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Fire Emblem: Dissident [RP Thread] [PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Tangeh, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    - Fire Emblem: Dissident -
    (An AU RP based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
    [Rated PG-13 for fighting and mild language]

    *Sign-up thread
    *Discussion thread

    Please refer to the sign-up thread for NPC and world information.



    1. No god-modding / no Mary Sues (no perfect/ invincible characters. You cannot dodge every hit or land every strike!). Characters should be well-balanced, with defined strengths and weaknesses. Remember that you are still only a student, and would not be expected to be a perfect little soldier yet, and be reasonable with your Crest abilities should you choose to have one. The Academy offers training weapons to students for use without additional fees.

    2. The character limit is one per RPer.

    3. Your character is limited to a maximum of ONE crest, and a maximum of either TWO of ANY skill (see the list below), or up to three ONLY if they wish to eventually become a canon class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that specializes in three skills.

    Example: Your character could specialize in Flying and Reason [which does not line up with any canon class], or they could specialize in Lance, Bow, and Riding [which lines up with the canon Bow Knight].

    4. Please do not use any classes that are canon in other Fire Emblem games but are not featured in Three Houses. (for example, Manakete)

    5. Please ask if you have any questions, or want to suggest something to add to the world. This is a flexible alternate universe that will be melded based on the characters that are accepted into it. Please keep in mind other characters when you are designing your own and feel free to PM me if you have an idea for a specific niche in the plot that you don't want others to know about just yet.


    Fodlan World Map
    • Note: I took the non-canon place names from approximations given in the sign-up. If anything needs to be adjusted or added please let me know and I will fix it!

    Garreh Mach Monestary / Officers' Academy Map

    1. Cathedral
    2. Second Floor Dormitory - Students of noble lineage typically stay here
    3. Library
    4. Professors' Offices
    5. Training Grounds
    6. First Floor Dormitory - Students of commoner lineage typically stay here
    7. Classrooms
    8. Reception Hall
    9. Knights' Hall
    10. Stables
    11. Entrance Hall
    12. Marketplace
    13. Fishing Pond
    14. Greenhouse
    15. Courtyard
    16. Dining Hall

    RPer List:

    1. Tangeh - Zella Redstone
    2. Monster Guy - Princess Lillian Valecourt
    3. Vern - Niko Arkwright
    4. Schade- Luca Von Aurochs
    5. GoldenHouou - Rowan Valecourt
    6. Dragalge - Phina Bennett
    7. TheSequelReturns - Risali LaFlamme
    8. InnerFlame - Maximus Rothslyn
    Zella Redstone

    "'Scuse me! Coming through!"

    Zella pushed her way past some idling students, ignoring their shouts at her to "slow down!" and "watch where you're going!" In her left arm she was touting a notepad and quill, though given the large iron gauntlets on both of her hands, she was holding both items between her upper arm and chest. She already knew exactly how long it took to run between the training grounds and the classrooms, given how many times she'd done it so far this semester (and they weren't even a full moon into it yet) - she wasn't late, she was just perfectly on time.

    Well, that was her opinion anyways - she received a few odd glances as she skidded to a stop at her desk just as the monastery's clock chimed that it was time for class to start. She released her gauntlets to the floor with a loud thunk, blew her brown bangs out of her magenta eyes, and looked eagerly to the front of the room. She'd been invited to an extra class today - and, by the looks of it, so had several other notable students, including the prince and princess of Fodlan. Zella stared curiously at them for a few moments, then forced her gaze back to the four professors at the front of the room.

    The eldest of the professors - Professor Estevan - stepped forward and banged his wooden cane on the ground twice to gain the students' attention. He frowned at them, staring sternly through square glasses, and adjusted a list in front of him. "When I call your name please speak up," he said, his clear and commanding tone sparked with a Brigid accent. "Arkwright, Niko... Bennett, Phina... Eortiz, Vinna," - a tall girl with long dark hair, likely around eighteen years old, raised her hand and announced her presence - "LaFlamme, Risali... Redstone, Zella - "

    "Present!" Zella enthusiastically shot her hand in the air and stood up slightly just to make extra sure she was seen. The Professor eyed her briefly then continued with his list.

    "Scyne, Erwyn," - a small bespeckled boy with a bow and arrow nervously raised his hand - "Rothslyn, Maximus... Valecourt, Lillian... Valecourt, Rowan... Von Aurochs, Luca."

    "Alright, that's all of 'em, then?" A large man with a scruff of orange hair - Professor Moritz - asked, stretching his arms behind his head as he grinned at the students in front of him. Zella noticed that Vinna Eortiz girl staring between his broad chest and large arms out of the corner of her eye, and Zella smirked to herself. "So which one do I get?" Moritz continued. Zella perked up. Professor Moritz was her favourite professor - and not because of his biceps. He knew way more about brawling than the other three did, plus he didn't even bat an eye if she showed up a little late - if she had it her way, she'd happily have every lesson in his class.

    She didn't have time to eagerly volunteer as Professor Indra jabbed him playfully with the hilt of her silver spear and rolled her eyes. "That's not how this works. Maybe you need to pay attention just as much as the kids do."

    Estevan turned his sharp gaze on his coworkers for a few moments, then looked back to the students. "Yes, do pay attention, because what I'm about to tell you could change the course of your life." Zella sat up a little straighter in her seat as Professor Estevan turned to Professor Gloriana - a red-haired lady with many strange markings running down her arm - and nodded once. Gloriana raised her left arm in front of a large wooden board that had been set up behind them - a few of the markings on her right arm flashed oddly when she did - and with a large burst of fire, she had burnt a perfect map of Fodlan into it.

