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Fire Emblem: Asunder [RP Thread] [PG-16]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Minteh, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    1. All standard forum rules apply.
    2. Please, no bunnying/god-modding without permission. I will allow you to do it to my characters, but only in response to non-violent interactions, and nothing that would seem out of character.
    3. Post as often as you can! I know most people have their own thing going on in their personal lives, but this is one of those RPs that is fun if you keep up with it.
    4. Swearing is allowed as this is rated 'PG-16', but please don't abuse it. I know some characters will swear a lot, just don't use it as an excuse to have them swear in every sentence.
    5. Romance/sexual stuff is fine with me, but don't go overboard. We're not here for that.
    6. Also, and I can't stress this enough, please make it appear realistic during fight scenes. I know there is magic involved, so it isn't going to be exactly identical to real life, but don't make it so your character gets punched and is barely affected by it.
    7. Don't ask for multiple characters.
    8. If you're going to be away for a period of time, please let me know in advance.
    9. Not really a rule as such, but it is worth noting that you don't need too much knowledge of Fire Emblem to join this RP. Tredone is a standalone continent, with no references to other continents of past games. Also, we will not be focusing too heavily on the game mechanics of Fire Emblem. It will literally just be your character, their class, and their weapon.

    1. Circe Virane portrayed by Minteh
    2. Ethan Lachance played by Schade
    3. Jamie Diamant played by *Jean Grey*
    4. Tikaani Aput played by Monster Guy
    5. Livie Fletcher played by Tangeh
    6. Ingmar Freyr played by Dragalge
    7. Lucas Serenes played by Andydemon
    8. Risali LaFlamme played by TheSequelReturns

    Circe Virane
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra​

    At a glance, one might not assume that all was not well in Viterra, or the whole continent of Tredone for that matter. Despite the constant threat of attack from Emperor Anders, life in Southern Point - or South Point as it was known to the locals - went on as usual. People went about their daily lives as they normally would, lulling themselves into a false sense of security in the process.

    The seaside town had become a home to Circe these last few weeks, although it had always felt like home to her due to the associations it had with her mother. When her aunt had first suggested she come here, Circe had outright refused, preferring to stay with one of the few people she could trust in the world. They had debated the matter for a while, before her aunt practically forced her to leave, citing reasons of safety. They were a little far-fetched for Circe, as her uncle's troops had never made it further than the border, but she could understand the decision deep down.

    Circe knew her aunt would've preferred her to stay in the castle, where she could be closely watched by hand-picked advisors, but Circe did not want to be caged again. Having spent almost seven months as a glorified prisoner in her own home, Circe was determined to exercise some freedom...even if that did mean being closely followed Sir Maric on occasion.

    Today was one such day, and Circe had wandered down from the castle and into the heart of the town. The centre of Southpoint was a hub of activity. It was the place where the market was set up every day (weather permitting, of course), and where the townsfolk who didn't own shops or taverns could sell their wares. Circe liked coming down to the market, even if she rarely bought anything, on account of her aunt giving her a limited amount of spare coin to spend. There was always such an eclectic mix of items for sale: a clothes vendor from Nazaire, who swore his silks were the finest in the realm; a fisherman selling today's fresh catch; a mysterious trader from the north, selling orbs said to be bestowed with great power, and a priest from the Edgehill Priory, selling loaves of bread, and blessing everyone who bought from him.

    Circe was seated near the fountain, the great centrepiece of the town. Whilst it was once a plain water feature, her late uncle had commissioned a statue to be placed atop it, depicting his beloved sister, who also happened to be Circe's mother. In truth, Circe was not hugely fond of the statue, believing it to be a poor likeness of her mother. Still, despite her feelings towards the statue, even she could not deny it was pretty. One hand rested on her chest, and the other hand was outstretched towards the east, towards Chalons. Many people said it to signify that her heart belonged in Chalons.

    The day was drawing to a close now, so it was no longer as busy, with many vendors beginning to put their remaining stock away. Some remained, shouting out deals to passersbys, and Circe knew from experience they were not likely to leave until they had sold everything they had. Circe stood up and started to walk closer to a vendor selling items from Nazaire. She did not intend to linger long, knowing full well Sir Maric would chastise her if she remained out too much longer. He had been gracious to let her explore the town by herself the last few days, and she knew better than to provoke him. As he leant in to take a closer look at an item, she felt something brush against her, almost as though someone had gone to grip her arm. Circe stepped back, and to her surprise, was being looked over by a grubby looking man.

    "Hello, princess." He said, a wicked smile forming on his lips. Circe's eyes widened in surprise, and she jolted in sudden alarm, banging against the stall. Upon seeing her apparent surprise, the man chuckled slightly, clearly taking delight in the scene unfolding around him.

    "Who are you?" Circe questioned, beginning to regain her composure.

    "My name doesn't matter," he responded, taking a step forward, "what matters is that you behave and do what you are told. If not I may have to hurt you, and your uncle would not be best pleased if I returned you to him damaged."

    Circe could feel a sense of unease growing within her at the mention of her uncle. None of her uncle's men had ever made it this far into Chalons, so the fact that this man was here now, was a cause for alarm. Circe cast a quick glance around, seeing if there was anyone around to help, but quickly noting how other men were approaching, that same wicked look on their faces. Circe turned, hoping to run, but found herself grabbed around the waist by the grubby man, causing her to yelp in surprise. The sudden action caused the vendor to react in fear, and sensing a fight would perhaps break out, seemed to be trying to escape.

    "Wait, please!" Circe managed to cry out, which briefly caught the fleeing vendors attention. They locked eyes for a moment. "Please, go to the castle and ask for Sir Maric. Tell him...Tell him that the princess is in trouble!"

    The vendor looked at her momentarily, perhaps debating going through with her request, before making a dart to the west of town, rather than the north where the castle lay. Circe groaned with mild annoyance upon seeing this, whilst the man who was still trying to grapple with her started laughing, leaning in to whisper that no-one was coming to her rescue.

    Circe knew she couldn't take on all five of the men who had gathered, but she could make an attempt for them. With a rapid motion, she thrust her right arm backwards, elbowing the man in the chest area, causing him to release her as he recoiled. As he stumbled backwards, taken off-guard by the sudden blow, Circe grabbed his sword. Her own weapon of choice, a rapier her aunt had given her for her seventeenth birthday, remained at the castle, so for now, she would have to improvise. Brandishing the sword in front of her, she pointed the sword at all of her attackers, almost challenging them to fight her. She could see a few men readying themselves to fight in response. Circe could handle herself in a fight on most occasions, but she could not see this ending particularly well for her. She did not have her usual weapon, nor her armour, and whilst she could probably deflect a few attacks, she could see herself becoming overwhelmed if she wasn't too careful.

    The first of the men to attack, was a small man, perhaps not much older then Circe. He swung at her, but she was able to parry with the sword she had taken. Whilst he had been easy enough to parry, she could see a larger man, making a grab for the axe at his back. Circe gulped and raised her sword, determined not to display her growing fear to these men. As she readied herself to defend against the barbarian, she hoped that help would come soon, or that the vendor had listened to her request.

