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Fire Emblem Heroes: Where the Peonie Flies

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by bobjr, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Dragalge

    Dragalge Arctozolt

    Block B graced me with a free Gray that’s +Att, -Def so I’ll merge my neutral one into him to be at +2. Block A just gave me a three star Palla.

    Might join either Mia or Tibarn but overall a nice selection of heroes this time!
  2. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for a free Gray to help out later in the rerun cycle but instead I got a 4* Morgan

  3. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    Ugh. Guess I'll stick with Jeorge.
  4. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Happy Holidays! Staff Member Moderator

    Got a pity draw today... a 5* Sue. Stats aren't too bad either.
  5. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    Got a +Atk -HP Zelgius off my free roll hoping for Tibarn but I can't complain if it adds to my Tellius collection. Not like I was going to ever spend orbs for Zelgius in the future anyway. I've got to say though, pulling my first Zelgius after getting Black Knight to +10 is definitely an underwhelming feeling.

    On the bright side I finally got my desired music for the home screen so I am satisfied. Now I truly have the Tellius theme going in full force.
  6. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Finally just said screw it and upgraded my +speed/-attack fir
    Its basically her most ideal nature and even then she needs....a lot of merges support. I feel like Flashing Blade 4 was basically made for her.

    Just waiting on a Marth & Libra now.
  7. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Got Eliwood in 4 orbs. Super fortunate. +Atk as well, so he's rocking 59 Atk. -Spd is definitely the worst bane, but he can do single hit damage and support just fine.

    Might go for a second Yune later.
  8. Dragalge

    Dragalge Arctozolt

    Brady got demoted with Att/Res Push 3 at four stars. Granted, the skill is...weird but it’s still refreshing for the non-five star pool nonetheless.

    Got nothing good on my circle so I’ll call it quits on this banner.
  9. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    140 orbs got me...

    HS!Sakura (HP+/Spd-, ugh, but then again, her support skills are amazing)
    NY!Hrid (Def+/HP-)
    L!Lucina (Spd+/Atk-, flaw is awful, but she basically gains +8 Atk on PP and is generally annoying to deal with)
    L!Eliwood (Res+/HP-, yup, he's a fancy cheerleader)
    Braveronica (Atk+/Def-, she is taking my free one's place as an offensive unit, but I won't be merging them to keep doing F2P strategies)

    I also got a 3* Silas with Atk+/Spd-, so he can safely be promoted sometime in the future.

    Overall, a nice haul. I will keep using orbs to try fixing L!Lucina's awful flaw and get more out of this banner.

    Push skills are basically Bond skills with a little handicap to keep them from being better than Bond skills, really.

    The real treat from Brady is Infantry Rush. Sadly, it's not at level 3 at 4*, but at least it's accessible.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
  10. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    Brady demote is more reason for me to free roll colorless for those 40 infantry flowers, Ike is going to need a lot of those now that Soren is done. Push skills are mediocre but it's something new for filler skill options so no complaints there, better than Thea with Steady Posture when the drop literally before her offers the same thing yes I'm still upset about that. Infantry Rush is definitely the more interesting skill there, whether it's worth the 20k feathers is another question but it's a fun new option to play with that I think is worth at least considering.

    Meanwhile this legendary banner is pretty bad so I just took my stab at a free Yune and immediately sent home the 3* Raven that showed up instead. Not like I was expecting another free 5* though so I'll just be on my way to another month of not spending orbs.
  11. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    I got another Veronica. Not the colorless I was hoping to get a repeat of.... +Attack/-Res.
    I may as well keep this one too. Surely between +speed/Attack, +Speed/-Res and +Attack/-Res I lower my chances of getting screwed on infernal solutions that use her neutral version
  12. Sutittaja

    Sutittaja Lightning zebra

    I got Hot Spring Hinoka +Att -def from my first summon circle, not really the one I was after from my green/blue hunting, but at least it's not a repeat unit
  13. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Luke, Roderick, Matthew & Raigh are getting refines next

    Very interested to see what happens with those last 2. They really need it.
  14. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    I guess I was right about them getting all the Cavalier duos out of the way in succession. Unfortunately I don't see Luke getting a fancy enough refine despite being the 5* exclusive of the bunch, but I really wonder what they plan to do for this bunch. We've got three trash units and one decent lance cavalier who has been marginally outclassed since release, so hopefully they do something interesting here.
  15. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    Holy crap. Raigh is probably going to become useful at last.

    Increasing Luke's Atk as a brave weapon unit is sweet. He's better on that regard (initially) than Cain.

    By the way, defense rewards for AR are coming...and that essentially means you'll keep most of the maximum rewards you can get if you have multiple defense Mythic heroes.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  16. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    New refines for garbage heroes? I sleep.

    Fallen Delthea added to the Grail Pool? Hell yeah!
  17. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Roderick is the second unit with a Firesweep weapon to get a PRF weapon after Faye. But Bow of Devotion is not a FS weapon but rather a Stance + QR weapon.

    Both Cavalier duos shared the same weapon both before and after refines, but Roderick and Luke don't. So if those are also going to follow the pattern, I wonder which one's weapon will be used as the template, since Luke's got the same pre-refine weapon as the other Archanean duo so some redundancy would be present, and again, Firesweep has been avoided before. Or maybe they get a new effect completely different from what either have now.

    Matthew sorely needed a weapon of his own, and Raigh is peculiar. He was the prime candidate to get Apocalypse, but instead he's got a new weapon. But unlike Iris's Tome, a weapon named after a character only present in background lore material, the playable Niime's name has been deliberately excluded from this weapon name. Might she be on the way?
  18. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    They need a boost, though. Especially Matthew and Raigh.
  19. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Oh, I'm not doubting that. Just that it barely excites me. Refines for Garbage Heroes are largely hit or miss because although a good refine can breathe new life into them, an average or meh refine just keeps them as junk.

    It's less exciting to me than finally having someone I want to spend Grails on.
  20. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Excellent, got Lyn in ~50 orbs. +HP/-Res
    Hopefully Mist continues this streak
    WishIhadaManafi5 likes this.

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