    "Whoa!" Zella exclaimed, rocking forward on her chair. "That was - !" She quieted and shrunk back as Estevan turned his strict eyes on her - she was always getting trouble in his class for talking too loud.

    Estevan jabbed his cane at an X that had been marked not too far north from Garreg Mach. "There have been reports of rouges pillaging a town close to the monastery for some odd weeks now. The Church has made the decision that handling them it would be a good learning experience for some of our more promising students. You were all selected for different reasons, but now is your chance to prove yourselves and demonstrate what you have learned. We will be accompanying and surveying how all of you work as a team to handle the situation. The student who we think makes the greatest contribution to your victory today will receive private tutoring as a reward. This assignment will be graded."

    "We will not be stepping in unless absolutely necessary," Gloriana continued smoothly, "so act intelligently and remember your studies."

    "Dalanie and I will be circling the skies in case of emergency," Indra added.

    "Not that you'll need it," Moritz said, flashing a thumbs up. "I've been watching all of you in action. You've got this in the bag. Those baddies don't stand a chance."

    "We will meet in front of the Entrance Hall in one hour to depart. Collect your weapons, steed if you have one, and supplies, and ensure you're properly fed and hydrated in preparation. If you are late we will depart without you." Zella could have sworn he was staring at her when he said that. "Dismissed!"

    Zella leapt up and grabbed her gauntlets. In her excitement she forgot about her notebook and quill, abandoning them on her desk. She had to go eat something and then review all of the techniques they'd reviewed in class - she needed to do whatever it took to prove herself to her four professors and earn that private training!
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  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Princess Lillian Valecourt

    Lillian gracefully entered the classroom. Perfectly punctual as always. It didn't do well for the future Emperor of Fodlan to be late to meetings. Of course, some of her classmates clearly did not share the same respect for other people's time as she did. Zella Redstone just barely made it to class just as the bell rang. Lillian would not have paid her any mind, had she not dropped her gauntlets to the floor with a loud thud, alerting the entire room to her presence. Lillian just looked at her for a moment, but said nothing.

    This particular meeting was not just an ordinary lesson. She had been invited to a special class today for reasons unknown to her. There were several other students as well, including her trusted retainer Niko, and her twin brother whom she hadn't spoken to in ages... They hadn’t had a proper conversation since her family's crest had appeared on her hand, but not anywhere on him. She wasn’t sure he’d seen him in the castle at all lately. She had been busy with all the training and work it took to become the future ruler, there was no time for casual conversation... She wondered if now would be a good opportunity to say something to him. Although, what could she possibly say at this point?

    She didn't have much time to dwell on this for very long. Professor Esteven started calling names for attendance. Lillian raised her hand and said "present" when her name was called. After that, they finally got to the purpose of their meeting. There had been reports of rogues in the nearby village, and the church thought it was a good idea to send some students off to deal with the matter. They said it would be a good learning experience for them, but it still seemed strange for them to send students to deal with criminals. Still, for her, this would be the perfect opportunity to show that she capable of protecting them as the future Emperor. The Goddess gave her a crest for a reason, and she wasn't about to prove her will wrong.

    Then they were given an hour to prepare, and were dismissed from class. There were so many things to do. She had to get into her armor, prepare her lance, go over the various techniques she knows, not to mention get some nourishment in her system... Then she passed by her twin. He was going on this assignment too, and there was no doubt they would be working together on this. She supposed she should say something... If only to make sure that there was no ill will between them. She took a deep breath, and approached her twin. "Hello Rowan." She said politely. "It seems we will be working alongside one another in battle..." She wasn't sure what to say after that. One would think a simple conversation with their own sibling wouldn't be so difficult... These weren't ordinary circumstances though.
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  3. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Maximus Rothslyn

    Maximus slinked noiselessly into the classroom shortly after the first student. Seating himself towards the back of the room with his back straight attentively. The boy's green eyes focused and took count of every person entry, there were a lot of tall, older students. Most of them gave off an elitist air. While he did recognize some of the other students, like the princess and prince, he was not personally acquainted with them. As the bell chimed a short, brown-haired girl entered full of zest. She attracted the entire room's attention, especially as she noisily plopped her gauntlets on the ground. After the final person took her sit, Mr. Estevan began the roll call. After going through quite a few of the names, he heard his.

    "Present, sir," Maximus politely spoke up, even raising his hand to ensure he noticed his smaller form among the rest. After some minor back and forth the teachers began to explain the situation: rogues appearances north of Garreg Mach. It awakened a bit of sorrow as the pink-haired boy remember the brigands that pilfered his own home and kill his birth parents. But also, a sense of urgency as Maximus understood how important it is to deal with these situations as quickly as possible. This being an assignment that the teachers would pick the best student out didn't matter to the small boy, he wanted to protect people being tormented by the band of thieves.

