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Fire Emblem: Asunder (Sign-Ups PG-16)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Minteh, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Rated PG-15 for foul language and violence.

    | Prologue | ​

    Created by Sorgi, the dragon god of destiny, the continent of Tredone, is a temperate and diverse land. Once a wild and somewhat brutish realm, as time progressed, and man developed, four separate kingdoms came into creation: Eastmarch, Chalons, Nazaire, and Viterra. Eastmarch was the first of the kingdoms to be formed, situated in the vast north, and was a kingdom known for its abundance of natural resources. Amongst other things, the kingdom was home to a large Manakete population, who co-existed peacefully with their human neighbours. Chalons was the second kingdom to be created. Situated south-west of Eastmarch, the kingdom proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its impressive military force. Nazaire was the third kingdom to be created, and quickly became the largest of the four. Though nowhere near as aggressive as the army of Chalons; Nazaire quickly garnered a reputation for their impressive military force, which they used mainly to expand their kingdom. The fourth kingdom, and by far the smallest, was Viterra.

    As the kingdoms began to grow stronger and stronger, Sorgi blessed the leaders with a weapon or two that he created himself, encouraging the leaders to pledge to keep the peace between themselves and never harm one another with their weapons. Eastmarch was blessed with the axe Sarabii, Nazaire was given the tome named Erelis, Viterra was graced with a silver lance named Lyndelith, and Chalons was blessed with a legendary sword and shield known as Munio (the sword) and Servus (the shield).

    For years, the kingdoms lived in peace and harmony, engaging in trades with each other, and sharing in each other cultures. Until one day, everything changed. To this day, no-one is truly certain on how the Exalted War started, but one thing the scholars could agree on, was that it was a senseless and brutal battle. A large army, consisting of soldiers from Nazaire and Chalons, marched into Eastmarch and laid waste to the land. According to tales from the time, the current rulers of Nazaire and Chalons, believed that Eastmarch had been withholding resources, and that they had been attempting to start a war for years. Hundreds of innocent people died at the hands of the army, the Manaketes worst of all, and when all was said and done, the kingdom of Eastmarch was no more, only a few hundred people surviving the assault. Fearing Chalons would eventually claim some of the northern territory of Eastmarch as their own, the king of Nazair set to work establishing watchtowers in the area to ensure Chalons would be incapable of doing so.

    After the destruction of Eastmarch, peace was restored to the continent, albeit for some years. Around 95 years after the fall of Eastmarch, the current prince of Viterra – a great-grandson to the king of Nazaire who agreed to war with Eastmarch – claimed that he had documents proving that Chalons had coerced Nazaire into destroying the kingdom of Eastmarch. Naturally, Chalons denied this at first, but after a delegate from Nazaire confirmed the legitimacy of the document, they had to change their story. The emperor of Chalons claimed that whilst it was true they had coerced Nazaire into joining them, they had good reason to, for as well as witholding resources, Eastmarch had been training a large number of the Manaketes to attack the other kingdoms and secure more land for themselves.

    Whilst this fuelled a rise of hatred against Manaketes, the answer had not been enough to stop Viterra, and they were quick to retaliate with claims that it would not be long until Chalons attempted to expand their empire, ensuring that Nazaire and Viterra were wiped out just as Eastmarch had been.

    Times were tense, and for years people held their breath to see if the continent would break out into war. For ten years these arguments lasted between Viterra and Chalons, and despite many attempts to broker peace, it was eventually announced that Chalons had declared war on Viterra.

    What followed was a long and tiresome war, which, on account of its great length, would come to be known as "The Two Hundred Year War". Roughly 207 years after the war began, preparations were made to end it. The current ruling prince of Viterra did not have much of interest in war, and whilst he had increased the defenses in his kingdom, he had never openly engaged his kingdom in a battle with Chalons. In the kingdom of Chalons, the ailing emperor, Ajax II, also longed for peace. The war had been his father's war, and much like his Viterran counterpart, he had no interest in pursuing it any further. On his deathbed, he implored his nephew and heir, Felippe to bring peace back to the kingdom and end the war. As promised, Felippe did just that, and after agreeing to a treaty with the Viterran king at the sacred Temple of Sorgi, the war was finally ended. Two weeks later, as part of the treaty, Felippe married Princess Fenella of Viterra, in a joint wedding and coronation.

    Ten months after the wedding, Fenella gave birth to their first and only child, Princess Circe. The royal family were well-loved in their kingdom, and spent a great deal of time travelling throughout it, and ensuring that rebuilding efforts were going well. Whilst the main family were loved throughout the kingdom, the same could not be said for the emperor's siblings. Princess Annis was respected in some parts of the kingdom, thanks to her part as leader of the Pegasus Knights, but was in other parts criticized for her initial disapproval of her brother's marriage. Annis' twin, the Prince Anders, was even more disliked. A famed commander, his respect had dwindled in recent years, thanks to inflammatory comments made towards Viterra, and his general mistreatment of his wife. He was critical of almost everyone, even his brother. Despite tensions between them, Felippe and Anders, always acted civil around each other at gatherings.

    Peace and happiness was short-lived in Chalons, for after the sudden passing of Princess Fenella, everything began to go downhill once more. Felippe fell into a state of depression from which he never truly recovered after Fenella's death, and even though he outlived her by six years, ill health plagued him throughout his final years. After his death, a regent needed to be named, as per the ancient laws, Circe was not allowed to rule as Empress until she turned eighteen. Many people assumed the great council would name Anders, but oddly enough they named Annis instead. Her coronation as Empress was a small and simple affair, partly due to the fact she would only reign until her niece came of age, and partly due to her twin publicly expressing his outrage.

    Although tensions were rife between brother and sister, Annis' reign proved to be a decent one, at least for the first two years. As well as a keen patron of the arts, she was keen to encourage other young women to learn to fight, and established a training academy in Edgehill. In her third year as empress, was when things became troubling once more. Although many accepted Annis as their empress regent, a growing number of people were beginning to support Anders. This was worrisome, in part due to the number of uprisings that had been taking place throughout the kingdom, instigated by Anders' loyal supporters. The uprisings worried the trouble folk, especially more so when Anders' men began to instigated trouble at their borders. Many people alive still remembered the great war and were keen not to see it happen again.

    After a particularly bad incident, the three kingdoms agreed to meet at the Temple of Sorgi, and discuss terms of peace. Due to bad weather Annis and her niece were two days late for arrival at the temple. The pair were on their way to the temple when they were stopped and ordered to return home. Upon asking why, Annis was informed that there had been an explosion at the temple, and most of the attendees - including the ruling prince of Viterra and the heir to Nazaire - had died. Shocked, the empress and Circe returned home, unable to quite believe that such a thing had happened.

    When news of what happened spread throughout the kingdom, blame instantly went to Chalons, and to Anders, who conveniently had survived. Tensions mounted and Annis' leadership was drawn into question. During this tense time, Circe turned 18, but instead of being crowned as the new empress, her coronation was pushed back whilst Annis struggled to retain peace.

    After six months of ongoing negotiations and seeing no improvement, Annis declared her intentions to meet with her brother privately, and get him to agree to a deal with her. On a dark and stormy evening, the empress invited her brother to a private meal at the castle, the only other noble in attendance being Circe. As words were exchanged, Annis expressed a desire not to go to war with her brother, but if he continued to act as he did, then she would have no other choice. Anders also admitted that he hoped things would not come to that. The meeting continued along fairly smoothly, until as things came to a close, Anders asked to hug his sister. Whilst this request came off as strange, the empress accepted, but mere moments after the embrace, Anders used a concealed dagger to fatally wound her. As Annis collapsed to the floor, her brother retrieved the crown from her head, and placing it upon his own. As Circe stood to rush to her aunt's side, armed men entered into the room and took a hold of her, and with orders from her uncle, took her to her chambers, where she was to be kept on close watch.

    Less than a week later, Anders had officially declared himself as emperor, after revealing the tragic (and fabricated) story behind Annis' death. He claimed that a frightened servant had killed her during their talks, and that his niece had gone into a state of shock. After consulting his physicians, she was declared unfit to take the crown, and thus Anders was free to ascend to the throne.

    Life under Anders' rule was, unsurprisingly, a difficult time. Anders continued to lead attacks on the borders, focusing most of his forces on the border with Viterra, noting how the current heir was a mere child. For six months, Circe remained a prisoner in her own home. She was allowed certain luxuries, but for the most part, she lived a miserable life. One night, a small contingent from Viterra attacked the castle. Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, they had actually been sent by the Princess regent of Viterra – Circe's aunt by marriage – to rescue her and spirit her away. As she was escorted through the castles by her rescuers, Circe convinced them to let her into the treasury, where she took Servus, and bought the shield with her.

    After escaping the castle, Circe was escorted to Viterra, where she met her aunt in the capital city. Her aunt explained that she was suspicious of Anders' claims, and after speaking with a contact of hers in Chalons, she decided to launch a rescue attempt.

    Circe remained with her aunt in the capital for two weeks, but with the risk of being found growing every day, her aunt elected to send her to Southern Point, a coastal town where Circe's own mother had spent her early years due to the war.

    Four months have passed since then, but despite no large-scale assaults on Viterra, border riots are rife throughout the land. And it is not just Viterra seeing attacks, Anders now appears to have turned his attention to Nazaire, the southern border which they share largely untamed land. With the world on the brink of all out war once more, people wonder if anyone will be able to put a stop to Anders, and if they ever truly will know peace once again.



    Map of Tredone

    Locations of interest ​


    • Capital of Chalons – Located in the east of Chalons, the capital is a prosperous city, and the home of the royal family. The town is built around the royal castle, with the castle itself serving as the center of town. The capital is a lively city and people have it surprisingly easy here. Only a small portion of the city's populace is considered "poor", and reside in a section of the town known as Pickman's Corner. A short walk to the east, leads to the royal port, where Chalons handles most of its trade.
    • Edgehill Town – A small town located several miles south-west of the capital. The land surrounding this town is very lush and fertile, making the town popular with farmers. Empress Annis built a fighting school for women here. It is also home to a large population of Pegasi, many of which go on to join the royal Pegasus Knights.
    • Edgehill Priory – A sacred and holy place, this church serves as the final resting place for many of the royal family. Before the Two Hundred Year war, pilgrims from other kingdoms would often visit here.
    • The Wasted Fields – The Wasted Fields is the name given to the sandy, and dry region that makes up the south of Chalons. A place notorious for its high levels of crime, few people dare make their home here. It is rumoured that Dark Magic is practiced openly in this region.
    • Anders Peak – Anders Peak is a small tower and village, located along the border with Nazaire. The land surrounding this is wide and open, leading to it becoming a training ground for the royal army.
    • Temple of Sorgi – Once a beautiful temple dedicated to the dragon god of the same name, all that remains is a smoking ruin. According to legend, the spot where the temple was built, was where Sorgi delivered his gifts to the world.


    • Capital of Nazaire – Situated just a short walk from Lake Alveris, the capital of Nazaire is a shining beacon of life. The largest of all the capitals, the city is home to people from all walks of life. Despite major differences between the upper and lower classes, the capital is thought of as one of the safest places to live. It has a vibrant market scene, and has a college of magic that has been growing in size for some years.
    • Nazaire's Pass – A large mountain range situated in the vast north. The land surrounding the pass is mostly uninhabitable, but a small Manakete population make their home deep in the mountains.
    • Border Watchtower – On most maps this is simply described as a watchtower, but "Border Village" would be a more appropriate name for it. Established after the fall of Eastmarch, the watchtower serves to protect the border between Nazaire and Eastmarch. Not much grows here, and only the soldiers who guard it and their families would dare make their home here.
    • Ruins of Eastmarch – Once a beautiful and prosperous kingdom, all that remains are a few crumbling buildings and temples. It is a wild environment, made worse by many overgrown ruins. Strange beasts and monsters lurk in near these ruins, and many a wary traveller have attempted to enter into these ruins, only to never return.
    • Levans Hold – A small holdfast which was created during the reign of the legendary King Levan II. It was created as a castle for the heir apparent to reside in should he wish it. The castle is unique in Nazaire, in that it closely resembles Viterran architecture more than that of Nazaire.
    • Pyrite Town – Pyrite Town is a small town located just south of the capital. It is a small town and the people here are known to be hard-working. They mostly trade directly to the capital, and because of this, enjoy a rich and plentiful life, unusual of a town of its size.


    • Capital of Viterra – Compared to the capitals of the neighbouring kingdoms, Viterra's capital is positively small. Once a large and beautiful city, it suffered greatly during the great war, and many building still retain the scars from battle. Rebuilding has been slow, and continues to be hampered by Chalons, causing trouble at their borders.
    • Southern Point – Southern Point, also shortened to Southpoint by locals, is a large coastal town in Viterra. The centre of town is home to a large fountain, named "Fenella's tears" which was created by the late ruling prince in honour of his sister after her death, many stalls and shops are built around it, making it a hub of activity. To the north lies fortified castle; to the west lie the docks, not as active now due to the war; in the south sits a large arena, created for the entertainment of locals, and to the east many villagers make their home.
    • Aeroville – Formerly known as Veronaville, this small settlement was shared between Nazaire and Viterra, with one country often taking control of the settlement and surrounding lands during tense times with the other. Veronaville transformed into Aeroville during the Two Hundred Year war, where they attempted to decare independence. Compared to other settlements and towns they have few luxuries and consider themselves exempt from wars and other worldly matters. Whilst still considered a part of Viterra, the settlement thinks of itself as its own country.


