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Fire Emblem: Dissident [RP Thread] [PG-13]

Monster Guy

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Princess Lillian Valecourt
Aneed Town

Naturally, as soon as Rowan killed a Rogue, his companions rushed in to avenge their fallen friend. When one of them got too close, the small pink haired boy on top of a pegasus blasted him with lightning. Niko calmly pointed out that this could end peacefully without further bloodshed. At this point, several of the rogues fled like cowards. A few of them did stay behind. They approached her with their daggers drawn. Lillian rolled her eyes. Here she was in full armor, and these criminals thought it would be wise to approach her with daggers? What did they hope to accomplish?

Then they attacked, and somehow managed to scrape her, and slashed at her shoulder. Lillian winced. How on Earth did they accomplish that? Well, that showed her not to underestimate her opponent. Lillian raised her other arm. "Nosferatu!" She zapped the man that just attacked her with white magic. It drained a a bit of his energy, and healed her a small amount.

Just then she heard the sound of neighing, that did not belong to her own steed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her brother's black horse sans her rider. Why would her brothers horse be running free, without her rider. Did something happen to him? Liliian looked around, and saw her retainer, and Risali on either side of her. Not to mention there were still several rogues with their attention on them. Lillian sighed. "You two, take care of these criminals. They are not worth my time. I have other things to take care of." Apollo whinnied, and Lillian turned around and galloped off while the criminals shouted obscenities at her. How rude...

She followed Artemis. "Where is he?" The Princess exclaimed. The horse then led her back her brother, as well as an entire crowd gathered around. They all seemed to be focused on one person. It was Luca, that friend of her brother's that had invited her to lunch earlier. He looked to be injured. That pink haired boy who had zapped the criminal from earlier was supporting him. Now she understood why he had sent Artemis away...

"Alright, stand back everyone." Lillian stepped off of Apollo, and got close to him. She pulled out the bloodied daggers that had been lodged into him. After that, she waved her hand. "Heal!" Then, Luca was surrounded with a warm golden light. Gradually, his wounds started to fade, and the pain began to subside.
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Maximus Rothslyn
Aneed Town

"T.. Thank.. You.." the man muttered, followed by a cough. His green eyes returned to the older man. Maximus just shook his head. He really didn't do much other than apply vulnerary onto his wounds. He was really quite useless in the grand scheme of the events. Lou's expression change as he finally took notice of the Prince's presence. Maximus could feel the man's body tense. Despite the pink-haired boy's best attempt to keep a hold, he was simply brushed aside by the gravely injured classmate. This made him wonder if he was abnormally weak strength-wise for a boy his age... That thought occupied his mind for a moment before he decided to worry about it later. Maximus watched with concerned eyes as Lou brace himself, and claim he was fine when he clearly was not.

Maximus was worry he may be delirious due to blood loss. Just before he could once again request the Prince's assistance, he was on alerted by the sound of horses galloping toward them. He readied himself for a fight, but fortunately, it was the Prince's steed being followed by the Princess. The teen hadn't noticed the absence of the black horse. He couldn't help but smile, what an intelligent mare she was to bring back help like that. The Princess didn't waste any time as she removed the dagger and cast the healing spell. As the golden wash over the injured man looked gratefully at the tall blonde lady.

"It's good the Princess is here," spoke out his gratitude for their good fortune. He clasps his hand together before his head shot up toward the tall blond man. "Prince, your shoulder got stabbed and you sir, are looking kind of rough. You should both get a healed by the Princess, she's a top-class healer." He innocently suggested with the utmost concern for their health. If the Princess hadn't shown up, the Pegasus rider was going to give them both a vulnerary for their wounds, but healing magic would be better.

His green-eyes glanced between the group of them before catching the elderly woman still confusedly standing at her door. Their mission, they needed to get her to safety. With the other guy with them, they had found all the citizens that were deeper in town. Forgetting about the remaining group's need for healing, Maximus swiftly but warily made his way over to her. Zephyr watched him at first before trotting after him. The pegasus still looked very tense as she let out a snort.

