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Fire Emblem:Rise of Darkness

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by TheVicious, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    After Prince Ephraim and Princess Erika sealed away Fomortiis, the Demon King, the continent of Magvel prospered. Ephraim fulfilled his destiny to replace his father, King Fado, as emperor of Renais. He was wed to Tana of Frelia and together they raised a son, Erick. Joshua of Jehanna married the beautiful swordfighter, Marissa. He succeeded his mother, Ismaire, as ruler. Two years later Marissa gave birth to twins. When L’Arachel’s uncle, Pontifex Mansel, died, she became the queen of Rausten. Prince Innes became King of Frelia and was wed to Princess Eirika. Due to the death of Prince Lyon and Emperor Vigarder, Grado was left without a ruler. The people chose General Duessel as their Emperor. Because he had no children, when he died seven years later, he chose Cormag, a great wyvern knight of Grado, as his successor. However, Cormag declined. Peace was everywhere in Magvel.

    Twenty years after the Demon King was sealed away, the first dark creature was sighted in Rausten. The creature was creature fled from sight but was hunted down immediately. The Rausten soldiers chased the being for hours until finally it stopped. The soldiers prepared to attack the creature but were stopped by a creature three times the size of a human. This new creature murdered all the soldiers but one. The remaining soldier fled to the Rausten capital to tell of the happening. Queen L’arachel ordered a search of the Darkling Woods to find the hideout of the creatures. With a group of one hundred brave soldiers, the hideout was quickly found. However, this is not all that was found. They discovered a circular portal in the ground. The soldiers could feel the dark aura flowing from the portal. They felt as though their souls were being sapped away slowly as they stood. Suddenly, they saw a hand reach out of the portal and grab one of the soldiers. They shuddered as the agonizing scream of the soldier pierced the air. The hand scraped the ground and out came a creature that resembled the Demon King. He spoke. “You humans have destroyed my brethren. Twenty years it has taken me to break into your realm. And now my servants will wreak havoc upon you fools.” One soldier asked the being who he was and he replied with the name Nesjorla. Nesjorla retreated back into the portal and out poured a swarm of dark creatures resembling human corpses. The attack on Magvel began.


    1.Border Mulan
    2.Frelia Castle
    4.Borgo Ridge
    5.Za'ha Woods
    7.Adlas Plains
    9.Tower of Valni
    10.Fort Rigwald
    13.Za'Albul Marsh
    14.Grado Keep
    15.Port Kiris
    16.Teraz Plateau
    17.Caer Pelyn
    18.Hamill Canyon
    19.Jehanna Hall
    20.Renais Castle
    21.Narube River
    22.Neleras Peak
    23.Rausten Court
    24.Lagdou Ruins
    25.Black Temple/Darkling Woods
    26.Melkaen Coast

    Carcino-located between Renais,Jehanna and Rausten


    Sword Classes
    Myrmidon-->Sword Master or Assassin
    Thief-->Assassin or Rouge
    Mercenary-->Hero (also axes) or Ranger (also bows)

    Axe Classes
    Pirate-->Berserker or Warrior (also bows)
    Fighter-->Warrior (also bows) or Hero (also swords)
    Journeyman-->Pirate or Fighter

    Bow Class
    Archer-->Sniper or Ranger (also swords)

    Lance Classes
    Cavalier-->Paladin (also swords) or Great Knight (also swords and axes)
    Knight-->General or Great Knight (also swords and axes)
    Recruit-->Knight or Cavalier
    Pegasus Knight-->FalcoKnight (also swords) or Wyvern Knight
    Wyvern Rider-->Wyvern Lord (also swords) or Wyvern Knight

    Magic Classes
    Mage-->Mage Knight or Sage (also Light Magic)
    Pupil-->Mage or Shaman
    Shaman-->Druid (also Anima Magic) or Summoner
    Monk-->Sage (also Anima) or Bishop
    Cleric-->Bishop or Valkyrie
    Troubador-->Valkyrie or Mage Knight
    Priest-->Sage or Bishop

    Character Sheet

    Country of Origin:
    Appearance: (a good detailed description. around 5 sentences)
    Background: (good well-thought. around 3 sentences)
    Personality: (how your person acts. around 3 sentences)

    Character Info
    Please put some thought into your character. Try not to make him/her too stereotypical. Remember to have fun with it.