    In Tredone, every soldier wields a weapon that they use to battle against others. There are eight types of weapons altogether plus staves that your characters may use in this roleplay. Below is a list of possible weapons:

    1) Sword/Katana: Weapon that has power weaker to axes and lances but are very accurate.
    2) Axe/Club: Weapon that has power greater then swords and lances but are less accurate
    3) Lances/Naginata: Weapons that have the perfect balance between power and accuracy.
    4) Bow/Yumi: Weapons that shoot from a distance. Their power is stronger than tomes/scrolls and shurikens/daggers but they do not work up close against enemies.
    5) Tome/Scroll: Magical weapons that strike from a distance and up close. Usually effect against armored units and those in the Fighter/Barbarian classes.
    6) Staves: Items that help heal an opponent in battle. Leaves the user vulnerable to attacks however.
    7) Shurikens/Daggers: Weapons that can strike from a distance and up close. Their power is weaker than bows/yumi and tomes/scrolls but they can leave an enemy more vulnerable to damage after being used.
    8) Dragon Breath: An attack that deals magical damage. Power is weaker than Claws but can hit opponents faster.
    9) Claws: An attack using the user’s own claws to deal great damage. Power is stronger than Dragon Breath but can be slow to use.

    Before I share the lists of classes and different varieties of weapons, I will discuss some things from the game I will be implementing into the roleplay: the weapon triangle and class promotion. The weapon triangle is pretty self explanatory, and basically displays which weapons are weak/strong against others. In regards to promotion basic Classes may only promote to a Promoted Class if their Base Class follows the guidelines shown in the list of classes below. You won’t be able to promote now if your character starts in a Basic Class but eventually he or she will in the future!

    Weapon triangle

    Sword/Katana & Tome/Scroll -> Axe/Club & Bow/Yumi
    Axe/Club & Bow/Yumi -> Lance/Naginata & Shuriken/Dagger
    Lance Naginata & Shuriken/Dagger -> Sword/Katana & Tome/Scroll

    This roleplay will be using the classes/weapons from FE: Awakening (save for character specific weapons such as Falchion). When creating your character please consult both lists before deciding on your class and weapon.

    Notable NPCs in the RP​

    • Emperor Anders V – Current emperor of Chalons and the uncle to Circe. Despite his unassuming appearance, he is a cruel and manipulative man.
    • Dima – Also known as Prince Dima, he is the son and only child of Anders. He is a sailor on the Summer Rose.
    • Princess Amelie – The princess regent of Viterra and the mother of the future ruling prince, Sebastian. She was responsible for Circe's rescue. She is a sharp and intellectual woman, with a deep love for family.
    • King Haakon II – The current king of Nazaire. Sometimes referred to as the eternal king, due to the account of his lengthy reign. A famed commander in his youth, he has become more withdrawn as he aged.
    • Prince Greer – Haakon's eldest surviving son and third in line to the throne behind his niece and nephew. He currently resides at Levans Hold. He is an ambitious man and many say he is allies with Anders.
    • The Overseer – A member of Aeroville's mysterious council of elders. Not much is known about them as no-one outside of Aeroville has ever seen them before.
    • Ilia – A wyvern rider in service to Princess Amelie. A firm but fair woman who enjoys sticking to rules. She is a close friend of Amelie and would do anything she asked of her.
    • Sir Maric – A close friend to the late emperor Felippe. After his friend's death he moved to Viterra, and was given employ under the service of the Viterran royal family. Since Circe was rescued he has been assigned as her protector.
    • Shirei – A mysterious figure at the Nazaire court. She serves as an occult advisor of sorts.
    • Victor – A mysterious mercenary from The Wasted Fields. He works for Anders, and often leads raids on Viterra with his loyal band of men.


    1. All standard forum rules apply.
    2. Please, no bunnying/god-modding without permission. I will allow you to do it to my characters, but only in response to non-violent interactions, and nothing that would seem out of character.
    3. Post as often as you can! I know most people have their own thing going on in their personal lives, but this is one of those RPs that is fun if you keep up with it.
    4. Swearing is allowed as this is rated 'PG-16', but please don't abuse it. I know some characters will swear a lot, just don't use it as an excuse to have them swear in every sentence.
    5. Romance/sexual stuff is fine with me, but don't go overboard. We're not here for that.
    6. Also, and I can't stress this enough, please make it appear realistic during fight scenes. I know there is magic involved, so it isn't going to be exactly identical to real life, but don't make it so you character gets punched and is barely affected by it.
    7. Don't ask for multiple characters.
    8. If you're going to be away for a period of time, please let me know in advance.
    9. Not really a rule as such, but it is worth noting that you don't need too much knowledge of Fire Emblem to join this RP. Tredone is a standalone continent, with no references to other continents of past games. Also, we will not be focusing too heavily on the game mechanics of Fire Emblem. It will literally just be your character, their class, and their weapon.

    The Sign-up Form ​

    My Sign-Up

    Name: Princess Circe Athenodora Elenwen Virane (she allows those close to her to simply use Circe, but prefers to be addressed as 'my lady' or 'princess' otherwise, she also is styled with the Grand Duchess title in Chalons, though refuses to use it).

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Class: Lord

    Weapon: Noble Rapier (+ Servus)

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Though only nineteen, Circe cuts an imposing figure, especially more so in her Chalons armor. Like many of her Virane family, Circe is tall and slender, with toned muscles from years of battle training, the most prominent of which being her biceps. Circe inherited the Virane colouring for the most part, having naturally tan skin, and rich auburn coloured hair. Her hair is long, and she mostly keeps it tied back for practicality in a simple ponytail. During formal occasions she will often leave it loose with a single braid going down the back. Her azure blue eyes are from her mother's side of the family, and are a trait that is quite prominent amongst the Viterran royals. In regards to facial features, Circe has a fairly plain yet pretty face. Her eyes are almond shaped and a little too close together. She has a a small, slightly upturned nose, with a small mole close to her left nostril. Her lips are quite thin for a women, though she has a prominent cupid's bow on her upper lip. Circe sometimes wears make-up to accentuate her features, but nothing that would be considered over the top.

    In regards to clothing, Circe, being a princess, has access to a large variety of clothes, and as such many of her articles of clothing are of the highest quality. Although she was never part of the Chalons army officially, Circe is in possession of her own suit of armour, which like all those in the army, is coloured in the typical black and blue colours of her kingdom. The only difference between her armour and the standard womens armour in Chalons, is that she has bracers for her suit, which were inspired by those her late aunt Annis. When she isn't wearing her armour, Circe tends to dress plainly in a modified hunting gown, in her favourite colour of blue. When travelling the streets of Southpoint, she usually wears a blue-grey cloak in addition, offering her an added layer of protection, should any would-be attackers be searching for her.

    Personality: At a glance, most people think of Circe as what a typical princess should be; beautiful and elegant, well educated, and with a natural charm befitting a woman of her rank. Whilst some of this is accurate to her character, this description of her is basically what she wants people to see - her public persona, if you will. As a princess she understands she needs to come across in a certain way to her people, she can't be too harsh, or too soft, she's got to be somewhere in between.

    Behind closed doors, Circe does retain her naturally charming personality. Unlike some of her predecessors, Circe has a very lively and upbeat personality, which is surprising given the somewhat eventful childhood she had. Circe could be described as having a "magnetic" personality, her lively personality often enticing others into following her, or listening to what she has to say. Although she does seem to befriend others easily, Circe values her independence. Whilst she can follow orders when necessary, she dislikes being controlled by others, especially those who have unfavourable motives. When under the careful watch of her uncle, Circe was notably agitated when by herself, but to protect herself she would often lie and claim she was fine.

    Circe can be quite a driven person when the right idea comes to mind. When she has a set goal in mind, she likes to see it carried through to the end, and can become frustrated if her plans suffer setbacks. Furthering on from this, Circe can be impatient at times, and as mentioned before, dislikes suffering setbacks to plans, or if people beat around the bush with responses. Circe appreciates people who are direct and honest with her, as they are traits she tries to follow with. Whilst some people appreciate her honesty, she can at times be seen as blunt, despite her best efforts to be sympathetic when dispensing the truth.

    In regards to friendship, Circe is a dedicated and loyal friend. Whilst her strong personality can lead to disagreements, Circe is a very supportive friend, and if any of her companions were ever troubled over something, she would do her best to see that things were fixed. Although a loyal and caring friend, she is not afraid to put a friend back in their place should they overstep a line.

    History: Circe was the first and only child of Emperor Felippe III and his wife, Princess Fenella of Viterra. Whilst in the other kingdoms the birth of a daughter as the first born child would be seen as a disappointment, Circe's birth was cause for great celebration, not only because the line of succession passed to the eldest child and not the eldest son, but also because her birth was seen as a sign of peace.

    From a young age Circe and her parents travelled not only their empire, but the other kingdoms as well. In their own kingdom, they were more interested in how rebuilding was going after the war, and assuring the fealty of noble lords and ladies in service to them. Their journeys to other kingdoms were more diplomatically based, and were often done to show how peace was returning, albeit slowly. When not travelling, Circe spent much of her time in the capital, under the watchful eye of her parents or tutors. She was a very studious child, and seemed to have an innate idea of the role that awaited her in later life, and therefore pushed herself to excel in lessons. Circe's favourite lessons were History and Art.

    When she was only seven years old, Circe experienced the first of many tragic events in her life. Whilst on an official visit to Edgehill Priory, her mother suddenly came down with an illness. It presented itself as a cough at first, but when her symptoms grew worse, the decision was made to bring her back to the capital. After ten days, and despite the best efforts of the royal physicians, Fenella sadly passed away. A few months after her burial, her brother, the ruling prince of Viterra, commissioned a fountain bearing her likeness be built in the town of Southpoint, where she had spent much of her childhood. Fenella's death was extremely hard on all her family, but her husband seemed to be affected the worst, and slipped into a deep depression from which he never truly recovered. Although Felippe tried his best to remain positive for his daughter, every day was a constant battle between him and his emotions. To help ease his workload around the castle, his younger sister, Princess Annis, moved into the castle. Whilst her primary role involved acting as a confidant of sorts for Felippe, and handling minor duties around the castle, she also became something of a surrogate carer to her niece.

    At the age of thirteen, Circe would lose her father. Whilst Circe was in Viterra to meet her new cousin, her father suffered an accident whilst riding and sadly passed away from his wounds. Circe was devastated when she found out, and rode back to the castle almost as soon as she knew. Her father's funeral was a somber affair, with many thoughts going towards who would serve as Circe's regent until she came of age. Whilst a few noble lords were mentioned, it was always Annis and Anders who were the frontrunners for the position. Due to his military expertise, many expected Anders to be selected, but to the surprise of everyone it was Annis who was named as regent. Although this was celebrated throughout Chalons, this decision also served as the start of a growing issue with Anders.

    Now that Circe was closer to the throne than ever, she started playing more of a role at court, partaking in council meetings, and learning how to properly fight. Like her more traditional lessons, Circe soon proved herself to be a diligent learner, and was quickly able to prove herself as a capable fighter. Within three years of her regency, issues with Prince Anders were beginning to become more troublesome. Although Circe wasn't as close to her uncle, she cared for him as family, and could not understand why he constantly attempted to undermine his sister, or start wars with the other kingdoms. She once attempted to write to him, asking to cease with his attacks, but was stopped by her aunt. It was only after the destruction of the Temple of Sorgi, that she saw her uncle in a different light, and truly began to understand what he was capable of. Whilst it could never be proven that Anders blew up the temple, many presumed he had done it or had one of his followers act under his command.

    Strangely, despite the deaths of so many, none of the kingdoms declared war; although her uncle, continued to order border raids against Viterra. It seemed no-one wanted to start another war so soon after the last. When Annis invited her brother to parley with her, Circe was strongly against it, and was quite vocal in her displeasure at inviting him here. Although her aunt told her she only wanted a peaceful conversation, Circe secretly hoped that her aunt would use the opportunity to imprison her uncle. Circe was present when her uncle murdered Annis, and was forced to watch, as Anders mockingly said "Long live the Empress" as her beloved aunt passed away. When Annis had finally slipped away, armed men entered the room, and at the order of her uncle, took her to her private chambers where she would remain for the coming weeks. Roughly a week after the murder, Anders officially declared himself as Emperor, and announced his highly fabricated version of events: stating that Annis had been murdered by a servant, and that Circe, heavily traumatised by the event, fell into a state of shock and was now unfit to be empress.

    For six months, Circe was virtually a prisoner in her own home, but there was little she could to change that. One night, to the surprise of Circe herself, her aunt Amelie, the regent of Viterra, launched a small attack on the castle, under the guise of helping Circe escape. Although Circe was concerned at first, mistakenly believing her rescuers to be actors working under her uncle, she quickly changed her mind upon seeing Sir Maric. After her rescue, Circe resided in Viterra for a few weeks under the protection of her aunt, until it was decided that for her safety she should be sent to Southpoint. Although Circe would've preferred to stay in the capital, she understood the concerns of safety, and thus agreed to move to Southpoint. Circe has remained there ever since, knowing full well her uncle's ambitions will soon have him growing more boisterous in his actions, and that soon, people may have to face the grim reality that war is inevitable with Anders still in power.