    Thief x3 = Bronze Sword x2 and one with a steel bow
    Mercenary = Silver Sword (taken by Circe, currently disarmed)
    Barbarian = Silver Axe
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  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tikaani Aput
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    Tikaani walked through the busy streets of Southpoint. It was market day, so the place was buzzing with activity. The Manakete liked coming to big markets like this. Mainly because it was the perfect place to find food. There were all kinds of vendors selling many different things. Because of how busy it was, no one seemed to notice Tikaani's pointy ears, revealing he was a manakete. Or if they did, no one said anything. While he was proud of his dragon heritage, it was nice to be able to casually walk around without illiciting gasps and questions from everybody he passed by.

    He passed by some booths, and saw lots of delicious things. He quickly found the fisherman's booth, and was fascinated by all the fresh fish available for sale. "Ooh, I'll take this one."

    It surprised the man to see somebody buying only one fish, but he took the money anyway. Then he was surprised again when the young man bit the head off the raw fish. He didn't cook it or anything. He was just gnawing away at a piece of fish like it was a common snack. Only then did he notice the boy's pointed ears. "You're a..."

    Tikaani put a finger to his lips. "Sssh... I'm trying not to make a scene." The young man giggled and winked, and casually walked away from the booth. The day went on with the young manakete browsing the booths, and occasionally buying snacks for himself. Eventually market day was starting to come to a close. Vendors were starting to put their stuff away, while others were shouting last minute deals to people passing by, trying to get every bit of their wares sold.

    Tikaani was out of money by this point, so he thought it best to head on out of here. As he was getting ready to leave, he passed by a young woman with a sword in hand, taking on five random bandits. The young man's eyes widened with excitement. It had been a while since he'd seen any action. It didn't take long for Tikaani to decide to step in and intervene. After all, five random brigands didn't stand stand a chance against a dragon. "Hey! Leave her alone! Don't you know five against one isn't a fair fight!"

    "Buzz off kid!" One of the young woman's attackers exclaimed. "Stay out of our business, or you'll regret it!"

    Tikaani laughed and rolled his eyes. Did they not see the ears? Did they not know what they were dealing with? Well, guess it was time to teach them a lesson. "Heh, you asked for it!" He pulled out his dragonstone, and squeezed it in his hand. Suddenly, the young man was surrounded by a small blizzard. When it subsided, the brigands were face to face with a large, ferocious, icy dragon. Tikaani roared in their faces, and let out his icy breath. Immediately freezing the unnarmed mercinary where he stood. "Anyone else want a piece of me?!" His voice now much deeper than it was when in human form.

    The other criminals jaws dropped when they saw the Manakete in front of them. However, acting quickly, one of the thieves, armed with a Steel Bow, took the opportunity to fire an arrow into the dragon's chest.

    Tikaani roared as the arrow hit him, then he was suddenly reverted back into human form. He bent over from the pain. He managed to pull the arrow out of him, but the wound hurt, and blood was spewing out. He placed his hand over the wound, to keep more blood from coming out. "I don't suppose there are any healers around?!" Tikaani shouted, although not expecting anyone to reply. Meanwhile, the fight continued, and the thief with the bow prepared to fire another arrow.
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  3. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas Serenes
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    "Ah, there it is!" Lucas exclaimed as Southpoint came into view. He had been sent there by Princess Amelia to meet her niece, Circe, whom he was charged to serve as an advisor. He found the request odd though, why a budding Tactician would be sent to serve in a castle on a coastal town instead of helping to fight off the frequent raids hosted by Chalons was anyone's guess, even his. Perhaps it was a test to see if he could serve his desired position competently? It only made sense for him to have to work his way up before being allowed to direct an entire army, especially given his family background.

    Think about such a thing prompted Lucas to stop at the town's outskirts for a moment, he couldn't help but think about what his father had done some time ago. He too had taken on the role of a Tactician, and in his ambition caused the deaths of many Viterran soldiers, and now here his son was trying to assume that role as well. It stood to reason that Amelia was skeptical about his intent, worried that his own ambitions would outweigh his abilities like they did his father. Considering all that, it hurt him to think that the one he wanted to serve in order to redeem himself for his father's action didn't trust him, but he decided that all he would have to do is be patient and prove himself over time. He couldn't give in to ambition like his father did, he vowed to be someone who would never sacrifice soldiers on the battle field. They would not just be pieces on a board to him, they would be human beings trusting him with their lives.

    Taking that moment to reassure himself, Lucas straightened out his robes and wore a look of resolve as he entered the town of Southpoint. He looked to the north to see the castle in the distance, if there was one good thing about being sent to serve a Princess, it's that he wouldn't need directions to find her, it only stood to reason that she would be at the castle, and even if she wasn't when he arrived, he would need only wait for her to return.

    However, as he made his way through the town, he couldn't help but noticed what seemed to be yelling in the distance, several people running off in a panic, it told Lucas that what was happening right now wasn't normal, it could be trouble, something he could help with however he could. As important as his mission was, he couldn't leave things alone if it meant innocent lives were at risk.

    As he made his way to the supposed epicenter of the situation, Lucas eventually ran into a fleeing vendor, whom he quickly called out to, "Excuse me! What is happening in this town?"

    "S-Some men appeared in the markets and attacked a woman there! She said she was the Princess!" The vendor answered fearfully.

    "What?!" Lucas exclaimed in shock at this news. Princess Circe? Being attacked in the markets? What she could've possibly been doing there in the first place he didn't know, but now wasn't the time for guessing. If she was in trouble now then he had to help her.

    Letting the vendor go, Lucas ran as fast as he could to the markets, when he arrived, he did indeed see what appeared to be a woman fighting off a group of men. *That must be her, and she's outnumbered! She needs help!*

    As he got closer to the fight, he observed the situation as quickly as he could. The Princess was fighting against an unarmed mercenary, a barbarian with a silver axe, and three thieves with two bronze swords, and a steel bow. Circe herself was wielding a silver sword, which would give her an advantage against the barbarian and his axe, but that still left the other attackers. The unarmed mercenary wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight either, which meant the main threats would have to be the thieves, especially the one with the bow since he could attack Circe from a distance.

    Deciding that the bow-wielder was the larger threat in this situation, Lucas reached into his bag and pulled out his tome when suddenly a dragon appeared, leaving him stunned in awe for a moment as he had never seen a dragon in person before.

    "A Manakete, here?!" Lucas gasped as he watched the dragon freeze the mercenary, only to be struck in the chest by an arrow and revert to his human form. He then noticed the thief with the bow preparing another arrow, with this he saw an opportunity, and he had to take it. He charged in behind the bow-wielding thief and opened his tome, lightning started to crackle around his hand as he hurled it forward.


    With the name of his tome being called out, a spear of lightning shot out from his hand and flew straight towards the back of the bow-wielding thief.
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  4. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Livie Fletcher
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    A young woman clad in a yellow healer's dress gently picked up a tomato from a local vendor and examined it, a small smile on her face. "You really do always have the best produce in Viterra, Mr. Fallon," she said cheerfully as she put the tomato into her wicker basket. One deep brown eye was focused now on selection of cabbage heads, the other hidden behind a brown leather eyepatch. She needed to be sure she found the highest quality products, because they were going to be used to feed the sick patients at the hospital. The pink nurse's cap she wore over her white, shoulder-length hair signified her position as a nurse there. The vegetable stand run by Mr. Fallon in the square was her usual go-to. He was a mute old man who communicated via hand gestures, and he smiled and bowed politely as she paid him for his wares.