    There was an obvious fire in his green eyes that burn with strong resolved and determination. This time, he could fight off bandits instead of watching people he cared about get hurt and die. As they were dismissed, Maximus quickly gathered his things, hopped to his feet and headed for the door. He was going through his head of all the preparation he needed not just for himself but for his lovely pegasus, Zephyr.
  4. Schade

    Schade #BoysCanBePrincessesToo

    Luca Von Aurochs

    Luca was sitting by his seat in Professor Estevan's class. He had been the first to arriwe that day, as he had to catch up on some previous homework he didn't have the chance to get done due to some.. feline interferances; Who's idea was it to leave cats and dogs roaming freely around the monestary anyway? The infirmary has been swamped with students coming down with allergies, and Biff, the academy's lead healer, even opened up a small pet store for the tidal wave of kittens that will undoubtly start coming in within the next few months. Needless to say, Luca had also been swept away by this catastrophe, whose timing was less than purrfect, as he had ended up missing out on his homework as a result. The homework in question wasn't too hard though, as he only needed to revise some battle strategies and go over tactical history; The boring parts, in other words.. Regardless, it had made sure he was on time for the professor's announcement, whatever that might be.

    Briefly looking up, he saw Princess Lillian walk in, looking as polished and snobbish as ever. He went back into his books. If she had arrived that meant it was time.. Yep, there rang the bells, signifying that class was in session. Luca furiously scribbled down One-handed Warfare theory while drawing a surprisingly detailed and good doodle of a man getting his head chopped off by a battleaxe. He then smacked his book together and looked up in the same movement, pretending he had been paying attention all this time yep no worries i got everything you said professor totally. Some students were late to the assembly, notably Zella, who made her presence known the best way she knew how: By dropping her gigantic gauntlets straight to the ground, clunking harder than the academy's own bells, alarming everyone around, and possibly waking up the snoozers in class. Hopefully no cats were harmed in this incident. She rushed in and found her seat in time for
    rollcall. Luca didn't see who else made it in time, but was certain he would tell by their abscence once they got thrown into detention.

    Luca did a nod and a clear "Here" when his name was brought up. Professor Moritz then stepped up to address the students. IT was a weird change of pace, considering Professor Estevan would likely have his head for interrupting his lectures otherwise. The almost comically large brute of a man, who's size was second only to that to his brother, the afforementioned head nurse, Biff. Quickly and effortlessly reclaiming the control of the class, Professor Estevan then continued on. Apparently there had been sightings of Bandits near the monestary, and the teachers had agreed that it would be a good exercise to make dispatching of them into a fun little class activity. Normally, one would likely question the immoral ambiguity of the scenario and how it would be handled, but Luca was excited. Finally, some practical education! He had studied so many books and theories surrounding warfare, it would be good to have something living on the recieving end of his axe for once. The professor then continued, saying the teachers wouldn't meddle in unless it became necessary, and that the affair would be treated as a graded test. This was what Luca was good at, and he was looking forward to it.

    After class, the students had been given an hour to prepare for the upcoming fight. Luca knew everyting about battle preparations, and knew that he would have to go grab something to eat first, then go fix up his gear and let the food sink properly, and then warm up with a few solid swings of his axe. Exiting the classroom, he saw another classmate, prince Rowan Valecourt, whom he had befriended during their time at the academy. He was a strong fighter and a reliable leader, and the two just naturally clicked, and thus formed the base for a solid friendship. He walked over to him. "My lord, you want to go get something to eat before preparing for the upcoming battle?". Before Rowan could answer though, his sister, the princess stepped in. "Hello Rowan" she said, before making a comment about how they would work together. There was something in her tone that left an awkward aftertaste. Luca knew of the reason, and decided to change the subject. "Er-hem. Would her highness care to join us for lunch before departure?" he then said, upping his formal tone just a bit.
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  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Niko Arkwright

    Niko stepped into the classroom two steps behind Lilian, habitually making his entrance secondary in typical retainer fashion. He didn’t sit next to her — there was no need to be that clingy, really, and being near the sides of the room gave him a better view of his surroundings. He’d barely just made himself comfortable, tilting back his chair to lean against the wall, when Zella barged into the classroom, slamming her gauntlets down onto the floor in perfect unison with the bell that signified the beginning of class.

    He waved at Professor Estevan when his name was called — first, as it usually was, then slid down a little in his chair as he listened to the professors talk, smirking a little at Zella’s excitement as the girl marvelled at Professor Gloriana’s magical prowess. A group of bandits had attacked a nearby town, and they wanted the students to deal with it as a ‘learning experience’. The fact that they were to reward the student with the greatest contribution worried him — in matters like these, it was bad to incentivise people to seek personal glory. Working as a team was pivotal, and introducing the element of competition within the group may lead to trouble. He said nothing about it, though. The professors weren’t exactly the kind to listen to someone like him, and he wasn’t exactly on their good side anyway — it wouldn’t have surprised him if he was only chosen as part of the course because he came as a package with the princess.

    As the others made their preparations, Niko once again took stock of the people in the room. Many were probably fighting for the first time, and even though they would probably be safe with the professors keeping watch, he knew more than well enough that a stray arrow was enough to end a life, and nobody flying above could react to something like that in time. Similarly, it was impossible for just two people on the ground to watch over everyone. It was his duty, as a retainer and a friend, to ensure the princess’s safety.

    It'd be ideal if he could enlist someone's help on the matter. Generally, such things weren't too difficult to arrange, and just required gently reminding someone that the princess and future emperor might be in danger — the vast majority of people didn't really need much convincing beyond that, and in his experience most were more than happy to be of help.