"Excuse me, ma'am, my name is Maximus," the short teen began with introducing himself when he reached the lady before she returned to her home. "The state of the town is very dangerous right now, so we were sent help people who hadn't gotten out yet. Please come with us, we'll escort you to safety." The old lady bent over with her cane appeared to be really squinting to look at him. Maybe she was missing her glasses? She also wasn't really dress for going out, but they didn't have time to wait for such things. Maximus took her hand and began to gently guide her toward his flying mount.


Faithful Crusader
Risali LaFlamme
Aneed Town

Risali smiled as several of the rouges wisely backed off. That would certainly make things easier. And, if she was being totally honest with herself, she wasn't exactly looking forward to scoring her first kill. Little did she know that fate was going to make her take the swing one way or another today.

Zella rushed in to stop two of the rouges who were trying to slink off towards a nearby house, leaving Risali, Niko, and the princess to deal with the remaining three. As long as Zella could hold her own for just a moment that would make her own fight an even three versus three. Risali held her guard position as she moved in pace with the princess, but it looked like most of the rouges were focused on her. Not that she could blame them for wanting revenge for their fallen comrade.

Okay, she could do this. It would be justice, to strike these rogues down for what they did to this town. Right? Of course if was. She needed to chase that doubt out of her mind and get this done. Otherwise, she would never see her dream of becoming a knight become reality.

One strike to the heart or the head, just like she practiced.

Risali closed in to guard the princess's flank when she heard Zella cry out for help. She glanced that way and saw their eager classmate had indeed bitten off more than she could chew. Did she protect the princess like she promised or rush to help Zella? Her eyes jumped from target to target, ally to ally, while she frantically weighed both options. She had to choose, and fast.

But it looked like the princess was going to save her the trouble. "You two, take care of these criminals. They are not worth my time. I have other things to take care of." she declared before her horse tore off down the path and barreled past the two rouges before her. In their haste to dodge the princess's charge, they left themselves open.

Risali dashed in as fast as she could and sliced her blade cleanly across the back of one of the rouge's legs, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. A quick heel spin later and her blade had pierced the man through his back and out the front. A clean kill, just like she practiced. Risali shoved the sick feeling that was welling up in her stomach as deep into the back of her mind as she could manage and, letting the adrenaline fuel her movement, dashed back and away from the rouges. Hopefully Niko would understand.

"Niko, I have to help Zella! Can you handle these two?" she didn't wait for an answer. She couldn't wait for an answer. Zella was in trouble now. Then she would worry about Niko and the runaway princess.

Unfortunately, her shout had caught their attention and the rouges were ready for her when she arrived, her blade raised to strike.

"We'll take them together!" she called to Zella. Risali moved to the opposite side of the rouges, putting the two of them between herself and Zella.

"Don't talk like you've already won!" the rouge shouted as he lunged in with his dagger. He was quick, quicker than Risali expected him to be. She raised her sword to parry but missed the timing by a hair and took a cut on the arm for her trouble. The pain was quick and galvanizing, a reminder of what was at stake in this fight. She gritted her teeth and held her blade as steady as she could manage.

Risali moved to strike and the rouge dodged nimbly to the side. He tried to slide in for another swipe at her with his dagger but Risali was ready for his speed this time and back-stepped with a quick parry blocking the strike with the flat of her blade. The rouge didn't fall for entering the bind and wisely backed off. This one would be tough, but hopefully Zella could handle a one-on-one.
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Why not both?
Niko Arkwright
Aneed Town

It seemed like his attempt at intimidation had at least partially worked, and that was about all Niko was hoping for. Ignoring the rogue’s taunt, he sidestepped the man’s charge and stepped back, using his weapon’s superior range to keep the man at bay while he reassessed the situation. There are five remaining — three seemed focused on them, while another two had peeled away, distracted by someone else.

Niko thrust his spear at the man, forcing him back, and quickly repositioned himself to intercept the other two. The spear was a weapon with certain disadvantages — committing to a killing blow meant that he would leave a significant chunk of time for the rogues to close in. But the man was faster than he’d expected, and he had to brace himself as his enemy lunged at him. Scowling, he stepped to the side again, moving closer to the princess, and swatted the man’s arm aside with his spear’s tip, leaving a long trailing cut.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Risali moving to cover the princess’s other flank. That was good. In the distance, Zella cried for help. That wasn’t so good — it worried him, but he kept his focus. As much as he liked the girl, he wasn’t in a position to help her, and there was no point in trying to do so at the moment.