    She hummed cheerfully and adjusted the cleric's staff on her back. After dropping off these supplies at the hospital, she had magic training to attend. She wanted to better herself as much as she could, and was very grateful for the opportunity to both study and live at the dorms free of charge.

    A cry a couple of market stalls down caught Livie's attention and she took a few uncertain steps back. Five men were surrounding a lone girl, and one had grabbed her aggressively. Many of the nearby vendors were fleeing, not wishing to put themselves in harm's way. "Wait, please!" the girl cried. Livie's heart went out to her, but she didn't know what she could do to help. "Please, go to the castle and ask for Sir Maric. Tell him... Tell him that the princess is in trouble!"

    The princess? That didn't look like Princess Amelie. Sure, Livie didn't have the greatest eyesight, but she was at least sure this girl wasn't the Princess of Viterre. Was this a desperate cry for attention? But that was such a specific request. Livie stood frozen to the spot, still no clue what she should do to help, staring in horror as one of the men moved to attack ('oh no, oh no, oh no...'), but the girl moved quickly and managed to disarm him. She pointed her new sword at the men. Livie cheered in her mind, pleased to see she wasn't about to go down without a fight.

    To Livie's relief, a man stepped in to assist the girl. "Hey! Leave her alone!" he shouted. "Don't you know five against one isn't a fair fight!"

    When the attackers warned him to stay out of their way, he responded by turning into a very large ice dragon. Livie stared in part awe, part fear as he froze one of the assailants where he stood. Her fear slowly subsided into silent cheers again. Maybe everything would be okay after all!

    It seemed Livie thought too soon, as an opposing archer plunged an arrow directly into the manakete's chest. He crumped into human form, but at least managed to remove the arrow - though this only served to make the bleeding worse. He clutched at his chest, trying desperately to stop the flow of blood. Livie unconsciously stood a step forward, her mind racing with whether to act or not. She could save him - but would she die herself? She had other people who depended on her back at the hospital...

    "I don't suppose there are any healers around?!" the manakete desperately called. The pain in his voice drove Livie forward before her brain had fully decided it was a good idea, and slowly she broke into a run. She pulled her healing staff off her back, her heart hamming in her ears, and pointed it at the manakete, casting a mend spell. She reached him and gently moved her hand over the bloodied wound, trying to inspect it as it slowly closed over. "Don't worry, you're going to be okay," she reassured before she was even sure that was the truth or not. She continued to examine his chest. "It... it definitely didn't hit your heart, yeah, it might be sore for a bit but I can help with that later - " She became acutely aware that they were in the middle of a battlefield, and noticed the glint of steel as the archer steadied his bow. She shrieked and tried to pull the manakete away. "Watch out!"


    She dove for safety behind an abandoned stall just as a flash of lightning assaulted the archer. She poked her head out, noting that another man had come to their rescue, this one wielding a thunder tome. She then checked to be sure the manakete and girl were alright. "Don't give up!" Livie called to the girl. "We're here for you! They aren't going to win, I promise!"
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  5. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Risali LaFlamme ~
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    "Thank you for your support!" Risali called to the departing customers.

    Dio, a cleric of Edgehill Priory, was here loaves of bread in exchange for money that would go to support the priory and its services. And Risali had been tasked by Nolan himself to lend a hand. Not that she minded, it was good fun to watch the kids get excited at Dio's blessings or the nursemaid's complement the priory's bread or the kind old man who stopped by to talk to Dio about his mother for a while. There was life, and vibrancy, and joy here in this city. Risali loved every bit of it, even if it meant that she had to spend the day pushing trays of bread around and stocking shelves and counting coins.

    The selling of bread and the giving of blessings was an old custom of the priory, from the olden days. They took it seriously, and Risali had simply happened to be around at the right time to lend a hand. So she, Nolan, Dio, and the other clerics had spent the last three days grinding flour, drawing and boiling water, kneading dough, and backing loaf after loaf of tasty, wholesome bread. And then, they had to cart it all the way here to town. But it was worth every drop of sweat to see the town's folk's reactions.

    "Looks like the crowd's thinnig out now." Dio shuffled away from the stand and started to clean up.

    Risali tapped her finger on the last bread tray, which was already half empty. "Yeah, so is our bread supply. But we have enough to snack on if we get hungry on the way back," she said with a grin.

    Dio chuckled. "Now, that's a good idea. I want to thank you for helping me out this time. We've been understaffed for a while now, and I had to do this all by myself last time."

    "No problem. It's actually been fun. Bread is in my blood after all."

    "That's right." Dio nodded to himself. "Your mother was a baker wasn't she."

    "Yeah, she was." Risali brushed a lock of her light green hair behind her ear. "I wish she could have seen this."

    "You'd do them proud, you know." Dio passed the coin box over to Risali who nodded sagely before heading off to their wagon. The coin box was the whole point of this trip, it had to make it back safely, so Risali stowed it in their wagon's supply crate and returned to the stand to help tidy up.

    They left the last bread tray out in case anyone wanted another loaf while they went about cleaning up their spot, packing up their stand, and making sure the scraggly-looking donkey they had to pull the wagon was feed and ready to roll out. The had to make it back to the priory by sundown. Nothing good happened to travelers in the dead of night. Things were going rather smoothly, until a bit of commotion at the neighboring stand caught Risali's eye.

    A young woman was being harassed, or at least that's exactly what it looked like, by a rather brutish looking man at a stall just down the way. She poked Dio in the arm to get his attention and crept closer for a better look. The cleric was right behind her as Risali sneaked around to the back of the stall. And that was when she heard something interesting.

    "Wait, please!" The young lady cried out. She sounded desperate. What was going on here? A passing vendor seemed to be the target of the young lady's cries. She looked at him and pleaded, "Please, go to the castle and ask for Sir Maric. Tell him...Tell him that the princess is in trouble!" But the vendor's fear got the better of him and he bolted in the opposite direction. sad, but typical.

    But still, a princess!? Here!? Now!? No time to freak out. Whoever thsi lady was, she was in trouble. And wither she was a princess or not, the title obviously meant something to this Sir Meric she spoke of.

    "Did you catch that?" Risali whispered to Dio.

    He nodded. "Yes. I don't know why a princess is here but we should help."

    "Agreed. I need you to go relay that message to the castle. To Sir Meric. Go get help."

    Dio didn't argue. "Right. What will you do?"

    Risali grinned. "Improvise, of course." The cleric nodded and made haste towards the castle to deliver the girl's message. Risali on the other hand...

    She put one hand on her sword's hilt and partially drew it. It was a stance that made it easy to quickly extend her blade as needed but it kept it out of the way for the moment. Just what she needed. She made her way towards the front of the stall to find that things had gotten much more complicated. There was now a wounded Manakete (Her inner dragon fan-girl was yelling excitedly at the thought of meeting one), and two others trying to face off with what could only be the ruffian's crew. Meanwhile, the young "princess" had managed to disarm her assailant and was currently brandishing his own sword at him. He also seemed to be frozen. Huh. Probably the Manakete's doing.

    Time to make her move. A man with an axe was closing in on the princess, as was another one of the sword wielding ruffians. She needed help.