    Zella Redstone. While Lilian didn’t seem fond of her punctuality (or lack thereof), he himself had always liked the girl. They’d sparred a few times, and she was definitely skilled, and above all else, she worked hard. Even though she seemed good enough at heart, her naivety was a weakness. Judging by how eagerly she sprang up to get ready, it seemed she eagerly wanted the chance to prove herself, which meant she probably wouldn’t be receptive to orders, at least not from someone like him. She was also inexperienced, and people of her type were often unpredictable when placed under heavy pressure. He’d keep watch over her and try keep her out of too much trouble, but it’d be bad to expect too much from her.

    The other kid headed for the door — Maximus. Niko didn’t know him too well, but his general demeanour wasn’t exactly reassuring. He’d entered quietly, and had a somewhat subdued, almost sombre air to him, which wasn’t exactly indicative of confidence. The fact that he’d left the room near-immediately, looking a little worked up, wasn’t good either — it hinted that he might be emotionally invested somehow, and that lead to rash thinking. No, I can’t rely on him either.

    Erwyn Scyne. He didn’t know the boy, but his nervousness earlier didn’t exactly fill him with confidence. The fact that he used a ranged weapon was somewhat reassuring, though — at least that way, his own safety probably wouldn’t be jeopardised in the same way that it would’ve been if he had to fight up close with that sort of anxiousness. Either way, he couldn’t be counted on.

    Now, that Phina girl… as far as he was aware, she was a lazy airhead who had no drive. She must’ve been selected for a reason, but even if she was skilled, her attitude sucked. Totally useless, for his purposes at least.

    Risali. He’d sparred with her in the past, and she was definitely competent. While she was kinda stubborn and her piety could be a little annoying, she carried herself with the air of someone who was aware of her surroundings and was confident in her own abilities. And — this is merely conjecture, but — she seemed to Niko like the kind of person who’d been through something unpleasant in the past, and came out more or less okay. People of that sort could be counted on in dangerous situations. If shit hit the fan, he could count on her to pull through. Maybe he’d take the opportunity to ask her to remain close to Lilian later... two pairs of eyes are better than one, after all. And besides, he was curious about the girl.

    And Rowan, of course… while he worried for the prince’s emotional state, he had no concerns over his ability to handle himself on the battlefield. He would be fine, and his friend, Luca… while Niko himself didn’t know him too well, the fact that Rowan had chosen him as a companion is proof enough of his worth. He seemed skilled, reliable, and appeared a nice enough guy. Ideally, it’d be good to stick in close proximity with those two, and Rowan would without doubt jump to his sister's defence if necessary, but it'd probably be inappropriate to explicitly ask them for help, given the circumstances. And as for Lilian herself… she ought to be OK, having had plenty of combat training. It was her first time in a true battle, though, so there was still some cause for concern. He’d stay by her as long as he could — his own personal performance in this little test mattered little to him. The teachers knew his skill, and he didn’t need the validation.

    That’s that, I guess. He quickly went over the plan once again — stick with Rowan and Luca, try to ask the LaFlamme girl a favour, keep an eye out for Zella’s safety, and stay with the princess the entire way. Everyone else could be basically ignored. After stretching and letting out a yawn, he glanced over at the princess, and upon seeing her engaged in conversation with her brother, decided to leave them to their own devices for now. No point imposing his presence on a little family moment. That was one of the crucial rules of being a retainer — only making your presence felt when it needed to be.

    Instead, he strolled leisurely over to Risali, catching her attention with a casual wave. “Hey, Risali,” he began, sitting himself down on a now-unused table, “Could you me out with something? I doubt it'll be too dangerous, so I won’t ask you to give up doing well on an assignment, if that’s important to you — but having one more person watching out for the princess's safety would help put me at ease." He paused for a moment, then grinned and gave a friendly laugh, "I'll treat you to a drink after if you'd like."
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  6. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Risali LaFlamme

    Risali had been early to the classroom. Not as early as Luca but not too far behind him. Punctuality was a virtue after all. And she wasn't going to let something as simple as being tardy leave a mark on her record. Being early had its upsides too. She liked to use the time waiting for class to begin to go over notes, review homework, or sometimes just read ahead to prepare for future lectures. That also meant she needed to spend less time studying during downtime though she spent enough time in the library or the training grounds as it was that her social life didn't exactly reap the benefits. Such was the cost of devotion she supposed.

    Today was something different though. Not the usual class. And with four professors present no less. Something was up and her curiosity was making it hard to focus on the open book in front of her.

    Lillian entered the classroom right on time, as usual, with her retainer trailing just behind her. And just behind him was Zella, moving at a furious pace and sliding into her seat with not a second to spare. She dropped her huge gauntlets with a loud thunk and Risali laughed silently to herself. There was certainly a much larger variety of personalities here than she had been expecting. But it was the lively ones like Zella that she found the most interesting. Risali would like to ask her a few questions sometime. Like what brought her to the monastery, and how she could stand to wield such heavy weapons.

    She answered the roll call as it was given and waited patiently through the professors explanation. When Professor Estevan said it could change the course of their lives, she leaned in a little closer. And when Professor Gloriana used her fire magic to create a perfectly detailed map, Risali blinked. Would she ever be that good with magic? Probably not. She had a talent for it, yes, but that level of control... that was something she felt was firmly outside the realm of possibility.

    The prospect of a reward to the student who contributed the most was intriguing, but it almost sounded like a trap. Teamwork was the important part here. Run off chasing glory and you'd get hurt. Or worse, get someone else hurt who you could have kept safe. But therein lied the trap. The reward was for contributing towards the team's victory. Solid leadership, a winning strategy, those were the qualities they wanted, yes? Not bravado. Not guts.

