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Fire Emblem Fates Fan Supports T


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Been a long time since I last posted anything in the fanfic subforum. I think two years at least, but that may be off. That isn't the important part though. This thread will be where I post Fire Emblem Fates fan Supports. I am a huge Fire Emblem Fates fan and love the support system, but of course there are some that would be nice to see that just don't exist. So in a totally unoriginal move (Seriously, fan supports might be one of if not the most common kind of FE Fates fanfic. The fact it is easily mixed with romance is probably why) I've decided to write some. Spoiler alerts for other supports as well as potentially plot and character spoilers in Fire Emblem Fates. To fit the feel of actual supports, they will be rather short script fics with focus mostly on dialogue and less on actions. This is the first one and the only one currently completed.

People Watching
(Nina/Soleil S-Support)

Soleil: Wow, look at those two guys, staring at each other so intensely. I can just imagine it, the taller one going in for a kiss on the shorter one…*sigh* You were right Nina, it is a lot of fun fantasizing about guys.

Nina: And you were right about fantasies about women, Soleil. Not as amazingly muscular as men, except for Lady Effie of course, but they have their own charms.

Soleil: Of course! And I’ll admit that men have their charms too. Oh, but there aren’t any cute girls around, so are you fantasizing from memory? I know, you’re thinking of those shopkeepers we saw the other day, aren’t you?

Nina: No, not them, though they were cute. I’ll give you a hint, they’re in the army.

Soleil: Oho, fantasizing about our allies. Interesting. Is it Lady Camilla and Lady Selena? I can see the way they stare at each other, it’s like the way my father sometimes stares at Lady Selena.
-Alternate line if Selena is Soleil’s mother: Oho, fantasizing about our allies. Interesting. Is it Lady Camilla and Lady Beruka? I can see the way they stare at each other, it’s like the way my father stares at my mother.

Nina: No, not them, though they would be a nice couple. I will admit this: my fantasies are a bit different than usual. More…domestic. Maybe less of a forbidden romance and a happy one that just happens to be between two women.

Soleil: Well now I’m even more interested. Come on, tell me, who are they?

Nina: Me and you, Soleil. I’m fantasizing about the two of us.

Soleil: Wh-what? You fantasize about us being a couple?

Nina: Yes I have. Is that okay? Wait, are you smiling?

Soleil: Of course! You know I have a thing for cute girls, and the cutest one I know just admitted to being interested in me. I love you too, Nina.

Nina: The cutest girl you know? Love? Th-this is just like a fantasy come true.

Soleil: Glad I can help your fantasies become reality, and you’re doing the same for me. Come on, let’s go get some tea as our first date.