    Risali leapt over the stand and landed near the princess, doing her best not to look like a threat to the young lady. "I'm here to help!" Risali said, her sword still halfway in the sheath. "Don't worry, I sent word to the castle. We just have to hold them off."
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  6. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Ethan Lachance
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    "Yesssss.. Let us steal his essence!" said the admittedly eerie voice of Jaelek as he whispered into Ethans ear. It was not uncommon for the ancient spirit to whisper such things from time to time, and even though Ethan had learned to partially ignore the Lich's plea for mayhem, he still found the voice to be oddly chilling. The essence in question belinged to a young mercenary sitting besides him by the bar in the local tavern. Said mercenary had just downed his 4th glass of Mnooshka to the awe-inspired dark mage. "Rite.. Jus one more glass, an an.. And you win the bet." The mercenary managed to say. "Tash grape!" Ethan said, who could not hold his alcohol on the same level as the mercenary. He raised the glass and looked down into the generous amount of Mnooshka. "Bottums opp!" he said, as he took an elegant dive backwards off the stool and unto the floor. "Weeeak.. Weeeeak" said the eerie voice, and the sound of spectral facepalm could be heard.

    Cut to maybe 15 minutes later, and Ethan sits by the bar next to the mercenary. They are both much better now thanks to the cleric bartender's Mending. She was a sharp-tongued redhead with an interest for tough guys. Ethan and the mercenary, named Garreth had both taken a liking to her, and in true paragons of love-style, challenged each other for a drinking match for her affection. Jokes on them though, as it turned out that the cleric was already engaged to the owner of the bar, thus rendering the bet pointless, and the two young men silly-looking. If nothing else, at least Ethan managed to get a new friend from the ordeal. "Yeah, let us never talk of this again.", Garreth said. "That might be best.." Ethan agreed before Garreth stood up and exited the tavern. "Do it now! Take his very souuullll...", Jaeleks voice said. "I'm not just going to randomly murder a guy for his soul, we've talked about this." Ethan responded, earning a few worried looks from a group of friends sitting in a sofa. Chugging down the rest of his water and feeling a lot better, he decided to exit the tvern as well, and get some fresh air before heading back to the inn for the evening.

    IT was late afternoon when Ethan exited the tavern, and the otherwise busy marketplace had fallen rather quiet. Booths were closing, shopowners were locking up their belongings to save them from quick fingers with habits of taking what did not belong to them, and there was an overall relaxing chill in the air. Ethan took a deep breath. What would he do now? The hangover was gone, thanks to the clerics healing, so he wouldn't need to worry for tomorrow. There wasn't really that much to do in Southpoint, and his ferry for Nazaire didn't leave until tomorrow evening, so he still had a lot of spare time to kill. "Kill.. Kiiilll". Browsing some of the still open marketstalls, Ethans attention was snagged when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a gigantic blue dragon appeared. "Whoa." Ethan said, not really grasping the reality surrounding what he just witnessed. Just as quickly as the dragon had appeared, it seemed to disappear. It seemed some commotion was going on over there. "We should go and see what's going on." Ethan said, interrupting Jaelek who was saying something about souls again.

    "S-Some men appeared in the markets and attacked a woman there! She said she was the Princess!" he overheard a frantic voice say to a rater young looking man wearing a large coat. quickly deciding to follow said character, Ethan found himself at the edge of a battlefield. The young man in the cloak spared no time before hopping into the fight. Ethan very much wanted to join the fight, but decided to stay put for now and review the situation. The Manakete had reverted to human form and seemed to be suffering from a wound, before being healed by a woman wielding a Mend staff. She seemed capable of taking care of the Manakete while the fight was still raging. Counting the players on the battlefield, Ethan could see the young mage from earlier firing a Thoron spell towards a bow-vielding Thief, while a Myrmidon Ethan hadn't seen joining the fight held her own against a barbarian. There was also a third person there, a woman, fighting with a sword. She looked somewhat familiar, even though Ethan couldn't quite put his finger on where he would have seen here before.

    "Oh it is so good to see how you young people are helping the princess in her time of need", an old woman said from right behind Ethan, seemingly appearing from out of nowhere. He jumped to the side in surprise while holding his spelltome up in a defensive manner. Wait, did she say Princess? He turned around again to look closer at the woman. She had red hair.. Those eyes.. Ye, definitely her. Ethan turned to tell the old woman to get out of there, but she was already gone. a brief moment of silence occoured as both Ethan and Jaelek stared at where she had stood, before turning to look at each other in silence. "... Right." Ethan said before turning around again. Besides the barbarian, there were still 3 thieves up and about. Ethan opened his tome and readied his spell before rushing in.


    A swirling vortex of dark, twisted spikes appeared on the ground under one of the thieves, who just managed to jump out of the way as the vortex of dark spikes shredded the remains of an already broken down stall, earning a shriek from who could only be the merchant owning the stall from somewhere in the background. "The souls. Gather the souls!" Jaelek said with glee in his voice. "Leave the souls for later. We have to kill these hooligans first" Ethan replied as he readied his tome for another attack. "Don't be alarmed. We're here to help you!" he then shouted over to the princess.
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  7. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    Ingmar Freyr
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    After a long day of patrolling with his platoon around Chalons, Ingmar decided to head over to Viterra for some sightseeing along with a drink or too. Upon arrival, he went inside a nearby pub and sat down for some relaxation. Shortly after, a couple of young men came up to Ingmar, recognizing him for his status in the royal army. Both wanted advice on how to better take out enemies should any come to harm them to which Ingmar agreed to give them some pointers.

    “If you want to properly know how to use your arrows to the greatest effect, aiming them on the enemy’s shoulder which they wield their weapon or striking them on their knees will give you the upper hand. While they’re in pain, quickly launch another arrow at them to eliminate them from your presence. But don’t expect to master this overnight. You need to have skill like me to achieve such a ”

    The two men thanked Ingmar and left the pub. Ingmar then received his drink from the bartender. Ingmar took a sip from his drink and laid the cup on the table. Afterwards, Ingmar took out his charm that Astrid gave to him and gazed at the charm.

    “Soon, we’ll both be fighting on the front lines again.” Ingmar said in a calm manner. Ingmar put his charm in his coat pocket and finished the rest of his drink. This relaxing time came to close when Ingmar heard some noises outside. He already had done his patrolling today but he did not mind one bit if he had to get into another scuffle despite not having his platoon around to assist him.

    Ingmar made his way to whatever chaos was ensuing only to hear a scream from someone. He couldn’t quite make what exactly was said although Ingmar was able to hear the word “princess” in all the commotion. Princess or not, Ingmar still made his way only to gaze upon a fight that was going on. Upon arrival, Ingmar saw the woman and immediately recognized her as a princess. She was however defenseless and due to this, Ingmar wasn’t going to let her get killed today.

    Ingmar noted an injured manakete who had been stricken with an arrow with a cleric by his side. Some brigands were already taken out from the looks of it, especially since Ingmar saw a couple of tome users who looked like they have just used an attack. Lastly, a swordswoman was guarding in front of the princess, making sure that she wouldn’t get harmed.

    “Listen, woman. Take care of that manakete’s wounds and stay out of the way. Since you can’t fight from the looks of it, your best bet for survival right now is to leave the frontlines.” Ingmar yelled to the cleric with an eyepatch as he was pulling out an arrow from his quiver.

    One of the brigands, a thief with a Bronze Sword, took notice of Ingmar and went off to try and harm him. Unfazed, Ingmar took few steps back before placing the arrow on his bow and began to aim at the oncoming thief.