“Stand down.” He growled. The rogue stared back at him with angry eyes, and Niko felt a twinge of sadness. This might be one of the ones he’d have to kill. He shifted his stance accordingly.

“You two,” the princess commanded, “Take care of those criminals. They aren’t worth my time. I have other things to take care of.” At that, she spurred Apollo forwards, forcing the aggressors backwards. Off balance. That was his chance. Niko sprung immediately, lunging forwards and thrusting his spear directly at the man’s heart. If you don’t plan on sparing someone, strike to kill.

The rogue was fast to react — he hadn’t been subject to a charging horse, after all — but not fast enough. The strike was clean, and the man didn't have a chance to scream before his eyes glazed over. Niko kicked him backwards, retracting his spear from his enemy's torso and whirling around to face the other enemies just in time to see Risali kill one of the other two aggressors, and hear her apology.

The fact that she’d run off didn’t bother him too much. She’d already done more than he’d expected of her, and he wouldn’t fault her for rushing to the aid of someone in trouble. He didn’t bother shouting a response — anything worth saying could be said later. It seemed like the situation was close to being resolved.

The one other rogue seemed a little bit more hesitant to approach now that two of his comrades had just been killed. The bloody spear being pointed at him didn’t seem to do wonders for his confidence, either. “You can still leave.” Niko said, glaring at him. The man did just that.

After quickly taking stock of his surroundings, Niko ran back to his horse and mounted it. The princess could handle herself, but it was still his job to guard her — and considering the dangers, he’d already spent too long away from her. He hadn’t expected her to charge off like that, or he would’ve stayed mounted. “C’mon,” he muttered to his horse as he spurred it in the direction Lilian had ran off in, “You can go faster - there's nothing to be afraid of."
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Rowan Valecourt
Aneed Town

The sound of thunder heralded the arrival of a new entrant. Rowan turned his gaze from the battered soldier to find Maximus dismount his pegasus - alone. There was no sight of Artemis or Lillian. Had he placed too much trust on the mare after all? He could worry about that later. The Rothslyn boy knelt besides Luca to take a better look at his wounds, and Rowan felt compelled to make his way over. It was good that he did, too; Maximus seemed intent on moving Luca, and was having a hard time doing it alone.

Before Rowan could reach them however, Luca stirred. The man was as groggy as he was stubborn, struggling away from Maximus and insisting he was fine on his own. Rowan's brows furrowed. He took a decisive step towards his friend, ready to force him atop the winged mount if necessary - when the need for it suddenly disappeared; a familiar neigh alerted Rowan to Artemis's return. Much to the prince's relief, she was not alone. Rowan recognized the snow white mount and its rider even from afar.

He stood back even before Lillian prompted everyone to do so. Artemis was still distraught, so Rowan took her reigns and did his best to calm the mare down while Luca was being trended to. It gave him something else to do - and think. He hated nothing more than standing around idly.

The prince could see the warm light spreading forth from Lillian's hand even from where he stood, the glow in his peripheral vision unmistakable. Relief washed over him. Luca would be fine. He had to.

"Prince," he heard someone call out.

Rowan turned just in time to find the pink-haired boy staring up at him. Without a hint of ill-intent in his voice, the boy pointed out the injury he'd sustained. Rowan's surprise quickly hardened into a glare. His hand shot up to his shoulder, self-consciously covering the wound. With his adrenaline levels slowly decreasing, he was starting to feel it sting - but far be it from him to admit to it.

Cursed boy. There really was no need to tell everyone that some mangy rogue had managed to land a blow on a trained soldier like him. Especially with his sister present.

"I'm fine," he stated simply, turning back to Artemis as if to make sure her reigns were properly fastened. They were, he knew, but he needed a place to lay his gaze. He did not trust it to not give away his irritation. "Do tend to Ruiseart instead. He seems barely able to stand."

Pulling his horse along, Rowan walked past the others to where Luca sat recovering. The prince tried to keep his voice steady and formal, but the relief behind his words was palpable. "Can you stand?"