    They wanted leaders. Officers. Not heroes. This could be a chance to prove herself, but would Lilian or the other nobles be willing to take orders from someone of Risali's standing? She seriously doubted it. Even if she tried to formulate a game plan and used her newfound nobility as a springboard, she'd almost certainly be overshadowed. What was the LaFlamme family when compared to the prestige of actual royalty? Risali let out a deep sigh and turned her thoughts back to the assignment until class was dismissed.

    Afterwards, she busied herself with collecting her scattered notes and books, her mind still wrestling with her earlier thoughts. She had just returned her belongings to a neat, orderly stack when Niko approached with a wave and a greeting as he took a nearby seat. Out of force of habit, she looked for Lilian and spotted her on the other side of the classroom. She still hadn't quite gotten used to all the ins and outs of interacting with nobles, but Niko without Lilian was agreeable enough.

    "Good morning Niko." she returned the greeting with a smile before he continued.

    “Could you help me out with something? I doubt it'll be too dangerous, so I won’t ask you to give up doing well on an assignment, if that’s important to you — but having one more person watching out for the princess's safety would help put me at ease." He paused for a moment, then grinned and gave a friendly laugh, "I'll treat you to a drink after if you'd like."

    Oh? He wanted help with his duties as a retainer? That was interesting, but it might help her break the ice with Lilian and that alone made it appealing. Besides, trying to scheme her way into leadership wasn't her style anyway. She brushed those thoughts aside.

    "You'd trust me to help protect the princess?" Risali said, "I'm flattered you think so highly of me." His smile and laugh helped to put her at ease. "So, a battle and a date?" she teased. "Quite the gentlemanly offer. To be honest, trying to think of a way to show off during the assignment sounds like it'd do more harm than good. So if you'll have me, I'd be happy to help."
  7. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    Phina Bennett

    Phina slowly entered the classroom all drowsy as she made her way to her seat. Once she sat, she threw her books on the table and laid her head on it and began to start going into a deep slumber. She figured that she'd be able to at least get some more sleep going before having to actually do anything so she carried on with her desire.

    "Hopefully this period goes...by fast..." Phina slowly spoke as she began to sleep. Her snoring was loud enough to get the attention of some other students. Unfortunately, her sleep ended when Professor Estevan walked in the class and slammed his cane on the ground twice. The noise of the cane was enough to wake up Phina from her slumber. As Phina was about to go back to sleeping, Professor Estevan spoke her name.

    "Bennett, Phina!"

    "W-what? Huh? Oh yeah here..." Phina quickly spoke before falling asleep again after Professor Estevan called her name for roll call. A student next to her shook her a bit before she finally woke up without quickly putting her head back on her books. Phina's eyes were not wide enough to actually see much but nonetheless, she just went with it. The professor explained a group of bandits were causing trouble near the monetary and that the students would have to make work of them as a graded assignment. When the class ended, Phina decided that she'd sneak in a 35 minute nap before preparing to take on the bandits with the rest of the class. As Phina walked out, she noticed two students with crests and spoke to herself about what she saw.

    "Sigh...guess we have those kinds of people this year...now about that nap..."
  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou antagoonist

    Rowan Valecourt

    Though it wasn’t deliberate on his part, Rowan was up long before dawn. He woke with a startle, then spent the early hours of morning training, reading, or otherwise occupying his mind so as to forget the terrors of the night prior. It was an unfortunate routine; come every dusk, Leonard visited his dreams, only to die the same way he had all those years ago in the morrow. The feelings roused by his death lingered a few hours thereafter, until he could fight them away and face the day as a prince should.

    The nightmares had left him for many a year, but ever since his most recent failure to reclaim heirship and the subsequent admittance to Garreg Mach, they had returned in full swing. Perhaps it was strange of him to mull over a single death to such an extent, particularly when he’d seen so much of it during his time with the empire’s forces. He’d even delivered it, with his own two hands. The church said that human life was equal - but it was not, was it? It might have been hypocritical of him to say so, but then, hypocrisy seemed to run in the blood of his family.

    Rowan reached the classroom a little later than usual due to a mishap in the training grounds, but he was still a good hour early. Much to his surprise however, he wasn’t the first one in today; Luca was already at his seat, busily going through a stack of papers. The prince had known of house Aurochs long before he had actually met Luca in person - and was quite surprised to find that he, too, bore no crest. Though they hadn’t talked about their respective pasts, Rowan knew house Aurochs was strict and idolized crests, so he could imagine they had more in common than not. Perhaps that was part of the reason they got along so well, though Rowan himself attributed it to Luca’s dutifulness and reliability.

    Whatever Luca was working on must’ve been important, so Rowan decided not to bother him. Instead, he found his usual place at the back of the class, a seat which he’d chosen to avoid obstructing the view of anyone unfortunate enough to sit behind him. He opened up a book on Garreg Mach’s history and let the silence take him.

    The classroom started to fill soon after. Rowan was focused on his book and didn’t pay attention to every student flowing in, but he did raise his gaze to note the presence of his sister and her retainer - and was quite frankly torn from his thoughts by the onset of loud snoring. He turned to find a commoner resting her head on the table, sound asleep. Rowan couldn’t fathom it. What manner of madman had so little respect for education and the struggles of those vying for a spot at the monastery to sleep in class? There were thousands of commoners who would’ve given their left leg to be permitted into Garreg Mach. Perhaps a stricter vetting of students was in order.