    Other: N/A


    • Circe Virane portrayed by Minteh
    • Ethan Lachance played by Schade
    • Jamie Diamant played by *Jean Grey*
    • Tikaani Aput played by Monster Guy
    • Livie Fletcher played by Tangeh
    • Ingmar Freyr played by Dragalge
    • Lucas Serenes played by Andydemon
    • Risali LaFlamme played by TheSequelReturns
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Guess what Minty! Manaketes are Waterbenders now. :p They live in a mountain range, I can assume there's snow there. :p

    Let me know if I messed up.

    Name: Tikaani Aput (Nicknamed Tiki by friends)

    Age: 331, but he looks like a young adult.

    Gender: Male

    Class: Manakete

    Weapon: Dragonstone + (An Icy looking stone that allows him to transform into his dragon form.)

    His Dragon breath is ice based.

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tikaani stands tall at 6'3". He is physically fit and quite strong, with a toned athletic physique that he is quite proud of, that he obtained from years of training, and generally being active. He has a brown skin tone when in human form. His face is round, free of blemishes, and rather boyish. His facial features are marked by large expressive bright blue eyes, a small nose, and a usually smiling mouth. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He has short messy black hair, with sideswept bangs that cover his forehead, and go to his eyebrows. He knows his hair is a mess, but doesn't really care to do anything about it, claiming it adds character to his look. Except for the top of his head, and eyebrows, the rest of his upper body is void of any hair. He has pointed ears that give away the fact he is a manakete, and is very proud of them.

    Like most members of his settlement, Tikaani wears shades of blue and white in his clothes, colors associated with ice and snow. His clothes are usually made from materials one can easily obtain in that area. His entire race are immune to the cold, so he doesn't dress appropriately for cold weather. He wears a blue tunic with a low neckline. The tunic had sleeves at one point, but Tikaani intentionally cut them off, and now there is only fraying at the shoulder area. He wears a white sash tied around his waist. He also abandons the mittens, but does wear a pair of blue leather bracers around both wrists that go up to his elbows. He sometimes ditches the tunic, and just goes without a shirt altogether.

    Being a Manakete, Tikaani has the ability to turn into a large dragon. His scales are white in color, resembling snow. His head has two large icy blue horns, as well as a row of icy blue spines going down his back before ending halfway down his tail. They make it look as if icicles are protruding from his body. His tail is long and slim, and also has ice blue spikes at its tip. He has a long wingspan, being bat-like in appearance.

    Personality: Tikaani is several centuries old, but you would never know it from the way he looks and acts. He is extroverted, bubbly, chatty, and boisterous. He is a very social person. He likes making friends and being surrounded by people. He is not picky about who he gets to know either, preferring to find some good in everyone. He is an outgoing, handshaking, touching kind of guy. He openly expresses affection through hugs, holding hands, as well as stroking and grabbing shoulders. He makes friends easily, and will happily chat up strangers if they interest him somehow. He enjoys social situations, and believes that everyone else would too. He's likely to convince people who he perceives as being lonely to come along with things like 'come on, you'll enjoy it!' or 'you don't know what you're missing!' Especially when he's looking for someone to play in the snow with. While he does need to spend time alone once in a while, he gets bored if he does it too long. He values all his relationships, and will happily stick with anyone he considers a friend.

    Tikaani is a cheerful, upbeat person. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even during stressful situations. He often makes jokes, when the situation is tense to lift people's spirits. He may tease others in a 'playful' way, and expect them not to 'take it so seriously.' He does feel bad if somebody does actually get their feelings hurt by what he says. Sometimes his attempts at humor are read as him not taking the situation seriously. While he does joke around a lot, he is capable of getting things done. He just doesn't feel the need to be so dour about it. He often suggests that others not be so serious. He always gets a giggle when he tells someone to 'chill out' considering he comes from a cold place, and can turn into a dragon that can breathe ice. In fact, he likes to make ice/cold based puns when he can get away with it.

    Tikaanii loves the fact that he can turn into a dragon, and is more than happy to show off this skill for anybody. He has high self-esteem and is prone to bragging. He does it in a 'look at this awesome thing I can do!' way, rather than an 'I'm better than you.' way. He enjoys getting attention from others, and If nobody is paying attention to him, he will barge into a conversation or say something in order to attract some attention. He gets very uncomfortable if he feels left out.

    He likes to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. This means Tikaani is not the best when it comes to organization, or planning. Due to his lack of planning ahead, it makes him impulsive, and he tends to jump into things without a second thought. He gets bored when he is not sufficiently stimulated, and will complain about being bored. He is also not the most tidy person. He does clean up his mess after the fact if it's pointed out to him, but he has trouble avoiding making a mess in the first place. He normally has trouble focusing, however he is soothed by the sounds of rainfall, a rushing waterfall, or the sound of running water in general. Meditating under a waterfall helps him think, and he'll often intentionally leave a faucet running if he's having trouble sleeping.

    Emotionally, Tikaani is very easygoing. He is always up for a good time, and loves adventure and trying new things. He is willing to try anything once. He has a very long fuse, and you really have to do a lot to anger him. His anger can be explosive when something does set him off enough. After the fact though, he'll be profusely apologising about it, then expecting everything to all be water under the bridge after that. Even when he does get angry, he is quick to 'forgive and forget.' Aside from anger, he expresses his other emotions rather freely. He cries when he is sad, and visibly expresses his joy when he is happy. He is sensitive to the emotions of others, and will be the first to cheer someone up if he thinks their upset, as well as defend others from bullies.

    At the end of the day, Tikaani is a kind and loyal friend who just likes to have fun.

    History: Tikaani was alive during the Exalted War, but was too young to really remember it. Once upom a time, Manaketes were an abundant race, that coexisted peacefully with humans. Since the destruction of Eastmarch, and the deaths of many innocent Manaketes, that has changed. The few that survived fled to the mountains, and shut themselves off from the rest of the world. They avoided getting involved in human affairs, and they thrived with the absence of human interference. Tikaani's settlement consists of the few Manaketes who managed to escape Eastmarch before it had been destroyed, and settled in Nazaire's Pass. The cold conditions made it inhabitable for humans. Unfortunately, Tikaani's father was one of the Manaketes killed during the conflict, thus, the boy has little to no memories of him. All the things he does know of him, are the things his mother told him.

    For the majority of his life, Tikaani lived Nazaie's Pass. it was just him and his mother. Tikanni was responsible for helping his mother out with household things. Primarily gathering food and preparing meals. His mother was the one that taught him to cook. The boy really liked to eat, and she felt it best that he learn to make his own meals sometimes. His cheerful and upbeat persona made Tikaani popular with his peers. He found it very easy to make friends with people. In between his chores, he made time to play with the other younger children in the village, whom he thought of as siblings. The settlement was so small, he was certain he was distantly related to everyone there anyway. He particularly enjoyed going sledding in the snow capped mountains with them.

    While he was happy at home, Tikaani knew there was life beyond the mountain range. He has always wanted to leave his small settlement, and see the rest of the world. Mainly because he got bored with the day-to-day routine at home. His mother was concerned with the idea though. After the war, humans had become fearful of Manaketes, or outright hating them. After losing her husband, she feared losing her son too. Things got a little more exciting in his life when he was old enough to finally get his own dragonstone, while his uncle on his mothers side taught him about his draconic nature. He taught him how to transform, fly, and breathe ice. While he had difficulty controling himself when in dragon form at first. He also often got bored with studying and often just wanted to play, He did manage to learn a lot during his lessons, and he found being able to fly to be a very freeing experience.

    When he was the Manakete equivalent of 18, Tikaani decided that he learned all he could in his small village. He wanted to leave the mountains, and see the rest of the world. He was able to turn into a big, scaly dragon. What kind of danger could he possibly get into? His mother was hesitant to let her only child go off into the world all by himself. She had to be convinced by her brother to let him go. He told that while she had every right to be worried, he was an was an adult now, and was capable of taking care of himself. Besides, certainly by now things had to have changed. They couldn't just stay in hiding forever. Otherwise, they would never be able to rebuild their once prominent kingdom, and Manaketes would slowly fall into extinction. So, reluctantly, and with a tearful good-bye on the day he was to leave, she let her son go off and see the world. Tikaani promised his mother he would return someday to tell them about his adventures.

    Tikaani has been living amongst humans for a brief time. He traveled around, and never stayed in the same place for long. He soon realized that he didn't exactly choose the best time for traveling the world. He heard of riots going on in the land. As well as people saying terrible things about the manakete race. It seems like the world is at the brink of another war. Tikaani was still positive about the whole situation. After all, if any fighting broke out, he could turn into a dragon and freeze all the bad guys! He was certain that everything would work out ok.
    Other: He has a big appetite, and he enjoys all sorts of foods. Particularly raw fish. He also likes sweets.

    He is immune to cold, but is bothered by heat.

    Being a dragon makes him stronger than the average human.

    He is attracted to both males and females.
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    Name: Livie Fletcher

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Class: Cleric

    Weapon: Mend [Staff]

    Appearance: Livie is of average height and weight, standing at about 5'5". Being a cleric, she wears the typical yellow dress with a light blue shawl as she gets cold easily. She has a generous bust area, though her blue shawl doesn't give it much of a chance to be emphasized. She wears fur-lined leather boots which match with her leather arm bracers. She also wears a pale rose nurse's cap, to easily distinguish her role to her allies. She carries with her a typical cleric's staff, with a black hilt and a bronze topper in the design of waves encircling a blue orb (ignore reference image).

    Her hair is snow-white and straight, with a slight inward curve. It falls just past her shoulders, and includes bangs that sweep over where her right eye used to be. Her right eye is badly damaged and she is almost completely blind in it (it is really only able to perceive whether it is dark or not), so Livie wears a brown leather eyepatch both to normalize her appearance and prevent it from obstructing her good eye. This throws her depth perception off, and often she misjudges far distances and has a tendency to get dizzy at any height, even if it is just a couple feet off the ground. Her remaining eye is brown, which echoes the colour of the eyepatch. She usually has a smile on her face, as she believes it helps in her role to heal and calm people.

    Personality: Livie is a complete sweetheart to friends and strangers alike. Very much a people-pleaser, she is quick to accommodate others and apologize if she believes there's even a possibility she may have upset or offended somebody. Livie is empathic and hates seeing people in pain, and would talk to somebody for hours if she thought it would make them feel better. Her innocent nature makes it easier for her to manipulate people when she needs to, and she can be surprisingly resourceful this way. Her past is buried under a sea of lies, and she finds it very natural and easy to lie in order to benefit herself. She is extremely tight-lipped about the real circumstances of her past, but has a story she sticks to in order to hide the fact that she was once a thief - a past that today she is extremely ashamed of. She's also reluctant to share the fact that she was an orphan, but doesn't tend to lie about it if directly asked anymore. Being chatty and genuinely interested in other people, she tends to be naturally curious and will ask a lot of questions when something intrigues her. Although extremely friendly to everyone she meets, she can sometimes be a bit shy when first meeting somebody, and will be overly self-conscious about herself when speaking to them. She is especially shy in the field of romance, and it seems to be her Achilles' heel when it comes to lying. She can deny attraction all she wants, but her red face and stammering will give her away. She also has a bad habit of investigating when she spots something interesting. This has gotten her into trouble before, especially as she's pretty defenseless if separated from her party. Though physically fit, she isn't much of a fighter, which is something she learned the hard way when she was younger.

    A nurse by trade, she gets very anxious and motherly when a teammate is injured, and will also chastise friends for things such as eating properly and getting enough sleep. When caring for somebody who is incapacitated, she talks to them constantly about whatever topic she can think of, or will tell them stories. From experience she believes this helps bring people to consciousness faster. She is extremely attentive to the sick under her care and will neglect herself in order to stay by their side, often nodding off at their bedside and needing to be reminded to eat (making her hypocritical in her scolding of others in this regard). In battle, where things move quicker, she tends to glue herself to whomever is mostly likely to hurt themselves, else keeps herself in an easily accessible but safe location. She isn't good at decision making and will usually prompt somebody else to make the decision for her, if possible. Sometimes she freezes in situations that require swift judgement or decision making.

    History: Livie was born in the Capital of Viterra, or, at least, that's where she was abandoned as an newborn on the front steps of the local orphanage. With the economy slow within Viterra at the time, it was likely her biological mother was unable to afford to raise her. The unfortunate timing meant more people were waiting for the economy to pick up before considering expanding their family, and Livie outgrew the preferable baby stage before adoptions picked up again. She grew up in a hectic environment of kids constantly fighting for attention, food, and dominance over each other, but by age eight she was one of the oldest in the group, and at least had the last item ticked off. Even when she managed to go to bed full, she was still starved for attention, and craved a parent's love constantly. She would harass potential adoptive parents who came to visit, sometimes even begging to be picked by offering to do whatever chores they asked and cook them three meals a day, but her pleas were viewed as annoying rather than desperate. Even surrounded by so many children and caregivers, she felt terribly alone in the world. She only had one close orphan friend, and her name was Caelina. Caelina was only one year older, so they naturally preferred the company of each other over the screaming younger children and infants and broody teenagers. Often they would crawl into bed next to each other, just to feel the comfort of somebody else at night.

