boots for hunting purposes, which he nearly always wears. The remainder of his outfit varies day to day, but green and brown are typical go-to colours. As wolfskin are unusual in Rostiffe and sometimes feared, he wears a blue hooded cloak when out in public to hide his ears and tail, though over the years many people have figured out his true species and have gotten used to him.

His true form is a hulking wolf-beast twice as tall and five times as heavy. He contains the power of his true form inside of a beaststone, and can use it to transform at will. In this form, he is coated in red fur, with darker fur around his stomach, muzzle, and paws. He has giant claws and teeth that become powerful weapons, especially with his vastly increased strength. He is still bipedal, though can run at high speeds on all fours.


Luka likes to come off as funny and carefree, which may stem from a belief that people view him as brutish and standoffish when they first meet him due to his species. He's used to being the first to initiate a conversation, as human strangers don't tend to speak to him on their own accord. Although scaring people can be occasionally fun, he doesn't like being treated differently from humans. He rarely gets intimidated based on appearance or social standing and isn't shy, though can be uncomfortable in crowded areas with too many sounds and scents. Underneath his cloak of indifference, he does have a more serious side. One way to unveil this trait is to start an argument with him, as he has very strong opinions on certain matters and isn't afraid to defend them. Being a very proud individual, he also has strong morals on particular things. He no longer eats humans, believing it wrong to eat intelligent animals, and he cannot simply stand by and watch if another person - stranger or not - is in danger. He hates seeing people in pain and can become very distracted by an injured alley, even though he has no healing skills to help in such situations. One of the only ways to enrage him is to hurt one of his friends, which may throw him into an irrational rage more stereotypically appropriate of the wolfskin.

Though not particularly proud of being a wolfskin, he does take great pride in personal hygiene and grooms his hair and fur religiously many times each day. He likes to tease other people in a friendly matter, though occasionally he ends up putting his foot in his mouth if he realizes he's taken things too far. He takes teasing against himself quite well and will usually laugh along, so long as the jabs aren't insinuating he is unkempt. He tolerates petting (as his hair and fur is admittedly luxuriously soft) but dislikes people messing up his hair too much, and will become grouchy if his hair is out of place. He speaks of his hair with a level of regard that makes him seem vain, though in truth he feels it is a defining characteristic of himself and is very attached to it.

Luka is primarily carnivorous, with a taste for raw or lightly cooked meat. Although technically able to digest fruits and vegetables, they weren't a part of his diet growing up and he does not need them to survive. He has a passionate hatred of fruits and vegetables and unless dared or strongly pressured to eat them he steers very clear of them. Threatening him with a carrot is an oddly good motivator - as is bribing him with a fresh deer steak.

Despite stringent leadership training in his early years, he doubts his ability to lead and is uncomfortable being handed the task. His actions in his early teenage years haunt him and he often worries if he's too selfish to make a good leader. He is quite individualistic, preferring to hunt alone, but makes a conscious effort to think of other people and the greater cause. He therefore tries to take an interest in other people, and is fascinated by weapons and in particular magic.


Luka was born in Howlingmoon Forest as the eldest son of the new alpha pair, Wolfram and Sanda. His father Wolfram took over the position after his elder brother had been killed in a human raid, so Wolfram led the pack into a deeper part of the forest for safety, which is where Luka was born and raised. He mostly inherited his mother's fur colour, though his ended up much darker and with hints of his father's black fur. His piercing yellow eyes also came from his father. From the time he could take his first steps, he was trained in combat and taught to fear humans, though it would be many years before he would see one himself. On special occasions his family would hunt and eat a human, and Luka developed a taste for them.

Luka has several siblings, many of which he hasn't even met. The closest to him in age was his younger brother Caleb, who was less than a year younger, but was taller and more sturdily built, and thus appeared older. Caleb was the spitting image of their father, with pitch black fur streaked with silver. As age takes precedence in the wolfskin society, it meant that Luka would eventually succeed his father and become alpha. He was therefore trained much more stringently, and raised to have the mindset of a leader. Luka feared this responsibility and went along with his training reluctantly, but even as a child became distracted by the world around him. He was curious of what lay beyond the forest, though he was strictly prohibited from ever leaving. He tried multiple times to explore what lay beyond, but was caught and punished severely for it. He found joy in hunting animals, but found no pride in living in a society that hid itself away from the world because of cowardice, and stated multiple times that he wished to change this when he became alpha.