    The clock chimed the start of the class, and Rowan dutifully closed his book - only to jump in his seat a little when someone skid in at the last second and let her gauntlets hit the floor with a resounding thunk. He gave the girl a disapproving glare, not surprised to find she was of common birth, too. Were they not mandating classes for etiquette? No, common decency? Perhaps they should have, at least to be rid of behaviour that disturbed others. This was a place of learning. Tomfoolery had no place here.

    His thoughts dispersed with the tap of Professor Estevan’s cane. Even the sleeping girl seemed to wake, and silence fell over the classroom. What followed was a standard taking of attendance - Rowan gave a curt “Present” when his name was called - and then the introduction of their first assignment in the field. Apparently, rogues were pillaging a town nearby, and they were to put a stop to it.

    Rowan turned to look to his sister, brows knitted in worry. From what he knew, she had not been faced with a ‘kill or be killed’ situation before, unlike him. He wasn’t even sure if she’d truly fought before, mock battles not withstanding. If she had, he’d need to have a word with Niko and ask for an explanation.

    One by one, students begun to stand and take their leave. They were given but an hour to prepare, so Rowan gathered his book and papers and intended to follow suit. Breakfast was in order, and he still had to get into armour. Then there was Artemis to prepare. At the very least, he’d already fed the mare earlier in the morning.

    As Rowan made for the exit, he noticed that the rowdy gauntlet girl - Zella, was it? - had left her notebook on the table in her rush to be... wherever it was she was headed. He let out an exasperated sigh and went to pick it up. It was absolutely not his job to deliver forgotten items to their owners, but perhaps realizing she’d inconvenienced the prince would make her less likely to forget the next time.

    “My lord,” came a familiar voice from behind him, “You want to go get something to eat before preparing for the upcoming battle?"

    Luca. Rowan had little time do anything but note his presence when another voice, familiar yet so very foreign to his ears of recent, called out to him from the side.

    "Hello Rowan."

    Rowan turned to find Lillian approaching him nervously. He supposed the apprehension made sense. Occasional word here and there, it had been a while since they’d properly spoken to each other. Part of it had been deliberate; Rowan had purposefully kept his distance so as to not grow to resent her or end up hurting her with the bitterness that still scorched him. Such had been the case even before he’d begun to spend most his time training with the soldiers and traveling the lands for months on end. He’d only returned from his latest expedition a little before they’d been sent to Garreg Mach.

    She’d grown, he noted.

    "It seems we will be working alongside one another in battle..."

    “It would seem so, yes,” was all Rowan could find in reply. His expression and tone mirrored hers in formality, but his voice always did have a natural warmth to it - and for once, it came in handy. There was a moment of silence, until Rowan felt obliged to fill it with, “You seem well.”

    That’s good, was a thought he had, but could not put into words.

    It was Luca that eventually broke the following silence. Perhaps compelled by manners, he extended a lunch invitation to Lillian as well.

    “Luca,” Rowan reprimanded, perhaps a little too quick to seem natural, “It would not do to inconvenience the princess with an invitation she cannot accept.” He turned back to Lillian, blue staring into similar blue, “I’m sure she has a lot to prepare for before the battle - as do we all, certainly. Perhaps another time.”

    “Lillian,” he gave her something between a nod of dismissal and a bow of leave, one arm behind his back, then turned on his heel and gestured Luca to follow.

    “You were up early today,” he mused as he walked the corridors besides the noble, referring to his early presence in the classroom. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were catching up on assignments.” His lips curled into a faint smile, amusement in his tone. “I told you the cats would be the end of you, Luca. Tempting as it is, you should refrain from petting each on--- Oh.”

    He spotted a familiar figure in the distance and raised a hand to have Luca stop and wait. “Just a moment,” he promised and walked over to Zella, clearing his throat upon approach.

    “I believe you forgot something.” He stood still with her notebook in hand, patiently waiting for her to turn around and find it. Once she did, he furrowed his brows, fixing her a stern look. “I can only hope you aren’t as careless in the battle to come. I have seen grown men lose limbs for less blatant lapses in attention.”

    With his piece said, he resumed his place a few steps in front of his friend as they headed for the cafeteria. He was usually not yet hungry at this time, and eating too much just before a battle was less than ideal - but for some reason, he felt as though he needed all the energy he could get today.
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    Princess Lillian Valecourt

    “It would seem so, yes,” Her brother replied warmly. From the tone of his voice, he didn't seem to hold any bitterness torwards her. Lillian was relieved. The last thing she needed was to have to cooperate with someone who had an issue with her. These types of situations worked best when everyone was in agreement. “You seem well.”

    Lillian nodded. "You as well."

    There was a brief moment of silence, before a young man broke it by inviting her to have lunch with the two of them. She believed the man's name was Luca. Lillian was only aware of him because he came from the noble house Aurochs. She had to know who the important noble families were. She had seen him alongside her brother a few times, but the two had never actually spoke to him before. Lillian had wanted to scold him for interupting their conversation, but he had actually invited her to have lunch with them. Most days Lillian usually ate alone or with Niko. Someone else actually wanting her to join them never happened. Were people to intimidated to dine with their future ruler? That was most likely the reason.

    Before Lillian had a chance to respond, her brother answered first. “Luca, It would not do to inconvenience the princess with an invitation she cannot accept. I’m sure she has a lot to prepare for before the battle - as do we all, certainly. Perhaps another time.” He bowed, and left with Luca following behind him.