    “With a precise 55-degree angle, I should be able to land a direct hit this thief’s left knee riiiiight NOW” Ingmar said as he launched his attack. The arrow indeed hit the thief’s left knee, almost immobilizing him. As the thief tried to move again, Ingmar quickly removed another arrow from his quiver and launched the arrow at the thief’s chest, hoping that he was completely down for the count.

    Ingmar noted more brigands with non-ranged weapons and knew that this could spell trouble for him as he can’t fight these enemies up close due to him wielding a bow. And picking fights with more than one would certainly lead to something bad. Instead, Ingmar decided to guard the area behind him should more brigands come out of surprise in that direction.
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  8. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Jamie Diamant
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    Jamie wiped off some blood trickling from a small cut on her neck, and held her fingers up to lick said blood as she stopped by a stall all too well-known for selling particularly strong and unusual alcohol. The cut was one of the few small gifts she received from the day's fight, and particularly piddly compared to others. It had come from an arrow graze, and while she hadn't avoided it totally, she ultimately ended up winning in today's Colosseum fight anyway, much to the surprise and chagrin of many spectators, who most likely lost a good amount of their bets to short-sightedness, simpleminded logic or a combination of both. Nevertheless, she ended up having the last laugh as she walked away with her cut, merely grinning caustically at the large number of Viterra's elite (inevitably the ones who bet the most) swearing at her. Gracious wasn't exactly part of the Wyvern Rider's vocabulary, and while she did lose fights, they were few and far between - and of course, she would never allow herself to go down easily to bow-wielding sorts.

    "The usual, J?" The Dark Mage shopkeeper prompted, holding up a bottle of strong, clear alcohol. "Or...our newest offering? Stronger even, and infused with the breath of a wyvern too," he said as he pointed at another bottle, this time containing a sunset-colored liquid that looked almost like flames in liquid form. Jamie wasted no time in taking the bottle of sunset-colored alcohol and rather than pay, she uncorked it and took a few gulps to test it. The alcohol indeed lived up to her standards in terms of raw strength, and the peppery, spicy wyvern breath infusion was the real deal. Of course she could tell - she had been on the receiving end of Zuzu's breath once upon a time, and she had shagged a Manakete once herself.

    "You know damn well how I like it, Ratprick," she taunted, before tossing a number of gold coins towards him. "Fucking strong. Especially after a good fight."

    "Patrick...J, I still don't know what about me makes you think of a rodent's loins," Patrick sighed as he collected the money. He grinned a bit, however. Maybe he would never truly get the redhead's sense of humor, but he would be lying if he claimed that he wished for a different sort of frequent customer - the types with less hair, much less courage and preferred to spend on expensive but bland wines.

    "Damn...you magicians really need to stop overthinking sometimes. I guess that's what you get when you read too much," Jamie snarked as she shook her head and took another chug. After telling him that she'd catch up with him soon, the ebon-armored Wyvern Rider turned around and headed back to where she had left her wyvern, just a few stalls away, drinking as she walked. The large reptile flapped his wings as she approached him, and as Jamie stroked his neck, he launched a blast of compressed air at her face - his special way of greeting her.

    "Look what I got us," Jamie said as she held up her booty. Zuzu, who loved alcohol just as much as his rider did, took a few gulps of the fiery drink, though he did so a bit too quickly that he coughed out a few flames that were a bit too large to be embers. Jamie quickly took her water skin that she tied to the strap of her axe sheath, and doused the flames before they could spread any further. She looked towards the remaining stalls once more, noticing that some of them were already closing for the day. She could perhaps, check out the other stalls before the sun went down. A commotion, however, made her change her mind within seconds.

    "Hey! Leave her alone! Don't you know five against one isn't a fair fight!" She heard a male voice exclaim from afar. Wait a minute...her? Five against one? Was the man implying what she thought he was implying? Swiftly, Jamie mounted her Wyvern and nudged him towards the direction of where the voices were coming from. From above, she saw a man fleeing frantically, only stopping to tell a much younger boy wearing a large robe that the woman in trouble was the Princess. It didn't take long for the Wyvern Rider to find the center of all the action - what looked to be an Ice Manakete in the thick of it. Now her eyes widened. Manaketes were rare enough as they were...she had only met one in all the two dozen years of her life, but an Ice Manakete? She didn't even know about them. She heard the whistling of an arrow flying through the air, and just as suddenly as the Manakete appeared, it crashed down to the ground and reverted back to the form of a young (or deceptively young) blue-clad man. A healer began to take care of him as more people joined the fray - the young boy she saw from above earlier, who struck the bow-wielding Thief with a bolt of lightning, a green-haired Myrmidon who leapt to the defense of a familiar-looking redhead clad in blue, a Dark Mage and a Sniper.

    The good things? One, nobody was getting ganged up on in that way. Two, she was always up for a good fight.

    Jamie took one glance at the redheaded woman, who wielded the silver sword she held with a certain bearing that only nobles had. She had to be the princess in question, but she wasn't from Viterra. No, the girl was definitely from Chalons - she resembled someone in particular whom she had an affair with many years ago...an aimless young prince named Dima...she had to be his cousin. Setting her eyes on the Barbarian, she nudged Zuzu, who promptly dive-bombed towards their target, Jamie pulled herself up to a crouch as she raised her axe and struck the Barbarian on his shoulder. The burly man turned around and roared, swinging his own axe as well. However, Jamie's second strike stopped her opponent's axe in its path before it could hit her chest. She struck his hand out of the way as Zuzu rammed the Barbarian forward, knocking him down to the ground a few meters away.

    "Scared, you fucking coward? Come on and get me if you've got some damn balls!" She gloated. The Barbarian quickly recovered, however, and Jamie shifted her stance, pulled up a knee for balance and , as Zuzu flew forward and the Barbarian charged, both of them brandishing their axes at each other.

    Jamie swung her axe, aiming for his chest.
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  9. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Circe Virane
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra​

    As the men drew nearer, Circe braced herself for an attack, taking a deep breath to steady herself, and holding her sword read to strike. However, the attack she was expecting did not come, interrupted by a voice cutting through the air.

    "Hey! Leave her alone! Don't you know five against one isn't a fair fight!"

    Momentarily distracted, Circe and her attackers turned to see who the voice belonged to, watching a young man draw near. He had a youthful face, possibly making him younger or the same age as Circe. Not that it mattered much to her, she was simply grateful for the help. The bandits seemed to find him quite comical, chuckling amongst themselves at the young boy who had stepped in to assist her. The mercenary who had been focused on Circe, turned towards him.

    "Buzz off kid!" He warned. "Stay out of our business, or you'll regret it!"

    Unfazed by the warning, the young man simply laughed in response. Circe simply stared at him, thinking him mad for simply laughing at the threat. It was only when he pulled out a strange stone, and transformed himself into a manakete, that she understood why he had laughed at his remark. Circe stared at the manakete, jaw agape, taking on a similar expression to some of the bandits. She had never seen a real manakete before. She had heard stories of course, and read histories, but never had she seen one in the flesh. She watched in amazement as he froze the mercenary with a blast of his icy breath. The wonder was not to last, however, because mere moments after freezing the mercenary, the bandit in posession of the steel bow, shot a well-timed arrow into the chest of the dragon, causing him to roar out in pain, and revert back to his human form. With the manakete down, they were back to their earlier vulnerable postion, with the four remaining bandits drawing nearer. For a moment, it almost seemed like the odds would even out, when a woman rushed out to the manakete's side, but it became apparent she wasn't much of a battler, and had exposed herself to aid the manakete. She tried to move him to safety, but a blast of lightning from a tome wielding man, scared her away to the safety of an abandoned stall.