    1.Basic Rp rules
    2.No overpowered characters
    3.Don't control other characters without permission from that person.
    4.Pg-15 Rp

    My character:

    Name: Klaus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Class: Wyvern Rider (wants to be a Wyvern Lord)
    Country of Origin: Grado
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Appearance: He has short wild black hair to his shoulders. He has dark blue armor with a missing shoulder. The armor has battle scars on the chest and leg armor. The armor fits loosely due to his small size. He always carries his lance in his right hand.
    Background: Due to being born after the fall of Grado, he was forced to help with the reconstruction. The hard work helped him build muscles. At the age of 16 he decided to join the Grado army but was initially rejected. He challenged one of the recruiters to a duel and lost--injuring his left arm. The recruiter saw his potential and determination to prove himself and allowed him to join. He rides on his dragon, Vicious.
    Personality: Klaus has great determination to succeed. He fails frequently but takes his failures to heart and learns from them. He has the tendency to being overly optimistic. He earns the respect for others because of his willingness to help those in need. Easily approached due to his calm and nice demeanor. A fierce fighter.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2008
  2. Kiba Ookami

    Kiba Ookami Nomak

    Name: Hiro of Jehanna
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Class: Myrmidon
    Country of Origin: Jehanna-East
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 165

    Appearance: His hair is red, worn long and wild, and is much like his father's. Hiro's has his mother's purple eyes. A purple bandana on his forehead just cause it looks cool. Purple fingerless gloves for fighting purposes. He wears a black and purple short sleeve chinese robe, similar to Guy's. He has a "X" shaped scar on the side of his face which he recieved from his mother during training. He can sometimes be seen having an emotionless look on his face.

    Background: Hiro is one of the twins Marisa and Joshua had together. Although he is a prince he is not treated like one by his parents. They said something like they don't want to make him a spoiled little kid. He is trained everyday by Marisa and Joshua in the way of the blade. In a training accident Marisa gave Hiro an "X" shaped scar on the left side of his face. He wields a blade his grandmother once used, Audhulma. He and his twin fight as well though he doesn't think of it as an actual victory since she doesn't take it serious. The two of them are ready to fight in the war that is coming.

    Personality: He takes after his mother in wanting to be better than anyone else. When it comes to fighting he is determined to win no matter what. Outside of battle he is a calm person who tries to keep himself. He keeps to himself unless he is provoked into a fight then he is a whole different person. He also hates when someone refers to him being royalty.


    Hope it's good enough.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2008
  3. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    Name: Kain
    Age: 12
    Class: Pupil *wants to be a shaman/summoner*
    Country of Origin: Renais
    Height: 4'8
    Weight: 89
    Appearance: Kain wears a light blue robe. His cape ends in a hood which darkens his face enough for his face to be unseen. Under his cape is a a shirt and long pants of the same color as the cape. Overlapping hisd back to his feet and chest to his feet is a gray robe with yellow designs on it. If he ever takes off his hod his hair is messy and black and his eyes are sapphire blue. (basically shaman-Ewan with different hair and differnt eyes.)

    Background: Kain is the son of Lute and Artur and take after their natural magic ability, but unlike his parents he uses dark magic instead of anima or light. He's been training his magic since he was 5-6 years old. Although Lute had encourages his to learn anima and Artur for light, Kain decided he liked Dark magic more. He also liked the idea of summoning things to help him.

    Personality: Kain takes for his mother and thinks he a prodigy. He does exactly think he much better then everyone else in magic, but tihnks he's much better then average. He believes he's at an advanced level of magic (in the game he'd proabablyt have D or C mastery). He is very smart but sometimes his cockiness with interrupt his thinking. If it isn't aobut his magic powers he's pretty modest. He's a very kind person and likes making friends.