    While he wasn't wrong that she did have a number of things to do to prepare for the upcoming battle, who did he think he was to put words into her mouth like that? They may have both been children of the emperor, but she was the one with a Crest, and the one who would soon rule this empire. She was not going to stand there and let her brother decide what invitations she could and could not accept.

    She didn't let the emotion she was feeling show on her face. Instead, she calmly walked over to Niko, who was having a conversation with a green haired young woman. She had seen her in the monastery before. This woman was apparently also of noble birth, and even bore a crest. Still, before attending Garreg Mach, she hadn't even heard of her family's name before. They must have been minor nobility. "Pardon me. I do hope I am not interupting something. I would like to have a word with my retainer. Good day Risali." Then she walked ahead, and gestured for Niko to follow.

    Once she was certain Niko was behind her, she started talking while heading towards the dining hall. "That friend of my brother's invited me to dine with them. Believe it or not, I intend to join them. I would like you to accompany us as well." Having somebody on her side would make this less awkward, even if she didn't want to admit that. She was the future ruler of Fódlan, and she couldn't handle a simple lunch with her twin. How embarrassing.
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    Zella Redstone

    Zella headed straight for the cafeteria. She needed to grab something very quick, then head back to her room to review her notes and shine her gauntlets. No time for socializing, nor pleasantries. She grabbed a pickled rabbit skewer – mostly because it was easiest to carry given she already had two large gauntlets tucked under each arm, and took an apple to carry in her mouth for good measure.

    She was rushing down the hallway toward her dorm when she noticed somebody walking toward her. She tried to walk past him but he cleared her throat, so she stopped in confusion – and abruptly realized it was the Prince of Fódlan. Zella blinked at him, her mouth full and unable to ask what he could possibly want with her. “I believe you forgot something,” he said. It took Zella a few seconds of blank staring, but her attention fell on the notebook she'd abandoned in class.

    She shifted her apple to the hand that wasn't holding a meat skewer, and smiled. “Hey, is that my notebook? Ha, I'm always forgetting that damn thing, should probably get someone to sew it to my arm,” she admitted. “It's nice of you to bring it back to me though Mr., uh, Prince. Usually I just find it in class the next day, but now I can review before...” she trailed off awkwardly as she noticed he was giving her a stare reminiscent of Professor Estevan.

    “I can only hope you aren't as careless in the battle to come,” he continued, and Zella immediately felt a flush creep up her face as she realized he was reprimanding her, as if he were a teacher or something. “I have seen grown men lose limbs for less blatant lapses in attention.”

    Zella scoffed at him, trying to keep her cool as embarrassment and anger wrestled inside her for control. “For what, forgetting a book? You're serious right now?” she asked, shocked, but he was already turning away from her. “Whatever – guess I'll just have to prove myself in battle then, huh? Thanks, I guess.” She returned her apple to her teeth and swiped her notebook back.

    She stormed off back to her dorm room, where she tore a piece of rabbit flesh off the skewer and rustled through her notebook to the first class of the semester, but her first interaction with the prince was still weighing heavily on her mind. She had no idea he was such a stickler for perfection. Now he probably thought she was just some careless oaf that had fallen into a situation she wasn't deserving of. Ugh...! Whatever! She'd show him! They'd both been put into this group for a reason, and she was just as curious to find out if he had real talent or just a prestigious birthright...


    An hour later, and the four professors were gathered in front of the cobblestone walls of the entrance hall, awaiting the last of their students to arrive. A young soldier standing by the stone steps saluted the professors and their students. “You're sure you don't want the church's help?” he asked, almost hopefully.

    Gloriana smiled at him. “We have this under control, Remy. Just as we trust that Ivetta and the rest of your army have things under control here.”

    Remy hastily bowed. “Of course, of course! Really, there's nobody else in these walls that would have things under control better than you.” He beamed and waved at the students before turning back to his guard duties. “Best of luck, everyone!”

    Professor Moritz nudged Professor Indra. “Seems like just yesterday he was a student, huh?”

    Indra laughed quietly. “Seems like yesterday I was just a student...” She turned her gaze to the sky and whistled sharply. A pure white pegasus appeared on the horizon and descended to greet them. Indra affectionately rubbed the creature's nose.

    A short distance off, two green-haired children were giggling and straining their necks to take a look at the crew. They were diving back behind a wall whenever a student looked in their direction, but their laughter made their poor efforts to hide futile.

    “Aislinn? Michan?” Indra called to the kids, who stepped out from behind the wall. “Did you want to pet Dalanie?”

    “Yes please!!” they said in unison, running over eagerly for a chance to stroke the pegasus. The twins were nearly identical, despite being of different genders, except for an obvious crest on Aislinn's forehead that had only appeared in the last month. Most students were used to seeing the orphans exploring around the monastery – they were under the care of the church, but were fascinated by the older students and soldiers.

    “We'll be leaving soon,” Estevan warned, glancing in the direction of the school clock.

    Zella – fed, studied, and adorned in her freshly shined gauntlets, skidded to a halt. “Hey guys!” she greeted cheerfully, ignoring Estevan's harsh stare. As far as she was concerned, she was a full minute earlier than she needed to be, and that was more than enough.