    "Don't give up!" Circe heard the girl call out to her. "We're here for you! They aren't going to win, I promise!"

    That's easy for you to say... Circe thought to herself, noting how the girl was protected, whereas Circe was still outnumbered, even with the mercenary and bow wielding bandit incapacitated for the moment. The barbarian was to be the biggest problem. He and one of the sword-wielding bandits were drawing ever closer. Yet before Circe could ready herself to defend against another attack, a green-haired myrmidon leapt to her defense, literally jumping over one of the stalls to get to her.

    To Circe's relief, the woman revealed they had sent word to the castle, so they only need hold off the attackers for a little while longer. It also seemed like the tide was turning in Circe's favour, as the arrival of another tome wielding man, and a sniper who took out one of the sword wielding bandits. With him gone, there were only three bandits remaing, two of the bandits wielding swords, and the barbarian. The smaller bandits would be pretty easy to take out now, especially as they seemed to lack the confidence of their fallen comrades.

    Like before, it was the barbarian who was going to prove to be an issue, who once again was approaching Circe. She readied herself, and came forward a little, so she was stood almost side-to-side with the myrmidon, rather than behind her. However, before either of them could defned against the barbarian, a dark shape swooped in from above, and knocked the barbarian a few feet away. The 'shape' turned out to be a wyvern and its rider, the latter of whom was goading the barbarian to attack her. As the two lunged for them, about to engage in one last clash (as the barbarian didn't stand much of a chance against a wyvern), Circe could hear a faint rumble from behind them. Before the wyvern rider could make contact with the barbarian, he was struck down by an arrow from behind, killing him instantly. He had struck the floor by the time she reached him.

    Turning to see who the arrow belonged to, Circe noted a soldier concealed behind one of the stalls, wearing armour marked with Vittera's royal insignia. It was only then that Circe recognised the sound that was beginning to grow louder: it was horses. Sure enough, a small group of soldiers, three on horses, and three on foot, could be seen charging towards them from the north of town. At the head of the small force, was none other than Sir Maric himself, who had clearly recieved word of the attack from the myrmidon's ally.

    As the men drew near, the bandits, spooked by the soldiers, started to run, but were quickly followed by one of the knights, who headed off to chase them down on his horse.

    Meanwhile the rest of the soldiers surrounded the small group that had gathered, creating a sort of defensive shield around them. Pulling on the reigns, Sir Maric drew his horse to a halt and dismounted.

    "Princess Circe," He said her name with a sigh of relief as he approached, gently bowing as a sign of respect to her. "Are you hurt, my lady?"

    Circe shook her head. "Thankfully no," she responded, "though I fear I may have been gravely wounded or worse had these civillians not come to my resuce."

    At her sentence, the old knight looked at the people gathered, before returning his attention back to the princess. "That is good to hear." He montioned to two of the soldiers on foot, to come near, before turning to the princess again. "Gwaine and Roderick will escort you back to the castle," he explained, gesturing to the soliders, who nodded in greetings at the mention of their names, "I saw more bandits heading this way, so it would be best if you were escorted to safety before more blood is shed."

    "You want me to flee?" Circe asked with surprise. She took a step back from her protector, almost offended by his suggestion of fleeing to safety. "These bandits are here for me, I am not going to hide, whilst you and these civillians hold them at bay."

    "This is for your own safety, princess." The knight spoke in a calming tone. "Your aunt would not be best pleased if any harm were to come to you."

    "Perhaps this will serve as wake-up call for her then," Circe retorted, glancing up at her protector, almost inviting him to challenge her. "I am not leaving until these bandits are defeated."

    The knight sighed deeply, rubbing at his temple, a nervous habit of his. "Just as stubborn as your father..." He muttered lowly, strangely sounding more amused than annoyed. "Fine, if you really are staying, then you will need this."

    The knight walked back to his horse, and retrieved a sheathed weapon, handing it to the Circe. Almost as if anticipating her reluctance to leave, he had bought her rapier with him. Tossing the mercenary's word to one side, Circe unsheathed her weapon, finding herself at ease as she gripped the hilt of her signature weapon.

    Moments later, the first sign of second wave of bandits appeared, a larger group to the first, most of them thieves, armed with bronze swords, shouting expletitives at them, emerged from an alleyway by a nearby tavern. Sir Maric shouted a few orders to the soldiers, who readied themselves in formation around them. He shot a quick look at the civillians who had came to Circe's aid.

    "I hope you're ready for this, it won't be easy." He warned.

    Thief x5 = All armed with bronze swords.
    Barbarian x2 = One with a Handaxe and one with a tomahawk
    Dark Mage x2
    Sniper = Steel Bow
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  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tikaani Aput
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    Suddenly, Tikaani felt a warm sensation in the area where the wound was. Then, a young woman with white hair, a patch over her eye, and a staff in her hand approached him and checked on his wound. It was magically closing. Sure there was a hole in his shirt where the arrow hit, and it was bloodied, but it didn't hurt as much as before. This was Tikaani's first time ever experiencing a healing spell. Staff wielders weren't exactly common up in the mountains. It felt kind of nice.

    "Don't worry, you're going to be okay." The healer reassured him. "It... it definitely didn't hit your heart, yeah, it might be sore for a bit but I can help with that later - " Then both the healer and Tikaani noticed the archer preparing to strike again. She shrieked and tried to pull the young Manakete away. "Watch out!"


    In an instant, the archer was struck down by a bolt of lightning coming from a young looking guy wielding a tome, and the healer ran off for the safety of an abandoned stall. "We're here for you! "They aren't going to win, I promise!"

    Tikaani giggled and stood up. Gradually, more people came out of the woodwork to join the fight. There was a green haired woman with a sword, another tome wielding man, and a sniper who took out one of the sword wielding bandits. Finally, there was a redheaded woman riding a wyvern, who got into a fight with the barbarian, before the barbarian got struck down by an arrow. Suddenly, a bunch of soldiers, some of which were on horses came charging in. Two of the soldiers on horses took off to chase a couple of the bandits that ran off. The rest of them stayed behind, and one of them spoke to the redheaded woman who had been attacked. Apparently, she was a princess. Tikaani had been out of the loop for a while. He didn't know she was royalty when he saw her. He just saw someone in trouble, and lending a hand seemed like the right thing to do. It would explain why she would be attacked by criminals...

    Apparently, more bandits headed this way, and the princess, who's name was Circe, insisted on staying behind to fight. Tikaani really didn't bother to pay attention to the rest of the dialogue. Instead, Tikaani casually walked up to the girl who had healed him earlier. She was still behind the stall. With a big toothy grin on his face, he gave the girl a big hug. "Heeey! Thanks for the help earlier! I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't shown up!"

    Moments later, another wave of bandits slowly started to appear. This one was a larger group than the first. "I hope you're ready for this, it won't be easy." The man who had spoken to Circe earlier had warned.

