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Fire Emblem Heroes: Where the Peonie Flies

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by bobjr, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    So think there'll be a second banner for this eventually? Yasuhiro is the only player character not here and he'd fill out a banner nicely with Barry, Tiki and the manager especially now tha the latter are quasi-playable in the port.
  2. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    I half expect Vocaloid Tiki to be a Mythic unit later down the line.

    Super Saiyan Itsuki can be a Leg Hero.

    We're also missing Touma + Cain, btw. He can be on that banner with Yashiro, Barry, and Maiko.

    Then add the first boss dude + Gangrel for a GHB.
  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    Tsubasa saying “Age eighteen” was kinda weird though. I know the localization had to do some things and all but it just felt weirdly put in lol.
  4. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    lmao i cant believe i forgot Touma

    She's listing off her profile so she probably does the same thing in Japan. She was retconned to age 18 in the port too, so that's a world wide change now.
  5. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Kind of surprised we didn't get a Duo unit or singer out of the bunch though.
  6. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    They really chose to kill my last hopes in the most unexpected way possible, huh? I want to be upset but I can't, I know the game is getting its Switch remaster but who legitimately expected this to be the banner? Gotta respect them being adventurous here.

    At least this gives me a good reason to go in for a few Mia merges since nothing here looks interesting except the Lull skill. Fully expecting February to finally give us another 3 Houses banner though so catch me in May with 4000 orbs still waiting for Jill.
  7. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    I want the Etrian Odyssey reject and Tsubasa.

    I don't know who to blame since this was surely all Nintendo's doing for them to get dubbed in here, but Atlus had the chance in the actual game but couldn't because they don't have the budget.
  8. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    My pity rate finally broke with me getting Larcei and another Helbindi. She’s +Att like my alt but -Spd. Helbindi is +Spd, -HP and I may merge him up for give G Duel Infantry to some green mage.
  9. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    I tried to get Duo Alphonse, but at 3.25%, a sucky Kjelle with Spd+/Atk- showed up, and I already have a sucky Kjelle with Res+/Atk-.

    Part of me wants to merge into the Res one, but another part of me is extremely indecisive on foddering Bold Fighter 3 to a raisable unit. Maybe I can build this Atk+ H!Jakob but then again seasonal. Maybe Effie to give her Brave Lance+ and Galeforce, but eh.
  10. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    Bold Fighter, Brave Bow+ H!Jakob is pretty nasty. Definitely consider foddering Bold Fighter to him even if he’s seasonal.
  11. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    So in light of the 3 Houses DLC info I think it's safe to assume the New Heroes banner for February will coincide with the DLC and give us Balthus, Yuri, Constance, and Hapi. As such, I decided to go all-in for Mia after all and came out with a huge pile of Fury fodder and a +10 Mia in 826 orbs. Average cost for 10 copies of Mia was 977 so it was very worth it in the end, now I just need to wait for Larcei/Mareeta to appear on a 3 unit banner so I can get their fancy B skill, or wait for Super Lunge/Drag Back on ideally not red units.

    And to think that around this time last year I said I never wanted to roll red again after rolling 800 orbs for my last two Ike merges.....and yet here I am rolling 800 orbs on red again for 10 Mia merges.

    ...after spending 400 orbs sniping reds in hopes of Altina. It's no wonder my Reyson is still +2 now.

  12. RafaSceptile

    RafaSceptile Well-Known Member

    The new units (Source: GamePress):

  13. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"


    ...She isn't Virion! I wanted him!

    (Just kidding. She's infinitely way better and this game really wants me to start building her with Distant Defense 4.)
  14. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Virion's gonna be a laugh and a half in this Tempest.

    He gets +4 to all stats and +10 HP for bonus.....which means he gets another +4 to all stats due to his Dignified Bow refine effect. Hardly anything is matching his 53 HP at its unmerged, bane, minimum in Tempest, and quick HP skills and seals put on him means nothing will.
  15. RafaSceptile

    RafaSceptile Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure Virion is better than Norne because Dignified Bow
  16. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    They fill different roles.

    Virion must be HP+ and refine his prf in order to exploit all he has, but in case his Panic effect doesn't help, he'll get slaughtered because of his low defenses (and low Spd, which at this point with his refine helping him hit temporary 38 won't save him from all the Spd creep lately). It probably doesn't help he's a main source of Astra fodder so people often skip him. He's more of a support unit.

    Norne is EP bow wall incarnate because of the absurdity that is her hitting over 40 (and much more) in both Def and Res to resist virtually almost anything, though her only weakness is getting smacked in close combat (which for the most part she can survive since she can hit 39 Spd easy). She overthrows both Rebecca and Innes in BST and is easily one of the best 4* archers you can raise. But if people aren't interested in her, she's yet another source of Reposition fodder.

    Me? I think Norne is better. She has about enough stats to be anything she wants.
  17. RafaSceptile

    RafaSceptile Well-Known Member

    Norne overthrow Rebecca in terms of BST, but Rebecca has a good PRF Weapon:

    +Atk Norne with +5 df and Slaying Bow (+Atk): 49 HP / 52 Atk / 43 Spd / 36 Def / 32 Res
    +Atk Rebecca with +10df and her Bow (+Eff): 43 HP / 56 Atk / 44 Spd / 31 Def / 37 Res
  18. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    My post was less "let's have both girls compete on one build alone" but more "Norne can fill a lot of roles but never excel THAT much (outside of Guard Bow+)."
  19. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    What I was hoping to get out of these 2 banners free pulls: Lewyn &/or Hector!
    What I got: Sigurd

    I think this is like my 4th sigurd and I'm pretty sure 3 of those were free pulls
  20. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    Screw Sigurd. I want Lewyn.

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