    The bell chimed the beginning of a new hour, and Estevan gestured the crew forward. “Let's be off.” Dalanie and Indra took to the sky, and Estevan led the rest off the monastery grounds. Despite his cane, he certainly didn't seem bothered by the prospect of walking all the way to the battle. “Aneed Town has been ordered to evacuate. Your top priority is to protect any villagers whom were unable to leave. You are to use what you've learned to overpower and, if necessary, kill any rogues who will not back down. From what we know, these are not trained soldiers. We should have a firm advantage.”

    “What is with that, anyways?” Moritz muttered to Gloriana. “I keep hearing reports of untrained rogues pillaging villages.”

    Gloriana glanced over her shoulder. “You shouldn't be speaking of this in front of the students,” she said in a hushed tone.


    Aneed Town

    The students and faculty approached Aneed Town and the damages were apparent. Windows had been smashed in, doors broken down, and rubble lined the streets. The town looked mostly deserted, aside from a few cowering animals taking shelter amongst the wreckage: cats, dogs, and even a loose horse. “It's worse than they'd said it would be,” Estevan grumbled.

    Mortiz glanced at him. “Should we go back?”

    “There's no time,” Estevan insisted. A man, out of breath and his brow creased with stress, hurried over to them, and Estevan nodded at him. “Friseal, how can our students help?”

    “Oh, thank you,” the man said hurriedly. “There's still some villagers that I can't get to. A young mother and her three small children live in the fifth house down, but the rouges are surrounding them. Her husband is a member of the army and is away – as are many of Aneed's most capable protectors. Ugh, I do not know if it is terrible timing or if these damned tyrants knew beforehand...!”

    “Who else, Friseal?” Estevan urged.

    “There is an old woman who lives deeper in the village who is unaccounted for – bright pink roof, you can't miss it. She's gone a little senile in her old age, I suspect her son is away at the moment as well. I doubt she even understands what is going on right now. There is one other person – Ruiseart, a member of the Church army, but present at the time of the attack. He's a large man with bright red hair and a voice louder than a dragon. I suspect he was trying to handle the situation on his own and was overpowered. There is very little I can do, are you sure you are able to handle this...?”

    Estevan nodded and turned to the students. “You've heard your objectives. You may split up into groups if you think it would be more efficient, but do not go anywhere on your own.” He gestured to the sky. “Professor Indra will be keeping watch in case of emergency.”

    Nervous at a chance for real combat, yet excited for an opportunity to prove herself, Zella stepped forward. “The mother is closest to here, right? Let's head there.”

    They hadn't managed to get far before the rogues – mostly men cloaked in dark hoods and armed with daggers – spotted them and began gathering. “So they're sending a bunch of sheltered noble kids to stop us, huh?” one asked, laughing and brandishing his weapon. “Come and stop us then, kids!”
  11. Monster Guy

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    Princess Lillian Valecourt
    A bunch of places in this school

    Lillian would have liked to have lunch with her sibling, and his friend. However, Niko reminded her that she had several other things to do to prepare for the upcoming assignment. As much as she wanted to argue, he did have a point. So, instead Lillian wound up going to the Cafeteria and getting a quick meal. The entire time she didn't even acknowledge her twin or anybody else in the cafeteria for that matter. That was usually how it went with her.

    After she was done eating, before she did anything else, she made her way to the cathedral and made a prayer to the Goddess for good luck in the upcoming battle. After that, she ran back to her dorm to get her armor on as well as her lance. Finally, she went to the stables to ready her stallion.


    About an hour later, and Lillian was ready to go. She arrived at the entrance hall atop her golden horse, Apollo, who was outfitted with his own armor that matched Lillian's. The four professors were waiting for them there. She arrived in time to see the green-haired twins petting Professor Indra's Pegasus. They were orphaned children that she had seen running around the Monastery. The Princess was fascinated by how close they were in spite of only of them having a crest. The same could not be said for her and her own twin...

    Finally, everyone had arrived. Zella was barely on time... That was progress she supposed. Then they took off. On the way to the town, Estevan explained that their priority was to overpower, and if necessary, kill any rogues that refuse to back down. That shouldn't be too difficult. These were only common criminals. Their little group shouldn't have too much trouble.

    Aneed Town

    The group eventually approached Aneed Town, and the damage they had done to this small town was clear. Houses had been broken into, and the town was completely deserted. This was awful. A worried man named Friseal explained that there were several villagers in danger that needed help. It would fall to them to help these people.

    Zella stated that the closest one was a mother and her children trapped inside their home. They were on their way to go save them when they were surrounded by a bunch of cloaked figures armed with daggers. “So they're sending a bunch of sheltered noble kids to stop us, huh?” one asked, laughing and brandishing his weapon. “Come and stop us then, kids!”

    Lillian and Apollo stepped forward. "I beg your pardon? Do you have any idea to whom you are speaking? I am the future Emperor of this Kingdom. You have destroyed a small village for your own benefit, and I cannot allow this to continue. If you have any sense at all, I suggest you get out of our way."

    One of the men scoffed. "Pfft, and what are you gonna do if we don't princess?" He asked in a condescending tone. "Send one of yer bodyguards to have a word with us? Please..."

    Lillian's face was stoic, in spite of this man's stupidity. Apollo reared up and whinnied, then they charged forward, and Lillian stabbed the man with her lance, causing him to fall to his knees, and die.

    It was her first kill, and for all the training she's had, Lillian was still disgusted by the sight of the man dying before her eyes. Even if he did deserve it. She couldn't bear to look at him. Now her lance was bloodied. Ugh, fantastic... "Does anyone else have anything to say?"
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