    Tikaani nodded. He was confident that this group could handle whatever came their way. "Welp, that's my cue. Gotta fly!" He said to the healer, before squeezing his dragonstone, transforming into his dragon form, and taking to the skies.

    From the air, he flew around in circles, and did a flip for no reason, other than to show off. He then came down, and let out his Ice Breath on the bandit wielding a bow, hoping to freeze him. There was no way he was going to get shot with an arrow again. It managed to freeze his feet where he stood. The Manakete then let out a roar, and flew back up into the sky before a few of the bandits wielding swords could charge at him.

    This time, there were a couple of dark mages in the group of bandits. They were hurling spells at the manakete. He flew out of the way just in the nick of time, and breathed his ice breath at them. They too elegantly jumped out of the way of the attack. Then the cycle continued. It was a battlle of Ice breath, and Dark magic being hurled around. Both sides desperately trying to see who could hit whom first.
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  11. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas Serenes
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    Lucas's spell struck the back of the bow wielder, incapacitating him. The success of his attack prompted a sigh of relief from the Tactician as he made his way to the others afterwards. Thankfully as quickly as he had appeared, so too did others come to the Princess's aid. A Cleric arrived and quickly began to heal the injured Manakete, a Myrmidon appeared and stood alongside the Princess, even saying that she sent word to the castle of the ongoing skirmish, meaning all they had to do now was hold off the bandits until help arrived, a task made easier by the assistance of a Dark Mage and a Sniper who had also offered their aid to the Princess. Finally, a Wyvern Rider appeared and held off the Barbarian, who was ultimately shot dead by an arrow.

    The arrow in question turned out to have been fired by a Viterran soldier. Soon after, reinforcements appeared to aid the Princess in the ongoing battle, led by none other than Sir Maric himself. Lucas had seen Sir Maric in person back when his father served as Amelia's Tactician, but they hadn't spoken before. Considering he had been sent here by Amelia as well, he would have to formally introduce himself to Sir Maric as well as the Princess once this was over.

    For a time, Sir Maric and the Princess spoke to one another about the situation at hand. Sir Maric tried to get the Princess to be escorted back to the castle, but she insisted on staying back to fight. Personally, Lucas agreed that Circe should fall back for her own safety while he and the others that arrived took care of the bandits, but he remained silent. If a trusted guard couldn't convince the Princess to leave, there was no way he could having just met her for the first time. Surprisingly, Sir Maric seemed have expected Circe to want to stay and fight, as he soon gave her a rapier, which she quickly accepted in exchange for discarding the silver sword she had earlier.

    Shortly after, a second wave of bandits had arrived, prompting Sir Maric to call out several orders to his troops before addressing Lucas and the rest of the traveling helpers. "I hope you're ready for this, it won't be easy."

    Indeed, this next group of enemies had greater numbers than the first, and they were more varied, albeit not by much. Still, Lucas didn't see much of a problem from a strategic perspective. He and his allies still had the upper hand in his eyes.

    "Lady Circe! Sir Maric!" Lucas called out as he approached them and kneeled. "I hope you'll forgive an informal greeting under this circumstance. My name is Lucas Serenes, and I'm a Tactician-in-Training from the Capital of Viterra. I've come here under orders from Lady Amelia."

    As Lucas did this, the Manakete preemptively froze the enemy Sniper, evidently wanting to avoid getting shot again, before engaging the Dark Mages, something Lucas didn't mind as he knew he himself wouldn't be very effective against the magic resistant mages, so he went on to assess the rest of the enemy. Five sword-wielding thieves and two axe-wielding barbarians, and upon closer inspection the axes in question were a hand axe, and a tomahawk, both of which could be thrown for ranged attacks, albeit with low accuracy. Thankfully, Lucas had just the tool for dealing with axes as he put away his tome and drew his Levin Sword, the blade of which crackled with lighting as it left its sheath. Admittedly he was more comfortable with his Thoron tome, but he figured that a sword was a more ideal weapon against his odds, at least until the barbarians were defeated.

    "I can help fight the axe-wielders with my sword, but I won't be much use against the mages, they should be left up to our more physically adept allies. I think the Sniper should be a priority target, as they'll be a threat to the dragon and Wyvern Knight if they thaw out of that ice. Once the other enemies have been dealt with, we should be able to defeat the thieves easily enough and with minimal injuries with the Cleric's healing."

    Once Lucas had stated his suggested strategy out loud to his comrades, he took his Levin Sword and pointed it at the Barbarian with the tomahawk. A bolt of lighting then shot out of the sword thunder bolt shaped blade and flew in the direction of the Barbarian in a manner similar to the Thoron spell Lucas had used earlier.
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  12. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Risali LaFlamme ~
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    Things had gone from bad, to hectic, to downright crazy.

    Risali had jumped to action with a sense of urgency. This was a chance to do something good and help someone in trouble after all. But she wasn't alone in doing so. Not by a long shot. Several random strangers jumped to action, each showing some level of skill and finesse with thier abilities or weapons. There was even that Manakete, and a real life wyvern rider of all things. These were either the unluckiest bandits ever or this girl was the luckiest princess ever. Possibly both.

    With the helpful hand from all the other warriors, the ragtag group managed to turn the tide and push the bandits back. And then reinforcements arrived from the castle. The princess went to speak with them, a strong looking knight at the forefront. Judging by their posture, the two were familiar with each other. People watching was a skill you developed as a bodyguard. Always scanning the crowd to judge intent. But these two seemed on even terms. That must mean the head knight was the "Sir Meric" the girl mentioned earlier.

    Risali scanned the group of soldiers for any sign of Dio, but didn't see him. That probably meant the poor cleric was back at the castle. Or worse, he had gotten left behind by the soldiers and was currently lagging behind. Risali hoped it was the first one, for the cleric's sake.

    Now, more bandits had shown up. A few thieves, but some of the new guys were packing some serious heat. She counted two dark mages among them, as well as a sniper in the rear. And one of the front-runners had an actual tomahawk. This squad was suspiciously well funded for a random group of bandits. But their target was a princess. Maybe this was more personal than it seemed? A hit-squad by another noble? Or Maybe this group was well funded precisely because they preyed on nobles. Either way, they weren't going to make a profit today.

    The princess stepped forward, with a swanky new sword in hand, ready to defend herself. Whoever this girl was, Risali admired her courage and determination. Some nobles would have gladly hidden behind their knights. Some have even hidden behind Risali herself, during the several times her bodyguard assignments included actual combat. But this girl had guts. Risali wondered if she had need of another sword in her service before pulling her thoughts back to the task at hand. The bandits had be driven off, first and foremost.

    "I hope you're ready for this, it won't be easy." Sir Maric said, addressing the group Risali was now a part of.

    Risali jumped to attention, giving what she hoped was this kingdom's salute. She had served so many places that sometimes she got the specific gestures mixed up. "No worries Sir, I'm ready and able to assist."

    The Dark Mages were currently occupied with the manakete who was making aerial passes at them in what was the fulfillment of one of Risali's childhood fantasies. She had to try very strongly to resist the urge to marvel at the ice dragon's efforts. The two guys with the axes were engaging the rest of the group. But the sniper in the back... he would have his eyes on the dragon and the wyvern rider no doubt. One good shot from his bow could put either of them out of commission. He was the priority target. The thieves were also running around, but she'd have to trust the others to handle them.

