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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776


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I was wondering...

Should I go for adding an additional slot to my offensive raiding party or on my defensive team? Adding a slot to the former would allow me to have another unit for purposes like buffing (such as Marth) although another unit in my defensive team would have a slightly better chance to not having my tier drop. Still, what do you all suggest?
I was wondering...

Should I go for adding an additional slot to my offensive raiding party or on my defensive team? Adding a slot to the former would allow me to have another unit for purposes like buffing (such as Marth) although another unit in my defensive team would have a slightly better chance to not having my tier drop. Still, what do you all suggest?

In the end, securing 100 points is better than crossing your fingers your defense team doesn't let you down by losing 80.


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I went for the offensive slot as well. You have a lot more control over what you can do in offense, whereas even a good defense isn't going to become that much more consistent with another slot unless you have the resources for something super cheesy like instant AOE spam. Other people seem to think the defense slot is better too which I think makes offense slot an even better choice to match those defense teams.
Defense would only be important if you would lose more than 80 lift daily to a team beating your defense. But I only notice I lose lift once despite being defeated more than once.

That being said, I'll invest on defense slots next, and then bother upgrading structures.


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The way defense lift works is this:
-You only lose lift once per 20 hours. It doesn't matter if it was a one sided blow out or if you took down a few
-If you win, you are immune to lift loss for that 20 hours instead
-Losses start & cap out at -80. It will go down by -20 per character your defense defeats.
-The lowest you can get it is -20, though...I mean, if someone brought in a team of 5 ,lost 4, but still won it'd be kind of silly otherwise, you know?

I'm unsure what happens if you lose, then win in that 20 hour period.

Did you know that aether cost keeps rising to 120? This system seems ill thought out.


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I'm really hoping they add a skill and/or seal with the effect of "Unit can always counterattack if attacker is within range", because high attack/speed Wrathful/Dazzling healers like Veronica and Maribelle are easily the most annoying units to deal with on offense.

There really is no true counter to them because you'll be still be eating the residual effects of whatever staff they're using even if you can zero out their damage (Which can be extremely unpleasant if it's a Pain+ or Gravity+). Plus half the time they have dancer support so they'll just go pick off someone else instead of the one you used to bait them.


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Next month is when F!Grima retires from the legendary banners until late February. These heroes have been unpredictable but this does at least give more hope of another colorless legendary hero next month at least. The full list is here:

Hrid: Late February
Ryoma: Late March Late
Lucina: Late March
Gunnthra: Late February
F!Grima: Late February


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Borrowed from Reddit, just to help people visualise when they all return. Next two months *should* be colourless, although the rate they're going with this I wouldn't be surprised if either of them just skipped on having a colourless LH and just doubled up elsewhere.

Also arena bonus units are strongly indicative of the highly-predictable Muspell vs Nifl VG, by the fact that seven of them are on the arena focus for the week. To me, this reads that there's a Laegjarn/Laevatein/Helbindi rerun.
I won't be surprised if there's a VG centered around Book II, except without Loki in it.

By the way, my haul for the banner with just 55 orbs is a Summer Cordelia with HP+ DEF-. Yeah, that last one is a superbane, but then again, her skills make her hard to take down for physical fighters. And, goodness gracious, her SPD refine pushes her neutral 38 to 41.


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the gauntlet was already datamined
it's muspell vs nifl, yeah
When Garnef was released, I promoted him, even despite the fact I wasn't anywhere near the feather limit yet.

But today, I was reaching the limit once more, so this time, I fixed the 5* Roy with DEF+ SPD- I had for one with ATK+ HP- and merged them together. Sweet extra HP and ATK points.

But I'm actually running out on fresh units to promote that either haven't gotten refines or their IVs don't align with their refines well. I think I'll be promoting the healers, and we know those won't get any better after they got upgraded a long while back.


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I took some of my full batches of 5000 Hero Merit feathers to promote a new healer after Lissa was the last one: Lachesis.

She will now stand next to her brother, who is the pinnacle all men strive for but fall short from the start, as they cannot match his skills as a man of greatness destined for bigger things in his kingdom.

(Oh god, just make out already, will you?!)


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On one hand, Helbindi vs Yglr is an awful thing IS would do to the man but I also don’t care about Yglr sooooo Team Helbindi it is!

Also this new banner is amazing if you really need those Duel skills with better rates. Got one green and a three star Camilla out of it though.

Lastly, I tried on the Legendary Heroes banner a second time (got me S!Cordelia!) and got another Ryoma with +Att, -Res! Although I kinda like my +Res, -HP one in a way so I’m unsure whether to merge them or fodder one off to Roy.


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Was at 100k again so I promoted my Sheena & Chrom

I have a lot of good armors now so Sheena won't see too much use (& I'm saving refining stones to buy Lucius wrathful paint+) but she got me through early armor content and it'll be nice to have a defensive wall. Chrom's pretty strong and god I'm so glad to have another anti dragon in my quiver.

e: oh checking my list, I have now promoted every 3-4* axe unit!
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Sheena is prime defensive material. I've heard she's one of the top picks when merged to the max to score higher in arena.
She is! And she makes great use of Hack-o-Lantern+ to further her walling capabilities. Beruka is also another good candidate for the axe too as it frees up her B slot for something like QR3.

I'm still considering what my green unit will be to +10. I suppose with the amount of Soren I have Combat Manual'd, ti's telling me to go for him although I'm always stuck on between +Att, or +Spd haha.

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I went summoning on the Muspell duo's banner and got one of each, as well as a flying Nino. So now, my Caeda is fully completed with the Duel skill and Aerobatics, with the Flier Formation seal.

I decided to start building that Bartre from a bit back, and now he has the G Duel Infantry skill from Helbindi as well. He'll probably replace my Fae in Arena once he's max merged, since it's hard to take on L!Tiki with her sometimes. He may be strong enough to slam Zelgius in one go as well, so that's always nice.