He bent down lightly, offering the man a hand. "Come. I will have you ride on horseback."

Artemis was large for a mare, and considering she was accustomed to carrying Rowan himself in armor, she should've had no problems lending her back to Luca for the time being. Rowan would walk besides the pair - and ensure that any would-be assailants met the same fate their predecessors did.
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Zella Redstone
Aneed Town

Zella's cry for help was not immediately answered. The rogues' movements were swift and ruthless, but also sloppy and untrained – it wasn't at all a fighting style she was used to, but she utilized her smaller stature and light armour to her advantage and evaded swipes from both sides. She grit her teeth, knowing that she needed to bide her time, but also knowing even if an opening presented itself, she wasn't sure if she could handle two of them on her at once. The enemy on her left dove toward her with a wild yell, but she turned instead to the enemy on her right, whose dagger was headed toward her throat – she parried him quickly away and leapt back, barely avoiding the other rogue. Damn it – the Princess was preoccupied, and that meant her retainer was too, and Gods knew where the rest of her classmates ended up.

Then – a shout from behind her. The rogues flinched toward the gleam of Risali's blade, and Zella took the opportunity to reposition herself. Now they had the rogues sandwiched between the two of them. “We'll take them together!” Risali called.

“Don't talk like you've already won!” the rogue shouted, One of them lunged toward Risali, and the other toward Zella.

“I'll let my fists talk for me!” Zella yelled back. She grinned, high on adrenaline. She parried him easily as she'd been trained. Left, right, left right – he was fast, but predictably fast. A fake-out to the rogue's left to attract his dagger away, then two quick jabs to his neck, and he was down. Zella panted and turned to ensure Risali was okay. Her arm was cut, but she'd taken the second rogue down. Zella herself barely noticed her own shoulder was injured, even as her gaze rested on Risali's arm. “Thanks,” she breathed with a nod. She turned back to the house with the young mother and signaled for her to stay put. If there were still rogues out there, she was safer staying put for now. At least they knew she was alright. She turned toward the sound of hooves pounding the dirt in time to see Niko galloping away. “We should go find the others,” Zella suggested, and began running deeper into the town.


A bolt of lightning joined with the blades flashing on the ground – miasma took the last of the rogues, and Ruiseart stared at Rowan, bemused. “Wh-where'd you learn to fight like that, son? Not the academy, not this early into the semester. Damn impressive.”

Maximus descended and began tending to Luca. The boy was at least conscious now – that was good. Ruiseart grit his teeth and looked up to yell at Indra again, but then the princess of Fodlan herself galloped in on a white steed and healed the boy's injuries. Ruiseart heaved a sigh of relief – and then a splutter of disdain as Rowan insisted he didn't need help, and that the princess should tend to Ruiseart instead.

As Rowan walked away and began coaxing Luca onto horseback, the remaining rogues crouched in the shadows began slinking away. Everything seemed still for a moment – the earlier sounds of chaos had vanished. The air itself seemed to cease – smoke from nearby fires rose straight up.

Then, with no warning, a harsh wind overtook the area. Overhead, Dalanie gave an alarmed whinny and Indra guided her unsteadily back to land. Her hooves dug into the dirt and she pulled her large feathered wings inward. Indra raised her lance with one arm and used the other to shield her eyes from the billowing dust. Zella, who had arrived moments prior, resorted to a half-crouch to ensure she didn't blow away.

The form of a woman appeared in a cloud of dust. The fierce winds caused her jet black hair to fly off to one side. She was dressed in garb that would traditionally signal a black mage. She had black material wrapped around her chest, which did not leave much else of her abdomen concealed. A blood-red skirt matched with a sheer cloak that draped over her shoulders and down her back. She stood on gold strapped heels. Similarly gold bangles adorned both arms, and she wore a gold choker around her neck. In her left hand she held a wooden staff adorned with a large purple crystal which branched out at sharp right angles on the top and bottom. Unnaturally bright green eyes surveyed the students, and her thin mouth curled into a smirk as her gaze landed on the struggling pegasus and her rider. “Are these your first years, Indra?” Her voice echoed clear across the battlefield despite the howling winds. “Suppose I didn't give them much to work with, but if not for the young Prince and Princess, I may have thought them older.”

