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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776

And we get a new Mythic Hero!

...Mythic Heroes!

Fear Formotiis' muscular fist attack.

Red: Rearmed Lif, Reginn, and A!Veronica
Blue: Ullr, L!Dimitri, and Monica
Green: A!Hilda, L!Edelgard, and Freyja
Colorless: Gotor, Formotiis, and Arval

By the way, Gotoh's Japanese VA had passed away 5 months ago, so they had Gotoh planned as far as August like Niime's Robin Bell.


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It's so inexplicable this is a double mythic banner. Formortiis seems absolutely bonkers for Anima.

Also this is coming with a bonus unit change: from now on every single new mythic will last for four weeks inAR


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I've mention this in the other FE thread, but you can get a code from Heroes to redeem for Engage in a cross-promotion.


I should note that if you are thinking about getting Engage, you can redeem the code prior to actually owning the game.
(If you generate a code, you have 150 days to redeem it, but I think a redeemed code will wait for you until you get the game.)
Got Formotiis on my second session in one lonely colorless orb. He's Atk+/HP-. Success!

He is a pain to level up because his "no turn" skill makes everything take much longer. Ha ha. I need to ironically unequip it.


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If I may ask, have any of the substitute characters from Genealogy of the Holy War appear in Heroes in any capacity?

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They have not.

The Rising Hero bit from this year's CYL is interesting regarding that though, since with Linda there, it's the first time the substitutes were recognized by FEH.


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Looking up Linda in a conventional wiki, it seems she is considered a useful substitute, so I guess I can see why people would cast votes on her.

I guess such characters would be considered non-canon for the most part, since no other Fire Emblem game seems to recognize them.
Feh Channel time.

The top 4 heroes for the next CYL banner are 2nd place Soren (@Psynergy is currently celebrating now) and 1st place Male Robin, with 2nd place Female Corrin and 1st place Time Boobs...er, Gullveig.

Geez. Evil time goddess took Bernie Bear's spot.


Hero Fest has A!Mareeta, A!Idunn, Etri, and Harmonic Lysithea. 15 freaking tickets to spend on.

Seasonal banner for one free season from 2022 to 2023. Green has only Y!Illyana as backfire.

A Hero Rises begins. Methinks everyone is voting for Formotiis as one of the top 8 choices, AKA Mythic waiting for you till summer.

Valentine units are Fates units. Leo finally has an alt that doesn't suck ***. Duo unit is Duo Sakura & Elise. Staff apparently has an offensive special. Effie is the TT+ unit.

Hero remix banners are now split in two, with the new refined choices leading one each. Thrasir and Peony are remixed next.

Focus Charge feature added that lets you summon a 5* hero from the banner they're debuting (when luck says you will summon one) after summoning three off-focus 5* heroes.
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Valentine trailer! A day late here.

Duo Elise is the first healer to have an offensive special, which has a Gravity AOE effect if it triggers while dealing 45% damage based on foe's Res. They grant Dominance like Duo Micaiah. V!Sakura is the temporary demote with Special Fighter 3.
As expected, the next banner is a second banner for Eng-

oh wait nvm

It's a Radiant Dawn banner for Elincia's little family.

Lucia is interesting. She basically wants normal duels without too many extra effects...so Parity effect? Geoffrey is eh. Bastian is the demote green tome with a new deer tome weapon. Elincia is the ascended hero with another offensive special for staves. @Psynergy rejoices...I think.

And Elincia's personal RD enemy and insurrectionist Ludveck is the GHB unit.


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Well I'm sure most people expected Engage but I guess Tellius was pretty overdue. Ascended Elincia really just looks like she could have been a legendary but after the new arena change I'm definitely glad she's not. Elincia and Lucia seem fun, will probably invest into those two but Geoffery I'll just be happy with one copy of him I think.

All of a sudden my plate is full for the year between those two and eventually Brave Soren.


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I'm a bit mixed on this, on the one hand I'm happy to get a Tellius banner since as said before it's long overdue, and Elincia's one of my favorite characters so I'm excited to see her. On the other hand, I'm not particularly happy that M!Alear is going to have to sit out another month, particularly since IS is usually very good on keeping the base versions of the two Avatars released close together (even F!Robin's first GHB run came out the same month as M!Robin and the game's release).

I'll probably aim for Elincia and hopefully I'll get her early, I want to save for next month.

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Lucia really is a menace lol. She is stopping EVERYTHING apart from damage reduction, guard, and regular stat buffing/debuffing/panicking. And due to the nature of her gimmicks with specials, she can get Vital Astra or Godlike Reflexes on proc, and just sit on them and take advantage of their additional effects they get when they're ready. Her sword already comes with both of those aforementioned extra effects, so she can choose one to double up on for even more fun.

There's really not anything that can be done against a Lucia with a Finish and Speed Smoke and she gets a hit off. Ranged attacks will work but the DR is so high up and specials turned off that they'll just be doing scratch damage unless you're DLinde, YSoren, DLif, or LNanna. I think the best case scenario is a VERY stocky blue dragon that can run Surprise Breath well along with Dragon's Wrath 4, but we don't have seriously tanky dragons like that apart from LMyrrh, who wants her PRF. We do have Alfred though and his insane Defense. Just extremely nutty unit either way.