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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776


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Except Lewyn's Special Spiral makes Ophelia a murderer in Aether Raids.
i mean rest assured i'm throwing orbs at it but, you know, still!

BOY next banner is probably going to be christmas units, huh? The paralogue units were already kind of comically out of place in Book 2 and now it's like sending a clown to a funeral


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Friendly reminder that our previous and likely final drop of the year was Silas back in late September.

Pessimism aside this was a decent Feh Channel. Summon tickets are really cool and I'm glad I don't have to worry about never getting units outside of very limited free summons. I'm actually going to try for an Ophelia for Rally Atk Up+ since Hero Fest rates are very worthwhile. But also the Radiant Dawn banner already having Tibarn and Nailah confirmed makes me less confident that Jill will be on that banner as a 5* exclusive (if at all). Tibarn and Nailah make sense because those two are popular and have a connection with each other, which means the remaining slots will either be also beast units or will included Haar and maybe Jill. Haar is easily more likely to be 5* exclusive due to his popularity and much stronger CYL ranking in that case. And if they're both on the banner as greens it'll be hard to get merges for both of them knowing the other will likely drop. At the end of the day though a banner I don't dump all my orbs on will mean I can more easily get my last two Ikes when he returns.


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Friendly reminder that our previous and likely final drop of the year was Silas back in late September.
This is by far the worst thing about the game right now. I've complained about it again and again but it's just absurd. Even on 4 character banners we only get 1 drop and even then Adrift shows that's not a guarantee. AND ITS NOT LIKE 4 CHARACTER BANNERS ARE COMMON ANYMORE.
No matter what, every single (non seasonal) banner should have 2 drops. I'll, uh, make exception to the Surtr/Ylgr banner.


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Oh the game's out of maintenance, by the way.

Eir has 2 new skills. Her b skill (inheiritable) gets rid of adaptive damage, wrathful staff, and restores 2/4/6 HP after combat. THat's only when fighting her, obviously, it's not a field wide debuff.
The other, her c skill which is unique to her, grants 10 HP to any ally at the start of the turn who had the most damage taken.

We also see Henrietta & Gustac, the twins' parents. We don't see them in battle but it seems they have a (green?) tome & an axe respectively.
Refines are in!

Both Robins are the same refines (basically all Tactics skills in one but giving +4 to all stats instead of +6). Of note is that F!Robin jumps from decimating cavalry to being a colorless nightmare like M!Robin; both with stronger weapons.

All Whitewing sisters get stronger versions of their weapons, and all share the same "when unit is within 2 spaces of 2 or more flying allies, unit gains +3 all stats and attacks twice when initiating combat" effect. Er, do they all gain a brave effect then? (Some people say this doesn't benefit Palla that much.)

Navarre gets a stronger Slaying Edge weapon with a refine that basically gives him Quickened Pulse stacked into his weapon. Now he can be a menace of Specials.

Ogma discards his Brave Sword for a normal weapon that has Heavy Blade built into it, and his refine is getting +4 to ATK and SPD when near an infantry or flier ally. So, either a boon on ATK or SPD can help this guy.


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The blessing situation with Arena Raids is legitimately terrible:
-you get extra lift of [# of matching Mythic heroes] x [# of heroes with the matching blessing] x 10
-Merges on the Mythic increase the boost
-FURTHERMORE, Mythics will also cause you to loose less lift on defense losses
-And yes that amount if boosted by the merges

I can defend the arena kill bonus and the arena assault blessing bonus. The former is somewhat minor and there are an assortment of other heroes to choose (always an askr+fjorm, some ghb, etc). And the latter the game gives so many blessings at this point that iot's fun to build around; and ifnt, oh well, there's no tier rank so a lesser week is no big loss.
But this is just bad. It is explicitly set up for whales to succeed where you cannot and they've given no time to allow F2P to horde any blessings to begin taking advantage of this. And remember there are 4 distinct seasons and we're only getting one for free.


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I spent all but 60 of my orbs on Hero Fest and came out with...Ophelia (Neutral), a spare Dorcas and a spare Ares

Getting 2 pity breakers on a banner skwewed towards the Focus seems unlikely but...rng....i guess...
I'll take the Ophelia at least.


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Today's free pull was...Amelia

I mean, again, okay. But also I question what joke the RNG is pulling on me here.

e: If the game wants to break its RNG for me again I will take payment in the form of many many hectors
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I spent some orbs for Ophelia and got her in 50 orbs. But not before getting Tiki and a 5* Shigure.

What even is this banner.
And I got a free Lene with SPD+ RES-. That boon is so sweet, but that superbane evens out her defenses, which is stopping me from merging my once merged neutral Lene into her if it's a good choice.

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I see you, Psynergy, with the +10 Soren here in the current Top 1K in AA ranks. :V

I don't know if this is the same Psynergy, but I do see a Psynergy.

Calendar might be tonight? There's like two more banners to be put up according to the latest datamine that brought in Book 3, and one of them should replace the current Skill banner we have, but that leaves one more. The seasonal units may be up later than usual since this current Arena bonus selection goes on for another week after this one.


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A four star Chrom was my free summon from the BHB banner which I was actually fine with since he's +Spd, -HP. I'll build him up to make him a deceivingly fast lord in the future.

Also got my first Ophelia in a lone blue circle (Not my free one I used via the ticket)! She's neutral but because I have her, I guess I have to build an Odin now.
New calendar is out.

Of note is that everything but Grand Hero Battle is here for the next four weeks. But, more importantly, we're doing TT+ almost one after another, which I guess are our Christmas orbs.

And it's raining Log-In orbs.

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That Legendary banner is running for 11 days as opposed to the typical 7. Nice.

That was the third thing I noticed. The second thing was the double Tempest. The first thing I noticed was a lack of a third wheel for the Klein and Clarine banner. Who the hell is taking that third slot?


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Huh, wonder if they'll do another 2-character banner then. Of the 7 new power units, 2 are GHB. The white wings will probably be together so...Ogma/Robin-M banner?

And hey confirmation we're definitely 100% getting Christmas & New Years units again, I suppose. I mean we could guess but just...so tired of how stretched thin new units are.
I kinda hope Anna gets ONE OF THESE. And maybe Fjorm too? She's part of the gang now, please don't fjorget about her
Some people have joked the in-story Fjorm will die from her illness and come back as an enemy from Hel. I mean, Surtr is apparently coming back for more, if the Paralogue meant anything.

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"An Alliance of the Princesses" is the perfect scenario to make Veronica available, tbh.