Indra's mouth fell open. “Thalia?”

The sorceress grinned. “Miss me, Teach? No offense, but you weren't the professor I was hoping to see here.”

As if on cue, the other three professors hurried in. Moritz raised his axe, his brow furrowed in determination, but Gloriana was faster, her eyes glowing from the instant she arrived on scene. Thalia's smile widened and her eyes focused on Gloriana. The staff in her hands began to tremble, and both Gloriana and Moritz hesitated. “An artifact?” Gloriana asked. “You don't have the blood to activate it.”

Thalia's eyes glow green, and her grin never falters. A burst of wind erupted from the staff, twisting into a visible tornado that rocketed toward the professors and students. Gloriana stepped forward and unleashed a blinding torrent of flames from her palms. The heat was so sudden and intense that Zella scrambled away and Dalanie reared, leaving Indra desperately trying to calm her. The crests on Gloriana's arms flashed erratically, and one in particular – matching identically to the shape of Thalia's staff – steadily increased in intensity – as did the winds erupting from Thalia's staff.

Thalia's eyes widened and she laughed. “Yes... yes...!” The other professors braced themselves against the wind as the wildfire burst forward – engulfing not just Thalia, but the homes behind her.

Estevan's sharp voice barked out “Gloriana!” and the flames ceased. Gloriana paused, her eyes glassy, and the crests on her arm flickered out one by one. She inhaled rapidly and deeply and then began to keel over – Moritz caught her and helped her to her knees, looking stunned. Thalia had vanished. The surrounding homes and wreckage burned steadily, but fortunately were not at risk of spreading.

“What the hell was that?!” Ruiseart's loud voice boomed out, shattering the stunned silence that had fallen. “That – that power – that isn't natural – and that woman – you sent these kids here?!”

“We didn't know - ” Indra started to argue, but Ruiseart cut over her.

“You knew one of them was in grave danger, yet you did nothing!” He pointed at Luca. “He could have died! Any of them could have died!”

Estevan's eyes narrowed. “This was not a game. This was a real battleground, and real battlegrounds do not pull punches. If they cannot handle themselves here, they do not belong at the academy.”

Ruiseart gestured to Rowan. “If not for him - ”

“If not for Rowan,” Estevan cut across, “you would not have had to put yourself in danger – and neither would have Luca.” His harsh gaze turned on Rowan. “You have raw talent, that much is undeniable. It would be better utilized to help your classmates. What I want you to work on in the coming weeks are team exercises – you must learn to rely on your comrades. Independence can be as much a weakness as a strength.”

He turned to Zella, who was still staring openly at Gloriana. “I should say similarly for you, Zella.” Zella jumped and quickly gave her professor her attention. “Your technique is fine, it could use some polish, but you need to figure out a plan and anticipate an ambush before entering the fight. I warned all of you to stick together for a reason, and to disobey without any semblance of a plan in place could mean death. Am I understood?” Zella sheepishly nodded and glanced away.

Estevan turned to the princess next. “Lillian – you showed some good leadership with initiating the first fight, but you left your companions without any sort of direction when you left to follow Rowan's steed. Learning to prioritize is an important skill, but learning to properly juggle responsibilities is not always as easy in practice.”

“That said - Niko, Risali,” he continued, “you both did well reacting to what was thrown at you, and you communicated efficiently to handle a difficult situation. Niko, you read your opponents very well and were able to avoid unnecessary conflict by encouraging them to flee. Risali, you learned quickly not to underestimate your opponent and used that knowledge to get the upper hand. Well done, both of you.”

Estevan's gaze lingered briefly on Luca. “I believe you have learned your lesson without my input. You were careless and got overwhelmed. I do not expect this to happen again.”

“And Max,” Estevan finally said, “...I must say, you surprised me. It was clear you were nervous, but you kept your head and remembered your studies. You recognized that one of your comrades had gone off on their own and may be in danger, and were able to use your primary advantage – flight – to safely locate and assist them. This shows tremendous leadership and courage in a difficult situation. Therefore, we have agreed to designate you the MVP of today's battle, and you will receive private training as a reward.”

