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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Oh yeah, he's pulling his weight no doubt. He and OG Lucina score the same all things considered, so he's replaced her (+6) on my lead AA team, and the team's been hitting 746-748, and can go higher when I get to giving him Aether.

Until he or one of my three core units are bonus units though, he's replaced by the actual bonus unit, since those three - Caeda, Fae, and Est - all cover each other very well, and also don't smack the enemies to orbit to where my bonus unit can't get the kill. Once one of them is a bonus unit though, party time.


Strong Winds
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There's a reason I don't pull red often outside of legendary banners. This is exactly why I'm glad Reinhardt was on this month's banner and not next month. Doesn't mean it doesn't get tiring to dump so many orbs on red like I do though, really makes you wonder why I'm trying to merge Ike when I have a +10 Marth and +8 Caeda. Remember this when I get 4 Karlas and only 1 Ike next legendary.


Well-Known Member
It took forever but I followed this guide for Abyssal Robin because I actually had the components for it & I respect a long form grinding of HP

This barely worked though because it is very serious about needing savage blow 1. Thankfully I had a narcian lying around. And one single eliwood. and triple thankful I only needed threaten speed 1.

It..took a while and I'm lucky Drive Attack 2 doesn't throw off things too much.

e: Also make no mistake, this guide may say 4* Lissa, but you need to promote at least one anyway because you need Gravity+. I can confirm that a 5* Lissa will keep the AI the same, though.


stop trying to be god ☆
well from legendary banner i got a free faye and VG banner i got a free b!ike so thanks game

still trying to farm out a b!celica and/or veronica though


I can't Kominicate.
Today is the final day of L!Marth's banner. He's only coming back until the last freaking days of December.

So I dipped a bit below my 100-orb count to 77 and...I got my first WT!Reinhardt, who is RES+ DEF-, balancing his defensive stats. On the same session, I got the best(?) Brave Lucina, who is SPD+ HP-. This girl will have to fuse with the other average 2 I have and surely become a Drive unit.


"Orange" Magical Girl
I really wanted to have S!Kagero but I feared I would have a repeat of the Heirs banner (THREE SAKURAS, another Faye, and a Lachesis as pitybreakers) although admittedly having more merges for Faye and F!Grima wouldn't have been as bad

Guess I'll wait until next year where I'll probably suffer again on the repeat.


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Nooooooooo, that's what his 4* father is good for.
but that involves using feathers and that's no Good

I'm looking at the legendary hero chart for the banner and I wonder what the plan is once they fill it out. Just stopping with new legendary heroes seems like a weird move. Guess we'll see in 6 months.


"Orange" Magical Girl
Oh wow

So I decided to do a couple sessions, one on the Legendary banner and the other on Hoshido Festival in a last-minute attempt to get S!Kagero (and another Ryoma for fodder) and after the only colorless orb, I pulled on one of the two reds and got legendary Marth! He has my favorite IV spread as expected (+HP, -Att bleh) but at least I got him. Just missing Bowcina now.

Now I didn't get a focus unit on the Hoshido banner but instead I got my first Mia with IVs of +HP, -Def. The superbane stinks a bit but at least her offensive capabilities are intact. Now I have all the Farfetched Heroes.

Fortunately I have the rest of the new spring heroes along with the 2018 bride units so, despite somewhat wanting to collect every legendary hero, I might pass on the next legendary banner unless there's a unit I'd really like.


You ask too many questions
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The next legendary hero is blue right? There's not a lot of obvious choices there, but they could always joke with us again and give us a blue dagger or something.

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Lucina went from a being a red sword to wielding a weapon she only uses out of class inheritance, a bridal gown, and one special in Warriors. They can really do whatever.

That said there are still some lords that can wield blue weapons. Resuscitate the Blue Bow for Alm like everyone wanted, give Chrom a lance, give Micaiah a Super Thani, etc. etc.


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People said Jamke's Infernal was super easy, especially with dragons and man they weren't kidding

Once I realized I needed distant counter on Tiki-A I beat it instantly, with 3 tries total.


"Orange" Magical Girl
At least they gave Jamke a nice touch on his chibi-model which references his artwork from FE4. Wouldn’t mind if some older units got an update on their models.

Although I’m sad that Girl of the Spirit Forest didn’t play in this map. It plays in the chapter that Jamke joins in but eh


Well-Known Member
Thing is, this GHB is designed to be anti-colorless, cavalry, and armored.

The one thing it's not prepared for is dragons.
it's kind of haphazard about it thought
there is one (1) anti armor unit, anti-colorless unit and anti-cav unit. Cavalry probably has the hardest time just because it's diffiucltt o lure out the blue mage, but the other emblems won't have too much issue at all.

Like I just pulled out my armor emblem team and beat it first go. If I had done a mixed team it would have been even faster. It's just an easy map.

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter

Quan (Finally!), Sylvia, and Lewyn are dropping on Friday. Ethyln comes as a TT reward as well, likely as a staff unit.

Quan has brought in a Rally+ skill, so expect those in the future. Sylvia brings in the Res variant of the Safeguard+ her daughter has, and Lewyn has Dark Mystletainn, The Skill as a B skill. And Forseti's broken for PvE


Well-Known Member
So the question is who gets the drop, Quan or Sylvia

Drive skills aren't as premium these days and the stance skill is so-so, buuuuut he does have tier three dual rally skill and I think those could easily remain premium for a while
Sylvia its just a question of how much they still value dancers. Lene was an easy guess, the stupid valor skills will never drop to 4* and her dance skill is very good. Sylvia should be lesser in those categories (res sword is less useful than def sword, she has the lesser dance skill, mirror stance is whatever) buuuut...dancer. I feel if dancers were introduced later, Olivia would've been 5* too.

I'm not sure how to feel about the dual rally+ skills.