    Is that weight supposed to be with or without your dragon
  4. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    its excluding your dragon
    you can put your dragon's weight if you want to be that specific
  5. Kiba Ookami

    Kiba Ookami Nomak

    No Vicious he ment is that how much your character weighs without Klaus's dragon. And I'm pretty sure that's how much Klaus weighs without the dragon. Common sense I guess.

    So is my character alright for the Rp.
  6. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Name: Ralith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Class: Archer (Wants to become a Sniper)
    Country of Origin: Rausten
    Weapon: A Longbow he named "Hawkeye."

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Born on the outskirts of Rausten, in the mountains, Ralith was the member of a nomad tribe, surviving off their incredible survival skills and mastery of the Bow & Arrow. Her parents, both skilled archers, taught Ralith how to correctly use a Bow. She became good over time, eventually serving as a Watchman- a very high standard at such a young age of 13. Eventually, after hearing of the mysterious demon attacks nearby the mountains, the nomad tribe moved farther up the mountainous border. Finally, these brave nomads came into action- they sent a troop of their most skilled and bravest archers to help the land of Magvel by any means necessary- Ralith was one of them. Eventually, the others died in battle, leaving the crafty Ralith the last one remaining.

    Personality: Ralith wasn't taught proper speech- she barely talks as it is. She'd prefer to let her BOW do the talking. She's a stoic archer, preferring to work alone rather than with another person. As a nomad, Ralith HATES nobility, feeling that they should be overthrown by the true heroes of wars, and that if she ever DID meet nobility, she'd tear their poisoned heart out. As such, to describe Ralith in one sentence would be: "She's not much of a people person." But she's not evil, by any means; she'll protect a village from insurmountable odds, no matter the cost.

    EDIT: You forgot CARCINO as a place.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2008
  7. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    thanks angrycaterpie for reminding me i noticed just now i'll fix it
    and yeah Kiba your character is good by my standards
  8. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Carcino is JUST North, right above Renais.
  9. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    What about my character? I never actually beat sacred stones Fomortilis was too strong for me. My chracter is based off ewan and Lute . I wonder if anyone else wants to use magic...The 2 classes i would make my chracters would ve pupil or wyvern rider. I picked pupil for two things, my character cna be reaally young, and two theres already a wyvern rider.
  10. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    yeah your character is good rotrum. I used cormag on fomortiis, cormag almost died. But yeah its fine if you wanted to be a wyvern rider too. If you want to you can make your character an ally of sorts that is a wyvern rider.

    Angrycaterpie your character is good too
  11. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Name:Ramial Zilkes (goes by Ram)
    Class: Mercenary
    Country of Origin: Ruasten
    Height: 6' 00

    Appearance: Slicked back white hair, held in place by a silver circlet. His slim , but muscular frame (think of an oylimpic swimmer) is covered in white leather armor trimmed with gold. His skin stays pale white no-matter how long he stays out in the sun. He wears blue leg guards, and white leather boots. He keeps his scimitar at his side at all times.

    Background: Ramial was raised in a church, by his father the preist. He was a cheery boy, always ready to help in any situation. But at the age of 10, the church was attacked by bandits. He saw his father running and shooting light spells at anyone he could. But he didn't pay attention behind him. A brigand hit him from behind with an axe. Ramial watched in horror as his father fell, and pickked up the sword of a fallen brigand. He rushed up behind the bandit that killed his father, and struck his neck with the sword. The bandit fell down, blood spurting from his wound. Ramial struck again, and again. From that day on he has protected the church, and helped anyone that had been wronged. That is his job , payback and revenge.

    Personality: Normally cold, but if someone shows thamselves as a good person, he will start to agnolledge their well-being. He will scorn at the face of a bad deed, somthing he deeply despises. And if any of his freinds commit a sin or crime, they will have to work double time to gain his trust back.
    Character Info
    He keeps the scimitar of that he used to kill his fathers murderer by his side, as a reminder of his new duty. If someone shows true honor, and dignity, he will reward them with a sign of his curch. This is used to ask for a selfless gift from their god. After making a freind, he will stay loyal... unless his freind crosses him by making a choice that would displease the gods.
  12. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    Everyone has really good characters. They have some thought behind it. So far so good.
    TheVicious-Wyvern Rider
    Kiba Ookami-Myrmidon
    a few more would be good
  13. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Reservation please.