Indra nodded. “It is rare for a pegasus to take to a boy so readily – I would be pleased to help refine your talents in addition to normal classes, and Gloriana will help with your magic studies.”

Estevan nodded. “We rest here for a bit – I must go over today's events with Friseal, and we are not all fit to travel yet. We should be safe here, thanks to all of you.” He hurried off, walking very fast for somebody with a cane. Moritz stayed with Gloriana, who was starting to recover. Indra passed out vulneraries to those injured in the fight. Ruiseart grumbled as he accepted one from her, and she bit her lip and avoided eye contact.


Metallic Wonder
Luca Von Aurochs
Aneed Town

Everything around him was still very blurry, and despite his best efforts to stay afoot, he somehow found himself lying on his back again, wincing in pain from the daggers from the impact. Then, after what seemed like approximately 5 months, he could hear more sounds coming clearer. It sounded like hooves? Had Rowan come back for him again... His thoughts were trampled down by the stern voice of the princess as she told the people around him to move. After that, a sudden sharp pain from both his shoulder and abdomen made him yell out in pain, before the blurriness grew stronger. However, before he could walk towards the conviniently placed light right over there, he started feeling better. The sharp pain was switched out with a more dull prickling sensation, as if you stub your elbow on a chair's end or something.

As the pain subsided, Luca started to regain his vision, and over him stood none other than the princess herself. She had undoubtly used her magic to heal him, and not a moment too soon. Coming back to his senses, Luca was suddenly struck by an overwhelming sensation of embarrasment. Having gone down in a fight like that with none other than actual royalty wouldn't look good on his resume for when he would enlist in the royal guard further down the line. Fighting a growing urge to blush, he quickly looked away before speaking. "I.. Uhm.. Thank you, my lady. Sincerily."

Luckily, the embarrasment was short-lived, as Mac spoke up in praise to the princess for her impeccable timing. While he said nothing, Luca agreed with Max, who in turn started worrying about Rowan. Oh, crap! Had Rowan been hit as well? sitting up just fast enough for him to feel dizzy, he fought the still lingering, yet very less severe pain in his abdomen as he looked around for the prince.

Looking around, he saw the prince with his horse, walking towards where he was sitting. "Can you stand?" The prince asked, trying to sound formal even though his relief was poorly hidden. Luca gave him a short affirming smile and a nod in return before resuming his otherwise formal attitude. "Yes, i'm feeling a lot better now, thank you."

Coming in closer to where he sat, Rowan extended a hand to Luca before speaking. "Come. I will have you ride on horseback.". Luca hesitated for a brief moment, but took Rowans hand, and mounted the horse. He had never ridden a horse before, however, as it was deemed 'a waste of time' by his father. It took him a few moments to find the right balance. His wounds weren't painful anymore and were more like mild irritations by now, allthough they would definitely leave scars.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the winds grew stronger. One moment there were normal weathers, with little to no wind to speak of, and then.. Wind. There were no logical explaination to it. Luca clumsily jumped off of Rowans horse as to not get knocked down by the wind, and he lined up next to him, making sure to hold onto the horse tightly, while also looking around to see what could've caused this unnatural phenomenon.

Then, out of the dust came a figure. It was hard to make out any details at first, but after adjusting his eyes, Luca could see that there was a woman standing further away, her hair and garbs dancing on the winds she undoubtedly were the one behind. Only dark mages could pull off skimpy outfits like that, and carry them with enough confidence to own any room they entered. It was a weird trend within their ranks that Luca never truly understood. He could then see their teachers readying themselves for a potential fight. Did they know this woman? It seemed like it on Gloriana once she made her entrance.

Luca could see that they were talking to this woman, who occasionally cast menacing glances over to the students, as well as their teachers. Gloriana stepped forward, countering the magic with magic of her own, combining her fire magic with the wind magic to create some sort of hellish vortex of fire and wind that engulfed not only the woman, but also the houses behind her. Then, as sudden as she had appeared, the woman disappeared, leaving the teachers to lower their guards and help out Gloriana, who seemed to be in bad shape. The teachers then began arguing amongst themselves, and Luca, Rowan and the horse moved in closer.