    Livie's best reprieve was when she was allowed to attend public school (so long as all her chores were done and there were no potential adoptive parents coming in). There were other children there her own age who had parents of their own, and they did not know that Livie had none herself. Caelina attended school much less frequently, and when she did she wasn't in the same class. Livie's classmates didn't know she was an orphan, and she was happy to let them think that. When she was at school she was just a normal kid, and she fought to keep this persona up by making up wild excuses for why she missed classes so often. She used the excuse that her baby brother was sick so often that he became a part of her false life too, and sometimes she came to school with dirty clothing because she lived on a big farm and had to help harvest vegetables, and sometimes she didn't have lunch because some mornings her parents were just so overwhelmed with harvesting vegetables and caring for her sickly brother that it slipped all of their minds. It became natural to lie, and she soon lived behind this alternate persona. But was it really so bad when fake Livie was so much happier and more confident and had way more friends than normal Livie back at the orphanage?

    Caelina never got on at school as well as Livie did, and as Livie continued to thrive and depend on her friend less for support, Caelina became more reserved and more depressed. By age ten Livie had accepted that she was unlikely to be adopted. It wasn't long after she confessed this belief to Caelina that she disappeared. They had gone to bed together, but Caelina's bed was empty when she woke up. Livie worried over her friend and asked constantly if anyone had seen her or knew her whereabouts, but the staff weren't concerned about her. Days dragged into weeks, and then months, and then years, and Livie slowly stopped thinking about Caelina. Sometimes she reflected optimistically, thinking she'd been adopted and just didn't tell anybody. Other times Livie wondered if she'd died, and on more than one occasion mourned her. Still, as Livie grew into a teenager, she had many friends at school, and none of them knew she was an orphan. They simply believed her parents were terribly strict and boring and would make them do chores if they ever dared to go over to her house. So nobody ever wanted to - Livie thought she was a genius.

    One day when Livie was fourteen, she was sent to the market to pick up some food supplies for the orphanage. It was a routine chore that she'd never run into problems with before, but on this particular day a cloaked thief attempted to pickpocket her. She'd coincidentally turned to inspect a different vegetable, and noticed the hooded figure just as they grabbed her allotted money pouch. Livie had been lectured multiple times about keeping an eye out for thieves, and knew if she came back to the orphanage empty-handed, she would be severely punished. Not able to risk having no suppers for a week, she turned abruptly and jabbed a finger at the retreating figure. "Thief! Stop them!" she'd cried, then tore after them herself. Nobody in the marketplace paid her much attention, but she was managing to catch up to the thief all on her own. She chased the thief into the back allies of the city, when she wasn't allowed normally allowed to venture. She made a grab for her pouch, and the thief put a gentle hand on her shoulder and unmasked herself. Livie was confused for a moment, then slowly started to recognize the face of Caelina.

    Caelina then began to describe how she escaped the orphanage in order to join a band of thieves, who had offered her safety, security, and most importantly of all, family if she were to join them. She explained that she'd recognized Livie at the market and couldn't help but pull her aside to see if she wanted to join too. She apologized multiple times for leaving so abruptly, and Livie stared at her as she insisted it was the biggest regret of her life. When Livie hesitated, Caelina proceeded to grab her wrist and lead her into the depths of the thieves hideout. Livie was getting a very strong vibe that she shouldn't be somewhere so seedy, even if it was with an old friend, but was simultaneously curious about her friend's new family. After all, Caelina's biggest dream was to have a family of her own.

    The other thieves - an all-female troupe, Livie realized - were not particularly pleased upon seeing that an outsider had been brought in without permission of a higher-up. The leader, Ruby, threatened Livie with death if she were to reveal the location. Livie was hesitant to join them, so left, but found herself visiting more and more frequently over the coming weeks. Slowly she learned the art of thievery, and began to learn how to use a bow and arrow. She was never one hundred percent committed to the band of thieves, so stayed at the bottom of the totem pole. Ruby didn't seem to care for her half-in half-out approach, and took any excuse she could to scold Livie and send her away. By the time Livie was seventeen and done with school, however, she was forced to leave the orphanage, as she was considered an adult and therefore not adoptable. Having no other place to call home, she took to living with the thieves full time.

    Ruby and the others showed more respect to Livie as a full-time member, but gave her pettier, riskier tasks. They were hoping to grow her weapon proficiency, but she was poor at pretty much everything she was given to try. The bow and arrow was the only thing she was even half-decent at, and that would've been a generous description. Her aim wasn't steady, and she was bad at tracking her targets. Still, at least she could fire the arrow decently far. Her poor abilities rarely mattered in the grand scheme of things - it kept her from progressing up the hierarchy, but she was content near the bottom. That is, until the local guards finally caught wind of their secret hideout and came to investigate. The thieves inside scattered into hiding as the guards searched the area for them. Livie was lucky enough to have her bow and arrow on her, and Ruby instructed her to shoot one of the guards. Not to kill, but to direct their attention elsewhere so that they could scramble out the back. Livie held the bow and arrow up, her aim shaky, and fired so far off course the guards were directed to the sound of the arrow hitting right where their planned escape route was.

    Ruby silently demanded that Livie had over her bow and quiver to her, and Livie hastily did so. Even without speaking, the group could tell how annoyed Ruby was by Livie's horribly failed shot. The memory of what came next was burned into Livie's memory as if it were yesterday - Ruby's eyes narrowed in an icy glare as she slowly raised the bow toward the guards. "This is how you wield a bow, you incompetent burden." Livie remembers seeing Ruby abruptly turn before her world went white with pain, an arrow now sticking out of Livie's right eye. Livie assumes that the rest of the thieves used her agonized screams as a distraction to escape, as they were never caught. As for Livie, the guards rushed her location and - assuming she was an innocent victim - immediately brought her in for medical attention.

    She never revealed her past to the guards, nor to the nurses who removed the arrow and told her that she would likely never see out of that eye again. No friends or family, no money, no possessions, and now half-blind - yet somehow, her circumstances turned into opportunity. She became good friends with the nurses who helped her recover, and upon learning she had no home, was graciously allowed to live with the nursing students in their dorms. This naturally led to an interest in the medical field, and the professors - touched by the story she'd weaved of a starving orphan unwittingly in the wrong place at the wrong time - offered to educate her at no additional cost, on the condition that she stay in the Capital and work for them at the hospital.

    Her studies led to an aptitude for the staff and healing magic, and over the last several years she became increasingly proficient. She heals a lot of wounded warriors, and one day wishes to work as a cleric for the royal guard. For now though, she is content in her career as a nurse, and happier than she has ever been in her life.

    Other: n/a
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    Name: Jamie Diamant

    Age: 24 (November 10)

    Gender: Female

    Class: Wyvern Rider

    Weapon: Brave Axe

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Though rough around the edges and the furthest thing from delicate, Jamie is a strikingly beautiful young woman. She is 6'1" in height with a muscular, toned and long-legged yet lean body that she isn't the least bit ashamed of, and with hints of litheness that subtly points to a past as a dancer. Her hair is probably her most prominent feature, being very long and red with slight waves. It reaches just past her bottom, and often wears it in simple styles, whether loose, or in a simple ponytail, or braids. She's frankly relieved and thankful that she doesn't have to wear the elaborate, uncomfortable courtesan hairdos of her past. Her eyes are a striking icy blue color, which her mentor Titus likens to "winter storms" and are ringed with faint dark circles that hint at a lack of sleep. Her facial features, from her sharp cheekbones, aquiline nose and arched brows, are the furthest thing from soft. Her breasts are full and ample, which she's very shameless about, as seen in some of her armor choices. She bears quite a number of healed scars on her body - scars which she considers marks of courage and strength, rather than something to be ashamed of. Accentuating the scars on her back is a large, elaborate tattoo of black wyvern wings, and down her right leg is another tattoo of a wyvern in black ink. Her hands are big, strong and callused. She bears several piercings on both her ears, and she has a lip piercing as well.

    Jamie no longer wears the elaborate courtesan dresses of her past and she doesn't want to go back to wearing them either. She favors close-fitting dark armor cut to allow more mobility and as she's confident in her body and her strength, she doesn't mind wearing revealing armor as well - seeing it as a sign of toughness and knowing it psychs her opponents out anyway. Her armor, which has the motif of a revenant dragon, consists of a low-cut black breastplate made to look like dragon scales worn over a tight, black low-cut bodysuit that exposes her legs. On her shoulders are black pauldrons decorated with sharp black iron spikes, and her forearms are adorned with black armored bracers with sharp spikes and ornate details that resemble dragon's bones. On her hands are black leather fingerless gloves, and on her neck is a black iron collar, with bone detailing similar to what her bracers have. Her greaves are black as well and go all the way up her thighs in front, and are cut lower at the back - just below her knees, while flexible fastenings hold the tops of of her greaves to her thighs. The greaves have spikes going down their length, sharp tips that allow her to give particularly painful kicks. She wears a black iron headpiece on her head with curved, black dragon horns, as well as a small skull set in its center. During winter, she puts on a black cloak and a heavier, full set of black armor that still bears her trademark macabre detailing.

    Pazuzu, Jamie's wyvern, is a large wyvern with rough, obsidian-black scales, silver eyes and wide, tattered black wings. Like all wyverns, he has no arms, but makes up for it with powerful, muscular legs and sharp claws. On his head are two sets of horns, one pair, the shorter, is closer to the middle, smooth and straight, while the longer pair is closer lies closer his ears, and has a segmented, armored, slightly twisted appearance. Unless going on long journeys, Jamie tends to ride bareback as much as possible. When she does use a saddle, however, she favors a black one with matching black saddlebags.

    Personality: Jamie is a feisty young woman and a survivor - streetwise, tough and unafraid of almost everything. Having lived her childhood on the streets, as well as a brothel of ill repute, she very much knows how to take care of herself, is practical and resourceful, and definitely knows her way around. People who first see her face think of her as someone who inspires and needs protection, but they couldn't be more wrong - they only see her beauty, and not the iron underneath...and the iron that is clearly visible on the surface when one manages to see more than just her mere face - the scars, her muscled body, and her gestures, among many other things. While she was once a courtesan, and one of the most notorious ones at that, Jamie's true personality is far from elegant or coquettish, and she isn't even one to speak in flowery language for that matter. In reality, she is crude and casual, and while she is sensual and seductive, she doesn't have a graceful bone in her body (it's a different story when she dances...though she denies it). She is tomboyish, rough-mannered, and definitely not subtle, with a tendency to swear a lot, speak in very rough language (as well as innuendo), and make inappropriate jokes, usually at the expense of others (usually men whom she bested at arm-wrestling, drinking games or gambling). She is a very physical person in many different ways - she enjoys fighting and is very proud of her strength, for one, to the point that she prefers to participate in gladiator fights and take up dangerous jobs, rather than enter another brothel. It doesn't help that she loves the atmosphere of battle...to the point that she picks fights just for the stimulation and adrenaline. She also has no sense of personal space and doesn't follow conventional etiquette, with a tendency to do things such as resting her elbow on someone's shoulder, giving (very painful) noogies, or placing both her hands and chin on top of a sitting person's head. She's even daring enough to place her hands inside anyone's shirt if she's feeling playful, naughty or both. Jamie is one who tends to utilize physical means in order to quickly solve problems - be it picking a fight or getting into bed with someone, rather than using diplomacy and words. And, when she does pick a fight, watch out, because when she threatens to break your limbs, chances are, she'd do that and worse.

    Jamie has a burning passion for life, doesn't exercise caution in her actions and loves being uninhibited, with a tendency to get in trouble and at times, even tends to look for trouble. Of course, this leads her into difficult situations more often than not. Like a dragon, she is difficult to contain and control, and she isn't one to be fine with being under someone's thumb. Nobody rules the sky after all. She also doesn't care for anyone or any system that tries to "tame" her - she lives life freely and passionately, and she won't restrain herself to please anyone. Strong-willed to the point of pigheadedness, she doesn't give up or give in whenever she puts her mind into accomplishing or pursuing something, even when it's better to do so. She's also very much the rebellious sort, she has issues with authority and following rules, especially if she finds them stupid, pointless or both - she doesn't think fools and "armchair leaders" deserve her respect, or deserve to boss her around - action is important to her. Jamie is confident and self-assured, some may even say that she's shameless. Never one to shy away from a dare or a challenge, she is reckless and brave; not one who looks before she leaps but instead just goes for things head-on...very much impulsive to a fault; a real "Leeroy Jenkins" who has no patience sitting around, discussing plans and formulating elaborate strategies. She isn't that difficult to get to know either, despite what others may think - she isn't at all shy or reserved and tends to be an instigator. Sure, it may take some time to get used to her roughness and sense of humor, and many may be turned off by her, either at first impression or after knowing of her reputation, but she is genuine, even though she isn't the sweetest nor the most openly tender person. In fact, she is harsh, sarcastic and tactless, never hesitating to voice out her opinions and is just very forceful and intense in general. She doesn't have patience for weakness and crying, and if she sees someone displaying such, she'd make the person toughen up in one way or another. Also, in addition to her harsh tongue, she's extremely short-tempered, it takes very little to get her angry, and when she does, she is even more threatening than she already is, as she turns to violence with little provocation. This of course, makes her bending prone to getting out of control (she did set fire to her brothel after all), and she does have a tendency to burn others. However, it doesn't mean that Jamie is always bad company. She's actually a rather cool person to be around, as long as you have thick enough skin, witty comebacks and a healthy sense of humor, that is. She does appreciate people just as feisty as herself, after all.