    I'll be a magic user.
  14. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    I have been waiting for a decent RPG to come out on here, and when I saw Fire Emblem, I knew I had to do it.

    I have played every Fire Emblem game that has come out in America, and beaten them on all dificulty levels. It is truely one of the best games ever.
    SO, thank you for making this a RPG.
    I salute you sir.
  15. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    Well you are welcome sir
    I was thinking about it and at first I thought no one would join.
    Guess I was wrong.
  16. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Question: is it permissible to have a character start as a Shaman, or must he start as a Pupil and work up to Shaman and etc. from there? Since I'd like my character to be using Dark Magic from the start...

    If this is not permitted, that's fine too.
  17. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Question: is it permissible to have a character start as a Shaman, or must he start as a Pupil and work up to Shaman and etc. from there? Since I'd like my character to be using Dark Magic from the start...

    If this is not permitted, that's fine too.
  18. Kiba Ookami

    Kiba Ookami Nomak

    Since no one else did it I will make my characters twin.
    Hope that's alright with you Vicious.

    Name: Saya of Jehanna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Class: myrmidon ( unlike Hiro she knows she wants to be a Swordmaster )
    Country of Origin: Jehanna-East
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 125

    Appearance: Her hair is short and unkempt on the left side, and long and combed on the right, purple taking after her mother. Red eyes resembling Joshua's. Her outfit looks alot like This only difference is the main color is purple and the secondary one is black.

    Background: Saya is the other twin and trains with Hiro most of the time. She learned quick to wield blade since at first she was afraid to fight and cause harm to someone else. Joshua pulled her aside and talked to her about what she feared doing. He stated her grandmother was the same way but she still was a great warrior. He even stated he was afraid but still fought to save his people. After hearing those words be spoken it changed her into a warrior and she decided to fight. She wields Ismaire's Wind Sword.

    Personality: Saya is the exact opposite of Hiro. She is true people person and is almost always talking. Smiling most of the time and trying to get her brother to get to know people. Gets scared easy and over reacts to bad situation making it seem worse.

    NOTE: gonna change Hiro's background to fit her's
  19. TheVicious

    TheVicious Dragon of the Sun

    no its okay tempus go ahead as long as he or she is completely overpowered
    no one has to start out as the trainee classes its optional

    and yeah its cool Kiba i was gonna suggest it anyways if no one wanted the spot
    and everyone is welcome to create a second character for themselves
  20. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    I was gonna do it earlier but i didn't have enough time.

    Name: Daniel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Class: Recruit
    Country of Origin: Renais
    Height: 4'6
    Weight: 77
    Appearance:Daniel, like his twin, wears something over his head that covers his hair and darkens his eyes. In this case he wears a Midnight blue (as you can tell i love blue) helmet that covers his hair nd his mouth and darkens his eyes and nose. He has a black-short (definately shorter and small then kain's....) cape. His Armor is heavy,thick (for novice armor), and blue. (It looks kind of like the normal grado soldiers with lances except blue and smaller) If he ever takes his helmet off his hair is a bit longer thne Kain's and he has black eyes.

    Background: Daniel had always wanted to fight in the army, so he became a recruit. He always trains alone or sometimes with his brother. Once while he was training with his brother an nieghbor learning how to use bows, a rain of arrows came into their yard. Kain protecting himself with magic, while Daniel was hit. The neighbors sent sorries and presnts but Daniel has hated archers ever since.

    Personality: Daniel is a very quiet kind of person. He rarely talks to anyone except his parents and his brother, but he is completely capable. One of his favorite things to do is practice fighting alone. He is very modest, he will take compliments, but he doesn't think he's on par with most people. He hates archers (backround ashows why.) If he doesn't know someone he's very shy and his mouth opens only to breath.

    Edit: I just picked the trainee classes because my chracters are really young

    Edit 2: Also i want my chracter to be a trainee who uses dark. Which region did gleipnir coem from?
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2008

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