What came after was nothing short of the scolding of their lives. Holding nothing back, Estevan bore his eyes into each and every one of the students present and pointed out exactly why they were sh*t, and what they did wrong. His gaze lingered briefly on Luca. “I believe you have learned your lesson without my input. You were careless and got overwhelmed. I do not expect this to happen again.”. The disappointment was clear in his tone, and Luca only nodded determined in response. He knew what he had done wrong, and he was ashamed of how he tackled the situation despite all his training. The only one who didn't get a second degree burn by Estevan was Max, who was praised for his studeous techniques and teamwork capabilities. Luca couldn't help but feel a sting of envy under the heavy layers of gratitude he felt towards Max.

Wrapping the lesson up, Estevan decided for the students to rest at their current location before heading back to the academy. Luca sighed a sigh of both disappointment and relief that the day was over. Lesson or not, he did not do a good job today. He looked over to Rowan and was about to say something, but Rowan seemed somewhat distant himself, probably taking in what he had just been told by Estevan. Luca gently raised his arm to put his hand on the prince's shoulder. "Hey. you ok?" he asked, forgetting about the formalities again.


Fire and Ice Combo
Maximus Rothslyn
Aneed Town

The elderly woman fought against Maximus taking her outside of her house. Just as he managed to get her out, there was a sudden change to the calm atmosphere. Dalanie's whinnying and unstable descend as the winds began to pick up. Not sure what exactly it was, the pink-haired boy pushed the woman back into her home... just in time. A combination of fierce wind and dust slammed the door close. Maximus was caught off guard wasn't able to brace himself, so the smaller teen was sent flying. Fortunately, he was body blocked by Zephyr, which kept from going too far. Though his impact against the winged horse caused her to let out a painful neigh. He immediately apologized to her.

As the dust cleared a bit and wind was less powerful, a woman appeared with raven black hair dancing in the wind. She was in a very revealing, female version of the dark mage outfit Maximus was wearing. Her bright green was accompanied by an unsettlingly grin on face. From her conversation between the professors that came to intervene, this dark mage woman was someone they knew. She released another powerful wind attack that turned into a tornado. This time, Max's stuck close against his winged mount. Professor Gloriana tried to fight it back, it seemed, with an enormous fire but she only burned some houses. Once the fire was put out, the creepy woman disappeared, and the adults began arguing among themselves.

After their small quarreling, Professor Estevan began to critic everyone. The older man sounded very upset with many of their actions, especially that of Prince Rowan for going off on his own. Maximus patiently waited for his judgment, expecting word of similar disapproval. But what he got was praises and ended up getting the extra private training. He was happy to get it, and with the professors' enthusiasm to teach him, yet...

"I don't really think I deserved that much praise... I just wanted everyone to get out of here alive." Maximus voiced his own uncertainty as he sheepishly stroked his Pegasus's side. There was no hidden meaning about that. It was just his desire for other's safety and his feeling that he simply didn't contribute much to that goal.

Max had defeated two unrelated bandits, but they weren't targeting him. And he ministered basic first aid on Luca, but that was all. The Prince didn't need his assistance as he took on multiple opponents at once without any real trouble. And without the Princess's healing, Luca's life would still be endangered... The best he could have done was transport him to her, and he couldn't even move the man on his own... Maximus all around felt like he lacked in a lot.

"But thank you, Professor. I will use this opportunity to improve so I can be more helpful in the future." His green eyes locked on the teachers. Despite the lack of confidence that he was actually useful on this mission, Max was determined to improve himself more. The crest-bearing mage turned his attention to the Prince and Luca, the two with one of the more harsh criticisms. It looked like they were about to have a moment, but he still approached them.

"Prince," he began as he looked up to look at the man's face. "Despite what Professor Estevan said, I thought you were really cool! And Luca, despite the less than ideal result, it was brave to go off on your own. So... let's all do our best next time!" Maximus was trying to encourage his two older schoolmates with such a grim expression on their faces. Max was slightly worried it might be demeaning coming from him since he got the teacher's praise. ".....That's all I got to say, so I'll get out of your hair."

With those words given to them, the pink-haired boy dashed off towards Zephyr. Maximus began to check that she was still in traveling form and that she wasn't terribly injured from when he flew into her.