    Jamie is very sensual and seductive, and openly hits on others without shame. While this may turn off some people, she exudes a certain magnetism that draws some people in and make them want more. She's bisexual and doesn't have a specific taste in guys or girls, having had several one-night stands with both sexes. She isn't afraid to use such methods to accomplish tasks or obtain information either - she's generally the one to offer herself up to carry out said tasks. She knows they could be risky, but they do not at all scare her. One must not, however, force her to do it and claim that it's "her job" if she doesn't bring it up or suggest it - she isn't anyone's bitch or some sex slave that's only useful for her body - she would most definitely object while beating up the offender hard to make sure they remember it and regret it.

    Generally, Jamie is not at all reserved and while she isn't conventionally sweet and can be standoffish towards judgmental people and those whom she thinks are liars, she's not bad company and isn't one who'd remove herself from a group unless she really wants to be alone. She's surprisingly warm (though very casual) to those she meets (even nobility) and is very difficult to embarrass, can definitely take as good as she gives, and is always up for just about any kind of dare, even if they sound insane. And though she might hate to admit it, it actually doesn't take much to amuse her and make her laugh...crass jokes, fun made at others' expense and morbid humor; those never fail. She's also a great cook, and wouldn't hesitate to offer to do the cooking for others. There is another side to her, however. When it comes to dealing with her own problems, this is when she often pushes others away. Fiercely independent and used to living on the streets, she prides in her ability to take care of herself, and doesn't like it when others offer to help her out, seeing accepting such help as a sign of weakness (though she isn't opposed to helping others...or "cleaning up their messes" as she prefers to call it), and sees her life as her own. She absolutely doesn't like it when she's placed in a vulnerable position, but rather than give in or surrender, this unyielding and headstrong young woman is one who'd always suck it up and fight her way out as much as possible - even if it's a bad idea or if it endangers her. She also has a few issues with trusting others fully (making friends, easy...but really, truly trusting...more difficult) - especially towards those she thinks are liars or are smooth-talking sorts. Naturally skeptical and cynical, she's often doubtful of others' intentions, and would usually be the first to point out if something's "off", and wouldn't listen to anyone who disagrees with her unless they show her proof. To break Jamie's trust means one can never, ever get it back. She holds grudges for so long, and she holds plenty of them; making an enemy of her by gaining her trust and then breaking it is definitely a death wish.

    Jamie is very much an objective thinker, ruled by what makes sense in her head rather than be swayed by her heart and emotions. She doesn't let her feelings influence her decisions even if said decisions can seem cruel, which can be good in some situations, but makes her terrible when it comes to dealing with more heart-ruled people - she has a difficult time accepting points of view that she thinks are too emotionally-charged. She doesn't have much in the way of morals either, being loose and chaotic in that respect, and will definitely harm someone and more if she thinks they deserve it (though if someone fell a victim of rules that don't make sense, she'd do whatever she can to help that person out the best she could). She does have strong emotions though, as seen in how easily her temper is ignited and how easily she can laugh as well, though she doesn't show more vulnerable emotions - she would never cry in front of anyone (she thinks crying is for the weak). She does have them though, and feels them very strongly, even though she doesn't express all of them.

    With an intense personality also comes an equally intense capacity for loyalty and compassion. While Jamie is merciless and fierce in dealing with her enemies or those who wrong her, she is equally fierce in defending her friends. She wouldn't leave any of them behind, and knows how to look out for others, much like a cool big sister, thanks to her early experiences. While she's much more tough-minded than tenderhearted and might have the worst bedside manner in the world when it comes to helping out her friends, this is actually put to good use in many situations and reveal that she does care deeply, in her own rough yet practical manner - she does believe that immediate action matters more than soothing words, after all.

    Jamie loves her alcohol, but prefers particularly strong varieties in particular, and she is always ready to try even alcohol with the oddest ingredients put in. As she started drinking from a pretty young age, she has excellent tolerance, so it's difficult to get her drunk.

    History: Born in the slums of Nazaire and an orphan by the age of five, Jamie never really knew or even saw her own father (except that he apparently had red hair, as her mother did not), while her mother, Johanna, was a former courtesan who was kicked out when her pregnancy was exposed, and who took on odd jobs to support them both, was killed in an accident. Thus, from a young age, the redhead learned that life was difficult and unfair. She lived on the streets and was taken in by a local street gang run by older teenagers, where in she learned how to look out for herself as well as other people. She became a petty criminal - shoplifting, pickpocketing, stealing food from open markets and at times, even tasked to smuggle and deliver illegal items and substances to customers, her superiors assuring her that absolutely no law enforcement officials would suspect a scrawny, ugly little girl with odd red hair to be a smuggler. Such a life hardened and strengthened Jamie, and while it might have killed some kids, as she had seen with her own two eyes, she thrived and grew to become a tough survivor. She never cried, she never backed down from any difficult job, and she never got caught. She learned to defend herself as well as fight barehanded - they weren't the only gang in the darkest corners of Nazaire after all, and she wasn't going to let herself be a weak, defenseless little girl. At eleven, she became the gang's muscle, her peers having discovered that she was strong...very strong, even when put up against bigger, heavier rival gangsters. She even found herself looking out for her fellow gang members, younger than her, her own age and even those a bit older than her but who had a more difficult time adapting.

    Nobody would've guessed that Jamie was going to grow up to become a beauty, especially not herself, nor her fellow gang members. Often covered in dirt, and skinny as well as gangly, she only attracted attention because of her red hair, and it wasn't even good attention. By the time the young girl was twelve, however, somebody did think so, and approached her on the street. The man was Winston, a wealthy nobleman who lived in the capital of Chalons. He was a brothel owner as well (a brothel that catered to a select expensive clientele at that), and was looking for new courtesans. A particular redhead from the slums caught his eye. Skinny, yes, but that was easily fixed. Gangly and as tall as he was, yes, but he knew that she was yet to fully mature, and some of his clientele had a taste for tall courtesans anyway. A fierce gaze, yes, but even the most violent of storms can be tamed, he thought. The girl's looks were special, and Angus thought that while she was impoverished, dirty and undernourished, she had the potential to grow into a rare beauty. Winston approached Jamie, and told her that she could have a better life if she would come with him...a warm room, good food, nice clothes and beautiful things. Jamie wasn't convinced. Why would such a well-dressed man approach her and want her to come with him just off the bat? She was no beauty, and she didn't understand his motivations. Her friends, however, urged her to go, assuring her that if they were given the chance, they would take it up. There was no future for her on the streets, and she should count herself lucky, they told her. This convinced Jamie, and she accepted. The next day, Winston took the girl with him to Chalons. The man had provided her a comfortable inn room the night before, and paid for her meals. Surely, he really meant it when he was going to give her a better life?

    It was only in Chalons that she found out what exactly Winston wanted from her. The place he told her was her new home turned out to be a brothel - one of the most famous high-class brothels at that, and she was to become its newest courtesan and entertainer. She was the youngest in the house, and was rough around the edges to boot, making her a common target among many of the more experienced courtesans. Many whispered about her red hair, talked about how the old brothel burned down the last time someone pissed off a redhead, and snarked about how Winston should've known better. Suffice to say, Jamie was not popular in the brothel. The seemingly kind man had lied - a brothel, no matter how glittering and beautiful, was just a glorified cage, and it wasn't a better life at all. Though, sure, she was eating better and was now healthier, she had a bed to sleep in and didn't have to resort to petty crime in order to get by, but she had all but sold her freedom for virtually no price. It didn't help that Winston was a lecherous man who made moves on his own courtesans - and she wasn't exempt from it. Jamie beat herself up over it, wondering why she had ultimately chosen to trust the man. She wanted out, knowing that it was better to be on the streets and free, rather than be held in a place where even her own body wasn't technically her own. Repeated escape attempts followed over the next two years, but Winston always found her and brought her back. After the failure of the fifth or sixth attempt, the man was sure that Jamie was going to give it up, and it did seem so on the surface...but he couldn't have been more wrong. As she grew, Jamie transformed from a scrawny street rat into a devastatingly attractive young woman - at twelve, she wasn't much to look at, but at seventeen, she was stunning. Not only was she beautiful, but she also had a lovely soprano singing voice and danced with a certain sensual allure - even though she didn't enjoy doing either, in all honesty. She never lost her tough, rebellious streak, however, and never made it easy for anyone forced onto her, much to Winston's chagrin. She was even known to be particularly unforthcoming and outright rude to their high-ranking clientele - no matter their standing. Soon, Jamie gained a reputation among many circles in Chalons for being one of the most beautiful courtesans of the time and was nicknamed the "Eternal Diamond", yet she was also renown for being extremely feisty, unyielding and rough-mannered, with an extremely venomous, foul mouth and quite the temper to boot, earning her another odd nickname, the "Scorpion".

    Many nobles from Chalons and Nazaire were regular customers of this particular place, and one of the young men Jamie entertained, and the particular one she almost had a relationship with, was none other than Prince Dima himself. An aimless, rebellious prince around her age, with a weakness for seafaring and getting into trouble, he regularly came to entertain himself, chafing against his father's restrictive rules. While most courtesans immediately fawned over him, offered him food and wine and tried hard to win his attention, eighteen-year-old Jamie wasn't easily impressed, and was her usual rough-mannered self around him. This was what caught Dima's attention - here was a girl who didn't feel the need to pretend. He chose to approach her, but she didn't give in easily. Dima then realized that he was dealing with the famous "Scorpion" herself. Rather than feeling disrespected and insulted, Dima was intrigued by the girl who happened to be every royal's nightmare. She became his favorite courtesan, and, unlike the others, he treated her like she was a person who deserved respect, somebody who mattered. Jamie found herself opening up to the wayward prince, becoming close friends with him, and then beginning a months-long sexual affair in the process. It actually looked as if it was actually going to develop into something more...had it not been for the fact that his father, the infamously cruel Prince Anders, assigned him to duty at sea in order to straighten him out and beat the rebellion out of him. Jamie couldn't blame him of course - such was the duty of a prince. However, while most (even Winston) have seen her smile and laugh more often around Prince Dima, that did not mean she was an easier courtesan to deal with around other noble customers - her bad reputation persisted, and despite Winston hoping that her experiences with Dima would show her that there was no point in rebelling and that she should be content with her lot in life, him leaving for duty did nothing to change the fiery young woman's disposition. She remained unforthcoming, crude and violent, and didn't make any effort to convince anyone otherwise.

    Winston became even worse to Jamie. She was becoming too big-headed, he thought, and no sane eighteen-year-old would be so ungrateful for the opportunities she had. It was because of him that she was spared from an early death on the streets, and it was likely because of him that she even grew up beautiful enough to tempt the loins of a prince, he rationalized. He reckoned the girl ought to be grateful, and he had to take control. Though he was known to sexually abuse his girls, he made more moves on Jamie in particular, as he saw that she needed to learn some "humility". Jamie was of another mind, though, and began to rebel more, never once allowing him to touch her. She also started going out more and more often and frequenting seedy bars and establishments for good drinks and freedom. It was during one of those nights out where she got herself tangled into a drunken bar brawl, and she won, cracking the jaw of her assailant. She did not go unnoticed by one of the bar's patrons, Titus, a Wyvern Lord captain in the service of Princess (later Empress) Annis. He didn't know what to think at first - the redheaded young woman before him looked like a high-class entertainer, yet that sort of strength...it told him a different story. "You're a brash woman...strong too. What are you doing wilting away in a brothel when you could be anywhere else?" he said, not pulling any punches. Jamie replied angrily that he didn't know about who she was, what her life was, and what she had done. Titus merely replied that he saw storms in her eyes, storms that he had seen in many a born warrior, and he knew enough from watching her that she was meant for more than a life in a brothel...and then he surprisingly offered to train her. Jamie was stunned. The man hardly knew her, yet here he was, promising her things. She couldn't help but think back to that one fateful rainy evening on the streets seven years prior, when she immediately trusted a seemingly-earnest Winston and regretted it. It was almost the same thing now, and she found herself reluctant to trust so quickly again. Wanting to know whether or not he really was a Wyvern Lord, she asked to see his wyvern. Titus laughed heartily, commenting that there was indeed the blood of a warrior in her, and he took her out to Chalons' outskirts to show her his wyvern, Mairead...and what a creature she was, with iridescent white scales that matched her name. Jamie approached the animal without caution and before Titus could warn her, Mairead blew out smoke from her nostrils in warning. Rather than run away, however, Jamie instead laughed as she rubbed some of the soot off her face, and dared get even closer. Titus was impressed, and calmed his wyvern down before telling Jamie that such a woman like herself could be anything, if she wanted to be. Jamie, now convinced, told him that yes, she did want out of her old life...but she also told him that she didn't need any rescuing. She wanted to handle her affairs on her own, like a warrior and not a damsel.

