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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776

I expect some sort of difference than the previous CYL2. This can't just be the same repeat without something unexpected.


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It's 5 minutes of complaining about having to design a Veronica alt when they have like 10 Tharja's and Camilla's ready to go.


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At the very least I can't see any of the new CYL units being worse

though i suspect if we get another horse bow it will be colored


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Guess I should lower my expectations on an inheritable 300 SP skill, giving us the option to take that for free sounds too good to be true. Likewise I'm not holding my breath for this Hector to have DC but I'll be happy to be wrong there. At worst I'm not going to say no to DC fodder if none of these units or skills interest me.
Brave Ronica for me. The others don't interest me much, and I want more healers.

I would otherwise pick Celica since she's probably the best Brave Sword+ user to exist with that Death Blow 4 skill.

EDIT: Or...forget I said that.

They have shinier skills not shown in the channel segment. Celica is like Alm but better, having the same effect he has; strikes twice in succession when HP is at 100% and gets a 1 HP recoil after that.
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Veronica has Close Guard.

Ephraim has a new Fighter which is basically Guard and Heavy Blade wrapped in one.

Celica has Double Lion. She gets instant Galeforce off the first fight if she has QP on no matter what.

Hector has Bold Fighter, so with Maltet's innate Vengeful and cooldown buff, he can proc Aether in every fight he's in.


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I think I'll throw every orb I have into this to get all of them because I like their outfits, then just use the free summon for either the character I didnt get or to even out a bad pull. And if I'm super unlucky uhhhh Hector. It will be Hector.

I don't like Celica introducing DB4, though....I feel this sets bad precedent. I'm hoping that her being the only unit with a tier 4 skill is them testing the waters.
Although if QR4 is what it takes to get someone with QR3 in the 4* pool.............


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Looks like I may be taking Veronica for that Close Guard fodder, the guys look cool but armor skills are a hard pass for me. Death Blow 4 is a worrying concept but unless it's a 300 SP skill I'm not sure I care enough for that? Still, something to keep in mind. I don't feel too inclined to roll heavily here but if Death Blow 4 is appealing I can use that as an excuse to finally roll colorless a bit for my Close Guard fodder and some Nanna merges.


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Alright 175 orbs lets see what I get!
Session 1: 4* merric, 3* mathilda, 4* gwendolyn, 4* eirika, 3* saizo
Session 2: 4* frederick, 3* olivia, 4* lukas, 4* jagen, 4* effie
Session 3: 4* nino, 4* est, 3* Lon'qu, 3* Jagen, 5* Dierdre (-res/+speed)
Well she's kinda better than my -attack one i guess...one will be QR3 fodder for sure though.
Session 4: 3* Sheena, 4* L'Arachel, 5* Brave Celica! (-res/+hp) and then....5* Brave Celica again! (+def/-speed), 4* Gordin.
So that's kind of crazy considering that was on a reset. I'll keep the first one, second one will probably be DB4 fodder for one lucky person.
Time to ignore reds!
Session 5: 5* Veronica! (-attack (boo)/+speed(yay!), 4* mathilda.
I can deal with a -attack veronica honestly, she'll be safe on player phase and 39 speed is good. I cannot believe this happened though

Session 6: 3* sheena, 4* Robin
Session 7: 3* Sully, 4* Titania, 4* Libra (my first one)
Session 8: 3* Sheena (GIVE ME BARSTS PLEASE), 3* Merric (god never mind sheena fine), 5* Tailtiu?!
Didn't finish the circle, but the Tailtiu is -speed/+hp and thus worse than my 4* i planned to upgrade. free blarblade+ for someone
9: 3* titania, 4* donnel
10: 3* bartre, 4* barst, 4* odin
11: 4 reds and 1 colorless i just pulled my 4* ares and got out
12: 2 reds & 3 colorless. A 4* Henry
13: 3* wendy, 4* reinhardt

And then I'm at 15 orbs. I'll refuel and continue until the next 5* then call it quits. All things considered not a bad set! 2 brave celicas, brave veronica, 2 useful pitybreakers. And a lot of feathers....


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I haven’t touched my free summon but I got Braveronica and another Leo both at a 3.50% pity rate! The Veronica is +Def, -Res meaning she feels more or less like neutral and the Leo is +Att, -Res which is much better than my -Att one whom I foddered to my Sophia.

Colorless hell is out of the way at least. Just red hell to get through.
Brave Celica can be the fastest sword user without buffs if she has a boon for SPD, reaching freaking 45. If Karla is around, she can reach FIFTY-ONE and utterly double anyone in the game. Shame she has only superbanes in HP and DEF.

Brave Ephraim can reach 60 ATK with a boon, tying with Fallen M!Robin in having the largest ATK in the game.


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Holding off on summons for now. Going to wait until the last day of the banner and try my luck then instead.