As he aged and hormones started raging, he found a new distraction. At the age of fourteen, he began a romance with a teenaged male from another pack. He spent more and more time away from his family, and with his lover's pack. Although relationships with members of other packs were normal and necessary to keep the bloodlines as free as possible from incest, it was forbidden for an upcoming alpha to leave his pack for any reason other than death. The homosexual nature of the relationship also meant that the alpha bloodline would also not carry on, and thus Wolfram strictly forbade Luka from seeing the other wolfskin. Luka defiantly refused, bitter over the level of control his father had over him. His relationship with his father became extremely tense, and they ceased talking.

One night, as Luka was sneaking out as he always did, he encounted his brother Caleb halfway between the two packs. Caleb, in his true wolfskin form, attacked him without saying a word. Luka transformed as well, and the two engaged viciously, clawing and scratching noisily at each other. After several minutes of relentless quarreling, Caleb managed to flip Luka and raised his massive teeth to his brother's jugular. The brothers froze, each breathing heavily from exertion, and Luka waited for Caleb to finish him off. Instead, he said words that Luka would never forget: "I killed you. You're dead now, and I will be alpha, just as Dad told me to do. We will tell the others that hunters got you in the night for your fur, when in reality I buried you so far away that your scent would not travel." Luka stared at him, not understanding, so Caleb growled and shoved him. "I'm sparing your life, you idiot. Get out of the forest, and don't ever return!"

Shaken and injured from the battle, Luka ran for hours through the night, using his strong sense of smell to avoid the other wolfskin packs. He knew if he was caught, his father would be sure to kill him for real. Eventually he caught the scent of salt water, and used that to find his way out of the forest, then he wandered in humanoid form along the coast until he reached Oceanbound Village, where he collapsed from exhaustion. He had never seen a live human before in his life, so waking up surrounded by them was a shock. A middle-aged couple had found him unconscious and taken him in - fortunately, Luka was babyfaced as a young teenager, and thus they showed him kindness rather than fear, thinking he was a child.

Luka lived in Oceanbound Village for a number of years, and the small town took him in as one of their own. He learned how to fish with human tools, befriended the other teenagers, made some gold, and slowly forgot about his old lifestyle. When he turned eighteen, he packed up and moved to Rostiffe, wanting a fresh start as an adult. He was fascinated by the large city and enjoyed the diverse range of people who inhabited it. There was never a dull moment in Rostiffe: always something to do, always people to see. Luka began tending a stall in the marketplace selling fish he caught himself, and later expanded to meats he caught on the plains. At first his selection was limited as he didn't have a lot of time to hunt, so he supplemented by selling his own fur. He shaved his entire coat during his first few months in Rostiffe when business was slow and he was desperate for gold, and though he received a good amount of money for it, he couldn't shake the shame and vowed never to sell his fur again. He has since employed a young archer to help him hunt which has greatly increased his supply capacity for meats. He always wore a blue cloak in public at first, wary of other people finding out he was a wolfskin, but he is less shy about his species now.
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Ugh, this is what I get for being distracted by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann... All the spots get filled just as I finished my sign up. X/ Oh well... I'll just keep my SU ready as, like Comet, just give me a holler if someone drops.

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Ah...darn. Looks like I missed my chance to join. Let me know if anyone drops and if there's a spot open please.


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Ugh, this is what I get for being distracted by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann... All the spots get filled just as I finished my sign up. X/ Oh well... I'll just keep my SU ready as, like Comet, just give me a holler if someone drops.

Ah...darn. Looks like I missed my chance to join. Let me know if anyone drops and if there's a spot open please.
You both got it!


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Crawling out of the woodwork to throw my hat into the if someone drops list as well, although I think I'm almost as far down the list as the reserve list is long.