    Knowing that she could become so much more, and that there was only so much that Winston could do allowed Jamie's rebellious spirit to burn even brighter. Previously, she was content being the difficult, stubborn and feisty courtesan, but this time, she wanted more, she wanted out, she wanted to be free and did all that she could to get herself thrown out. Rather than be present during her working hours, she stole some spare keys and went out as often as she wanted, even on the busiest of days, and broke more and more rules. Against Winston's regulations, she got her first tattoo - a large wyvern down her leg. This earned her a severe beating from Winston that left heavy scars on her back...scars which she chose to accentuate with even more tattoos, this time a pair of black wyvern wings - wings that were meant to taunt Winston that he couldn't cage her for much longer. The more scars him and his more senior courtesans inflicted, the more elaborate those wings became, making them stand out and taunting the man even further. She also started making herself available as a criminal-for-hire in order to earn money that she would't have to turn over to Winston, and used said money to purchase her own axe, and to bribe Titus to teach her how to wield it. Titus, who was interested in training Jamie anyway, was a strict master who never held back. The girl had come to him out of her own volition to be strong, not to be coddled, so that was what he did, and she in turn improved by leaps and bounds over the next six months - she was seemingly a natural with an axe. There still remained the question of the wyvern, however. Jamie knew that taming one - whether hatched from an egg or facing one in the wild - was no easy feat. After all, one was never truly a master over a wyvern - only its equal. Still, she was up for it, and took it upon herself to find some dodgy contacts in Chalons' back alleys...someone who could take her somewhere in the mountains where the wyverns flew free.

    Before Jamie could plunge into anything reckless, however, Titus stopped her. No need to be so impulsive, he said, and a few days later, he presented her with a large, gleaming, obsidian-colored egg for her nineteenth birthday, as well as a reward for her progress. "You deserve it," he said, and Jamie shrugged, saying that she'll prove herself worthier yet. Knowing exactly what she meant, Titus reminded her to place the egg in heat or flames at all times to keep it warm, and to never, ever let anyone harm it. Once Jamie got back, she promptly placed it on the brazier in her room, stoked the flames and kept watch during the nights when she had no customers (she wasn't exactly a sleeper to begin with), as well as locking her room whenever she went out. For three months, she was able to keep her egg a secret...until Winston chanced upon her room one evening when she was out. He saw the egg sitting in the brazier and picked it up, marvelling at the sight. It was undoubtedly a wyvern egg, and he knew such would sell at a high price when sold to the right people. But, the real question was...why did Jamie own one? Had she become a small-time petty criminal out of rebellion? Or...was she actually serious about her Wyvern Rider delusions? Now, Winston wasn't stupid - he noticed that Jamie had grown noticeably more muscular over the past year, how she often came home with a few bruises, scrapes and cuts of her own, and what exactly her tattoos depicted. He had to put an end to her rebellion, and he had to do it quickly before she got any of her own ideas. Jamie, arriving only a few minutes later with a freshly-pierced lip, saw that Winston was in her room, with her egg in his hands. The older man admonished her, telling her she had gone too far and that everything had to end now. He was her master, he claimed, while reminding her that it was him who gave her a better life all those years ago. He softened his tone, telling her how much of a beauty she had become, and how it would be an utter waste to throw it all away for some stupid fantasy of becoming a Wyvern Rider. He reached out to touch her face, only for Jamie to twist his hand and break his wrist. "No one's my master, nobody owns me," she snarled, before taking her egg back. Winston's face contorted with anger, and he threw himself onto her, but Jamie shoved him off and kicked him away, angrily telling him that he was never going to lay a hand on her again unless he wanted his balls cut off - which, she warned, she was very much capable of. The older man shook his head and laughed, before holding out his hand as if to ask her to "return" the wyvern egg. Of course, this was some sort of foreplay or game, wasn't it? It wasn't. Jamie then kicked down her brazier, the wooden floor of her room immediately catching fire. It spread quickly to the walls and to the ceiling, and the redhead only had enough time to retrieve her axe before she had to get away. It didn't take long for the entire brothel to be engulfed by the blaze, and as it caught everyone off guard, only Jamie, egg in tow, made it out alive - her face and body were black with soot, her clothes were burned and torn, and she wasn't spared from a few burns here and there, - but she was free.

    On her way to see Titus, who lived outside the city, the egg began to move. Thankfully for her, the combination of a dirt-stained face, equally dirty clothes, lip ring, bare feet and loose hair meant that virtually nobody recognized Jamie, and thus she was able to head out of the city without getting bothered. As she approached his relatively simple yet spacious and elegant estate, the obsidian shell began to crack, and when Titus answered the door himself (rather than send one of his servants to do it), the egg hatched, revealing a small black wyvern. Titus laughed heartily, before attempting to stroke the baby wyvern's head...and his hand promptly met a particularly hard bite. The wyvern roared, flapped his wings proudly and fired a small but powerful air blast which hit Jamie on the chest, prompting Titus to comment that the creature definitely had spirit, before asking Jamie what she was going to name him. "Pazuzu" she stated confidently, naming the dragon for a legendary, tempestuous king of the air - one with no master.

    From the start, it became clear that Pazuzu was a difficult wyvern. He was as stubborn, willful and hot-tempered as his namesake, even moreso than Mairead was at his age, Titus noted. Taming a wyvern from a young age was no easy feat - rather than prove oneself once, one had to prove themselves over and over, owing to their unpredictable, fickle, juvenile natures...and it didn't help that wyverns grew fastest within the first three to five years. Jamie persevered despite being subjected to numerous burns, scratches, bites, aches as well as several injuries, even breaking her arm once when a half-grown Pazuzu crashed into her. Now, a faint-hearted, weak-willed person would've given up on the wyvern before the first year was over, but Jamie wasn't one of those sorts and never thought of backing down. The monster that was Winston was worse in many ways, after all. She regularly wrestled and fought with the dragon as he quickly surpassed her size, sometimes even bare-handed, grimly determined to be his equal. She wasn't invincible - she had to continue her axe training and suffered more than a few nights in physical pain (even though Titus had a Cleric in his service, he could only do so much, and that didn't count the times Jamie outrightly refused help)...sometimes even worse, but was safe to say that the ordeal strengthened her further and ultimately made her win Pazuzu's respect and loyalty. By the middle of the fourth year, the wyvern had grown large enough to ride, and Jamie began to ride him - showing a rather odd talent for riding in the process, prompting Titus to decide to teach them particular maneuvers to handle Archers better (while commenting that a certain rotten prince named Anders employed an odd number of archers in his army). Before Jamie could take her place in Titus' elite unit, however, Prince Anders came into power as Emperor and soon after, several of his twin's allies began to disappear. Titus was not spared this fate and disappeared under mysterious circumstances mere months later...circumstances which Jamie suspected probably weren't accidental.

    Jamie and Pazuzu spent the next eight months fighting as a star gladiator in not only Chalons' colosseum, but also Nazaire's and Viterra's as well. She also takes time to travel between all three cities to carry out odd, dangerous jobs (whether involving one-night stands or not). Maybe she wasn't part of an elite unit, but being a rogue, wandering Wyvern Rider came with its perks...

    - Owing to her time as a high-class courtesan, she can sing beautifully and is a highly skilled dancer as well. Don't expect her to acknowledge this, however. She does not want to be reminded of it.
    - Has a huge weakness for spicy food. Most of her dishes tend to be spicy because of that. On the other hand, she really hates overly sweet food, particularly candy floss and heavily-frosted cupcakes. She also hates strawberries.
    - As she burned the brothel down, many believe she, along with Winston and the other entertainers, died from the blaze. Thus, very few recognize her. It helps that she has a pierced lip, tattoos and no longer wears her hair in elaborate courtesan hairdos, too.
    - Affectionately calls Pazuzu "Zuzu". Only she can get away with it, however. Anyone else who tries call him that ends up getting burned or kicked instead.
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    Name: Ethan Lachance
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Class: Dark Mage
    Weapon: Goetia.
    Appearance: Ethan is a slightly above average tall young man, standing at around 1.90Cm. He has a rather slim yet toned physique, as well as pale and fair skin which is relatively free of blemishes of any kind. He has pretty pale skin due to all his time indoors, and he has difficulties getting a decent tan, as his skin is also very sensitive to sunlight, much to his dismay. He has a chiseled jawline, as well as high cheekbones which gives his face an overall handsome look. His eyes are colored a pretty bright shade of mint green, and have a relaxed feel to them, which is further underlined by his cheesy grin and neatly trimmed eyebrows which perfectly captures his generally lax nature. His hair is relatively short, though with longer bangs in the front, and is silvery grey in color. He doesn't normally style his hair much, as it normally doesn't need it.

    For his outfits, Ethan dresses pretty typically for a mage oriented around dark magic. For reasons unknown to him, though not actually a bother, the regular attire for people of his profession consists of a lot of dark colors, see-through fabrics, and generally showing a lot of skin. Surprisingly enough, Ethans outfit is regarded modest by other inhabitants of the Wasted Fields. He wears a pair of black trousers with a pair of pale purple boots with black sneering on them. Around his waist, he wears a belt adorned with different talismans, embedded with dark magic, though he wears it because he thinks it looks good. Over his torso, he wears a see-through sleeveless tank, with a hooded sleeveless bolero over it, decorated with the insignia of his family. He wears two cuffs on each of his arms, one on the lower wrist and one on the upper biceps. These cuffs are fastened to a piece of fabric in the same pale purple color as his boots. Overall, his outfit is daring and see-through, but he has no issue with it, and has never been the shy type to begin with, making him feel perfectly comfortable in it. He does have a pentagram mark on his right forehand, which functions as the seal binding Jaelek to him.

    Personality: At first, second and third glance, Ethan is a very laid back and chillaxed character. He has a friendly and trusting personality, and he is capable of getting along with almost everyone he meets. Outgoing and outspoken, Ethan never shy's away from a social interaction, and he behaves in a casual, yet well-mannered fashion. Though he enjoys social interactions, he is very oblivious to other peoples feelings. He's not that good at reading situations, and have a habit of being too frank with people, often coming off as harsh, critical or downright rude. His aloof nature makes him unaware that he is like that, however, and he always means well. (kinda always. Mostly sometimes. Every now and then ish.) He is very selfless, and never hesitates to help out his friends should they be in any sort of predicament, though his dubious methods often makes people question his motives.

    Speaking of his questionable motives. Despite his kind and admittedly scatterbrained personality, Ethan is still a rutheless dark mage with little to no remorse for the value of human lives. He is often the first one to suggest murder or torture in order to gain his goals, or the goals of others, and he can slay an entire village with little to no remorse. He lacks common scruple in that he would go to any length to please the people he cares about, very rarely wanting anything in return. He is not necessarily evil, but he lacks any sort of moral compass to tell him what is right and what is wrong.

    Ethan is an intelligent character, and has a great mastery over the dark arts. His tome of choice, Goetia, underlines his morbid curiosity in inflicting all kinds of pain and stress on his enemies for the "Sake of science". His humor is sensibly dark, and he have a habit of laughing at inappropriate situations, or not understanding the gravity of dangerous situations, mostly due to his mellow personality. He does not show his darker traits often, and often surprise people not knowing him very well when he does so. All in all, he is a good friend and a powerful ally, and somewhat of a twisted nightmare if you find yourself on the receiving end of his accursed powers.

    History: Ethan was born in the southern parts of Chalon, in what is typically known as the Waster Fields to outsiders. It is no well kept secret that the inhabitands of the waste are mostly thieves, bandits and/or practitioners of dark magic. The darker, the better, and Ethans parents knew this. His parents were both stout followers of the ancient lich known as Jaelek, and the two of them devised a plan which consisted of them making a human host for the spirit to return to the plane of the living. As they were both very powerful sorcerers, it would only make sense that their child would inherit said powers. As such, Ethans whole existence was a calculated event as his parents sought to use him as a vessel for the ancient spirit of Jaelek, and they saw him as little more than a means to an end. A means to an end they occasionally took joy in raising, that is. Their little bundle of joy inherited his mothers mint-colored eyes, and his fathers dark brown hair, and was taught basic dark arts by the moment he learned to walk.

    Not too surprisingly, Ethan showed great promise in the dark arts from an early age, with a specific talent for conjuration and summoning. A necromancer by birth, it became obvious that he would make for a perfect vessel for the ancient spirit once he became of age. He was brought up in solitude. There wasn't much else to do in the waste, and due to the wars going on tensions were high though their small village was primarely left alone. Viewed as a slum not worth wasting time or resources on, Ethans parents had more time to prepare their son, as well as addressing the other followers. The lich known as Jaelek had quite the cult following from around the continent, and many would undergo the pilgrimage to see this new vessel; this necromancer progidy. Despite his role in life, Ethan was never mistreated. Sure, he was overworked at times, but he knew his role, and he knew of his part in the upcoming summoning that would take place when he was 16. However, he did wish he could have a little more freedom, as he didn't really enjoy being locked away reading all the time.

