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Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776


Easygoing Luxray.
Feh Channel:

Nope, not Thor and Loki's time yet, but rather the Yggdrasil Norse mythology, and we all get free blue cavalry squirrel girl Ratatoskr.

Next banner is Awakening-themed with only Laurent being a brand new hero next to Inigo, Severa, and Rearmed Lucina. Inigo is a free gift as two 5* copies. Validar is the GHB unit. Who knows which of the boys is a demote, but Laurent being the first colorless tome demote would be surprising (and sorta useless since he can't inherit any new tome).

Affinity Auto-Battles lets you team up with other people's 4-people teams and let them go nuts on Aether Raids on Auto-Battle, with affinity increasing stats if they're from the same titles.

No word on Christmas units.


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They're both demotes; you can tell by their kits not having any tier 4 skills
Inigo is the insta-demote, Laurent is the on-banner demote.


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Pulling for Reinhardt to upgrade my Valentines Veronica

also he's just got great art, love it.


Easygoing Luxray.
CYL8 results and a bunch of sweet ****:


1st: The Fonse?!
2nd: Freakin' Felix


2nd: Female Robin

Emblem Heroes are a thing and can be equipped or be playable. They give extra effects to specials and may increase a few stats when equipped on merged heroes. Emblem Marth is the first Emblem Hero (naturally).

Mythic Lumera for this month's closure.

Hero Fest: L!Veronica, Rearmed Alfred, L!M!Robin, and Fomortiis

A bunch of Special Heroes getting added to 4* Special Hero rates, and some of those are Duo Heroes.

Skill inheritance upgraded from 4 to 5.