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Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by ArcanineShrine014029, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    Note from the staff:

    Due to the spoiler rules, anything concerning plot in Revelation must remain spoiler tagged until June 16th. Any plot-related DLC (mainly Hidden Truths and Heirs of Fate, but others could apply) must also be spoiler tagged until it has been out in Europe (assuming Europe continues to get things last) for a week at minimum.

    However, if someone is playing through ANY game in the series for the first time and asks to remain unspoiled, please respect their requests and spoiler-tag any plot-related information about that game when it is discussed. Due to the nature of the series (i.e. having many Japanese-only older installments and Awakening having brought in a whole crop of new fans), new people start different games all the time, even though games are older than many of these forum's users, and may want to discuss things as they are playing without the entire experience being ruined. However, I would encourage someone playing an older game to finish it on their own before discussing it here.

    Also, to be courteous to the people on your friend list, please also wrap text within spoiler tags in brackets.
    [Just like this,

    even if you start a new line, don't start new brackets, just wrap the entire thing within the tags]

    If you don't, due to a glitch in vBulletin, your text will show up untagged on your profile and your friends' activity feed, so it could ruin things for them.

    Happy posting!


    I love these games. The conservative-styled tactical RPG of classic medieval warfare: Fire Emblem. Discuss! I have only two of the games, though; Sacred Stones, and Sword of Seals, which I bought in Japan. I haven't beaten either, but they're a blast - so I thought I'd make a thread.

    Favorite weapons, characters, music, etc?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 15, 2016
  2. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    This series needs more Shin Monshou no Nazo localisation.

    Were they really surprised that Shadow Dragon sold so horribly? I didn't see a single advert for it in the UK and I only found a single copy in one shop which was the only one any of them had in stock. ON LAUNCH DAY.

    That, and Shadow Dragon sucks.

    Piece of advice: Get Fire Emblem and Path of Radiance and possibly Radiant Dawn. Fire Emblem and PoR are my favourites in the series by far.

    Oh, and Soren for SSB4.
  3. Crazy_Possum

    Crazy_Possum Well-Known Member

    I just got my first Fire Emblem game ever yesterday, Shadow Dragon for the DS. This is really weird that a thread was made for it today; I was considering making a thread for it once I beat it or got far into it.
  4. Sceptile Master

    Sceptile Master Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression

    The only Fire Emblem games I have are a used copy of The Sacred Stones and I have Shadow Dragon too. I was addicted to FE when I first started playing it, but not so much anymore.

    So, are we ever gonna get the 2nd DS game or what?
  5. Clamps

    Clamps Warning: Jokes!

    They'll announce it two weeks before the release. Just like they did in Japan.
  6. MidnightScott

    MidnightScott Super Gamer

    I ended up selling Shadow Dragon last year. I just didn't like it and the artistic style was just terrible looking. I think the first Fire Emblem game I played was the first one released outside of Japan, the one with Lynn, Eliwood, etc. , but it was a friends copy and I never ended up getting my own copy. These days I have my own money and I still never bought it, maybe someday I will?
  7. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    I think you're talking about the 7th one, the first to be released in the states. It's the one I want most, mostly for it's music. XD
  8. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

    I just have Shadow Dragon. It was fun for a while.
  9. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    imo the GBA ones where the best.
  10. AromaFlora

    AromaFlora floofy

    Yeah, agreed, Shadow Dragon was pretty meh. I think it's because that all Intelligent System did was copy/paste the dull, old story from the old Japanese version and did pretty much nothing to improve it, outside of graphics of course. Just something the common people don't really like. Still, if you can Wi-Fi without a hacker, the competition online can actually be pretty fun and cool, despite it being "Berserker, Berserker, Sage, Horseman, Horseman/scouter such as Dragon Lord or Paladin" being the most dominant/best team. (I tried Swordmasters and they sucked.) It's also saddening that the latest Fire Emblem game - the contingency of Shadow Dragon - isn't even making it to US stores, but oh well.

    That aside, the other Fire Emblems were pretty fun - I've yet to try Radiant Dawn though (been meaning to but :/ ).
  11. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    I'm borrowing FE 7 from my friend. It's the only one I've played and I like it, especially the music. I refuse to finish a chapter unless I recruit every unit I can. I also refuse to finish a chapter if anyone dies. It's a fun series, and I plan to get one of the newer ones. I'm thinking twice about Shadow Dragon now.
  12. Sulfron

    Sulfron Member

    Fire Emblem is great, Sacred Stones is probably my favorite. It was my first, plus Joshua is a monster swordmaster. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn was unforgivingly difficult. Fire Emblem on DS was awesome too and so was the one with Roy. I tried the second fire emblem on NES but the translation was really bad and I got stuck in a battle with like 10 zombie dragons.
  13. BlitzBlast

    BlitzBlast Busy with School

    I've only played the handheld Fire Emblem games, and I can't really say I enjoyed them. 6 was difficult for all of the wrong reasons (reinforcements moving on the same turn, terrible stat growths in general, Roy promotes at the very end of the game, etc), I always get bored of 7 around halfway through, 8 is just mediocre, and 11 is amazingly dull.

    From what I've read though, 10 lets you turn any character you want into an immortal god of war. Sounds kind of fun.
  14. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    Sulfron: I know, Joshua is obscene. Speaking of Sacred Stones, I've seen people upgrade Ross fairly early into the game, without upgrading anyone else. How so?
  15. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    Joshua's amazing, but I prefer Guy, purely due to looks.

    By promoting Ross, do you mean from Journeyman to Pirate/Fighter? He levels up crazy fast unpromoted, as do the other Trainee units IMO. My favorite is Ewan. His support conversations with Ross are amusing.
  16. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

    I'm kinda hoping for a 3DS Fire Emblem.
  17. shadow wolf

    shadow wolf The one and only!

    A new one, or remake?
  18. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    the Trainee classes where the best imo, they took a little more time and effort (Due to low DEF) but investing in them is well worth the reward.

    iirc, Ameilia is the best General/Great Knight/Paladin in the game. and Ewan is an awsome Druid (Though I prefer summoner, since knoll sucks, but ewan's pallet is to bright for a summoner).
  19. BlitzBlast

    BlitzBlast Busy with School

    Saying the FE8 Trainee classes are good is kind of like saying water is wet. Damn near everyone in FE8 was spectacular.

    With that said though, only Ross and Amelia somewhat live up to the hype. Ewan is honestly worse than Lute most of the time, and while Ross and Amelia are good, they require quite a bit of babying for a job that Gerik and *insert Great Knight* can do much better. Unless you want a Berserker that is. Then Ross all the way.

    But Berserkers are so freaking expensive and completely unnecessary since the game is just that easy. Why would you want them?
  20. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    Ewan as a Summoner/Druid just isn't right to me. He seems too cheery for that. I use him as a Sage, but Nino and Lugh are my favorite Sages. So, how about Marcu-*shot*

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