    Timeskip to the age of 16, and Ethan is now an excited youth with tremendous power and mastery over the darker side of the arcane. Once it was time for the ritual that would place the soul of Jaelek in Ethans body, he began to grow nervous. His parents, as well as the moderately large cult following they had gathered, reassured him that it would all be okay, and that once Jaelek inhabited his body, they could all become even more powerful sorcerers. Promise of power is always good, and even though he was a bit scared, Ethan managed to build up enough confidence to put his insecurities behind him. He was a willing subject in this, after all. He knew he was playing part in a role, and he knew the consequences. Or so he thought. What his parents had not told him, was that in order to complete the ritual, a very very large amount of souls were needed for a sacrifice. Something about balancing the loss of a powerful soul on the other side or something. This would require his parents and all of the cult followers present to have their soul linked to Ethans, so that once he dies for the ritual, so do they. Once the link is broken and Jaelek inhabits Ethans body, he would wake up, while the others remained dead. It was something of a birthday present for Ethan, giving him a certain control over his own fate once the ritual was complete.

    The next thing Ethan remembers, or as he now says, the only thing he remembers, was waking up on the slab stone used for sacrifices in the basement of the local pharmacy, surrounded by the dead bodies of unknown mages. Ethan remembered only his name, but nothing else. His childhood, aspirations, determinations, hopes and wishes for the future, just gone. Another thing he noticed, however, was that an eerie voice in his head wanted him to claim the souls of the infidels. It wasn't until later that the voice in his head manifested into a ghostly being, a skeletal figure with a shining white light functioning as eyes inside its skull clad in tattered dark robes with ornate patterns on it. The spirit revealed itself to be the soul of Jaelek, and was grateful for Ethan and his family's role in resurrecting him. Though something stopped him from managing to gain full control over Ethans body, the two were now soul-linked. (The reason for this was that Ethan was now a lich himself, and souls cannot inhabit undead creatures). Nevertheless, Ethan welcomed the company, and Jaelek, somewhat angry with his carefree attitude, reluctantly agreed to accompany him, as if he had any other choices. Now, with a more or less clean slate, Ethan picked up his spelltome and left the Wasted Fields, never to return.

    He spent the following few years doing oddjobs here and there, living as a mercenary to earn his keep. Despite being a relatively weak man in terms of strength, Ethan managed to make up for it by obtaining a Levin Sword, which made things considerably easier for him. As many does these days, he keeps a low profile in order to avoid conflict and unnecessary attention. He has considered aiding the Chalons emperor, Anders for the war effort, but decided against it. Though he is a decent fighter, he is no solider, and he was also somewhat confused about the whole war going on. No, it is better to keep a low profile and stay out of conflict whenever possible. As he had more or less earned a decent amount of coin through his time as a mercenary, Ethan decided to once again pick up his tome, and travel the continents, leaving only a modest trail of bodies, and rumors of a mentally unstable dark mage behind.

    - Despite appearances, he's a big eater.
    - Jaelek cannot be seen by others than Ethan, and he is often misinterpreted as speaking to himself whenever people witness him talking to him. Eh is, however, visible to others through reflections.
    - 3 words to describe Ethan would be: Handsome, Dangerous and Stupid.
    - As a result of the ritual that placed Jaelek inside him, Ethans hair turned silvery grey.
    - He is undead and has no pulse. He also cannot die of old age, as he stops aging around the age of 25. This will not affect him in the RP
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  8. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    @Tangeh, Dragalge, and Andydemon: Thanks for your interest guys, all reserves have been noted.

    @Mon: Your sign-up looks good to me, so you are accepted! It's nice to see Tikaani again, and I hope we can get some more use out of him this time!
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  9. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    WIP for now...I'll do an archer unless I change my mind!

    Name: Ingmar Freyr

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Class: Sniper

    Weapon: Double Bow

    Appearance: Ingmar stands at a surprisingly tall height at 6'4 ft and whose physique is skinny yet healthy. His skin color compliments his health, being at a non-pale white hue. His hair color is brown while his eye color is blue alongside. For his clothing, Ingmar wears a somewhat tight, long sleeve, black shirt that is covered over a dark blue coat. A flat piece of armor covers his chest area for safety when shooting arrows. Ingmar carries his bow and arrows inside a quiver strapped around his body made of rare minerals. Said bow that Ingmar carries is a Double Bow as well.

    In addition to all of that, Ingmar wears light brown pants that are surprisingly light but yet still fits him in a good manner. This allows him to have more flexibility when moving around, attacking and dodging incoming attacks for example. His footwear consists of black colored shoes that are always polished before and after a battle has happened. Ingmar's shoes are excellent at a variety of terrains, allowing Ingmar to move at a good pace in almost anywhere he goes. In his coat, he keeps a small charm of him and Astrid, Ingmar's betrothed whom he will marry soon.

    Personality: Ingmar is a strict but well respected leader among those he commands. His skill at the bow and strategies have made him a valuable asset in whomever he fights with and even has met his soon-to-be married lover Astrid. Ingmar is also easy for others to ask questions and hang around with when off duty, treating others with great respect and giving his allies advice on how to better themselves in future battles. He has a vast amount of knowledge that he gained from his days in school which has allowed him to read enemies easily and even developed ways to counter most magic users with his arrows. The combination of intelligence, combat and leaderships skills are what makes Ingmar a reliable archer whenever he is called upon.

    Of course Ingmar is not without his flaws. Because of his strict attitude, he has only been able to forge a few meaningful relationships from whom he has worked with. In addition to this, Ingmar can be a bit arrogant when he discusses his skill as an archer to his peers, another trait that has prevented him from having many truly loved friends despite his outstanding leadership skills, even those in his personal platoon. Ingmar is also known to push others aside whenever they want to assist him side by side. It may look like he does not want help from them but in truth, he just wants to keep them safe and is a good person at heart. Of course his arrogance comes into play when asking others to stay away from him but he does apologize for his words shortly after he commands his troops to stand by until he gives them an order.


    Ingmar was born and raised in a medium-sized house in Edgehill Town with both of his parents. His mother shortly fell under a fatal sickness after his birth, causing Ingmar's dad to feel hurt for several months while taking care of Ingmar. Some years passed and Ingmar's dad was ready to start training Ingmar under his wing. Ingmar's father was known around some people in Edgehill Town and in Chalons as a fantastic shot with the bow and wanted his son to be just as great and capable as a leader as he once was. Ingmar's dad used to work for the royal army as one of the chiefs in their archery division before retiring in favor for a more relaxing life. Regardless, he still is capable of using the bow greatly and will come to aid those in need should he be called upon. In his early training days, Ingmar started out slow in archery, missing practice dummies and wooden targets here and there. Initially frustrated by this, Ingmar's father told him that to use the bow properly was to calm your mind and let your body relax. And when a mistake is made, he should keep his cool and accept that not every shot will make a direct hit on his targets.

    After heeding his advice, Ingmar's training began to improve drastically day by day. Soon, by age eleven, Ingmar was shooting nigh-perfectly in practice. With his father proud of him, he decided to enroll Ingmar in a nearby school to further his studies on both archery and fighting in general. In his school, Ingmar never shirked his studies and constantly got praise from students and teachers alike. They were in shock how well he was with his skill at at bow, even to the point where he almost matches his own father. At age fourteen, Ingmar was appointed as a captain of his archery team in his school and won praise with his mastery in archery.

    All of this praise however got to him and Ingmar started to act a bit more arrogant than usual, often criticizing how some of his teammates were slowing him down and that they did not match his skill. This caused his teammates to distant themselves away one by one from him. Ingmar's father told him that pushing others aside like that will not make him a respectable leader if he keeps bragging about his skill. Ingmar learned from this initially, apologizing to his teammates and said that he only criticized because he did not want them to make callous mistakes in the future that would cost them their lives. They forgave Ingmar and all continued to follow Ingmar's orders, even if his skill at the bow still got to the best of him here and there.

    At age 20, Ingmar was enlisted into the archery division in Chalons due to his archery prowess. In it, Ingmar quickly rose up in the ranks in his division and even formed his own personal platoon of soldiers approved by the higher ups that took guard in the routes between Chalons and Edgehill Town. Ingmar would meet his father whenever his platoon arrived and greeted him before going back on patrol. One day however, Ingmar's platoon arrived in Edgehill Town only to hear dire news in that his father was severely ill. Even the clerics in Ingmar's platoon were not efficient enough and eventually Ingmar's father fell to disease. Ingmar was upset for over seven months due to that he finally had lost both of his parents, often wanting to be left alone by his troops in his platoon.

    One day, a Pegasus Knight of the royal Pegasus Knights named Astrid saw his sorrows (and had heard of them before by others in the army) and came to his aid. Astrid always had admired his skill but when both met one another in the eyes, Ingmar began to heal from his sadness. He thought that he had met the woman of his dreams. As each day had gone by, Astrid and Ingmar constantly met one another after practice or on skirmishes and quickly developed a healthy relationship between each other. Ingmar always had something nice to say to Astrid and offered to do some tasks for her and vice versa. Astrid was no slouch in battle too as she was a demon in whoever she battled against, now being one more than ever thanks to both joining Ingmar's platoon and protecting her love as well.

    As years went by, Ingmar, now at the age of 24, eventually proposed to Astrid with a lovely ring he bought from Nazaire in which Astrid agreed to be his future wife. Ingmar had purchased a new home in Chalons for both him and Astrid to live in. The first weeks were filled with nothing but happiness between them both but that all took a toll when Astrid was hit with a blow on her arm by an arrow from an opposing bandit. Not wanting to lose a third loved one, Ingmar showed no mercy in striking the bandit down and quickly helped Astrid to safety. While Astrid would be OK, she would have to retire from fighting for both the royal army and Ingmar's platoon for now. Before Ingmar started off without Astrid, she gave Ingmar a charm for him to carry around and put it in his coat pocket, thanking her for a wonderful gift. Nevertheless, Ingmar still fought valiantly for his betrothed alongside with his allies. During this time, Ingmar set up new rules for his platoon to follow in that only those he truly believes that they can be by his side on the front lines. His allies were initially angered by this, seeing that his arrogant side was possibly showing again but in truth, he only did this because he did not want anyone to get hurt like Astrid.

    Tensions have riled up in the continent, especially by Anders who is seemingly wanting to spark another war. Ingmar and his platoon are ready to do their best for the royal army of Chalons but even this may lead to separation between Ingmar and his fellow allies. Ingmar is not sure what will happen down the road but he will do his part to make sure Astrid and his allies are safe no matter what events unfold.

    - Fast and strikes with high power at his foes.
    - Skilled at fighting against most mages and other magic users and even some offensive staves.
    - Fantastic leadership skills. His commands are often helpful when guiding whomever he instructs.

    - A glass cannon type of person. Can't take much else from other weapons all that well, especially those that make contact with Ingmar directly.
    - His hopes of Astrid being safe can get the best of him and can temporarily make him lose focus from others.
    - Beyond exceptional with the bow, not so much with other weapons.
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  10. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Sign-up completed!

    Name: Risali LaFlamme

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Class: Myrmidon

    Weapon: Brave Sword


    Appearance: Risali could be mistaken for a royal retainer at first glance. Her purposeful stance, watchful eyes, and confident gait lend her the appearance of someone who's well versed in looking out for trouble. Her ever watchful eyes are the color of warm honey. Her hair is a cool color close to a minty green and the elaborate series of loops and curls at the top will grab your attention immediately if its prodigious length doesn't first. To top it all off, her armor and the lining of her cape are a striking magenta color. Put all the pieces together, and you've got a look that simultaneously catches the eye of everyone in the room and then tells them to look somewhere else.

    Though her skin is well tanned and her hands bear the callused marks of a practiced swordsman she has suspiciously few scars and her armor is pristine in its appearance. Its hard to tell at a glance if this is due to her skill or lack of actual combat experience. Her armor is lightweight but effective, as befitting a nimble sword wielder. A solid and sturdy breastplate with shoulder pads is the main piece, beneath which is a durable and sturdy layer of leather-reinforced fabric. Slung across her shoulder is a small cape, black on the back and magenta on the inside. The cape is a little lopsided, and is suspended from her left shoulder. A flowing magenta fabric wraps around her waist, hiding the metal rings that reinforce it. Leather boots dyed to match her armor and black leggings complete her look.

    Personality: Risali was raised in the care of a cleric, and it shows through in her demeanor. She's calm, collected, and has an eye for the small details. Not one to fuss over minor issues, she'll instead make light of any misfortune that befalls the party. Its an effort to calm nerves and quiet worries, something she does as much for others as for herself. Though she turned down the offer to become a cleric herself, she still holds strong in her faith and its not uncommon to see her offer up a quick prayer before a battle, a meal, or at other small moments throughout the day. Even in her pursuit of the sword arts Risali trains with the inner focus and peace of a master. She learns the sword to better herself, not to hurt others. In a way, training with her blade has become as much of spiritual pursuit as her godfather's clerical duties. A way for Risali to let go and focus on the moment. To let the world fade out and her pain and worries with them until her only thoughts are the movement of the blade through the air, the sliding of her feet on the ground, the pacing of her steps and the twisting of her wrist seamlessly blending together. Her godfather calls it her way of meditating. Risali would agree.