    The Myrmidon ducked and weaved through the line of stands, holding herself as low to the ground as she could get. Then, when she was close enough she ducked out. She waited until the archer set his sights on the manakete above to make her move. Now!

    She became a flash of magenta fabric and green hair trailing in the wind as she bolted for the archer. She saw her, but he had to adjust his aim. He brought his bow around, trying desperately to get his posture right and put the arrow on target for her. Risali swirled to the side as she saw the bowstring go taught, the arrow flying right past her face, close enough so she felt the wind on her cheek from its passing. That shot had been way too close for comfort. This archer was good.

    But not good enough.

    With no time to notch another arrow, the archer instead took a swing with his bow out of desperation but Risali ducked nimbly under the desperate attack. Instead of going for the obvious frontal strike, the swordswoman slid right up beside the bandit and, in one swift motion, struck him through the heart from behind. The bandit gasped for breath, then went limp as his life ebbed away. Risali withdrew her blade and the bandit's corpse toppled to the ground. A clean kill. Always kill cleanly. No suffering. No cruel wounds.

    A sudden warmth on her neck cough her attention and she reached her hand up to check only for it to come back red. The bastard's arrow had actually nicked her cheek after all. He really was good, the poor chap.

    With the flyer's primary threat done, Risali turned her attention back to the battle, and where she might be needed the most.

    Perhaps that healer behind the stand needed protecting.
  13. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Circe Virane
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra​

    "Lady Circe! Sir Maric!" The two turned their heads at the call of their names, watching as one of the tome wielders approached, kneeling in front of them. "I hope you'll forgive an informal greeting under this circumstance. My name is Lucas Serenes, and I'm a Tactician-in-Training from the Capital of Viterra. I've come here under orders from Lady Amelia." Yes, Circe was familiar with the name. She had read it in one of her aunt's most recent letters, though had not expected the man in question for some time. Nevertheless, the presences and help were appreciated.

    Circe dipped her head in acknowledgement before looking around to see the mankete, once again in his dragon form having been healed, took to the skies. Like before, he sued his Ice Breath to attack, quickly distracting the sniper by freezing his feet to the floor and preventing him from loosing an arrow. It was a smart move, Circe reflected, as the sniper would prove to be a threat to the manakete and wyvern rider. After seeing their companion temporarily frozen in place, the dark mages began hurling spells at the manakete. The manakete, in turn, retaliated with his ice breath once more. However, both parties were able to avoid the attacks with ease.

    The man in front of her, Lucas, suggested a possible battle plan, which sounded pretty reasonable given the circumstances they found themselves in. The thieves were clearly the easier targets, so it made sense to deal with them last, once the barbarians and sniper had been dealt with. Clearly, the Viterran soldiers had other ideas though, as the two cavaliers began to engage the thieves.

    One of them was able to kill a thief with his lance but was swiftly taken out by an arrow from the sniper, who was beginning to break free from the ice. This troubled Circe somewhat, as he would pose an even greater threat once mobile again. Thankfully the myrmidon seemed to have things covered, as she swiftly moved through the battlefield, waiting until the sniper took aim at the manakete again, before making her move. With a swift strike, her sword struck him in the heart from behind. He gasped for breath but soon went limp as his life ebbed away. With the sniper and one of the thieves currently incapacitated, the fight seemed to even out, though the barbarians and mages would prove to be an issue still. Upon seeing the sight, one of the thieves seemed to lose his confidence and dropped his weapon.

    "We're not getting paid enough for this," He grumbled to one of the other thieves, before quickly leaving the area.

    "Sir Maric," Circe glanced up at the old soldier, "you and the remaining Chevalier should focus on the mages. Keep them distracted from the manakete and the wyvern rider."

    The man nodded, but before he could call the Chevalier back to him, the scream of one of the other soldiers caught his attention. Circe noted that the scream belonged to the soldier named Roderick, who Maric had attempted to get her to flee to safety with, and who now had a handaxe wedged in the crook of his neck. As the barbarian removed the ace, the soldier dropped to his knees, collapsing in a heap on the floor, blood pooling around him.

    "Roderick, no!" Sir Maric shouted. He moved forwards, perhaps to try and get to the body, but Circe stopped him.

    "I will handle him," Circe promised, locking eyes with her protector. He seemed torn between his prior command and moving towards his soldier but simply nodded his head. Circe looked away from her protector before pointing at the white-haired man, and the sniper. "You two, focus on the thieves." She then looked up towards the wyvern rider. "Assist Sir Maric and the other cavalier. If not focus your attacks on the thieves as well."

    With everyone assigned a target, Circe gripped her rapier tightly and approached the barbarian. His counterpart was currently being dealt with by Lucas, who had staggered him earlier with a blast of magic. The barbarian smirked as Circe approached, clearly finding it amusing that she was the one to battle him. He raised his handaxe above him and swung it in a downwards motion once Circe was near enough. Unluckily for him, Circe had parried his movement, and so his axe clashed against her rapier, as opposed to her skull. He looked down at her in surprise, and she smiled back at him.

    "Nice try, asshole." She teased, before twisting her rapier round and stabbing him through his chest.

    Thief x3 = All armed with bronze swords
    Barbarian - Tomahawk
    Dark Mage x2
  14. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    Ingmar Freyr
    Southern Point (Southpoint)
    Kingdom of Viterra

    "I must say that these are impressive warriors. No doubt they had ample training prior to this mess." Ingmar said to himself, observing the battle.

    A wyvern rider had joined the scuffle between Circes, the ones fighting for her, and the brigands with the wyvern rider fighting for Circes. While Ingmar was on guard for any intruders coming from behind, he then began to think that standing around doing nothing, despite his own idea of not wanting to put himself in danger, was not going to make things any easier. So with a somewhat stern look, Ingmar turned away and grabbed his bow and an arrow and began to walk towards the battle.

    As he walked, he noticed a knight handing a rapier to Circe after he and two other knights came to the rescue while on of them chased down the bandits that ran in fear. Ingmar felt a sigh in relief that the princess could fight again. Shortly after, more bandits came, this time in a larger quantity than before.

    The manakete transformed into his dragon state and froze the sniper’s feet. After that, the dark mages engaged in a battle between dark magic and the breath of a manakete.

    One of them people fighting for Circe suggested a battle plan for this course. Ingmar was intrigued by his strategy and decided that, with the stakes at hand, he would go with it. Ingmar had his eyes set on the Sniper initially, but the green-haired swordsman had already eviscerate the bandit so instead he set his eyes towards one of the dark mages.

    “Hey if you’re looking for another ranged battle, I’d be obliged to help make that happen. Just don’t expect it to last long.” Ingmar said, taunting the dark mages attacking the manakete.

    In response, one of the dark mages took his attention towards the Sniper. Ingmar prepared his arrow and launched it towards the dark mage’s right shoulder. The dark mage also used magic towards Ingmar as well, but the arrow managed to hit the dark mage’s right shoulder while Ingmar dodged the oncoming attack.

    As Ingmar prepared for his finishing blow the other dark mage managed to land a surprise hit on Ingmar’s right arm, causing him to feel pain from the attack. Ingmar retreated and called for a cleric to heal his injury. He was far from being truly dead although he needed his right arm healed immediately as this would affect him from using his bow accurately.

    “To have been hit by a mere bandit like that…never mind. I just hope I can get this injury patched up.”
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