    Though she can be deeply spiritual at times and aloof at others, Risali likes to build a strong rapport with the people she works with. Making friends is important to her, as is helping those she can. But she always stops herself from getting too attached. In her line of work, you might never see the same face twice. Or you might make a friend only to have to fight them later on down the road. Better, in her mind, to keep things professional. So she'll joke around, watch their back, get the job done, and part ways. What she'd be hesitant to tell is that when the night sets in and a quiet moment rolls around, she often thinks of comrades come and gone and wonders what they've gotten themselves into. Often with a prayer for their well-being.

    It might seem like a contradiction, a kind hearted young woman becoming a mercenary. But Risali has her reasons. She was still young when she lost her parents and that loss weighs heavily on her mind. She doesn't want anyone else to suffer like she has. Like her parents did. Like her village did. Risali did what she had to do to protect herself in this world. A sword without a honorable hand to wield it is a tool for killing. A prayer without the courage to act on it is wishful thinking. Both are needed. A sword for protecting. A call to action. Both are crucial. This is the compass of Risali's soul. The thoughts that guide her hand to lift her blade or sheath it. To say a prayer of blessing or hold back a string of curses. It with this princible in mind that she take up her weapon and sets out into the world. She picks only the assignments she sees fit to take on. Bodyguard detail. Escort missions. Delivering important items. Driving out dangerous animals. Even bounty hunting, depending on the target. Anything she can do to help out the world at large she will gladly accept. Of course, there are times when taking a life is necessary. At those times, she doesn't hesitate. She strikes true and kills clean. One swift stroke, if she can manage it. Killing brings no pleasure for her, but she doesn't shy away from it either. Risali does what must be done to keep the peace.

    Risali was blessed with a quick wit. She can spout off jokes quick and smooth and has no problem dropping compliments or partaking in battles of wordplay. She's used to thinking on her feet and likes to keep the momentum she's built up once its there. Once she's going its hard to get her to stop. And once she's called it a day its hard to get her going again. But this can make her stubborn to a fault. Its a flaw she is mostly oblivious to for better or worse. Not only does she try to press on no matter the adversity but she's quick at coming up with reasons why she should press on. Or vice versa during downtime. And any battle of words with Risali will be one long and hard fought. She can be opinionated at times depending on the subject. The things that are most important to her she places up on a pedestal and can't stand to see someone talk bad of them. But everything else she's content to keep her thoughts to herself or to make her remarks only to dismiss them herself with a snappy pun or a self-depreciating joke.

    History: Risali was destined to be a simple farmer. Or at least, that's what her prospects looked like when she was born as an only child to Herschel, a wheat farmer, and Iona, a baker. It was a simple life in a little town. They sold their excess wheat and baked goods at the market to buy what they needed to get through another winter. Unfortunately Risali doesn't remember much of what her life was like in those days. Her time as part of a family was cut short when she was just 7 years old. Bandits were always a concern in border towns like theirs. But their village was nestled deep in the fertile valleys. Perhaps a bit too far from Edgehill Town proper. A group of rouges happened upon their village in the dead of night. Who they were and what they wanted were unknown to Risali, young as she was, but she knew enough to listen to her mother's plea to hide in the wheat fields. So she did. She sat out in the fields, alone and crying, until morning broke. But by then, there wasn't much left of her tiny village. She didn't know what to do. Her parents were gone. The villagers were gone. Everything she knew was gone. Before she knew it, Risali was running as fast as her little legs would carry her. She ran and ran and ran until she could run no longer. And so, exhausted and hopelessly lost, she curled up under a tree and surrendered to her exhaustion.

    When her eyes opened next, she was in a bed. A fire was crackling nearby and the room was warm. For a moment, Risali thought she had died. That somehow, her afterlife was a warm place with scratchy sheets to wrap around herself and stone walls to keep her safe. When the door opened a short while later, revealing a man in a white robe, she wasn't sure what to think anymore. She threw herself under the covers and asked if he was a ghost. As it happened, the man was not a spirit. He was Nolan, a cleric at Edgehill Priory. A bit older than her father, but not quite graying yet, the man told her the tale of how he had found her battered and unconscious at the base of an oak tree just over the ridge. He immediately brought her here and entrusted her to the staff while he set out to find her parents but couldn't find anyone else in the area. So he gave up the hunt and returned to look after the young girl. That was two days ago. With nowhere else to go, Risali wound up remaining at the Priory under Nolan's supervision. In time, the cleric would come to think of Risali as a daughter of sorts, and she looked up to him in turn.

    Nolan did the best he could to raise her, given the fact that he had never raised a child before. he did his best to teach her about all the things in this world that were good and true, things worth fighting for and holding onto. He showed her how to pray and how to bandage wounds. How to speak with tact and kindness and how to stand up for herself. In some ways his lessons took root and bloomed in her. Risali grew into a kindhearted yet strong-willed young woman who was capable of looking after herself and concerned with looking out for others. In other ways though, his teachings had an impact he could have never predicted. As a cleric, Nolan was inherently passive by choice. He did what he could when people came to him. But for Risali, who had taken no vows, had decided on no code of action, it left a scar on her spirit every time someone came to the shrine with a tragic tale or a trouble to forget. She could not sit idly by while people were suffering in the world out there. She had to do something. And so, when she came of age, Nolan asked her if she wanted to become a real cleric. And she told him that she could not make that choice. Instead, with her stubborn will, she shot down every one of Nolan's protests and left the Priory to train in the art of war at the women's academy in Edgehill Town.

    She soaked up her lessons with vigor. She devoted herself fully to learning how to master the blade in all its stances and forms. Picking a one-handed sword as her weapon of choice, she trained day and night. Even when class wasn't in session, she trained. With single-minded determination she learned everything the school had to teach her and sought as even more skills on her own. She arrived there at the age of sixteen having never held a weapon. She left on the eve of her twenty-first birthday an expert swordswoman. And immediately, she returned home to the Priory. Risali had prepared to argue her case for leaving, to defend her choice if need be. But when she opened the door to Nolan's study and saw him face to face again for the first time in four and a half years, all either of them could do was cry and apologize. If anything, Nolan seemed even more impressed with her than ever, especially after hearing her tales of her time in training. Around this time, she began taking up assignments and doing other odd jobs that required skill with a blade, to build up her real world experience and grow even stronger. And it was during this time that her discussions with Nolan began to include not just peaceful talk, but honor and duty and justice. About the power of a blade and the weight of wielding it responsibly.

    These days, Risali is more of a far traveler. With the troubles the world is facing right now there's never low demand for a skilled sword hand. She's been to and from the neighboring kingdoms even, from one side of the conflict to the other, doing what she can to help. She still drops in to see Nolan and the other clerics when she can. To hear his latest thoughts on the deep topics and share her latest exciting adventures. Neither of them knowing just what tomorrow will bring, or where Risali's assignments will take her.

    Other: Risali loves getting the chance to try out new weapons, and has always wanted to wield a Glass Sword. Though her skills with swords are exceptional, her narrow-minded focus has left her lacking in other areas such as tactics or how to fight without her blade. On the other hand, her time with Nolan has given her a wealth of mundane skills such as cooking, treating injuries, and making herbal remedies.
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  11. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    @TheSequelReturns: Thank you for your interest in this RP! I loved reading through your sign-up, and found Risali to be a very interesting character. So, with that in mind, you are accepted!.

    @everyone else: I've finally finished my SU for Circe now, if you wish to read it. I am still working on getting the map sorted so it will be visible to all, so please bear with me. Also, I'm not sure when the deadline for finished sign-ups will be, but I'm going to set a tentative date at two weeks from now. If you need longer than that, or feel you are unable to continue, please message me. I will also be capping reserves/SU's off now, so if anyone else would like to join, you will only be able to do so if somebody drops out.
  12. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    I believe I am done! Let me know if I need to make any changes!
  13. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Since our roles in the RP weren't specified, tying up the history section was a bit hard. However, my SU is now done until you say otherwise.
  14. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    @Schade: Ethan sounds like a very interesting character, and I'm very curious to see the sort of interactions he'll have with other characters. I particularly like what you did with his history. Ethan is accepted!

    @Dragalge: Ingmar seems like an interesting character too! I liked what you did with his history, particularly the details about his time in the archery division. Considering he worked for Anders' army, I could see there being a little tension between him and Circe. I would have ideally liked a little more detail on appearance, but otherwise, Ingmar is accepted!
  15. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Name: Lucas Serenes

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Class: Tactician

    Weapon: Thoron + Levin Sword

    Appearance: Lucas is about average height for a 16 year old boy, standing at roughly 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He has pale skin, brown hair that goes about an inch above his shoulders and large sky blue eyes. He has a regular build and often has an innocent look on his face when he's not in a serious mood. He's almost always seen carrying some kind of book, whether it be one he's currently reading, or far more likely his tome, Thoron, a mostly yellow book with what looks to be some kind of lance on the cover.

    For clothing, Lucas wears a hooded cloak that's mostly black on the outside and purple on the inside with gold lining the edges. The cuffs of this cloak are gold as well. He rarely puts the hood of this cloak on, but will do so when he needs to keep some kind of low profile. Under this cloak he wears a white shirt and pants with brown fingerless gloves and boots. He wears two belts around his waist, on the top of which is a sword holster at his right hip in which he keeps his Levin Sword, a lighting bolt shaped sword, which is usually obscured to the hilt by his cloak. He wears a bag over his left shoulder in which he keeps most of his belongings, most importantly his books.

    Personality: Lucas is a gentle, yet timid individual. He can be oblivious and naive at times, but not to the point where he can be completely manipulated. Despite this naivety, he's very studious and intelligent, striving to learn as much as he can and use his knowledge to the best of his ability.

    Lucas starts off a bit nervous when talking to someone for the first time, and how long it takes for him to open up to others varies from person to person, often opening up quickly to those he considers nice. Despite his timid nature, he’s willing to approach others and speak up when he absolutely needs to, especially when it comes to discussing ongoing or upcoming conflicts. He also tends to be very curious, wondering what everyone is doing at a given moment and wanting as much information on every situation as possible to best figure out how to deal with it, if at all. When he has the information he wants he's able to respond to it on the fly, forming strategies he considers would be best to defeat his enemies with as little risk to his allies as possible. Not content to just plan out battles, he prefers to see them firsthand in order to see how the opposing forces behave and adjust accordingly.

    Even though he knows the execution of his strategies often means the death of his enemies, he's reluctant about killing, and prefers a pacifists approach in combat. He's outright unwilling to sacrifice allies to ensure victory, believing it can somehow always be achieved without resorting to such drastic measures. In combat, he mostly attempts to keep his distance from his opponents using magic, but is able to handle a sword in case of a close encounter.

    History: Lucas was raised in the Capital of Viterra, though it's unclear where he was born as his father, Alexander, had brought his infant son to the capital from the north. He never knew his mother either, and all he has to go on are stories from his father about him being born in Nazaire's Pass and his mother being a Manakete. Unable to confirm or deny these stories, Lucas could only act indifferently to them and never stated them to others as though they were fact, even writing them off as 'Father's Tales' behind his back.

    If there was one thing Lucas did have in common with his father, it was a drive to learn and study, particularly in the field of strategy. He showed to be very intelligent from an early age, and his father was known to offer wise council to others, even the royal family. In the midst of growing conflicts with Chalons, Lucas's father saw an opportunity to move up in the world even further by proving he could repel the attacks on the borders. However, his ambitions proved to be his undoing, as he ordered a ruthless all out assault against Victor that resulted in the deaths of numerous soldiers and himself. Hearing what had occurred, as well as his Father's overall role in the incident, struck Lucas hard twofold, having lost his father and being haunted by the fact that he had so willing sacrificed countless soldiers just to achieve what would've been a hollow victory at best. After recovering from the ordeal that had been set upon him, Lucas resolved to be a better Tactician than his father, one that would be able to grant Viterra victory without sacrificing soldiers.

    His studious nature and desire to right his father's wrongs eventually reached the ear of Princess Amelia, and she offered him an opportunity to prove himself to be above the mistakes of his father. With the land on the brink of war, he was to be sent to Southpoint to serve as an advisor to Amelia's niece, Circe. Confused as to how serving her could redeem him for the family history that haunts him, but eager to set things right anyway he could, Lucas agreed.

    Other: If his father's stories are anything to be believed, Lucas could hypothetically take on a dragon form, but having never held a dragonstone before in his life, he's never had the chance to try, nor does he desire to.
  16. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    @Andydemon: Sorry it took me a while to get to this, I had something come up yesterday, but otherwise Lucas is accepted! I liked how you incorporated Victor into your story, and how Lucas wants to help restore order to Viterra. I'm not sure if Lucas will have been officially recognised as an advisor by the time the RP starts, but it would be reasonable to say Circe would know of him.

    @Everyone else: I'm going to be setting a date for the sign-ups to be complete by this weekend as I plan to start this on Monday. If you have any problems with this please let me know :)
  17. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    And...I'm finally finished with mine!
  18. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    I am done as well. :)
  19. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    @Jean Grey: Yep, you look all good to me! Can't wait to have Jamie and "Zuzu" on board.

    @Tangeh: Livie looks good too! I love how you wrote her history in Viterra, it was nicely done. I know you mentioned having on minor addition to add, but other than that your sign-up looks good. Both are accepted!

    I hope to get the actual rp out today or sometime this week at the latest, so keep an eye out for that the next few days.

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